Conjured, Onyx

Story by Zeeme on SoFurry

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Something done for my friend Kartos

This this is the story of one of Lesser's minions, one who you might have seen in various pieces Kartos has done in the past but has not yet been revealed in his new comic series "Conjured"

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This comic is a re-imagining of his older series and promises to be quite good! Be sure to give him a follow and keep an eye out for updates!

I hope you enjoy this little slice of his world. :-)


_ This story is not meant for those under the age of 18! It contains themes of M/M sexual situations along with transformations, nudity, and tentacles! If this is something that you would not like to see, then please close this document and move on. Have a nice day!_

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Even from its proud vantage point above the Mirabelle seaport, the stately mansion of the Sharktooth family was never free from the constant presence of the sea below it. Every so often when the waters grew rough, a large wave would crash against the craggy rocks below the manor, sending the salty sea spray high into the air before it lashed against the ivory stones of the house. This usually left the outside veranda mostly unused on any given day; but for the past few days a massive mob of servants had been working tirelessly setting up decorations for what appeared to be a big event.

Large decorative pots filled with colourful flowers were currently being set along the outside railing of the veranda, kept under close watch by several servants who jumped at any sign of the sea spray to protect the delicate arrangements from being damaged. Elsewhere there were several groups of servants running food, furniture and equipment throughout the area. As for anyone else not hefting or carrying something, they were focused mainly around the main dining area, lighting candles and placing silver wear in preparation for a massive feast.

Set above the main dining table there was a large canopy tent that covered most of the area. Inside, one half of a small group of servants were currently hard at work stringing blue and white silk banners along the inside of the tent while the rest hung small lanterns. Alongside them there were another handful of servants setting the table and cleaning the dance floor.

Although it seemed that the main table was currently taking the most time as each and every placement was being meticulously set by several servants to look exactly the same each and every time. As one group worked to set the table, the rest of the servants ensured that the starched white tablecloth was free of any folds or creases as they polished every glass and piece of silverware.

To the side of the tent there was a sectioned off area near the dance floor where a small band was preparing their instruments. Across from them was another area covered with heavy activity as cooks and servants alike were preparing hors-d'oeuvres at a rapid pace near a massive grill.

But this was only a fraction of the activity going on in the Sharktooth abode. All throughout the house there was nary a single soul that wasn't doing something to prepare for the big day. As part of the festivities, every servant and guard was dressed in formal attire, but to the outside viewer it was like watching a sea of suits and ties as they scrambled wildly across the floor. The apparent dress code seemed to call for nearly all the male servants to be dressed in pressed white shirts and black formal pants, their hair kept short and their shoes neatly tied. The woman however were slightly more forgiving and allowed them to wear short, white, flowing dresses that stopped just below their knees. Although these dresses were being constantly adjusted and cleaned to ensure that they were kept in perfect condition.

For the past several days the house had echoed with the shouts of names and commands being cried out from dusk till dawn. With so many people running around dressed in such a similar manner it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of who was in charge and who was to do what.

With this confusion came a large amount of tension that loomed over everyone as the date grew closer and the demands for perfection grew bigger and bigger. For a family such as the Sharktooth's there would be no mistakes, and those who dared to slip up were dealt with harshly...

"Hey...Did you see what that witch did to Salvador?" asked one of the servants to another at the main dining table as they both diligently focused on polishing glasses.

"Yea...the queen bitch...I wouldn't wish that fate on any man. I just hope that banshee doesn't decide to come out here," responded the other with a sarcastic groan as he carefully set down the glass in his hand and picked up yet another.

"I swear I don't understand these high and mighty rich guys. I mean I wouldn't care how big her tits are. I couldn't stand a woman like that. No matter how rich her...."

"YOU IDIOT!!!!!"

Nearly everyone outside flinched as the shout from inside the building echoed through the area and cut through the noise of the crowd. The veranda then grew deathly quiet as everyone froze in place, waiting for what was to come next.

A small pot then went sailing out the massive bay-view doors, nearly missing one of the servants by only a few inches before it shattered onto the ground. Everyone then turned towards the main building and watched as a single woman rushed outside while the shouting inside continued. The poor girls face was in utter shock and she looked to be on the brink of tears as she ran as far away as she could. When the shouting finally quieted down everyone slowly began to resume their tasks, but back at the table the two men at the table looked at each other for a brief moment before they shuddered simultaneously.

Inside the main gallery servants, guards, cooks and florists desperately scrambled around the floor hefting flowers, chairs and other assorted decorations across the room. From the centre of the room a gilded altar sat that served as the main focus of the entire event. From this altar there stood a single woman with golden blonde hair wearing a flowing white gown and wearing a massive diamond ring. To some, she may seem like a beauty, but no one dared approach her as her bright blue eyes were kept wide open and her nostrils flared.

From her vantage she watched everyone like a hawk, waiting for one slip-up or one miss-placed item before she would shriek at them like a harpy from the altar.

"No, No NO! White on the left and blue on the RIGHT! Can't you peasants get anything right?!?"

Nearly everyone in the room flinched at her last command and two of the servants quickly tried to fix the arrangement. But she still kept her scrutinizing glare on them with her chin kept high with a sense of proud bearing before her attention was drawn to a single elderly woman as she bravely came up to the alter holding a few bolts of cloth. The two then briefly shared an exchange that few could hear.

The bride's expression seemed to brighten up slightly from the message but that then immediately soured as she addressed the entire room.

"I swear if everything isn't perfect by the time I get back from my chambers heads will roll!"

Everyone in the room bowed out of reflex at the woman's last command as she stormed off the altar to the adjoining wing where several servants were waiting. She carelessly brushed them all off and nearly sent one toppling as she pushed one aside and continued her march forward.

After the bride had gotten out of earshot, nearly every worker swore under their breath as they got back to work and tried to fix what was needed before she returned. Similar to how things were being run outside, there were several groups of servants performing different tasks all throughout the room. Most of the larger and stronger servants, along with a few guards were in the process of arranging large wooden pews into their proper position while the smaller servants worked with the florists to the others checked and toy the flower arrangements. Above them a few smaller groups of braver souls teetered on tall ladders hanging banners and other decorations into the massive gallery's ceiling. Awash with the same bright blue and white banners as outside; the room almost looked like it was in the centre of the ocean. With blue banners taking up the main focus of the design as they shot upwards into the ceiling like a massive wave while white banners were spread throughout like sea foam.

But the clock was still ticking and there was only one more day until the big event. But with so little time left and everyone being worked ragged by their cruel taskmistress; no one even bothered to notice a strange looking man as he wandered around the room.

He was a tall figure dressed in a long black robe that dragged across the floor slightly as he idly walked around the gallery and watched as everyone in the room worked to the brink of exhaustion. The man's skin was the colour of ivory, free from any blemishes or marks while his long black hair was as dark as night. He appeared to be a sorcerer of some sort, or at least someone involved in the magical arts as few strange looking balls of what appeared to be living shadow with tiny white eyes floated around him. These little balls also seemed to have minds of their own as they floated around the room curiously; letting out the occasional "peep!" of surprise when one of the workers got a little too close to their master.

The Conjuror Lesser let out a soft sigh as he paused again and turned to look up at one of the large paintings that were hanging on the wall. This particular one depicted a scene of the sea at twilight just as the moon was peaking over the horizon.

"The perspective is all wrong..." Lesser muttered to himself as he tapped his foot impatiently and turned his gaze to the room around him.

The Conjurors eyes scanned the room quickly as he searched for something. But with so many people moving around and nearly everyone wearing the same outfit it made it hard to tell who was in charge. Let alone find an individual face. Letting out another sigh he wandered around the room for a few more minutes; nearly having several close calls with servants moving pews in the process. But after another five minutes had passed Lesser took another quick look around the room before he made his way to the outside area.

As he stepped out into the sunlit balcony he quickly scanned the area again for a few moments before a frown marred his fine features. The Sharktooth family had an excellent view of the western seas and down below one could see the numerous ships they owned as they sailed in and out of the harbor below. Lesser however seemed uncaring of the sights as his attention was drawn to the nearby refreshment table. With the cooks and their assistants working themselves into a frenzy, all of them paid Lesser no mind as he picked up a plate and helped himself to a few of the appetisers they were preparing.

"Bleh...too salty..." Lesser muttered as took a bite from one of the pieces of meat he had selected.

After trying a few more bites of different meats and breads Lesser set his plate aside. But as the conjuror turned to walk away his eye suddenly spotted the adjoining table where an assortment of sweets and pastries had already been prepared.

He quietly grabbed another plate and sampled a few of the assorted scrolls and biscuits before he stepped away from the table and made his way towards the main area. As he walked away from the growing madness in the kitchen he casually grabbed one of the small almond topped pastries he had taken and took a bite. His once annoyed expression quickly brightened as he let out a hum of approval as his first bite into the buttery and flaky crust quickly let way to a smooth and delicious melted chocolate centre.

"These are Divine! I have got to get the recipe for this!" He said with a bright smile as he took another bite and made his way to the dinner table.

After tasting a few more of sweets he had gathered, Lesser sat his plate down onto a nearby cart and brushed off any crumbs that had made their way onto his robe. The conjuror then glanced around the room more time and let out a sigh before he looked down onto the table in front of him. Reaching down to the nearest placement, he picked up a spoon and rubbed a finger over the surface of the polished silver as he looked at his own reflection before setting it back down. Lesser then picked up one of the closest glasses he could reach and walked back to the refreshment table and poured himself some water before walking towards the balcony. After taking a sip of his drink, Lesser casually leaned back onto the stone railing and closed his eyes for a brief moment as he took in some of the fresh sea air and the warm coastal sun.

Back at the table though, one of the servants who had been closely arranging the silverware let out a frantic moan when he noticed the missing glass.

The servant's eyes quickly darted across the table, his heart racing as he tried to locate the missing piece until finally he saw the glint of the glass as it sat on railing near Lesser. The servant then made a mad dash around the table towards the balcony before he snatched the glass from off the railing, throwing its contents into the sea before he started franticly polishing.

"What did you do that for? The mistress will have my head if everything isn't perfect!" he stated as he began closely examining the glass for any signs of smudging.

Lesser opened an eye and looked toward the servant. He was a fairly stocky man with a handsome face and short kept brown hair. He showed signs of keeping up with his body, but it was hard to tell underneath his suit and tie. Still he showed some strength and it was clear that if he tried to rub the glass any harder, he may very well break it before long.

"Don't be silly, nothing is ever perfect...Although it would be a shame if you lost that pretty head of yours." He responded with a chuckle as he got up from the balcony and approached the servant.

The servant paused for a moment as his cheeks turned red and he looked up at the conjuror.

"R-really?" he stammered with a slight smile.

Lesser smiled and gave the servant a re-assuring pat on the shoulder before he walked past him and made his way back towards the main building.

The man smiled a goofy grin for a brief moment before he went back to focusing on polishing the glass. However, as he worked he was unaware of the three small dancing balls of shadow that were floating near him.

The small balls lazily floated around the and observed him, their gaseous forms broken only by two small white dots that could only be their eyes as they curiously examined what he was doing.

"Peep!" One suddenly chirped.

"Huh?" the servant exclaimed as he looked for the source of the sound, but saw nothing there.

"Peep!" chirped another.

The servant than turned his head towards the second sound, only to see nothing again.

Finally one of the balls of shadow became a bit bold and floated directly in front of the man, darting around him like a curious child before it went behind the glass the man was polishing. When the little ball of shadow suddenly came into his field of vision the servant stopped and regarded the creature with a cautious level of curiosity.

"Peep!" the shadow chirped loudly.

The servant gasped in surprise and stepped back, throwing his hands and the glass up into the air. Almost instantly afterwards, he realised his grave mistake and prepared to make a grab for the glass before it hit the ground. He tried to position himself to catch the glass as it sailed above his head, holding his hands out wide to try and save it, but once the glass got close enough it struck his hands and the fragile glass simply bounced off. The servant winced and shut his eyes, that sickening shattering sound that may very well cause him to lose his job already playing in his head. But then, after a few moments he heard no sound save for the sounds of his fellow co-workers around him. He then slowly opened his eyes and looked down, looking at the glass as it hung barely an inch above the ground. Held up by three little balls of shadow.

The three little balls then effortlessly lifted up the glass, carefully carrying it back to the table where it belonged before gently setting it down. The balls then darted back to their master, hovering above the raven haired man as they looked around the room.

"A wizard....?" He muttered to himself.

"Hey Jackson! Get back here! We've got work to do!" cried out another servant from the table.

The servant flinched and was knocked out of his daze, sending him running back to the table.

Lesser frowned as he came back inside, he gave the room one more glance before his face turned into a scowl .With the bride gone the area had been left fairly unsupervised save for a few servants wandering around with a pen and paper in hand. Earlier he didn't dare attempt to speak with the shrieking woman. No sane man would ever want to deal with someone who may very well be the bride one day before her wedding.

"An arranged marriage...I hope..." Lesser muttered to himself as he made his way toward the back of the room where there was a servant standing near the door who was rapidly scribbling something down onto a piece of paper as he looked around the room.

"Excuse me; I was summoned to speak with the master of this house's son. Do you know where he is?" Lesser asked politely as he approached the man.

The man continued to write for a few more moments before he let out a frustrated groan.

"Gah! You made me loose count! What do you want you stupi-...."

The man stopped in mid-sentence as he finally turned to face Lesser. The man's spectacle covered eyes quickly took in the conjurors appearance as well as the shadows that surrounded him in one brief moment. After which his face turned pale.

"'re the Sorcerer of the East!" the man stammered as he stepped back slightly.

The servant immediately dropped his papers and then dropped to the floor, bowing at Lessers feet.

"Please sir! Forgive me! Please don't turn me into a toad!" he cried out, causing a few of the other nearby servants to take notice and back away in fear.

Lesser rolled his eyes and let out a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head in annoyance.

"I'm not going to turn you into a please get up. You're making an ass out of yourself." Lesser stated calmly.

"Oh gods! Your going to turn me into a donkey!!" the servant exclaimed.

Lesser groaned as he looked down at the man as he shivered on the floor. He tried to ask the same question again, but the man was still too stricken with fear to respond and only let out frightened whimpers. Lesser finally let out another frustrated groan and stormed off in the other direction. However, as he left one of small shadows floating near the conjuror seemed to take a curious interest in the man, slowly circling him before it made its way to the servants behind. The little ball of shadow let out a soft "peep!" of excitement as he neared the man's ass before a small mouth appeared on the ball of shadow, revealing a row of tiny sharp teeth. The tiny creature grinned slightly before it opened its jaws wide and chomped down onto the man's ass, causing the servant to yelp in pain as he was brought to his feet and began running around in circles as he slapped his own ass.

Lesser smirked as he heard the man's shouts of panic and fear echo through the hall as the lone ball of shadow joined with the others surrounding him. Pausing again, Lesser then took another look around the room again, trying to find someone different that could help him. Near the altar he finally spotted a servant who was barking orders to different workers around the room and walked up to her.

Lesser waited politely for a moment as the woman to finished telling a servant something. His idle gaze then suddenly met one of the floral arrangements that had been set throughout the room where one of his familiars was trying to nibble on one of the leaves.

"Huh....lilies and bluebells? cliché..." Lesser muttered to himself as he idly reached over and brushed his hand against one of the flowers.

"Yes, can I help you sir?"

Lesser flinched and turned to face the woman as she looked at him directly.

"Oh! Excuse me; I'm looking for the baron's son. Can you tell me where to find him?" Lesser asked again.

"I'm sorry, but no one can see Master Clayton at this hour. He is currently getting prepared for his wedding." The servant stated before she brushed him off and turned away from Lesser before barking another order at a nearby worker.

Lesser scowled slightly and the umberlings sensed their masters growing annoyance, keeping a fair distance away from the raven haired sorcerer as he approached the woman again.

"Ok, this is ridiculous. I'm not wasting any more of my time here. If no one will take me to him I will be on my way-"

"Where the hell is my suit?!? I asked for it an hour ago!"

Lesser stopped when he was suddenly cut off by the loud booming voice that rang out from across the room.

Turning his head, Lesser saw a massive specimen of a man standing in the middle of the room with his chest bare and wearing only a pair of white suit pants. His hair was stark black like his own and his square jaw was decorated by a short, pointed goatee that gave the man a youthful, but distinguished look. His body was also perfectly sculpted, which he appeared to show no shame in flaunting for everyone to see. With lightly tanned skin that was free from blemishes and hairs, he displayed every last inch of his massive and well defined pectorals along with a set of eight well defined abdominal muscles. He also sported an array of black tattoos that gave him an intimidating presence as he loomed over most of the servants with his greater height.

Lesser paused as he examined the tattoos covering the man's body. On both of his forearms were three bands depicting the classical symbols of power, strength and unity that were common place in the western kingdoms' culture. Along his sides, bridging the gap between his abdominal muscles and back, were intricate symbols of flowing water and currents.

Bolting from across the room, a servant quickly ran up to the man after he let out another shout demanding his suit. As Lesser began cautiously walking towards the man he caught a few small bits of the conversation between the two. The servant was mostly apologizing to the large man over and over again, calling him "Master Clayton" before handing him a white shirt and jacket that appeared to be laced with gold. "Master" Clayton then carelessly flung the shirt and jacket over his broad shoulders and pushed the man aside before he walked down the main aisle, examining the decorations with a confident swagger.

"Yes...yes...good...needs more..." the man muttered to himself as he made his way down the hall until his piercing blue eyes caught a glimpse of Lesser.

"Oh! You! The Sorcerer of the East! You made it!" he shouted with a bright grin as he ran up to Lesser and placed a heavy hand on his shoulder, nearly causing the conjuror to topple under the impact.

After he had regained his composure, Lesser let out a polite cough before he brushed off the area where Clayton had practically slapped him.

" normally I don't do house calls. But the summons I received said that it was an "urgent" matter. What's the problem? Is your wife well? Or is there something wrong with your father?" Lesser asked.

"What? Oh! No no! Everyone is fine! No need for any hocus pocus to fix anyone up or slay any monster. I have something much more important in mind." Clayton stated with a grin as he placed a hand on Lesser's back and lead him down the aisle

"Look here, isn't it just beautiful? All the wealthy families of the west will be coming, as well as some potential business partners for my father from the south." Clayton stated with a cocky smile as he waves his hand across the room.

"I'm sure that the event will be lovely...but why is it that you called me here?" Lesser stated in annoyance as attempted to brush the larger man's hand away.

Clayton grinned and forcibly turned Lesser around to face him before he leaned down to meet him at eye level.

"I've got more gold than what I know what to do with. But that still won't impress these people. What I really want is something that money can't buy. I want something magical! Something that will make these people talking about this wedding for decades to come!".

Lesser scowled and his nearby familiars flew over from their assorted spots around the room and hovered near their master.

"You called me all the way out do the decorations?"

To only add more impact to their master's displeasure, the little balls of shadow all swarmed around Lesser protectively glared at Clayton angrily.

Clayton paused at the sudden appearance of the tiny balls of shadow as they snarled at him, but he simply let out a loud laugh and brushed their appearance aside.

"Yes, and I was told that you specialise in illusions and conjuring up many strange and fantastic things. I'm certain for a wizard such as you; this will be a simple parlour trick. Besides, doing this for the Sharktooth family could open many doors for you in the other kingdoms. If you can really impress us, I can have my father put in a good word for you with the king and have you made the court magician! You would be one of the most powerful mages on the continent!" Clayton stated with a smile as he gently nudged Lesser.

Lesser glared at Clayton for a moment before spun around and turned his back to him.

"I've had my fill of court thank you; and I don't work for free. Especially for such a stupid reason." Lesser stated as he folded his arms and let out a scoff.

Lesser then began to slowly walk towards the door, but not before one of his familiars floated in front of Clayton's face one final time and bared its tiny teeth at him before floating back to its master.

Clayton grit his teeth in annoyance as he glared at the small ball of shadow before he rushed to catch up to Lesser.

"Listen to me wizard. I called you here and now I need you to do your magic. If influence isn't what you're after, then gold will have to do. Name your price."

Clayton then gripped onto Lesser's arm tightly, causing the conjuror to stagger slightly, but this proved to be a mistake. Using his free hand Lesser twitched his fingers and Clayton felt a sudden jolt of pain in his hand. The brute immediately recoiled and looked down at his pained extension and gawked at the sight of the layer of ice that now encased his hand.

"I'm not interested in gold." Lesser stated before he waved his hand idly, seeming to recall his spell and letting the ice surrounding Clayton's hand to quickly melt away.

The baron's son scowled as he shook his hand rapidly, trying to get the feeling back in his fingers as Lesser continued to walked away.

"Then what is your price? Jewels? Wine? Women? Whatever it is I am willing to pay, the wedding is tomorrow and I will not have it be anything less than spectacular." He shouted.

The conjuror took a few more steps before he stopped, causing his familiars to pause as well. Lesser than rose his hand to his face and rubbed his chin, letting out a soft hum as he thought to himself before he flashed a wicked grin and turned around. Walking slowly up to Clayton he rose up his index finger and gently poked Claytons exposed chest.

"I" Lesser stated coyly as he slowly pulled his finger away.

"What?" Clayton responded, looking confused and surprised at the conjuror's remark.

"I want work for me. As an escort at my tower for one week. I think a few days of hard work from a strong guy such as yourself will be a small price to pay for a "magical" evening wouldn't you agree?" Lesser responded with a wink.

"You want work as..." Clayton slowly stated.

"A whore dear." Lesser stated with a soft chuckle.

Clayton paused for a few moments, looking dumbfounded by what the sorcerer had just asked of him. But he quickly regained his composure and let out a hearty laugh.

"What? Are you joking? You can't possibly be serious" Clayton stated with a cocky smirk as he folded his arms across his massive chest.

Lesser only stood there, his smile slowly growing as Clayton stood there in disbelief.

"'re actually serious aren't you?" Clayton finally stated with his eyes wide in shock.

"I even have an example of your working wear with me." Lesser responded as he reached into his robe and pulled out a small green garment. It only consisted of a pouch with two thin straps and was smaller than any normal pair of underwear. It was also covered with a sparkling fabric.

"You have got to be joking..."

"That's my price. I will accept nothing else." Lesser responded bluntly.

Clayton recoiled slightly and looked at Lesser in disgust before composing himself.

"Very funny, if it is men you're after then, I can send you any number of my servants to do your bidding in whatever tower it is you hide away in."

"Sorry dear, I want you and that is my final offer. Otherwise I will take my leave." Lesser stated with a disinterested sigh as he began to turn around and head back toward the door.

Clayton stood there for a few brief moments, scowling and rubbing his chin as he watched Lesser walk away with his tiny little creatures floating around him like a cloud as he almost mockingly left the building.

Suddenly then, an idea seemed to strike Clayton and he smiled a wicked grin before rushing up to the sorcerer just as he passed the threshold of the doorway.


Lesser paused and turned to face Clayton once more.

"I accept your terms...on one condition." Clayton stated calmly.

"And these terms are...?" Lesser responded with one eyebrow raised.

"That you allow me two days with my new wife before I go to work for you." Clayton stated in as sombre of a tone that he could manage without breaking out into a grin.

Lesser paused for a moment, his eyes looking off towards the altar in the middle of the room.

"....very well. That seems fair." Lesser finally responded after letting out a soft sigh.

"Great!" Clayton exclaimed with a smile.

Lesser then snapped his fingers and from out of thin air a large piece of paper unrolled with a spinning flourish. Lesser then produced a large feathered quill from the pocket of his robe.

"Before we conduct our business, please sign here." Lesser stated as the paper hovered between them, revealing a very elegantly written contract outlining the terms of their agreement along with the conjuror's insignia.

"I bequeath one week of throughout the case of spontaneous combustion?" Clayton asked as he glanced over the contract.

"Just as a formality." Lesser stated.

Clayton nodded and quickly snatched the pen and paper from Lesser and scrawled his name on the bottom without bothering to read the rest of terms in detail. As the tip of the quill left the paper the words that made up the contract glowed for a brief moment and Clayton let out a soft "Ohhh" of surprise. Lesser than twirled his index finger and the paper spun to face him. The conjuror then waved his hand across the sheet of paper and it let out another soft glow before it rolled itself up and Lesser grasped it from mid-air.

"So we are settled then?" Clayton asked

Lesser only nodded as he took his pen back from Clayton and placed it, along with the contract back into the pocket of his robe.

Clayton smiled and let out a loud laugh.

"Excellent! Now let's get to work! What I really wanted to start off with was for the banners to shimmer like water and have the flowers float around the room like jellyfish! Oh! and I want a boat! And make it sail around the room!"

Lesser nodded in response "That shouldn't be too difficult, a simple illusion spell should do the trick."

Clayton suddenly stopped and waved one of his beefy arms in front of the conjuror.

"Illusion? Oh no-no-no! I want a real boat! And not just any, I want my very first boat to fly around the room! It always was my favourite." Clayton stated with a grin.

Lesser balked back slightly, but quickly composed himself.

"Alright...that may be a bit more difficult but not impossible. Where are you keeping it?" Lesser asked.

Clayton's expression suddenly changed as his face turned a soft shade of red as he rose up one of his hands and began scratching the back of his head.

"At....the bottom of the harbor...." he stated with a blushing grin.

Lesser looked toward the man, his eyes wide and waiting for some sort of change in his demeanour, but after a few minutes it became apparent that the man was quite serious.

"You want me to raise a ship from the bottom of the ocean, put it back together, and then have it fly around the room?" Lesser asked.

Clayton only smiled and nodded.

"Fuck me..." Lesser stated as he pinched the bridge of his nose.


Far to the east of the western kingdoms and hidden away deep within the Primordial Woods stands a great and somewhat frightening looking white tower. The massive spire seemed almost out of place in the ancient woods that covered most of the centre of the continent, but it still remained as its most striking feature. Its white stones stretched high into the sky, the towers length surpassing even some of the tallest trees in the ancient forest. It was known by the people as "The Bone Tower" in reference to its stark white appearance. Although if the name weren't fear-inspiring enough, those who were brave enough to wander deep enough into the forest still chose to give the chilling spire a wide birth, not only because of rumours of the towers inhabitants, but because the tower itself had no visible entrance.

It was here, that the conjuror Lesser made his home. Although the tower had many floors containing many wonders and creatures, he mostly lingered in one of the rooms towards the top of the tower. From here he had an excellent view of the entire area which allowed him to keep watch far into the distance. However, on this day Lesser did not maintain his normal vigil and instead had secluded himself into his library with a large and musty tome in front of him and a piping hot cup of hot chocolate sitting nearby.

As Lesser turned another page in his book he paused as he looked at his hand. After the two day grace period he had allowed Clayton had passed Lesser had begun to show the signs of the spell-sickness, a side effect of his own powers.

With every day that passed afterword's his ivory white skin had changed to an almost sickly grey and his face looked sullen and emaciated. His once black hair was even beginning to turn white, with more streaks of grey hairs appearing with each passing day.

It had been seven days since he had cast the spell for the Sharktooth wedding and his strength had waned considerably sense then. Not content with just having him put together a sunken ship, the brutish son eventually asked him to make even more illusions and spells, like a pod of dolphins that would emerge at random moments to delight the guests and flowers that would shoot off fireworks whenever they were touched.

Lesser did want to make a few comments about how the man was asking for more than he was willing to pay, but the deal was done and Lesser was a man of his word. Still, that didn't keep him from commenting on some of the things he was suggesting. Once he was done it almost seemed like half of the illusions he was going to create were something out of a five year old girls fantasy.

But after finally writing down everything he wanted, he cast the spell and was on his way. Thankfully the trip back was short and he was able to rest once he had arrived back home, but with every day that passed he continued to grow weaker, and there was still one pressing issue that had yet to be resolved...

"Where the hell is he?" Lesser muttered as he looked out one of the many windows that covered the tower.

Although he had agreed to a two day grace period for Clayton to be with his wife, it had already been five days sense the wedding. It was understandable that the man may have met with some delays here and there. The roads could be treacherous, and the forest itself was not a safe place either.

But with every passing day, Lesser grew more and more impatient, waiting for some sort of notice on when the man would arrive.

"I think I'll dress him up in leather and have him pull around some of the furniture when he's not entertaining...serves him right for being so slow." Lesser said with a coy smirk as he turned another page in his book, his mind wandering with the image of the pompous barons son being forced to work in such a revealing outfit.

Suddenly then a knock came in at the door.

"Master, may I enter?"

Lesser looked up from his book and pulled back the bookmark, setting it aside and closing it as he turned to face the doorway.

"Yes, come in Brutus." Lesser responded.

Slowly then the door opened and the creature from the other side ducked his head underneath the frame and came inside. Brutus was a massive and muscular humanoid demon, his skin a light shade of red and his hair a stark white with a set of pointed horns that curled back in line with his swept back hair. He was dressed in a collared v-neck shirt that stretched nearly all the way down to his abdominals that stretched slightly with the beasts every movement. He also appeared to have not shaven recently and sported a light coating of chest hair in-between his thick pectorals. Although he still appeared to have maintained his beard recently. Below he only wore a set of black formal pants that displayed his legs rather nicely through the dark fabric.

"What is it?" Lesser asked

Brutus paused for a moment, the massive brute of a demon looking almost at a loss for words as he opened his mouth and nothing came out. But after a few moments the demon finally gathered his nerve and grit his teeth before letting out a long sigh.

"Master...the spell-sickness and your condition are getting worse. Myself and the others are beginning to worry for your health." Brutus finally stated with his eyes filled with concern.

"I'm fine Brutus, really. Once that idoit arrives everything will be back in order." Lesser stated calmly, lifting up his mug of hot chocolate to his lips with his hands shaking slightly in the effort as he attempted to cover up his weakness as best he could.

The demon let out a low growl as he clenched his fists.

"Just say the word master and I will drag him here myself..."

Lesser shook his head.

"Rest assured Brutus, when he arrives I will ensure he pays everything he owes me...with interest" Stated Lesser with a sinister grin.

But just as Brutus began to relax, suddenly one of Lesser's little balls of shadow suddenly came whizzing through the door and flew straight to its master.

"Peep!" chimed the little ball.

Lesser's eyes suddenly went wide before he grit his teeth in anger.

"What?" Lesser hissed.

"Peep!" the little ball chimed again before began floating away.

Lesser then shakily stood up from his chair and began storming towards the doorway where the demon stood.

"Brutus, come with me, we have some "guests" to attend to...."

Brutus flinched slightly at his masters threatening tone as Lesser rushed past him, following him down the stairwell of the tower towards the main lobby. The sorcerer's heavy footsteps echoed through the tower as me made his way down. Nearby balls of shadows that lurked in the corners of the tower soon saw their master as he stormed downward and flew to his side, forming a protective barrier around him.

Finally he had reached the downstairs area and brushed past the set of curtains that lead into the room.

"What is the meaning of this?" shouted the conjuror as he entered the lounge room.

Waiting for him was group of no less than ten men, all of them stripped naked and having seemed to have travelled a very long distance. The group seemed to be a mix of men and beasts alike, their eyes were heavy from lack of sleep and several almost on the brink of collapse. Had they not been in such a poor state, a few of them would have looked fairly attractive, with most of them sporting a fair amount of muscle definition and with fairly decent sized cocks. All of which were all erect for some reason.

As Lesser approached, one man stood forward out of the group.

"You?" Lesser muttered in shock.

Having been subjected to the harsh wilderness for so long, Lesser could barely recognize the servant he had met the previous week before. Although Lesser hadn't caught his name, he could still recognize the man's cute face and small nose, although his features were now marred with cuts and bruises, along with what seemed like a few poor attempts at healing worse injuries. Still, he seemed to be the only one with the courage to stand forward, even with his impressive 10 inch cock standing erect and leaking precum onto the floor.

"We are here to serve you...master..." he stated weakly, bowing his head respectfully.

The other men soon mimicked this gesture, although a few of them seemed as though they were about to topple from the slightest movement.

Lesser glared at the men before stepping towards him.

"No you're not." He stated calmly.

The servant flinched slightly and looked up at Lesser pleadingly.

"But...we are here to serve you. We were told you would like men like us..." the man stated weakly.

A few of the men in the back grumbled slightly at the comment, but one of their other kinsmen gave them a quick shove to silence them.

Lesser scoffed and waved his hand. The shadows surrounding him quickly scattered and flew around the room, gathering blankets and glasses from the nearby closets and drawers.

"That is not why you are here, no man would be fool enough to come into these woods naked just to "serve" me. Especially not servants and slaves from the western kingdoms..." Lesser stated ominously.

The servant flinched again and several of the bestial men covered parts of their bodies out of some unknown reflex to hide a similar series of brands that had been seared into their flesh. Only a few would take much information from, but to a more observant person it would be obvious who these men were from.

"Now, tell me why it is you are really here?" Lesser stated calmly.

"We...we were sent by the Sharktooth family to escort Clayton in regards to a debt. But we were drugged and stripped on the outer borders of the western kingdom. When we awoke we were left with a note that said we were supposed to serve you until the debt was repaid. Or else." The servant stated with a dry and raspy voice that had clearly not seen any water for some time.

Lesser's eyes opened wide and he gritted his teeth in anger.

"I'm sure you haven't been told this...but the deal was for the baron's son to serve me as my escort for one week." Lesser muttered, his body nearly shaking and a slight charge running through the air nearby him. "

"Surely we will suffice?" the man stated.

"I will not accept slaves or men sent here against their will in place of one man who couldn't keep his word..." Lesser said with a low growl.

"But wouldn't you rather have ten men instead of one?" The servant responded.

"I don't want ten men, I don't want a thousand! I WANT CLAYTON!" shouted Lesser as he turned around and clenched his fists, his hair shimmering slightly and what few shadows that chose to stay near him quickly flying away.

Brutus and the other men in the room seemed visibly shaken by the conjurors outburst, but the leader of the group stood stoically before the conjuror.

"The Sharktooth family is not one to be trifled with." the leader added.

"Neither am I..."

The air around Lesser was beginning to crackle with energy and the conjurors grey hair briefly flashed a stark white. The room then began to shake and the men quickly huddled around their leader as they watched on in terror. From the other side of the room, the massive Brutus also seemed stricken with fear; not only by the power the enraged spell caster was displaying, but what he saw when he looked into his masters eyes.

But then, just as quickly as Lesser's rage surfaced it began to calm. The charge in the air disappeared and the room was left deathly still as the shaking in the room ceased.

The thing that finally broke the silence was the sound of Lesser letting out a cough before he composed himself.

"Brutus, see that their wounds are tended to and they are properly clothed and supplied. Also, give them each a gold piece for their troubles.

The demon nodded wordlessly with his eyes still wide in shock as the shadows began to emerge from their hiding places, wizzing across the room gathering whatever they could before giving them to the weary men. After blankets and clothing had been distributed, many of the shadows came from the upper levels offering cups filled with water and others assorted blankets along with a few plates of food. Many of them took the supplies gratefully while some finally succumbed to their exhaustion and sat down as they gently nursed whatever drink they had been given. However the man leading the rest remained stoic as he directed any offered refreshments to the others before himself.

"If you will excuse me, I have matters to attend to..." Lesser stated as he turned and began walking back to the stairwell he had entered from.

"You're not going to get far if you try reasoning with them. That family is a ruthless as their namesake and many have tried and failed to get them to uphold a bargain." The leader of the group stated.

Lesser let out a disinterested grunt as he continued towards the door.

"I have no intention of reasoning with them. No, I am going to show Clayton Sharktooth the error of his ways and educate him on the meaning of "Payment".


The entire tower was silent that night. All of its residents had quickly made their way into their rooms and huddled in silence. High in the upper levels of the tower, Brutus stood nearby Lesser, bracing himself as the conjuror walked out to the open balcony that overlooked most of the Primal Woods.

"Master..." Brutus muttered.

"I can't believe this idoit! One week! ONE WEEK! Was all that I asked? And with all the shit I made for him and that horrible woman! GRRRRRRRAH!" Lesser exclaimed as he stormed back inside and began savagely rummaging through his laboratory.

"Master please, let me drag him here. This fool needs to pay for slighting you and you are too weak to travel!" Brutus exclaimed.

"He even sent me slaves...SLAVES! No...nonono he needs to know what it's like to break a deal with me. I have been reasonable, I have been patient. But when he tries to force other men to pay a debt for him? That's where I draw the line." Stated Lesser as he tossed aside a book that nearly struck Brutus as he continued rifling through his papers and trinkets.

Lesser continued his search for a few minutes with Brutus watching on in silence. But then, just as Lesser brushed aside a table covered with papers his expression suddenly brightened as he lifted up a tightly sealed blue chest.

"He wants to cheat out on a payment...I'll show him" Lesser stated with a smirk as he lifted up his hand.

"Master no!" Brutus shouted as he ran to Lesser's side.

"You cannot be thinking of using him?!? He's too powerful! Too dangerous!" Brutus said as he clinged to his master.

The conjuror though did not seem to hear Brutus and merely slapped the brute's hand, causing the large demon to recoil as he waved a hand across the chests surface, causing the inner locking mechanism to let out a soft "click".

As the chest slowly creaked open the temperature in the room plummeted, covering much of the nearby room in a thin layer of frost. A dark and malefic presence then began to fill the room as the chest opened wide, revealing a small glass orb filled with a swirling inky darkness that was only broken by brief flashes of a bright green light.

"WHO DARES CALL UPON ME...." erupted a booming and echoing voice from deep within the orb.

Unflinching against the dark presence's power, Lesser picked up the orb from its resting case and shook it wildly, causing the dark presence within it to cry out in annoyance.

"YOU! WITCH! I WILL KILL YOU!" Exclaimed the presence within the orb as a frightening visage of pure shadow formed within the orb that snarled at Lesser.

"Yea yea, so you keep saying. Listen Arcaim, I have a task for you that will earn you your freedom." Lesser stated as he carried the orb outside to the balcony that overlooked the forest while Brutus followed behind.

The spirit within the orb let out a low growl and more green lights began to dance within its prison. But it soon began to calm down.

"What would you have me do..."

Lesser smiled and pointed his finger due west.

"Far away in a mansion above the sea is a man who slighted me. A Clayton Sharktooth who decided to default on a contract. I want you to punish him and perhaps give him a form suited to his inclinations. Maybe something befitting his namesake?" Lesser stated with a smirk.

"And for this I obtain my freedom?" asked the voice from the orb.

"Just until you decide to make too much of a mess of this world and I have to send you back to the pits again". Lesser stated with a casual shrug.

"Master please...don't do this...." Brutus pleaded one final time.

But Lesser ignored the demon and waited for the creature within the orb to respond.

There was a brief moment of silence as the dark orb rippled with energy, the shadows within it roiled and writhed, trying to escape its prison. But the darkness could never breach the thick glass it was encased in. After a few more moments a dark rumbling chuckle began to echo from deep within the orb.

"Very well, I will punish this mortal for you and be on my way." The orb stated as its deep laughter shook the very ground at Lesser's feet.

"I'm glad we could work this out." Lesser stated with a coy smile as he rose up his hand and the orb began to levitate above is palm.

The orb seemed to shake in anticipation, waiting for just what was to happen next. The shadows within it swirled in excitement and a foul gust of cold air erupted from out in the distance.

Lesser rose up his hands in front of him. The surrounding area began to shimmer as the sorcerer's wrists were suddenly wrapped in a glowing green energy. A static charge then quickly raced through the air, causing Brutus's white hair to stand on end while Lesser's greying hair slowly began to rise from the magical energy's he was channelling. A massive wave of clouds then suddenly came forth from high above, blocking out the light of the moon and stars before turning the entire forest pitch black. As the last bit of the starry sky was covered by the thick cloud cover...the earth began to shake.

Lesser squinted as the light around him began to focus towards the orb, causing the glass surface of the creatures prison to shudder slightly. As conjuror poured more and more energy into the orb, a small hairline crack appeared on the glass balls surface. Almost immediately the black shadow from within began to seep out from its prison, quickly covering its surface as more and more darkness spilled out. Soon then another crack began to form, spilling out more inky darkness from within and forming a large sphere of swirling shadow. This sphere steadily grew as the glass orb within continued to shudder and crack, its fluid-like surface swirling like a foul tempest as the orb grew larger and larger.

The air surrounding Lesser began to fizzle and crackled with energy as the orb then began sending out bolts of green energy like a thundercloud that struck the towers white stone and singed the grass below. Finally, as the orb reached the size of a large melon, the air became eerily still and the light around Lesser's hands began to fade. However the orb still remained, floating ominously as it oozed liquid shadow and malice.

Then, from deep within the orb a ghastly laugh rang out, echoing far and wide as the darkness within the orb began to spread. Like a massive curtain it spread outwards and stretched high into the air like a massive tidal wave until its peak reached high above the tower. As the cloak grew there were a few brief instances of a sickly green light peeking from within the swirling inky darkness but it was snuffed out just as quickly as it appeared. Then just as the inky cloak posed ready to swallow the entire tower whole, it stopped its growth and loomed in mid-air, the black surface rippling slightly as it hung high above Lesser.

Then the surface began to ripple as if someone had thrown a stone into a bleak and inky pond. The surface of the darkness then began to budge outwards as a large shape then began to press its way out from the cloak, followed by a great number of smaller protrusions. Two green lights like ghastly lanterns soon appeared on each of the inky tentacles, followed by a ghoulish gaping maw of green energy's that moaned in hunger.

But the largest of the shape that came from the wave began to gain more features, taking on a reptilian shape as the eyes grew bigger and its inky black maw opened slightly.

"The bargain is struck..." stated the inky black demon with a haunting grin.

Lesser nodded and let out one final shout as he pushed both of his hands forward, causing the demon to slink back into its curtain of darkness as its peak began to curl and formed a wave that went rushing towards the west.



Within the Sharktooth manor was a room that very few ever dared entered, and very few ever left with a single coin left in their pocket. It was in this room hung a generations of achievements and large presentations of the family's wealth. Where the very heart and brain of the Sharktooth family's operations existed and where Alistair Sharktooth sat, reading over a piece of paper that sat on a massive hand carved desk.

Even for a man of 80, Alistair Sharktooth was not a man to be taken lightly. In his youth he was known as the cut throat of the seas and baron of the deep, a man who could bend kings to his will and could starve a nation at the slightest whim. But time had worn down the massive brute of a man that had once terrorised the companies of the western kingdoms. Even through his advanced age one could still tell that he carried himself with a sense of power and authority.

Silently the door to his study slowly opened and a small girl walked inside and bowed respectively. She waited for the old man to acknowledge her presence before she cleared her throat.

"Master Alistair? Your son is here to see you."

The elderly man was silent for a moment, his eyes scanning over one of the numerous stacks of papers that covered his desk while he idly spun the quill in his hand. Letting out a soft grunt he adjusted his spectacles and looked up at the girl.

"Send the boy in..." he stated.

The maid bowed once again and left the room, a few minutes later Clayton Sharktooth pushed both of the massive doors open with a wide grin plastered on his face, wearing a buttoned shirt that he had left open like a vest. Giving anyone who saw him a full view of his powerfully built body.

"Father! I just wanted to see you before we cast off. How fares business?" Clayton said loudly, causing Alistair to flinch slightly at his son's loud outburst.

Letting out a low sigh Alistair pulled a paper aside and glanced at it briefly before he looked up at his son.

"I've received several new contracts from the southern kingdoms and one offer from a northern lord to purchase some of our ships to run supplies up the eastern coast." Alistair stated plainly as he set the paper he was examining aside.

"Excellent, it would seem that everything went well." Clayton said as he approached his father's desk and sat down in a nearby chair.

"Yes, not only did marrying you to the Liats increase our trade routes, but the spectacle from this event did garner some more attention for us."

"Yes! I did want it to be a magical evening after all!" Clayton stated with a grin.

"Yes...magical...Speaking of that..."

Clayton tilted his head in confusion before his eyes suddenly brightened in realization.

"Oh, if you're worried about the magician then there is no need to be alarmed. I have payed that debt with interest." Clayton said with a loud laugh.

Alistair slammed his hands down onto the desk in front of him, causing one stack of papers he had been collecting to topple and scatter across the floor. Clayton seemed visibly shaken for a brief moment before he was able to compose himself and stood up directly across from his father.

"Don't take this lightly boy...I know what the witch wanted and I know what you really did." Alistair stated as he leaned over his desk and looked at his son straight in the eyes.

"That man is known all through the kingdoms. He may not be the most powerful wizard but he is resourceful. He is also known not to take broken deals lightly and has ruined men for slighting him. I will not have you damn this household to some curse because you had to have all of those ridiculous decorations." Alistair continued.

Clayton ignored the lecture stepped away from the desk.

"The man asked for too much. Having me work as some common whore for a lecherous old wizard in some stuffy old tower would weaken our reputation." Clayton stated with a shrug.

"You did not need those things and you may very well have damned yourself by double crossing him. While I do admire your position towards my business, you may want to keep yourself out of public sight for some time in case he decides to take action." Alistair warned.

"Well then it's a good thing we are heading south for the honeymoon. " Clayton added.

"Still, keep yourself hidden for some time."

Clayton let out a soft sigh and his posture slumped slightly.

"I'm not sure about that...Sara hasn't shut up about the trip since I've mentioned it and I'm almost certain we will be coming home with two ships filled with her spending..."

"Good, keep the girl happy and give her what she wants. Once we have acquired all of her family's trade cartels she will be of no further use." Alistair stated bluntly.

"Yes father." Clayton said with a smirk as he bowed respectfully before turning around and walking out through the open doors.

Alistair let out a sigh as he lifted up his glasses and rubbed his temples.

"Stupid boy...." He muttered to himself before he brought his attention back to his work.


After the main festivities of the wedding had ended, the Sharktooth manor returned to some semblance of normalcy. It had been what would likely be known as the largest gathering of the western kingdoms nobility in well over a decade. With barons, lords and land owners all gathering to the affair. Word had even already begun to reach far across the continent about the party, telling of the lavish decorations, beautiful dresses and mystical additions that the Sharktooth family was somehow able to acquire.

Clayton smiled as he stood out on the deck of his newly risen ship with a drink in hand. He knew that with everyone talking about the wedding the Sharktooth family would likely continue expanding their empire, ensuring his father's legacy and his own wealth for years to come.

"All too easy..." he muttered as he took a sip of a fine wine and watched the sun set in the distance as the crew prepared to set sail.

"Darling!" cried out a shrill voice from behind him.

Clayton forced a light smile as his new bride Sara approached him. She was wearing a flowing white dress that hugged her slim figure and brought attention to her ample bosom and wore assortment of fine jewellery, including a pair of large gold earrings and the massive diamond ring he had given to her on their wedding day.

"Oh I cannot wait for our trip to the south! My friends all tell me that they have the best dresses there and some of the finest food in the world!" she said in a cheerful, but refined tone.

"Only the best for you dear." Clayton responded with a smile as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him, stealing a quick kiss before turning his attention back to the horizon.

The two of them stood there for a brief moment, watching the sun set before Sara let out a soft cough.

"But did we have to go by sea? Surely taking the roads would be quicker and more....stable..." Sara stated as a soft wave brushed against the boat, causing it to tilt slightly and forcing her to steady herself.

Clayton grunted in rejection.

"I paid that stupid magician to raise this boat from the harbor. I want to take it out to sea again." He stated as he took another sip of his drink.

Clayton then suddenly felt the pointed nails of his new bride digging into his skin.

"But the sea air does nothing for my skin, and the movement upsets my stomach. Maybe you can take your toy for a ride some other time?" She stated calmly.

Clayton then released his bride and pushed her aside softly, finishing his drink in one big gulp before setting it aside.

"We are taking the ship darling now if you would please fetch me more wine like a good girl." Clayton stated smugly.

Sara shot him a venomous glare before she snatched the glass from the railing and stormed off, her high heels almost digging through the deck as she went down into the storage area.

Clayton smirked as he set his hands on the railing of the ship, his mind drifting of the trip ahead. With his bride off busy wasting away his fortunes he would have plenty of time to keep himself occupied in the southern kingdoms. Feeling proud of himself for having pulled the wool over the magician's eyes about his outrageous "payment" he felt as though he deserved to drink himself stupid and bed as many women as he could get his hands on.

But with his mind filled with his potential conquests, Clayton failed to see the dark shadow that was beginning to loom above him as a large bank of dark clouds began to slowly move in from the east. It was only when they began to reach into his field of vision did he finally begin to notice.

"Shit...." He muttered to himself as he watched the clouds come in, covering nearly the entire harbor and creeping closer to the setting sun.

Clayton then shouted out an order to the crew, commanding them to work faster as he began to weigh the risks of setting sail in a storm. Considering his experience at sea, dark clouds like this could only mean a powerful storm, but considering the direction they came from, it may just be nothing. There was only land for miles to the east and it may just be smoke from a fire making its way out to sea.

But then, out of the blue he was suddenly struck with an icy cold blast of wind that sent his glass flying forwards before it shattered onto the deck.

The sea seemed to shudder as the temperature in the area plummeted. The waves that once gently lapped against the ship began to grow wild and fierce as the sky began to rumble. The ship soon began to sway back and forth under the influence of the churning sea as the storm began to set in. Suddenly then, at an almost unnatural pace the clouds above rushed out into the horizon and blanketed the entire area, blotting out the light of the setting sun. As the temperature dropped further Clayton shivered and reached down to re-button his shirt, but then the sudden rumbling in the distance caught his attention and he looked skyward.

Up above Clayton saw a brief flash of light up in the sky as lightning danced between the clouds. Clayton would have sworn it looked green for a brief moment, but it was quickly swallowed up as the clouds swirled and shifted as if they were somehow alive.

"Shit..." Clayton muttered to himself as he rushed down to the deck towards where one of the ropes for the sails had been tied.

"Looks bad...might have to cast off tomorrow..." he muttered to himself as he grabbed the rope and began to unfasten the knot.


The thunder echoed throughout the harbor, shaking Clayton to his very core before a bright flash of light blinded his vision. Another peel of thunder then echoed out, striking the centre of the harbor, sending a static charge through the area that made his hair stand on end. But before he was even able to gather his senses again, two more thundering booms echoed out, and for the briefest of moments Clayton saw the same flash of green glinting in the waters before him before it was swallowed up by the sea.

"All hands on deck!" Clayton shouted as he grit his teeth and grabbed a hold of the rope and began to pull.


Another bolt of lightning struck the waters ahead of him, this time much closer than before. The skies then opened up and let loose a torrent of icy cold rain that pelted Claytons exposed chest like daggers. Clayton steadied himself as he tightened his grip and continued to pull, looking up at the white sails as they fluttered wildly in the gale.

*BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!*

The men who had once been preparing the ship to set sail all scattered as the lightning began to strike again and again all across the harbor. Up above the clouds seemed to swirl at a single point, marking the advent of a water spout as the winds in the area whipped into a frenzy.


This time the bolt had struck so close Clayton would have sworn that it had struck the ship. But after a quick look around he saw no signs of damage. However, in its wake there was an almost sickly green glow that lingered in the area. Bracing himself Clayton continued to pull.

"What's going on up here?" cried out Sara as she climbed up from below deck with a bottle in hand.

"Find the men and get them to help me!" Clayton shouted as the skies crackled in anger and the waves below crashed into the ship, sending the sea spray into the air and soaking Clayton's entire body.

But Sara only stood there with eyes wide and mouth agape as she slowly approached Clayton, letting the bottle fall onto the shaking ship.

"W...what is that?" she stammered.

"What?!?" Clayton shouted as the wind howled in his ears he tried to get a handle on the sails.

Sara merely pointed out into the harbor and stood there in muted shock.

Clayton turned his head and looked out and saw nothing.

"What are you on you stupid woman?!? Get the men now!" he shouted.

"In the water!" she responded.

Clayton let go of the rope for a brief moment and rose up his hand with the intent of striking her...when suddenly a dark chuckle rang out from the harbor.

For a brief moment, the sea became deathly still...

Clayton paused turned it and slowly turned in fear as the air turned ice cold and his breath coalesced in front of him.

Out in the centre of the harbor Clayton could see it. Like a black poison the darkness seeped out from where the lightning had struck and creeped slowly across the harbor. It almost looked like a massive undersea cloud as it covered the entire area. But in its wake, Clayton could see the bodies of hundreds of dead fish as they floated to the surface, their bodies frozen and torn.

One part of the darkness then broke off from the main body and began creeping towards the ship. Clayton gripped onto the rope in his hands in fear while Sara clung onto him, her pointed nails digging into his skin.

As the darkness grew closer, Clayton felt his blood grow cold as a layer of frost appeared on the railings of the ship. Another gust of cold wind then blasted his chest like the breath of some massive beast had struck him.

The darkness continued inching forward, a small wave forming in its wake, growing larger and larger, but never cresting. Almost as if something was about to emerge from below but could not breach the surface. The shape continued to grow as it approached, reaching nearly the same size as the ship before it suddenly came to a stop a few feet away.

And then...they saw the lights.

Like the sailors' stories of ghosts at sea, small green lights began to swim within the dark wave like fireflies, darting across the surface almost randomly as the budge in the harbor rumbled slightly. Those lights then began to form into a distinct pattern, organizing themselves into two large areas and buzzing around wildly until it looked like a pair of bright green eyes.

Then the bulge began to grow once more.

The water rippled off the surface of whatever was emerging as it grew taller and taller like a massive black sea serpent. As the water washed away it quickly became clear that the creature was made of some sort of liquid shadow, raising up higher and higher until it loomed over Clayton and Sara.

Sara clung onto Claytons shirt and let out a muted scream as he stared up at the creature defiantly.

"BEGONE DAEMON!" he shouted.

The creatures features then began to define themselves, the few traces of sickly green light that had begun to form on the the monsters "face" and began drawing strange shapes along its visage. The green lights that had only formed two large orbs began to twist into a more sinister expression, forming two large and ghoulish looking eyes that looked at the two small humans.

Then, slowly the creature opened its maw, revealing its gaping mouth dripping with shadow and darkness as it let out a rumbling chuckle that shook Clayton to his very core.

Clayton raised his hand in defiance of the creature as Sara screamed once more before the beast let out an unholy howl that stunned both humans and left their ears ringing.

Two dark protrusions then shot out from the creatures sides and gripped onto Claytons arms. Clayton felt his strength being drained before the creature let out another roar and began pulling him in. Clayton however kept a tight grip of the rope as the creature tugged and sent him over the deck.

"Darling!!!" Sara cried out.

Clayton tried to keep his grip for as long as he could, but with another powerful tug the beast pulled him loose and dragged him down into the depths below.


Came one final peel of thunder.

Beneath the waves, Clayton let out a muffled scream. As he was dragged down to the sea floor he could see the precious oxygen he had let loose rise to the surface above as the darkness began to close in around him. Using all his strength, Clayton thrashed against the corruptive cloud that had poisoned the harbor, but the shadow merely lashed against him in turn, wrapping more of its black tentacles around his body. With his options running out, Clayton looked around for something, anything to grasp a hold to or something he could use to beat the shadows away with. But with the salt water stinging his eyes, all he could see was the dark presence.

The shadow then began to creep closer and closer towards him, with its dark tentacles writhing like a nightmarish horror glowing with flashes of a sickly green light. As he was pulled further down one tentacle then suddenly shot towards Clayton and wrapped around his exposed chest. The dark flesh felt cold and clammy against his skin and sent a chill down his spine that sapped all the warmth from his body. Soon then after another tentacle shot towards him, followed by another and another that snaked their way underneath Claytons clothing before tearing them to shreds. Leaving Clayton exposed and naked for the creature to do whatever it desired to him. Clayton gave another attempt at struggling, but the tentacles only tightened their grip on him, threating to squeeze out what little breath he had left.

As he was finally dragged down far enough, Clayton could feel his body growing numb, and his lungs desperate for air. He knew he would not survive if he did not break free soon. Pulling one of his arms over he made a desperate attempt to tear one of the tentacles off his arm to free himself. But as his hand nearly reached the inky flesh, a bright green light shone from within the darkness that sent a burning jolt of pain down his arm. Similar flashes of green light then began to run along the length of his bindings. The cold that Clayton felt was then replaced by a hot burning sensation that dug into his flesh and bones. Above him, the many writhing tentacles then began to take on the shapes of gaping ghoulish maws that shone with the same sickly green light as before as they began to appear down the length of the tentacles. Clayton had to force himself not to scream as the tentacles writhing around him also lit up with the same light.

But then there was a searing jolt of pain near Claytons groin that caused him to cry out and let another burst of precious air free. A tentacle then snapped itself around his neck, keeping him locked in place and keeping him from looking down at whatever was happening to him. But even through the pain and the sea water in his eyes he could feel the hot iron burning sensation that came so close to his cock and the bright green glow that erupted from his body.

Then the shadows closed in, one tentacle shot down his throat and caused it to bulge from its massive size. Another then wiggled its way down his back and roughly inserted itself into Clayton's ass. It was then the unholy green energies began pouring into him in full force, causing Clayton's entire body to feel as though it had been lit on fire. But with the cold waters crushing around him and the burning pain of the demonic creature Clayton couldn't even let out a scream as he was racked with pain.

But in the throes of his pain and torture he paid little attention bright green energy's that were being flooded into his body and the changes that were enveloping him.

Although Clayton had already been a massive brute of a man, his muscles quickly began to grow and swell with power. The thick veins that crossed his arms throbbed as his biceps swelled to a larger size than they had ever been before. His legs also began to grow and swell, increasing his size and height with every ounce of energy that as poured into him. That very same energy also began pouring its way into Claytons very being, warping and twisting his skull and causing his nose to flatten. Once his head had changed enough, the tentacle that had made its way down Claytons throat quickly removed itself, revealing two rows of razor sharp teeth. Another jolt of energy then shot through Claytons body, and any hair on his skin was burned away in a flash. But from where his black hair and goatee had once been, a new and strange addition began to take shape. His chin now sported a pointed black tip and a long, flat black growth appeared atop his head that slinked back down his neck.

As more energy was being poured into him, Claytons hands and feet where the next to change as his individual digits were pulled together before being slowly pulled apart again, this time with a thin webbing that connected his fingers and toes together.

As Clayton thrashed under the influence of the shadowy tentacle that filled his ass, he couldn't see as his handsome visage as it was being pushed forward into a slight muzzle, his sharp teeth becoming more pronounced before his lips where finally able to hide them from the general view. But then, the biggest change of all began as a growth appeared above his ass, swelling and extending at a rapid rate as a layer of grey thick rubbery skin began to coat it. Soon his new tail reached nearly four feet in length before the tip split into a fin and began to writhe alongside its new master.

Finally, the last changes began to set in as the same grey skin that covered his tail began coating his entire body. Spreading out from his new tail it covered his broad back and across his massive chest. His tattoos and markings were strangely left alone as the skin reached his nipples and turned them stark black. His elbows then began to form slight pointed protrusions as the new skin coated his arms and went down towards his crotch.

But it did not seem that the changes were done there, Claytons once proud seven inch length swelled in growth, growing as thick as a man's wrist and to nine inches in length. One of the tentacles surrounding him them tightly cupped his balls as the skin then quickly coated his changed member and scrotum in the same grey coating that covered his body. Finally the rubbery flesh made its way up his body and coated Claytons changed face and went up towards the new fin that had formed. From there, the grey skin stopped and turned a stark black, taking on a similar pattern as the tattoos that covered his body while still keeping the same thickened rubbery skin.

As the last of the energies filled Clayton, the tentacle filling his ass then roughly removed itself. The shadow then finally began to recede, leaving Clayton to drift as it slinked off into the dark depths of the sea.

Barely able to keep himself conscious after the trauma he had endured, Clayton slowly closed his eyes as he floated. But then, a small row of slits then opened up along Clayton's neck, breathing as they took in the water of the area and expelled it. His newly made gills began to slowly fill his body with strength but he was too far gone to wake up just yet.

But still he drifted, but by some grace of the sea, he had begun to float upward.



Clayton let out a groan as he opened his eyes and looked at the sandy beach he had washed up onto. His entire body was sore and cold, although the warm feeling of the sun shining directly onto him began to fill him with more energy.

"What...happened..." Clayton muttered to himself as he tried to drag himself up onto the beach, only to stop short when he caught a glimpse of his hand.

Panic quickly filled Clayton as he reached out with his other hand and saw it in a similar state. Both of his massive arms were now covered with a rubbery grey flesh and all of his fingers now had a layer of webbing between them. Feeling his heart pound in his chest Clayton scrambled up onto the beach, nearly toppling in the process as his new tail dragged behind him.

"What the fuck!?!?!" He shouted as he looked down at his hands and then at his back, where a massive finned tail had grown out from above his ass.

Clayton then began rubbing and examining his changed face and body, desperately trying to find some sort of answer or a way to knock himself out of this nightmare. But when pinching and punching his arm didn't work he looked around the area for something he could see his reflection in so that he could figure out just what happened to him. Luckily that didn't take long when he spotted what appeared to be a piece of driftwood with a piece of glass embedded into it.

Roughly tearing out the glass he quickly held it up to his face. And although it was slightly obscured, the face he saw was no longer human.

As he angled the glass upward he finally noticed the fin he sported and realised he was just like one of the beasts that his father kept as slaves, he was now some sort of shark man. He had only encountered one of these creatures on one of his trips out to sea but they had caught him in a net before it could get close to anyone and was slain on the spot. Opening his mouth slightly he could see his two rows of sharp pointed teeth that lined his mouth and dared try to lick one of the pointed daggers. Wincing slightly as he jabbed his tongue he decided against looking into that any further and looked down at the rest of his body.

At first he noticed his chin now sported a pointed black extension in a cruel mockery of the goatee he once sported. As he looked down further it had also become apparent that his changes had also grown the rest of his body as well.

Although he always prided himself of being a big man, this was bigger than he could have ever imagined himself. Although he was now covered in grey skin, he could still see every inch of his defined physique and it would also seem that his tattoos were spared of the change. As Clayton looked down he could easily tell that his pecs had also swollen an extra inch outward. Whoever or whatever had done this to him had also seemed to add a full foot onto his height. His feet were also in a similar state as his hands, with webbing connecting each individual digit.

Tossing the glass aside he turned around and looked at his new tail. It was massive and thick, hanging behind him and dragging onto the sand with every step he took. Trying a few mental commands he attempted to get the tail to move; but the best he could manage was getting the tail to sway slightly left to right and lift itself off the ground.

Suddenly then he remembered one piece of him that he should have checked in the first place.

Turning back around he looked down and finally took in the sight of his own cock, to which he thanked his lucky stars that he still had. Although similarly grey like the rest of his body, it kept the same shape as it had always been. Reaching down he curiously fondled himself and quickly realized that his balls had grown from the process. But with all this stimulation his cock steadily began to grow.

"Nnngh...." Clayton grunted.

As his mind began to drift from his current worries his heart rate calmed. The blood that was rushing through him in a panic then began to direct itself towards his cock. As he continued to feel himself up he began to notice how even from the slight touch of his changed hands on his skin sent a shiver of pleasure down his spine. His whole body tingled with every curious grope and his cock quickly grew in response, swelling larger and larger until it all but surpassed his old length and tapered off at nine inches.

"Ooohhhh..." Clayton moaned.

He gently traced his finger around his groin, his body shivering from the stimulation. He would have sworn something felt slightly different down there, but the feeling coming from his cock was becoming too strong to ignore.

Throwing his panic and worries to the side for the moment he gripped onto his cock and gave it a stroke. His body flexed in response as he was hit with a pang of pleasure. Giving it another rub the same feeling washed over him once more. Soon he was jerking himself off shamelessly, uncaring of his state at the moment and thinking only of how badly he wanted to get off right now.

Stroking faster and faster he could feel himself get closer and closer to the edge. His swollen balls churned with seed as they built up his seed more and more until finally Clayton let out a loud moan and his cock began to throb wildly.

Like a cannon the mushroom tip of Claytons cock fired its load, sailing far and nearly striking the rocks of the cove while the rest of his seed landed onto the sandy beach. Clayton however could not see this, so lost in the pleasure that he held his head back and basked in the amazing orgasm he was experiencing.

Two, three, four, and eventually seven more shots were fired from his cock until the stream had eventually died down. Clayton however was not able to gather his senses for another minute as he stood there basking in the afterglow.

But as he came down from his high he smiled a goofy grin that displayed his rows of sharp pointed teeth.

"Damn...." He said with a toothy grin.

Clayton then looked down at his cock, feeling proud of his larger member for bringing him so much pleasure. But then he noticed something strange. Near his cock, placed only slightly above his equipment was a strange brand. It was round, but pointed, almost in the shape of an eye. As he traced his finger along it he could also feel that there was another piece of raised flesh in the very centre. He then leaned forward and tried to get a better look, but when he finally saw it in its full shape he began to remember something...

It all came rushing back to him again. The storm, the demon, and the searing pain he felt as he was dragged down into the harbor and nearly drowned. That symbol haunted him like an unblinking eye that just kept staring at him. But as he gripped his head in pain, reliving the trauma once more another memory flashed in front of him, one of a symbol he had seen on a piece of paper he had signed.

Clayton felt his blood boil as he thought back to the wizard.

The changed man then began storming down the beach thinking of how he would have his revenge for this humiliation. As his mind cleared he realized the irony of his new form and he knew that this would be the perfect "punishment" for angering a sorcerer. Magical types always did have a penchant for ironic punishments, but they normally underestimated the wrath of someone from a wealthy family whenever they angered them in turn. Their wrath had more deadly consequences.

Glancing around the area, Clayton got his bearings of the area and realised that he had been washed ashore a short walk away from the harbor. As he turned his head he paused and suddenly realised where the driftwood from earlier had come from.

The entire bay was filled with the shattered remains of ships. One half sunken ship bore the tattered insignia of his family on a torn sail as it drifted out to sea, breaking into smaller pieces with every wave.


Clayton broke out into a full run, rounding the cove he was in and rushing past the hill that covered the horizon. As he came around the bend he finally saw the Mirabelle seaport, or what little remained of it.

The harbor was filled with even more smashed and sunken ships, merchandise and driftwood gently bobbing with every wave while people on the shore and sea scrambled around trying their best to recover what they could.

It had seemed that the creature had simply not been satisfied with him alone. There were barely any ships left that were seaworthy and the water had taken what could only be a fortune in goods. From what he could see the buildings nearby didn't fare any better, with the main fish processing plant having collapsed under its own massive weight and several houses having fallen down the sloping hills.

Clayton gritted his pointed teeth and clenched his fists tightly before he rushed off down the beach towards his family's manor, his thoughts filled with blood and revenge.


With everyone so busy with the recovery, very few people took in the sight of a massive creature wrapped in a torn sail as it walked through the town. After rummaging through some driftwood Clayton was thankful that he finally had something to cover himself up with and hide his changed shape. But he still took care to avoid any overly observant person or guard as he passed the rubble that had once been a bustling port as he made his way up the hill towards his house.

It would seem that resources were spread thin with the recovery and Clayton never encountered any guards or security until he reached the very front of his house, where a massive crowd had gathered. Ducking to the side behind one of the large bushes that decorated the main pathway, Clayton looked up at the massive wooden doors where a few people stood.

"Get off my property peasants! It's not my fault your shacks fell into the sea!" cried out a shrill voice.

The crowd roared in response, clamouring towards the main door where a woman with golden blonde hair stood dressed in a black dress surrounded by guards.

But before the mob could reach her, another wave of guards in well-maintained armour stood forward, blocking their path with swords and spears threatening to gut anyone who got too close.

"We have to settle Master Alistair's funeral as well as my husband's! Then we will put your harbor back together! Now GET OUT!" Sara shrieked, causing nearly everyone, including Clayton to flinch.

"Father....?" Clayton muttered, waiting for the crowd to disperse before making his move.

As the area thinned out, Clayton snuck to the side of the house towards one of the servants entrances. He knew that his new shape would likely turn the crowd onto him, but if he was able to get to Sara she would understand and help him.

As he got to the side of the house he opened the door and walked into one of the kitchens, which was surprisingly empty considering this was the hour normally everyone was busy preparing the morning meals. Clayton reminded himself to ask why the servants were slacking off later as he slipped out the door and made his way out into the hallway.

As he entered the main gallery a few servants took notice of his presence and muttered to themselves, but did nothing to stop him as he walked through the area towards the side of the room. As he entered the adjoining hallway however he heard the familiar tapping of heels on the stone floor and he rushed towards the source, watching the door to his father's study close just as he rounded the hallway it lead to.

Clayton then stormed forward, reaching the doors and pulling them wide open with a massive pull.

"Sara!!!" He shouted.

The room was cold, the fire his father had always kept going was snuffed out and papers were scattered everywhere. A nearby window had been shattered and as Clayton took in the sight of his shocked wife he saw a weathered looking hand poking out from the side of the desk.

"Where is my father?!?" Clayton shouted as he slammed the door behind him.

"MONSTER!!!!!!!!" Sara shrieked as she saw the shark mans face, running behind the desk and throwing the chair behind it to the side in an attempt to bar Clayton's path.

"What?...No! Woman it's me! Clayton!" Clayton said as he pulled aside the sail he had been wearing, exposing his bare chest and arms along with the tattoos he sported.

Sara paused for a brief moment, gasping for breath as her pointed nails gripped onto the wooden desk in front of her. After a brief moment of silence she let out a slow breath before she composed herself.

"So, that's what that "thing" did to you..." she stated curiously.

"Yes, and I know that the witch I hired has something to do with it. But that's not important right now. Where is my father?" Clayton stated as he rounded the desk, only to pause when he saw the source of the hand he had spotted earlier.

"No..." Clayton stated softly.

"Ah yes..." Sara responded.

Sara quietly walked up to Alistair Sharktooth's body, unflinching in the presence of Clayton's bestial form and swiftly lifted up her leg and gave the corpse on the floor a swift kick.

"You bitch!" Clayton snared with his sharp teeth bared.

Sara only laughed in response as she went to the other side of the table and smugly sat on the edge.

"I knew what you and your father had planned for me. Use your connections to slowly take over my family's trade routes one by one until they all bow to your whim. Once that was done I would be dealt with in one way or another. Just like what happened to your mother." Sara stated with a cold stare.

Clayton growled and attempted to come up to Sara, but she quickly rose up a single finger that she wagged mockingly which gave Clayton pause.

"Oh I knew what your family was capable of; my father knew that before he married me off to you. So I came up with a little plan once we got married."

"I play the good housewife as your family took over everything my family worked so hard to gain. I wait until the old bastard finally kicks it and then I get rid of you. Your little plan then turns to dust and I'm left the wealthy widow of the Sharktooth family." She continued as she sported a soft grin.

"You bitch...I'll kill..."

But then Sara interrupted him again.

"Ah but this couldn't have worked out any better! When that monster smashed up his precious harbor the old man was livid. He didn't even notice when I added a little something to his drink last night..."

" killed him?" Clayton asked.

Sara only smiled and let out another chuckle.

"He only had a few years at best either way...but with both of you gone there isn't anyone stopping me!" Sara stated with a sinister grin.

"I'll ring the life out of your neck you stupid cunt!!!" Clayton roared as he charged forward.

But just as he almost reached close enough to grab onto her, an arrow whizzed past his nose and embedded itself into the mantle of the fireplace.

"Oh thank goodness! Guards! Kill this monster!" Sara stated in an overly exaggerated tone, giving one final glare to Clayton before she backed away.

Clayton turned to see a group of archers and guards, their arrows knocked and swords drawn as they prepared to attack.

"Stand down! I am the master of this house! I am Clayton!" Clayton stated as he displayed the tattoos on his arms towards the group of guards.

But then another arrow went whizzing by his ear and Clayton realized that they did not believe him.

Backing away slowly, Clayton tried to increase the gap between himself and the armed men, but with every step he took, they took another step closer. He was quickly running out of room and soon found himself leaning against one of the bookcases in the study with his eyes darting around the room for some way to escape.

"Fire!" shouted Sara with an almost girlish glee.

As the archers loosed their arrows, Clayton acted on instinct. He quickly dodged to the left, towards the open window and quickly leapt out onto the small patio that overlooked the sea.

The drop down had to be at least forty feet, and the entire area was littered by pointed rocks. As Clayton looked around for some way to escape again he found that there was no way out.

The guards and archers quickly followed behind him, their boots slamming on the stones of the patio heralding his demise. Taking a breath Clayton rushed towards the railing and leapt over the side.


The tower was quiet that night as Lesser sat in his bed.


After so much time having passed, the Conjuror Lesser had seen better days. His skin was pallid and sickly and his raven hair had turned a dirty grey. Most of the time he hardly had the strength to get around the tower and kept to his room and library.

With the deal left undone the spell sickness had worn heavily on him, and with no other methods of regaining his strength available at the moment he could barely maintain the spells that protected his tower.


As Lesser let out another cough he covered his mouth with the sheet he had wrapped around him before reaching out to take a sip from the nearby cup of hot chocolate he kept nearby. As he took his drink his body relaxed slightly, but his condition did not improve by much. Just as he shakily set the cup back onto his bedside table, a knock came from the door.

"Come in..." Lesser groaned

The wooden door slowly creaked open and Brutus came in from the hallway.

" are you?" he asked as he carried in a tray with a large bowl of steaming broth sitting on it.

"I've been better..." Lesser muttered as Brutus came inside and set the tray on the nearby table.

"You shouldn't have exerted yourself from letting that creature out..." Brutus stated softly.

"It needed to be done." Lesser stated bluntly as he pulled his sheets aside and shakily stood up.

"I know master, but what will it solve? The fool may suffer but you are still weak. And I do not think that demon will just leave us be. Could you even banish it again in your current state?" Brutus asked as he pulled out a chair for Lesser.

"We will be fine...besides, I have a big brute like you to protect me." Lesser stated with a shaky grin as he sat down and looked at the soup before him.

Brutus cracked a smile at Lesser's comment and the red demon began to blush slightly.

"I know master...but I'm not sure even I can..."


Suddenly Brutus was interrupted by a tiny ball of shadow that came whizzing into the room.

"Peep! Peep!!!" the shadow chirped.

"Huh? What? Slow down..." Lesser groaned as he winced and placed his palm against his forehead.


"What?" Lesser asked.

"Peep!!" the shadow repeated.

"Huh...." Lesser stated with a long pause before he pushed his tray aside and stood up.

"Master?" Brutus asked as he stood near Lesser, ready to catch him should he stagger.

"We have a guest." Lesser stated with a soft grin.

Taking some time, Lesser and Brutus took the stairs that winded down the length of the bone tower that lead to its ground floor. Pushing aside a curtain Lesser walked into the main gallery where a light thumping sound was echoing from the far wall.

Lesser then rose up a shaky hand and waved it across the room. The plain wall on the other side of the room then began to shimmer and the stones became slightly transparent, allowing them to see what was on the other side.

On the other side of the wall was a strange creature smacking its fists against the surface of the tower and shouting something. He was a shark man from the look of things, and was wearing a tattered cloak. He was also covered with an assortment of cuts and bruises and appeared to have travelled for a long time.

"One of those creatures? He is far from the sea..." Brutus muttered.

As the creature slammed its fists into the tower once again, the robe that it was wearing slipped down slightly and revealed the tattoos the creature had on its arms. Lesser smirked in response and waved his hand again. The wall shimmered once again just as the shark man was preparing for another strike, but as his fists came down again, he was met with no resistance, sending him toppling forward into the tower just as the wall reformed behind him.

"Well look who came to visit. Hello Clayton" Lesser stated coyly.

"You! Wizard I'll kill you!" Snarled Clayton as he got up onto his feet and charged toward Lesser.

As the shark man rushed forward his stance staggered as his tail dragged behind him. But that would have changed little as Brutus rushed forward to meet him, holding out a massive arm and striking Clayton directly in the abdomen, knocking the wind right out of him.

"GAH!" Clayton gagged as he gripped onto his stomach and gasped for breath.

"Now that's just rude. Wouldn't the son of a distinguished fishing baron know how to act when he is a guest in someone else's home?" Lesser said as he stepped forward, looking down at Claytons hunched body.

"You.... ruined ......everything...EVERYTHING!" Clayton said with rushed gasps for air.

"And you went back on a deal. I think we are even." Lesser responded.

Clayton heaved for breath for a few more moments before he was able to turn his head up to look at Lesser.

"My father is dead because of you!" Clayton shouted.

Lesser flinched at the sudden outburst and his cocky smirk was lost as he frowned.

"I apologize for your loss, but it is not my fault he passed." Lesser stated solemnly.

"That bitch killed him! Poisoned him! Now she has taken everything and I'm a freak! It's all your fault!" Clayton snarled as he pulled himself to his feet, only to be glared at by Brutus as he cracked his knocked in response.

"That's business for you." Lesser stated casually.

"You have taken enough from me! Now change me back!" Clayton said as he stared up at Lesser with a venomous glare.

"Now why should I do that? You broke your deal with me; I'm under no obligation to help you. Go bug some other magician" Lesser stated dismissively.

Clayton gritted his teeth and bared his sharp fangs in response.

"Fine! I'll be your whore for a week! Just change me back!" Clayton snarled.

"Tut, tut, you also defaulted on your contract. You would have to work twice that now and I don't think I'll even give you that chance" Lesser stated coyly.

"Fine! Two weeks, a month! I don't care! Just change me back!' Clayton shouted.

Lesser paused and rose up his hand to his chin, rubbing it as he thought to himself.

"Beg." Lesser stated.

"What?" Clayton exclaimed.

"You heard me, beg. Beg for my forgiveness, beg for my help, beg for your life even. You have wronged me and I could cast you out into the wild without a second thought. Show me that you are worth my time." Lesser stated coldly.

"You lecherous little..." Clayton swore.

"Brutus?" Lesser stated as he turned around and waved dismissively.

The demon grinned as he walked up to Clayton with his arms outstretched.

Clayton froze in place as the demon dwarfed even his own impressive stature. As he watched Lesser walk away he found his prospects for getting his life back dwindling.

"Wait, please I'm sorry!" Clayton shouted.

Lesser rose up a hand and Brutus paused, respectfully turning around and bowing towards his master as he stepped away, all while keeping an eye on the sharks movements.

"Well...I'm waiting." Lesser stated as he turned to face Clayton with his arms folded.

Clayton grit his teeth and got onto his hands and knees. He looked down at the floor for a brief moment, swallowing his pride before he looked up at the conjuror.

"Please help me." He stated.

"What was that? I didn't hear you." Lesser asked.

"I said, please help me!" Clayton responded.

"Please help me what?" Lesser said with a grin as his features began to soften.

"Please help me sir!" Clayton shouted.

Lesser rolled his eyes in response and let out a yawn.

"No no, that's still not enough. If you are going to work for me, you need to treat me with more respect." Lesser responded, the grey coloration leaving his skin and his wrinkles fading.

"Please help me m'lord?" Clayton asked.

"I'm not a lord, or a king or anything like that. You're going to have to try a little harder than that." Lesser stated.

"Please help me...master?" Clayton asked again.

Lesser smiled as the colour returned to his face and his posture began to straighten. Brutus watched on with a grin as he watched Lesser's condition repair itself in front of his eyes.

"Yes, master, that's more appropriate. When you work for me, I will be the master and you will be my pet. Now what do you want me to do for you my pet?" Lesser said with a grin.

"Please help me change back master!" Clayton shouted bitterly.

"Good, now will you do everything I ask without question?" Lesser asked.

"Yes....master...." Clayton said sourly.

Lesser frowned at that response and Brutus grunted in turn, giving his knuckles another crack which sent a jolt of fear down Claytons spine.

"I mean yes master!" Clayton shouted with more enthusiasm.

Lesser smiled and nodded, raising up his hand and snapping his fingers. From out of thin air a paper unrolled to reveal the same elegantly written contract that Clayton had seen before, including his own signature and the conjurors insignia he now had branded into his flesh.

"You know, I'm not even sure I could change you back even if I tried. That was a powerful demon I sent to you and he put one hell of a curse on you. It would take time before I could even begin try breaking it." Lesser stated thoughtfully.

"What am I supposed to do until then?" Clayton asked before adding a "master" to the end of his sentence.

"Considering how well you begged, I am willing to re-negotiate the terms of your contract." Lesser stated.

Waving his hand across the back of the paper, the words that made up the contract began to shift and jumble. After a few moments the paper stabilized and Clayton's signature faded from the bottom from the page.

"You will still need to work as an escort for me, but I will allow you to stay in my tower while I figure out a way to break your curse. After your first debt is paid I will begin my research while you continue to work for me, earning your food and board along with the cost of breaking the curse until you can be changed back." Lesser stated.

"How long will that take?" Clayton asked.

Lesser shrugged in response as he produced a pen from his cloak and handed it to Brutus, who in turn gave it to Clayton.

"Like I said, I'm not sure if I could even do it. You're welcome to leave after you have paid for that first spell if you like. There are plenty of other sorcerers out there that are more powerful than me. But they would likely either sell you off to slavery or gut you and use your body for some spell. If that's not your taste you can try to go back to your old life, but most people aren't too friendly towards your kind. I wouldn't recommend trying to go to your own kind though. From what I hear the shark people of the depths aren't too hospitable." Lesser explained.

"So it's either stay with you, become a slave, or get torn to pieces by sea monsters?" Clayton asked as he examined the pen in his hand.

"If that's how you want to look at it I suppose. If you stay here you will be given a place to sleep along with three meals a day. Although you must do everything I say without question." Lesser stated cautiously.

Clayton grunted as he gripped the pen in his hand before he snatched the paper in front of him and quickly scrawled his name onto the bottom of the page.

Suddenly then, the words that Clayton had written onto the bottom of the contract began to glow brightly. The black ink that Clayton had used suddenly turned bright red before the contract rolled itself back up and Lesser grabbed it.

"Alright then, you are now my pet for the foreseeable future. I think I will give you a new name in the meantime ...I think I'll call you Onyx!" Lesser stated with a smirk.

"Onyx?" The shark stated curiously as he got up onto his webbed feet.

"I think it fits. Now then, you start today, so here is your uniform!" Lesser stated as he pulled out a familiar green fabric from his robe and tossed it towards Onyx.

The shark grabbed the cloth and strung it out between his fingers. Even with his grey skin it was easy to see that he was blushing as he shrugged off his robe and exposed himself to the conjuror. Slowly pulling the green thong up he was forced to adjust his package, as the skimpy garment barely covered his massive manhood.

Pulling the straps into place he tried his best to make himself look at least somewhat decent before he looked back up at the conjuror, who seemed very different from the aged hag he had been looking at a moment ago.

It was like the day he had first met him. His skin was an impeccable ivory white and his hair was a black as the darkest void. He carried himself with confidence and a bit of joviality as he smiled at him with the same cocky grin he gave him when he first told him what his price was.

"Now then, it's time to get to work."


After assigning Onyx his new room and giving him a brief rundown of the rules of the tower Lesser and Brutus left the changed man and made their way up the main staircase of the tower. As Brutus walked up through the tower with Lesser, he the demon idly looked towards his master. He seemed thankful that he had regained his health, but still concerned with the way he had acted.

"Master...isn't it well within your power to...?"

"I am a man of my word Brutus. Once his debt is paid I will work on a solution." Lesser interrupted.

As they rose to the next level of the tower Lesser pushed open the door to his library and Brutus followed steadily behind.

"Yes, but why keep him around if you know you could simply change him back and send the wretch away? It's not like you have anything to gain from keeping him here." Brutus questioned.

"I told you, he would pay me everything he owes me with interest. Besides, no matter what I do, he can never go back to the man he once was. At least not exactly." Lesser stated as he turned to face the demon.

"But why give him that hope?" Brutus asked again.

Lesser shrugged dismissively as he walked over to one of his bookshelves, idly scanning its contents before picking out a particular volume.

"Hope is a funny thing like that. He can hope all he wants and some day he may very well get back the life he once had again. But that very same hope could drag him down and keep him on a path that may very well be actually, hopeless. It's up to him to figure out his own fate and how he wishes to live his life. I'm just offering him a sanctuary from a world that would enslave or kill him for being what he now is. Most wouldn't even offer that kindness." Lesser mused as he held the book in his hands before turning towards the chair he kept near the open window.

"Very well, I will respect your decision on this." Brutus stated as he bowed respectively.

Lesser smiled as he sat down and opened his book.

"Oh and Brutus, have Onyx entertain the gentlemen that will be arriving tomorrow. I'm sure the centaurs will enjoy his company." Lesser stated as he reached for a cup of hot chocolate that was sitting on the nearby table.

"Yes master, I will ensure that your new pet is kept very busy." Brutus replied with a smirk of his own.

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