Young Stud

I would love this baby like a lovely mother... and to my young stud.

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Young Stud

I would love this baby like a lovely mother... and to my young stud.**

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Young love

#1 of young love hello every body, this is one chapter of a story me and my friend are writing. this is our first story so if you have any suggestions, complaints, or concerns please leave them in the comments below.

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Young Crush

#1 of young crush warning very gory when two young students find out about their common interests, their life takes a totally different turn this is by far the largest story i and my wolf friend have ever written over 25k words in this massive beast it will

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Young Love

Do not distribute in any way without asking me. All characters are copyrighted by me. If you are under 18 do not read this. ...

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the young and their fetishes

The young and their fetishes "hurry up and get dressed, we're going to the store and i want to get there early when nobody's there" my mother shouts up the stairs. getting dressed i have a surprise for my mom.

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Young Love

Okay,I haven't posted in a seriously long time,but this story just popped into my head during school.o\_O Note: This SHALL be a continuing story,so if you end up liking this one then look out for the next! Okay,I'm not going to go over the leagal age...

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Young Lovers

Warning: this story contains the love of two young boys, ect. jake and neku. bios; jake, a rather muscular wolf for his age. aged: 12 neku, a little fox, small, slender and soft body.

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Young At Heart

#1 of young love young at heart young at heart by bunnyboy this story and the charactors in it are copyrighted to bunnyboy... warning the story contains a romantic relationship between two furry males.

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Growing Young

And when he heard those words, daniel knew that while much had to be learned but this was just a part of growing young.

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And The Night Was Young

_Standard disclaimer:_ _This is a furry adult story containing gay males in sexual situations as well as explicit language and descriptions. No kids are allowed so this story is only for those who are 18/21 or whatever the age is at your...

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