Belle's heat. Chapter three

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#3 of Friends to lovers.

Woo! Another one! XD I don't care if the last one does well. I like these two characters and it is fun to write. Anyway. The feline tries making a move on Andy XD This story and the others involving Andy and Belle are for adults only.

The fox let out a loud sneeze and laid his head back against his locker at school. Andy grumbled and shook his head a bit. He was just getting over a cold that he had the last few days. At the moment he was in school, his friends around him talking about what they did over the break, sometimes even nudging Andy and asking about the night of the group game. Andy blushed and shoved them back with a grin. Andy let out a yawn and rubbed his eyes some before a familar set of arms wrapped around him, nuzzling into his side. He looked down to see Belle hugging his side with her eyes shut. Andy set his hand down on her head, petting her gently while his friends continued talking. Andy took note that Belle felt warmer then normal. At least to him she did. Andy glanced to her to see her cheeks were flushed. He figured she was listening to the joking from his friends. Soon the bell rang to tell them to get to class. Andy put his arm around Belle and walked with her. They ended up with one class together. He walked with her into the room and sat down with her at a table near the door. Belle was shifting around in her seat as class started, her claws lightly tapping at her notebook in front of her. She looked destracted. Andy looked at Belle with a worried look on his face until the teacher told them all to keep down. Andy and Belle both looked at the teacher in silence. The old panther started naming off students to be partners. The old male ended with Andy and Belle being paired up with Selene, the feline from the pizza place. Turned out that was her job on holidays and after school. Selene perked up from being put up with Andy but disappointed in Belle being part of it as well. Belle only nodded. They were all given different historical events to research and do a presentation on that would end up being a big part of their grade. They had at least two weeks to do it, giving them time to do well on it. Belle quickly excused herself from class though pretending to feel sick. Andy lowered his ears looking worried. He waited about fifteen minutes before moving to go find her when she hadn't returned. Selene frowned and watched him leave before huffing.

Andy moved to the girls bathroom and knocked on the door, calling for Belle. When he didn't hear her he looked around before moving off towards her locker. He stopped about half way at the same storage closet she had trapped him in only a month or so before. He heard her moaning. He stood his ears up and slowly pushed the door open, looking in to see her bent over the desk in the closet, her pants as well as her panties down around her hips with her hand rubbing and fingering her pussy. Andy stared at her for a moment before her scent hit him like a truck. Even with the remaining effects of a cold he could smell her heat. Andy stepped into the room and closed the door silently, making sure to lock it. Andy moved up behind her and leaned over her, putting his arm around her and moving her hand out of the way, rubbing her pussy for her. Belle jumped a bit then relaxed when she looked at him. "..A..Andy" Andy pressed his lips against her cheek, kissing her softly. " Shh Belle...just don't get to loud.." He moved onto his knees behind her and pressed his lips against her pussy, his tongue licking along her slit slowly as he held her thighs gently. Belle let out a gasp and dug her claws into the desk. Her inner thighs were already wet from her arousal and heat, her fur matted down from it. Andy felt his cock coming from it's sheath, her taste much stronger then it normally was. Her scent filled his nostrils, making him let out a growl of approval. Belle bit down on her arm to keep silent as he pushed his tongue into her pussy after spreading her lips with his fingers, growling into her as he licked and rubbed his tongue around inside her. Belle was shaking as she jerked her hips a bit. " A...Andy! Please...please fuck me please...I can't take it anymore! Please!" Belle pleaded with him, her fur around her hips standing on end now. Andy pulled his tongue from her, licking her pussy softly a few times before he stood up. He quickly undone his pants and freed his fully erect cock. Andy began grinding his cock up against her slowly before finally pushing the tip in. Belle let out a low growl of pleasure and folded her ears back. Andy gripped her hips and leaned over her as he slammed his hips into her own. Belle gasped and moaned against her arm as she bit down on it again. Andy shuddered, his head lowering against her shoulder. "Fuck..Belle your tight...really fucking tight.." Belle blushed and finally calmed enough to speak after letting go of her own arm. " Andy...Andy" It was all Belle could manage before he began thrusting his hips, his cock pulling out to the tip before slamming back in. Andy filled her up with each stroke he made, his tip hitting against her cervix each time and making her shudder with a little yip of pleasure every so often. Andy brought one hand around, stuffing his fingers into her mouth to give her something to fixate on instead of moaning.

Belle instantly sucking on his fingers with a burning need in her. Andy shuddered a bit as he began picking up his pace, pounding his hips into Belle hard, her breasts bouncing in her shirt while her claws dug and scratched at the desk she was bent over. The sounds of him pushing into her and his hips hitting against her ass filled the room which by then was over powered with the scent of her heat. Belle closed her eyes tightly and pulled her mouth off of his fingers as she panted to get her breathe. " Andy...f..Faster! Please!!" Andy wrapped at arm around her and held her tightly as he sped up, his knot already forming and hitting against her as he slammed into her. Belle bit down on her bottom lip hard as she shivered and wiggled her hips back against his own. Belle already felt herself close to cumming and whimpered. " Andy! I am close!" Belle laid her head down against one of her own arms as Andy let out a feral growl, biting the back of her neck roughly. Belle let out a strained gasp. Andy gave a hard thrust into her, making Belle and the desk jolt forward a bit as he slammed his knot into her. Belle had to bite down on her arm hard again, drawing a bit of blood this time as she let otu a muffled cry as she came hard around his cock, her juices gushing out around his knot some. Andy was shaking and slamming into her with short hard thrusts, his grip on her neck with his teeth never loosening as his cock throbbed hard until he finally slammed in one last time ,his cock throbbing as he released his cum into her. Belle was breathing hard as she went still under him, her cheeks a bright shade of red as she let out a little whimper between her breathes. Andy took a moment before letting go of her neck and licking her cheek softly a few times. " Belle...I love you...don't hide your..heat from me alright?" Belle murred and nodded with a dazed look on her face. Belle smiled a bit stupidly." I too Andy and I won't." She laid her head down on her arm with a groan. Andy caught the scent of her blood and smiled some, gently lifting her arm and licking where she had bitten herself a few times before nuzzling his nose into her neck. The two remained like that for sometime before he could pull out. Belle almost went to her knees when he did but he held her up. Andy helped her get her pants back on and whispered. " Go on home love..I will tell your teachers why you left. They will send your homework with me." Belle nodded and kissed him deeply for a moment. He watched her unlock the door and looking around. The halls were clear and she took off, leaving the school after waving to him. Andy fixed his pants and left the storage room.

Andy went to Belles teachers informing them of her being in heat and that she had gone home. They all nodded and gave him the homework sheets she would need. Andy put them in with his papers in his back pack then headed to lunch. He sat down at a table on his own with his food, nibbling on it with his thoughts on Belle when Selene sat down across from him. The calico let out a soft purr and gave him a friendly smile. Andy blinked and looked at her as she spoke softly. " So I was thinking after school I would walk home with you..we could get started on that assignment!" Andy shifted in his seat and sighed. " Sorry will be a few days before anyone comes to my house...Belle isn't well I plan on tending to her to make her better before starting the assignment fully...I will try getting some of the research done though." Selene folded her ears back and sighed a bit before nodding. She moved to get back up when she caught the smell of Belles heat still on Andy. She looked at him for a moment before leaving with a grumble coming from her.

After school Andy hauled ass to his house. By then Belle had been living with him after getting permission from her aunt. Belle was in his room resting after bringing herself to orgasm again. Andy smiled and shook his head. She looked tired but her body wasn't letting her get relief. Andy spent the rest of the night with her, helping her through the heat.

The next morning Andy and Belle were both sore. Her heat seemed to have faded now and she looked relieved that she wasn't on it as long as normal. She whined a bit as she moved. " Andy...I think we over done it last night..." Andy laughed a bit and slowly sat up." Last night? You mean at three this morning?! You rode me like your life depended on it...pretty sure the head board was hitting the wall.." Belle giggled a bit and sighed. " Like that is a bad thing?" Belle gave him a cheeky little grin as he shook his head and gently pet her before playfully swatting her ass. " Go shower sexy...I will get breakfast started." belle let out a squeak and laughed softly before sitting up and kissing him deeply. She moved out of the bed and over to his bathroom. Andy headed downstairs after getting some sweat pants on. He figured they might as well skip school that day to be sure she would be alright. When he hit the kitchen his mother was standing in the kitchen with Selene. The feline looked at Andy and blushed when she saw him. His mother smiled to him. " This girl says she is a classmate. Came to give you something for a project?" Andy folded one ear back as he looked at them, a sign of nervousness on his part. He only nodded as his mother came over and kissed his forehead. " Keep Belle out of school so the others don't jump her. I will be back in a few is sending me across country for some meetings and crap like that...I left you and Belle money. Her aunt did as well so you guys should be set if you need food." Andy smiled and kissed her cheek before nodding. " Be careful mom..I will see you when you get back." His mother smiled and rubbed his ear before grabbing her bags and heading out.

Andy looked at Selene and sighed. " Ok give me what you found and head out please..." Selene folded her ears back and growled a bit. " Hey oyu don't have to be rude...Here!" She handed him a small pile of papers on one of the wars. Selene crossed her arms and watched him intently. Andy looked over the papers as he moved to the fridge to get some drinks out for him and Belle. Selene slowly moved to leave but made it a point ot go behind him and run her tail along his ass then down along his tail as she headed for the door. " See you at class..." Selene headed out the door soon after. Andy stiffened his body up and folded his ears back as he watched her leave around the corner before he heard the door open and close. Andy shook his head and grumbled. " Great..." He grabbed a bottle of soda then a bottle of blackberry tea. He made sure to keep a stock of it just for Belle. In fact he went about making her favorite breakfast, a meat and cheese loaded omelette with cheese bread. By the time she came downstairs wearing one of his Tshirts and some panties the smell of food was in the air. Belle smiled and moved to him as she pulled the towel off of her hair. She moved to him and wrapped her arms around him from behind. : I must be asleep still if your down here cooking." Andy laughed and curled his tail around her. : Not a dream Kit...we are skipping school in case your heat is just taking a small mom said to keep you home anyway so you don't get jumped." Belle moved beside him, pulling his head to hers and kissing him softly for a moment. ' Thank you Andy." He smiled and returned the kiss then nuzzled his nose to hers as they both murred. He soon handed her a plate of food. " I'm sure your starving after last night and this morning." Belle giggled and nodded. She took the plate to the table. She took her towel to the laundry room, tossing it into the wash for later. She moved back to the kitchen and settled into her chair. Andy brought his own plate over, sitting beside her with their food and drinks. The two spent the morning talking softly and eating. When she was done Belle watched Andy as he cleaned up the dishes. She murred happily as she smiled. Andy soon motioned to the papers Selene left. " Our little project partner was here when I came down...left those for us." Belle grabbed the papers and nodded some. " I guess I will do the computer work as far as images and such goes..." Andy only nodded as he smiled to her.

During the morning Andy and Belle went about cleaning up the house for his mom, wanting to keep it clean so she wouldn't worry when she did come back. Andy more then once would pinch Belles butt to make her squeak, finding it cute until she whirled around and tackled him against the couch which led to some heated kissing. Andy stopped it though with a chuckle. " Hey hey...down kit...I am going to go to the store and get a few things for dinner tonight." He smiled and patted her on the ass a few times. " Just relax for a while...Im sure your still...fuzzy." Belle chuckled and nodded then kissed him once more before getting out of his lap with a soft sigh. she laid out on the couch, stretching out with a groan. Andy headed upstairs to change then headed out after kissing her once more. At the store Andy was walking around with the basket. The first thing he had put in it was a bouqet of roses that were surprisingly rainbow colored. As he went through getting things to make some pasta Selene appeared beside him with a purr coming from her. Andy looked at her and raised a brow. " I figured you would still be in class.." The feline shook her head some. " Nah my last class was canceled due to the teacher having the stomach flu...I figured I would come here for some ice cream...I didn't see you in class this morning though." Andy nodded a bit as he grabbed the last item he needed before heading towards the check out. " Yeah...I skipped to make sure Belle would be alright." Selene looked away, rolling her eyes as she sighed before putting on a smile once more. " She is lucky have a male like you tending to her...not every girl gets someone that would worry over them like that." Andy stopped and looked at her for a moment before his ear folded down, the left staying upright. " I..guess...I love her deeply so...anything I can do for her...I will do it." Selene nodded some and grinned a bit. " Well if she is better by tonight then after school tomorrow I will come by so we can work on the project." Selene didn't give him a chance to respond as she turned and left for the ice cream. Andy growled and shook his head before checking out and heading back home.

Belle was dozing on the couch where he had left her. He grinned, putting the bags down in the kitchen before taking the roses and gently laying them over her chest before moving to put the items away. Belle shifted to the sounds of him moving around in the kitchen. She opened her eyes and groaned before her hand hit the plastic paper holding hte flowers. She sat up and blushed as she looked at them before grinning and murring. She stood up from the couch and took the flowers into the kitchen, moving up beside him and leaning up to kiss his cheek only for him to turn and hit her lips with his instead. Belle giggled and smiled to him, nuzzling her head into him before moving to put the flowers into water while he watched her with a grin on his face. Belle looked over at him and blushed. " What?" Andy shook his head and moved to her, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her against him as he relaxed. He loved the feeling of having her in his arms and against his body. Belle murred and relaxed as she smiled brightly. She got the flowers in a vase with water before turning in his arms. He grinned and lifted her up so she was on the counter. He kissed her softly a few times before gently nibbling down along her neck, sucking on her skin and making her give off little moans and gasps. He lifted her shirt up over her breasts before taking one of her nipples into his mouth, suckling on it softly while his hand groped at her other breasts. Belle let out another moan as she shivered some. A moment later she let out a soft whine when he stopped, kissing her softly. " Nuh uh got homework and we have a project..." Belle pouted and sighed then smiled and nodded a bit as he helped her down.

Later that evening Andy was working on dinner while Belle finished up the last of her homework with a groan. She headed downstairs from his room and saw him finishing up with getting the pasta in the oven with some bread. She smiled and watched him with her arms crossed. She then moved up behind him and gently ran her hands along the hem of his sweat pants since he had stripped down to just them after coming home. She murred and began kissing along his back softly. Andy blushed lightly and let out a soft groan, his fur standing up a bit before his tail curled around her gently. Belle smiled and slid her hand into his pants, gently rubbing them over his ass before moving them around to the front, rubbing his sheath slowly. Andy let out a soft moan and wiggled a bit. Belle giggled and pulled back, making him fold his ears back and look at her. " Tease." Belle grinned and nipped at him." You love it." Andy laughed and swatted her on the ass before moving to sit at the table with the project papers he had so far. Belle sat with him and both worked on it till the food was done. They both chowed down on it while working a bit more. when she was done she helped him load the dishwasher then smiled. " come on...lets get a bath." Andy blinked and looked at her with a confused look. " already showered." Belle rolled her eyes and took his hand in hers, leading him upstairs to the bathroom that was attached to his room. He was lucky to had a shower and a bathtub in there. She filled the tub with hot water then moved to him, undoing the tie to his pants and getting them to drop off of his body. Andy stepped out of them and moved to get in the tub while Belle took off the shirt and panties she was wearing. She climbed into the water with him and sat with her back against his chest. Andy relaxed with a soft groan coming from him. After a while he pushed her up and grabbed some soap. He began washing her back, massaging his fingers into her back and neck then along her shoulders drawing little groans and yips from her. When he was done with her back he moved his hands to the front, grinning as he massaged his hands over her breasts and along her collar bone. He then rinsed her fur clean. Belle ended up doing the same for him before both relaxed in the water, Andy petting her ears until the water got cold. He got out and helped her get out before grabbing a towel and drying her off thoroughly. He patted her rear towards the bedroom before getting himself dried. He then joined the vixen in bed to sleep.

The next day at school Selene followed Andy around from a distance. Belle was busy with her own classes and didn't get to spend much time with him between the classes. At lunch Andy was sitting outside with a drink. Selene purred as she walked up to him, sitting beside him. Andy folded his ears back a bit but didn't answer her. He knew soemthing wasn't right with her. Selene looked at him then glanced around before giving him a soft kiss on the lips. Andy stiffened up and grabbed her by the shoulders, snarling softly. " What the hell?!" Selene smiled to him and giggled. " Oh come can fuck Belle in the storage closet but you don't want to kiss me?" Andy would have gone pale if he could. He flatten his ears against his head as he pushed her back a bit. " Don't do that again Selene...Belle is my fiance...I love her...The only reason you need to be around me or her is our class project..." Andy stood up and quickly headed inside leaving Selene sitting there hissing and pouting.

Winter Purposal. Chapter two.

"FREEDOM! " Andy held his arms up to the sky while his friends around him were laughing at him. " No more homework till we get back from Christmas!!" Andy grinned to his friends but soon let out a soft grunt then looked down to see Belle hugging him...

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