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#1 of Bully

Apparently I had a crush on a bully in my school. I wasn't really on his radar though. Ah what could have been. No yiff yet.

For love or hate I'm back. Maybe not at 100%, but soon. I truly have missed you guys, even if I didn't want to. It really hurt being gone so long.

Ryan was a quiet cub, respectful. The squirrel had his teeth brushed, fur brushed, clean clothes on, and backpack on when he when he opened the front door and to his agony found 5th grade bully extraordinaire Tyler being dragged up the drive way by his mother. "Ryan!" Tyler's mother screamed as she approached the porch, with no sign of stopping. "Can I talk to your mom?" Tyler pulled his arm away when it was relinquished and gave an evil smile to Ryan and that smile always reminded Ryan that he was prey to the fossa cub.

"Okay..." Ryan mumbled and closed the door slowly. He walked to his mother's room. The squirrel realized his morning of ritual of quietly waiting in the car, the radio on, the air conditioning rustling through his fur had been destroyed. He knocked lightly on the door.

"Come in." She was 'putting on her face' as she liked to say, but Ryan always thought she was beautiful.

"Tyler's mom is here. She looks mad." Ryan practically whispered.

"I'll talk to her. She always seems to have some kinda problem, doesn't she?" The second part was more to herself. His mom dropped her mascara and hurried outside. From where he stood the squirrel cub stood he could hear select parts of the conversation just fine. As it turns out 'the little shit missed his bus' and 'the car is fucked to hell.' Tyler needed a ride to school. Ryan's mom would be helping the cub that once knocked him over while he was at the urinal and made fun of his penis. Ryan's mom had to bring him fresh pants and underwear. When she came back he only had one thing to say.

"You can't. He's mean." The cub cringed as he remembered having his pants pulled down on the playground a year prior. At least then Tyler complimented his underwear. Thinking about the fossa made it feel like someone was wringing out his insides.

"Ryan. Tyler's mother is in a rough spot and I'm sure it hasn't been easy on him. Just talk to him. I'm sure he's not that bad. I have to get ready for work. Go. Talk." He was pushed out of the room.

After stepping outside Ryan felt a little more confident. The fossa was leaning against the car, backpack nor parental figure in sight. The squirrel wondered how he planned on accomplishing anything at school. He licked his lips nervously and tried to find the nerve to talk. "What are you looking at, faggot?" Tyler looked livid and the squirrel felt the invisible person twisting his insides again.

The car ride was fairly quiet and awkward since Tyler and Ryan were made to sit next to each other. The squirrel could feel eyes burning straight through him the whole time. Their morning chauffeur gently probed the fossa cub with a few questions about his home life which he answered in his best 'good boy' voice, it didn't fool Ryan though.

The buses had already left, which to the squirrel cub meant they were late or dangerously close to being so. So when they were dropped off he tried to hurry inside, only to be stopped Tyler, he pinned Ryan's shoulder to the wall. "She get you hard when she kissed you goodbye? Mama's boy." The fossa cub grabbed at Ryan's sheath through his pants. He wasn't very gentle. The squirrel's heart beat grew heavy, he felt scared and something else he couldn't define. "Have a nice day at school sweetie." Tyler said somewhat effeminately and leaned in. Then he did something that baffled Ryan. Tyler kissed him and gave his hardening, immature package package a squeeze before disappearing into the school doors.

Ryan spent the first few hours of the day confused and occasionally aroused. It all seemed like a sick, strange dream when he went over it in his head. The squirrel was called on multiple times, but not to answer any questions. He was told to stop fidgeting, to keep his hands above his desk, and that his mother might need to have a talk with him. Ryan wondered how Tyler got away with flashing girls.

By the time gym class rolled around the squirrel was shaking and his mouth was dry. Two classes went to gym at a time and Tyler would be there. Ryan would have to change clothes.

The class was marched down the hall by Mr.Brown, the ever vigilant bear who caught Ryan squeezing his swollen sheath once again as they were arriving at their destination, a tad late as they caught the tail end of Tyler's class disappearing into the locker rooms. Mr.Brown was discreet when dealing with the squirrel's issue and for that he was thankful. After the class had separated into groups of boys and girls then went their separate ways to put on their gym uniforms, Mr.Brown would have a long lunch and make a phone call to a certain squirrel's mother.

There was a faint hint of musk in the locker room air. Ryan could also smell chlorine and dreaded knowing soon he'd have to strip naked to change into his swimsuit. When he reached his assigned locker he tried his best to keep his eyes forward and failed as he watched Tyler pulled down his pants, his long tail slipping through it's allotted hole. When the fossa cub pulled off his shirt Ryan thought his penis felt weird, it almost hurt when he moved. So he grabbed his gym clothes and headed for a bathroom stall to investigate.

Ryan let his pants and underwear drop to the floor and did not understand what he saw. His erection had come out of his sheath, but to his eyes it looked like something inside him broke and it was slipping out. He whimpered a little and gently poked it. Nothing happened. Then he grabbed it and tried to gently coax it back in, which didn't help but felt quite nice. The squirrel tried the sliding action again, then again a little faster and surprised himself with a moan. His stomach dropped at the sight of shoes under the side partition.

"Who's in there?" The voice was calm, though with an air of anger, and could only be Tyler. "I heard you. I can see your feet. Only guys with baby dicks use the stalls to pee." Ryan cowered away from the door as the shoes headed it's way. Everyone knew the stall doors would open if pushed really hard. The fossa cub need only pause a second to do so and when the lock slipped from the small indentation in the door frame it made a hideous clacking sound. Ryan found himself between the toilet and the stall's wall with his pants and underwear still around his ankles by the time Tyler had made his way in. As Ryan tried to cover up the fossa simply stepped on his pants, effectively pinning the smaller cub to the floor and preventing him from hiding his erection. "Liked what you seen in the locker room?" Ryan was shaking, though he didn't know if it was from fear or anticipation. "Answer me." Tyler's voice didn't get louder, but it bit through the air more. Somehow the squirrel nodded his head. "Did you want a closer look?" Ryan looked up from the tile he'd been fixated on to see if Tyler was serious and the fossa had his thumb hooked into his tented gym shorts. The squirrel took a few shaky breaths.

"Y-yes." Ryan's eyes sparkled through his glasses and seemed to be pleading. Tyler slid down the small, blue shorts and took his underwear with them.The fossa's cock was long and thick, it almost seemed too big. There were tiny bumps that looked soft and rubbery and it had a small, flatish head.

"Touch it." Tyler commanded. Ryan held out a shaking paw. The paw came so close he could feel the heat coming off the fossa's erection, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. "Ryan." Tyler huffed and grabbed the smaller cub's paw, he held it on his throbbing cock.

"Ryan, Tyler! Gym class has started. You two better get in there before I give you both after school suspension!" Mrs.Reber's voice echoed through the empty locker room.

"Ryan had an accident Mrs.Reber, I was just helping him clean up!" The fossa said without missing a beat, his practiced good boy voice ringing true. The wolf considered this a moment and wished the boys' P.E. teacher hadn't been sick that day, she didn't want to befall the same fate as the last female gym teacher, after all that incident was the reason there we're now two teachers doing essentially the work of one.

"Five more minutes and I'm getting Mr.Brown. I don't even wanna know what you gotta clean up." The heavy door fell shut. "Nasty boys." The wolf added to herself. Ryan and Tyler laughed to themselves, it was a close call. When they'd stopped Ryan didn't like the look the fossa had given him, it was an evil little smile.

"Did you have an accident sweetie?" The squirrel noticed Tyler was now aiming his half erection.

"Tyler, no!" Ryan started, but it was too late. Hot urine splashed onto the squirrel's still exposed penis, he gasped a little. It was gross, but it felt new. It felt good. The fossa was growing hard again, his stream found its way onto the front of Ryan's shirt. Ryan whined, his erection ached and he squeezed it a little. When Tyler's bladder was empty he pulled up his shorts and started to walk away when he heard the squirrel sniffle. Tyler whirled around and roughly pulled Ryan's ear.

"Take off your wet clothes, wipe yourself off, put on your gym uniform and stop feeling sorry for yourself." He snarled. Looking in the squirrel's wet eyes he saw how soft he was. He kissed the squirrel, his tongue forced into the smaller mouth. "Don't be late." Tyler added as he pulled away. "Sweetie."

The day slipped seamlessly into an ordinary school day after that. Unless Ryan wasn't imagining the way he'd been mercifully spared by the fossa during dodgeball and just maybe he'd been watching Ryan's ass as they were made to run a few laps. It was definitely back to normal after they'd left gym class. Ryan threw away his normal clothes and wore his P.E uniform the rest of the day. it was hot so at least he wasn't the only one.

When he was picked at the end of the day the squirrel thought his mother was acting weird. When he got to his room he found a book and a couple pamphlets about 'his growing body' on his bed. That made him feel weird. Other than that Ryan thought it was a good day, in fact he really liked today. When bed time came he stayed up a little longer than usual, thinking of the way he felt on the floor of the bathroom stall.

Tyler's day had a very different end. The verbal assault started the moment he walked in the door. His mother called him stupid. Said he should drop out. Called him worthless. His mom really knew what he was worth, how much some men would pay to spend time with him. How else would she have been able to afford moving to their new neighborhood?

The fossa cub didn't cry anymore. Not when she or anyone else was around. He knew sometimes that's what they wanted. Tyler went to bed in his room that night. Barren, more like a prisoner's room than a young boy's room. He felt his tailhole leaking a little. Tyler wondered how much better he'd feel across the street and silently but painfully heavily tears came. Another question made him feel a little better though. If he was Ryan's brother would they share a room?

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