Cost Of Laziness

Story by Kalan on SoFurry

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Commission for Solerum


The loud voice made Jake jerk in place, nearly falling off the edge of the stacked hay bales. He jumped up with a bit of a yelp and looked around blearily and did his best to figure out where the screaming voice had come from. There was no mistaking the voice, it was Lance, the barn manager, who was calling for him somewhere near the lower pastures where they turned out their studs and geldings. He grimaced a little bit and dusted off the worst of the hay from his pants and glanced around, tucking the small bottle of beer back behind the haybale so that it wouldn't be spotted right away if one of the grooms came up to do something. The last thing he needed was to end up being dragged up to the house by his ear with the bottle and given another lecture about how he should behave.

"I SAID GET DOWN HERE NOW!!" Lance hollered angrily, making the young man stifle a groan before swinging out towards the ladder.

"COMING!" He answered back, just to keep Lance from having another round of yelling for him that might draw his mother's attention down to where he was supposed to be working.

It was mid-day, a good portion of it he had spent doing his best to keep out of the eyes of the barn manager, which meant that he spent it in the hay loft where he had a few bottles of beer squirreled away as well as some books and magazines and a charged handheld game. He normally spent his afternoons up in the hay loft because he was least likely to be caught and because the main barn was normally empty in the afternoons since everyone had jobs that kept them in the lower stables or out in the pasture or in the exercise paddock. And he could always count on the grooms all being where they needed to be at the time they needed to be there thanks to Lance's leadership and rules.

The barn manager always had times slotted for chores, timing out how long should be spent on any given chore. He had strict rules about shirking and finishing before the minimum time had been met, mostly because he was an over controlling person that believed that everything should be done the same standard that he held himself too. It made Lance roll his eyes at just the thought of looking at a time to clean the stalls out. Who ever heard of putting half an hour into each stall? He could muck it out and throw more straw down with just ten minutes as long as he didn't mind leaving some of the clean old straw behind. And who wanted to spend over an hour weighing the food when he knew perfectly well that two scoops made a pound!

Most of the grooms and hired hands had to obey him, there was really no other choice about it, but he didn't. His mother owned the farm, he worked on it to build character and earn some side money, not because he needed the job. He had his own plans when he was older, ones that he was already putting into action. He dreamed of the city, a big city, New York or LA, somewhere that he was able to be in the midst of a hundred interesting things to do at any given time. He was good with math, he was excellent at anything to do with numbers or measurements, and he had always done well in calculus. He would do well in marketing or in stocks, something that had some risk and flare, not his life here where he watched horses mate, birth and graze. Which seemed to be the bulk of his life now.

He trotted down along the outside of barn and saw that Lance was waiting for him on the outskirts of the fence line with a pose that showed he was outraged by something. It was down near the donkey barn where they kept the breeding stock that was used to create the mules his mother had so carefully cultivated. That alone was a huge blow to his visions of a farm, he understood how beautiful a stallion was or a graceful mare, but then one just had to look at the dumpy long eared donkeys to feel nothing but contempt for them. They were placid and even a bit lazy, the big jack studs were all but useless and constantly gave him problems and the jennets were even worse when it came to snapping at their handlers. He had absolutely no use for them even at the best of times, which meant when he was assigned to that barn he was always in a hurry to leave.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" The man snarled as soon as Jacob came within ear shot and suddenly he was stumbling backwards slightly at the rage on Lance's face. "Do you have anything in that brain except for fluff?!"

"What?" He asked, honestly confused at the amount of anger in the man's contorted features. "What'd I forget this time?"

"Were you hear while the vet was?!" Lance advanced on him, the man red faced. The guy wasn't bad looking, though he had a rather dour face half the damn time.

"Yeah, he came on down to give some shots and do the Coggin's on the ones we're sending to Atlanta." Jacob retorted and frowned a little bit.

Lance's pale hair was normally pulled back in a neat tail at the nape of his neck beneath his cowboy hat, but today it was loose and the hat was in his hands as the man shifted. The years had been kind to the man, etching a rather handsome figure with only a few wrinkles along the edges of his eyes. He knew for a fact his mother had been after the man for the last two years, which didn't make him feel any sympathy to the barn manager in the least bit. He stood up and glared right back inch for inch, refusing the back down as the man jabbed a finger towards the pasture where a donkey was standing with his head held low and lips loose, ears held back like he was dozing.

"And did you tell him where we had the jack that was getting gelded?!" The man snapped angrily, making Jacob stiffen.

"Yeah, so? Maybe if you had given him some notes I wouldn't have had to point him out-" He started to defend himself when Lance actually threw his hat down on the ground.

"YOU GELDED GOLIATH YOU DAMNED PIG HEADED MORON!" The roar of rage made the lad back down slightly, the pure fury in the reddened features were almost frightening. "That jack was worth more than everything you've ever owned and you have him gelded?! Do you know how much his bloodline is worth for this farm and how many contracts we have had out for him to stand at stud?!"

Goliath. He knew the jack, it was one of the odder studs that they had in the barn yard, he was from some breed that grew a long shaggy goat that sometimes was as long as three feet when it was winter, though his mother kept the beast clipped short. He was notoriously bad mannered and loved to bite more than anything, in fact, Jacob had had a few scars given to him when he'd been forced to clean out the stalls and otherwise work with, which was often. He typically had a shaggy long coat on any given time, unless freshly shorn, and Jacob normally got the job of trying to clip the beast down to a decent length. Just the other day he had gotten a few hard snaps from the pale buff-grey and black marked beast.

"Jesus, stop yelling!" He snapped and grimaced. "The guy just asked where the jack was he was looking at, I figured it was Goliath, maybe you should have-"

"I had it written in the book, you damned stupid boy, if you had taken five seconds to look at the damn thing you would have seen we were gelding Rudder to sell." Lance jabbed a finger at his chest. "Less than fifty of Goliath's breed are left and you went and gelded one of the top studs. We already sold his stud year, that's nearly forty thousand dollars that your mother will have to refund to buyers!"

"I said I'm sorry!" Jacob lifted his hands up. "God, go jerk him off, I bet his stuff is still good."

"You think that I'll be the one making this up to your mother!?" The man pushed past him. "I am about to have a long talk with your mother, she can overlook your slovenly ways in caring for her farm, but be damned if she will ignore what you've lost her."

Jacob stared back at the retreating back and curled his upper lip a little bit. He felt bad, truly he did, he knew that Goliath was used to throw mules that were sold into carting industries as well as breeding more of his kind, but it hadn't been his fault. Why hadn't the vet asked any questions? It was obvious the animal was valuable and everyone knew about the big jack! He looked over at the dozing beast and sighed a little bit, the overly large ears were splayed to either side ridiculously. He had no idea why the animal was valuable, it was the most ludicrous looking beast he had ever seen.

~ ~ * ~ ~

"He did...what?" Marie Anne's voice was low, a growl of anger as Lance stood in the office and felt his own rage burgeoning in his chest. "And the vet? Why didn't he talk to one of us before doing it?"

_Damn and blast, do not put it on the vet. _ Lance thought furiously and kept his hat in his hands.

Marie Anne looked quite a bit like her son, or rather, it was easy to see where he had each gotten their looks. They were both doe eyed soft faced creatures with thick sensual lips as well as high cheek bones, but on the boy it was offset with features that were more masculine than feminine. The older woman's black hair was shot through with silver so that it gave her a more distinguished appearance. He knew that she wasn't conventionally pretty, but she was handsome, she had a strength of personality that he admired, that he enjoyed. He loved the way that she cared for her animals and farm, the way that she handled business.. well in all manners except her son.

"Why should he? The books are there and we've always trusted him to do his job. The son of the owner pointed him to the donkey that was supposed to be gelded, he had no reason to hunt one of us down." Lance answered shortly. "By the time I found out it was too late."

"Damn.." The woman sank back in the chair, her eyes hardening. "What the hell possessed the boy to point out Goliath?!"

"Spite? Laziness? I've been reporting to you that he refuses to do his job properly, half of the time I have to send men after him to do his job over again." Lance tried to sound accusatory, but it was hard when he thought about all the time and man power that had been lost on the boy.

"He'll still be fertile for a few days." The woman kept rubbing her eyes back and forth, but Lance gave his head a shake.

"We can collect what he has, but after that? We couldn't market it, hell, if buyers knew they were getting his seed after he's been gelded they wouldn't pay a clipped penny for it." He answered, trying to throttle down the urge to scream at her.

Marie Anne had always had a hard time with the boy, he knew it, but she overlooked his flaws too often for comfort. It was driving Lance up a wall, every time he did his best to make sure the boy owned up to what he did he found a way to twist it around and run back to his mother for one reason or another. There was no reason for it to work, but time and again the woman defended him or dismissed what was being brought up. She should have tanned his hide a hundred times by now, but all she did was coin up new excuses for the behavior. If she did it on the loss of Goliath he was done, he refused to stay on a farm where they excused behavior that was a death knell for an entire breed of equine all because of a lazy boy.

The Poitou donkey breed was damned near extinct, like so many of the old beasts of burden, the age of the car and steam had killed it off as interest had waned. The coarse furred animals had been used to make mules, they always produced heavy stocky animals that were ideal for work, but lately they had begun to breed heavier within his own kind to make sure there were more in the future. He was a fine stud, a perfect specimen that was in the height of his breeding career. It had been the first stud that he'd purchased as barn manager, one that he had been amazed to get his hands on. At seven years old he had anticipated nearly fifteen more years of breeding, more and more offspring, an entire line built up in the farm, but that was dashed by Jacob's idiocy.

"Damn him." The woman growled and closed her eyes. "Financially, we're ruined. We have had so much invested in him that there's no possible way we can recoup from it when they come to call in contracts that were prepaid."

"True." He answered, and watched her reaction, gauging it as he did so.

The woman was besotted with her son, but at the same breath, she was in love with her farm just as dearly. While the boy's mishaps had caused little more than a bit of annoyance for Lance it had been allowed to happen, there had been little in the way of repercussions. He hoped that her love for her farm would give her a reason to motivate her to do more than just give him a lecture. She hoped that she would take pains to not allow this place to fall to ruin because of one lazy boy's inability to simply check the log book.

"I don't know what to do." She murmured and rubbed her eyes, her brows furrowed with tension. "I don't even think I can look at him."

"Then perhaps you should make him pay, ma'am." He answered and swallowed a little, his stomach giving a slight flip flop. "There are ways to make sure that your buyers do not realize what has happened and to maintain the farm, if you were willing to do it."

"I'm not lying to them. Even if I could buy another jack, I wouldn't lie to them." She dismissed with a sigh and leaned backwards. "God, what was going through his head?! Does he not even think about the good of our farm?"

"No, ma'am, he has no vested interest in it." Lance licked his lips. "I didn't mean buy another jack, certainly you can see that you have....other options at hand. If you're willing to use them."

"Speak plainly." Marie Anne finally sounded a bit angry. "I don't need you to dance around things."

"Make him replace Goliath, it would be a simple matter." He drew in a breath and plowed on before she could say anything else. "I know you have the ability, why not set it to use? You could easily arrange to have him take the beast's place, at least for long enough to break even.."

If not manage to profit, the boy should be punished, of that there is no doubt. Lance thought as he went silent, not going any further into what he said.

There was no hiding the fact her family had come from a long line of magic workers, nor had he ever kept that knowledge a secret from her. His own family had a line of magicians with a talent for magic. It often skipped many generations, but his brother had been able to work magic, the young man was quite talented. There was no real hatred between them, he had never grown up wanting to possess magic, but he understood it. He had gone on to work for a family that had magic, with an active worker simply because he had no fear of it, he understood it, the woman didn't have to be careful around him and he could keep her secrets. He could be trusted, that was something that she valued, though his ability with horses had been the real selling point.

He wanted to have the boy punished, he needed to be punished, simply yelling at him or forcing him to do more chores would hardly give him the punishment required, but making him take the donkey's place? He would have no voice on what he did or did not do, he would be forced to toil like every other animal on the farm and be grateful he had the chance to do so. He could be broken, he could be taught, and if it was done right, he might even be able to replace the ruined jack and keep Marie Anne from going under. He watched the thoughts crossing her face as he stood in front of her, she toyed with them, rolling them through her mind with every evidence of really putting thought into doing them. If he spoke she might dismiss it, she might find a reason to stop it, but he didn't need to speak to know the position she had been placed in by her own son.

"I want you to take Goliath to the quarantine stall, keep him quiet as he comes out of his ordeal. And then... send me my son." She spoke softly, but the words were hard as steel, making the man twitch his lips in a victorious smile. It was time the boy learned a lesson. "I will be down at the quarantine barn in an hour to meet him."

"Of course, ma'am." He dipped his head respectfully. "I'll see it's taken care of."

~ ~ * ~ ~

Jacob dragged his feet as he went to the barn to meet his mother, he was absolutely infuriated that she was doing this to him. He had already apologized to Lance, he'd apologized to her, or tried to the brief moment he'd seen her when he'd come up to the house but she'd stormed by him. What did she really expect him to do? Crawl on his knees and beg for forgiveness because one donkey had managed to get gelded? Perhaps they could have actually paid closer attention to the fact that he had no desire to work on the farm, or they could have given him work he actually would have enjoyed. He might want the city, but he enjoyed riding a good bit, but no, they had him mucking stalls and hauling hay and every other damned chore he had absolutely no interest in doing.

"Get in here." His mother's voice came in a clipped tone as he reached the small barn that was a part of their quarantine system. "Now."

The little barn just had two stalls and a small round pen outside of them to allow new purchases to be allowed to range freely, but still well away from the main herd. It had its own water source and feed pen, it was a ways from the main barn. He always liked getting duty in this spot since it was easily handled for him and he was able to freely make use of the fact it was a good deal away to lounge about if he wanted. Today, it was cramped with his mother standing just inside the walkway and the lumbering newly made gelding standing in his stall with his expression still looking slightly dazed as he flicked his long comical ears around.

"I said I'm sorry, mother, I really didn't mean to mess up." He started immediately as he walked in and ended up standing just inside the empty stall instead of crowding the hall with his mother. "I thought that Lance had put the right jack in the pen, I mean, it was for the vet's typ-"

"Lance made extensive notations in the book that you are supposed to look at before you start work in the morning." She answered stiffly, her eyes filled with a mixture of emotions, most he couldn't read.

"Well, I didn't mea-" He started again, but she didn't let him get more than a few words out before her hand shot out. "OW!! HEY!!!!!!!!"

The pull yanked at his ear and twisted his head to one side in a brutal yank that he hadn't experienced since he'd been a child. He jerked backwards, trying to get away, but she only pinched down harder to make him cry out unhappily, flinching as she kept her fingers digging in tightly against him and turning his head so that he was forced to look at her.

"I've tried to be patient with you. I've tried to give you chances to at least show some pride." Marie Anne spoke in a clipped tone. "I've been told time and again how much trouble you've caused down here, but each time I thought that maybe.. maybe you would actually learn a lesson, but you never have. Each time you have just shown yourself more untrustworthy and that I must set people to keep tabs on you to keep you from damaging our farm, our reputation ."

"I.. mom, I didn't mean that!" He tried pulling away, but she yanked hard enough to make him yelp out angrily, tears springing to his eyes in a mixture of anger and humiliation and pain. "I just wasn't paying attention."

"And what do you think will happen? Do you think I will just borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace him? To cover our assets? To keep us from taking such a hit that I will have to sell off most of our stock?!" She was growing angrier, angry in a way that he had never seen before. Normally she would get angry, but quickly cool once he apologized.

"N-no! I just.. I'll find a way to make it right.. I'll... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" The last word turned into a loud bray that was ripped from his throat as she pulled at his ear.

"You will try and then forget, you have forgotten so much lately I have no idea what to do with you, except to make certain that our farm does not fall and die because of your foolish mistake." The woman released his ear, but only after another yank that sent him nearly falling onto his ass. "I never wanted this to happen, but, by god, you have forced me into a situation where I must make you accountable for what you have done."

"WaaaAAAWWWW AWWWW EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He brayed out loudly, the sounds bursting from lips as his ears began to burn as if they were on fire.

He reached up to grab them, shocked at the sense of pain and burning that ran along the edges as his mother moved to stand in the opening of the stall. He scrabbled away from her, for all that he was larger than she was, she seemed more intimidating as his ears began to twitch and ache against his fingers. He felt his heart pounding in them as the warmth and sting spread down along the edges and centered right at the base, making his breath catch in his throat as he felt them starting to grow upwards against the tips of his fingers. His eyes widened slightly while he felt them pushing upwards, running right along the edges and jutting up higher and higher into the air, beginning to taper strangely when he jerked his hand away in horror. They were growing, he felt the weight of them swinging around when he jerked his head, but looking down at his hands gave him a far more apparent reason to panic.

His finger nails, and finger tips, were turning dark black, as if he had gotten frostbite and they were rapidly shifting and losing feeling. It even had the faint tingle and electric feel he associated with a limb falling asleep happening. The tingling grew worse by the moment as the nails grew thicker as they darkened, his fingers swelling and the skin dragging together so that he began to lose mobility. This wasn't right! He lunged forwards, trying to get to his mother, but the woman who had birthed him simply stepped back and swung the door of the stall closed with a loud clattering noise. Her eyes didn't look shocked as she regarded him, they were resigned as he opened his lips and felt his teeth growing larger, turning into large buck teeth.

"AWWWWWWW!!!" he yelled at her, the sound answered by a grunt from the gelded Goliath in the corner.

"I tried, you could have simply done the bare minimum and I would have allowed you. I could have overlooked it, but this... I cannot do anything to overlook what you've done to hurt us." She crossed her arms over her breasts as he hit the closed door, his clothes starting to tear away from him, ripping apart.

He was growing larger! He realized that fact in terror as his shirt felt tight and drew along his chest while his fingers grew together and were melded over with a thick ridge of hard nail that made them immobile. They started to round out along the outer edge and thickened, the weight of them making them feel ungainly as he stumbled backwards and tried to cry out to his mother again. Nothing human came from his lips, they brayed out wildly, loudly calling out as he tipped his growing ears back. They refused to stay upright, they were too large and the muscles weren't filling out in time to actually do any good at holding them up. He was growing donkey ears, his hands were changing into hooves, his mother was changing him into an ass! The cold feeling in his stomach did nothing to save him his pants grew painfully tight around his swelling waist.

The tight band cut right against his tender stomach, and other places that were far more horrifying and uncomfortable to have them pinching. His balls were caught up tight against his body and the ridge of the pants were digging in so that he was trapped and hurting, almost badly enough to forget about the fact his shirt was starting to rip along his shoulders. He tried to reach down for his pants, but his forming hand-hooves didn't grab at anything except knock against his swelling stomach. He scraped against his jeans, wheezing out when they grew another hair tighter, digging down hard enough to rasp against his skin painfully.

His shoes split open, ripping apart to reveal his feet changing as he swayed on two legs uncomfortably, his head growing higher in the air, reaching towards the ceiling, surging up more and more by the moment. He tried to duck down as he grew, he was towering up to a height that was created by his aching and changing bones. They were elongating rapidly and pushing outwards along the lower parts of his legs and even his chest. He was in real distress now, his shirt was falling down, but the more durable fabric of his jeans refused to give and it was strangling parts of him that had him braying out in high pitched squeals as his balls were being shoved up so hard against his inner thighs and groin that he was nearly seeing stars. He flattened his large ears back, stumbling backwards again before grunting out and being thrown forward as his ankles rose up in the air and began to fall down.

He caught himself on his hands.. no, his hooves, they hit the ground loudly as his ass jutted high in the air and his back sloped downwards sharply. He tried to go on his hands and knees, but his knees no longer wanted to behave the way they should have, they were higher up on his body and his ankle was rising up in the air. Through it all, he hurt, he felt his cock pinned against his pants, squeezing and making him want to scream out in protest. A new pain joined the trapped cock and balls, the ache of his waist, a pain that started at the small of his back as something began to be trapped under the thick ridge of waist band. It was the ache and desperation that kept him from doing anything when his mother opened the stall door, or when she stepped in beside him.

"It's for your own good, you have brought this on yourself." The woman murmured as a blade was brought out. "At least now you can make a proper ass of yourself and no one will be hurt."

_Why is she doing this?! _ He thought and shuddered as the blade slipped down along the small of his back and suddenly sliced up and through his pants.

Jacob shuddered in relief from the pain as the material loosened around his waist and something suddenly swung free under him and drooped far down between his thighs. A ripe set of balls hung down there, swollen and heavy and far larger than they had ever been before. As he felt his jaws pushing outwards, his lips hanging down and feeling thick, he swung his eyes back to see what was happening to his body, only to be confronted with a monstrous penis swinging down beneath his belly. The flesh was mottled pink and black as his shaft changed shape, growing obscenely larger and the tip began to flatten down to become blunter and smoother around the tip. He brayed unhappily, eyes widening with a burst of fear as he saw the heavy thing swinging around as the skin along his lower belly was stretching around the base to become a sheath. His balls were even larger looking, the fact his body was still growing meant they were too big for his form and looked terrifying nestled between his changing legs.

As they swayed back and forth his mother leaned forward and suddenly he felt fingers curling right around the tip of his shaft and suddenly squeezing against him. It was so wrong he didn't even know what to do, but his back suddenly cracked and a question on what to do about his mother touching the drooping horse cock became null in his mind. His arms began to grow longer, thicker, heavier as the bones grew and his awkward pose tipped forward with his ass in the air started to smooth out as forelegs grew on him and his chest was barreling outwards. The hand on his cock reached up, sliding along his girth and reaching back towards his low slung orbs. It was a shocking sensation to have them clutching him, squeezing lightly while his lips grew heavier and more swollen, his vision blurring as his head began to change.

"Larger than, Goliath's, which is all to the good." His mother murmured as she squeezed one fat orb and made the changing boy bray out.

How could his own mother do this to him?! His teeth began to shift and push outwards, his nose was flattening and growing softer as the entire shape of his head began to change. His hair became stiffer and shorter on his head, lifting up in a thick line that ran the line of his back all the way down to his shoulders. It wasn't the only new hair that he was rapidly starting to acquire thanks to the rapid fire changes. There was a coat forming on him, patchy and rough looking as it ran down the line of his chest and back, moving down the length of his legs as his coat came in a rich dusty-grey color. The same color of the jack he had let be gelded. He finally understand what was happening when he saw the similarities and put two and two together with what his mother had said.

He brayed at her as his head grew heavier, his neck longer, he side stepped but she only stroked along his balls lightly in a way that was not entirely maternal. His cock flexed under him, the monstrous size of it still large as he grew larger and his chest barreled outwards. The pink spots were few and far between on the mammoth shaft, it was mostly glossy smooth black as a medial ring formed right at the point that it was thickest. He felt it throbbing and quivering, swollen and swinging around with every step he made as something flopped down along the crease of his rump. A thick tufted tail fell down as the equine hide grew in along his sides and back, covering his body and the pale pink skin that remained a reminder that he was human.

"Let us hope that you have a similar staying power. It was hard enough to change you into his likeness and genome, small details may be harder to bring about." The woman actually cupped his glans in her hand, thumbing along it with a light rub that made him shudder and twitch his haunches. "Of course, we can always get a sample to test, just to be sure that you're going to be virile."

_Virile?! Oh god! She can't mean to breed me! _ He jerked away, nearly tripping over his hooves as his coat grew in heavier and thicker, covering along his back and sides, sweeping down his haunches in thick locks.

The rank scents on the air began to fill in his nose as the nostrils grew broader and softer, spreading apart and able to taste the strange musk of himself and of his mother. She smelled clean and like sweat and human, but his own scent was animalistic as he nearly choked on it. It came in with his coat, that rich scent that clung to him was a part and parcel with the way that he smelled like on the thick plush shaggy coat. His ears swung back and he turned away from his mother, horrified and humiliated as his hooves stumbled and scuffled over the ground, the sound of them was only a small distraction for the clumsy way that he was side stepping about. He was a donkey! She'd turned him into a donkey! Just thinking about it terrified him as he felt the shaggy coat swinging around him. And he wasn't just any donkey, he was the picture of the stud that stood in the other stall.

His mother walked towards him, her face set in an expression he had known all his life. She wore it whenever she got a new stud in the barn, considering and curious at a new acquisition as she began to move around him. He swung away as far as he could manage, his movements ungainly and awkward on his newly formed hooves as his haunches crashed into the wall and his cock slapped between his hind legs. He had never felt so terribly exposed, there was no way for him to hide himself. He couldn't use his hands to cover his parts, nor could he turn away from her completely as she could easily just move views to get a good look at him. The only way he was even slightly covered was the ample clumpy hair that clung around him.

"Same proportions, good, same look. We'll have to add the freeze brand, of course." She kept talking as she moved towards him, making him stomp a hoof in silent warning to try and drive her off. It did nothing to save him, she just kept advancing towards him with that same look.

_How can she look at me and think of me like that?! I am her son! _ He thought with rising panic and watched as his mother moved to lean over the stall door.

His eyes widened when she picked up a lead and halter that had been hung just outside the door for easy use. Jacob backed as far away as he could go, his haunches were backed up in the corner as his mother came at him with the get up. She had spent her entire life dealing with equines, he had known that, but he still tried to dodge to one side as she reached for his head. She darted in under his broad thick neck as he moved to one side, her hands flinging upwards to slap the halter up and over the underside of his jaw before going up and over each side of his cheek. The loose buckles hit against him, bouncing to either side, making him snort out and prance, ears slapping and swinging about wildly as she dragged his head down by the sheer force of her hands on him.

The nylon was rough feeling against his cheeks, the metal cold, while his mother strapped the halter into place and tightened down along the bridge of his muzzle while the light hands kept holding him firmly. He splayed his hind legs open and tried to brace himself as best that he could, throwing his head back as his mother forced his head further down towards his chest. The lead was slipped up and through the halter, dragging over the edges and pinching down firmly against him so that he couldn't do more than jerk at his head helplessly in an attempt to get free of the hold on him. The lead was used to pinch his soft sensitive nose, squeezing down and cutting off his muzzle as he brayed again, the sound answered by the original jack who was looking out from his stall in confusion at the scene that was going on.

He half expected his mother to lead him out of the stall, but there was no such luck when the woman was dragging and pulling to lead tight along the bars of the cage so that his nose was stuffed forward and his movements were limited. He couldn't do more than prance step and snort, throwing his head around wildly, rattling against the sliding door repeatedly, trying to twist his way free as his mother tightened the hold on the rope and refused to let him go. The lead was tied off so he barely had an inch to move away from, his attempts to rear and throw his head about were lost as he was forced to stand in place like a common bit of livestock as his mother moved around him. Her hands touched his side, along his back, stroking the patchy thick fur with little more than light caresses that made him shiver his skin and try to flinch away. He didn't want to be touched this way! Not by his own mother!

"Now to make sure you'll actually manage to do what I need you to do." She patted his haunch in an almost friendly manner. "There's no use even continuing if you wind up as sterile as a gelding after being changed."

Jacob let out a breath while the hands stroked over his haunch and his mother moved out of the stall, but only for a moment. He tried to find a way to jerk the halter free and off him, he twisted this way and that, but to no avail. He couldn't find his way free, he could only struggle against seemingly impossible odds as his tail snapped up and down behind him and his mother returned. She didn't return empty handed.

He knew exactly what she had in her hands, his eyes widened to show a ring of white, horrified at what she was dragging into the stall with them. It was the artificial vagina they used on the stallions when they were collecting semen, he'd used it himself a dozen times over on various stallions when he worked. He jerked his hips backwards and triedt o swing them away, feeling the swaying cock beneath his belly as his mother reached towards him. She didn't look like she was embarrassed about what she was about to do, while his own face was flushed a hot deep red from his nose to his ears, humiliated and enraged at what was happening to him. How could she possibly talk about measuring him to see if he was fertile?! She was his mother, she wasn't supposed to think about him in this manner, not ever, but she was handling it as she intended to use it on him!

"Hold still, it's not like I've never seen what you have before." His mother reprimanded him and then her hand suddenly reached down beneath the barrel of his belly.

He brayed out wildly as she caught his cock tip and dragged it upwards, yanking firmly, lifting it higher in the air, making him twitch and hunch his back up automatically as her fingers slid along the length of his spire and pulled all the way down towards his cock tip. It felt good, even knowing that it was his mother it didn't stop it from feeling good when she caressed the length of his glossy hard shaft. Precum welled up right along the tip, bubbling upwards and drooling along the edges and falling downwards in a thick rivulet as she pumped her hand up and down along the meaty shaft. He pulled his ears flat to his head, the heat rushing to his face in horror as she teased him, purposefully using the hold on his cock to make it thicken and harden. He couldn't control himself, that part of anatomy seemed to be entirely outside his realm of control when she ran her finger tips upwards and moved to his side, forcing him to stand flush against the stall wall.

The thick sleeve moved up and pushed right against his cock tip, the slick soft inner lining kissing along his cock tip and wrapping along the tip as he slipped forward and suddenly pushed into the crude device. He cried out, his braying call loud as his haunches immediately stuffed himself into the AV while his mother's hold on him moved to grip right around his swollen base to make sure his girth was aimed in the right direction. He had done this before, held a stallion at the base and rubbed to make him get off faster, he had never put any thought into it until it was his mother squeezing and kneading along his flesh. The fingers were gentle and teasing, the way they stroked him sending unwilling sparks of delight rippling up the length of his spine as he flattened his ears and slammed his hips forward. The movement made his mother have to brace herself with a slight grunt.

"Big boy.." She commented, making the action all the more disturbing as she kept touching him, her fingers never letting go of him, not even for a moment!

The rubber of the passage wrapped tight around him, gripping and squeezing along his newly made equine prick, caressing him while his own precum helped lubricate the passage. He didn't want to enjoy it, or react to it, but there was little he could as he shuddered and humped his way forward again. There was a lewd wet noise as he stuffed himself into the thing and his mother pumped his base again, sliding and squeezing down with her fingers as he grunted out and shuddered his hips again, the movements hiking and hunching forward and then drawing back again, slipping backwards only a few inches before he slammed forward again. His face was flushed, his entire body felt hot and uncomfortable with need that was making it terrible to try and keep himself under control. He hated that it felt good, he hated that his mother was leaning against him and helping him sink deep into the AV that she held.

It didn't matter, his body was on fire with the feeling of being squeezed and caressed, every breath coming out from his spread nostrils in hot rushes as he bore down against the slender AV, sinking his way in deeper, impaling it at the apex of each thrust that sent out sprays of precum. His balls were swaying back and forth beneath his hind legs, he felt the weight of them while Jacob closed his eyes and shuddered slightly when his mother dragged the AV up higher, forcing more of his cock into the tube, making sure that it was covering the length of him. His ropey tail snapped back and forth along his haunches, whipping this way and that as he felt the pressure starting to grow. It was all growing deep within his mind, pulsing and throbbing, a need he couldn't stop as his balls began to pull up tight between his legs and heaved upwards, his tip starting to spread open as his mother's fingers closed tightly around the base of his swelling cock.

Jacob felt it building too quickly to stop, it rushed over him in a spill of heat and desire that he couldn't prevent as he brayed out loudly, the sound erupting past his lips as his cock began to twitch and quiver inside of the AV. The first thick rope of cum was pushed up the impossibly long tube, the pressure bursting forth in a hot syrupy spray that coated the inside of the device as he shuddered and his hips gave short jerks and pumps forwards. The feel of the tightness wrapped around him, caressing and pulling, stroking as rope after rope poured out of his cock tip and into the thing. He felt the backwash pushing up and around his glans, warm and creamy as his mother kept shifting the AV along his length, milking his cock as he had seen her do a hundred times. The only thing different now was the fact that he was her son! He shouldn't have been forced to experience this, not from his mother. He trembled and panted, long ears flipping back on his head as she moved her hand away from the base of his cock.

"Good production, you nearly filled it all the way." She commented while dragging the AV off his cock, sliding it free with a wet slurping noise as his heavy prick fell down once his cock tip popped free. "Let us hope that you are fertile, at least then you might put right what you've done. We already sold Goliath's breeding rights to a jennet that will be coming into season in the next week or two. I have hopes you'll be ready by then."

Wait what?! _ He jerked his head up as she carried the filthy AV out of the stall and stared at his mother's retreating back. _Surely she can't expect me to breed an actual donkey!! An animal!

~ ~ * ~ ~

"Come on now! Let's get going!" The lead snapped against his nose, making Jacob bray out unhappily as he was dragged from the stall and out into the brightness of the day.

The quarantine barn stepped out into the sun and immediately felt overheated as his heavy coat was lit up by the sun. The barn manager kept ahold of the lead tightly as he was tugged along, the metal chain was slipped right into his maw and between the gape in his teeth making him chew at the annoying thing that pinched at him and made disobeying painful. It had been a full two days that he had spent in the barn in the stall across from Goliath. He had been fed like an animal, his stall had been mucked as if he wasn't there, and no one had said a single word to him as if he were nothing more than another donkey stud standing in the barn. He was frustrated and angry by it all, but he couldn't do anything but bray angrily at anyone who came near him in an attempt to communicate.

When Lance had come down he had felt some measure of hope that he was going to be able to find some sympathy. The manager was in charge of everything in the barn, he was always doing his best to be in the midst of everything that was done and knew every change in his domain. His obsessive learning about every aspect of the farm would surely show him that something was up, he wasn't going to just ignore the fact that a clone of the former stud was standing in the barn. His hope had been frail and lost as the man had simply come in with a lead and stepped into the stall to capture him. Jacob had tried to get away, but the older man had worked with equines his entire life, catching an ill mannered one was hardly a problem for him.

"AWWWWWWWWWW!!!" Jacob brayed again and pinned his comically long ears down flat to his head as the man gave another pull on the lead.

The quarantine barn was set a ways from the main barn, but meeting between the pair was the specialized area that was typically used for grooming. It was little more than a shed holding supplies, a set of cross ties and a hose set on a concrete floor, but it did its job. He struggled against the lead, jerking his head, but each jerk made the chain end that was pushed into his muzzle pinch and scrape painfully, forcing him to continue on with heavy thuds of his feet. He was hot and miserable, but those feelings were offset with his humiliation at being paraded about naked in public. There was no hiding the fact that he wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. The hair did a bit to hide him, but not nearly enough in his mind as he could feel the low slung sheath being jostled back and forth beneath his stomach. Every movement made sure to remind him that it was there in plain view, an upsetting situation for him as he was led onto the concrete.

"You'd better behave, or else you might cause the clippers to slip." Lance hooked up two leads to either side of the halter, making sure that the donkey was set in a cross try. "Lord knows we already have on unintentional gelding around here."

Jacob bared his teeth at the man, keeping his ears down low while he tried to signal that something was off, something was wrong. The man had to pick up that not everything was alright! As he moved around with an exaggerated series of movements and head tosses, the barn manager went into the shed to fetch what equipment he would need. Lance had to have known something was up, there was no way his mother could replace Goliath so quickly and certainly not with one that looked so much like him! It would make no sense to the manager, he should have immediately looked into it and found out that there wasn't supposed to be another donkey here, but Lance simply accepted it. Jacob yanked and jerked against the halter, the leads held strong and gave him no chance to get free. Without hands he was helpless against the clips that were hooked to either side of his halter.

It didn't take long for Lance to come out, but when he came out he did so with a familiar set of black and silver electric clippers in his hand and bucket of grooming gear in the other one. The former boy flipped his ears all the way back and let out a muffled bray of annoyance at the man, shifting his weight nervously back and forth. Lance did everything as he always did, quickly and efficiently and with an eye to making sure that everything was lined up properly. All of the grooming tools were set out so that they were arranged by the order of use with military precision before the man turned back to him and gave him a rough slap on the neck. It was the sort of affection that he treated all of his charges with, rough thumps and murmured words before the buzz of the clippers turned on with a loud trilling noise that had him flinch in reaction. His nostrils flared slightly, eyes flashing as he tried to side step when the man came up quite close.

"Easy, easy... stop fussing and stand." A yank at the underside of his halter made him snort out unhappily and lift his head up as high as it could go. "You act as if you have ants in your hooves."

The buzzing clippers ran down a line along his neck, the sudden sweep of it making him tense up and shudder as he felt the smooth stroke trimming off the long hairs so that they fell down to the ground and tickled against his shoulders. The free hand lightly rested against his shoulder as the clippers worked their way downwards from just under his chin all the way to the base of his neck. Where they cut through he felt cool air against the newly shorn hide, his skin twitching and shivering in reaction before the clippers moved again. He had done this same chore any number of times, but he had never given any thought to how it felt to have the clippers used on him. They cut furrows through the fur in smooth strokes, revealing the darker coloration beneath the long locks as his entire neck was shorn of all the long fur and the man ducked beneath his chin to tend to the other side.

Lance didn't hurt him, if anything the man was quite gentle with him, shifting about and guiding him with firm touches that made him stomp and side step at times. The hair fell down along the line of his legs with a tickle of things making him itch and twitch his skin as occasionally the man's hand smoothed down over the freshly shorn sides. Every time he stroked against the short hide Jacob found himself enjoying it, the feel of the touch after the tickle and cold air was quite enjoyable as the fingers dusted off the worst of the remaining clippings and the man started to work down along the line of his back and chest. He was being handled without a single care as to his own feelings on the matter, told to move around or hold still as needed. He had never been touched this much by Lance in his life, he had partially expected the man to be rough for the sale of expediency, but he wasn't given harsh treatment in the least bit.

He began to feel lighter as the long hairs were shorn from his back and haunches, the air was cooler and more comfortable by the moment as he flipped his long ears around and watched as Lance moved along his side. It felt so strange to be handled this way, the clippers sliding over the barrel of his chest and working back towards his haunches as Lance began to hum under his breath. The words didn't mean anything at all, just meaningless as they droned out, but they kept sounding off as the man stroked hands down the line of his hips and leaned against him, sheering off the slide of the hind legs and down towards his large dark hooves. The pile of hair grew around his legs as he regarded his side and saw that he was starting to look more like a donkey than a hairy dog.

His tail was even shaved down, shorn all the way to the brush tailed tip and the clippings brushed away with a careful hand before Lance worked up along the other side with the same speed he did everything. Jacob had done this enough to recognize the man was doing a wonderful job of it, there were no lines in his coat to show he had been shaved, he was sleek and glossy looking. He even liked it to some level, the weight of the excess hair being shed from him made him feel lighter, he was cooler and he hated to admit it, but the hands brushing over him were almost delightful. Since he had been changed itching himself or even tending to normal annoyances like a twinge on his back were made impossible by his lack of hands, but Lance was able to reach them all as he moved about with swift caresses.

"Not half bad, now let's get your undercarriage." Lance commented and patted him on his smooth haunch. "Looks like a tangled jungle down there."

_It's not my fault. _ Jacob thought and flushed as the man set aside the clippers and picked up a wickedly sharp set of scissors from the pile grooming supplies.

He could have struggled more when the hand reached down and grabbed his low slung sheath, he could have kicked or bucked or brayed, but he didn't dare do anything as the scissors were brought down and began to cut the hairs that fringed down along the heavy pouch. He barely dared breathe as the oh so sharp blade glittered and snipped so close to a sensitive part of his body. His ears swung low and he sucked in a breath as Lance was slow and gentle, cutting in lines to trim the fur down to a velvety fuzz to decorate over the edges. The palm rested right along the opening of the pouch and cupped against it, nearly rubbing the head of his cock as he shuddered and snorted out, his face burning hot red as he felt the way the fingers touched him.

If it had been uncomfortable that would have been one thing, but the touch wasn't uncomfortable at all, it felt wonderful as the touch danced against him lightly and worked backwards with the way the fur was growing around the edges and sides. He tried to keep himself contained, he truly did, but he was only human....ish and the rubbing was right along the most sensitive part of his body! He shuddered and arched his hips a touch as the thick cock tip began to bulge out into the palm that was pressed against it. He felt the fleshy wrinkled glans spilling over the edges while Lance trimmed all the way back towards his balls, stroking in a feather light flutter that had him snapping his ropey tail back and forth behind him. He pushed further out into the hand, drooping a few fat inches into the palm as the man trimmed the last of the long hairs between his hind legs.

The touch was really all impersonal for the most part, though his cock was drooping down in a fleshy spill of mottled girth that was teased whenever the touch moved. Fingers began to brush the hairs away from beneath him, stimulating his body, making him squeeze his eyes shut as he tried to think of anything that might make the arousal go away. He didn't seem to be in charge of what his dick found arousing, just being touched had him worked up and shuddering as a few more swollen inches drooped out and past the hand that was holding him still. The man didn't react to it, didn't touch him or stroke him, it was like he wasn't paying attention at all to what was happening to the jack he was grooming except getting him trimmed up and cleaned. Somehow, that made it worse, that he wasn't even being treated like a human with an embarrassing hard on, he was just another creature that the barn manager was tending.

Lance eventually finished up, though Jacob was more than half way out of his sheath at this point and hanging down towards the ground with little sign that it was going to go away any time soon. He was left struggling to get himself to go back to being tucked into his sheath, but it wasn't retreating, but remained stubbornly hanging down beneath his chest as the groom set the scissors aside and brushed him off a bit more. The strokes danced a little bit here and there as the man picked up a brush and set it along the line of his back and sides, but his other hand continued to roam in the most humiliating way possible. His tail tucked down tight against his haunches while he grunted and turned his hot burning ears backwards.

"You'd think you'd have better control of yourself, eh? You're already dreaming of a nice donkey hiking her tail for you?" Lance murmured and suddenly the hands reached back and one grabbed a heavy low slung orb that was seated between his haunches.

Jacob muffled a shocked bray at the feeling of his body being touched, the fingers rubbed against the smooth freshly shorn flesh, curling and rolling lightly back and forth with a playful stroke. It was gentle, hefting it up high in the air so that the flesh wrinkled and loosened around the carefully protected orbs. The fingers were work worn, but gentle as they brushed back and forth, dragging along the underside and backwards so that he started to shudder and swung his head back as far as they could go. His cock was drooping further from his sheath by the moment. He tried to stop it, he attempted to think of anything else that he could, but the thoughts were stuttering to a halt as he felt the gentle stroking squeezes that gripped around the orb and rubbed back and forth as if polishing it.

"I must admit, I was a bit worried we'd have to drug you to get you to do your stud duty, but now I worry that you will be a little too ardent." Lance commented with a rough laugh and the other hand moved to squeeze his orb and ran a thumb right behind them.

"AWWW EEE EEEEEEEEEEE!" He brayed out angrily, but then swallowed the sound as he felt the fingers flexing against the back of his balls again and another fat heavy inch of cock popped free and swung between his hind legs.

It felt good to be caressed and stroked that way, he couldn't help himself, he started to hunch his back and thickened right along the tip, threatening to slap up against his chest as the man kneaded over the heavy testicles and shifted them back and forth. The other hand continued to brush him, smoothing out along his back steadily, sweeping back and forth, brushing off loose hairs constantly so that he felt the loose fringes falling down along the ground and making him side step and snort. His nostrils flared wide as he drew in a breath, trying to brace himself when the fingers reached up higher and traced right where the balls were hanging down, the skin being smoothed down this way and that. The way that the fingers lightly touched him had his stomach tensing up and his body shivering with a flush of energy and humiliation.

"I wonder how many foals we can get off of you." Lance spoke to himself in a considering tone. "I should talk to the boss and see if we can start using the AI to store your seed. A shame to waste this much potential."

_I don't want to have foals! _ He thought and kept his ears flat to his head, showing his teeth, but his expression was offset with the slap upwards of his cock that hit against his chest with a fleshy loud noise.

The rough fingers released the line of his balls and ran under them lightly before he moved towards the sheath. The heavy donkey cock flopped down towards the ground again, swollen and the skin drawn tight as he shuddered and swallowed. His breathing was speeding up a bit, enjoying the feel of the fingers trailing around the base of his shaft, hating himself for even thinking that it was an alright thing to enjoy. He wasn't gay, he shouldn't have had any sort of reaction to another man touching him this way, but he felt as if he were out of control as the fingers slid down along the underside of his cock and trailed lower, running towards the cock tip before giving a light squeeze.

"Well now, I suppose I should go get your first date ready. Marie said she had arrived last night, and she's been itching to be bred." Lance moved his hand away and slapped against Jacob's haunch. "Now, you don't go anywhere, right?"

I don't want a date! I want out of here. I've learned my lesson, I'll pay better attention! He tried to protest, but all that came out was a long mournful bray.

~ ~ * ~ ~

The world was covered in thick sweet scent that made Jacob's entire body tense and tremble with so much heat that he could barely think as he was led around the barn. The chain links in his mouth pinched at his tongue like a bit, making him chew around them roughly as he side stepped and shuddered, his tail snapping back and forth behind him and hitting against the curve of his haunches. His fresh shorn body felt every brush of the breeze, but his attention wasn't on the fact he still felt strange without the heavy fur, his mind was on the throbbing length of his cock that bounced under his belly wildly with no control or ability to make it go away.

He had thought that he had been aroused earlier while the man had been touching him, but there was no comparison to what he was feeling now as the scent of jennet in heat filled his senses. He was nearly choking on the smell of it, his upper lip curled back as he had caught the scent half a dozen steps away from the grooming station. The moment he had felt it filling his nose his body had burned hot with desire and need, his great heart throbbing and beating wildly as he prance stepped and shivered, his ears swinging around on the top of his head as he brayed out and heard a distant answer as he was led down along the path. The metal chain was used to control him, but it was only just able to hold him back as he was marched down the path to where a small group of people were gathered with what looked like a freshly groomed donkey. He didn't care if she was a donkey, the scent of arousal was filling his nose, screaming at him to lunge towards her.

"That's a good boy, aren't you a handsome stud, so big and eager." His mother's voice crooned in he lifted his upper lip high and sucked in a breath, horrified to feel just how hard his cock was as it slapped up against his chest again. "Any trouble handling him?"

"None at all, ma'am." Lance answered, his voice deepening a bit. "Reactive as you could wish, though the real test will be in the buyers."

"True..." His mother answered softly.

She was dressed in a way that offended every part of him. She had on a tight blouse that was buttoned over her soft ample bosom, pushed up so that the ripe mounds were exposed just at the spread opening. The jeans were tight around her hips and she moved them in a way that offended every part of him as her son. Except, that part of him was tangled up in the emotions that the scent was evoking in him as he saw the jennet standing by the fence. She was just like every other donkey he had ever seen, dumpy and stupid looking with large wagging ears and a rough formed body. She wasn't sleek and beautiful like the high bred mares, she had a brushy tipped tail and squared haunches as she chewed at some hay and stared at him, her ears going all the way back in instant annoyance. He should have laughed out loud at the very thought that Lance and his mother thought he would do ANYTHING to that animal, but he wasn't laughing.

He sucked in a breath and his eyes were drawn towards her haunches and the dark thick lips nestled between the lien of the haunches, the messy puffy tear shaped cunny lips were flexing and pursing open as if they were inviting him closer. God, she smelled delicious, he was twitching his upper lip and sucking down a breath, his chest expanding open wide before he snorted and gave his head a rough shake. The scent of her made his cock stiffen, the heavy barrel of it jutted out under his legs, heavy and swollen with precum bubbling up from the very tip and splattered down towards the ground in a messy streamer that painted the back of his forelegs as his mother gave his neck a light stroke. This all should have been little more than a joke, an exercise in futility, but all he could think of was watching the glistening slimy donkey folds winking at him with eager anticipation as he came within a few feet of her.

"Good god, he's huge!" One of the men near the female spoke up. "For some reason I thought he was a bit smaller."

"Ah well, I promise she'll still fit him alright." Lance let out soft laugh and tugged at the lead as Jacob brayed out loudly and gave his head a bit of a shake. "She'll just be a tight fit."

"Not bad, just like the pictures. Look at those muscles, he could pull a loaded cart and barely blink!" The man moved to one side to give a critical look and the eyes even glanced down to look under him. "Doesn't need much in the way of preparation to get him ready to go, does he?"

"No, Goliath here gets a bare whiff of a female in season and he's good to go, it's mostly trying to contain him that's hard, eh lad?" Lance tossed the lead end out and made Jacob pranced about this way and that, braying angrily. "Go on, get a good sniff of her!"

_I don't.. want too. _ He gave his head a shake and shuddered.

The jennet had her legs in hobbles so that she couldn't kick. She didn't seem terribly impressed with him, her ears were back with annoyance and her eyes narrowed down to slits as she glared back at him when he started to advance towards her with his nostrils flaring open wide. The scent of her was assaulting his nose, harsh and sweet, seductive and filled with the promise of a fertile womb just waiting for him to take it. He didn't want too! She was an animal, a beast that made his entire body tense up while his cock slapped up harder against the underside of his belly. The powerful flexing movements kept the girth bouncing up this way and that, pouring out rivulets of syrupy cum down along his chest and front of his legs as he snuffled and began to puff out hot breath against the female, extending his neck out despite wanting nothing to do with it.

Her tail was hiked up and inviting him to take a deeper whiff, the folds flexing outwards and flashing the silky inner lining, the messy dribble of her arousal coating them as she let out an angry noise to herself and stomped her hooves in warning. She wasn't sure about him either, but his body was positive that he wanted her. He curled his upper lip and sucked in a breath, filtering the scent through senses he had never had, tasting them lingering on his tongue, promising him that he could have her if he wanted her. Instincts he had never possessed as a man were raging inside of him, he knew what to do, nose her haunches, rub his head along her back to let her know he was there and then clamber on. His mind was turbulent, roiling and throwing visions of just what it would be like to be on her, inside of her.

He brayed out and backed off, trying to shake the scent away from his nose as his sides began to heave with his swift heavy breath. His cock slapped up against him again, the sound of it loud in his ears as he set his ears back against his head as he did his best to ignore the throbbing arousal that the donkey was making him feel. He wasn't going to do this! There were half a dozen people here watching him, and it was an ANIMAL, not a real female that he would think of in that way. There was no way they could expect him to go through with this. It was all a show, they were trying to prove their point, make him understand what he'd done, he would apologize, he would save up, he would do-

"Now, lad, if you're not going to take Goliath's place as a stud, I can assure you that you will be joining him as a gelding." Lance's words were soft, soft enough not to be heard by the rest of the watchers, but they carried to Jacob.

_He wouldn't! _ He swung his head up, chewing on the chain to glare at the barn manager, keeping his ears pinned tight to his head.

"I trust that you would prefer not to spend the rest of your life sold off and being used for carriage rides by tourist for the rest of your equine life?" The man continued and lifted a brow, making Jacob swallow and shiver.

Most of the mules they bred here were sold to larger cities and hauled carriages around for money, like in New York or Atlanta or New Orleans. It was a hard life for most equines, one that would mean long days hauling and pulling in all weather. Most of the mules and donkeys sold into the life spent more time in harness than out pulling large carriages filled with people who wanted to sight see. Or they were touched and jabbed at by children and youngsters, constantly worked. He felt real fear at that threat, perhaps even more than at the idea of being gelded. He swallowed and gave his head a rough shake, pulling against the lead roughly.

"Now, go on, do your duty to your family, boy." The lead clicked again and snapped against his shoulder, causing him to step away with a toss of his head.

"You having problems with him?" One of the men with the jennet asked. "Looks eager enough, I thought he was a seasoned stud."

"Oh he is, but this is his first for the year. He's likely gotten all worked up since this is the first one he's seen in so long. Poor lad, go on! Give her what for!" Lance snapped the lead against his haunches, loosening the hold to make Jacob step forward.

God, that scent. He was utterly and entirely humiliated by the last comment, his eyes snapped backwards to glare only to see his mother watching with a slight smile on her face. His own mother! He groaned out and turned his head back to the female donkey, seeing her tail hiked up high in the air to show the flexing pulsing folds that puckered open and pursed together again, flashing at him in open invitation as the scent kept filling his senses. He couldn't dismiss it, it was everywhere, beckoning him to lower his head towards the haunches and letting out a hot puffing breath, spilling it out along the inner thighs in a rush that ran along the inner thighs and tickled towards her soft full cunny lips and the glistening wetness that was waiting there for him. He sucked in a breath, drawing it in deeper while pulling his head backwards and curled his upper lip backwards and let out a shivering breath before turning his head down with a snort.

His nose nearly brushed against the side of her tail, sampling the scent just a few inches from her puffy folds, his chest swelling open with each breath. His cock flexed up and slapped roughly against his belly, hitting hard before drooping back down towards the ground and spilling out a messy spill of precum between his hind legs. Precum was coating his tip, rivulets were falling down to the ground as he stepped backwards a touch and tossed his head up with a rough bray, one that made the jennet strike out at him. She would have hit him with the hoof if the hobbles hadn't stopped her from kicking back more than an inch. To his utter humiliation he dropped his head down and drew in another breath full of hot jennet sex. She tried to kick back again, the motion only made his eyes drawn towards her shifting haunches, his attention fixating there.

It was this or the harness, it was this or hot days on roads pulling a cart of screaming people. If his mother would do this to him there was likely no limit on what she would do to him to get her revenge. At least here he could hope that they would turn him back eventually and this would all be some horrible dream instead of an awful reality. He was shaking, trembling on all four legs when he gave into the urge to lift his head up and push right up along the line of her haunches. The female donkey brayed and tried to kick back again, but this time he gave into the urge to surge forward, pushing his chest up and rearing onto his haunches so that he could scrabble to put his forelegs onto either side of her body, stretching his legs out and hooking them sharply forward to clutch against her hips as he stretched his neck out. She was shifting and braying out, leaning forward with her neck out and lips opened as his cock swung up and wildly jutted around.

She smelled amazing, she felt so warm under him that he was nearly shuddering as he jabbed his cock upwards and tried to find the mark right between her haunches. He pushed and hit this way and that, the cock tip spurting out sprays of precum wildly as instinct took over where experience failed him. He wanted her, his crazed mind suddenly surged forward as he tugged with his forelegs and tried to aim himself. His cock jutted upwards, hard and stiff, pushing against her haunch and along her tail blindly as he humped forward, trying to aim himself at the glistening winking folds with wild jabs of his hips. His movements were stilted, stumbling and trying to jerk his cock downwards. He either aimed too high or two low, the movements slipping about and wildly jerking as he huffed out and tried to grab at her neck with his teeth.

"Overeager.." He heard his mother say, the sound of her voice laughing with the rest of the people gathered before a hand wrapped around his cock. "Sometimes they just can't find the hole."

Jacob pulled his ears down at the comment, but then it didn't matter, because her hand guided him towards the plush winking folds and he shuddered, leaping forward with a sudden twitch of his haunches that plunged his cock tip inwards and spread the folds open around him. Tight slick heat wrapped round his girth, he felt it squeezing and slick as his cock bowed the pressure of stuffing himself forward. He groaned out and leaned his head forward, muzzle sliding along her neck as he forgot about his earlier protestations that this was an animal, her cunny was squeezing around deliciously and caressing him as inch after inch of his long shaft plunged it's way home. The inner walls caressed upwards as he drove himself in all the way to his thick medial ring and then drew his haunches backwards as the female let out a rough braying noise.

The glistening wetness clung to him as he pulled his way nearly all the way back before stuffing forward again, stepping back and forth on his hooves as he leaned into the thrust and sank the thick ring into her body and felt her swallowing around him. He seemed impossibly long for her, but he somehow still managed to sink himself into her body. Precum was drooling out of his tip and spilling into her passage messily, running in rivulets through her, smearing all over her unprotected body. Somewhere in his hazed mind he realized he was fucking his way into an animal; that she was in heat, that there was every chance that he would sire a foal on her, but that part of his mind was pushed far away in the heat of feeling those walls spreading open around his glans, sliding over his cock tip and caressing him while he snapped his ropey tail back and forth behind him.

"Least he's figured out this part." Someone commented with a snort of laughter. "I thought she was going to bite him if he took much longer."

He drove himself all the way in to the thick base and stretched her open as far as he could go before dragging backwards again. The slow drag was working through her as he tried to ignore the commentary about his performance. He didn't want to hear anything they had to say about him as he drove forward again with a wet noise and his balls swung forward between his legs before the next draw backwards. Every breath was sucked n with the rich scent of the jennet under him, his body tensing and muscles bunching up as he drew back only a few inches before thrusting forward again, rocking her forward so she brayed her protest. He didn't care, he wanted more, he wanted to feel the way the puffy walls ran over him, tracing and hugging around the medial ring, the little contractions that so delightfully suckled and pulled. Her wetness was growing around him, clinging in strands when he dragged back and forced through the slick muscles again.

"Sometimes you just have to show them what to do." Lance commented. "Stubborn beasts, at least he was willing to take some direction finally."

Jacob opened an eye, snorting out and starting to move faster, he was humiliated, they were all watching him stuff himself balls deep into an animal, but he could no more stop himself than he could return back to his human body on his own. All he could do was work faster and harder, the caressing strokes building up as he grunted. Every time he hilted himself he felt another shudder of delight, pushing the poor female donkey up against the post with the force of his movements as his cock tip began to spread her open wider and wider. He grew frantic, the movements weren't timed, they simply sawed in and out of her puffy dark folds, spreading her open wider as his cock tip began to stretch open wider and wider, splaying the inner walls open and straining them around his shaft. It was starting to flare, he knew what was happening, he could feel it building, but he couldn't stop the need from building inside of him as he shuddered and tightened his forelegs.

Thoughtlessly, he reached out and grabbed the neck in his jaws to clamp down tightly and squeezed, using it as a handhold to pull himself higher up on the beast's back as his balls tensed up between his legs. He wanted this, his mind was poured over with the sheer desire to take her, claim her, throw his foal into her waiting belly. He groaned out and drove himself forward with another rough thrust, sinking his way all the way in to the point that his base was swelling open wider and wider, bulging and stretching her open before the first hot pulse ran up along the length of his cock and he went still. He felt it, that first stream, bulging the long tube before it sprayed out in a powered rush right into her vulnerable body.

He could have pulled out then, tried to reduce the risk of what he was doing, but he didn't, he simply pushed forward harder to pump the heavy ropes deeper and deeper inside of her. His flared cock tip made sure that it didn't escape as he leaned over her and panted shallowly, his sides heaving while he felt every twitch forcing rich seed into her body, flinging it towards that vulnerable little womb and making sure that it was bulging with the cum. He closed his eyes as he heard a soft snort of laughter from nearby, he didn't want to hear them, he didn't want to see them. The shame that reached up to swallow him couldn't even make his cock soften as he worked to ensure that he would sire his first foal inside of the beast.

"There's a good boy, see? That wasn't so hard was it?" Lance's voice was smug and self-satisfied as he spoke up, it was only another reason for Jacob to want to yank out and run. And he would have, if the jennet's pussy hadn't been squeezing so delightfully around him.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Jacob felt as if he were in shock as the grip on his lead led him back towards the barn, he felt sweaty and filthy as he walked along the path, his cock had slithered back into its sheath a slimy mess. He didn't know when it would come clean, he only knew that he could still smell the reek of the female on the air as he walked along behind his mother and the groom with a shudder of distaste. He had never felt so defeated and used, he had thought up until the last that they would put a stop to it. Surely they didn't really want to see him have his first offspring be an animal? His mother loved him, why would she do this to him! So he had made a mistake, but to utterly humiliate him while he was forced to fuck an animal in public while other people were watching?

As they walked, he became aware that Lance was walking quite close to his mother, closer than was normal, closer than was strictly polite. At first, it was just a passing thing as he did his best to not think about what he'd just done, not about what was going on. Their talk was quiet enough that the only way he could have heard it would have been to pay closer attention than he wanted to give them. His mind was on the female, the sight of her tail hiked up as he had been led away, the creamy mess they had oozed from between her winking folds had only been a small amount of what he had pumped into her. Was she really going to have a foal? He felt trapped and scared as he was led into the all too familiar quarantine barn, the lead tugging at him as the stall door was open for him to step into, his ears miserably held back as his mother gave his rump a pat. He didn't want to be touched right now.

"Right here?" Marie Anne giggled a little bit as Lance slipped a hand around her waist and pushed her back against the line of the stall door, drawing Jacob from his thoughts and making his head jerk up in shock.

Their talk had been quiet, but now it was not quiet at all, the pair of them were pressed up against one another right against the front of his stall door with his mother squirming a little bit as the man kissed along her neck with a smile on his face. The donkey brayed out a protest and stomped his hoof against the wood, scraping it downwards with a rough stroke that only drew laughter from the barn manager's lips as he moved in closer and began to run his hands along the woman almost possessively. It was disturbing to see, it got his hackles up and he brayed again and crashed against the door, making his mother only shift to one side so that she wasn't rattled by the door, it didn't make them stop, not at all. She was responding to it with a soft little sound in her throat when the hands roamed further down along the line of her skirt.

"Why not? We might as well enjoy each other, after all, can't leave it just to the animals." Lance responded and his eyes slid to look at Jacob. "I don't think they care who does what in front of them."

_I'm not an animal! _ He thought wildly and shuddered a bit when the pair kissed, it wasn't a gentle impersonal kiss, it was full of exploring tongues and hands that were pulling at clothing.

He wanted to look away, he wanted to ignore it, but the small barn gave him little room to escape what was happening in front of him. And nothing in the world could keep him from hearing his mother's little moans as Lance drew the woman into some of the straw. Jacob was left standing, mute and dumb as any beast, trying his best to block out what was happening. He would be changed back and then this would all be a bad dream. It was a bad dream. All a terrible dream. It had to be.

"Oh lance!"

_Just a bad dream. _

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