Sawyer's Log - Non's Downfall

Story by Eurasia M on SoFurry

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#3 of Short Stories

The legend of Non has been twisted, and misinterpreted due to the fear of the common folk. But here, I will keep the truth within these pages. For future followers to understand if the worse were to happen, to continue the legacy of our lord Non.

Something to get me out of my funk. This an original story based on an idea my buddy V-Disco had. It was such a good idea, i was inspired to bring it to writing, though it has been changed slightly due to my interpretation of his original idea, I kept to his original source material.

Non is © V Disco (For people who missed it, the cobra in this picture is Non )

_ Sawyer is © V Disco and Eurasia _

The most powerful of dynasties have fallen over the ages. All have left their mark and the impact left could not be ignored no matter how long the river of time flows. One legend in particular stood out. In snake history, the fall of demon has always been shrouded in mystery. But I know the truth.

This is how the Dark Harbinger died.

"My is as I say. The crystal has shown me...your corpse at the feet of vile heroes!" hissed a frustrated apostle, his tongue flicking out as his hands held a crystal ball on a black pillow. A fellow cobra dressed in red clerical clothing was a firm believer in what he is working for had a special talent for telling the future. It had been spot on over the past decades, but this is the first time that such a prediction had no other outcome. There did not seem to be any way to avoid it, unlike the other times where he foresaw different outcomes based on their choices. There did not seem to be any other doors this time around, meaning that what he was seeing was set in stone. This was the fourth time he peered into the foggy future, and it left him uneasy, knowing that the end was near, the end of what he thought to be a wonderful and liberating leader.

Intelligence was regarded as the most powerful weapon one can wield, the "occult" which normal snakes thought they were simply religious nuts indulging themselves in sacrilegious teachings. The ignorance in the "mortals" was no more apparent to their leader Non every time he slithered out in the shadows, knowing full well that the world would only prosper under his rule. The brightly lit throne room was the perfect setting to grant his followers and those who were "interested" in becoming guinea pigs for his experiments. A 4 foot incline lead up to his greatly decorated oak desk, elevated so he may work on anything while also looking down at those pledged their allegiance to him.

Today was the day out of every month in which he called his fellow soothsayer when big plans needed a second opinion on its results. Instead of being told about his success, he only got a vision of his eventual defeat, the gray cobra bringing his claws together before tapping them on the table, the silence making the fortune teller nervous, "So my defeat is at hand you say? That is not the good news I hoped to get from you...Sawyer. Heroes always think they're doing the right thing, but they're the real villains! The world is in dire need of guidance!" he shouted with an exaggerated sigh and a fist raised, wondering what to do about now. Unlike the previous times where he merely took a peek into the near future, he wanted to see the far future to double check the results of long term goals he was working towards.

"Sire, what will you do? Those...infidels will use your weak points, and slay us all..." whimpered Sawyer, having been with him since he was a little boy and swore to follow him until his expiration. There was a plan Z Non had in case the worse were to happen, though it was still in the testing phases. Non slithered down from his desk and past his subordinate, his hands folded tightly while giving a gesture to follow him, "Your eyes have never been wrong when seeing the future Sawyer, irises steadfast when staring into that ball of glass...We need to push the Gestation Initiative forward like a round fatty wanting cake. You have the results from the latest batch of test subjects I assume?" he asked while they moved into a hallway, leading to his personal library. As evidenced by his love of learning, the library was massive in size, having over 4 floors of wall to wall book shelves, as well as several basement floors filled with books he wrote himself on several sensitive topics.

The library was guarded by two humans armored up, showing that Non was open to anyone wanting to open their mind and elevate themselves in the world, "Sire...the results were...inconclusive. It seems that their bodies broke down...rejected the sample given to them. Even going with half the initial dose proved to be a failure. I do not believe it is possible to--" but before he could finish, he got a hand to cover his snout, "Ssshhh...we do not focus on failure. Let us focus on the whys shall we? Now then Sawyer, with the 24 trials, done over a period of two years, what have we come up with? I noticed you kept your sample range consistent. Young adults to mature adults, both male and female, of various species." Non asked as he cut him off, grabbing a brown book with very ominous looking characters on it. Not an alphabet Sawyer was familiar with, and probably for good reason.

Nervously the chalk white cobra pulled down the red hood covering his face to show he had uniquely red eyes, being an albino cobra which was a rare find but part of the reason why he joined Non. Being considered a monster for not being able to go in the sunlight with the other kids caused him to be an outcast. For Non, it was a great bonus that the sadness and torture on his mind awakened his power for seeing the future, having taken full advantage of such a wondrous ability, "Y-yes...we tried many times but their bodies simply rejected the DNA and...shut down. Changing the dosage did not seem to have any effect either way." replied Sawyer, Non flipping through the pages of the ominous looking book. The answer seemed to be obvious, and it's honestly no surprise that his followers did not figure it out, "I see...did they exhibit extreme dementia before passing on? Fits of hysteria?" queried Non, Sawyer giving a nod as mental degradation had occurred in every subject.

"...You mentioned my end is at hand within the next 30 years correct? Right, then let us get to work. I'll need a needle, a pitcher of delicious high sugar, high in flavor juice and ice cream...oh and a cloak for you." requested Non, shutting that book tightly and placing it back on the shelf. This wouldn't be the first time the oddest of equipment was requested but Juice? As far as he knew, a sweet tooth was the last thing he had, "J-Juice? Ice cream?..uh..I'll check with anyone who knows a good recipe. It should only take me an hour to procure everything needed." promised Sawyer, Non clapping his hands with a big smile. That response was pleasing, slithering right on out and expecting things to be done.

Late in the afternoon, at a town far away from their secret hideout, kids were playing at the park on a playground. Humans, wolves, even a few snakes were hanging around and playing together. This town was known for being safe, isolated from war and discrimination, which made it a prime candidate for the plan. From a dark alley nearby, wind picked up and blew trash away as a portal opened up from a wall. Out emerged Sawyer covered in more than half of his body in a red cloak, and a human who was a good bit smaller than him. Standing normal, Sawyer was taller than Non, but just as thin as the Dark Harbinger himself as he stood at a hearty 8 feet tall. It was late in the afternoon and surveillance was at a low, the right time to strike.

The sound of kids playing, running around a jungle gym turned to squeals of joy as a cart wheeling something passed on by. The wooden cart had "ice cream and juice" sketched on the sides, with a red umbrella protecting the human from the sun, "Ice cream! Juice! Everything you need for a hot summer day!" announced the "Ice cream man", getting the attention of all the kids. He charged a mere fraction of what stores would have on sale, giving any curious parents a free "sample" for being a parent. Everything went off without a hitch, having fed those little juveniles and quickly going back to the alley where he arrived. Sawyer had fallen asleep, being awoken by the cart being discarded and getting the report from his colleague, "Everything went smoothly. No questions asked, every child got at least one juice and ice cream. And the liege expected, some nosy parents came along. They were quickly silenced with a free ice cream."

With everything complete, the two went back to HQ and continued their business, letting things play out as the years went on by. Quietly Non's followers kept careful tabs on the group of children they gave their special sweet concoction. As they grew, they became taller and stronger than their average species, giving them a physical advantage over the others. Though it was short lived as their personalities eroded once they became adults in their 30s, soon slaying loved ones and innocents alike. Their massive size made detaining them nearly impossible, the demonic DNA that had been changing them as they grew finally taking effect. Conventional weapons had little effect, towns and cities were thrown into mass panic while the streets filled with blood and bodies.

With their options limited, an elite team was brought together to stop the demonic threat, over the course of 4 years eliminating every demon and checking their connections. A few survivors along with a few friends of the demons lead to putting the pieces of the puzzle together, eventually ending up coming to the conclusion that Non was behind it. His actions had been hard to follow as he seemed to retreat underground, the team of warriors from all over the continent rallied together to share intel, using every available resource to finally discern the location of the Dark Harbinger. Since that day, Non remained ever vigilant for the day of his end, having given very specific instructions on when the day came.

As he worked at his desk, there was a loud crash as his strong hold was breached, his concentration ruined with the time of his supposed demise here. Even with that prophecy, he didn't intend on going down without a fight, staring down the very built, weapon wielding group of warriors, "Ah! Right on time! And you brought something special for me. You're too sweet...let me properly welcome you!" he greeted, giving a sweet smile and grabbing his desk, immediately flipping it over towards his attackers. The demon cobra gave a loud demonic roar, the type that would send shivers up the spines of normal untrained warriors. From a skinny odd colored cobra, he transformed into his true form. A beast from a realm where mortals dare not tread, growing in size, ferocity and physical power.

...."And that's it pretty much. They surprised him by using Divine weapons, basically forged to kill demons as normal means cannot send those monsters back to the hell wince they came. Although most of his followers managed to get away, with the head honcho gone, their activities basically ceased to nothing" finished Abu, reading from a dusty musty book with pages that had been worn out by the centuries that had passed since it was written. The front was signed "Sawyer", one of the supposed right hand snakes to Non himself. The scientist adjusted his glasses and shut the book, the dragoon of fire sucking his teeth since it felt that the story ended so soon, "Wait, that's it? divine weapons are the only way to take down demons....what will we do if we end up fighting one? Ruru--I mean Krow has Divine wind, but you said that wouldn't be enough right?" he asked while leaning against his chair, having turned it around to lean against the back.

Those gray eyes glanced at the dragoon, giving a nod and leaning back in his leather seat, "Hey you came to me asking about Non, that's all I have pretty much, the rest of the pages are too faded to read." sighed Abu, clearing his throat and holding the book up to stare at it, almost like he could burn a hole through it, "'s good against darkness, but demons...they're basically from Hell. You need something made specifically for killing them. Divine weapons are incredibly difficult to find, requiring patience, resourcefulness and a strong enough will. According to legend, the heroes who defeated Non hid the weapons to prevent evil from getting their hands on it. Their locations are a closely guarded secret you know. Anyway, shouldn't you be getting to the girls? Rizan will tail whip you if you don't meet up on time. Chop chop Dragoon." reminded Abu with a stern look, Michael gasping as he was supposed to meet the dragonesses for a day out during their time in-between training for the big tournament.

As Michael sped out of his office, Abu placed the book back down and opened to the final page. The final few pages were blank, but he honestly didn't give it a closer look. The scientist within him did not want to leave any stone unturned, just for shits and giggles he grabbed his Link P.I.C. and scanned the last few pages. Everything came up blank, but he then tried a different frequency, one that reacted to black magic. To his surprise, the final few pages were suddenly filled in, each letter appearing from flames. It was quite a shock but at least he could now see if there was really more.


"5 years had passed since my Lord had been defeated...but there was no way those fools could've guessed that he had almost 30 years to prepare. I followed his orders to the letter and brought my fellow colleagues to build a new local in a new more hard to reach area. The most important thing was to bring all of the books he had collected over the years...genius idea to switch every book with phonies to make them think they erased him from history. All that's left is to wait...while the beacon does its job." Sawyer wrote down, having helped built a similar headquarters to the previous one. Though in the middle of throne room, he set up a pole with a black crystal at the top.

It took some time but after 2 more years, they finally got the visitors they wanted. The four they hoped finally arrived, all of which were called out by the demonic beacon, "'re four are the only ones who survived the process. You did were not impure like the others..." greeted Sawyer, A human, wolf, crocodile and surprisingly a black cobra. Non had his followers' visit many towns that day, knowing that one sample size would not yield the results he wanted. Probability was low and Sawyer for some reason could not give a proper read of the possibility of success, having faith in his blood that was in every bit of ice cream and juice given out that day. All four stared at each other, each one dressed in rather casual clothing which was dirtied from the trip from their homes to so far out in the middle of nowhere.

As the chalk white cobra slithered down from the desk he had bought to replace the old one, blood flew onto his face, knocking him over and sliding down the ramp. Right in front of him, the body of the wolf fell down in a pool of blood, making him gasp and quickly stand up, seeing that the cobra was holding three beating hearts in his claws before dropping them, "W-what! What have you done?" he asked in horror, the ebony cobra slithering over the bodies and puddles of blood towards Sawyer who seemed to be freaking out over this sudden turn of events, "Sawyer! It's been a while...sorry, house cleaning usually involves not making a mess. Can't have too many chiefs with the Indians, you know?" spoke this cobra while licking the blood from his palms, the voice sounding oh so familiar to the chalk cobra.

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