Wolf Daze: The Prologue

Story by FurryGuy99 on SoFurry

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Hi, everyone! I am TheShadowWolf, formerly FurryGuy99. I've belonged to this site for the better part of five years and have only recently decided to write a story for it. Took a long time but the urge was finally there. I see a lot of potential in this one and it could potentially develop into a series depending on what you all think of it. I'm always open to constructive criticism so feel free to let me know about areas of the story or even my writing style that could be improved upon. With that said and done, I present to you "Wolf Daze": The story of one youn** g man's journey through the beginning of his adult life amidst all of the chaos soon to be thrust upon him. Hope you enjoy!**

As the warm, mellow sunlight slowly spilled like golden honey over the town of Silver Meadow, it became clear that today would indeed be a day to remember. The crisp autumn air calmly pushed through the teal curtains of a window, accompanied by a small ray of sunshine, and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of an exposed black nose peeking through two fluffy white pillows. As it breathed in the essence of the morning, the alarm clock on the nearby oak night table exploded with a loud generic alarm tone, the time indicating 6:30 A.M. on the dot.

A groan of disappointment came from the young man under the covers as he reached over and slammed down the button to silence the obnoxious racket. And though the pillows remained over his head he then came to the realization that the lower portions of his covers were resting a bit higher than usual, causing him some mild discomfort.


Pulling the blankets off to relieve the pressure being put on his briefs encased hard on, he swung his legs over the edge of the mattress and placed his feet onto the dark brown carpet, curling his toes while stretching before lumbering slowly into the bathroom. As he flicked the switch white light flooded the entire room and momentarily caused him to strain his eyes while adjusting to its radiant glow.

The reflection of his entire body came into view through the bathroom mirror. A male wolf of average build, just enough muscle to impress due in part to his gym membership acquired over the summer, a mostly black overtone with a few patches of white from the face all the way down to the chest with his limbs remaining the same snowy white color and the softest, golden yellow eyes.

What his reflection did not reveal, as he went about staring at himself, was his backstory:

Scott Caldon, 21, a college student studying to become a grade school teacher. His father and mother, a high-end businessman and prosecution lawyer respectively, had been less than thrilled by his decision to enter a life that would not provide what they deemed in their collective conscious as "adequate financial or familial support" for the future. Despite their shared disapproval of their son's career path, they continued to support him, albeit only out of parental necessity/responsibility.

Scott's relationship with his parents had always been strained since the very day he was conceived. He was born to be groomed to be the overachiever and the apple of his parent's eye. His sister, Lisa, who had arrived when he was three, seemingly completed their idealistic upper class family but the majority of their parent's attention remained focused on him becoming their "trophy child" in a sense. Their hopes of that becoming a reality had been slowly dashed over the course of an eighteen year period much to their chagrin.

Even though he was enrolled in the best of schools, had the best of an education and had training in a multitude of areas that were considered a must for a soon to be socialite Scott grew to realize that he preferred things to be simple, never have been given the option to have them as such. And the older he got, the better he became at disappointing his parents, by purposely failing to overachieve though not for the lack of ability to do so, just enough in order to get them to give up on trying so deliberately to mold him into their image.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, his sister had not been expected to do much with her life that she vehemently worked to gain her parents approval by seizing the opportunity to do what her brother chose not to becoming an expert pianist by twelve, a grandmaster of chess by fourteen, graduating two years early from high school as valedictorian of her class and going off to college for business and finance during Scott's freshman year. And with his sisters departure from their household Scott's parents decided to move to the city to be closer to work, having completed their family life in just a shade under two decades, and allowed Scott to live in the house free and clear out of the "kindness of their hearts". Truth is it was merely a form of exile out of shame but he didn't care. He was finally free to live life the way he wanted to.

Though, as of late he contemplated more and more if it was the wisest decision...

His daydreaming complete, he slipped his furred legs out of the black underwear, freeing his unsheathed erection from its clothed cage. Standing at a solid eight inches, it is Scott's constant reminder of just how lonely he was. He wasn't a virgin, having had a few girlfriends in high school but never any lasting relationships as most of the girls he was surrounded with in his teens went on to bigger and better things while he remained behind.

Scott opened the glass shower door and spun the crystalline knob until it rested somewhere in between scalding hot and freezing cold.

For several minutes afterwards he leaned with his paws against the wall and allowed the warm water to run down the entire length his entire body. The sound of every droplet hitting the floor, the rising steam and the overall warmth of the water itself were calming but did little to ease his mind or abate the raging morning wood still plaguing him.

"Damn it...not again."

With no other choice, Scott's paw slid off the moist tile and found its way down through the aqua stream onto his cock. There was no passion or desire present as he began to stroke himself gently. Whereas most males would masturbate to please themselves either in the heat of the moment or the absence of a significant other, his reason was simply to avoid walking around in an uncomfortable state the entire day.

It didn't take long for him to reach his peak either.

Scott's breaths got quicker, deeper, and sharper. His hand moving faster, the flesh of his penis rippling beneath it. He arched back, grunted and unleashed several spurts of spunk onto the shower wall seconds later. The small amount of pleasure that came as he did was merely a brief escape from the loneliness, from the thoughts that if only he had elected to be the son his parents so desperately desired his seed would not be wasted on the wall but instead used to coat the insides of a faux beautiful, entitled woman eager to please his every desire in order to remain at his side for the perks that he could have had: an expensive penthouse apartment, a hot car or two and a lot of money in the bank; The proverbial playboy's paradise. Nearly every man's dream but not his due to its high price tag.

"No..." He grunted out, of of breath. "...No."

In the end, despite the daily internal tug of war and temptation of the path untaken, he ultimately came to the same conclusion once more: living a lonely life with the freedom to make your own decisions is far better a fate than a meaningless existence in a life where all control is taken out of your hands and everything is already pre-determined for you...