Xixit (Rabbit paradise part 2)

Story by SilverCrown on SoFurry

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In the shared house of Princeton the rabbit scribe and Sue the fox tavern owner the air was heated and filled with rhythmic noises. In the bedroom the couple was making love slowly in the bedroom. She; quite a short and plump woman woman with dark redhair and bright orange fur. Her tail was quite large for even a fox, her arms and legs short and stumpy. In our world such a body shape may seem homely, but remember that this is rabbit paradise. The god of the rabbits had a wife that was just the same, and as such this body type was held up as a epitome of beauty. Sue was also quite bosomy for her short stature, with full and perky breasts. Her red hair, raining down from her head like a cascade of fire was yet another reason that Princeton loved her so dearly. Indeed, he had first met her when entering her tavern with his family. After seeing her from behind he had decided she was a picture of perfect beauty before even seeing her face.

Likewise people would ask why Sue was in love with someone like Princeton. As a scribe he had quite pinched-up features and a short stature. What people did not know what when he let his stern features grow into a smile, his huched back straighten up and took off his glasses and ruffled his hair he was quite handsome in a rugged sort of way. Not only that (and this was something Sue quite did not admit to herself that she liked about Princeton) but he was endowed with quite a porn-star cock, almost nine inches erect with balls the size of apples, slightly larger if he had recently had a dry spell. Sure, it took quite a bit of lubrication and foreplay to make it work but it was all worth it in the end if he was as fertile as he looked...

Princeton was inside her now, grabbing the underside of her rump and going in and out in an almost workmanslike fashion. Sue was spread out before him with a soft smile on her features, her head completely drapped in her messy red hair. He idly wondered if her eyes were open or closed. Princeton knew from experience that whenever her eyes closed she was just about at the edge. Sue´s breasts were shivering slightly under the movement, more and more bouncing as the couple approuched climax together. Just like always Princeton took it ever so slightly slower (starting to think about the long dull papers he sometimes took it upon himself to review) so that Sue could finish before he did. As soon as he had made certain that she had done so, he began going faster and ended it with a few quite forceful humps and slaps against her butt.

"HMMMM" Princeton finally finished.

"Ah, I love you Sue"

That rhyme was his own little joke that he personally never found to go out of style, but one Sue always rewarded with a look if he used.

"Mmmm" she sighed.

"Thank you for trying..."

Princeton leaned over to give Sue a kiss, but she turned away from him. He could tell that she did her best not to cry.

"Look" Princeton said and embraced her.

"It will take this time. Or if not, we could always adopt...?"

"But I want it to be ours" Sue openly weeped now.

"We have been trying for almost a year..."

"I know sweety, I know" Princeton turned over in bed, sensing she wanted to be alone.

"Let´s just sleep, okay?"

"I am sure it will take this time..."

"No, it won´t" Sue sighed.

As soon as Princeton had made sure that Sue was sleeping he crawled out of bed and went into the kitchen. There he made a couple of sandwiches, scribbled a note for Sue and went into the night. Arriving at the hall of scribes he opened up the locks and went into its great and empty halls to spend some time with his other love, books. There he began to read volumes about childcare and herbology, of the underworld and healing. Despite being quite tired as the clock struck two, he continued to work. He even went into the old archives where the texts where not written on books, exactly, but rather on crumpled old payrus and scrolls.

The following afternoon he returned to their house. Sue was waiting in the hallway, looking very worried. She grabbed his arm, which was holding four to five volumes.

"Oh Princeton" she said.

"I am so sorry about last night, it is just that I..."

"I know, I know" Princeton replied with a huge grin.

"But I have found a solution! Tell me, have you ever heard of a herb called Xixit?"

"The fertility gods use that for...well" Sue said.

"But their stash is forbidden for ordinary people to use"

"We can collect some of our own" Princeton replied.

"But it only grows in the underworld!" Sue gasped.

"It will be very dangerous..."

"We can do it!" Princeton said gravelly, his mind already made up.

"We should ask the rabbit god for help. Surely he if anybody will understand the predicament of not being able to concieve?"

"I don´t know..." Sue shook her head.

"Look, we have tried the natural way!" Princeton protested.

"It will not take, it never will! If the fault lie with me or you I do not care, but I do know that we need some help!"

"Okay" Sue said.

"I think you are right. Thank you..."

And so, the next day the both of them dressed in their finest clothes and went to the decision hall of the city that was the capital of the rabbit god´s domain to seek help. The hall was a wide stony building atop a large staircase. On either side stood two large towers made from ivory. Sue and Princeton applied to see the rabbit god and was told that the waiting time was almost two weeks. Disappointed they returned home to find quite a surprise. As they opened the door they found the rabbit god sitting there in their living room, sipping tea out of some exquisite china. It was adorned with leaves with round females faces on them. Sue knew she had never seen it before.

"I took the liberty" their deity explained.

"I heard all from my servants. Such horrors you face!"

Princeton watched the rabbit deity sit there with his long lanky body and unaturally wide smile, feeling Sue leave his side and sit down besides him.

"Can you help us concieve?" She the rabbit god asked in earnest.

"My husband has this idea about Xixit-herbs..."

"Oh, it sounds quite excellent!" the rabbit deity replied.

"Of course, Xixit is an endagered plant and it is forbidden for common use...But since when has rules gotten us anywhere!? If it pleases my servants, I shall teleport you to the dangerous underworld in which Xixit grows. I cannot let you stay for more than two hours tops. What if we lost you to the underworld!? The other gods would think I did not know how to take care of my faithful...Oh, so sad..."

"Wait!" Princeton exclaimed. It seemed like the rabbit god would transport them right there and then, and Sue seemed to be okay with it.

"Let us at least study the underworld for a bit before we go, maybe learn some magic to help us out in our endeavor..."

Sue looked annoyed. As far as she was concerned, she just wanted to go and chomp down as much of the herb she could get her paws on.

"I guess you are right" the rabbit deity said thoughfully.

"Tell you what? You shall study and I shall remember where in the underworld I last saw Xixit. I will teleport you there in exactly a weeks time. Now, please not take it all and remember to report back to me. That shall be the price I ask of you"

"Yes, thank you" Sue said.

"Princeton, this is it!" she turned to his husband.

"I guess so..."Princeton smiled weakly.

"Thank you, sire"

With another uncanny grin the rabbit god disappeared and Princeton and Sue were left quite alone to enjoy the rest of the tea.

A week later Princeton and Sue were sitting nervously in their living room. In just a minute the rabbit god would take them to the underworld. The underworld was the domain of the rabbit god too, but the demons therein could defeat even an immortal soul from rabbit paradise. They may never return!

"It will just be a moment" Princeton assured his wife.

"We will be back here in no time!"

"I am just worried we may never find the Xixit..." she responded.

"What if we mess up the only chance we get?"

The sun set; the shadows of the room lenghtened and enveloped the now quite scared couple. A rushing sound filled their ears and so everything went dark...When the shadow disappeared Princeton and Sue were quite unceremoniously dumped into the underworld. Knowing that they did not have much time they looked around for a cave where Xixit may grow. Unfortunately they seemed to be out on an island in the middle of stinking and foggy marshes. Faraway they could see some sort of building that must be a pylon of the underworld. Here the rabbit god´s soldiers protected the shades of the dead so that they may reach the paradise of their choice. There was no way to reach it from here, though. Wandering up from the shore of the island and climbing as best as they could Sue and Princeton chanced upon a couple of gnarled trees and wildly growing flowers. No Xixit, only ghost orchids. Sue began to frantically to search the island, Princeton looking through the fog above them at the dripping glowing ceiling of the underworld, many miles above them.

"Well" Princeton finally said.

"No luck, and we have looked over this cramped little island completely..."

"Bah" Sue cried out in her frustration.

"Why did we get dumped on this dinky little island!? There is still time but we cannot look anywhere else!"

"Wait!" Princeton said.

"Look over there"

Suddenly Sue noticed a small stone structure near a small tunnel that went into the cliff side. It seemed to be rabbit-made, although why something had been built in this island out in the middle of nowhere she could not understand. Sue eagerly stuck her head down the hole in search of the desirable herb. Princeton awkwardly sniffed the air and consulted one of the two books he had brought with him.

"This is indeed the scent of Xixit as it is described in my book; a fresh but very sharp and overpowering smell indeed!"

"Help, I´m stuck!" Sue interrupted him.

It was true. Princeton saw her feet wiggle out of the ground and rushed to her aid. It seemed the tunnel narrowed down slightly so that her entire lower body was above ground. He rushed over to Sue and grabbed her hips. Princeton pulled with all his might but could not dislodge her. Sue´s dress was in array, showing her naked bottom. Her soft and plump skin rubbed against Princeton as he pulled harder and harder...

"Are you getting a boner from this?" Sue said sternly but not without amusement.

"M..Mayb-e?" Princeton said, not knowing how she would react.

"Well, we are close to the mother load of Xixit, so let us give it a try!" Sue responded.

"Seriously?" Princeton said.

At first he should she was crazy, but Princeton soon found the idea quite appealing. They had tried for so long now that sex had become a bit of a chore...Taking Sue from behind while she was stuck in a hole in the underworld definitely was a first.

"Yes!" Sue shouted from below.

"Just do it!"

Seems the matter was decided for him. Princeton caressed her soft and wiggling butt for a little less than half a minute before pulling his trousers down and entering her.

"MMFH" He panted, already enjoying this immensely.

Sue was doing so, as well. This was a new and exciting situation and the threat of a underworld demon finding them added a certain spice to the proceedings...

"Hhahaha!" she laughed and inhaled the smell of the Xixit deeply.

"More, more!"

Princeton gave no response, but simply pushed on as he had many times before. The feeling was more than familiar at this point, but the cold underworld made the experience something new and exciting. It was as if he and Sue defied the power of death to create new life together! Seeing her legs wriggle around like that made him appreciate the fullness and beauty of her body. Princeton grabbed her big bushy tail and gave it a slight yank, eliciting a soft yelp from down below. Soon the strong smell of Xixit reached his nose as well...

Sue on the other hand, stuck underground as she was, saw nothing but darkness. The impression of Princeton above ground was like an active force of nature going in and out of her. As her own orgasm started to wash over her she could feel Princeton grab a hold of her butt and give two fast thrusts, as he always did just before he came.

"Wow, it is a long time indeed since I saw someone come here for some good old strong Xixit!" someone suddenly said.

Princeton spun around, dislodging Sue from the hole in the process.

"What was that!?" he said.

Sue suddenly spied the head of a gargoyle at the ruined rock wall they had seen before. It had a wide gaping mouth and long rabbit-like ears. Together with the burning coals and spikes it had for teeth the overall impression was friendly but dangerous.

"Were you watching us?" Sue said.

"Me and everybody else in the nearest pylon" the gargoyle giggled.

"The girls and some of the boys send their greetings, lady. You man is quite the catch! And you, boy, the laddies and some of the girls say that they would do anything to switch places with you any day..."

Back in the rabbit paradise, Sue and Princeton cleaned themselves as best as they could and put the bouquet of xixit in a vase filled with pure water. They then took half of it and placed a straw or two in every room of their dwelling. When every room of the their burrow was thick with the smell of Xixit they took the last piece of the herb and chopped it up to season their dinner with it. He then turned of all the lightning and put in some candles. The windows were only halfway only and Sue turned up the heat of the apartment slightly. They were now sure that with the Xixit they would achieve their dream of children Together they had prepared a very bifdinner with all of their favourite things.

There were grilled wyvern burgers and cockatrice eggs served together with roasted steaks with pomegranate jelly from the orchard of the wife of the rabbit deity. Furthermore there were small pies made from fire-wrights and even the most expensive dish of all; smashed rainbow with silver magic sprinkles. Sue and Princeton had made sure to give every dish a rich seasoning of Xixit.

"Mmfgh" Princeton said with his mouth full.

"Xixit really makes the taste of the eggs come through, I can tell you this much!"

"Well it does nothing for the steak and pies" Sue said and chewed slowly before swallowing.

"But the rainbows are good, although we should save some from later"

"Wow, you are right!" Princeton exclaimed as he tasted them.

"I´ll have some more!"

Soon their friendly taste-tasting turned more...erotic. Princeton found himself, without quite meaning too, fondling the fat dripping burger and then squeezing it with a lecherous smile. He then took a big loud bite out of it and swallowed it down with a wide smile. Sue on the other hand twirled her finger in the smashed rainbow and licked it off with a playful little wink. The two of them looked at each other.

"Well, I´m full" Princeton said.

"I don´t want anything else tonight"

"I´m not" Sue said and stood up.

"I could do with some more stuffing, you know..."

Princeton quickly decided that he could do with more, after all.

Back in the bedroom Sue was once again spread upon the bed with Princeton going inside her. It had not taken as much foreplay as it usually did. Not that Sue did not enjoy Princeton kissing her neck and his big floppy hair obscuring her vision as her whole body shivered in anticipation, but as her current desire was to make him come as quickly as possible they had no time to waste. Anyway, she was enjoying this...Like, really enjoying this! She responded to Princeton´s thrusting with a gentle and wavering motion of her own. Sue was sent higher and higher as her rabbit boy picked up speed. She had not enjoyed sex for what it was for several months! Oh, this was getting way too much for her...! Princeton looked down on his girlfriend and received that warm and gentle smile, with her eyes closed that he loved so much.

They came at exactly the same time. Sue gave the shortest of yelps and climaxed. Her hands flew up to her nipples, Princeton helped kneading them for good measure, making her climax again. Princeton felt her juices wash over his balls and came too. How long had it been since she had really been into sex like this!? He tensed up and almost blacked out as he tightened up and unleashed everything he had to offer. They just held like that for a moment, Princeton still spasming inside her and Sue coming for a third time before he fell unto her belly and then to her side. They cuddled together and after wiping the sweat from each other´s forehead (a little ritual they always did after lovemaking as far back as their first date) Sue and Princeton said nothing more except whispering a few broken sweet nothings and falling asleep. They did not usually fall asleep that fast; seems like the overpowering smell of Xixit was doing things to their concentration.

As soon as they woke up both Sue and Princeton was quite sick with the overpowering smell of Xixit and took all of the leftover food and the bouquets sprinkled around the apartment and threw it all in the trash.

"Do you think it worked?" Sue said.

"I am certain it will take this time" Sue said, as he always did.

Some weeks later Princeton woke up to Sue puking. He smiled to himself, never thought he would be so happy to see her sick.

"Morning sickness ,my dear?" He opened the bathroom door and gently shook her.

"I think so, yes" Sue smiled weakly and wiped the puke from her mouth.

"But we should go to a doctor to make sure!"

Both Sue and Princeton were very surprised to see the rabbit god waiting at the doctors office. He took them by their hands and lead them into a small white door that Princeton was sure had not been there a moment before.

"I came because I wanted to hear the good news from the horse´s mouth" he explained.

"Me and my wife can scarcely contain out excitement!"

"But don´t you already know?" Sue asked him.

"This is your realm, and you are a god and all"

"I do not use my powers to spy upon the womb of my subjects!" the rabbit god said in a very indignant tone.

The rabbit god took them to a immense white hall. Near a gurney were some machines and a small fox with a multitude of tails. The fox bowed.

"An apprentice of my dear friend, the fox god" The rabbit deity explained.

"He is one of the most skilful healers in all of the worlds and trains his pupils well!"

After the examination, the doctor could confirm that Sue was indeed pregnant. After a lot of happy dancing and heartfelt thanks to both the doctor and the rabbit god Princeton and Sue returned to their house. That night they did not have sex, but rather lay in each other arms.

The next visit the doctor looked more worried. Princeton glanced at Sue, who was already devastated.

"What is wrong!?" she cried out.

"My babies..."

"Nothing is wrong" the doctor smiled weakly.

"It...I-it is just...there are well, there are eight of them!"

This time it was Princeton´s turn to look pale. Sue, however, was delighted. No sooner had they left the hospital, happily chatting, when they once again ran into the rabbit god. He picked them up and hugged them with a wide smile almost stretching his face apart.

"I heard the good news!" he exclaimed and danced around with the bewildered couples for a while before letting them down.

"Eight little tykes, all at once! How much Xixit did you two smell, exactly?"

"Just a few in our food..." Sue began.

"Oh, you are just supposed to smell it!" the rabbit god laughed wildly.

"Me and the old missus made the same mistake when we were young and she had 80 kits at once! Heck, I got pregnant too!"

The following months were spent in that sort of waiting and light fuzz that expecting parents always. It was buying clothes for both the babies and the mother, reading books and attending seminars about childcare. Money was no object in all of them, Sue´s tavern was very popular and Princeton was very well paid as a Scribe.

"We have to move out of the house, though" Princeton said.

"This place is much to small for a family of ten"

"Oh" said Sue, shaking her head slightly.

"But I have lived in this house all my life!"

"I know" Princeton said gently and gave her a friendly hug.

"But we have to sell it. I think we should make a burrow outside the city, give the children a traditional upbringing..."

"How will we fix commuting, though?" Sue asked him.

"Who will take care of the children while we are away?"

"I have thought about it" Princeton replied and brought forth a scroll that he had been writing.

"I think we have enough money for each of us to stay home for half a year and then switch it around so that someone can stay home with them until they are five or six and then we can hire some help to take care of the kids."

The next step was digging out the burrow. Eventually they decided on a long tunnel with a antechamber. They then dug out four rooms on either side of the tunnel and their own bedroom at the end. They then dug yet another corridor with room for for a kitchen, bathroom, storage etc. It was not perfect. Two of the room would have to do without a window and Sue was horribly afraid that the children would not dare go to the bathroom at night with it so far away to their rooms.

"Obviously one of us have to sleep in the room with no window but..." Princeton mused.

"Maybe, if we are lucky, the kid in the other room will turn out a goth?"

"Oh haha" Sue replied sarcastically.

"What I am more worried about how I am going to be able to walk this last month. And the kicking!"

"Well, when a half rabbit child kicks, it really kicks!" Princeton said and caressed her belly.

"You are glowing, you know..."

"Really?" Sue said with a smile.

"I just feel really sweaty"

And so Princeton opened the window and with considerable challenge led Sue to the master bedroom bed. Princeton stared in great appreciation at Sue´s bulging belly as she lay panting on her back in bed. She had problems moving on her own now. The thought was still alien to him that he had made her pregnant, that she was the mother of his children and that they were soon going to support a family together. It was an intense feeling of gratitude, pride and love that it seemed to almost make him float. Sue on the other hand was mainly preoccupied with eating and resting. She could give birth at any moment now...

Three days later the children were born in a very drawn out labour but without any other complications. They had long ears which were slightly rounded. They had large buck-teeth but pointy fox faces and whiskers. Their tails were shorter in the case of the boys and longer and bushier in the case of the girls. There were three boys and five girls altogether.

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