The New Guy, Part Five: The End

Story by AwkwardFerret on SoFurry

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#5 of The New Guy

Fucking finally. I'm not at all proud about how long this fucking thing took, but it's finished, and I hope you can enjoy it.

Now I get to write things other than this! Yay!

The New Guy

Part Five

The End


He opened the door to find Mayor Robert pointing a very large and very shiny revolver level at his head.

"What the--"

"You're gonna need to come with me."

"Hold on, you can't just--"

"Actually, I can, because I'm the fucking mayor, and I'm sick of you messing up everything I've worked so hard to create!"

"I haven't messed up anything!" Jon objected. "I just introduced them into a new lifestyle! I haven't hurt anything!"

"Lifestyle? You call this degenerate crap a lifestyle? You've turned them all into...into perverted beasts!"

"I didn't turn them into anything! I opened their minds and showed them how to enjoy themselves like never before! That's not wrong, is it? You should want what's best for them!"

"I do want that," Rob agreed. "But I know what's best for them, and you're not it."

"How can you be so sure?" Jon asked. "The Ables seemed pretty happy after I bred them all just now."

Rob's face twisted in fury. "You know what? I know what you're doing. You're distracting me."

"That's one theory."

Rob smiled, then grabbed Jon's shoulder roughly and pushed him in front, jutting the revolver into the small of his back. "Walk forward, you disgusting animal."

"Now, that's just uncalled for."

"WALK, POLACK!" he roared, pressing the gun harder. Jon gulped and started walking forward, looking around for anybody to help him. Alas, Main Street seemed completely empty save for him and the mayor, so he was completely trapped.

"Robert, please, be reasonable," Jon begged. "You don't want to do this!"

"Read my lips, if you even can." He pressed the revolver in once more. "I've been afraid of this happening ever since these hicks made me the mayor. Some sick freak like you coming in and messing it all up!"

"First, I can read just fine, thank you very much. Second, hicks?" Jon asked. "If you hate the town so much, why are you so concerned about them?"

"I don't hate them," Rob corrected. "They're just a bunch of animals that need a firm hand to guide them to be better, which I was doing until you came along."

"Okay, so, just to be clear, you are actually, like, super-racist."

Rob shrugged. "Call it what you will, you won't be able to tell anybody about it."

"Actually, he will!" Rob wheeled, keeping Jon in front of him, to find Isabelle and Amelia standing, both looking rather smug.

"Isabelle!" Jon cried. "Amelia! Thank goodness you're here, this guy is--"

"Shut up!" Rob yelled. "One more word and I'll shoot you dead!"

"No, you won't." Isabelle reached into her pocket and held out her hand, allowing a number of bullets to fall to the ground beneath. "I emptied your gun after Amelia said you were heading for town hall."

Rob stared for a moment. "You're bluffing."

"Check the gun and see."

He gulped, then quickly pulled out the cylinder of his gun to see that, indeed, it was empty.

"You bitch!" he cried. "I can't believe you...don't you animals know what's best for you?!"

"Yes," Amelia said. "And you're not it. He is," she said, gesturing to Jon.

"What are you talking about? I'm the only person here with any goddamn sense anymore! I was the one who made this town what this is! I--"

"--Beat me up, poisoned Camofrog, sent really awful threats to an innocent person, and now you're trying to kill him," Isabelle finished. "Did I miss anything?"

Rob frowned. "Okay, well, when you put it like that, I sound unreasonable. But it was for your own good!"

"I don't think you know what 'our own good' is, Rob." Amelia spat at the ground, looking at him with fury. "Now let him go and maybe you can get a shorter sentence."

"Sentence?" he asked. "You don't really think I'm going to prison, do you?"

"Why wouldn't you?" Jon asked. "I mean, just in the last five minutes, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, kidnapping, I think it could count as a hate crime..."

"Shut up!" Rob cried, pushing him forward and sending him careening into Isabelle. They collapsed onto the ground, Amelia jumping out of the way as Rob ran past.

"Goddamnit!" Jon got up, helping Isabelle to her feet as well, and promptly gave chase.

"He's getting away!" Amelia cried. "Now what?"

"There's only one way out from the direction he's going," Isabelle noted, picking up the gun and inserting the bullets she had stolen. "He must be going to the island!"


"Okay, Rob, it hasn't quite worked out, but you can still make it out of here with some of your dignity," he mumbled to himself as he stepped down towards the beach surrounding the town, eyeing the boat that would be his escape. The duck that usually piloted it to and fro was absent for family business, he knew, so he'd have a straight shot. "Just get to the island and live there forever. It's probably in international waters..."

"Stop right there, criminal scum!"

Robert turned around again to see a very large dog in a police uniform running down the same steps, Camofrog in quick pursuit.

"Copper!" Robert greeted to the officer, trying to act casual. "Oh, and Camofrog, you're better! That's good!"

"Drop the act," Copper demanded. "Camofrog here told us everything. You've been a very bad boy, haven't you?"

Robert growled. "Even the police! Aren't you supposed to protect and serve?"

"That's the idea," Copper said, pulling out his nightstick and stepping forward. "Now, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way."

"How about the reasonable way?" Robert backed up slightly, subtly eying the boat. "You arrest that freak Jon, everything goes back to normal, and I continue being the mayor."

"You have a funny definition of 'reasonable'," said Camo. "Sending threats to people, trying to poison me...did you consider just talking to the guy?"

"And let him turn me into some slut like the others? No, thank you!"

"I don't think that's quite how that works..."

"Copper!" They all looked up to see Isabelle standing above them wielding a revolver, Amelia and Jon following close behind. "Thank goodness!"

"Oh, fuck this." Robert lunged for the nightstick, pulling it out of Copper's hands and hitting him in the stomach with it. He cried out in pain and collapsed, but before he could get to the boat, Isabelle took aim and fired repeatedly, blowing a number of holes in the bottom and rendering it useless.

"Jesus, Isabelle!" Jon cried, jumping back slightly. "Where'd that come from?"

"Instinct?" She shrugged.

"No!" Robert cried, watching his only chance sink beneath the water. "Isabelle, you bitch, when I get out of this..."

"How?" Amelia asked. "The only way back up from the beach is right here. You don't have a chance. Just give up, Robert, you've done enough already."

"Fuck you, whore!" he cried. "You'd do anything to defend that creep, wouldn't you, as long as he keeps fucking you!"

She gasped slightly. "That was uncalled for!"

"That was perfectly called for, you slut!" Rob cried. "When I'm through with all of you, you'll be thankful that I saved you from all this degenerate--"

"Shut up." Rob never saw Camofrog moving behind him, and definitely never saw him raise his arms and bring them down onto his neck with tremendous force. He dropped like a rock onto the sandy ground below.

"Wow, you people are a lot more violent than I thought," Jon noted.

"Where do you think I learned camouflage? Oo-rah!"

"Well, I suppose that takes care of that," Copper said, pulling out his handcuffs and restraining Robert. "We can handle it from here, don't worry. You can all head home now."

"If you say so," Jon said, turning away and leaving, Amelia and Isabelle close behind.

"Well, that's unfortunate," the dog noted. "We probably should have done more of a background check."

"Hindsight is 20/20," Amelia said. "Who's going to be our mayor now?"

"I think Isabelle would do a good job," Jon said. "From what you said, you were doing most of the real work, anyway."

"R-really!" Her tail started to wag uncontrollably and her face lit up. "Okay, then, I'll be the best mayor I can be!"

"Hold on." Amelia held up a feather in concern. "This is what got us into a great big mess the first time. We should at least have an election!"

"Well, I know who I'm voting for," Jon said. "In the meantime...I need a rest, I'm wrecked."

"Are you okay?" Amelia asked.

"Yeah, yeah, just that breeding the Ables took a lot out of me."

Isabelle blushed, but she tried her best to hide it. "Well...I hope you have a better time from now on, Jon!" she said hastily.

"Don't worry, other than Rob, I've greatly enjoyed myself." He shot a smile at Isabelle, and her blush deepened. "And I think I'll continue to. Bye!"

With that, he walked off, leaving Amelia and Isabelle to just stand there.

" what?" Amelia asked.

"D-does he really want to...breed me?" Isabelle whispered.

"Oh, certainly. Why, do you want him to?"

"...well, kind of, I mean..."


She sighed. "Okay, yes, I want him to breed me! I only just found out about this whole breeding thing, and I can barely stop thinking about it!"

"Oh, Isabelle, that's nothing to be ashamed of! It really is a wonderful feeling, being so full and warm...come to think of it, he hasn't bred Diana yet, either." She smiled. "That gives me an idea..."


The next day...

"What's that you're reading?" Amelia asked as she entered Jon's house, followed closely by Isabelle. He was sitting upon his couch, intently looking at some sort of magazine.

"Hm?" he asked, looking up. "Oh, just Hypers Monthly. Has an interview with Kai this issue."

"Who's Kai?"

"A goddamn legend, that's who. He bred an entire neighborhood in, like, a week." He showed her the cover, which featured a picture of a massive gryphon and a massively-pregnant doe sitting down next to him, both looking quite pleased. "A one-on-one interview with him, along with some of his breeders, and plenty of pictures. It's good stuff."

"I might want to look at that later," Amelia observed. "Speaking of haven't done anything with Diana or Isabelle, yet."

"Hm..." Jon thought. "All right, I'll give Diana a chance, she can't be that bad. Where is she?"

Amelia smiled. "Isabelle and I had a different idea, actually."

"Like what?"

"Well," Isabelle started, "not to spread a rumor or anything, but I happen to know that Diana is rather...submissive."

Jon grinned. "Is she, now?"

The shih-tzu nodded vigorously. "Oh, yes. And she does feel awful about the things she spread about you, so she'd be more than willing to...make it up to you."

He thought for a moment, recalling his session with Pashmina. "How about a little...punishment, then?"


The next day, again

Diana's House

"Isabelle, are you sure about this?" Diana asked, covering her bare breasts with her arm. She was willing to be naked in her own living room, of course, but...knowing what was coming? And after what she had done to him? This was madness!

"Diana, it's fine," Isabelle said, staring down at her own impressive chest. How could he possibly stay angry looking at such a nice rack? "I'm sure once he breeds us, he'll get over it."

"We'll see about that," Jon said, entering the room alongside Amelia. "The door was open, I hope you don't mind that I saw myself in."

"Oh, of course not," Isabelle said, stepping towards him and pressing her breasts together. He raised his eyebrows at the display, his arousal already growing. "Whatever gets you here quicker, after all."

"Uh...hi, Jon," the white deer said, not really sure what she could add.

"Oh, Diana," he said, maintaining a perfectly neutral expression as he looked at her. "You're kinda hot, actually."

She gulped. "Sorry about the...well, you know..."

"Rumors?" he finished. "I was thinking about that, actually. See, yesterday, me, Amelia, and Isabelle here had a"


"You," Amelia said. "We figured the best way for you to make it up to Jon here..."

"...would be for him to punish you," Isabelle finished.

She gulped again. "Uh...what does..."

"Oh, don't worry, it's nothing nasty," Isabelle said, turning around and pressing against her, making sure their nipples were touching and pushing against each other, getting slightly harder as Jon's delightful scent began to fill the room. "Just some light stuff, you know?"

"Here's how it's going to work," Jon said, removing his shirt. "From now on, you're 'pet' and I'm 'master', and you'd better finish each sentence that way. You do what I say, when I say it...and if you need to stop, just say 'pineapple'." He smiled. "It's all in good fun, remember."

"O...okay," Diana whimpered, finding the idea rather oddly invigorating. "S-so how should I--"

"Bedroom, pet. Now." Jon's words were forceful, far more than before. "And don't make me wait on you."

"It's right this way...master," she corrected, walking to the stairs. They followed, Jon's eyes becoming more and more intense as they went, until Diana stopped at the door to her room.

"Open it, pet," he commanded.

"O-okay, master," Diana said, shakily grabbing the doorknob and opening it.

Her bedroom was nice enough, he supposed, though nearly everything being the same shade of off-white as her coat was a bit unpleasant. Her bed, thankfully, was dressed up in a bit of a lilac color...although if things went to plan, he thought as he sat down on it, it would soon be white, just like everything else.

"Amelia, my pants, please?" he asked.

"Oh, naturally...master." She winked, grabbing at the edge of the trousers and yanking them down, his boxers along with them. His cock immediately bobbed out, quickly growing to its full size. All three ladies blushed, though Jon couldn't help but notice Diana was blushing the most. "Not bad," she said, reaching out and holding it, feeling its sheer weight. "Now what?"

Jon smiled, turning to Diana. "Clean my paws, pet. With your tongue."

She gulped, but found herself following the order, almost instinctually, kneeling down and taking one his brown-furred paws in hand, setting the soft pink pad against her face. Evidently, he had already cleaned it himself; it smelled vaguely of lavender and was quite soft to the touch.

"Well, pet?" Jon asked, sounding impatient.

"S-sorry, master," Diana said, sticking her tongue out and pressing it against his pad. Jon sighed; now he knew why Pashmina had him lick her hooves. Her smooth tongue eagerly rubbing against his lovely paws.

"Very good, pet," Jon said, looking at Amelia and Isabelle. "Get me ready for breeding while the pet continues."

"Gladly," Amelia said, grabbing his balls and hefting them. "Ooh, they're so heavy~" She dragged her tongue across the melon-sized orbs, closing her eyes and moaning with delight at the subtle, manly taste.

"Well, I guess that leaves my cock for you, Isabelle," Jon said, looking down at Diana. She had kept working at his paw diligently, but he saw that her pussy was already getting wet, and one of her hands had found its way to her belly, slowly moving down. "Well, pet, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself...but I'll tell you that you cum when I let you cum. No touching yourself without my permission."

She looked up, pausing her work at his paws. Her eyes almost begged to let her get off, but she followed his order, bringing her hand back up and rubbing some of his upper pads instead.

"There you go." He sighed as Isabelle licked the tip of his jutting cock, already leaking an amount of pre. She giggled as it bobbed in response, moving the pre around in her mouth to learn its taste.

"Not bad~" she said, opening her mouth wide and taking his first several inches of his length into it.

"I got the whole thing down Amelia's throat," Jon noted, patting the eagle's head. "That was fun."

"Felt kinda weird," Amelia noted, looking up at him, "but I guess not in a bad way. Got a lot better once you rammed it up my pussy."

Isabelle moaned around his length as his leaking tip pressed against the back of her throat, imagining what the barbs teasing her tongue would feel like scraping against every inch of her pussy and womb. The very thought was enough to get her wet, but when she reached down to rub herself, Jon made no effort to stop her. As she rubbed against herself, fingers slipping in and out of her opening, Diana eyed her with envy, hoping she would get a chance to do the same.

" just do that..." Jon said, grabbing her head and pulling her forward, pushing into her throat. She was barely able to stretch her jaw wide enough to hold his girth, but she managed, as inch after inch slipped of him slipped inside. A sizeable bulge started to form in her throat as her lips pressed against the slightly-engorged knot, but before she could press further, Jon set a hand on her forehead.

"I'd rather not waste a load down your throat," he said, standing up and allowing Isabelle to pull away. She took a deep breath, eyeing him with interest as he grabbed hold of his length. "Isabelle, get on the bed. Amelia, get the pet ready."

"So forceful all of a sudden," Amelia said, kneeling down next to Diana as Isabelle crawled onto the bed. "I like it. And I think our pet does too." She pressed her hand on the inside of the deer's thigh, setting her beak on her shoulder and licking at her cheek at the same time.

Jon looked down and nodded in approval, turning back towards the eagerly-awaiting Isabelle. She was lying on her front, ass raised in the air and tail moved out of the way so he could have a straight shot at her pussy.

"Ready to breed me?"

Jon said nothing, he only stepped forward and pressed his tip against her entrance, pushing forward and slightly parting it. She groaned in pleasure as she was stretched to a degree she would have thought impossible, yet as Jon pushed further into her and pressed against her womb, the barbs scraping her insides, she knew it was true.

"Enjoying yourself?" Jon asked, pausing to appreciate how desperately she was clenching on him, grinding back and forth to feel his barbs scratching every itch she had, itches that had built up over years. "So am I."

Amelia couldn't help but grin as she saw him push inside Isabelle's womb, that bulge forming inside her belly at it had in her own several days ago. The memory of those wonderful feelings came back in full strength, and she couldn't help but brush her fingers against Diana's pussy and start whispering to her.

"It's so wonderful when he breeds you," she said, holding on tight to the deer even as she started shaking and whimpering in begging need. "And he has all these barbs that lock's really something."

They continued watching him push inside, Isabelle squirming as her pussy and very womb were stretched even wider, his tip pressing against the inner walls of her chamber and still going.

"Such a good puppy," Jon said as his knot pressed against her. "Do you know what good puppies deserve?"

"Nnh~" Isabelle moaned, unable to focus on anything except the cock stretching out her insides.

"Good puppies deserve a breeding," he said. "And maybe good deer pets, as well...we'll see." He looked back at Diana, winking. "Watch carefully, pet. This is what a real alpha looks like when he takes a new breeder..."

He pulled his hips back slowly, allowing the bulge taking up Isabelle's belly to recede. Each one of his barbs pulled against her cervix for just a moment, before pulling away only to be replaced by the next one. She clenched hard around him with each one, prompting Jon to continue.

"You'd better be paying attention, pet. This is how a good breeder reacts; she enjoys it, and lets everybody know it. Isn't that right, Isabelle?"

"It's so good!" the dog cried, giving off a few barks afterward.

"There you go." He reached down and scratched at her ears while pushing back inside her, finding almost no resistance now. "I guess Rob just couldn't see how fun this is..." he muttered as he bottomed out a second time. With some repositioning, setting one footpaw on the bed, he started to pump into her, hips grinding slowly against hers as he properly took yet another into his harem.

As he started picking up speed, he had no choice but to give up on words; the feelings overtaking him were simply far too powerful, and he, like Isabelle, had no choice but to resort to feral growls of pleasure. He leaned down towards her neck as he continued, thrusts growing shallower and shallower as he carefully nipped at her neck. She could actually tell, from the tingling deep inside her, that the barbs locked against her womb, combined with the heavy musk in the room, caused her to start ovulating right then and there, her body pushing out several of her eggs in preparation for him.

Her legs couldn't support her for long under the vicious, pounding thrusts, and soon they gave out completely. As she fell to the bed, Jon followed, growling as he felt a familiar tension build up inside him. His knot began to engorge, harshly slapping against Isabelle's pussy and her swollen clit, easily bringing her over the edge and causing a literally stunning orgasm, pulses of an incredible new pleasure coursing through her. He noticed immediately; her clenching tightness was replaced with a loosness as her tension released, allowing him to ram his knot inside and lock in place as he, too, reached the peak.

"Grrr...Damn~!" he cried, giving Amelia and Diana a front-row view as his massive balls pulled up, forcing his river of cum up through his cock and straight into Isabelle's womb, filling it in seconds, and then expanding it. Uncountable quadrillions of his hyper sperm washed over the waiting eggs, filling every nook and cranny as her belly expanded, actually lifting her up off the bed. Yet, despite the deluge flowing into her, not a drop leaked out, Jon's knot holding fast.

Minutes later, he finally finished, yanking his knot out of the impressively-bloated Isabelle and turning to Diana, cock still hard and coated with semen.

"Clean it off, pet," he said. "I wouldn't want anything left on there when I breed you. It wouldn't be a real breeding, then."

"You heard him," Amelia said, moving away from her. She hesitated for a moment, but took hold of his cock and began licking at it, shuddering as the delicious taste of his cum washed over her mouth. The barbs tickled her tongue as she licked all over him, sucking up every drop of cum she could and eagerly swallowing it.

As she continued her efforts, a familiar face stepped in the doorway, and it wasn't sporting a happy look.

"Aw, man, Amelia, you started without me?" Pashmina asked, crossing her arms indignantly.

"It's not my fault you showed up late," the eagle countered. "Besides, you said you were mostly interested in teaching Diana here a lesson."

"She looks like she's learning well," Pashmina said, observing her efforts at cleaning off Jon's cock. She was quite successful; already she had swallowed most of it, and still continued.

"Very well," Jon said. "Doing everything I'm asking."

Pashmina nodded, looking towards the deer. "You doing all right, hon?"


"Good!" She climbed onto the bed, setting herself down and spreading her legs, using two fingers to separate the lips of her pussy. "Get up here and eat me out while Jon breeds you."

"H-hang on..." Diana cleaned off the last bit of cum, then quickly moved onto the bed, taking the same position as Isabelle had, ass raised in the air. She shifted forward slightly and pressed her tongue against Pashmina's entrance, breathing heavily on her expanding clit. Each time her tongue ran across it, the goat shivered in delight, and she soon started to rub at herself, helping herself until, with one final deep breath full of Jon's scent, she came, legs clenching as she squirted across Diana's face. "AH~" Pleasure coursed through her, enhanced by the control she had been exerting.

She threw her head back in rapture as Diana continued to tongue her well into the afterglow, breathing heavily until she managed to regain her composure.

"Ah, that's it, pet..." Pashmina said, setting a hand on her head and holding her there. She glanced up at Jon, seeing that he was almost dazed at the sight. "You ready, Jon?"

"Oh, right." He shook his head and stepped up to Diana, setting his cock against her and grinning. Pashmina moved herself from the bed, so Jon could have some proper room.

"I'm gonna be rough," he said. "No holding back."

He wasn't lying. The first push was made with all his strength, and it nearly buried half his length inside at once. Diana's head pulled up in surprise, a loud gasp escaping her throat as she was introduced to all of Jon's features at once: his size, his barbs, how deep he went...

"Good girl," Jon said, "pets enjoy their breedings, after all. But there's still a lot more left..."

With a grunt, he pushed in further, pressing against her cervix and easily getting past it, entering her womb for the first (but hardly last) time. Diana's eyes rolled back as she experienced this new, incredible feeling, that precious place being stretched out by her master's titanic rod.

"Feel those barbs?" Pashmina asked. "They're supposed to encourage you to push out more eggs for him to impregnate. I didn't particularly notice, but I've been rather hungry lately..."

"Oh, you too?" Amelia asked. "I've been eating a lot more than my usual."

"So you've actually been eating?" Pashmina asked.

Jon glared at her, but again, was unable to say anything as he sunk fully into his breeding pet. He paused for a moment, allowing her to grow accustomed to the size and shape of his cock, before pulling out and starting his rhythm up, moving quickly right out the gate to give her the full experience.

She soon devolved into random bleats of pleasure, but Jon could still understand what she meant; begging for completion was hard to miss, after all.

"Y-you've learned well, pet..." he muttered, barely able to form words himself. "I certainly hope you'll treat people better from now on..."

His legs bent in slightly as he started to feel weak. Even for a hyper like him, two hard sessions in a row was somewhat challenging. His balls almost ached as they readied their payload, and soon his cock felt the same.

"M-master..." Diana finally managed to blurt out, reaching out with one hand to grab at the bulge in her belly. Jon's eyes widened in surprise as she actually started giving him a handjob from the outside, gripping slightly every time the bulge passed over it. "P-please...I need it..."

"W-what do you need?" he asked, trying to sound forceful and only half succeeding.

"I need cum in me...please, master..."

He paused for just a moment, cock resting outside of her, before slamming it inside fully, even the knot. He growled loudly as he came again, fulfilling his pet's request in an instant.

"Didn't last long," Pashmina said, she and Amelia flanking him, both rubbing at his shoulders. "I guess I'll show you how to last longer on top later. For now..."

She set one hand on his pulsing balls, admiring the sheer strength as they pushed more and more of his cum into Diana's womb.

"...This'll do."

Both ladies blushed as Diana started to expand, quickly growing to match Isabelle's expanded belly. Was I really that big? Amelia wondered as she passed full-term and went into sizes she couldn't even think of names for, looking large enough to hold a ten-year-old child with room to spare by the time Jon finished up.

"Hah..." Jon said. "Sorry about not lasting, she was encouraging me." He pulled out with a pop, a backflow of white following when his knot was removed. It didn't matter; it had already done the job, and would wash out fairly easily.

"Oh, it's not your fault," Pashmina said, pulling something out from inside her corset. Jon turned, seeing it was, in fact, a collar with a small golden tag on it. "I was going to put this on her, but I think she's gonna be out of it for a while."

"Me too," Jon said. "I could use a rest after all this. I don't think there's anybody left to breed, and there's no maniac trying to shot me, so I can get back to my music."

"And we can all get back to our lives," Amelia said. "I'm gonna head home. You gonna go too?"

"Yeah," Pashmina said.

"I'll stick around, make lunch for when they recover. You want anything?"

"Well...bye, I guess." Pashmina handed him the collar. "I think you know what's that for."

"I'll give it to her later."

He sighed as they left, turning back to observe his handiwork. Just one week, and almost an entire town...I could get an interview for pulling this off.

But that wasn't important. What was important was all these new friends and breeders he had gained, and what the future would hold. And with Rob out of the picture, that was looking to be a very good future indeed...


Three months later...

"As your new mayor, I pledge to bring a brighter future for all of us, and the next generations!" Isabelle said, finishing up her acceptance speech. Everybody had come out to see the ceremony, knowing that she would fulfill her word, especially regarding their generations. They could only have expected her to, what with the massive pregnant belly and remarkable breasts she and most of the other female residents were sporting. She was nearing the end of her first trimester, and yet her belly was already larger than a full-term regular pregnancy, and her already large breasts had nearly doubled in size, the other ladies experiencing much the same thing.

After the crowd finished clapping and started to disperse, Isabelle stepped out from behind the podium, seemingly having no difficulty at all despite her greatly enhanced proportions. Jon quickly stepped up to her, followed closely by Amelia.

"Good speech," he said, eyeing her belly. "How many pups are in there, again?"

"The doctor said fourteen," Isabelle said proudly. "Not bad, huh?"

"That's only one more than me," Amelia said, rubbing her massive, round belly. "And I'm pretty sure my breasts are bigger."

"Ladies, ladies, you're both fine," Jon said, grinning at their antics.

"Seriously, though, look at these things," Amelia said. "They're the size of my head."

"Tell me about it," Willow complained, stepping in behind Jon. He suspected that her breasts were the biggest of all; they were comparable to watermelons, more than anything. "I'll need to ask the Ables for a new set of clothes, these are out of control."

"It's not like they'll need any," Jon said. "Those three have stopped wearing clothes completely."

"Cobbler's children, huh?" Isabelle asked.

"I think it's just so they can play with each other easier," Amelia said. "Or in case Jon pops in."

"I might push for a 'clothing-optional' ordinance," Isabelle offered. "Make things easier on everybody."

"Probably a good idea, I'm not sure how much longer the sisters will be working. Sable told me they're having twenty each. They can barely move around without bumping into stuff as it is."

"You certainly did a good job on them," Amelia said. "Hopefully the next rounds will be even bigger~"

"Well, as all you girls get used to me, you'll only be having more and more," Jon said. "This town is gonna grow fast."

"Lucky hyper offspring grow up fast themselves," Isabelle said. "I'd be swamped with your output!"

"It is very convenient," Jon said. "But it's still gonna be a lot of work."

"You'll be with us, though, right?" Willow asked.

"Every step of the way. And I know it's gonna be worth it."

He looked to the clear sky, breathing in deeply.

"So worth it."


The Slumber Party: A New Guest

The Slumber Party A New Guest ()()() When Gracie woke back up, the first thing she noticed was that her stomach had returned to normal, and that the carpet she was lying on was a bit sticky. The second thing she noticed was that the TV was...

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Eccentric Orbit: Epilogue

Eccentric Orbit Epilogue ()()() Denver, Colorado About a week and a half later... Standing in his massive, luxurious, and mostly empty office, exactly one hundred stories above the countless lanes of dense traffic beneath, Van Allen watched the...

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The Slumber Party

The Slumber Party ()()() The young day gecko was still doubtful about this whole affair. Of course she didn't have many friends at school; she was only six (seven in a few weeks), rarely spoke, and everybody else in her class was either a...

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