Temple of the Exiled God - Part One

Story by Shakal on SoFurry

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#1 of Temple of the Exiled God

Shakal and Salgrus discover an ancient temple in the depths of the jungle...

Originally posted by Danath here: Temple of the Exiled God - Part 1

Temple of the Exiled God - Part One

By Danath


Salgrus and Shakal are © their owner.

* * *

Salgrus peered into the dark entrance of the ancient temple. Some of the moss-covered stones forming the arching entryway had crumbled and plants busily overtook every crack in the cracked and, frankly, dangerous-looking facade. Salgrus shivered as he heard the temple "breathing" - old structures like this of a certain size developed regular air currents that sometimes led to the effect. Salgrus could feel a touch of the wind on the back of his spotted neck. The leopard-colored hyena knew it was a natural phenomenon, but sometimes, especially late at night, isolated from the rest of civilization, peering into the abyss... sometimes he wondered whether these ancient temples really were alive.

Salgrus didn't notice his archaeological partner, Shakal, walk up behind him. The black panther stood next to him and stared into the inky black entrance, back at Salgrus, then up to the sky, where the full moon illuminated the surrounding mountains. He looked over at Salgrus again and finally spoke.

"What are you looking at?"

The hyena leapt several feet into the air. His long, lion-like tail went straight out as he landed. His claws nearly poked holes through the reinforced soles of his specialized jungle boots when he landed.

"Shakal! You scared me!"

The panther grinned. "Sorry... wasn't trying to. Was standing there and you didn't notice! What were you looking for?"

"Oh... nothing. Just thinking."

The black panther was taller than Salgrus by nearly half a foot. He was broad-shouldered, good looking, with a strong jaw and a well-built runner's body, lean and powerful. He'd had far less trouble traversing the various overgrown trails, mountain passes, and other obstacles over the past two weeks than Salgrus, who was naturally skinny and lacked muscle definition.

The two had discovered the temple earlier in the day. It was right where they thought it would be based on the deciphered scraps of ancient dried leaves and wall carvings they'd found across the area. It all pointed to the existence of this very temple, the culmination of two years of vigorous research. After two weeks of travel in some very rough country, however, both archaeologists were ready for their sleeping bags after a short celebratory glass of hot chocolate around their small, solar-powered portable water purifier.

"I got the tent set up," Shakal said. "If you want to get some sleep, go for it. I'm going to check our supplies. I want to be ready to go in the morning and get into that temple as soon as it's light out."

"Sounds good!"

Salgrus nodded at the panther and headed towards their small two-person tent. It was small and crowded, but it kept out the flora, fauna, and rain. Salgrus crawled inside and zipped up the flap behind him. He could hear Shakal outside, shifting around their backpacks - every night they would place them in tough, waterproof, smell-proof sacks and hang them from a nearby tree. It kept them safe from nature and meant their tent was a little less crowded.

The hyena yawned as he rolled onto his sleeping back and pulled it up around him. The jungle was warm enough that their sleeping bags were little more than treated, lightweight sacks made of specialized fabric blends designed to shed water and retain heat. There was no comfortable down stuffing, but it was better than sleeping on bare rock.

He was happy they found the temple. A few days to mark it, explore a bit, and then they could call in a waiting helicopter to pull them out using the small radio they'd brought with. Temples like this were nearly impossible to see from the air, but once they knew where it was, they could return anytime without two weeks of hiking. Within a few minutes, Salgrus fell asleep, exhausted from the day's travel.

Shakal finished hanging their bags and unzipped the tent. He whispered Salgrus's name, but the only response was the hyena's slow breathing. Shakal stood back up and undressed outside of the tent so that he wouldn't accidentally bump into his partner and wake him up.

The shuffling of clothes still managed to wake Salgrus, a naturally light sleeper. He blinked as he stared out of the open tent flap where, just beyond, Shakal stood stretching, bathed in the moonlight. His silky black fur shone spectacularly as he leaned back, arms lifted above his head, twisting his hips to work the kinks out of his back. Salgrus's eyes remained wide open as he stared at the panther's nude body.

The hyena had carried a torch for Shakal the past two years, ever since they were introduced to each other by someone who knew of their similar interests in exploring the ancient ruins of the long-lost culture of this area. It had been a long two years for Salgrus. He was too shy to express to Shakal his interest in a relationship beyond their friendship and the panther gave him not a single sign in all that time that such a move would be welcome. Shakal was gay, like him - one of the many points over which they'd bonded during previous lengthy excursions - but there didn't seem to be any kind of attraction on the panther's part that replicated the hyena's emotions.

What made it worse were times like this, when Shakal felt a little too free about showing his body. The panther wasn't quite an exhibitionist, but he wasn't shy, either, and had gone skinny dipping in various jungle pools and lakes on no less than four separate occasions in the past two weeks. Once he'd showered under a waterfall, totally naked. At one point, while Salgrus swam in a pool they'd found, the panther jumped in, swam over to the rock ledge, and cleaned himself, right in front of the hyena. It had taken all of Salgrus's willpower to look away, though Shakal didn't seem to notice or care as the clear water cascaded down his shoulders, over his hard belly, around his plump sheath...

Salgrus bit his lower lip as he realized he was rock hard. His package tingled ferociously. It was familiar to the chimeric hyena - the past two weeks had been tough. He hadn't even been able to masturbate for fear of Shakal discovering him. Even now his cheeks burned at the thought of the panther sleeping next to him while he was in this state. The panther was still pulling off his boots, so Salgrus quickly adjusted himself and rolled onto his side to hide his arousal. He wasn't very large - less than five inches - and his embarrassment about his own body was, he knew, part of the reason he hadn't approached Shakal, who fit the classical description of male beauty perfectly.

Still, Salgrus had felt more discomfort over his pent-up arousal than usual. It seemed the longer they were in the jungle, the stronger his urges became. Several times as he followed Shakal through the jungle he'd simply stare at the handsome feline's backside, totally hard, lost in sexual thoughts that didn't seem to be quite his own. He was a bottom, but out here in the jungle, he couldn't stop thinking about being both bottom, top, everything with the panther.

The hyena closed his eyes as Shakal crawled into the tent. The panther set his boots down at the foot of his sleeping bag, along with his clothes, and zipped up the flap. He sprawled out on his back and let out a sigh.

Salgrus had nearly fallen asleep again when he heard the panther whisper his name again.

"Salgrus? You awake?"

The hyena didn't move. He was awake, but barely, and whatever the panther wanted to talk about could wait until morning - he didn't want to risk inadvertently showing his bulge in the thin sleeping bag and embarrass himself.

A few moments later, rather than a snore, Salgrus heard a low moan. It was very faint, but definitely came from Shakal. The hyena was on his side, facing Shakal, with an arm up to partially obscure his face and one of his eyes. His other eye, however, cracked open just a bit. What he saw made his cock ache even more.

The panther's paw wrapped around a thick pink shaft. It moved up and down slowly, rubbing velvet pads across sensitive barbs. The panther's other paw rested on his chest, occasionally pulling at a nipple or stroking his own belly. Up and down, up and down, slowly working his thick erection with his paw. The moonlight penetrated the tent just enough to illuminate the bead of pre-cum that drooled from the tip and Salgrus bit his lower lip again, trying not to give away that he was awake as he watched the panther pleasure himself.

He should say something... it was creepy to watch... but... Salgrus was too embarrassed and aroused at the same time to do anything. It was awkward whether he spoke up or not... better to just lie still and pretend to sleep.

But Salgrus couldn't look away. The panther's erection glistened as the paw smeared pre-cum around the smooth pole. He watched as the panther's breathing quickened. Another small growl of pleasure rumbled out of Shakal's broad muzzle. The paw moved quicker and a steady "schlick-schlick-schlick" echoed in the tent. Salgrus's cock jerked as he listened and watched, wishing he could reach out and give the panther a helping hand... or mouth... or rump...

Shakal's hips arched away from the sleeping bag. Salgrus watched as the panther's paw tightened up around the fat base of his proud erection, squeezing hard. The tip throbbed deliciously and Salgrus felt a burst of pre splatter in his shorts. The panther's muzzle opened in a silent moan as a few thick bursts splattered across the black-furred male's chest. One, two, three thick jets, each as big as the others arched out of the thick tip, leaving a wet trail from the feline's chest to his belly. Salgrus struggled not to groan with lust as more urges filled him, telling him to reach out, to grab the panther, to rut the male and claim him...

An errant stream of warm male seed splattered across Salgrus's cheek. The panther didn't notice - he was too lost in his powerful, pleasurable orgasm. Salgrus's entire body went taut as he felt the sizable droplet roll down his cheek. He could smell it. Musky, masculine, salty... he didn't dare move as the panther's hips flopped back onto the sleeping bag. The well-hung male shivered, paw still working up and down, smearing thick cum around the half-hard rod. Eventually, the panther's breathing slowed. He opened his eyes as Salgrus watched and used a bit of the inside of his sleeping bag to wipe off some of the seed stuck to his chest. After that, the panther rolled onto his side, facing away from the hyena, and fell asleep in moments.

Salgrus couldn't take it. Fishing around in his clothes, he pulled out a small LED flashlight and his shirt. He waited as long as he could before crawling out of his sleeping bag and through the tent flap, carefully maneuvering over the sleeping panther. His cock pulsed in his shorts, bulging outwards, hard as he could ever remember it. He left Shakal alone inside as he zipped it up behind him. Holding the flashlight, he pulled on his shirt, then turned on the flashlight and looked around. He nearly doubled over as a tingling, intense burst of pleasure unlike anything he'd felt before struck his midsection. He had to cum. But there was no way he could do what Shakal did and just use a paw in front of another sleeping male. He was too insecure for such bold behavior. He had to find some place. He had to... his paw groped at his shorts, squeezing his bulge, unable to stop as he cast the small beam of the flashlight over the mossy rocks.

The small stone courtyard of sorts where they'd decided to camp was surrounded by dense trees growing high and tall overhead, leaving only a bit of the sky visible, moon included. Roots uprooted the stones at the edges of the clearing. Salgrus had no desire to wander off into the jungle alone at night for a wank. He needed someplace more concealed, but still close by and safe. He doubled over again as his paw squeezed his erection through his clothes, panting hotly all the while. Why was it so intense? He'd been on two-week dry spells before, but he'd never experienced such powerful urges.

Images flashed in his mind. Shakal's thick maleness, pulsing fat loads of cum. The panther, on his belly, rump raised, tail lifted, begging for him. He stifled a groan as the images continued, a porno in his own mind of the dirty, lustful desires he was surprised to feel come from his own, usually passive imagination. He watched in his mind's eye as he rode the panther's cock, blasting a load across Shakal's black muzzle; he could almost feel the panther's claws clutching at his hips, pulling him down onto the meaty shaft. Then he was on top again, pounding the well-built male, pawing at his shoulders and back, clutching the panther's short head fur.

Was Shakal feeling the same lust as he was? Maybe that's why the panther couldn't resist jacking himself off right there in the tent, despite the risk of being discovered. If Shakal experienced half of what Salgrus felt at the moment, it explained a lot.

Salgrus grit his teeth, trying to focus. He had to cum more than he would have thought possible. The beam of his flashlight shook as it penetrated the entrance to the temple, revealing the same stone steps leading downwards as they saw earlier in the day. Salgrus slipped just inside the entrance - past the two tall, square columns on either side of the opening, and leaned against the wall, bracing his shoulders against the smooth, surprisingly cool stone slabs forming the walls. His feet curled into the moss on the top of the stair as he pulled his shorts down around his knees. Inside the temple's entrance, the feelings of lust and desire grew even stronger. He moaned more loudly, unable to help himself.

The hyena's erection popped straight up. He circled it with his paw. The shaft jerked, throbbing hard at its full length, short as that may be. The hyena's lion-tail swished between his legs, half-curled, as he jerked himself off desperately. A spotted paw rose to his cheek and scooped the panther's seed from his fur with a single finger. Salgrus closed his eyes as he pressed the tip between his lips, tasting his crush's cum. More images swirled in his heated brain of the panther. He had to stifle a moan of pleasure at the taste as images of Shakal's naked body filtered through his mind's eye. It didn't take much for the over-stimulated hyena to cum. His leopard-colored fur stood on end as he felt his shaft twitch in his paw; moments later, several thick shots of cum arced out, bigger loads than he could normally produce. Most of it trickled down his fingers, soaking into his fur, but a few drops fell to the floor.

As soon as those little white beads impacted the stone, a rush of air blew out of the temple past Salgrus. Salgrus's eyes went wide and the beam of the flashlight wavered. He reached down and, ignoring the mess on his paw, yanked his shorts up. His cock pumped a few more loads into the insides of his shorts, sending bolts of pleasure through his spine. He fell back against the wall, knees wobbling, as cum ran down the insides of his thighs. It felt incredible, but the noise only grew louder. He tried to push away from the wall, but the hyena couldn't stop cumming - his hips thrust outwards and his shorts fell back down, revealing his spurting, jerking erection. His paw closed around it even as his eyes widened, watching a massive stone block fall from the ceiling over the entrance. Despite the pleasure overwhelming his common sense, he noticed the shape of the thing was perfectly fit for the entrance. A trap.

Salgrus dropped his flashlight, causing the beam to fly about crazily. Both paws went to his five-inch shaft as another blast of pleasure shook his body. More cum. More cum than he'd ever produced before. It felt so incredibly good, but he had to get out before that rock shut him in... only... only...

Images of Shakal's muzzle wrapped around his erection invaded his mind. Then Shakal behind him, holding him, pumping inside of him.

"No... no... no! No no no no!" Salgrus moaned out loud as the stone slid down, cutting off the beam of moonlight from outside. His eyes went wide as he jerked himself off, unable to stop the pleasure that prevented him from moving. The stone dropped the last several feet, slamming into place with a massive bang, making the hyena's ears twist back against his head.

As soon as the stone landed, the male's orgasm died off, leaving him moaning, panting, sticky, both paws covered in seed. He groaned as he fell to his knees in front of the stone, the only illumination in the darkness the small beam of his flashlight. Cock still hanging out, dripping with cum, he smacked his sticky palms against the stone, berating himself internally for being so stupid as to risk exactly this sort of thing all for a quick wank. It had been a particularly incredible wank, but that didn't matter now, did it?

"Damn it... this can't get any worse!"

When, a moment after he'd spoken, the faint sound of chanting echoed up the stairs from somewhere within the temple, Salgrus's eyes popped wide open.

The flashlight flickered and went out.

"Oh, come on!"

* * *

Back in the tent, Shakal sat upright, ears ringing. He looked through the half-open tent flap, then over at Salgrus's sleeping bag. Empty. When had the hyena left? How had he not woken up? He'd fallen asleep after jacking off - twinges of pleasure echoed up the panther's spine as he recalled the intensity of the orgasm - but he hadn't been that deep asleep, had he?

The panther leapt through the opening, tearing the zipper in his haste, and ran towards the temple entrance, which was now fully blocked by a huge rock. He ran up to it and slapped it with his paws, shouting Salgrus's name, but there was no reply. Either his friend was trapped underneath the rock, injured or dead, or the hyena couldn't hear him through what must be two feet of solid stone. He hoped it was the latter.

There was only one thing he could do. In a rush, the panther pulled down their packs and retrieved a lamp, rope, and first aid supplies. He pulled his clothes from the tent and dressed rapidly, then clambered around the side of the entrance, heading into the moonlit jungle. There had to be another entrance - they'd crossed a river earlier in the day. Maybe the river supplied the temple with water and he could swim his way in. In his haste, he forgot completely about their little radio, of calling for help, of anything but finding Salgrus safely.

He hefted his backpack over his shoulders and clutched the length of rope with one paw. The other held a larger, more powerful flashlight, which illuminated the dense underbrush of the jungle to the side of the temple wall. He pushed his way through large ferns blocking his path, disappearing into the darkness, where the moonlight couldn't penetrate.

"Don't worry, Salgrus... I'm coming!"

To be continued...

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