That New Gym Smell

Story by Aurem on SoFurry

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Been a while since I've written smut. Enjoy!

That New Gym Smell

By: Tryan

Samuel, known as Sammy to his friends and Pokemon, walked into the building and took a deep breath, head held high as he took in the walls again and the three Pokemon who perked when the doors had opened and left their training equipment behind. Besides the Pokemon being the only ones there, the building looked exactly like a professional gym found almost everywhere.

The floor was dotted with machines used to test strength and stamina or to build it. The center piece was a large wrestling mat set up and permanently tacked to the floor. The four corners were broken into endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Each corner had its usual occupant. Endurance was in the hands of Blaziken, strength was presided over by Machamp, balance was taken by Lucario, and flexibility by Sammy himself.

"Big news guys." Sammy said with a teasing tone of voice and a wink. The Pokemon all immediately grinned in reply and started looking between each other. "We are an _official_Pokemon Gym!" Sammy cried with a chorus of Pokemon cheers following his words. In seconds he was at the bottom of a Pokemon pile on the wrestling mat, holding Lucario up a bit so the others weight didn't force the spike against him.

"Geez guys, okay, okay! Please stop crushing me!" he laughed, feeling relief as the weight decreased slowly. At the last he was left with his three Pokemon surrounding him as he layed on the mat. The angle perfectly disguised his glances at each one's crotch.

"So." Sammy said, sitting up. "Who's up for some drinks?"

The three cheered and this time hoisted the male up and ushered him to the back room and living quarters to get the alcohol flowing. In no time everyone had downed a few shots and now had their favorite mixed drink in hand. Sammy smiled at the diversity as his Pokemon chatted amongst themselves. Blaziken always enjoyed things with some sort of milk or cream. Lucario liked rum. Machamp and Sammy both had a soft spot for vodka.

The mood was high and there was a lot of glass clinking and sipped toasts to the new status. No longer were they a small training gym, but an official, League recognized Gym!

'Master?' Lucario asked through aura, his voice bashful as always. 'Did they give you a Badge?' The other two Pokemon honed in excitedly as Sammy beckoned them to follow him out to the main room again. By now the sun had set and the skylights no longer filled the room. He swayed a little as he walked to the center of the wrestling mat and reached into his pocket.

"This is the badge." he finally revealed, a smirk adorning his drink flushed face. "Or at least the fill in until I say yes or no to it." The small metal piece was shaped like a black fist with an uncolored metal spike raising from the top. It couldn't be mistaken for anything other than what a Lucario's fist looked like when clenched and launched in a punch.

Both Machamp and Blaziken frowned and grumbled at this, complaining to each other over the shape.

"Oh please, Lucario isn't even the strongest of us three. Why is it shaped like him?" Blaziken Muttered, finishing off the rest of his drink in a single swig and blowing a small amount of fire in irritation.

"No kidding." Machamp replied, using his free hands to make a punching motion. "I'm the strongest, after all. It should look like my fists!"

Blaziken looked to the four armed Pokemon with a flash in his eyes. "Hey, strength has nothing to do with it. You need the endurance to see a battle through!"

"Oh please, everyone knows you can't win unless you have the strength to plow through your opponents!" Machamp shot back, finishing his own drink before glaring at the pumped up fire type. Sparks flew between the two and Lucario backed away towards Sammy, not wanting any part of the argument. His final step caused him to bump into the human, who dropped the piece of metal and gave a soft 'oops'.

Both Blaziken and Machamp turned, mouths open as their trainer got on his hands and knees on the mat, hand searching in the dark for the dropped badge. His gym shorts pulled tight across his ass cheeks and dipped into his crack, leaving little to the imagination.

"Why don't we have a challenge to decide who should be on the badge?" Machamp suggested.

"Whoever is more dominant over our trainer wins?" Blaziken replied lightly, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"Took the words right out of my mouth." Machamp said, dropping his tight speedo to release his monster of a cock. It was humanoid shaped, though the skin on the shaft was the same blue as the rest of his body. The head itself was a very light pinkish blue that complimented the meat perfectly. His balls hung heavily, having not been emptied for a while.

Blaziken didn't let himself be outdone, pressing a hand to his crotch and letting his pointed meat drop down from its sheath. The entire length was a fleshy pink, already starting to throb with need, some veins showing along its sides. Hi own balls were covered in a soft down of pin feathers, making them look bigger than even Machamp's when he was excited like this.

"Who first?" Machamp asked.

"You go first. I have to gather some supplies." The fire type turned on his feet with a wink and trotted over to some lockers on the side of the room as Machamp approached his trainer from behind.

Sammy first noticed something was going on when His ass was grabbed. His mesh shorts stood up for approximately three seconds before strong hands caused the fabric to rip along the seams, exposing his ass to the open air. The man looked behind him, eyes wide as he caught sight of Machamp kneeling behind, two arms flexing and the other two grabbing onto Sammy's hips.

"W-what are you doing Machamp?" Sammy half whispered. The Pokemon just grinned and lifted the human's hips up in his strong hands, bringing his face down in between the mounds. Sammy propped his arms against the ground, almost upside down at the angle his Pokemon forced him into. He gasped as a large cock pressed into his face, grinding gently.

Sammy opened his mouth to ask again but instead the tip bumped his lip, drawing a gasp. He stuck his tongue out slowly, hesitating against the possibility that this wasn't really happening. When his tongue made contact with the blue tinted cock head he moaned, opening wide.

Machamp chuckled deep in his throat as he felt Sammy's tongue. "So you really did want this. I thought I caught you eyeing my crotch a few times." The Pokemon trailed off and then pressed his mouth between the mounds again, lapping at the hole and then forcing his tongue in. He let his drool drip down the wet muscle as Sammy moaned. Every thrust in pressed a mouthful of spit into the tight hole and stretched it out, starting to get the trainer looser.

Lucario approached from the side and bit his lip, pulling down his pants and watching as Machamp set Sammy back on all fours. His cock was rock hard and throbbing blue now. Maybe ten inches stood out from the muscular Pokemon and slowly that length was being aimed to follow where his tongue had just been.

The large Pokemon chuckled again and thrusted, eliciting a small scream from the human. At the sound he couldn't help it anymore and thrust deep into the bowels, spit easing his entry until his full balls slapped onto Sammy's own. The human blushed as he was taken and only moaned after the initial shout of pain. He had expected it to hurt for far longer than it had, but now all he could feel was an inkling of pain. Pleasure was invading his mind with every thrust into his ass and every slap of his Pokemon's balls against his own.

"Ahh, Machamp! Fuck me harder!" he cried. Machamp slapped a hand on Sammy's ass and started going faster, forcing the boy's knees to give and fucking him flat against the mat.

"Oh my." Blaziken commented, returning with a small bag. He sat next to Lucario and forced the Jackal's head into his lap as he watched the show. "You better not break him before my turn."

"Hey, if I do it just proves I'm the more dominant of us." Machamp replied, panting. "Arceus he's so fucking tight!" Drool dripped from the corner of his mouth, landing on Sammy's shoulder. The man turned his head, looking at Machamp from the corner of his eye.

With a hard clench from Sammy, Machamp drove his length deep into the male and yelled out, fucking the last inch of his cock in and out of the asshole that was clenching on him. "H-how do you like that M-machamp." Sammy panted, forcing another clench.

Machamp swore, grabbing tight and groaning as his balls pulled up. "Fucker, making me cum before I wanted to." he grumbled, but none the less slammed deep, potent seed filling his trainer.

Sammy moaned softly and panted into the mat, going slack as the heat filled him. "Damn." He whispered.

Machamp pulled back with a lewd slurp and stepped back, taking a good look at his handiwork. Sammy's hole was stretched and struggling to clench back down after the violent pounding that he'd dished out. "Now that's what I call pretty." He sighed, turning his head to Blaziken with a self satisfied smirk. "Our trainer's no virgin."

Blaziken's brows lifted as he pushed Lucario off of his cock. "This'll make my turn all the more fun. Don't want him to break before I get off after all." The fire type smirked and approached his panting trainer. The first thing to come out of his back of supplies was a jock strap that was wadded up in the crotch area. Blaziken forced the pouch into Sammy's mouth then pulled the strap around his head twice to hold it in as a make-shift gag.

"Wish I had the supplies to do this properly." He commented softly, pulling the next item out. Sammy found himself pulled up onto his knees, arms pulled behind him and wrapped as roughly as his face had been. His tongue was coated in a musky taste and as soon as Blaziken's hands left his arms he pulled at them, eyes widening as he realized that they were bound tight by some sort of athletic tape.

The next thing to feel the wrapping was his ankles, wrapped at a ninety degree angle that left his knees spread out uncomfortably. Sammy turned towards his Pokemon and looked at Blaziken pleadingly. His only response was a harsh smirk and a stab of pain as the pointed tip of the fire bird's penis jabbed above his hole. The press against the muscles there made tears come to his eyes.

Blaziken pressed hard on Sammy's back, making his trainer place his chest on the mat. The sight that greeted him was amazing as he got to see Sammy's ass spread wider than Machamp had. He savored the view for a moment, rubbing his eight inch pointed shaft on the spread hole. Luckily the inches he lacked in length were made up for in the width. Slowly he pressed the head of his cock in, moaning as he watched it disappear.

Machamp and Lucario gaped at the activities Blaziken was performing. Neither had ever seen this side of the fire type and both were eager to see how far it would go.

"Take it all. Every thick inch. You're going to be my little toy until I cum." Blaziken growled lewdly. Sammy didn't understand the words but whimpered, the tone sending shivers down his spine and causing him to clench unwillingly. Blaziken replied by moaning louder and bucking his hips back and forth, spreading Sammy as much as he could.

Sammy Cried out into his gag, clenching his eyes tight, The thickness was taking him past his limit but he still pressed back, the pressure on his prostate more amazing and pleasurable than the pain on the ring of flesh that squeezed so tightly on Blaziken. His hips rocked as Blaziken picked up the pace. In no time the feather coated balls were bouncing forcefully off of his bare ones.

The man cried out again and again, the force even more than what Machamp used, though this time it changed rhythm unexpectedly. Every time he started to relax at all the pace and angle changed, causing him to tense as new feelings of pleasure rushed through his body.

His balls pulled up and his hole tightened of their own accord and Sammy went bug eyes, knowing that his load was cumming. He frantically shoved his hips backwards, wanting to take more, needing Blaziken to thrust into his prostate just a little harder.

The Pokemon scoffed and lowered his hips, removing the main pressure from Sammy's prostate. The man called out, tears pricking his eyes. He had been so close to the most amazing orgasm of his life and had been denied at the last possible second. Blaziken laughed coldly to himself, continuing to use his trainer for his own pleasure.

"No cumming for you yet trainer. My pleasure comes first, after all." Blazkinen moaned out loud as his shifted again, making sure to not touch the prostate at all now. The tunnel around him still clenched in readiness for an orgasm that wouldn't cum so the Pokemon took full advantage.

Sammy pressed his face into the mat and cried out as his ass was pounded again and again. He tried as hard as he could to make Blaziken cum, but it was futile. The Pokemon had him bound up and was neglecting the pleasure that had been so free flowing before now.

Finally Blaziken reached the edge of his orgasm and leaned forward, feathers coating his trainer's back. Just one more action would shove him over the edge and he was fully prepared for it. He clasped his beak around Sammy's shoulder and bit down, the tip on both top and bottom breaking the thin skin. He cried out around the shoulder as his balls drew up, cock buried in to the sheath. With a few small thrusts into the stretched out hole he came.

Shot after shot of steaming hot fire bird jizz joined the pool of Machamp's cum that resided deep inside. Blaziken moaned softly, body going slack slowly and cock starting to pull back on its own. As soon as his thick cock retreated he rolled off of his bound trainer with a sigh. "Now,that is how you dom someone!"

"Oh please, I easily won this challenge, Machamp retorted, grabbing his glass and going to pour himself another drink. Blaziken cried out with indignation and grabbed his own, following the four armed Pokemon into the back room.

"There's no way that you won that. Could you hear him moaning and crying out for me? I'm clearly the winner." Blaziken argued, pouring himself a double white russian.

Machamp shrugged all of his shoulders and got himself a single shot of vodka with sprite, happily sipping the drink. "Couldn't hear much past that jock strap. Where did you get that anyways?"

Blaziken stuck his tongue out then took a swig of his drink. "Took it from our trainer's dresser and wore it for a late night workout last night."

"Whoa, so that means it was..." "Musky and flavored with some of my dried pre." Blaziken filled in with a smirk. Machamp whistled then shook his head, saying it wasn't enough.

"Why don't we ask Lucario and Sammy to vote on who was more dominant. They'll decide the winner.

With this decided they both walked out of the backroom to find that Lucario was sleeping in Sammy's arms, two fresh loads spattered on the human's chest. The two had peaceful expressions on their face and laid in the center of the wrestling mat.

"Now that's just plain out cheating." Blaziken complained.