Unfulfilled Desires (CYOSA #3)

Story by Kaizer Ryu on SoFurry

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#9 of CYOSA Fundraiser

I bring up the new fundraiser segment and then completely forget to upload it -_-

Here it is. Voting Journal for the next bit can be found here: https://www.sofurry.com/view/898372

The very thought of her painfully empty womb glutting itself on so much plentiful seed, packed beyond reason and then sealed tight to make sure she ended up as heavy as possible, had Kathy giddy. She could hear as his balls began to gurgle louder, signaling their refilling, head swimming in hormones as she thought of what to do next. She had to have him soon. Test the results against the ultimate barrier. If he could knock her up, give her the young she so desperately needed, she could make a proper harem of her own!

Shoving options here and there among the selected treatments, her body shaking in desperate need when the fire in her belly began to swell, she scooped up a hypoinjector, a toothy grin spreading across her muzzle. "Got a surprise for you, stud. Might sting a little but we want you filling up with the results~" Before Jimmy could even object there was a soft *psst* as she triggered the injector against one of his roiling balls, the other three getting the same treatment in short order. "There, good boy... Dosage is technically only for two balls, so we'll see what happens now~"

Her hands began massaging all four orbs, switching about as they churned and the treatment went to work. She could hear him grunting and gritting his teeth, moans slipping through as his now arm sized cock wedged itself between Kathy's tits and added to the mess already decorating her neck in a delightful pearl necklace. It was hard to tell at first, but as he throbbed and humped against her ministrations movement could clearly be felt. While the bulk would remain smaller, a percentage of his sperm were now growing larger, fatter, and more vigorous. They followed her hands as they moved, the mess on her chest starting to tingle and tickle as more found the escape route.

With a *click* the cock ring was back on him, the little mouse squealing in need as his semen burbled inside his balls. Kathy's long tongue snaked out to scoop up the excess that was now swimming across her scales, blinking in delighted surprise as the entire mass began gravitating to her tongue and up into her mouth. Her long purr of bliss shifted to gurgling as a thick mouthful swam around her tongue, the musky taste and scent filling her senses before it triggered her swallow reflex on its way down. The cap on her stomach kept it from flowing all the way down, an odd sensation but not unpleasant, but she could feel it fighting its way through. Oh Goddess, such desire to reach its goal! Nothing would stop it~

Slipping off the table, the movement alerted her to just how full and heavy her tits felt. She could practically feel the milk sloshing about, her chest swollen several cups while she'd been transfixed by the feelings in her belly and taking far longer to stop wobbling after each shift. "Mmmff... Goddess, I'm looking forward to feeling this full all the time~" An idea struck her, a glint in her eye making Jimmy gulp, before she scooped up a jar off the table. With deliberate slowness she began spreading the cream within across her breasts, shaking her hips and swaying her tail, watching the little stud drool over her. Her tits tingled, a deep heat flowing through them that matched the ever swelling inferno of her belly, Kathy's eyes closing over to savor it before with an orgasmic roar her back arched, twin streams of thick cream spraying out in a mind blowing boobgasm that soaked her little toy from belly to face.

As her eyes uncrossed she could see him licking at what hit near his muzzle, hands returning to massage her tits until the new cream had soaked in completely. Every heartbeat made her nipples spurt, every step had them sloshing audibly, every exhale had them gush a mouthful onto the floor, her own belly, or Jimmy's cute pelt. With a few clicks she had him unbound from the table, lifting up the much smaller male like some child and pressing his muzzle to one overstuffed tit. "Drink up, stud. You've got a *lot* to go~" When he opened his mouth to ask, she slipped a thickened nipple in to quiet him. Humming to herself as she savored the feel of her milk spilling out over his tongue, shivering in near orgasm when he acquiesced and began to suckle properly, the now motherly looking hen's fingers ran through his hair and fur as he guzzled her cream.

Before long a delightful *murph* fled his mouth between gulps, his massive balls radiating a renewed heat and his huge dick throbbing heavily. Keeping one hand on his head, laying him on the cum belly he'd given her, she moved the other to the cock she'd given him to begin stroking again. "Good boy. It's healthy for you~" Kissing first his head and then his lower one, she smirked as his eyes widened in surprise, the change to her milk having its intended effect already. "Yes, you feel it, don't you? I'm going to insist from now on that when you're not telling me things or moaning that you're gulping down my cream. I want you full to bursting while you're balls deep in my mouth or my cunt~"

Pulling his bobbing cock head into reach, she sealed her lips around it as she held him firm to her chest. There was no question he would be cumming nearly nonstop were it not for the seal around the base, what little had escaped before quickly slurped out by her ravenous mouth. His balls rapidly grew in size and weight as he feasted on her, the quartet valiantly trying to feed her every gallon as she toyed with him. Only their weight kept her from mounting him right then and there, having grown so dense they pulled even the powerful hen down to her haunches. They were outgrowing the rest of him!

With a grunt of effort she slid the four overstuffed beach balls to the cool floor, pulling his mouth off the one teat and pressing it to the other. Her now free breast gushed her cream just as briskly as it had down his throat, splashing him with each heartbeat and making clear he wasn't even close to done with his meal. "Make lots for your babymomma, won't you? Just imagine my belly growing with cum and dozens of pups..." Her hips quickly straddled him as she said this, gushing cunt finding purchase against his cock tip before rapidly descending.

Not even half of his monster made its way inside before the tight fit held her back, her moaning reverberating through the lab as his hips tried their best to rut her as she asked. His dick throbbed, his cum vein dilated, his balls lurched, but the ring held tight, the sensation of her vice like oven ready for his seed encouraging his every instinct and function to breed her. Her thick tail swayed against his tremendous nuts, rubbing them with those smooth scales, tickling them with the dexterous tip, her hips only increasing the effect as they worked to wedge every inch right inside her body. "Fuck...yes...! Good boy, you're big enough to reach aaaaaaaall the way inside~"

Those motherly hips, screaming to be bred and being denied, rose and fell upon his shaft, belly visibly straining with his mousey meat until it reached the dilated and spongy ring guarding her womb. "And there it is~ So? You want inside? You want to pack my fertile belly so heavy I don't stop giving you pups for months?" Barely visible past her massive cleavage, she watched his eyes cross and his cock try to cum hard yet again, head nodding desperately amid the cacophony of his studding demands. "That's right, nnnngggg..., you want to stress test this, don't you? How far can we go, how big can I get? Just how many little ones can you pack me with, and how long will I keep having them?" His nuts pulled up so hard they slapped her ass, drawing a surprised and delighted yelping moan even as the ring held but groaned. "What should we do next? I need YOU to be the one to break free. Show that nothing at all will get between your sperm and the eggs of every slut begging for them~ There's gotta be something here that'll put you so over the edge the ladies will make sure you're properly drained at all times~"

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