Eeveelutions of Time: Chapter #9

Story by The Astonishing Antman on SoFurry

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#9 of Eeveelutions of Time

The moment has finally arrived! Instead of me doing the rambling I'll let the story speak for itself! Please enjoy!

Just wanted to update it, and change some things :33

The darkest hours of the night finally came to an end, and the morning sun had just started to shower over the horizon. It was the beginning of a very special day, one where trainers all across the globe treated their Pokemon to numerous luxuries that they had to offer. While giving Pokemon attention wasn't usually out of the ordinary, it was a special tradition to celebrate the existence of Pokémon and everything they've done to help shape the world that they live in today. Often times the routes were deserted, and the commotion would all take place in the cities and towns; because of this--it was peaceful around the area that the two eeveelutions slept. Neither of the Pokemon were aware of what went on during this particular occasion, and they normally treated it like any other day. The Umbreon was usually only awake during the dusk hours when it was all over, and the Jolteon always did his own thing independently, thus lacking the knowledge for the holiday.

It was early in the morning when things started to get a bit livelier; and with the wind rustling through the trees and the morning birds chirping--the Umbreon couldn't stay asleep for long. He slowly became conscious, opening his eyelids as he presses his paws out--stretching his legs. With a quick shake of his curvy body, he swiftly stood up on his legs. Looking over to his right, he spotted an orange that looked perfect to snack on in the morning. Without any hesitation, he reached over to grab the fruit. He wasn't quite sure how others would open this, as it wasn't the typical fruit he'd find over at his own forest. He thought for a moment, before deciding to use his stubby teeth as a way to peel off the orange. He only had one tooth that pointed more than the others, and so he used it to penetrate the initial shell of the orange. Using his blunt teeth, he scraped off the edges a little bit at a time as he got a rhythm going. Twenty minutes passed as Umbra was beginning to understand how to peel the orange, when suddenly a nudge to his side was given as the electric type just woke up. "Need help, short stuff?" he asked, eyes drooping down as he had just woken up.

"I can do this!" Umbra replied almost immediately, continuing to feel for the edges of the shell as he slowly peeled it off. Eventually the soft part of the orange was all that was left on the fruit, and Umbra knew from that moment that it was the edible part of the orange. Before he could dig in, however, Jolty gave out a soft chuckle as he slowly shakes his own body in an effort to wake up. "Wow, look at you--already figured out how to peel a fruit with your stubby teeth!"

The dark type looked over at the Jolteon, giving a feisty glare as he slowly put down his orange. His face scrunched up a bit when the electric type mentioned his stubby teeth. He turned himself over and gave the electric type a quick, firm pawing to the face--a thud as his left paw pressed against the middle of Jolty's face. "You better hush up, Jolts!" He wasn't about to let the Jolteon mess around with him today, especially since he was beginning to open up more to the other Pokemon!

"Go eat your orange before I sit on it, short stuff!" Jolty teased, slowly making his way towards the fruit. Umbra immediately reacted in seconds, dashing over to gnaw at the orange--softly chewing on each individual section that the orange had. Normally it was uncommon for most Pokemon to understand how to properly take a fruit such as an orange apart, the usual being to ravage through it and devour it whole; however, the Umbreon was wise and a bit more graceful about his eating--most of the time.

After some time, the dark type finally finished his little snack, and the two were both wide awake to spend the whole day together. Due to what previously occurred the day before, they weren't in any rush to leave their little sanctuary. The Umbreon was taking his time in trying to find what would be the safest alternate route they could travel without any unwanted confrontation. There were already numerous different situations that came about just from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Jolty, on the other hand, was thinking about something completely different.

The electric type couldn't help but think about the words that the Espeon stated yesterday. He wasn't exactly sure as to whether or not she was credible in her words--however as time passed on he did feel that strong connection, which would directly correlate to what she said. In his heart he could feel the warmth growing as he spent more time with the Umbreon, and it wasn't in his personality and nature to fully express it; he's never experienced anything like this before. He didn't try and think much about taking things to the next level with the Umbreon initially, as he wasn't sure if it was ever the right moment to do so; but with time passing on he felt that the time was lingering closer and closer. As much as he wouldn't want to initially admit it, the feelings of romance weren't the only ones he was experienced. Down on his lower body, he felt his crotch area harden at awkward times as they slept close together. Even to the thought of the dark type he could feel his member grow uncontrollably. The playful tackles he gave the Umbreon weren't any easier on these feelings either. He wondered if Umbra ever felt the same about him, and with a few moments he finally took that initiative to finally ask and get some answers.

"Hey...Umbra?" he said with a short pause.

Umbra peered over, slowly realizing he was being talked to. "Yes, big stuff?" he replied, curious as to what was on the other Pokemon's mind.

The Jolteon took a few moments to recollect his thoughts and all of his feelings; slowly taking everything he wanted to say in his head and putting it into words. He wasn't sure what would become of his upcoming confession, and he only hoped that the Umbreon understood his feelings. He grew nervous, relaxing his paws on the ground beneath him--as he prepared himself for anything to happen. Eventually, Jolty finally had the courage to speak up.

"It's about you, actually...I've noticed that you've been acting differently since I first met you that night. You were reserved and very reluctant, but now you've changed and blossomed into a whole new person. I may not have initially realized at first, but I think there's something that I've finally took note of--my feelings for you." With a few seconds to collect his thoughts, he continued on; the Umbreon listening with wide eyes and open ears.

"I wanted to help you when you were in trouble that first night, but I never expected things to turn out this way. I never would've thought after returning to my area that I'd miss you, much less worry about your well-being. While I always care about others, there was something different about you--something that I always admired and liked. Over time, I've come to realize that these weren't just friendly emotions that I had towards you, and it became much more." He stated, slowly looking into the Umbreon's gray eyes. "I think I'm falling for you, Umbra!" That soft expression soon turned into a passionate, playful one as he stated his feelings, slowly getting riled up from letting everything out.

The Umbreon didn't know what to say initially, as this wasn't something he'd experienced either. His feelings for the Jolteon were slowly becoming apparent each day, and while he knew that Jolty had to be the one--he didn't know how to go about it. Fortunately for the dark type, he wouldn't have to make his move, as Jolty did that for him. With a soft, warm smile--he stuck out his tongue before beginning to speak himself.

"I never would've thought...that I'd be here right now, face-to-face with the person I've always admired--telling me that they had a crush on me. I always felt that I'd have to initiate my feelings towards you, Jolty. I've always felt something warm inside when I'm near you. I know I can rely on you to help keep me out of harm's way, unlike any other Pokemon I've ever encountered. There's something special about you...and I knew it since the first night." The dark type suddenly trembled under his breath as he formulated the next few words. "I-I've also being experiencing intimate feelings for you--in ways that I've never felt before." Umbra admitted, slowly becoming flustered. His eyes drifted off to the side to shield his embarrassment, but that was short-lived as the electric type suddenly pounced on the Umbreon. Since the dark type was sitting down in an upright position, his body was pressed back against the ground; back against the surface. He felt his lower area twitch a bit, realizing that the Jolteon's member was pressing right up against his. He figured it was an accidental coincidence, but the look on the electric type's face said otherwise.

"Aww, is my short stuff really thinking intimate thoughts about me? Maybe I'll have to fulfill those little fantasies of yours!" Jolty teased, as his hips slowly thrusted forward, frotting his member against Umbra's own. Their lengths were comparably similar, however the Jolteon's sported an extra inch; nine inches to be exact. They were pink, and both erect from the close, intimate stimulation. Without a word, the Umbreon's thighs trembled as he felt his body heat up--this was happening all too fast; however, his body wasn't denying anything. He'd never been with anyone, much less interacted explicitly. The tip of his throbbing member oozed a small amount of pre-cum from the sensations of their bodies pressed together, and his face grew red with heat and embarrassment as he slowly moved his own hips in sync to the Jolteon's movements.

"Oh, you like that--huh Umbra? I guess you really want me! Looks like I'm going to have to get you better acquainted with my lower body..." Jolty said enticingly. The Umbreon didn't know how to reply, everything was fast-paced, and he had trouble keeping up with the Jolteon. Not only from his low speed, but from his mind racing with thoughts. Was he really going through with this? Was the electric type really interested in him? The questions in his head drifted away as the electric Pokemon turned his body around, with his rump was just above Umbra's face. He slowly leaned down, and his member grew closer and closer to the dark type's face. His hips were just inches away from Umbra, parallel to the other side of their bodies; where Jolty's face was mere inches away from Umbra's nub. Jolty didn't waste any time in nuzzling his face against the shaft. "Don't be shy, Umbra, give my nub a sloppy lick!" Jolty said, with pure lust in his mind. All he could think about was how the Umbreon tasted, and what his warm maw felt like.

The dark type looked directly in front of him to find Jolty's member right up against his face. He didn't know how to do this, as he was new to everything that was going on. He was nervous to touch it, and his cheeks flourished as his fantasies were slowly becoming a reality. Within moments, he caved in and pressed his maw against Jolty's nub, teasing the tip against the entrance to his warm mouth. He slowly let his tongue hang out, only to caress and tease the bottom of Jolty's member with his slick tongue--coating the first few inches in saliva. The trail of his wet fluid extended out as he withdrew his tongue for a moment, creating a mess from the wet licks given to the electric type's member.

The Jolteon gave out a soft groan of delight from the wet sensations given to his cock, and he wasn't about to let him have all of the fun. Jolty slowly opened his maw--taking in the warm, erect member inch by inch. His tongue circled around the shaft, slowly caressing across the middle as it stimulates his sensitive organ. His muzzle taking in the scent of the Umbreon, his maw getting his first taste of the dark type's pre-cum that slowly oozed from his member. There was a copious amount, which signified that the Umbreon was pent up. The Jolteon had a love for messes, and while it was his first time--he knew he'd enjoy the taste of the Umbreon!

As the two started to work on each other's members, both of them were slowly opening up to each other. Their moans and lust grew louder and more apparent. The Jolteon's dominant side slowly began to the show, as his hips thrusted itself forward, slowly slipping his cock inside Umbra's mouth with a bit of force. Umbra's submissive side was also starting to shine over, as his moans slowly became softer, and shakier. The electric type started to catch onto Umbra and what things got him going, judging on how he reacted to the different sexual stimulations given to him, and how easily he would pre-cum. That taste aroused the Jolteon, and he soon began to ooze his own into the Umbreon's warm, wet maw. The taste was enough to get the Umbreon going, and soon they were both starting to heat up from the passionate foreplay. It was a new experience for the both of them, and their feelings for each other only fired up a more intense experience.

Before too long, they were both simultaneously reaching their peak. Umbra was the first to find his climax approaching, as he brought his paw in front of his face to hide himself while continuing to deep throat Jolty's thick cock as it thrusted into his maw. Within a few moments, Umbra let out a loud, muffled moan that echoed throughout the area, which a huge splash of cum shooting from his member. It shot out erratically in a copious, continuous burst that overflowed Jolty's mouth. Cum leaked from the side of his face as he tried to take it all in; he could tell that the Umbreon was pent up. The Jolteon couldn't get enough of that cum, and the feeling of that warm seed in his maw sent him over the edge; shooting thick, heavy ropes down the dark type's throat. Umbra let out a soft gag as it rushed inside his maw, trying to take in as much of it as he could. The electric type's cum was much thicker than the Umbreon's, and while it wasn't as much in quantity, it was massive in its numerous strings that shot out from the tip.

Neither of them have ever experienced anything like this before--trying to adapt and explore the other the best that they could throughout the session. They were both a reluctant at first; wondering whether to push the boundaries knowing they'd just confessed to each other earlier. Even with the thoughts spiraling around in their heads, they came to the same conclusion--this is what they wanted, and it didn't matter how things went; as long as they were enjoying it was what mattered most to both eeveelutions.

Soon after they finished inside of each other's maws, the Jolteon lifted himself up--positioning himself right in front of the dark type. Jolty used his front paws to spread the Umbreon's thighs apart, with his cock pressed against the dark type's rump. He leaned forward--slowly pressing their muzzles together for a warm kiss. The Umbreon momentarily began to blush, opening his maw for the Jolteon's tongue, which he gladly proceeded to fulfill. They were both red in the face as they swapped their saliva and cum, making out passionately as the electric type began to thrust his cock against the Umbreon's ass. He'd slowly pull his muzzle out, only to speak his lustful words to entice the dark type.

"You like that, you subby Umbreon? I'll make sure to claim you as my own! You will be mines forever, short stuff!" he teased, slowly prodding his wet member against the tight entrance of the dark type. He could tell that the Umbreon was tight, and might not be able to take in his length without any lubrication, so the Jolteon slowly moved back a bit. "Well would you look at that...!" he said, as his face was right up against Umbra's big plump backside. "Looks like I'll have to loosen you up a bit, short stuff!"

He slowly prodded his face against Umbra's rump--giving each cheek some affectionate, well-deserved kisses. He took his time with this, as he knew the Umbreon was new to the whole experience--which was apparent from his trembling body. "Relax Umbra, I won't hurt you." He assured the dark type, as he opened his maw to slowly bring his tongue out. He motioned himself forward, slowly teasing the sensitive area on Umbra's backside. He took a minute for his body to relax, before he slowly penetrated him. He could tell how much the Umbreon was enjoying it, so he didn't stop there. He slowly lubricated Umbra with his wet tongue, loosening him up as he coated Umbra with his saliva. About a few moments, he knew that the time was right to take things to the next level. He slowly pulled his tongue out, and referred back to his previous position, with his cock prodding against Umbra's ass again. He used his paws to gently clench the Umbreon's ass together as he thrusted his cock between it. The electric type began to pre-cum once more onto the Umbreon's ass, marking him with his fluid.

Once he felt the time was right, he motioned the Umbreon flat onto the surface, with Jolty on top of him in a missionary position. He looked into the dark type's eyes with lust and love as he began to slowly press the tip of his erect member into Umbra's entrance; his maw opened momentarily to let a few words out. "Are you ready, short stuff? If you don't want this, I can stop." Jolty asked, knowing well that he could save this for another time.

Umbra nodded in assurance as soon as Jolty finishing talking, motioning his paws forward to latch onto the back of the electric type's head--pulling him closer till their maws were once again pressed together. He didn't need words to tell the Jolteon he was ready, and he slowly began to exchange sloppy kisses to the other eeveelution as Jolty slowly pushed the first few inches in the Umbreon. Their eyes were locked on for a few seconds, taking in the heat and passion from all the sex, only to slowly close as their intimacy and pleasure became more prominent. Their licks became moans, and Umbra's breathing became heavier as he felt that massive cock begin to penetrate the inside of him. It was almost too much for him to handle, as he felt the length take up more and more from the inside of him. It wasn't until his pleasurable spot was pressed, when his growl of pleasure emerged. His initial pain slowly vanished as the Jolteon began to press the final few inches inside him, and the cock was so massive that he felt a bulge inside as it rubbed against his spot. He felt pure ecstasy as the Jolteon held his massive length inside him for a few seconds, getting his hole used to the massive width of the cock. He felt his entrance stretch from the electric type, as he was getting gaped wide from Jolty's big member. The pleasure grew wild from those sensations, and he started to beg for more.

"J-Jolty, please...g-give it to me...!" he growled, wanting every bit of Jolty he could get. The soft, feminine side of Umbra wasn't the only thing that was apparent, as his lustful nature truly started to shine. He took the initiative to try and push his rump back against Jolty's cock, in an attempt to ride it and have the electric type's cock thrust in and out of him. Jolty's fangs started to show in a sexual grin, as he began to pound Umbra's ass. He quickly picked up his pace, shoving that thick cock in and out of Umbra, owning and claiming him as his own. "Hrrh...Take it, you femme Umbreon!" he said without any thought. His mind was shrouded with love and sex, as it filled the area from their lustful mating session. Jolty used his speed to vigorously pound Umbra's ass, making him bounce erratically. Eventually the Jolteon had an idea; he slowly took his member out, and repositioned himself away from Umbra--with his backside visible to Umbra's eyes. He lowered his body, till his cock was once again penetrating his ass, all to give the dark type a good view of his yellow ass as his cock thrusted inside him. It all became too pleasurable for the Umbreon, and after ten minutes of the love-making session he couldn't hold back any longer. His erect cock shot in bursts everywhere; all over his own belly, face, and onto the floor next to them. The force from the thrusting caused him to shoot massively, even after previously ejaculating. He moaned out in a loud, higher pitched growl as his body began to shake and tremble from the force of his climax. His feminine body had a hard time handling the massive pleasure overload, and he emanated a large amount of heat as he ejaculated.

With most of his energy gone, the Jolteon slowly pulled out; he was getting ready to insert his member back into the Umbreon's maw for a quick final sucking before he ejaculated himself--however the dark type had other plans.

He slowly positioned himself under the Jolteon, with his face pressed right up against his ass. He leaned upwards in order to get himself closer, and he used his paws to suddenly grasp onto the electric type's pulsating cock. He began to stroke Jolty's member vigorously, as his maw opened to begin rimming out the Jolteon. Unaware of what was going on until now, the electric type grew red in the face from the forceful act of the dark type. He felt the pleasure of Umbra's longer tongue extend out far enough to graze against his spot, and the eeveelution roared out in pleasure as he felt his cock getting rubbed with it. He was only able to last for two minutes, before he came to the edge. "This is it short stuff, t-take all of it you femme, subby dark type!" he yelled out, as his cock spurted in thick stringy ropes. It landed all over Umbra's belly, right with the dark type's own cum, as the pleasure from his spot being touched and his cock being stroked blew the energy and pleasure right out of him! His climax lasted for nearly fifteen seconds, as he never felt such an amazing, pleasurable experience in his life--much less sharing it with the dark type that he adored.

With the dark type's energy completely drained, his hind legs were spread wide as he laid on the ground--cum-soaked. The Jolteon soon followed him, slowly making his way up Umbra's body, until he came to his chest. He extended his tongue, and lustful licked up all of the cum on his body, staring right into his submissive Umbreon eyes as he cleaned up the messy Pokemon. Once he finished, he slowly plopped himself on top, but only after lodging his semi-erect cock inside Umbra's gaping ass first. He wrapped his paws around the dark type in a warm hug, slowly leaning forward to give him an affectionate kiss, keeping himself lodged inside as his own energy had been drained.

The session between the two only made their bond stronger. They both shared eye contact lovingly--feeling drowsiness take over them. Without any words coming out of their mouths, they suddenly closed their eyes and relaxed peacefully; taking in a quick nap early in the afternoon so they can go about their day when they regain themselves. With them finally understanding each other's feelings, everything that happened in the past only felt like a nuisance compared to this moment forward, as nothing matter to them more than being with each other.

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