The Will of Kings - Chapter 15

Story by Mewjen on SoFurry

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#15 of The Will of Kings

The morning before he goes off to battle, Set takes a moment to release some tension, at the expense of his brother's toys.

Disclaimer: The following will contain homosexual individuals and relationships and will involve interpretations of deities from various religions. No offense is intended. This is copyrighted to me (mewjen(at), so no using it without my permission. This is a work of fiction.

I rolled off Sobek, as I stretched away my morning grogginess.

My crocodile was a mess again. I'd scratched him up fairly well, but compared to what I have done previously, it was nothing. I brushed my hands over his scales, healing his wounds as I went. Despite the countless number of times I have used him, he still flinches when I touch his entrance. It leaked some of my seed, when I probed him with the tip of my finger but otherwise showed no damage, which was relieving to be honest.

He whimpered in his sleep, as I stroked up his golden shaft. I based it off my brother's. I am forbidden to remove the ring holding back my crocodile's shaft. I am not allowed such perversions. But I have needs, so I fashioned a substitute, a shaft made of flesh gold that can be inserted into his slit and linked to his nervous system, so it can react just I he would naturally and he can feel every touch, every lick, every squeeze of my hole. It can even capture the fluids of his lame cock and redirect them, so I can have every drop.

I was so tempted to have him again. Maybe drag him into the shower and give his hole a fresh coating. Alas, I had other plans this morning, so I finished healing him and left him sleeping there.

This day was finally here. The first real move was about to begin. I could stop just sowing dissent and move on to the next great step, the final War of Kings.

I grabbed my pile of toast and moved to the dining room. I sat on the table, going over Osiris' plan once more, trying to ensure that each step was committed to memory. My brother had finished placing his soldiers around the Wall of Tem, and within the lower bowels of our mansion lie another three brigades. Soon we would head out for The Surveyor's Tower, and from there, we will control the fate of every person within Tem.

It was beautiful. It would feel like nothing I had ever experienced, such a new form of chaos. It just needed a few tweaks and a few tests to perfect it.

My footsteps echoed in the bunker, as I approached them. They were the generals of my brother's army. One of metal, whose helm was so polished that its face was a reflection. One of glass, whose face was empty and transparent. And the final one of stone, whose intricate marble face captured life and vibrance. Each served a different purpose, brought a different strength. Stone brought durability and a powerful defense. Glass brought rigidity, strength, and stealth. Metal provided a balance, strong but ductile, fast but precise. If used correctly, they and their brethren could defeat the strongest army of flesh and blood.

I gave the order in my mind and waited, hoping. I laughed, as they each took their first step towards me.

"Yes, my generals. Hear me," I spoke with hushed glee.

They were supposed to be programmed to only obey my brother. But after a few sessions with my crocodile, I was able to convince him to make them also loyal to my brother's blood, in his stead.

"What are you doing?"

I turned to find that my crocodile had followed me.

"Oh, I'm just having a little fun with my brother's toys," I answered, as my stone general began to slowly creep forward in silence.

"If I suspect you of betrayal, I am required to act," my crocodile warned.

"I would never interfere with what is to come," I offered. "I want this day as much as my brother desires it. Nothing will stop it."

"Then I ask again: what are you doing here?"

"You have two choices," I countered. "Either I fuck you or these lovely soldiers. Given how scrubbed your scales are, I think you would prefer that I leave your inviting tail untouched. So step away and be quiet."

While he stood there, unable to decide how to act, my general reached him, and my crocodile found himself trapped by marble hands and granite arms.

I chuckled, watching him squirm.

"You'll be alright," I offered comfortingly. "I just want some fun before the real show starts."

My remaining generals each lifted an arm and pulled me towards them, wrapping me in their arms as soon as I was in reach. They positioned themselves with Glass behind and Metal in front of me. They were almost warm, and closing my eyes, I could almost imagine them being of flesh and bone.

I gasped when I felt a nip to my collar. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by a mirror of myself, as Metal reflected my lustful gaze. It manipulated its jaw to form a primitive mouth that kissed its way down my sternum, as Glass caressed my chest, teasing my nipples, while grinding against my back and rear.

I closed my eyes again, trying to picture more soulful playmates, but it was difficult. They knew where to touch me, as a part of me controlled them. But they were too perfect, too mechanical. Glass hit every spot on my rear and grazed each pleasure zone of my torso precisely, but I could feel the pattern repeating, and its smooth crotch betrayed the fantasy. Metal followed my will but still knelt too soon, forming a tongue that daftly played with my hard shaft exquisitely.

I pulled away, panting, as I rested against the support pillar. My body was on fire. They moved faster than I could bear. It had been so long since sex was meant to be enjoyed, instead of a desperate need. But it felt wrong, and I could not force it to feel right.

I felt their hands stroke my shoulders, as I subconsciously called them. I turned to push them away, but Glass pinned my arms behind my back. I closed my eyes, before I would've been forced to see my reflection, as Metal drew close, its face shifting to a new form.

I felt a familiar tongue lick away my tears, before his canine muzzle pressed against mine, and his metallic tongue teased my lips. I gasped, as Glass traced a fingertip around my entrance, and he took his advantage, deepening our kiss.

I let my memories take over, as I kissed that metal jackal, until I couldn't taste the metal and only found that old flavor of his. He pulled away and licked up my neck, as Glass slid a finger deep inside, leaving me groaning my pleasure.

I bent my head forward and nuzzled that familiar snout, keening as a second finger was added.

"An," I whispered.

Saying his name brought me out of my trance. I pulled away, my whole body shaking. I felt disgusted at myself for using Anubis that way. Our history wasn't meant to be used like that. This was supposed to be fun, a chance to relieve some tension without hurting anyone...someone, yet these soulless toys made me feel so empty.

I felt two arms wrap around my chest, but something felt different.

I looked down and saw the metal flowing over the glass skeleton. I should've pushed them away, stopped this farce, but there was something so comforting about the weight around me.

I leaned back into it, even as it continued to shift, as though it was searching for the right form. It used its mass to rock me gently, swaying me to a familiar rhythm, rubbing that hard lump into my crevice. It brought its mouth to my neck, kissing it, until its lips grew hard, and its kisses turned into a suction-less movement, like a reverse bite.

His chest found the shape that fit me perfectly, and as the flesh grew soft, I felt a groan rise through my throat. I twisted around and kissed that unfinished snout. His tongue shifted and narrowed and met mine with an equal passion. I pushed him back, until his legs found the bed I had moved from my room and he toppled back. I climbed atop him forcefully. His composite body took my weight with ease, as I used both hands to pin his chest down, holding him hard through that wispy metallic fuzz that was slowly growing to cover his body.

I slid that metal shaft inside me, and it was perfect. A narrow tip. A wide base. Fitting just right, so soft and firm. Touching every place and leaving me trembling. Something I felt before but could not remember. Just guilt free ecstasy.

I fell forward, unable to keep my legs under control. Whose ever cock my subconscious had chosen was hitting spots within me that were extremely sensitive. I pushed myself upright but lost control again, as that wonderful shaft hilted inside me. I tried again and had to lock my elbows to keep from collapsing.

I glanced around, trying to distract myself, so my muscles could adjust. I found Sobek and a wave of anger struck me. We had been together for five months. I loved him as though it had been decades. And yet, he rejects my every touch. A lifeless doll should not even compare to his flesh, but it feels so much truer than anything I get from him. I closed my eyes to his disgust and let myself fall for that metal kiss.

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close, as he shifted our positions, laying me on my back with my shaft ground to his stomach and my legs placed on either side of his waist. He slipped back in with a gentle push.

His pace was a bit off, as his limbs were still changing. His hands shifted from human-like fingers to hard talons to a manicured balance of soft scales and rounded claws. I pulled him down into a kiss and found the fuzz had taken a distinct shape. His plumage felt comfortable under my fingers, and his strokes evened out now that his body had stopped changing. His beak was still too soft, but it was improving.

I was getting close. I could feel his weight. I could see his face in my mind. He was cold, but I missed him too much to care. Our kiss was passionate. It completed me. I let loose an echoing moan, as I approached my peak. So close....

"Horus?" Sobek interrupted.

I came, as I opened my eyes to find that hollowed statue had copied Horus' form perfectly.

I lost control after that.

Horus' features turned into a gelatinous goo, as Metal separated from Glass. I stood up, as the three generals returned to their place. My legs felt wobbly and sore, as I walked.

Sobek opened his mouth, as I approached.

"Don't speak," I hissed.

He followed me to the bathroom we shared.

I hopped into the shower almost immediately. The cold water combating my confusion.

"You should tell him."

I glanced to see Sobek leaning his side against the closed door, his head resting against the wood, probably listening for my brother's approach.

"Horus, I mean," he clarified. "You should tell him, before it's too late."

"I did this for Horus." I could feel the dull ache in my head at thinking about the falcon. "I did this to stop myself from hurting him, from giving him hope, to stop loving him."

"Did it work?" he countered evenly.

"Go to hell."

"I am."

I had a clone at his throat instantly. "Do you have any idea what I have given up for you?" my clone shouted, venting my anger. "I love you! I will do anything for you just for a smile. Why can't you understand that?"

He continued to look at me, ignoring my clone. "I do understand, but it isn't real."

"It is to me!" my anger shouted. "Why can't it be for you?"

"Because I'm not a faggot." There was that hint of disgust again. "And I'm not Anubis."

"Don't talk to me about Anubis," another cloned answered for me.

"What about Horus?" He still remain calm and collected.

"Stop acting like you care!"

He was silent for several moments, before a thin uncomfortable smile graced his features. "An act's all I have," he stated somberly. "Your brother is destroying me, piece by piece. I have nothing but pity and hate left for you and your kind. If I do not try, then I can never return to my family." He shifted, his gaze falling. "I love them so much. It is in my nature to screw around. I love my wives even when I'm in another's bed. I never understood you and Horus or you and Anubis for that matter. You were asking for a life of pain, just for a few moments together. Its ending made sense, but it didn't end, did it? Here we are. I'm here for my family, and so are you. Except Horus doesn't die if you leave. So figure out your heart, and leave me the fuck alone!" His eyes burned into the side of my face.

He crossed the line. My brother would kill him if he knew.

"Fine, you bastard," I started with a clone, and finished in my own whisper, "I release you."

"What?" His stoic posture fell, as he felt the bindings lift.

"On my oath, I will do all in my power to see you back to your family," I continued.

"You can't promise that," he countered, unable to believe or hope I was being honest. "You still.... I'm still.... I'm still bound to Osiris."

"But not to me anymore," I offered. When he remained silent, I added, "Leave."

"I can't," he snapped.

"The room," I clarified.

I had five minutes to myself. I needed to clear my head, but it was harder than I expected. I made a mistake, and it cost me my focus. Another could cost so much more. We need Tem under our control within hours of the troops being deployed. I had to be ready. I needed my powers at their fullest.

"Set! Are you done preening yet?" my brother shouted from beyond the shut door.

I turned off the water and lazily stepped out. In one step, I was dry. In the second, I was groomed. With the third, I was dressed. With the fourth, my armor fell into place. One final breath, and then the door open.

"About time," Osiris muttered, as I joined him and Sobek. "My son has made his move, and Anubis acts as lure for us."

"Horus knows already?" My mind reeled. I wasn't prepared to face him. Not yet. "How?"

"Because Sobek told them, as instructed," Osiris answered. He turned to Sobek. "Gather the prisoner. Set, with me. We leave in five minutes."

Sobek hurried off to fetch Jaller, as I hasten behind my brother.

I followed Osiris back into the bowels of our home, back to the generals. Thankfully, my brother lacks a trained sense of smell, because he failed to notice the stain on the floor I had forgotten to cleanup.

I was sent to ready the soldiers present, while my brother contacted the ones surrounding the city. Within four minutes, each weapon was armed and each soldier booted. I joined my brother and Sobek, as the portals opened.

I took my place behind Osiris, standing so the bound Jaller was trapped between Sobek and myself, as our soldiers marched.

I felt my stomach flutter with a wave of nerves. I knew the plan by heart. I was ready.

My brother opened our portal, and we walked through.

At least now, I know I don't need to wait for Anubis to come to me, was my last thought, before the sunlight hit my face.

Author's Note: So this was not the chapter I intended. This was supposed to be the first few paragraphs, but it turned out to be a little bit more involved and had a nice breaking point. I really wanted to start with the sense of one day passing instead of months. The sex scene was an idea that came to me to give this version of Set a moment without the Horus and the rest, but it feels weird and I can't place why (besides the fact that I suck to writing sex scene). Hopefully, it is not too jarring. But the progression of Sobek feels like it hit the right place at the right moment, and surprisingly missing from my original thoughts for him.

The next chapter I swear will begin the action, starting with Anubis surrounded and Set's entrance behind his brother.

Thank you for reading this chapter. Please, let me know what you think by rating, favoriting, and commenting. They are very much appreciated, and they help encourage me to write more often.

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