Star Trek Story Chapter 2

Story by Captain Jarak Panther on SoFurry

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"Praxis? The Klingon Moon Praxis?" asked Jarak, standing up, and taking the few steps required for him to be standing behind Navigator Ensign Kiwi Wulluf and Helmswoman Lieutenant Skylark LeFavre."Yes,"A look of great pain crossed the Panther's face."Thank you for letting me know Hikiru,""I just wish we were speaking under more favorable circumstances." Sulu told Jarak."Yeah, me too," Jarak replied."Take Care Captain Panther."

The communication channel closed, and Jarak dropped to his knees, his ears laying flat against his head, his eyes closed, and his head bowed."Captain?" Lieutenant LeFavre asked, as she, and Ensign Wulluf turned their chairs toward him.Lieutenant Wyatt got up from her chair at communications, and went to Jarak's side.

"Are you okay, Sir?" she asked. "Should I call Doctor Suggs?"An audible sob could be heard from the Panther, as his whole body shuddered. After what seemed like an eternity, he looked up at her, tears streaming down his face."I'm fine," Jarak told her, standing up again, and going over to his chair. "Thank you for your concern."

 Jarak picked up his Guitar, and Guitar stand, and made his way toward the turbolift."Harvey, you have the bridge," he said to his First Officer, Commander Harvey Maynard, who got up from his post at the Science station to sit in the Captain's chair.The turbolift doors opened, and Jarak stepped inside."Deck 5," Jarak told the turbolift computer, just before the doors shut again.

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Captain Jarak Panther Role Play Intro

A column of blue sparkling blue light appears in the center of the room, and when it dissipates, there is a 6'5" green eyed 300 Pound Male Anthropomorphic Panther with a muscular build standing there wearing the late 23rd Century Uniform of a Starfleet...