Chapter 2: Empathy

Story by mature1996 on SoFurry

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#3 of Not Your Master

Constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm willing to improve.


"Shut up. I can't turn you down yet, but please stay silent as I drive"

I will do as he asks. Of course, because he's my master.

"I've said shut up. That is also good for what you think. I can read it, and it's disturbing."

My master was quite handsome, but in a different way than me. With his auburn hair, his green eyes and his simple clothes, he would look like a nobody, but his posture would more suggest a high education and his presence is powerful. The funny thing is that he tensed every time I think of him as my master. He drove for less than five minutes, but by that time we had reached a small motel, the two stars kind at most. He parked the van then he asks me:

"Did you have any way to pay for the room?"

"No. But I can suck you to pay my master"

"Hurg! No. Follow me, don't talk, and don't call me master."

I follow my master inside. This was undoubtedly the lobby, as a man who would seem to be the owner was standing behind a desk. As soon as my master enters, the owner says:

"It will be 300 this time."

"Here 250. And the young man needs to use the phone."

I don't know why my master said that, but he just goes sitting while the owner handed me the phone.

I took it and called my parents. I told them I gotten away from my captor, and told the police which was with them, were I was captive, and that the three men must still be there. Then I explained how a Good Samaritan had seen my panic and had given me a lift to a motel. I concluded by saying that I will stay in that motel for the night, and that I would need them to transfer the 50 $ fee for the room to the motel PayPal account. I finish by saying that I would take a taxi home next morning. They accepted everything, and I give up the phone back to the owner. As soon as I did my master stood up and talked.

"Thank you for your help, even though if it's starting to get costly..."

"You seem to be able to save another young lad every now and then, and then you bang them in one of my room for 5 times the price so I would forget seeing you. I'm not owner of a motel were you pay the room by the hours!"

I started to get excited as the owner speak, so my master turn to me to say "Shut up!" before he answers to the owner.

"I'm not as bad of a man as you seem to think I am. I've saved them all, but I hadn't wanted to have intercourse with them. But anyway thanks you for your help."

With that said, my master walked to the room we rented. And of course I've followed. It was a one bed room, looking quite simple, but clean, with a bathroom in the back. As soon as I'm in the room I start to take off my clothes.


"But my master, how can I pleasure you if I have my clothes on?"

"I don't want you to pleasure me."

"Of course you want me to pleasure you my master, it is kind of obvious!"

"I would like to let you, but I don't want to because you don't really want it!"

"Why, I don't understand my master. I want it..."

"Yes because I'm controlling you! Hell, all you are thinking right now is in my head! I don't even know if you will be able to think by yourself again one day!"

As he talked I've gotten closer to my master's crouch enough to start to lick it through his jean. My master moan and pleasure start taking over reason. His bulge was starting to swell. I slowly undo his bucket then his pants hit the ground. As I was coating his bulging underwear with saliva, I take the time to pull off my last clothes. Strangely I could feel the pleasure I was giving him like it was my own. As he takes off his shirt, I slowly lower his now thighs underwear, revealing a majestic hard on. Like the rest of his body, his cock was perfectly average, not too long, not too short, not too wide but not too small. Like the rest of his body, it was made so it could be tender, and yet undoubtedly powerful. Surely, such tools must have please many human, and I would have the honor of being one of them.

Ow, shut up and go with it.

I slowly take the prized peice of meat in my mouth. I don't know when I learned to do blowjob, but it would seem I mastered the technical part. I've put my lips over my teeth so I would not hurt the sensitive skin. I could feel my every move like if someone was mirroring it on my cock. Not only it was powerful, but it helps me to build up the pleasure without finishing too soon. Suddenly my master put his hand behind my head.

Don't try to fight it, just let it go down.

I didn't had the time to fully understand the meaning of that thought that my master's cock was hitting the back of my throat. Surprisingly, I did not have a gagging reflex, instead I'm able to use my throat muscle to massage the piece of meat I have in my mouth. The feeling is powerful! As I said, I must be a natural, because I'm still able to breathe. Then my master slowly started to fuck my mouth. But yet too soon, we started to cum. It is the most powerful pleasure I've ever felt. I drink all of my master precious semen then take my time to fully clean him. Then I start to lick my own seed from my master legs.

"Toby, go in the bathroom to get ready while I recuperate."

"Yes my master."

I exactly knew how to get myself ready. By the time I've gotten out of the bathroom, I was clean from my head to my bottom, literally, and my master was fully erected again.

"Get on the bed, Lie on your beck and put your knees close to your chest."

"Yes my master."

As I did as I was asked, master had gotten on his knees behind me. Then he started to lick my pucker.

"My master, what are you doing? You shouldn't..."

I'm not able to talk anymore, as I am now moaning to loud. But it's not right. My master should have all pleasure. I need to restraint myself.

Ow, shut up. I can feel everything you feel. So the more you feel pleasure, the more I feel myself.

Sorry my master for doubting you. I will try to enjoy it as much as possible to let you forgive me. And this is easy. My master is an expert. Suddenly, I could sense that my master have started to vibrate. He had started to moan in echo of mine. It makes it hard for him to rim me, but he is still amazing at it. He was now thong fucking me, pushing as much saliva as deep as possible.

Suddenly, he stops. Then my master put one of his thumb in is mouth to make it slick with saliva. I open eagerly as he push it in my as. He had done such a great job that I didn't feel pain as he entered into me. Then after he had stretched me a bit, he started again with two digits, then three. It feels wonderful as he was now touching my prostate. I almost came, but of course he stopped right in time, keeping me right on the edge. Then he just stops. He takes his fingers out then he made his way to the other side of the bed so his cock was right by my head.

"I don't have any lube, so lick it right."

I take my master cock upside down my nose would be in line with his balls. I put as much saliva as possible around it, and he finally decided it was enough. He turned again around the bed then places himself in line with my ass.

"Now, put your leg on my shoulder. It might hurt at first."

Of course, it didn't hurt at all. The preparation had been perfect, and my master easily entered in me. The things I feel are hard to describe, but I will try anyway. I can feel is cock in my ass as much as I can feel my ass around is cock. As if that wasn't painfully pleasurable enough, after one or two thrust I can feel the echo of the first one, then I can feel the echo of the time I felt the echo of the first time. It is like each trust can give me the cumulative pleasure of all the other.

Before long I was not moaning anymore, I shouted in pleasure in harmony with my master as all the pleasure was going back and forth between us like a tsunami. It is so intense that orgasm is out of possibilities. Suddenly, he put is arms over my legs to put them down so he could lie over me. I can see my master's eyes, and they are full of lust and passion. But there is something more. Even though he is cough in the moment, I can still see that he cares for me.

Without warning, my master's legs failed under the pleasure and he felt to the ground.

"Ouch! I'm alright. Now get on all four."

I do as my master asked. He places himself behind me and he takes me doggy style. It's less pleasurable than before, but now we seem to be able to cum. And what an orgasm it is! I can only describe it with one word: fireworks! But yet too soon it was finished.

I and my master felt on the bed as he was still inside me. As I start to fall asleep, I sent him sob, waking me up. Then he breaks in full cry. Why is he sad? I need to know.

"Why do you cry?"

"Because even though you, or anyone for that matter, well maybe expect the motel's owner, seem to be unable to see it, I'm a bad men. I've destroyed the life of someone then almost did it again with so many people I've lost the count. And now, I've done the same thing to you. Maybe I should start with the start..."

As he was telling the story, I've been able to see the event he told me about. And it was powerful.

Chapter 3: Mind

_From now on, the story is from the "Master's" point of view._ "My name is David David. I'm 19 year old. I know from a long time ago that I'm not like the other. Real soon in my life I've learned how to read other people mind. By the time I've started...

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Chapter 1: Escape

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