Arctic Hearts

Story by Malalionboi on SoFurry

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Aiko and his crew are sent to investigate the arctic circle with the help of a survival guide, Spike. Just as the weather gets rough two hearts come together in a blaze only to be torn apart in the end but not for very long as Aiko comes back to stay by spikes side.

Note: This is a fully edited republished short story. Please Enjoy

     Aiko spent a lot

of his time on the road. He had grown accustomed to it by now but where he had been

sent had to be the coldest place on earth. It wasn't exactly where he had hoped

to go for his assignment, but where else was he supposed to get core samples?

He hadn't recovered from his last assignment where he went to visit the ruined reactor

of Chernobyl. They had started allowing scientists in to collect soil samples

and Aiko had been sent in for support and it nearly cost him his life. He had

step in a patch of land that was so irradiated that his eyes, claws, paw pads,

and some of his fur began to glow and eerie toxic green. It didn't bother him

since he could go to a rave and looked better than anyone with glow sticks.

Though he didn't look like the type to go to one, being a scientist and all,

but there was more to the German Sheppard than met the eye. For instance he had

two tribal tattoos hidden under his clothes. One on his left pectoral and one

on his right ass cheek. Though he tended not to act like it round colleagues at

work he was quite the femboi.

     The plane jostled

on impact but what did you expect from a twin prop engine aircraft. Aiko hoped

the jarring didn't damage the delicate equipment. As the plane taxied to the

terminal he looked out at the small town they had just landed. The place was so

remote the only way to come or go from the town was the airport despite this

fact the town wasn't all that small.

     "Ladies and

gentlemen," The captain called over the intercom. "I would like to welcome you

to your final destination of Pyramiden, once known as a ghost town till recently.

Please be careful when removing your luggage from the overhead compartment as

contents may have shifted in transit. Current time is twelve thirty p.m. and

the temperature is thirty degrees Fahrenheit zero degrees centigrade. Bundle up

tight 'cause it's only going to get colder later here in this remote arctic


     Aiko and his small

entourage made their way to the terminal through the freezing cold since they

hadn't dressed for the weather. None of them had any winter clothes since their

fur usually kept them warm but they were going to need to stop by the local

shops and get some gear before they went looking for their survival guide.

Little was known about the area other than it was not a good place to be when the

temperatures got down below freezing.

     "Grab what gear you

can." Aiko said shaking the fallen snow off his shoulder. What he didn't get

melted into his pink work shirt? "The hotel is attached to the airport, luckily,

so we won't have to go back out side. When you've gotten everything to the

rooms get to the store on the other side of the terminal and get some warmer

clothes and some cold weather gear. I'm meeting up with our survival guide tonight

and tomorrow we travel north." There were no complaints from the two students,

one a bunny and the other a Fox. They hauled away what gear they could and

would be back for the rest in the meantime Aiko was hard pressed to see if he

could find any woman's gear in his size. To his surprise when he got there the

selection was limited so he could only get the guys gear and changed. He

started to feel warmer already.

     "Excuse me but are

you Aiko?" Asked a voice from behind the German Sheppard as he finished paying

for his new clothes.

     "I am. Whom might

I inquire is asking?" He said turning to look behind him. He was startled by a

completely naked Husky which looked about fifteen years his junior.

     "I'm Spike, you

survival guide."

     "Aren't you a

little young to be a survival specialist?"

     "If you'd prefer

to try and brave the harsh environment yourself then I would be a little more

appreciative. I've been recommended for this since no one else is crazy enough

to brave the harsh snow storms."

     "And how do you

plan on doing that without protective gear?"

     "I've lived in

this frigid weather for a long time without it. I grew up in the wilderness. It

was only recently that I was found by these people and taken in as a survival

expert. So if you don't like it I do have better things to do with my time then

watch a bunch of strangers who are far from home freeze to death. There are

plenty of stupid people that thought they didn't need help out there dead from

their stupidity."

     "Your point is

well taken." Aiko said downcast. "Forgive my stupidity."

     "Accepted now we

leave early in the morning." Spike said turning to leave.

     "Where are you


     "That's none of

your business. Just get some sleep while you can. There is no night time this

time of year." Spike turned to leave again but this time Aiko couldn't help but

look at the pup's tail as it disappeared out the store.

     Everyone was

asleep with the blinds and curtains closed in the small room. Everyone that is

except Aiko. Aiko rifled through his paperwork trying to make sure everything

was in order. His body had a hard time adjusting to the fact that there was no

night here. He wasn't tired anymore and it frustrated him. If he didn't do

something about it soon he will be up for days with insomnia. That would hinder

him more than help. When he was done with his paperwork he drifted into a

daydream about what he could do with the Survival guide. A shame they had a fight

already before the party even set out for their camp site. He would have to

make a better impression if he was to keep the Husky in a good mood. Seemed stressed

out though. The canines thoughts drifted as he finally fell asleep dreaming

about a snuggling with Spike.

     The next morning everyone

woke groggily to get the equipment down to snowmobiles with an attached sled so

they could carry everything. On the head snowmobile sat the Husky with his arms

crossed apparently not happy about something.

     "Can we get a move

on?" He growled. "The lake's ice is thinning every minute we delay. I don't

want to have to drag anyone's sorry ass out of there."

     "Are you driving?"

Aiko asked putting his helmet, with built in radio, on over his ski cap.

     "I don't know how

to drive one of these. So I'll hold on to you. Just keep the channels open so I

can give instructions."

     Aiko nodded as the

Husky put his helmet on and waited for the German Sheppard to sit down before scooting

up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist. Aiko had to keep his mind

focused so as not to get excited. As much as he had wanted to be held by the

pup he had hoped for the proper time so that they could both be in each other's


     "What was that?"

Spike yelled over the radio. They were halfway over the lake when there came a

loud crack. "Spread out there's too much weight in one spot. Spread it out or we're

going in." The other two drove out in opposite directions till they were about

even with Aiko and Spike. The cracking stopped for the moment at least. Spike

looked back and sure enough a large chunk of ice was no longer there just pure

water and the cracks were catching up and breaking off into large chunks as

they went.

     "You might want to

speed up, like now!" He growled reaching his hand up to gun the engine. The

other two were already far enough ahead that they were already off the lake but

Spike and Aiko were losing traction as the ice beneath them gave way. Aiko was

weighed down with his gear and seemed to sink down into the darkness trying to

hold his breath but the piercing cold made that difficult. He reached his hand

out to grab for whatever he could. When he had lost all hope something grabbed

a hold of him and dragged him upward. As soon as he hit the surface he gasped for

air and let himself go limp while being dragged over to the shore line.

     "You guys took too

long packing your stuff. It'll be some time before we can get back to town. Now

strip down. Take everything off."

     "What?" Aiko asked

in surprise.

     "I said strip

everything off or the cold will kill you." Aiko complied although embarrassed. His

two assistance snickered when they saw his pink thong. He shucked that off as

well. When he had stripped completely the husky rushed up to him and hugged his

close rubbing his arms up and down his back. The German Sheppard couldn't help

but blush.

     "What... are you...

doing?" Aiko stuttered.

     "Trying to warm

you up so the cold doesn't go to your heart and kill you. My body keeps enough

heat that you'll warm up in a minute." Spike's anger melted away and turned to

feeling sheepish. It seemed he had the same feelings but didn't want to show

them. He tried not to let it show but he started to get hard with his sheath

pressed against Aiko's.

     "We'll... wait for

your clothes to dry by a fire, then we can get going." Spike didn't let go and

laid his head on the canine's chest. "For now let's make camp here. You two

make a fire so we can keep warm and unpack the tents."

     The two students

didn't hesitate and were soon done setting up the fire and wrapping them both

with the extra blanket they had before setting up the tent. The blanket was

only meant for one person but Aiko still snuggled close to Spike and let the

canine lay against him as he drifted off to sleep. Both exhausted by the whole


     When Aiko had

awakened he was still cuddled with Spike but there were in one of the tents on

a cot. Spike sat up stretching then looked at Aiko just as he tried to do the

same letting their muzzles meet in a kiss that seemed to last forever. They both

pulled away embarrassed, glad their fur masked how badly they were blushing.

     "Uh... Your clothes

should be dry by now." Spike said getting out of the bed and walking out of the

tent. Aiko stepped out into the freezing cold and threw on his clothes that had

been hanging near the fire. They were toasty warm to the touch.

     "How... uh how far

are we from the location we requested?" Aiko asked trying not to sound


     "About a day's

journey north. We have more than enough fuel. If not, we're leaving the stuff

and walking back to town."

     When they finally

set up camp near the entrance of the cave they were about to explore it was

late. The samples they were to get were beyond the entrance where they set up

their equipment. The cave was warm enough for the most part so everyone shed

their winter gear so as not to overheat and kill the experiments. Aiko was bent

over one crystal formation on the cave floor when Spike came up behind him

panting. He bent down trying to see the crystal. The German Sheppard had on a

headband with a light attached to it trying to extract the crystal from its

berth. The canine went to turn around and call for something when his muzzle

met Spikes once again this time they held the kiss for longer before pulling

away and gazing into each other's eyes feeling sheepish again.

     "I'm sorry." Aiko

said turning away to grab what he needed but felt a paw pull him back to face the

husky that now hugged him close and kissed him again not wanting to let go. Luckily

the students were busy with what they were doing. Then again it could have been

possible that they didn't want to intrude on their moment. Aiko's heart began

to pound as he caressed Spikes cheek. Spike pulled away ashamed of himself and

walked out of the cave as if nothing had happened. A few seconds later Spike

was back covered in snow.

     "Looks like we're

not going anywhere for a while." He growled. "The tents are covered in snow

from the blizzard. We're sleeping here tonight and the temperature is going to

drop. Your cloths won't be enough so we all need to huddle together at the back

of the cave, like now, or we'll all freeze." The others hurriedly put their heavy

clothes on and did as they were told. Spike made Aiko sit next to him and

placed his arm around him while commenting it would be the only way he could

stay warm. What the husky wanted more was to hold the German Sheppard in his

arms. All through the storm they all stayed huddled and warm.

     A couple days had

passed since the storm had rolled in and they had collected all the information

they could and were heading back to the town. Spike held on to one assistant on

one of the remaining snow mobiles while Aiko held onto the other. They couldn't

keep their eyes off one another until they finally reached the hotel. The

students shared a room and let Aiko have his own room where Spike decided to

stay for the night.

     "I wanted to thank

you for keeping us safe out there." Aiko cried. Spike just smiled and laid down

on the bed next to the canine whose neon green features glowed for a moment

then faded again.

     "There is

something I want to tell you." The husky said laying his head down in the

professors lap. "I want you to know that... I love you." Aiko smiled then stroked

the Husky's head fur.

     "I love you too."

     "There is

something I've been wanting to do for a while with you but... I don't know how."

     "Then perhaps we

can both learn together. I too am new to it." Aiko admitted.

     Spike sat up on

his knees while Aiko stripped then laid down in the bed next to the pup. Spike

laid down as well and ran his fingers through Aiko's chest fur. It felt warm

and soft to the touch. Aiko kissed spike and ran his hand down his side then

made his way to the pup's sheath. He rubbed over it letting the shaft grow

beneath his hand sprouting from the sheath. With a smile he slide his hand over

the canine's hardened shaft and stroked it as pre dripped from the tip. He used

the slick silvery substance to lube up the pup's member.

     "You ready?" Aiko

asked having broken the kiss. Spike nodded and waited for the German Sheppard

to roll onto his other side. He lifted the tail and pressed teasingly against

the tight virgin hole. Aiko bit into the pillow as the Husky's shaft slid deep

within stopping only once it hit his prostate making him let out a moan.

     "Are you OK?"

Spike whispered. Aiko nodded then grabbed the Husky's hand and pulled his arm

around him as he readjusted himself. Spike started out pulling out then pushing

back in and pressing once more against the canines prostate. Soon he found a

good rhythm and pressed harder making Aiko moan in pleasure. He stopped for a


     "Am I hurting

you?" He asked licking his lips.

     "No, don't worry

about it and keep going." Spike didn't hesitate and pounded the German

Sheppard's tight virgin hole as hard as he could. With his free hand he rubbed

down Aiko's chest and grabbed his cock only to start stroking it in time with

his thrusting before stopping both.

     "Let's change

positions I wanna try from a different angle now." Aiko yipped when he yanked

his shaft out of the German Shepard's tail hole. Spike pulled the canine on top

of him and readjusted to where his cock pressed against the German Sheppard

straddling him. Aiko helped the pup find his way back into his tail hole as he

rubbed his own shaft so close to climax. Spike's tongue lolled out of his

muzzle as he got close himself loving the new position. He couldn't help

himself with a few more thrusts he let out a howl and filled the tight space

with his hot thick seed. Aiko wasn't far behind him and covered them both in

his own seed. Aiko tried to get off the Husky but found he was tied with him.

     "Hmm, looks like

we'll have to wait on that shower." He said with a smile. Spike just nodded and

rubbed his paws through the sticky mess on Aiko's chest then licked it of his


     When they were

finally pulled apart they both took a shower together hugging each other close to


     "Why do you have

to go?" Spike asked laying his head on Aiko's shoulder as he stood under the

hot running water.

     "I need to finish

my work." Aiko sighed. "You can always come with me."

     "I can't leave

here. I'm not done in my search."

     "What are you

searching for?" Spike was unsure on if he should share with his new found

lover. He mulled it over for a moment then decided to tell him.

     "I'm still

searching the arctic circle for my family." Aiko didn't ask any further and got

dressed after the shower. The plane would be leaving soon.

     "Are you going to

come see me off?" The German Sheppard sighed. Spike sighed and looked away

shaking his head. Aiko turned and walked out the door closing it behind him. He

wiped away the tears when he joined the two students. He looked back once more

from the steps of the plane to see if Spike would be watching but he wasn't anywhere

to be found. Aiko's heart sank as he turned to enter the plane.

     Spike sat curled

up at the corner of the building turning every now and then to watch as the

plane took off with someone he loved. For the next little while he spent most

of the time around town which was odd for him since he would usually comb the

harsh wastelands for his parents. He knew they were still out there somewhere.

They had to be lost. He would stop by the old cabin where he had grown up only

to find it empty and caving in from the weight of the snow and disrepair.

     The Husky sat on

the steps to the airport moping and hoping that he could see Aiko one more


     "Excuse me." Said

a voice from behind him. "I'm looking for a survival expert. Do you know of

any?" Spikes ears perked. He knew that voice anywhere. He stood up and turned around

with a sad smile then hugged the professor.

     "I'm never letting

you go ever again." Aiko said returning the hug. "I love you too damn much."

     "What about your

job?" Spike wondered.

     "Perhaps if you

could teach me, I too could be a survival guide."

     "That can be


     "And, I would love

to help you find your parents as well. It's not always best to do somethings


     Spike looked down

and cried.

     "Please don't cry,

my love." Aiko said lifting the pup's gaze. "I won't leave you again."

     "I love you, Aiko."

Spike cried. "We'll look together for my parents. I hope you never leave me


     "That's a promise

I will certainly keep."

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