Everyone Does It: Junior Year

Story by Simplified on SoFurry

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#20 of Everyone Does It

Here we go with another exciting misadventure with this cast of characters and here I go jumping into a subject I've never fully tackled before: TEENAGERS!

I've featured teen characters in my stories, but rarely as main characters.

In this episode of Everyone Does It, none of the main cast shows up, because this is all about Joseph, Taylor's brother who's starting his junior year in high school with this chapter. In a previous ep, Joseph had mentioned a burgeoning relationship with a meerkat. Here that relationship is explored as we follow 16 year-old Joseph Rifkin on his first day back in school.

I probably should have waited until Monday to upload this, but once you've got something to show, you've just gotta show it.

Warning: This will feature sex scenes with underaged characters so if you're not okay with that, beware.takes a bow as the curtain draws open

Everyone Does It: Junior Year

One night in Austin, in a sleepy, suburban home, in a bedroom clearly belonging to a teenage boy, two bodies moved quite fluidly together in bed. The male meerkat on top nibbled voraciously on his lover's neck while the brown rat dug his claws into his own mattress.

Joseph enjoyed his meerkat friend's dominant nature and shuddered every time he felt the kat's abs collide with his backside on each monster thrust.

The meerkat growled possessively as he drew close to a climax, about to make his permanent mark on the rat.

"Kevin..." Joseph muttered in his sleep, stroking himself under the sheets while in his head his best friend-turn-lover was about to claim him with his jock seed. The young rat's balls slammed tight against his groin as he hit his climax, long streamers of sperm spraying over his chest. The power of that orgasm woke the teenager just in time to see... his sister standing over his bed with her cellphone and a playful grin.

Georgie giggled, "This one's goin' up on Facebook for sure!"

The young rat blushed, "Georgina!" He threw his pillow at her which she quickly ducked under.

She laughed, "Aw, don't be mad! I'm just teasin', Joe." She unexpectedly scooped some of his cum on two fingers then licked them clean, "Mmm, I can see why Mandy likes goin' down on guys so much."

That just made him blush even harder as he threw his blanket over his head and tried to hide from his sister. He only heard her giggle some more before she finally left with a "Good night, Joe!"


The next morning, sixteen year-old Joseph Rifkin was in the shower dutifully scrubbing any remnants of last night's wet dream from his dark brown fur. He thought about that dream, he'd had wet dreams, some about guys, some about girls, but rarely anyone specific. Kevin... his best friend he'd known his whole life, who he had fooled around with some over the summer, Joe had never dreamed about him before.

He finished his morning shower, then took the time to look at himself in the mirror. He could see clearly he was a pretty handsome guy, for a rat. He had cocoa brown fur, good musculature from jogging; he was into fitness just like his big brother. His teeth were clean, his whiskers were straight. He checked himself below the waist. He was definitely a nice size down there, he thought to himself. In a few more years, he'd probably be as hung as Taylor.

He was shaken from his self-admirations when Thelma came knocking.

The old rattess called through the door, "Joseph! You better hurry up or you'll miss your school bus!"

He answered her, "Yeah, thanks Mom!" The teen covered himself with a towel then bravely walked out. He made it to his room and promptly let that towel fall so he could get dressed. He picked a clean pair of underwear then bent over to pull them up.

Georgie whistled at her brother, having been laying on his bed the whole time since he got there.

He nearly shrieked as he turned with his underwear halfway up, privates exposed to his big sister. "Georgie!? Wasn't last night enough?"

She got up and walked right up to him while wearing a silky, rosy, pink robe and nothing else, "Enough is never enough for family bondin' time, lil bro." She unashamedly hugged her naked brother and held his junk, "Woo, those girls at school will be trippin' all over each other just to get at cha."

He shuddered when his sister held him, "Aren't you supposed to be gay or something?"

She giggled, "I like eatin' pussy, sure. Sometimes, though, I think about dippin' my toes in the other end of the sex pool." She stroked her brother as she spoke, admiring how his mushroom cap dripped pre while she played with his foreskin.

The rat felt himself grow in his sister's palm as she masturbated him. His mind was divided; on the one side, a sexy college-aged girl was touching his malehood for the first time, on the other, that college girl was his sister. He was about to say something when there was a louder knock at his bedroom door.

His mother shouted from the other side "Joseph! Your bus is almost here! Get your bony ass down here now!"

The rat blurted, "I'm getting dressed, Mom! I'll be downstairs!"

Thelma scoffed, "You better! You do not want me droppin' you off at school, 'cause I'm goin' there in my robe so all your friends can see! You hear me?"

Georgie stifled a giggle at that mental image while Joseph answered, "I hear you, Mom. I'll be right out!"

Thelma walked away, "This boy's gonna be the death of me."

Georgie let her brother go, "Better get dressed, Bro. You don't wanna miss Kevin, now do you?"

He blushed again at the mention of the meerkat, "Just go! I gotta wait for my dick to go down now, no thanks to you!"

She kissed him chastely on the lips, "You're welcome, Joey." She ruffled his hair then left him with his drawers down.


Just minutes later, Joseph was dressed and ready for the first day of school.

The school bus arrived just minutes later.

By the time he got to school, the rat had sufficiently pushed this morning's strangeness to the back of his mind. He hefted his backpack over his right shoulder then got down from the bus.

The meerkat, Kevin, was already at his locker by the time Joseph walked up. The kat smiled as soon as he saw his friend.

The rat and kat fist-bumped one another.

Kevin grinned, "You're cuttin' it a little close there, Joey boy."

Joe scoffed, "Moms, they never wake you up in time."

Kevin laughed, "Tell me about it. My mom thought it would be funny to make my brothers get me out of bed."

The rat chuckled back, "Yeah? Well, you're not gonna believe the morning I had."

The meerkat smirked, "Try me..."

Joseph grinned, "Wait until gym class, I'll tell ya everything, you'll fucking flip."


Joseph's first class of the day was his least favorite subject, Calculus. He hated any kind of math that didn't involve money or how much points he got playing online games.

The teacher was the typical boring drone one expected for the period as well. The old owl introduced himself to the class, then started passing out papers for a pop quiz.

Joe was understandably peeved; first day back in school, not even an hour in and a math pop quiz. That old owl had just made an enemy with this rat. Thankfully, it wasn't that hard of a quiz and it wasn't like Joe was bad with math, it was always a very dull class for him. The only interesting to happen through the whole class period was when he caught some girl looking at him.

To say she was interesting was an understatement, however. She was a bear, a polar bear and she seemed to be checking him out, but he'd never seen her before. When he could look at her, when the teacher wasn't paying attention, she was kinda pretty with bright blue eyes and rosy blush on her plush white cheeks. Her hair was raven black and tied up in a ponytail.

The class ended and Joe had stopped to drink from a fountain. When he was done with that, he turned and bumped right into that polar bear sow.

She giggled playfully when the cute rat had bumped into her, especially how he'd done it.

Joe blushed the instant he realized he'd stuffed his long muzzle in the bear's cleavage. He jumped back, "I'm sorry!"

She grabbed him and shoved him right back into her covered tits. She petted the rat as other students looked on, "Silly mousey wants to burrow in Masha's boobies, uh?"

"I'm a rat, not a mouse!" He said while muffled by her plush navy blue sweater.

She giggled, "Ratty, mousey, you are both so cute for me." She continued with that heavy Russian accent, "I am Masha Borodina, and who are you, little rat?"

He looked up at her, easily intimidated by a taller female, "Uh, I'm Joe?" He cocked an eyebrow at the bear.

She giggled more, not noticing other students looking their way, "Joe? So simple, I like it! It fits you! Masha has friend now!" She hugged him hard.

Joe gulped, "Friends?! I-"

"Keep down, PDA, people!" A high school prefect separated the two, "You're here at school to learn, not in your basement getting your pencils sharpened, if you catch my drift."

Joe blushed as he shouldered his backpack, "Yes, ma'am! I'm on my way to class anyway!"

The german shepherd female nodded, "You do that! Now, be on your way!"

Masha watched the female walk away then rolled her eyes, "I thought this was a school, not some police state."

Joe looked at her, "She's just doing her job, and she thought we were..." He gulped.

Masha giggled, "She thought we were dating. That is cute."

He went into a mild stupor, "Yeah, cute..." He cleared his throat, "Well, I'd better go or I'll be late for my next class. It was nice meeting you, uh, Masha was it? That's Russian isn't it?"

The bear smiled, "Yes, I'm a foreign exchange student, here in America for whole school year."

Joe nodded, "Alright, cool, I guess I'll see you later at lunch. Bye!" He hurried off to his next class.


Lunch period came by, Joseph was able to beat much of the crowd. He got a plain fried chicken sandwich with ketchup, pickles, fries and some jello. He looked around and saw that his friend, Kevin was already seated.

The meerkat sat with the high school's basketball team; he was one of the star players at the school. The kat saw his friend and waved him over to their table.

The friends fist-bumped each other before the rat sat down. The other basketball jocks at the table were nice enough to greet Joseph.

Kevin had a cheeseburger, he looked at what the rat got, "Chicken sandwich again, dude?"

Joe shrugged, "I love chicken." He reached into his backpack and pulled out a bag of Haribo Gummi Bears.

The meerkat snickered, "You brought candy, too?"

Joe smirked, "Laugh all you want, Kev. You've got no idea what you're missing." He took the top bun off his chicken sandwich, squirted ketchup on, put the pickles in, piled some french fries on top and finally, he opened the bag and put a good pawful of gummi bears on his sandwich. He placed the top bun back on the sandwich.

The meerkat snickered more, "Yeah, I'm really missin' out."

A rottweiler who sat across laughed, "I like the idea of puttin' a little sweet on my meat."

The otter next to him chuckled, "Is that what you tell your boyfriend every night, Omar?"

The meerkat rolled his eyes at his teammate's homophobic comments, "Fisher, how's the wrist?"

The otter raised an eyebrow, "My wrist?"

The kat smirked playfully, "Isn't that your girlfriend's name? Miss Righty?" He made jerking off gestures at the otter.

The otter scowled, then laughed, "Yeah, good one, Speedy."

Masturbation joke countered by a bad sex endurance joke? This must be guy time. Joseph shook his head and ate his sandwich as the other guys fired off light-hearted insults at each other.

"Hi, Joe!" came that bubbly Russian accent.

He and all the other guys at the table looked up at the tall, stout, polar bear who stood before them with a lunch tray and a shy smile.

Kevin raised an eyebrow at Joe, "You know her?"

The rat got up, "Guys, this is Masha. She's a foreign exchange student from Russia." He put a kind arm around the big female's wide shoulders.

Masha blushed through her white fur, "Joe is really the first person I felt I could talk to since I've been here. I hope you are all as nice, I've been feeling very lonesome."

Kevin looked around at his teammates. When no one wanted to say anything, the meerkat stood up. He walked up to the female, already embarrassed that he only came up to her cleavage with how tall she was compared to his average height. He swallowed his pride and put his hands together as he spoke, "Well, Masha, I'm Kevin Rein, it's nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your time here in our school." He looked at his team, "Guys? Do you have anything to say for the new girl?"

The rottweiler, Omar joked, "Yeah, stay away from Kev, he's a real horndog."

The kat growled his annoyance at his idiot friend, "Be serious, O!"

Fisher, the otter sitting by Omar spoke up, "Welcome to Texas, Masha. I think you'll find living here is a million times better than the rest of the states."

She giggled, "If everyone is as funny and nice as all of you, I would not be surprised."

Joe smiled with his arm still around the big, but fairly attractive bear. "Would you like to sit with us?"

She practically beamed, "Oh, I would love that." So she did, though they had to take a chair from another table for her to use. She ate her food, a veggie wrap with some organic carrot juice.

The guys were surprised. Joe spoke up, "You're a vegetarian?"

Masha smiled then shook her head, "Not always, I like meat as much as any bear, but..." She blushed, "I don't like eating it in front of other people." She tried to change the subject, "So are you all on a team?"

Kevin nodded, "Yeah, we're the basketball team here. Jake over there is our captain."

A tall spotted hyena winked to the bear before biting into his cheeseburger.

Kev joked, "He's our silent giant, doesn't say a lot, but when he does, we all listen."

The bear smiled, "Wow, that's so cool, and it's so nice just sitting with you guys. Back home, my father would throw a fit if I even talked to boys.

Kevin cringed, "Your dad? I'm already scared to ask, but what's he like?"

Masha nibbled on some red cabbage, "He's pleasant most of the time. Other times, he can have a bad temper, especially if someone is ever mean for me or my sister, or Mother. And I'm, how you say, the runt of our family."

Kevin chuckled, "Damn, if you're the runt, I'd hate to meet your dad in a dark alley."

She laughed, "That's not where you would usually find him. If he's upset, he goes to sit in the banya."

Joe was eating his gummi bear chicken sandwich, "What's a banya?"

She blinked, "Oh, you don't have those? I think it's also called a sauna."

He accepted that, "I know saunas, though to be fair, in this Texas sun, any car's a sauna."

Masha giggled, "That's funny! You're very funny, Joe."

Joseph's face turned red then, "Th-thanks, Masha."


Gym Class came at the end of the school day for both Kevin and Joseph.

The two friends made it to the locker room before most of their fellow students, in time to get undressed out of their day clothes and into their gym clothes. Because they'd become lovers over the summer, it was nothing for them to see each other naked now.

Joe admired the meerkat's abs, his pecs, his fuzzy sheath.

Kevin allowed himself several peaks at the rat's developing muscles, his thick glutes and that tight ass.

They made eye contact as they finished changing. Each smiled a very intimate and secretive smile to the other.

Joe reached over and he put his right paw over Kevin's left. "I dreamt about you last night, Kev."

The meerkat bit his lower lip, "Was I any good?"

The rat grinned, showing his buck teeth, "We were goin' at it, bareback, you were on top... I came so hard, dude."

The meerkat growled lustfully, "You're givin' me a fuckin' boner right now."

The rat turned over to look right at his friend. He nuzzled the meerkat, "Then I woke up, and what do I see? My sister standing over my bed."

Kevin laughed, "Ya fuckin' serious?"

Joseph laughed back, "I am fucking serious. Georgie is standing over me, looking at me with my dick out as I'm cumming all over myself. And she licked some of it."

Kev bit his lip again, "Your gay sister ate your jizz?"

Joe hugged the kat even closer, "That's not even the weirdest part. This morning when I had to get a shower, she snuck into my room, caught me with my underwear down and had her hand on my dick."

Kevin's gym shorts showed quite the tent as he heard everything, "Sounds like your sister's got the hots for you. What are you gonna do about it?"

The rat shook his head, "I really don't know, should I tell Mom? Or do I let Georgie, let her..."

"Pop your cherry?" The meerkat quipped.

Joe grimaced, "What would you do?"

Kevin shrugged, "If it were me, if any girl gets her hands on my junk, I'd go for it. I don't care if it was my mom, your sister, any girl. I'm a meerkat for fuck's sake, I've got those rover instincts."

Joe put his head on Kevin's shoulder, "You mean that?"

Kevin put his arm around Joe and kissed the rat, "I've always been bi, Joe. I like you, I like everything we get to do together. I also like gettin' pussy."

Joe smirked, "Do you get it?'

The kat sighed, "Not as much as I'd like."

The rat nuzzled his friend, "Do you ever think about us? How we are now?"

Kev rubbed his friend's shoulder, "When don't I think about it? I can be myself around you, I can tell you things when we're alone, and you've got the best ass." He joked at the end as he groped his friend's firm butt.

They would have gone further from there, but Joe heard other people coming into the locker room so they had to put off their affections for after class.


"Atten-shun!" The gym coach called out to the whole class at the start of the period. This was the last class of the day.

The students all lined up in front of the big burly lion.

He growled "Let's get through with introductions, already! I'm Coach Robert Nelson. When I call your names, answer and loud! If I don't hear ya, you're counted absent even if you are here!" He cleared his throat, "Arron, Matthew?"

A tall ferret shouted out, "Here!"

"Borodina, Masha?"

The polar bear sow raised her paw, "Right here!"

Coach Nelson nodded, "You're the Russian student, right?"

She smiled and nodded, "Yes, I am."

The lion half-smiled, "You've got good English for a foreigner, I'm impressed."

She beamed back at him, "Thank you, I am at the top of my English classes back home."

The lion nodded before continuing role call.

"Fisher, Francis A.?"

The otter answered, "Yo!"

"Jackson, Omar?"

The rottweiler shouted, "Here!"

He eventually got down to the Rs.

"Rein, Kevin?"

The meerkat raised his paw, "Yup!"

"Rifkin, Joseph?"

The rat answered, "Here too!"

When the lion was finished, he had the class all run 30 laps around the basketball court.

Kevin and Fisher tied second on finishing, with the ferret finishing in first.

Joseph stuck behind with Omar to help Masha who had trouble due to her extra weight.

The six of them stood together afterwards while the rest of the class had separated into other groups.

The ferret introduced himself to the others as another new student.

When the class was done, the six stayed behind to shower together.

The boys all paused when they saw Masha taking her clothes off.

The bear caught them all staring at her and she smiled, "You all act like you've never seen boobies before." She pushed her exposed, furry white breasts together and pinched her puffy black nipples.

Joseph chuckled nervously, "So you're not nervous about getting in a shower with a bunch of boys you just met?"

She rolled her eyes, "I tell you before, we have a banya at home, where my whole family sits together and sweats for hours, all while naked. I've seen my dad's penis; I've seen my brother's penis. Your penises will be no surprise to me; I'm a big girl." She winked to them.

The ferret, Matthew shrugged, "That's a good enough argument for me." Then, he let his shorts drop in clear view of everyone, clearly not bashful at letting anyone else see his uncut humanoid penis and big balls.

The other teen boys in the locker room shrugged.

Kevin added, "Oh well, it's a new school year, so I guess we're learnin' so much about each other." He got naked then pulled Joseph over before addressing the otter and rottweiler, "Guys, me and Joe here are together."

Fisher scoffed, "We already figured you'd be stickin' it to one of us. Not that you're femmy or anything it's just..." The otter let his bravado go, "I was hopin' you'd come to me."

Omar shrugged, "I like you, Fish."

Masha giggled, "I didn't think letting you all see me would trigger such a revelation." She pulled down her panties and exposed the moist lips of her pink labia nestled between her legs. She waltzed boldly by them and stopped before getting into shower, "So I guess you boys aren't up to making a girl feel at home, hmm?"

She squeaked unexpectedly when hands came around and grabbed her tits. She looked back and caught a tongue kiss from Matthew while the ferret felt her up.

Masha broke the kiss with a giggle, "You're eager for my beaver." She took his hands and led him into the showers with her.

The other four guys trade glances with each other before they stripped the last of their clothes then joined the ferret and bear who were already intimate.

With their secrets out, they could now behave more openly around each other.

Joseph and Kevin both kissed and ground their fronts together while Omar did the same with Fisher.

Masha, meanwhile, put her paws against the tile wall and presented her rear for the randy ferret.

The mustelid got on his knees and stuffed his muzzle in the sow's vulva. He licked her vibrant pink walls and massaged her plump rear as he got his first taste of bear pussy.

Joseph had also gotten to knees and had Kevin's tapered penis in his mouth.

Fisher and Omar had gone one step further and were on the floor 69-ing.

Suddenly, they all heard the loud roar of their coach, "Hey, you buncha little perverts! This ain't your house! Cut all this shit off right now!"


The group stood outside the school after that, all jointly embarrassed and laughing together after how abruptly that ended.

Of course, they'd all missed their school buses because of their stunt so they each had to call for someone to pick them up.

Masha broke the laughter, "Well, that was fun anyway." She kissed Matthew and even leaned over to kiss Joseph. "I was actually hoping you would make the first move, Joe. You're the cutest one here; no offense, Matt."

The ferret laughed it off, "It's fine." He walked away once a brown pickup truck drove up to the school, "I'll see y'all tomorrow!"

Joseph blushed, "I didn't think you wanted me to move that fast, Masha. I like you but, I'd like to get to know you before I try anything."

She pinched his cheek, "Aww, that's sweet. I would like that."

A red Kia drove up.

Masha smiled, "That's my ride!"

Joe blinked, "That's Ryder's mom's car."

She nodded, "Yes, I am staying with the King family while I am here."

Kevin chuckled, "Then that means Ryder's in Russia with your family?"

Masha nodded, "Yes, that is how the exchange works." She kissed the meerkat too, then went over to the red car as a kindly brown rabbit female waved to her. Masha waved goodbye to her new friends before getting in the car.

After she left, the four guys laughed together.

Kevin whistled, "That scaredy rabbit living with a bunch of bears for a whole year?"

Fisher shook his head, "I'd hate to think what that guy's going through right now."


Meanwhile, a 16 year-old brown rabbit male was sitting butt-ass naked in a Russian banya surrounded by sweaty naked polar bears.

He gulped with a dry throat before the father spoke up, "Is good sweating, da?"

The rabbit nodded while trying not to stare at any of the exposed man parts in his peripheral vision. "It's nice."

All the males in the room roared with hearty laughter while the patriarch patted his shoulder a little too strongly, "Nice, he says. Silly rabbit!"


Kevin and Joseph were the last two waiting when Thelma drove up in her old station wagon.

The two friends got into the rattess' vehicle.

She smiled at her son and his friend, "You two must have had an eventful day if you missed your busses."

Joe opened his mouth to explain.

Thelma stopped him, "You don't have to say anything, I was 16 once. That's when I met your father." She smiled before she pushed the stick into drive, then drove off.

Joe and Kev used this time together to kiss and nuzzle each other.

Thelma saw them through her rear view mirror and smiled at their young love. Almost all of her kids were moving on now. It made her a little sad, but also made her proud that she'd raised them so well that they could find love.

She dropped Kevin off at his house.

The meerkat kissed Joseph one last time before getting out. He was promptly pounced by all his younger and older brothers as soon as he made it in.

Thelma and Joseph made it home before sundown.

She stopped him as soon as they were through the front door so she could hold him.

The young rat was surprised by the sudden motherly hug, even more when he felt something wet on his cheek.

Thelma pulled away with proud tears in her eyes. "You're such a good boy, Joseph, even despite everything we've all been through." She kissed his forehead. "I'm proud of you."

He blushed, "Thanks, Mom."

She smiled, "First Taylor, then Kaitlyn, now you. Now I've just gotta get rid of the other two and I'll be free." She joked badly trying to lighten the mood. "Now go get cleaned up while I finish making dinner."

Joe had to ask "What are you making?"

She smiled, "Oh, just some tilapia seasoned with lemon pepper, just the way you like it."

He licked his lips, "And rice pilaf?"

"I'm sure I've got a box or two in the pantry. Now go wash or no fish."

He nodded eagerly, "Right!" then ran up the stairs.


Kevin's welcome home was less emotional, but no less interesting. He had been tackled by the squad of brothers living in their deceptively small home.

He could only guess by the squeaking springs and muffled moans coming from upstairs as to where his parents were at the moment. He shook his head in amusement.

After birthing ten sons and not one single daughter, his mother had made his father get a vasectomy, but this did not diminish his father's sex drive. They still made love constantly, especially during her heats.

He was number four, not quite the middle child but close enough. This never bothered him, though. Kevin loved all of his boisterous brothers. He finally managed to free himself from his six younger siblings so he could go into the kitchen. There on the refridgerator was a paper with numbers of various take-out delivery services. He called out to his brothers, "Okay y'all! What are we havin' tonight?"

His four youngest brothers said "Pizza!"

Two of them said "Quesadillas!"

The three oldest all could cook for themselves so they didn't want anything.

Kevin was in the mood for pizza himself so he dialed the pizza place first, placed his order then he called the Mexican place. Both orders made, he hung up the phone, then went upstairs.

He came to his parents' room where from the outside he could clearly smell their combined musks. He'd gotten used to it over the years, but it still aroused those roving hormones. He often wondered how his other brothers dealt with it. The door, as always, was unlocked. He opened it to the already too familiar sight of his father mating his mother in the old-fashioned way practiced by their non-anthro ancestors.

He smirked as he stepped in to find his mother's purse, "Hi, Mom, Dad. I'm home from school."

His father chuckled through his lust-driven brain, "We can see that, Kevin."

He took some money from the purse, "I called for pizza and quesadillas, so I'll need the money."

His mother smiled as her well-worn but still nicely formed breasts swayed with each thrust from her husband, "You're such a good boy, taking care of your brothers, Kevin."

Someone has to, he thought to himself. "I'll be back with the proper change and I guess y'all can come down during your break or whatever, get some pizza. I'm getting enough for all of us." He laughed nervously before stepping out.

He heard the all-too-familiar sound of his father orgasming just as he closed the door. It both aroused and creeped out the high school junior.

Both delivery services came at roughly the same time. He paid cash for the quesadillas, for the pizzas his three oldest brothers were nice enough to pitch in.

Kevin and all his brothers all sat down at the kitchen table to eat.

Their parents came down, holding hands and naked.

Kevin sighed, "Mom, Dad, would it kill you to at least cover yourselves?"

His father scoffed, "Oh, son, you've all seen more than enough us already. We don't really see the point since we'll be jumpin' back in the sack as soon as we get back up there."

Kevin took a breath, "I would just like for once to come home to a normal home with parents who aren't so engrossed in each other they ignore their own children!"

His father straightened up, "You don't take a tone like that to your elders, Kevin."

He shook his head, "Whatever, just eat. I'm not even hungry." He pushed past his parents and went straight up to his own room. There he slammed the door shut, then leaned against it. He clenched his fists as he held back a need to scream his heart out. "Fuck them..." He muttered before getting on his computer. He found videos of pretty males and females, all on their fours, rears presented, tails raised as studs plowed them in the ancestoral way.

He unzipped his pants, fished himself out then started to exert his stress on himself. He envisioned himself mating some beautiful female or twinkish male. His cock grew harder in his palm, his clear male juice started to stain the underside of his keyboard. Things took a kinkier turn when he saw himself over his best friend, his lover Joseph, mating with the rat's tight asshole with such ruthless, predatory abandon. The female in his mind, meanwhile, became his own mother and that thought scared him as much as it drove his teenage lust. He saw himself on top of his mom, thrusting mightily in her, unprotected while his dad was forced to watch. He came closer to cumming, he could feel his balls calling for release. Release, inside his mother, his still very fertile, very attractive mother. Creating his 11th brother through his own seed. OH GOD! He cried out both in his mind and with his voice as he shot strong, continuous ropes of his virile, baby-making semen over his keyboard.

He then realized what he'd just been fantasizing as he came down from such a powerful cum. Kevin slapped a paw to his face and cursed his incestuous desire, pushing it back into the pit of his mind where it belonged.

He didn't hear his bedroom door closing behind him.


Joseph finished eating his fish and rice. It was as delicious as ever and he thanked the cook with a big hug and lots of little kisses. "Thank you, Mom. That was the best tilapia yet."

Thelma blushed under the teenager's affections, "I only do the best for my children, even my husband's child." She kissed her adopted son again with the same motherly adoration she'd had for all of her children.

Joseph felt himself yawn then, "I'm gonna go to bed now. Good night, Mom." He kissed her cheek some more before going upstairs.

She stayed deeply blushing after such kissing.

Joseph made it to his room... to find Georgie lying on his bed, fast asleep. He groaned, "Georgina."

He was about to shake her when he noticed how peaceful she looked. He always knew her to be so rambunctious, but to see her so still and quiet. He almost didn't want to disturb that.

Suddenly, the sleeping rattess turned in bed and he realized she was still wearing her pink robe from this morning, and the knot holding it shut had come undone.

Georgie's robe came upon, at least from the waist up, but that was enough for Joe. His caramel brown eyes nearly popped out when he saw his big sister's breasts, complete with her perky, erecting pink nipples sticking out of her brown fur. Already, he felt a reaction in his groin and he bit his bottom lip. The year before he'd been caught peeping on his other sister, Amanda. He saw her naked with her ex, but he didn't see her this close. He thought on what he should do when he remembered he left his door open. Without thinking, he closed the door and locked it.

Georgie yawned and stretched, making that robe slip off more, dangerously close to exposing her sex.

"Georgie!" He squeaked out in a hushed voice.

She heard her brother's whispered cry loud and clear. She opened her eyes to see her teenaged brother staring right at her. "Oh, welcome home, Joey." She started before noticing the cold air brushing over her chest region. She looked at herself, saw her little situation. She pulled her robe close and sat up yawning, "Sorry, bro, didn't mean to give the little peep show there." She giggled.

Joseph laughed it off, "It's okay, I was gonna see real tits eventually, right?"

She laughed, "Better now than later, I guess." A grin formed on her petite muzzle, "How long did you wait to wake me, Joey?" She gave him the most seductive bedroom eyes he could imagine, "Be honest."

He gulped as red started to show through his dark brown cheeks.

She closed her eyes and giggled, "Good enough for me." She gave him the eyes again, "Want another look?"

He nodded before he could stop himself.

Georgie allowed her robe to slip down to her waist and stuck out her 32C tits at her brother.

Joe didn't even try to hide the tent in his pants this time.

The previously lesbian rat found her brother's reaction very warming, reassuring, made her feel wanted. She liked this feeling. "Did you lock the door?"

Joseph thought then nodded.

"Is Mom asleep yet?"

He shrugged.

Georgie juggled the sinful thoughts in her brain with the thoughts telling her she should be the good sister and stop while she could. She took a breath then exhaled, then said two words, "Come here."

Joe gulped then did as she said.

Georgie raised her butt slightly so she could remove her robe completely. She tossed the garment aside with little care then leaned back, legs open.

Joe's pants ached as he finally saw his first real female pussy... Well, Masha was naked before, but he didn't that good of a look at her vulva. Yeah, his first pussy belonged to his own flesh and blood sister.

"On your knees, bro." She commanded him with a simple downward gesture.

He did as she said and got on his knees, still in his pants.

"Closer." She said in a soft, maternal way.

Joe moved close until was directly between his sister's legs, staring right at her vulva.

She found it adorable how he looked at her sex with such interest. She herself couldn't believe the next words that came out of her mouth, "Do whatever you'd like, bro. It's yours for tonight." It tingled her pussy just to say those words. This was wrong, it felt wrong, and she enjoyed the feeling.

Joseph put his paws on Georgie's thighs then took a deep whiff of her feminine scent. He brought his long muzzle closer to her moist flower, then his tongue touched her dripping petals.

Georgie's breath caught in her mouth that first instant her brother licked her there.

Joey continued to lick experimentally at the silky petals of his sister's flower. He rubbed her soft thighs with his hands while his tongue danced in and around the pungent pink sex of his sister.

Georgie let herself breathe so she could from how refreshingly gentle her brother was.

The rat heard the noise she made and knew it was good, he pushed forward and let his tongue glide over her parting slit. His tongue tickled her clit and that generated a real gasp from his 18 year-old sister. He smiled from that reaction then wrapped his lips around her little button to tease her more.

Georgie had to bite her finger then so she didn't cry out, just the slightest noise would alert their mother.

He saw the alarm in his sister's face and took his mouth from her clit.

She smiled from that, she didn't have to tell him, he was that considerate that he'd see when she was uncomfortable, then stop. Why were none of the boys in her school as nice as him? "Deeper." She whispered.

Joey heard her and pushed his muzzle flush against her open twat then let his tongue slide between her folds.

That made Georgie shudder a whole new set of shudders as her brother proceeded to feast on her moist insides. She moved a paw down to pet Joseph on his head as his tongue burrowed deep until it came to her little barrier. She flinched once it had been touched and it made Joey stop.

The rat looked at it and from what he'd learned in biology, and from Mom, that must be...

Georgie rubbed him between the ears as she blushed, "Good going, Joey. You found my hymen."

He couldn't believe it. His sister, still a virgin and he, also a virgin, had already made it this far.

Georgie held Joseph by his chin then dragged her nails throw his short dark hair. She smiled at what an eager-to-please smile he had for her. She thought of what she wanted to say then, "I think you've had enough time down there. Anymore, you would've made me cum and... if we're going to do that, I'd prefer if we did it together. But, not tonight, I think we've done enough and, I don't think we want Mom hearing us."

He nodded, but it wasn't quite gelling with him this time.

Georgie moved to get up, "I think we're done for tonight."

Joseph stopped her getting up, not in a mean forceful way, but a firm, I'm-taking-over-here-Big-Sis kinda way.

She wanted to protest, but those dark brown eyes broke through what front she tried to put up.

Joey leaned forward then licked her pussy again.

Georgie shivered again at his hot tongue touching her hot flesh.

He moved up, tickling her clit then dragging his tongue through her pubes and up to her navel as he calmly put his sister on her back.

Georgie was breathless right now at the initiative her brother had taken. She also realized his right hand was right on her tits.

Joey traveled further up until he was at muzzle level with his sister's beautiful, perky breasts. He nuzzled her left tit, then licked the pink nipple that stuck up through her fur. He felt his sister's heartbeat as he devoted such attention to her nipple, then to its twin on her other breast.

Georgie watched with bated breath now until she was nose to nose with her kid brother.

The young rat closed the gap between himself and his rattess, and their muzzles connected.

Georgie held her brother once they'd kissed, this was one more barrier crossed. Her tongue tingled static electricity as it brushed against his tongue. There was but one last barrier between them and she felt it as her brother reached down to unbuckle his pants then push them down allowing his uncut virgin rat cock to spring forth. It smacked wetly against her groin, splattering his precum in her bushy pubes.

Immediately, the young male's ingrown instincts took over and he ground his dripping cock against his sister's moist, snapping vagina. His foreskin pulled back fully to expose the plump glans of his penis. He humped himself gradually against his sister, dangerously close to penetrating her with no glove to catch his love. He'd about nudged his cock in to the tip when Georgie realized what was about to happen.

She broke the kiss and stopped him with a firm, stern palm to his chest, "Stop, stop!"

His instincts fought him, but his good cooperative nature won over. Joseph shook his head, "What?"

She kissed him sternly before pointing down between her and him, "You're not covered, little brother."

He blushed with pure embarrassment this time, enough to kill his boner right then. "Oh shit! I-I completely forgot!"

Georgie hugged him, "It's okay, it's only our first time. I still want this, but..."

He nodded, "I get you."

She quipped, "No you don't get me until you get that thing in a safe place."

He understood completely. He looked through his drawer and found some leftover from the last time Kevin slept over.

Georgie giggled when saw the two different types of condoms he kept. "What's with the extra set?"

He showed her one box that had regular humanoid condoms. "For those of us that got real dicks." He joked. He held up another box for tapered penises, "For Kevin and anyone else with those weird pencil dicks with the pointy tip."

She looked at Kevin's condoms and giggled, "Wow, such a big wide world we all live in."

He held up the box with the regular condoms, "So are we doing this?"

She smiled, "Yeah, we're doing this."

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