Five Dragons: TLoP: Chapter 9,5: Mental Closeness

Story by Lorddaventry on SoFurry

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Five Dragons: TLoP:

Chapter 9.5: Mental Closeness

Exhausted, he stepped in front of

his room. Placed his hand on the handle, the more his gaze in wonder aside. A porcelain

dish full of warm water stand, lying with a washcloth beside it on the floor. He

glanced in the corridor up and down. With a slight smile he already thought,

who could have left this. He lifted the cloth and the bowl up and gently pushed

open the door.

In the cozy blanket rolled, Kyndle lay on the bed and cooed dreamily to herself.

The entrance closed again, he went with soft steps across the carpet up to the

window. He looked smiling to his female dragon, which was sleeping peacefully

and sometimes gave a slight, cute twitching of herself.

The sun had not yet set and tossed her red glow over the horizon. The water

bowl and the rags he put on the table. With big eyes he raised his medium in

the last ray of light and looked at it a long time. The back of the glove

viewing, he looked at the orange-red dragon scales. Long he looked at the large

scale in the middle, which Kyndle had given him for the production. With eyes

closed, he breathed out heavily, as this aching image came back in the mind. He

felt it a faint tingling in the burst and held his hand on the spot.

He retired the medium of his hand and threw his dragoness a slightly sad look.

"She took this pain voluntarily on herself." echoed his thoughts

voice while he also laid the glove on the table. His eyes fell briefly to the

mirror where he saw her cloth lying on the ground. He calmly exhaled and took

the bowl and the rags from the table.

Slowly he approached the peaceful cooing female. With a soft dreamy "Chirp"

she turned on her back and showed Roland again the healing wound on her chest.

Thoughtfully, he sat down on the edge of the bed, looking up at his medium on

the table and stared at the big dragon scale. Then his attention wandered

slowly back to the point on Kyndles chest, where she was missing now. "She

took them alone, for me." He thought further and gently put his hand on

the exposed part of her body.

He heard her soft cooing by his gentle touch and clearly felt her heartbeat.

With eyes closed, he listened to her rhythm and gently rubbed on the vulnerable

spot. The bleeding had adjusted quickly, but it will take a longer time until the

gap is closed again in her beautiful shed dress.

With the other hand he dipped the cloth in the warm water and squeezed him out

easily. Carefully, he laid him on her skin and gently, he began to rub the


Easily startled tore the dragoness

to her eyes as she felt the damp cloth on her wound. She turned in surprise on

her stomach and lifted her head frantically. An easily frightened

"Meep" followed. She quickly realized Roland and looked at him once

with half-closed eyes. She craned her chest up and cooed softly, while her

partner further purified the healing wound. Genius send her a pleasant shiver

through the body, as the soft cloth ran over her skin.

As if in a trance, he stroked the dried blood stains, broke them from her

beautiful skin. Her gentle hum listening, he felt a pleasant feeling of


It was like a déjà vu. Mentally he wandered back to the moment. He in the tub,

Kyndle opposite him. Together they sat in the weak rushing, warm water. He

gently pressed her a washcloth on her shoulder, while she watched him with this

magical twinkle in her eyes.

It felt again like that, as on that day when their lips met for the first time.

While his thoughts looking at the memory he had unexpectedly dropped the rag.

His fingers stroked her velvet skin, coaxed her a genius sendes purr. Steadily

they walked her neck high, crossed scale by scale up under her chin. Grips

gently around her head and slowly pulled her over.

Directed the dreamy look in her beautiful, deep blue eyes, he approached her.

The turquoise edge to her pupils brought forth an unmistakable twinkle, which

is reflected in his. To the loving, closed view followed an intensive, long

kiss. A moment, they had for themselves. Roland felt the intense buzz of her

body in the head, the gentle rubbing of her tongue. Completely established he

let himself fall in the passionate kiss, felt her soul.

He went up to her on the bed, leaned more against her. Kyndle lay down on her

back again, but still the kiss maintaining.

With a strong sigh of relief, he pulled away from her and threw his loving look

in her sparkling dragon eyes. Her soft cooing was heard when she dropped her

head on the mattress.

He had a warm look on his face while he stroked her again over her breast and

her belly. In the creeping change of her cooing to a faint purring, he reacted

with a gleeful smile. Slowly his fingers worked on the scales, groped every

detail of her elegant body. He felt the vibration of her well-being well above

his hands.

Lazy she shrugged her head and turned to the side. Dreamy she slowly opened her

eyes and threw a loving, sparkling look in his eyes. The turquoise touch of her

deep blue sapphires gleamed at him brightly. Gently, she nudged her nose to his

and held her amorous glance upright. Roland leaned more against her head and

held out his left hand to her cheek, while his right hand stroked continue on her

flank. Purring softly she enjoyed the pats of her partner. Slowly, she tilted

her head to one side and both lay tenderly their lips again together. Eyes

closed, he enjoyed this more sensual moment with his dragoness.

Ends the passionate kiss he looked

at his Kyndle in love. The bright flash of her eyes viewing, hiked his hands

down her neck. Loving his fingers clung to her shed, drove with gentle pressure

downward. The female began intensively to purr and laid her head back on the

pillow. Roland's hands had just reached her chest, as she turned again onto her

back. Smiling, he looked at Kyndle and clearly felt their emotional connection.

This spiritual connection to his draconic partner, he would not give up for

anything in the world. The gentle vibrations produced by her cheerful purr,

felt pleasantly. He heard her soft snort and watched her, as she nestled her

head into the pillow amused.

Kyndle twitched slightly, with the soothing feelings which he aroused in her.

Surprised, she opened her eyes briefly, before closing them again cooing.

Roland gave her a long kiss on the scale-free spot on her chest. He felt her

heart beat clearly in his head. She felt his lips on her bare skin, which her

heartbeat brought a welcome boost. "Thank you for that." He whispered

softly as he briefly lifted from her.

They intensified their intense purring and breathed genie send on and off,

after he placed his mouth again on the sensitive spot. Roland's fingers

wandered during which steadily downward. Each scale that they touched,

reinforced the fun waves that surged through her body.

The eyes half closed she saw her Roland to love. Intensive she purred, while

the bright flash of her sapphire eyes gleamed. Roland's hands moved over her

belly, stroked gently over every scale they found. Until finally his fingers

between her hind legs arrived.

They gently rubbed on the lips of her femininity, what the dragoness drew a

long inhalation. His mouth is still placed on her breast, he felt the

increasing heat between her hind legs and the increasing heartbeat.

Kyndle felt her awakening desire and lifted her head. She threw Roland to a

lustful glance and licked him lovingly on the cheek. He held with gentle

pressure fixed her nose and looked seductive into her eyes. "Now it's my

turn." He whispered softly and pressed his lips strong on hers. Passionate

rubbed both tongues together and he felt her intense purring in the head.

Slowly, their lips parted from each other again and pulled a thin thread of

saliva between their tongues in the length.

With gentle pressure drove his hands again over her elegant body. The intense

purring of his dragoness hearing, he stroked her beautiful scales. He lowered

his face and kissed the bare spot on her chest again. Kyndle jerked her head

slightly and snorted excitedly as she felt his soft tongue back on her bare

skin. The eyes pleasant closed she snuggled her head more in the blanket on the


With one hand, Roland drove between

her hind legs and caressed her vagina. Slowly he lifted his face from her chest

up and looked at his dragoness love to. The female kept her eyes closed and

purring happily intensively to herself.

Slowly he moved between her hind legs, ran with his fingers constantly over her

excited lips. The intense fragrance of her desire inhaling he approached her

femininity. His blood began formally to race through his veins, as the

incomparable smell of his partner spread his action.

He quickly had taken off his shirt and went back to the females. With both

hands he was massaging the whole area around her vagina. In love, he looked to

her head, while his fingers stroked the velvet scales. He could feel her

pleasure clear as well her growing lust. Her body twitched happily as he ran

his thumb over her clit. Kyndle gave a cute quiet "Meep" of herself,

as if spilled a torrent of her pleasure from her vagina. Roland felt the moist

heat of his dragoness and lowered his face between her legs. Messing drove his

tongue over the gently quivering lips of her femininity. In a circular motion,

he caressed her wet vagina. Quietly, he groaned in her body, gently kissed her

clit, pushing his tongue a little bit in it. Kyndle spread briefly her wings

and stretching her neck high, as Roland's tongue was going into her body. A

pleasuring twitch ran through her muscles and flooded her vagina again with a

wave of her lust.

Your heady scent on the tongue taste, she woke a real rush in it. Greedy for

more of her, he pressed his mouth to her vagina and drove his tongue further

into it. With relish he breathed into her body. Kyndle opened surprised her

eyes and tossed the sleepy look in her dilated pupils to the ceiling high.

Short let Roland from her and took a deep breath. The liquid of her lust was dripping

from his chin as he looked up at her. It seemed to him as he experienced the

moment in slow motion. In this magical moment, their lustful eyes met. The

bright flash of her sapphire eyes reflected in his. He felt her heart beat like

his own, and the way she looked at him now, he understood only too well.

Then he lowered his face again and drove his muscle again in their femininity.

She let her tongue lustfully hanging out of the mouth, while she dropped her

head on the bed again. The eyes closed again drove their benevolence on through

her body.

In the intoxication of his desire he moved his tongue into her, drew Kyndle a

pleasant twitching after another. Her breathing increased and she sent a strong

snort up at the ceiling. She felt the quick closer of her climax, which was ready

to trigger a storm in her body.

Roland felt himself announced her

orgasm and then lifted his mouth from her. With a protesting gaze and a faint

growl, Kyndle responded to his abrupt stop. With a warm smile, he winked at

her. "Not yet." He whispered softly and ran his fingers slowly over

the wet lips of her femininity. He gently stroked the velvet scales. Kept her

benevolence as close as possible trapped at her peak.

With slow movements his tongue ran over her clit, but with the intention not to

let her come.

Kyndles heart was racing like crazy. Exposed to his lustful act, a soothing

wave after another piled one above the other. Her whole body stiffened

increasingly, more closer he brought her to the limit.

Roland looked up at her. The dreamy look in her dilated pupils viewing, he

began to smile. He sank two of his fingers in her vagina and was circling his tongue

around her clit. Kyndle pressed her head into the pillow and spread her legs

further apart. Her tail twitched frantically on the bed. Roland could feel it

clearly and did everything to make her come now.

His mouth pressed back on her femininity, he tasted her hot lust again. Eagerly

he moved his tongue into her, at the same time rubbing his thumb over her clit.

This was too much for her. Her partner could feel it clearly. Her head snapped

up, where she gave a loud, cute beeper by herself, while her body trembled. As

a powerful avalanche fast her intense orgasm through every fiber of her body. A

hot wave of her coming spilled out of her femininity and captured Roland's

face. Eyes closed, he felt the moist heat of her climax and listened happily to

the soft purr of his Kyndle.

The female stopped with a pleasant murmur, eyes closed while she let her

intense moment subside. Roland moved up to her and lay down on her chest, where

he emphasize his still damp finger on the scale-free place.

Lying on her, he felt also this pleasant noise in his body. He looked down at

his pants and was surprised to find that he had also come. "So intense is

our connection?" He wondered.

Eyes closed, he listened to the still heavy breathing dragoness in the

afterglow of her orgasm. Slowly she put a paw on his chest and looked him

straight in the eye. He looked at the bright flash of her sapphire eyes, and

was hit by an intense wave of her seductive fragrance.

Requesting her view he replied with a warm smile and placed his hand on her

paw. Shortly after he got out of bed and took off his pants.

Without hesitation Kyndle jumped down from the mattress and stood in front of

him. No sooner had he directed his gaze in their shining eyes, the dragoness

already came up to him. With this love shine in her eyes she looked at him,

bent slightly her head to one side. Kyndle let her warm tongue across his chest

underline and thus elicited a pleasant breezing.

She came closer to him and stood on

her hind legs. Her forelegs she placed on Roland's shoulders. The bright lights

of her sapphire eyes viewing, he put his hands around her elegant draconic


Eyes closed they shared a loving kiss. Her gentle hum in the head sensing, he

noticed how easily she pushed him backwards. The arms closed around her, he

fell backwards back onto the bed. Still immersed in the passionate kiss, Kyndle

was now on him.

Slowly her tongue was loosed from his and she looked down at her partner.

Roland smiled warmly, as the spark once again crossed her eyes.

He could feel the vibration of her pleasant soft purring as she gently rubbed

her body against his. Closely clinging to him, she lay down on him, always

directed her gaze in his eyes. The shine of her beautiful sapphire eyes viewing

reached him another wave of her seductive fragrance.

Kyndle closed her view in half and

let underline her flexible tongue over his chest. Light rose the dragoness from

him. With one paw she gently pushed him down on the mattress while she drove

carefully the claws of the other under his waistband. Her moist tongue coating

over his neck drew him a deep, long inhalation. In this very moment her black

claws slid through the light fabric of his clothes, and bared his manhood.

Slowly Kyndle again opened her eyes, and threw the love shine in her gaze, what

Roland conjured him a warm smile on his lips. Gingerly the dragoness climbed

back over him and fell on his naked body. The distinctive smell of its member

inhaling, took her desire to constantly. The desire of her body she could not

hold back, because already poured the hot drops her pleasure from her


Arms wrapped around her elegant body he felt the moist heat on his body, as

well as her irresistible smell that invaded his nose. His penis began already

to stem her abdomen. The bright flash of her radiant dragon eyes viewing, a

warm smile grew on his lips.

Kyndle closed cooing the eyes and read her wet tongue slowly slide up his neck,

which he drew a long breath. Captured her gaze, he saw her with relish, and

without a word to lose lay Kyndle on the back.

Roland knelt side of her on the bed. Her fragrant scent inhaling, his desire

for her grew more and more. With this passionate gleam in his eyes, he looked

at his partner. This elegant, draconic body. Each scale perfectly.

Gently stroked his hand over the

wet lips of her excited femininity. Her cheerful snort told him her slight

impatience. The longer he delayed, the more she wanted him. Slowly, he rose

above her tail and leaned something about them. He positioned himself and

rubbed his shaft slowly over the entrance of her vagina. Like a storm, the heat

of her lust overcame him. Kyndle took a deep breath as she felt Roland's

manhood between her lips. She closed her eyes in pleasure and slowly opened her

maw, as he penetrated her. Feeling the pleasant buzz of her body, slipped his

penis inside, gently spread her lips.

Instinctively Roland closed his eyes, while his penis sank completely into her.

With a slow shock he had entered her. The moist heat of her passion overwhelmed

him formally and let him breathe heavily. Purring and with closed view, Kyndle

snuggled her head happily in the bedding. To feel her partner inside flooded

her body with numerous, comforting feelings.

No words can say, how much she loved this man. Not only the physical proximity,

much more the emotional connectedness, which she shared with him. That place,

on which he will always be there, no matter how far the distance to him may be.

Slowly open the eyes, she looked at her partner. Sent him this brilliant

sparkle, directly from the light shimmering turquoise rim of her deep blue


Roland felt her contact. As if in a trance sank his gaze into her sparkling

eyes, and softly cooing, she let her head fall back on the bedspread.

Fetched a deep breath he withdrew from her and pushed one more time into it.

Each time, a passionate shock of her lust seized him again. Even hotter, more

intense, over and over again. Kyndles body trembled with each further feel of

his manhood. This pleasure layered over each other more and more, until they

finally threatened to escalate. Her muscles stiffened increasingly and Roland

felt a more nascent twitching of her vagina. She was close to her peak, and by

the five, he felt the same way.

The arms wrapped tightly around her buzzing body, he fell on them. His penis

deep drifting in her he clung around her velvet dress scales. Slowly craned her

head up and snorted heavily up at the ceiling. Roland felt her womanhood began

to hold his penis, and this rhythmic movements inserting. One last time, he

pushed with all his strength into her, moaning with relish on, her body


Kyndle let her tongue with relish from the mouth hanging and was a loud, cute

beeper on her own, as her orgasm raced through her muscles. Her body was trembling

and her vagina bore the seeds of her partner deep inward. Roland was breathing

heavily on her chest. His quivering member, sunk deep in her gave her one warm

splash after another. Placed his ear on the scale-free area of her breast, he

heard her powerful and rapid heartbeat.

A pleasant silence now filled the air. Only her gentle purr and be slightly

hectic breathing could be heard. Dreamy opened Kyndle her eyes and gave him a

loving glance. His warm smile conjured her that magical sparkle in her eyes,

which reflected in his. Roland felt the gentle vibration of their bodies among

themselves and was trapped entirely in her eyes.

Sinking into her eyes fused their

lips again. For a long time caressed their tongues and after this passionate

tongue touch, their amorous eyes met again while they held her forehead close


"I love you, Roland." He heard a beautiful female voice in his head.

Speechless and surprised at the same time he looked at his dragoness. With a

dreamy cooing she clung more to him and flicked her tongue over his mouth.

Exposed her sensual gesture, he just sat there. "Has she just spoken? Has

my Kyndle just spoke to me?!" it echoed in his head again. How woke up

from a daydream, he looked at his dragoness. In her sparkling eyes, he could

see it more than clear.

It was her loving words without a doubt. This warm sound brought a sense of

security with him, as he knew it only from his childhood. With both hands he

grabbed her head and gently pressed his forehead to hers. Eyes closed, he

listened quietly to their breathing.

Purring softly she hugged him with her forelegs and closed her long wings

around him. Slowly, he slid his left hand in her right paw, where his fingers

lovingly entangled with her claws. Laid his head on her breast, he heard the

gentle rhythm of her heart. Blow for blow, he went over to him, until he was

finally his.

He felt her soul as she surrounded him, imbued him. He could let go worry-free,

with the knowledge that she will be there to catch him. "I love you too,

Kyndle." echoed softly his words through this mental closeness, before he

fell asleep, well protected in her warm embrace. Kyndle cooed softly and

tightened her gentle grip around him, before she also went to him into the

realm of dreams.

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