Jay the Unfortunate Trainer

Story by Noxious Photon on SoFurry

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Another story! This one took awhile cause other then the fact it somehow turned out to be super long, I was actually on vacation for about almost a week; though I'm obviously back now.

WARNING: There is a rape-esque scene in the story however it does not occur during actual sex.

And so with that here's another lengthy but still smutty pokemon story as per usual!

My name is Jay, if you haven't already heard it all over the place. And I must say that if in the past you would have thought I surely couldn't get any more popularity than I already have, guess again.

A few years ago I had achieved a rather large amount of fame after beating the elite four, capturing the legendary Groudon, and also being an apparently good looking guy by everyone's standards. I never had an interest in the fame really, but my avoidance of it and face seems to have only increased it more than I would have liked.. but lt wasn't all bad really.

My life was still happy and generally un-bothersome as I got used to it, but I unfortunately had made a bit a mistake, a mistake that would really put its toll on me. And that mistake was wanting to continue doing what I loved; training and beating other people's Pokémon teams. I was almost a bit of an addict to it really, the adrenaline and ups and downs of both losing and winning, having accumulated effort put into that single or multiple victories with the help of some of your best friends participating in it, and those friends of course being my lovely Pokémon.

But I took it perhaps too far this time, It became increasingly difficult to start losing and finding worthy opponents to test my new ideas and metal against, so I started travelling. And in the end, I found myself fighting another continent's gym leaders as they tended to be the strongest of the bunch, and after beating them facing yet another elite four building. It got bad to the point that I beat the elite four in all three major continents; and needless to say my popularity increased exponentially.

It was not a feat un-heard of by any means really, but it was more so the fact that I was one of the youngest who had ever done so. And this feat accompanied by my looks had allowed me to soar past everyone else before me in popularity. At this point I had become a worldwide star of some sorts; I found myself almost forced to be put in the spot light if I ever wanted to attend any single event or do almost anything really.

But for a person such as myself overwhelming popularity followed by constant tabloid newspaper and other personal leaked information soon caused a lot more problems. Despite avoiding the paparazzi I was hardly much a personal person or kept to myself, I was a bit used to the wilds so I usually didn't think enough ahead of time when doing certain things. And at some point thinking myself to be alone at night in a forest, I was showering by myself under a waterfall; something that I did almost anytime I found one really.

And somehow someone had seen me and taken a picture of me doing so. I even heard the click of a photo and turned my head around trying to cover up myself at the time. I had caught only a small glimpse of it as it had flashed my eye's, causing me to become disoriented for a second and the photo-taker thus getting away.

Two days after the incident I suddenly saw a picture of me and my ass all over magazines, almost anything semi-adult related now had this somewhere in it or as a cover; and yet again I found my popularity to increase..

But yet it still didn't stop there for me sense I truly never learn about being self-aware. At some point I had found a Zangoose fan who was very modest about his likeness of me and fan-ness, I quiet liked him actually. I got to get to know him for a bit and he started asking if I wanted to have some "fun" with him, which I was of course quiet up for. However as we both did a little bit of a kiss we both heard the snapping of a photo I was all too familiar with. By the time we were looking around the person was already gone, and the place we were in didn't even have a single person around in the first place, it's like he disappeared.

And of course only a day later I now saw that image and headline everywhere, about a male Zangoose I was caught kissing with.. Oddly enough when I went to apologize to the Zangoose he said he had somehow gotten very little attention on the matter and instead it was all purely directed towards me really. And this time it seemed my Pokémon fan base had quadrupled to the point it for the first time slightly outweighed my fan girl section.

I feel like the attention had become too much for even the most egotistical man in the world to bare, I had become a worldwide star who was now only known for his good looking butt and interest in other male Pokémon.

It was over. I enjoyed the cities still but I knew it was time to spend my life in the wilds away from this non-sense. Most of my previous team was separated doing their own thing after we had beaten each continent but I knew one or two of them would be interested in doing this with me, as well as perhaps even a few other city Pokémon friends I came to befriend over time. And even in the wilds I knew a lot of the strongest and most important Pokémon in different section of the woods, in some cases to an even slightly more personal degree.

My new life would be easy to start, but there was still one thing I wanted to do before I go; and that is go to Pokémon City itself. The city used to be called some other generic name before that actually, however at some point in its past it became a city overwhelmingly populated by only Pokémon; a whopping 90%+ of the entire population was Pokémon over humans.

Humans were of course still allowed as many there were involved in the businesses there as executives and such, but the majority of humans there were hardcore Pokémon lovers such as myself that preferred to surround themselves with Pokémon over humans. Though doing so was certainly not for most people, as being around such variety of Pokémon with different rules and thinking was much more different than being with just humans.

But it was right for me, and I could tell the moment I was in. I had been walking around it for about an hour now really and it was indeed just as I hoped, a very heavily community based city with a ridiculous amount of variety; though the city itself was actually quite a bit upscale and expansive contrary to popular belief.

Though I could tell me being there was causing a bit of a stir, perhaps it wasn't as much attention as the humans, but looks were coming at me left and right by a good amount of the Pokémon there, a few being bold enough to ask for a picture. But even so their treatment still felt just a tad bit more innocent and nice despite the fact they may be looking at me knowing my personal interests now.

But my luck here turned out to be not much different from what I had been dealing with in the past. I had paused for only a brief second in order to check my phone and seemingly out of the darkness a black bag was swiftly put over my head.

Within practically a mili-second of that happening another set of arms had even grabbed my chest and I was pulled away from any sort of civilization. The sound of other Pokémon walking around the streets had died almost instantly as I suddenly felt like I was in a cave of some sort. And whoever these two Pokémon were they were obviously both strong and big, taking me away was probably child's play as my resistance was doing nothing in the sort.

But somehow despite the fact I should be panicking from this sudden kidnapping, I couldn't help but just sigh out of annoyance and disappointment. I had dealt with so much shit at this point that this happening wasn't even fully surprising, In a way whatever was going to happen live or die, I just felt an urge to get it over with really.

And it seemed at least part of my wish was heard, for after only 3 or so minutes of running my ears were greeted with a flurry of applause and clapping by some random Pokémon. I suddenly felt the pace I was being taken turn to walking as I was suddenly put down on my feet, no constraints or anything.

"Gentlemen, just as we had hoped, behold!" Suddenly the strange man had lifted up the black bag from my head and my eyes could now see the flurry of Pokémon that were now clapping and cheering once again. It seemed I was in some much larger part of an underground cave, with about 50 or so Pokémon in front of me all wearing strange robes on for some reason.

It was obvious from the location, odd flags, Pokémon in front of me, and the speaker next to me wearing a rather ridiculous and flamboyant looking set of these black that I was in some cult.

"Ok gentlemen calm down calm down!" the one under the robe next to me seemed to be a Krokorok. "I understand your excitement however, as now our number one goal has been reached! Of all the humans we had hoped to obtained, #1 on our wanted list had fallen directly into our hands almost like a gift from the heavens themselves!" the crowed responded by clapping in almost unison.

I barley even had a thought to any of this really, I had no idea what was even going to happen. "If you're going to kill me can you at least get it over with.." The crowd and preacher paused for a minute before bursting out into roars of laughter, almost like I had said the greatest joke of all time.

"Hahaha Oh Jay, It seems you completely misunderstand us, though we ourselves understand. You think us to be one of those ravenous cults that murders humans or tortures or something of that degree, but it is nothing so vile I assure you." Even if that's not the case I can't see the reasoning for this to be good at all.

"What we believe In is something we are all born with, a love for passion for the flesh!" the crowd responded with load cheers and praise. "In the end the essence of life for us Pokémon and humans as well comes back down to sex and love. Semen though seen as crude by others, is simply at its core the life energy we all started out as at one time or another. And as Pokémon we have always indulged in it, species, gender, it meant nothing for our passions!" "Right, Right!" the crowd responded. I don't know If I liked the direction this was going.

"But to humans, they reject this basic need, this basic truth of life! Even though some know better, many humans are stuck in their prejudices, saying humans should only have sex with other humans, and even worse they discriminate against their own kind! They say a human man should not have sex with another man, that this preposterous idea is against nature even when they are the only ones not doing it!"

The crowd responded in an agreeing uproar over his surprisingly well spoken and charismatic words, but I suppose you had to be to a cult leader. "It is in this that has caused the downfall of our society! Humans for all their intelligence have rejected these basic philosophies, these basic truths, and as a result are ruining our entire civilization and even us as individuals!" the crowd responded with loud booing.

"So what we do is simple, although we may not have the power to change the world in one go, we try and spread our word as much as we can and try to appease this balance of earth as much as we can, and you will get to be a part of that." I started to feel a bit nervous at this point but held my tongue for the time being.

"For you see your immense popularity around the world has put you in the spotlight for everyone to see, and yet despite that you went against the norms of your fellow humans! You had no problems being with us Pokémon, sharing your passion with even another male such as yourself. And if there were any one man that would be able to help balance the world it would certainly be you, your popularity and accomplishments would surely get the most attention out of any single human."

Suddenly without any clear warning or signal 5 other robed Pokémon came up to the stage from the left and ride side. "We have indeed captured many humans before, re-balancing the world and showing it our love, love contributed from every single one of us onto them!" More cheers roared up in the crowd, and I seemed to be the only one not excited for this in the slightest..

Even though I knew I couldn't escape, my body was now just screaming at me to run so I started to move. But before I could hardly make an attempt to move an unknown Pokémon behind me halted my advance holding onto my shoulders. Soon the other robbed Pokémon took of their robes and suddenly surrounded me. "You won't be needing those clothes while you're here with us."

And with that the 5 Pokémon suddenly started almost viciously ripping off all my clothes, they didn't even bother to just take any of them off! As they did so they only seem to chuckle a bit as I put all my energy into trying to squirm out and get away in any way I could, anywhere but here!

"Do not resist Jay, this is for the rebalancing of earth after all. And do not fret, once everyone here gets there chance over this week we will release you back to your normal life." A week?! I was starting to wonder if this was worse than getting killed now, just cause I liked Pokémon didn't meant I wanted to be raped by a bunch of them I don't even know!

Almost all of my clothes were torn to pieces by now though, with even my undies practically nonexistent. There was nothing I could do now as they were all probably getting ready to have their way with me, I didn't even bother to look. It seemed my luck was doomed from the moment I became a trainer somehow, so many events have now lead up to this moment, in the end it seemed I never got to have a say in how or what people wanted to do with me or my image.

But before things were about to be escalated, suddenly one of the sealed doors to the place completely broke open flying across the hall. And seconds afterward all kinds of various lights and footsteps could be heard rushing out from the door. "This is the police! Everyone put your hands up!" It was a raid!

The cultist members all responded by immediately abandoning me in my position and trying to get away from the cops who only seemed to half hazard chasing them. "Don't worry, our men should have the other two exits already covered by now, just keep leading them in the corner" The voice seemed to get a bit closer to me through the fog and dust that had moved up from all the running and door busting.

Suddenly in front of me seemed to be a rather large Haxorus, I could recognize those blades anywhere. "Hey can you get up" I could only blink and stare at him as it felt like my reaction time had somehow been slowed down immensely. Without saying anything the Haxorus then gently got me up onto my feet standing up. "Take it easy, we'll get you out of here and into the station alright."

I nodded my head slightly towards him as we both suddenly left the area, the other men still going forward into the cave to find the others.

Before I knew it I had somehow found myself in the all Pokémon police station, though it was based off of our own model and felt fairly similar. It seemed I was somehow able to dig up a bit of luck to get me out of that awful situation, though I didn't have enough of it to save my clothing. And since this was a Pokémon police station the only thing they could actually spare me was a rather small police shirt that barley even helped cover anything in the first place.

But the Haxorus seemed to be taking his job seriously despite that, trying not to focus on the fact. "Sorry again about the uh clothing, you're lucky we even had that spare for the shorter Pokémon in the first place. But before we begin any questioning, I wanted to know if you're feeling alright for this." "Uhm yah.. I think so, just a bit shaken up is all.. uh, sir."

"If you say so, but don't push yourself if you don't want to." The Haxorus paused getting out a few papers seeing if I would say anything. "Well you know you got lucky on this one, we were already about to raid their little cult as we finally got a good location on them, but once we got a call in saying Jay the superstar himself seemed to have gotten taken we decided to act quicker than planned. Though of course wither you were a super star or not we would have gone in after the call anyways, AHEM!

The Haxorus suddenly blurted out of nowhere slamming his desk looking out the window. As I looked out it seemed a good number of employees seemed interested in seeing me; I couldn't tell if it was because I was Jay or if It was because I was practically naked, but I frankly didn't even want to know.

The yell seemed to freak them out a little though and they all quickly pretended to go back to their work like they weren't doing anything. The Haxorus sighed a bit sitting back down. "Sorry about that, there really not normally like that it's just your well, you understand." I myself sighed a little nodding. "Yes yes I know. Oh but.. I should really say uhm, thank you for saving me back there, I know it was you who picked me up and helped me after all."

The Haxorus had a very subtle but small blush on from my comment and turned his head to the side a little. "Please don't worry about it, it's just my job alright." The Haxorus arranged a bit more paperwork in his hands. "Now let's start with just a few questions and we'll get you out of here alright"

Although some of the questions felt a bit awkward answering they were mainly straight forward and a formality before I could officially leave the place. Though because of the clothing problem, the Haxorus here had to be my police escort will in this state until we could go to a clothing store luckily not too far from the station.

"Uhm so sense you'll be with me what can I call you." "Hey looks like Ajax here has got himself a new little toy!" "Hey that's our young chief for yah, always getting the good ones." "Oi! You two better get back to work before I fire you! No paycheck for today!" The two officers seemed to groan as a few of the others laughed. "Come on chief!" though he seemed to ignore his plea and kept walking with me.

"So your name is Ajax huh." He sighed a little bit. "Yah that's me, the young chief as they call me, though that's only cause everyone else would be too much of a slacker to be able to get my position." Despite his deep voice I could hear he was still of young age, not a kid but a young adult for sure. Somehow the situation reminded me of well, me a bit, he probably just wanted to do his job and cared little for any titles.

We set our first steps outside of the place and started walking over to the clothing store sense almost nobody really owned a car here, and as expected I got awkward stares and glances from every single person on the street. At this point I at least had the small shirt tied around my waist covering at least my frontal region for some sort of cover, as Ajax positioned himself close to me to try and block out all as many eyes as possible.

"Just ignore them alright.." I decided to not bring It up and instead strike some conversation. "So than Ajax, it's nice to know your name despite the circumstances. Normally I'd introduce myself but well.. you probably know all about me already." "Well I think most people would, but the problem is what they know about you isn't the important stuff. Honestly I don't know how you deal with it, you're practically just a tabloid sex symbol rather than a symbol of strength like you deserve."

Ajax had a bit of a rough demeanor at first but he seemed to have a bit of a sweet spot to him, and after all I've had to deal with it was definitely nice. I Gave him a warm smile in return. "Thank you. I really mean it, it's nice to hear praise that isn't just about the scandals." Ajax gave me the same subdued yet surprised and blushing look as before and quickly turned his head again. "I-It's no problem really, I'm just stating what I think."

Perhaps with Ajax around I may be able to turn this visit around, I just need the right excuse to get my intentions across and to be with him for more than just job reasons. After a bit more walking we had arrived at a clothing store, everyone there also a bit baffled staring right at me.

"Alright just grab some clothes and put them on quickly in the dresser room alright." I nodded and quickly gathered some fitting clothes from around the place. There weren't too many jean or short options but I found some that fit and before I knew it I was finally fully clothed again, it felt so much nicer being out here now.

"Alright looks like you found some. Well let me just quickly pay the bill and I'll finally get out of your hair, I hope you h-" "Hey wait that's not right!" Ajax paused looking at me a bit confused with a wallet in his hand. "I have more money then I even know what to do with, I'll pay for it." "Yah but you don't have your wallet or credit card anymore."

"Yes I know that, so instead I'll pay you back later." Ajax still seemed a bit confused. "Well just buy the clothing and I'll find a bank to get some money out of. So how about I just come over either to the station or your house to pay it back alright?" "Huh? My house? Well I mean that's.. you know that's not necces-" I shook my head interrupting him. "It isn't right making you pay for it after all you've helped me, so it's only fair that I help you back right?" I smiled a bit at him causing him to become a bit flustered.

"Er uhm well.. I guess if you insist." I gave a wider smile of approval at him. "Good, just give me your address and I'll be over after your finish work then." "O-Oh uhm..sure if you want." Ajax scratched the back of his head a little bit before getting out a note paper writing his address, handing it over to me. "I get off in about 3 more hours, but you don't have to come if you don't want." I laughed a little taking the paper. "I'll be there." And with that I confidently left the area not even looking back.

I think I pulled my point off pretty well, he probably wasn't exactly expecting this but I have a feeling he'll be ok accepting my invitation.

The three hours passed by pretty easy enough, though with a lot of odd talking. Almost everyone asked if it was me that was walking around half naked and a few even joked how they were tempted to take pictures, at least there open about it I guess. I spent most of it either talking with others or just eating at a nice restaurant, though once the three hours passed I made sure to stop all my talking and quickly head on over.

After about a 15 minute walk I found the house on the paper, a pretty decent size considering how nice the area was. I knocked a few times on the door and was greeted by the Haxorus, no longer in his police uniform but wearing nothing like most Pokémon. "Oh Jay, come in." even though he only said a few words I could tell he sounded a lot more relaxed now with that situation and work behind him; and for some reason the blades on his face were gone too.. I didn't know they were removable.

As I entered his house I was a bit surprised that it felt like it fit his young age. It was far nicer then what most had but it had a very.. "college" feeling to it, and his more relaxed self complimented it. "Sometimes people say I'm a different person a little bit outside my uniform, I'm still a bit stern but I need to act strong when at work, especially in that well.. situation when going to get clothing."

I smiled over at him. "Don't worry about it too much, I think your just a bit more relaxed is all rather than being a different person as they say. Can I see your room?" Ajax blushed a little bit but this time didn't bother hiding it and only smiled a bit back. "Sure, just follow me down the hall here."

I followed Ajax until we came up to his room as he opened the door for me, finding myself once again impressed as I went in. Other than the fact it was a lot more organized and clean then I could have ever hoped to get, it also had a lot of cool posters, a good looking computer, and even a lot of various plushies and such. But one thing that really stuck out to me once I saw it was a specific poster on the wall, a poster of myself.

I walked up a little closer to it examining it, I sort of remembered doing a pose like this. It had me and my Pokémon team all right next to me, I remember them saying they wanted the Pokémon behind me so I was at the center but I refused to do it unless we were on even footing.

Ajax approached from behind me a little bit. "It was actually one of the first posters I got, even a couple years ago when you had only challenged the elite four for the first time here in Hoenn. You were always a bit of a.. inspiration for me actually, you somehow always thought ahead of your opponents In almost every match and had some of the best team work I've ever seen."

Ajax suddenly moved a little past me and sat down on his bed, motioning me to sit next to him. I did as he asked without saying anything, a bit enticed with what he was saying. "I think you were definitely one of my top motivations when learning to live in the city here and working at my job for the first time. When I had a bad day or occasionally felt tired of doing it I would always look at that poster or watch a fight of yours, just like my job it was far from easy but you always worked and did it anyways, it always motivated me to keep continuing on myself.

Ajax paused for a bit. "But then later on the scandals about you got out of control. You continued to make amazing feats doing something only a hand full of people have ever done, yet somehow only a few months after that the only info I ever heard or saw of you was just those.. photos. Everyone just talked about your body or the fact that you seemed to be going out with a Pokémon or whatever, completely pointless personal issues."

"But.. even though I didn't really mention this earlier since I was in my work mentality and well.. was a bit embarrassed really, but I wanted to let you know that while it may not be everyone, there are people out there that don't really care about your scandals or only your body. Plenty of people as well as Pokémon like me became motivated because of you and never saw your scandals as a determinate for your accomplishments, so don't get too caught up in that negative stuff, and don't regret what you did either alright."

His words almost put me in a bit of a trance really. I had remember hearing what he had said by many others before, all giving me their own reasoning's and stories to it, but I can't even remember the last time anyone had said this to me. I remember these kinds of speeches used to motivate me to keep working and do what I love, but once the scandal broke out people became more interested in asking me if I was dating a Pokémon or if that naked photo was real or other pointless things, it felt so refreshing hearing it again.

I couldn't think of any good words to say to him right away, so I ended up very quickly giving him a light kiss on the cheek to start off. "Thank you.. I well.. It's, been almost too long sense I heard anyone say something so nice about my escapades. I think you're the only person to say that to me for maybe half a year now."

His usually hidden blush seemed to be quiet vivid and red now not expecting my sudden kiss, but just like before he didn't hide it and only seemed to smile a tad bit awkwardly rubbing his cheek. "I-It's uhm, no problem really. A-And you know while I don't think you should focus on your scandals and stuff, I was actually a tad bit happy to see you were doing that stuff with Pokémon. N-Not for any personal reasons! Just that, knowing you were so open like that was also just, a positive, so it's not all bad."

Ajax let out a slightly annoyed sound at being unable to articulate his words correctly. "I-I didn't mean it like that I, I had the speech I wanted to planned out and I just.." Looks like I flustered him perhaps a bit too much, though I could tell he meant well. "I think you meant to say it isn't all bad sense it also ended up supporting Pokémon rights, that's an interesting way to look at it."

"But you know, I think another good side to it is that I ended up liking you quite a bit after you saved me." I scooted up a little closer to the still blushing Haxorus, nervously trying to respond "I-I uhm, I'm g-glad you like me, I really like you too, if that wasn't.. to obvious." I giggled a little bit. "Well what I meant by that was.. since you know about my interests, I was wondering if perhaps.. you were a bit interested me as more than just a role model." Ajax blushed a bit more and became even more flustered. "U-Uhm.."

I had to be a bit careful now, my instincts aren't usually wrong but I can't push this if he really doesn't want to. "Well you know uhm, sexually. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some interest in you after all this but, I only say it as a suggestion if you're interested in me in more than just a role model. I don't want to push it on you so if you're really no-" Suddenly Ajax in return stopped what I was saying with a surprise kiss of his own right on my lips. Although it was almost as quick as mine, it was much deeper and heated than the one I had done. After he finished I was the one that ended up feeling a bit flustered. "Well I'd be the one lying If I said I haven't thought about you in that kind of way. Scandal or not, that body of yours really is quiet something, and I may have uhm.. looked at those two pictures of yours just a few times for other reasons.."

Ajax bent his head down low all the sudden towards me. "Sorry! I knew I had to be open quickly once you doubted my interests.. I-I'd definitely love to have sex with you." I giggled a little bit at the suddenly rather straight forward reaction. "Don't worry about it, people's bodies know what they want after all. And besides, under this context I don't think I mind at all." Ajax put his body back straight up again giving me a bit of a blushing smile. "I'm glad. Now that I feel I got that off my chest, how about I get that shirt off yours and we get started."

He was certainly very eager to do this, though I had to admit that was part of the fun in being famous; in some cases you end up becoming a Pokémon's fantasy turned reality and it always makes for a great time. I stood up In front of him with my back towards him. "Then you can be the one to undress me, though I'm afraid there isn't much to show sense you've already seen me without it before." Ajax stood up and started taking off my shirt throwing it to the side. "Yah but I didn't get to examine it and touch it before~"

Ajax moved his hands slowly down my sides to my hips taking his time to enjoy the teasing and my rather small frame in comparison to his. Soon he got to the laces of my pants and rather quickly yanked them all the way down. Once he did so he suddenly stopped and gave me a bit of a surprised look. "Oh my, I didn't think you would wear underwear so uhm.. small and tight like that."

I laughed at his statement. "I don't, I just threw it on quickly to put on some clothing remember. Though I guess in this case you don't mind it too much." Ajax blushes a little more and smiled. "I guess I just can't hide anything from you. But not that it matters really." And suddenly after finishing his statement with one of his claws he hooked my underwear and tore it right off with a claw surprising me from the sudden yank. "I much more prefer you without any on~"

Despite his embarrassment before his alpha side certainly seemed to be showing now. Ajax seemed to almost let out a bit of a stuttering moan from looking over at me now fully naked and suddenly hugged me from behind, his erect cock very obviously pushing up against my back. "mmmmh~ Normally I have a bit more control then this, but this has been a fantasy of mine for a long time I never thought I'd ever get to fulfill; It hard to believe I'm even getting to this very second~"

I swear I've heard this almost every time I've done it with a Pokémon sense my fame, but even so I feel like it's impossible for someone to get used to such flattery in a situation like this and I couldn't help but have bit of a red face. "Well there's nothing stopping you now, I've already submitted to you so I'm all yours for tonight." The Haxorus did a slightly devilish smile at my statement. "Then in that case, I hope you wouldn't mind indulging in one last thing to fully complete my fantasy."

Ajax let go of me and quickly went over to his closet, searching for something. I turned around and looked over at his direction in curiosity, before he suddenly turned around from the closet holding a black collar and leash in his hands with a wide smile. "Would you mind being my pet for the day Jay?~" A human trainer as a Pokémon's pet huh, I think I remember hearing this being a very common fantasy for Pokémon in the cities; I suppose a bit of "role reversal" will always be popular.

Luckily for him I had no problems with the idea. "As I said before Ajax, I'm all yours." Ajax's wide smile turned a bit more devilish much like before as he quickly approached me putting the collar on around my neck, and with the leash in his hand sitting down on the bed. "Then let's start by having you on your knee's then." I went up a little closer to him and went down to my knee's now getting a rather scenic view of his erection.

As with most Pokémon I end up with he seemed overly pent up and eager for our little session to begin. His cock was throbbing hard and already leaking pre all over the place, while giving me a very strong look of lust he seemed to barley have control over. I of course had no qualms about getting to have sex with such horny Pokémon, but I swear I couldn't even remember the last time I had sex with one that didn't feel like he was in heat or hadn't touched himself for 2 weeks.

But it seemed Ajax much like the others wasn't very interested in my examination of his cock and would rather I actually do something with it. He quickly did a small tug on my leash putting my face in sudden contact with cock. "Let's not waste any more time now, I don't think I could take another second of waiting or teasing, so how about you get right into it~"

Remembering my role in this I decided to quickly do as he said and wasted no time, I put my mouth over around his rather thick member and started to push myself about half way in, sucking him off while using a bit of my tongue. Ajax quickly responded in turn with a rather long and sighing moan of relief as he finally got to the real part of this; however he seemed to have already lost his patience before anything had even started.

The minute my head was down on him he put his rather strong hand against my head and eagerly pushed me down even farther on his cock while looking down at me. "haaaa~ That's it, that feels amazing!~ don't stop now~" He started to shallowly thrust his hips into my mouth as I was already about 3/4's of the way down on his cock, but I luckily had much experience with even larger cocks then his and took it with ease.

While thrusting into me Ajax also used his hand to start guiding me on his cock, putting off just a little bit of pressure from his hand so that I would pull my head off of him just a little, but very quickly and strongly guiding my head right back down onto his cock before I could get close to leaving his dick. With every little bob and thrust he did into my mouth he didn't moan so much as let out very quick and lustful panting as he seemed to barley have control of his orgasm.

And unsurprisingly for as much as he liked this it barley lasted. Every few seconds his speed and strength from both his hand and hips increased exponentially, in only a matter of a few minutes his hand was already gripping tightly around my hair, with his other hand pulling the leash in order to keep me close to his crotch as he wildly thrusted and fucked my mouth . And inevitably after many thrusts and pants he had reached his limit. "haaa!~ I'm going to cum!~" and with barley much time to react to his sudden warning he pushed my head down as far as it could go and started ejaculating right down my throat, holding onto my head tight as he forced me to drink it down.

Lucky me once again I had plenty of experience with this at this point and was able to swallow down most of his seed as he kept cumming more into me, though it was still a lot for me to handle. As his orgasm started dying down he quickly pulled me off of his cock, but bent my had back just a little as the last bits of his orgasm started to hit me all over my face.

But of course even as the orgasm had finally finished and I started opening my eyes, I saw his cock fully erect with his still lustful but slightly satisfied eyes looking down at me. "Man you really are incredible~ Both experienced and very cute to boot, I'm glad my first time with a human got to be with you~" I blushed a bit more looking away from him. "You don't need to always tell me that you know.." Ajax giggled a bit suddenly pulling me up onto his lap and hugging me close. "Even as a huge celebrity you still get so flustered from compliments I see, how cute~"

Now he was being to blunt for my liking. "I-It's just the situation alright." I always couldn't help but feel embarrassed for actually liking compliments like that, I just didn't want to admit it really. But Ajax of course only seemed to giggle more at my failed attempts of hiding it. "Well then let's not waste any more time with compliments, It's about time I get to try what I've really been waiting for~"

After Ajax felt me up and groped me a little bit he slowly picked me up and turned me around on the bed. While standing up himself he pushed my body face down on the bed with my butt bending over towards him. He let out another rather satisfied sound licked his lips while staring over at my body, causing me to feel a little bit embarrassed again. He quickly approached a little closer from behind and placed his cock between my cheeks as his claws felt them up.

"You know I must say I think human asses look way better than other Pokémon. Nobody else seems to have nearly as much cushion or squishy fat back there, its way sexier than just a typical hole." he started to ever so slightly rub his cock between my cheeks a little bit before pulling it out slightly and putting his still leaking tip towards me entrance, making me shiver a little as I felt the sensation. "You've been pretty quiet, are you ready for me Jay?"

I arched my back a little bit so my butt pointed more towards him and gave him a slightly lustful look of my own. "Don't worry I'm more than ready, I am your little "pet" after all right?" It looks like I choose the correct words as his eyes seem to almost light up from my response. And without saying anything he started to rather roughly push himself into me. I groaned out in slight pain as my entrance was rather quickly and forcibly opened up by his size; it was nothing I couldn't handle but unless I was fucking all the time my hole was far from adjusted to anything in it.

Although the Haxorus certainly didn't seem to mind as he only moaned almost sticking his tongue out a little from the pleasure as he continued to very roughly push more of himself inside me. "ooohhh~ So damn tight, It looks like it's been awhile for both of us here, I had almost forgotten what it felt like~"

Although the pain became slightly worse as his thicker based pushed more and more inside of me, I was very used to pain by this point and knew it would get better, so I held my tongue for as much as I could and let Ajax continue. And after about a minute of mild pushing and moaning I suddenly felt a bit of a thump behind and inside of me as Ajax had fully hilted, his cock once again throbbing quiet wildly as he found himself holding himself back again.

As he paused letting me adjust and trying to stop himself from pre-ejaculating he also took the time to start feeling up my body and butt again looking over at me, causing me to turn around and look back at him a little curiously. "My Jay this is quiet an amazing site to behold, one that's much more vivid and pleasurable in person then in my head~ I almost wish I had my phone out to take a picture, but I wouldn't dare do that of course." I laughed lightly at his comment. "Well you don't need a picture now anyways. I picture won't suffice once you starting actually going at it and seeing me move~"

Ajax shivered a little bit at my statement giving me an almost dirty look. "Don't be saying things like that, or you'll make me cum too quickly." But despite the fact he had just said that, my words seemed to trigger him to now continue as he started slowly yet still rather roughly thrusted in and out of me. Which in turn triggered my own bits of pleasure and moaning as the pain at this point was almost completely gone allowing me to enjoy the large Pokémon's cock.

And of course Ajax was enjoying it just as much if not more than me as his panting now coupled with loud moaning filled up the room. And along with that he started to gather a still fairly slow but strong rhythm of pistoning in and out of me about half way from his cock. "I hope you like it when I'm a little rough my pet~ I just really can't hold back with that amazing hole of yours, I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am." He then suddenly grabbed my hips a little bit tighter and started to slowly increase the speed of his rather pent up rhythm, ever so slightly letting his lust overtake him more as his thrusting continued.

And I was also of course loving every second of it, all the way from the moment I was giving him a blowjob to now has been a giant tease for my own cock as I let him pleasure himself over my own needs, but I always one to hold back and tease myself rather than go all out. I decided to give him a few more words of encouragement between my own moans. "Of course I am, your cock really does feeling amazing, haaa~ But If I'm really a part of your fantasy as you say, then don't hold back anymore. Show me your real strength and what you really want to do with me~"

A small sparkle was suddenly shown in his eyes from my words as well as one of the happiest smiles I have seen in a while, he almost looked like he wanted to say thank you to me but held his tongue. Instead he leaned forward a little bit putting a very tight grip around my waist and suddenly without much warning starting pounding into me at full force and speed.

Even I ended up mouth agape and shocked at the sudden veracity and strength he was really giving it to me; his entire body and legs were being pushed forward with every single thrust into me, and with lighting speed he would suddenly pull his body along with me slightly backwards only to be pushed wildly forward again causing a rocking motion; his pounding was so strong that even the bed moved a little during it.

I found all of my senses going wild as I was really shown the true strength of this Pokémon, even a Nidoking would get a run of his money from Ajax's crazy fucking. And just like me Ajax's senses were also going wild as he had surrendered himself to his base lustful instincts, something he had wanted to do from the beginning but didn't feel right doing until I had finally egged him on. He barley even said anything now as he only grunted and moaned into my ears as his cock throbbed and leaked just as wildly as his thrusts inside of me, it was clear that this kind of treatment wouldn't last very long for either of us though.

With pleasure and tension rising in the air we were only seconds from our inevitable climax. But just as it was clear he was about to cum, with his very tight and slightly painful grip on my body he suddenly with full strength lifted me along with himself straight up into the air while still standing.

And as Ajax pulled me up arching his back slightly, he used the strength in both his hips and arms to push his cock as deep as it could possibly go inside of me while quickly letting out his massive orgasm right into me. But even his own orgasm wasn't enough for him it seemed; just as he started cumming he immediately and tightly grabbed my own cock and shallowly jerked it off in rapid motion.

I was already getting very close to reaching my own limit even without his help, but his hand combined with his thick cock rubbing against my prostate quickly speed up the process and before I knew it I starting unleashing my own massive and held back orgasm. And as the Haxorus held my cock he bent it towards me slightly so that I ended up spurting cum all over my own body, with his head resting against my shoulder just so he could get full view of it.

And even though he was already cumming into me, it seemed somehow Ajax being able to see my own orgasm over my body somehow instigated him as I felt the velocity and magnitude of his own seed increase inside of me, continuing to jet more and more of it. Even as mine ended Ajax's own orgasm still continued on for a few extra 10 seconds or so, never in my life had I felt so full.

After seemingly ages it seemed like Ajax's orgasm had finally ended, now leaving both of us panting and sweating in the same position, I was totally exhausted. But suddenly Ajax tiredly said something to me. "haaa.. Hey Jay.. you said you were my pet for right now right." I caught my breath before responding. "yah.. haa.. why?" "Ok... then just allow me this one more time.. I'll be quick" Before I could even ask what exactly he had planned I suddenly felt a very swift movement from the Haxorus. What exactly he had done was a bit of a blur for me, and before I knew it I had wound up in the missionary position on the bed, his cock now seemingly hard slightly inside of me once again.

"W-Wait a second I can't-" And without saying anything Ajax with the amount of force he had shown moments before our orgasm before thrusted all the way inside of me, and once again like a wild Pokémon in heat pounded me with wild reckless abandon while only panting and moaning out of lust.

I couldn't do much to reject him at this point with how physically weaker and tired I was feeling, even though I had run out of energy it seemed he certainly hadn't. Both the bed and our bodies were rocking and shaking back and forth from his frantic pounding like he had no intention of holding back a single instinct or muscle inside of him, and although I was a bit too tired to really get into it there was always something strangely pleasuring about just having a lustful Pokémon inside you like this.

However this one ended much more quickly than all the ones before it as only after a few minutes I started to feel his intense throbbing and leaking pre once again. "Ooohh fuck, I-I'm going to cum again!~" He shallowly pounded into me for a few more seconds before pushing his body against me and his cock balls deep inside of me, letting out another moan and intense orgasm right inside of me.

The cum at this point barley had anywhere to go because of how full I was and mostly started leaking out of me rather than filling me up, and somehow this orgasm of his felt just as crazy and intense as the previous one.

The sudden outburst of lust dissipated after another very drawn out orgasm, with the Haxorus almost collapsing over my body on the bed. But he was careful not to hurt me and carefully positioned me beneath next to me while hugging me gently. He lightly licked my face a few times between his tired panting, his body seemingly twice as exhausted then before. "haa.. S-Sorry, I saw that you had no energy left after your orgasm but I still wasn't fully satisfied, so I just wanted to make it quick~" I wasn't really mad at him about it sense I basically let him do what he want with me from the start, what I was more surprised by was how much he really had in him.

"uaah.. I-It's ok I guess.. I just really didn't expect you to have that much stamina, even a Nidoking couldn't do that.." Ajax blushed a little bit but took it as a compliment. "Well other than the fact your easily the sexist Pokémon or er person I've ever done it with, our species is well known for having abnormally high stamina as well as drawn our orgasms." I started to feel that I should maybe do more research on different so I can be more prepared, I always seem to find some trait or another that surprises me In bed.. but at the same time, that was part of the fun I think.

The sun was shining bright through Ajax's window as I started to put my pants on. We ended up practically passing out despite how dirty we were last night, and even In the morning during the shower it still somehow ended up dirty in there. The only part I felt a bit bad about was the fact Ajax now had to completely change his sheets.

But just as I finished dressing Ajax suddenly approached me from behind. "Hey Jay uhm.. I know you wanted to stay here for a few more days before going to the wilds and all but.. do you really want to go like that? Do you completely hate the city after that event with the cult?" I paused for a little bit thinking it over before sitting down on the bed across from him. "Well I just.. don't know what else to do really you know. I mean in comparison to the human cities this place is much better even despite the terrible events that unfolded, people here still ask and say all that dumb stuff but they are easily 5x better about it. But I've only been here for a day by now, so it's hard to say if it will really stay better. The stigma is still there and I won't be happy until I can get away from it."

Ajax also paused thinking it over himself before replying to me. "Then in that case, I think you should stay here." I was a little perplexed by his answer. "And why's that?" He smiled at me. "If you were going to say you like the wilds more I would have not said anything but that isn't the case, so Instead I propose a way that will completely get rid of the bad PR around you." I had a feeling Ajax wouldn't joke like that and I looked at him in full attention. "What do you mean?"

"Well simple, even though you've made no statements about it, people still know you like other Pokémon, even male ones right? So how about instead of running from the media like always, we embrace it. Openly admit to the public you have sexual relationships with other Pokémon, and simultaneously join the advocacy for Pokémon rights that is the biggest in the world right here in this city. I mean you are at the moment basically living here now with me right, another Pokémon even. Everything about this would be perfect and grab everyone's attention, from supporters to haters. And suddenly that stuff about you earlier would be gone, if you're willing to put effort into the cause you'd instead become one of the biggest celebrity advocates for the group and can even donate your time and money for it. Not a bad plan right?"

I once again found myself taken back from his well-spoken words that he seemed to always strike just the right cords with. It all fit together perfectly and would in all likely hood completely work to.. all that terrible history could be mostly erased, and I could actually work towards another goal that I legitimately believe in.

I quickly jumped up and hugged him tight as my knee jerk response being unable to think of the right thing to say other than "Thank you... this is.. it's just, perfect!" Ajax laughed and blushed a little at my hug quickly hugging me back. "No problem, it feels great to be able to be the one to actually help you out. Now then, what's say we meet with the press then."

I nodded at him in agreement as we decided to waste no time. With both of us at each other's side we stood up from his room and together left the house out into the streets. It seemed my life was about to for once change for the better.

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