Trespassers Will Be...Molested?

Story by Searska_GreyRaven on SoFurry

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A request, using the tentacle beastie from "No Trespassing." Those signs are there for a reason, you know. ;)

Trespassers Will Be...Molested?

Story © Searska GreyRaven

Demon © Tigerdemon

Demon trotted along the forest path, not really paying attention to anything in particular. It was a beautiful day, bright sun and clear sky, though it was mostly hidden by the canopy above him. The path he followed led to a stream, which turned into a spectacular waterfall. The tigertaur hadn't been this way in a while, and he frowned when he saw a sign next to a waterfall that stated, in bold black lettering, "No Trespassing."

The paint was peeling at the edge of the sign, and Demon touched it with his paw. He'd never noticed that there was a cave behind the waterfall! Ignoring the sign, Demon stalked into the cave. The tunnel twisted after a few feet, making the rest of the cave darker than a moonless night. Even with his feline night vision, Demon could barely see more than a few feet in front of his face. The pads of his feet became sticky with slime, and his fur felt damp. What could be hidden back here?

But after several minutes of walking, he hadn't found anything worth investigating. The cave walls were so thick with slime that, if there'd ever been anything back here, the owners must have long since moved it somewhere less...slimy.

He was just about to turn back when the ground under his hind legs shifted. He stumbled, trying to gain some sort of purchase on the slick surface, but his claws couldn't grasp the slippery stone and Demon fell to his belly in the muck.

"Ugh. Disgusting!" Demon said, trying to wipe the slime from his fur.

Something wrapped around his tail and tugged, hard.

Demon yelped jumped and tried to get to his feet, struggling in the mire. He kicked at whatever had his tail, but it wouldn't let go! His hind claw connected with something, and he flexed his claws, trying to shred himself free, but the slime oozed over his limb like glue.

Demon snarled. He lashed out with his remaining claws, and only managed to get himself completely stuck. The slime clung to his fur, matting it into gummy clumps. Each swipe of his paw just spread the gook out more. What was worse, whatever had his tail was slowly working its way up his body. Demon turned, and in the darkness saw a cluster of waving tentacles, coming closer.

Before he could so much as screech in fear, the tentacles attacked. They coiled around his wrists and ankles, wrapped around his hips, working their way to the V of his legs until--

Demon yowled as something cool and wet forced itself into his sheath. He snarled and twisted, sinking his fangs into the nearest tentacle. But rather than recoil, the tentacle bulged and filled his mouth with gummy slime. Demon tried to spit it out, but it was too late. The tentacle wrapped around his jaws and slithered down his throat. Something warm and sweet flowed across his tongue, and Demon began to feel...not exactly sleepy so much as relaxed.

The tentacle inside his sheath began to move, and that relaxed feeling quickly became something more urgent. More tentacles wrapped around his middle, binding tighter with each squeeze of the tentacle in his sheath. Demon thrust into the tentacle beast, his earlier terror buried under his building need. The tentacles pulled him to his knees, and the slime rose to his hips, trapping his lower body.

Something began to suckle at his length, and Demon grunted, his hips grinding against it. More sweet fluid flowed across his tongue, and Demon lost himself to the need to breed the thing wrapped around him. A bubble formed in the slime around his throbbing length and filled with a clear fluid. The slime tentacle didn't pause in its attentions as the bubble enveloped it and clear fluid filled the area. But when the bubble was completely filled with fluid, the tentacle suddenly sped up. Another burst of sweet nectar crossed his tongue, and Demon felt the building need in his loins become even more urgent.


He pounded his body against the tentacle, whimpering when the slime beast pulled his claws away from the bubble. It coated his claws, covering them with thick slime that congealed into rubbery gloves. The slime all over his body was hardening, but Demon didn't care. The tentacle refused to speed up its attentions. It suckled Demon at the perfect pace, keeping the tigertaur's mind consumed with the need to mate without allowing him to get enough stimulation to orgasm.

Demon slowly became aware that the slime was getting tighter around his body, that the hardening slime added resistance to his thrusts, making each movement harder and harder until he finally couldn't withdraw anymore. The surface of the slime had solidified into a rubbery sheathe, coating Demon almost completely but leaving his eyes and nose untouched. The goo beneath was still liquid and mostly clear, but flexed like tough plastic.

Something moved under the skin of the hardened slime, and for the first time, Demon saw the beast that held him. It was as black as tar and shaped like a squid. Its many tentacles undulated smoothly. It looked at Demon with glowing yellow eyes, and the tigertaur got the impression that it was...pleased. It swam up to the bubble Demon was still rutting and pierced it with its beak. It deposited a whitish-fluid into the bubble, sealed the opening it made, and swam off.

The tentacles holding Demon went mad. The tendril coiled around his felinehood sucked him, squeezing so hard that it brought tears to Demon's eyes. Another tentacle thrust into his tail hole, sliding into him until--

Demon yowled, his whole body shuddering as the tentacle found his prostate and rubbed against it like a cat with catnip. He shuddered, desperately grinding himself into the slime until at last, with a howl, he released into the bubble.

The tentacles sensed it, and milked him until his sensitive member retreated into his sheathe. Demon collapsed in the grip of the hardened slime, gasping to breath. The tentacle in his jaws shifted but didn't withdraw. Neither did the one filling his bowels. They held still, as if...waiting.

Now that Demon could think a little more clearly, he was able to get a better look at his situation. The hardened slime covered every surface of the cavern. Tendrils hung from the ceiling and held his tail, arms, and head captive. He was mired in the harden ooze up to his waist, and beneath the surface of the slime, four more tentacles were coiled around his legs. One other tentacle was wrapped around his loins, its tip inverted over his sheathe. He wasn't sure where the one in his backside was coming from.

He finally caught his breath, and tugged experimentally on the tentacles holding his arms. It felt like struggling with a rubber rope. It stretched, but recoiled to moment he stopped pulling on it. He tried again, harder, to see if he could snap it, but that seemed to annoy the slime beast. It squirted sweet fluid down his throat and began the process of milking him all over again, not pausing until it had forced no less than four orgasms from him. It finally withdrew when Demon was so exhausted that he passed out.

Demon slept twice, too exhausted to care if it was day or night, but was woken by the beast turning its attention back to his loins. Demon happened to glance down, and saw three small black squids, each about the size of his finger, swimming in the fluid of the bubble and...feeding on his seed...

He didn't know how much longer the tentacles held him there, only that every time he opened his eyes, the tentacles seemed to know he was awake again, and molested him until he came. The small black squid-things swimming about his loins grew larger and larger until they were nearly the size of grapefruits, and each one took turns latching on to his aching member and suckling yet another orgasm out of him any time they wanted. And if Demon was asleep, they nipped and teased until he woke up and "fed" them.

When the small squid things were roughly the size of small cats, he felt a change ripple through the ooze holding his captive. It began to soften, to gradually lose its grip on him. Demon thrashed, finally managing to wrench his body free of his tentacle captor, and darted for the exit. As he ran, dripping viscous ooze all along the way, he vowed he'd never disobey another "No Trespassing" sign again.

He was so intent on escaping the molesting slime that he didn't notice the small black blob of ooze, clinging to his back...

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