Gwen's Unexpected Erection

Now the stiffness of the monster's erection was lifting the flesh of her clit up and out, hooking her humanity over her pussy-bursting breadth.

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Do Leopards Dream of Erect Deer?

When Mahiri was sleepy enough, there really was nothing that could wake her. Eikthynir knew that well. He didn't even have to move especially quietly on his hooves when he crept into the slumbering leopardess' bedroom that night. The warming weather...

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Corruption Stream Story 10: Erect Elephants for a Lusty Lizard

erect elephants for a lusty lizard for nataraj by draconicon his scaly arm punched through the sand, and he dragged himself through the hole he created.

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My SenSen

It was a cold morning as winter was setting it. A thin layer of frost was on the grass and trees but quickly melted into dew as the sun slightly poked it head out from the sea. In a familier house in a familier field lay two young...

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Unacceptable love

But then he had feeling he closed his eyes and felt his dick slowly erect. he grabbed his erection and slowly stroked it. he got this feeling and stroked faster. he let out a soft moan. veemon's dick tensed. he was feeling something coming.

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dragons destiny: chapter 4: A gaze shared a crush revealed

{god i cant believe i actually got a boner just looking at her, that's not like me at all... and what was that sweet smell i could sense?} thought draco as he walked into the treasure room.

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Hyoko's New Problem - Ch 2

She made the walk of shame, quite awkwardly, thanks to the increasingly problematic hardon, to the spanish classroom. she quickly sat down at her desk and held her head in her hands for a bit.

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Celdon Chronicles 1

"not yet, fox," he said as he took the paw from the fox's hardon.

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Mowgli at High School (part 3)

After washing his chest, mowgli's hands went down between his legs and mowgli opened his eyes: his penis was erect. the boy had wanted to masturbate, but he didn't.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 When Roan awoke, his head was throbbing and he frowned as he strained against the pain. He opened his eyes and stiffened. He was in a room he did not recognize, in a bed he didn't recognize either. His arm was in a sling and he was lying on...

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Under His Spell

-Lucian, already under Caleb's spell, watches the muscled jackal manipulate some rather heavy infrastructure, easily turning the shelves over and rotating them into place in the storefront. The fat lucario's eyes gazed over Caleb's toned body as his...

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Monthly Explorations

-So, another month, another Fur? - asked the ram as he undressed and laid on the bed. He didn't make a show of undressing, but did make one out of displaying his body as its most sensitive parts slowly filled with blood and peeked out of their...

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