K11 Chapter #3

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#3 of K11

Hey guys! Chapter 3 of K11 is here, and hopefully you guys enjoy it as well as the other chapters. I've been getting a lot of great feedback from some of you guys, and the thought that other people are taking time out of their day to read my story is awesome. Working on chapter 4, so keep a lookout for it! By the way, if anyone has any suggestions for Pokemon i should use in my next series, feel free to let me know. I think my next series is going to star a trainer, Charizard, and Typhlosion, but it's only an idea. Alright, that about wraps things up, so again, enjoy and thanks for your support!

DISCLAIMER: All recognizable characters are property to their rightful owners. The original story and characters are all property of the author. No copyright infringement is intended.


Bright sunlight pierces through a window, and causes a teenage boy to stir from his sleep. He slowly opens his eyes, noticing that he was in an unfamiliar room, and groggily began to scan his surroundings. He sat up, feeling a dull throbbing in his head and left foot, but curiosity soon took over his mind, as he tried to remember how he got into his current situation. Looking around, he noticed that he was in some sort of hospital, seeing all of the medical equipment around his bed. There was an IV in his right arm, slowly leaking some sort of clear fluid into his veins. Brendan read the bag only to discover that it was pain killer. He quickly understood where the dull throbbing and grogginess came from. Brendan wanted answers, and he wasn't going to get any just sitting around. He pulled out the IV from his arm, and got out of the bed. He noticed that he was wearing a t-shirt, and a pair of shorts with a pair of boxers underneath. What was strange was that these were his own clothes, so someone must have changed him while he was unconscious. He walked towards the door in his room which automatically slid open for him. He walked out into the hallway, which was fairly empty except for the occasional nurse walking in or out of different rooms. He turned around and noticed a plaque on the wall next to his room's door that read: "Room 104". Brendan made a mental note on which room he was in, and continued to explore the hospital. He didn't make it too far before he heard his name being called.

"Brendan? What are you doing out of your room?" said a woman's voice from behind.

Brendan turned around only to see a nurse walking towards him. She was tall, and had long dark brown hair, and blue eyes. She was very built, and it was fairly easy to tell that she liked to work out a lot. Other than that, she wore a formal nurse uniform, which was a white long sleeved shirt and pants, and a name tag that read: "B. Tyson".

"Excuse me, but where am I?" asked Brendan quizzically.

"Why, you're in the Wake Forest General Hospital. Your left foot was wounded, but other than that, you seem to be fine. Now, let's go back to your room, and I'll notify the doctor that you're awake."

"Thanks, oh, and could I also get something to eat? It feels like I haven't eaten in days."

The nurse gives a quick nod, before turning around and walking back the way she came. Brendan also turned around and returned to his room, which he had to admit was quite cozy. He also wasn't feeling rather all that well, so he decided to climb back in bed.

"What a crazy story huh? I did it, didn't I? I escaped SAVANT. Arceus, I hope everyone at home is okay." He thought, beginning to feel rather homesick.

It wasn't before long that he heard the door sliding open, and a man entered the room, wearing a uniform identical of that to the nurse, except this one was a bright sky blue color. He also wore an earpiece in one of his ears, probably just one of those Bluetooth phone thingies.

"Hey champ, how ya' feeling? The name's doctor Johnathan, but you can just call me Joe."

"Hey doctor Joe. Uhh, I feel okay I guess. I can't really feel my foot, and my head is really tingly, and I also feel like I just slept for a month, but other than that, I'm fine."

"Well, the foot numbness and the drowsiness your feeling are both from the pain killers I gave you. They caused you to become extra fatigued, and you were asleep for two and a half days straight. The tingling in your head is new though, but it's probably just another side effect from the pain killers. If it keeps up, we can give you a CAT scan just to make sure."

All of a sudden, the doctor's earpiece began to ring, and the doctor quickly tapped it twice, before it went silent. Then, a woman's voice could be heard coming from the earpiece.

"Doctor Johnathan, we have visitors for room 104. Should I send them up?"

"Yes, please do. I'll be waiting for them at the room." He said as he gave a quick wink to Brendan, before hanging up on the nurse.

"Looks like you got some visitors here. Chances are, it's probably your mother, sister, or your friend Marcus. They are frequently visiting, and the only reason they aren't here right now is because it's about 1:00 P.M. The kids have school, and parents have to work, but I'll contact your mother to make sure she knows you're awake. They usually come to visit you around 4:30, but maybe they got out early for some reason. I mean, it is a Friday, so maybe they took a day off or something?"

The thought of seeing his friends and family again made Brendan's heart leap with joy. He couldn't wait to see them again, and he was sure that they couldn't wait to see him either. His mother will be so relieved, and also really pissed off. But, after a lot of explaining, he believed he should be off the hook. The suspense was killing him, and about two minutes went by before the door slid open.

"Hey guys, ya' miss me? You're not going to believe what-"

Brendan suddenly stopped as he noticed that his visitors weren't his closest friends and family. He suddenly went wide eyed as he watched two very tall figures walk into the room. One of the figures was a Dragonite, while the other was a Garchomp. The Dragonite was holding a bouquet of flowers, and gave a shy wave, while the Garchomp was holding a tray of food, and he shot Brendan a quick grin.

"It's good to see you awake, we were beginning to think you weren't ever going to wake up!" said the Garchomp with a chuckle.

"W-what are you two doing h-here?!" Brendan asked with disbelief.

"We just wanted to check on you, and to make sure you heal correctly. You did save all of us Pokémon, so it's only normal that we returned the favor, and save you. After I noticed that you were hurt, we took you to the nearest town we could find. There, we found this hospital, and dropped you off. I'm glad I found you before those terrible SAVANT guys did." the Dragonite replied rather quietly.

"Oh, so you all don't know each other? I thought you two were his Pokémon, but are you inferring that you're still wild?" Doctor Joe asked.

"Yep, all we know is that this human saved the lives of many wild Pokémon, including yours truly. He didn't do it without sacrifice though, for he gave that Dragonite and I an extra chance of living by taking our place and going through excruciatingly painful experiments." said the Garchomp.

"Aww, thanks guys, but I mean it's not that big a deal. Any sane human would have done what I did. I'm just glad that no one came out with any permanent damage done to them. By the way, I didn't get your guys' names."

The Dragonite stepped forward, giving the flowers to Brendan, and then placing his paw on his chest.

"My name is Pythios, and the Garchomp is Drax."

"Nice to meet you guys. So... are you guys going to return to the wild? Because, if you want, you could stay with me. O-only if you wanted though." Brendan said, quickly turning a little red. But before they could answer, they were both interrupted by Doctor Joe.

"Sorry to interrupt you guys, but if I recall correctly, did you say that Brendan was tested on during his disappearance?" Joe asked Pythios.

"Unfortunately, yes, although it hasn't seemed to have affected him much yet." Drax remarked.

"What kind of tests did they perform on you?" he asked Brendan.

"Uhm, if I can remember correctly, I remember it had something to do with brain capability, or somewhat."

The doctor's eyes widened at this.

"Wait, they performed experiments that messed with your brain? Oh no... this isn't good. Quickly, we need to have you CAT scanned immediately!" Doctor Joe exclaimed rather anxiously.

Grabbing his hand, the doctor pulled Brendan to his feet, before pulling him out the door, and down the hospital's hallways. The two were followed by Drax and Pythios, as they made their way to where CAT scans took place. After a couple of turns down different hallways, they made it to a room marked with a radioactive symbol on the door. Joe unlocked the door, and walked into the dark room, before flipping on different switches that turned on the lights and medical equipment. Brendan was led to a CAT scan machine thingy (just picture a tanning booth, but bigger and louder), before laying down inside and being told to relax.

"Now, this should only take around half an hour, so take a quick cat-nap if you can. Hah, get it?" the doctor asked jokingly.

"Hey, don't worry kid, we'll be right here." Drax said, said before the machine's lid closed down on Brendan, surrounding him in nothing but the artificial lights of the machine.

(Half an hour later):

Brendan was pacing back and forth in a waiting room with Pythios and Drax for Joe to come back with the results of the CAT scan. While they were waiting, Brendan noticed something very, very strange, so strange that he stopped dead in his tracks. He quickly spun around towards the two dragons.

"Wait! Guys, I just noticed something that's really weird. And honestly, it's kinda freaking me out."

The two dragons looked at each other before looking back at Brendan.

"How is it that I can understand you both clearly? I mean, when we first met, I couldn't understand a word, but now it's like I've been speaking fluent Pokémon for my entire life!"

Drax just shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, it can happen. It's kind of like when you're surrounded by people that speak different languages, and here and there you can pick up different words. Well, if you stick around those people for a long period of time, you may be able to understand more of what they are saying."

"Makes sense to me." Replied Pythios.

"Maybe, but it doesn't make that much sense to me. I mean, we only met a couple days ago, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to learn an entirely new language over that short period of time."

"Do you think it may be like a side-effect from the experiments or something?" Pythios asked curiously. But before anyone could answer, Doctor Joe walked into the room.

"Okay, I have the results from your CAT scan. I must say, what I found was very surprising."

Brendan's pulse began to beat faster, as he prepared himself for the results, whether good or bad.

"It seems your brain has been put under a severe amount of stress. It's almost like something has been overworking your brain. But, in doing so, different areas of your brain that aren't usually active at your age are beginning to function again, along with many other parts of your brain."

Joe walked over to a T.V. that was mounted on a wall behind him. He turned it on with a push of a button, and the screen showed what appeared to be a brain, but it was shown in an array of many different colors.

"Do you see this brain here?" Joe asked Brendan as he pointed to a brain on the left of the screen.

"This is the average brain activity of an adolescent around your age."

Joe then pulled out a photograph from a printer in the side of the CAT scan machine. He then placed it next to the brain on the T.V. screen.

"And this... this is your brain. Notice the difference?"

Indeed he did. Brendan's brain seemed to have many brighter colors all over his brain, instead of just in certain areas, and there was a significant less amount of darker colors in his photograph.

"You see, the yellows, oranges, and reds represent the most active part of your brain. The darker colors such as greens, blues, and purples represent less active parts of your brain. You seem to have revived part of your brain that was only active when you were an infant. The most significant area is the cerebral cortex which is responsible for helping you think, and understanding speech. Very interesting, in my opinion."

Brendan's heart just about froze when he heard Joe's diagnosis. So, being able to understand Pokémon did have something to do with the experiments.

"That's really weird doc, 'cuz I just noticed something. I can understand Pokémon. Then again, I realized something else. It seems YOU are able to understand Pokémon as well. How is that?" Brendan asked. The doctor then smiled and tapped his earpiece.

"Technology these days are becoming more and more advanced. You do know that we don't only treat humans, but we also help Pokémon in this hospital, right?"

Brendan face palmed himself in front of the group, while Joe and the two dragons chuckled.

"Of course! How could I have been so blind? That still doesn't explain how I learned how to speak to Pokémon so quickly. Any ideas on that?"

"Well, according to your brain activity, this was natural. Don't know how or why, but your brain is just special I guess."

It was at this time when Joe's earpiece began ringing again.

"Yes? Oh, more visitors? Okay, bring them up to the CAT scan room, we're all waiting for them there. Alright, thanks." He said, before double tapping the earpiece once more.

"Looks like your family is here. And I'm sure of it this time, don't worry. They should be up here soon. Oh, I almost forgot!"

Joe began rummaging through his pockets wildly, muttering about how he had to clean them out eventually. He eventually found what he was looking for and pulled it out of the messy pocket.

"Aha! This little trinket was found in your pocket when you were wheeled in here from the medics. Is it yours? From the looks of it, it seems to be monitoring part of your brain."

Brendan received the device from Doctor Joe, and looked at the screen. It looked exactly the same from before, except for the 11% had grown to 13%. It appeared so far Brendan's hypothesis on the device was correct.

"Yeah, it's mine, and I thing that it measures the level of my brain activity. When I was at SAVANT, a guy working there told me that I was the first ever human to have reached a brain capacity over 10%."

When Joe heard this, his eyes practically jumped out of their sockets.

"What?! So, you're telling me you have unlocked more of your brain than any other recorded human being?! My, that's quite an impressive feat. It explains how you can learn an entire language so easily. If your brain keeps processing at this rate, the potential for you could be great."

"Huh, looks like we rescued a little genius, eh Pythios?" Drax said playfully.

"Yep, it sure does. Think of all the things we could do with a genius trainer!" Pythios replied, laughing.

"Guys, honestly I have an average IQ. There's no need to call me a genius- wait, hey Pythios?"


"Did I hear this correctly, or did you call me your trainer?"

Pythios and Drax both looked at each other before giggling.

"Of course I did silly! We're two wild Pokémon that have nowhere to return to, and besides, you seem like a really cool person to be around."

"He's right, kid. You've kind of grown on us, so we thought we'd stick around for the long run. Besides, you felt awfully nice in my arms." Drax said with a mischievous grin, causing Brendan to blush.

Before anyone could say anything else, the doors to the CAT scan room opened, and in walked Brendan's mother, Ivy, and Marcus.

"BRENDAN!!" they all yelled, before rushing him and pulling him into a bear hug.

"Hey guys! Arceus you don't know how much I missed ya'."

When they let Brendan go, his mother immediately turned on him, talking in a voice that made even the two dragons cringe.

"You definitely have some explaining to do, mister." She said flatly, her mood making Brendan feel ice cold chills run through his body.

"It wasn't his fault, ma'am." Drax said hurriedly.

"Yeah, he was kidnapped!" Pythios added.

Brendan's mother wasn't able to understand anything they said, but she definitely noticed them in the room. So, Doctor Joe translated everything to her.

"Oh, who are these two? Do they work at the hospital?"

"No, they were the ones that actually brought your son to the hospital." Joe informed. As soon as she heard that, her face became very cheerful, and she looked at both of them in the eyes and said:

"Thank you very much for saving my baby. A friend of Brendan's is a friend of mine!" she said before engulfing the two dragons in a quick hug which they both gratefully returned."

"Aww, thank you, Mrs...?"

"Oh, Terisa, you can call me Mrs. Terisa. Or, as the kids call me, Mrs. T." she said, a goofy grin on her face.

"Alright then, but honestly Mrs. T, your son saved both of our lives first. We were just returning the favor, as he desperately needed our help." Pythios said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, they sure saved my butts, didn't they? Oh, and, do you think they could come home with us? They want me as their trainer, and I kind of already agreed."

"Of course sweetie! They're always welcome! We might not have enough beds, so you'll have to share."

"I'm fine with that." Drax said, a naughty grin crossing his face.

"Me too." Pythios said calmly.

"Alrighty then, it looks like we have two new members to our family! Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch your names."

Once again, Dragonite stepped forward.

"My name is Pythios, and the Garchomp is Drax." Pythios replied, Drax waving a friendly hello to Terisa.

"Thank you for allowing us to be with your son." Drax added in.

"Alright guys, I think that's enough mushy talk. Why don't we all just head home and order pizza, right mom?"

She jumped up to her chair, clapping her hands excitedly.

"Of course, this is a special celebration, isn't it? We're celebrating the reunion of our family, and the two who helped bring it back together." She said before winking at the two dragons.

The group thanked Doctor Joe for his help, before they all exited down to the main lobby, where Mrs. Terisa signed a lot of paperwork, releasing Brendan from the hospital's custody. While she was signing the paperwork, Pythios and Drax stepped outside of the hospital to breath in some fresh air.

"Can you believe this is happening? Ha, we both had our doubts, but it all turned out like we wanted in the end."

"Yeah, I know Pythios. I'm real happy about this too, don't get me wrong. But, I'm just concerned for when my feelings for him become too much for me to control."

"Don't worry, if we can bond close enough to Brendan, he should have no problem with us, or our 'situation'. Besides, I can always restrain you, if needed. Don't forget, he'll be ours, not just yours. I want a piece of him too, you know that. But we just need to be patient, and things should work out."

Drax gave a content sigh, before they both heard the hospital doors opening, and Brendan's voice echoing through their ears.

"Hey guys, we're ready to go when you are."

"Yep, let's hit the road!" said Drax enthusiastically.

The group walked to their car, with Drax and Pythios behind Brendan. Neither could stop themselves from looking down hungrily at the young boy's nice ass.

"God, I want him so bad. What's even weirder is that we met only a couple of days ago. I guess there is such thing as love at first sight. Not only is he cute, but he's courageous, smart, and kind. I just want to hold him in my arms, and never let him go. Unless it's to screw him senseless." Drax stopped walking realizing what he had just said to himself. A small blush, and grin appeared on his face, before he brought himself back to earth and began walking. He made a quick glance towards Pythios, and noticed that he was licking his lips while staring hungrily at Brendan's behind. That made him chuckle a little.

They all reached Mrs. Terisa's minivan and piled in. It was a little cramped, but it was only about a 10 minute drive, so everyone survived. They got home, ordered some pizza (Pythios and Drax had their first slices of pizza, and they decided that pizza was their favorite food in the world. We had to order 2 extra pizzas for them to share. They can eat a whole pizza faster than I can eat a single slice! ;D) and watched some T.V. Brendan would always sit in between Pythios and Drax, and that seemed to please the large Pokémon. Around 11:30, Brendan announced he was going to hit the hay, and the two dragons were more than happy to join him.

"Hey mom, do you know where my old sleeping bag is?"

"Check the closet upstairs. Why, aren't you all going to sleep in the same bed?"

"Well, yeah we'll try, but if they get to cramped, I can always sleep on the floor in the sleeping bag. I don't know if you noticed mom, but they're both over six feet tall."

"Yeah, I guess I see your point. Oh well, check the closet, I'm pretty sure it's in there."

"Thanks mom! See you tomorrow!"

Brendan climbed back up the stairs, to the awaiting dragons, and walked to the upstairs closet. After a couple minutes of searching, he eventually found his old sleeping bag.

"Hopefully I can still fit in this..."

He led the dragons to his room, and plopped down the sleeping bag in the middle of the floor.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, so you two can get comfortable, if you want."

"No thanks, we'll wait for you." Replied Pythios.

"Aww, just because it's my room doesn't mean you have to wait for me."

"Yes it does, and besides, it feels kinda rude, don't you think? Oh, and what's the sleeping bag for?" asked Drax.

"It's just in case the bed doesn't fit all of us. If it's really cramped, I'll move to the sleeping bag to give you guys more room."

"Oh no you don't, if you move to the floor, we all move to the floor." Pythios said suddenly.

Brendan was a little surprised at the response, but he just shook his head and went to the bathroom.

"What was that all about?" he wondered.

After he took care of all his personal hygiene needs, he put on a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt, and walked back to his room. The dragons had kept their promise, patiently waiting for Brendan to return.

"Huh, looks like you guys were serious. Well, whatever I'm here, and I'm pooped. And for some strange reason, I feel like tomorrow is going to be a very long day, so let's get some rest you guys."

Drax and Pythios hopped onto the bed, each taking up a side, while leaving a space in between them, presumably for Brendan. Brendan crawled into the space between them, and laid back, getting comfortable, now that he was back in his own bed again.

"Good night guys."

"Good night Brendan." Both dragons said in unison.

But the dragons weren't falling asleep just yet. They waited until they saw the soft rise and fall of Brendan's chest, indicating he was in a deep sleep. Then, from behind, Garchomp wrapped his arms around his trainer, and pulled himself close to him, while Dragonite did the same from the front. They then both took turns kissing the top of Brendan's head. Once both of the Pokémon knew that their trainer was safe and asleep in their arms, they too began to fall into a deep sleep.

"We promise, nothing bad will ever happen to you again. We will protect you, and care for you, and be with you. Because, we both love you. We love you, Brendan. Thank you for letting us be in your life." Whispered both of the dragons, before sleep slowly took over, sending them all into a peaceful rest.

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