Friendly Neighbors

Story by Thunderdramon on SoFurry

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#32 of Story Commissions

Hoo boy, this was fun~. A commission done for FA: Skaylez with two of his characters getting to know each other alongside some friends! This one was interesting in the fact I've never really done extreme age differences except for that one time so it was fun to get this.

Fluke was always considered a lucky dog by some. It was in very minute things that one wouldn't consider a game changer. He always got test scores that were just above the curve despite never studying a bit in school, he always won at games by the smallest margin and his relationships with others always came up to a small bit where he and the other person had something in common and it soon flourished from there. It got to a point where Fluke became his widely used nickname instead of his own name. The same even applied for his sexual escapades.

Fluke, what with his natural cuteness thank to his Siberian husky roots, always managed to sneak into the hearts of men and women just enough for them to consider having sex with him. From high school and onwards, the blue haired guy may as well have had a green thumb for rough loving and everything in his life. However, it all seemed to come to a screeching halt when he met Kaz. Kaz was a large, burly dragon that seemed like Fluke's polar opposite. He was crass, brutish, but had a certain charm to him. After meeting up with him at a bar a few months back, Fluke had decided to give it a shot.

It hadn't gone too well, but just like his namesake, Fluke had gotten far enough for Kaz to consider going back to his apartment, but not far enough. The tank of a man denied his advances the first time, but after some fooling around due to alcohol, the two had a bit of a friendship. Fluke let the memories come back to him as he sat on his couch, staring at the ceiling. He found it kind of annoying, actually. Here he had this awesome looking guy and very little chance of banging him, or even the other way around!

"Uggggh. I shouldn't let this get to me. Maybe I should do something actually productive instead of thinking with my dick." Fluke grumbled to himself. He slipped on a tank top over his slim torso along with his underwear already on and cruised over to the fridge. He really didn't need to think about stuff like that when he was on vacation! It was the summer time, he had tons of time to cruise around and get lucky, maybe even start a relationship. Fluke was at a tender age of 21, so he had his entire life ahead of him. The most he'd done was academic related along with his job which allowed him to get a one room apartment (with the help of his family, of course).

He stared out the window after grabbing a soda, and then glanced at the time. Was it really noon already? He had to go check to see what some friends were doing, as well as call the family out of obligation. As he made way to go look for his phone, Fluke heard someone knock at the door. He had to resist the urge to yell out "who is it" under the assumption that it was someone he didn't want to see. Fluke stayed quiet and attempted to tip toe through his apartment, hoping that the person would leave him alone.

"I know you're in there, Fluke, open up!" the voice from behind the door bellowed out.

Fluke shivered in place before frowning at the door.

"And stop frowning. God, you're like my son when I actually kept grounding him."

Fluke raised a brow before shaking his head and sighing. He still didn't know how the hell he did that without looking in through the door's eye piece. Regardless, he walked towards the door and opened it to look up at his visitor. A large black and purple striped gut was the first thing to greet him alongside broad, ham sized forearms, biceps almost the size of his head and wide shoulders enough to carry him in a single swoop. To complete it, the dragon's face grinned down at him, pearly whites shining. The fact that he had nothing on other than a pair of shorts made Fluke curious enough to look down past the dragon's belly to see if he could catch a peek downstairs. He was met with two meaty finger snapping in his face to get his attention back onto the dragon's face.

"Hey, just cause I'm tall doesn't give you the right to keep on starin'."

Fluke rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "What do you want, Kaz?"

Kaz stared back at him and rolled his eyes in return. Kaz had been the one screw up in his sexual escapades. It didn't help that he didn't get very far with him; it was also the fact that he became his neighbor in the apartment complex. The two continued to stare at one another for a few moments, Fluke balancing himself on his tip toes before relaxing once Kaz pulled back. At a hefty seven feet, the dragon had a lot of width and height on him that allowed him to lord it over Fluke whenever he wanted.

"Well, if you're going to be so rude, I'll take this invitation of mine to someone else. " Kaz rumbled, slowly making his way to the next apartment door. As expected, Fluke grabbed his hand and urged him back.

"See, that's what I thought. Having a party tonight with a couple of friends and I was wondering if you wanted in. Seeing as how you're the only young guy I tolerate aside from my kids..." Kaz started up.

Fluke raised a brow at the large dragon. He knew that Kaz was pretty much a single father and most of his kids were as old as he was or possibly even older. He only made the comments when it was meant to be a joke, so he figured they didn't have much of a relationship. Despite the failed escapade, Fluke and Kaz were something like friends. They talked shit, they sometimes drunk -and Kaz would make fun of the fact that he was a lightweight-- among other things. They only thing they hadn't done was break the bed and every time Fluke did, Kaz always shot him down. It was something of a miracle that they actually made a friendship out of it, but he didn't question it.

"Fine, fine, I'll come. When is it?"

Kaz grinned. "Tonight, just come on over and enjoy. Don't invite anyone since it'll be a small gathering." He finished before he started to walk off. Fluke looked at him curiously before closing the door with small scowl on his face.

He didn't take Kaz for the sociable type. He didn't even know that he had other friends that actually had things in common with him. After closing the door, Fluke went back to figure out something to wear for the later night. Afterwards, he set out to do whatever else he planned. The first thing was putting on some actual clothes and heading outside. The day seemed to pass by for Fluke, but the invitation to Kaz's little party kept ringing in his head. He had to admit, he didn't know much about Kaz's life and not knowing who was going to appear was a big reminder. Why should he even be worried? It wasn't as if he was in any sort of danger.

Once the day and his errands were finished, Fluke came back home to dress up for this little gathering. However, on his way back home, something had caught Fluke's eye. The path was filled with cars he hadn't seen before alongside a few folks that looked a bit too...out of place for the neighborhood. The husky's place wasn't the swankiest, but Fluke at least recognized everyone from the complex, but not these guys. For starters, the first had been a boar dressed in nothing but a kilt sporting a thick set frame. He'd been smoking a block away from the apartment, presumably because the landlord didn't like smoking on the premises. Thing is, he'd never seen the guy before. There was also the rather muscled kangaroo dragging a large keg over his shoulders from the bar a bit deeper into the town.

Maybe he was just hallucinating. He didn't exactly know everyone in the complete neighborhood, maybe they were just folks that happened to come across here and stick around for a while. When he arrived to Kaz's apartment, Fluke was dressed like he usually went to bars. He had a nice buttoned up shirt alongside a pair of khakis with his blue hair cleaned up a bit. He could hear the sounds of laughing from inside and figured Kaz's friends were already inside. When he knocked on the door, Fluke blinked in surprise.

"So you're the guy Kaz was talking about! Didn't know he liked 'em young." All Fluke could see was a mass of dark red belly staring at him. The doming gut was complimented with the almost dirty fur and the fumes of smoke wafting around. When he looked down at the familiar looking kilt and the face of the boar holding a cigar in his hands, everything made sense. Fluke's face started to flush a bit as the obviously larger boar guffawed and brought him inside with but a gentle push of his brawny arm. Fluke squirmed around, but he was forced into a fuzzy and bulky bicep that bulged with every bit of resistance. The smoke didn't help matters as it was one of the only things he could smell, the next being the massive boar's natural odor.

"Hey, you showed up, didn't think you were gonna bother." Kaz barked up. The boar had taken him deeper into the apartment where everyone else had been.

Fluke blinked as he got a look at Kaz's friends. Just like the dragon and the boar keeping him 'hostage', they were all incredibly built. Aside from the overly muscled kangaroo who was putting back bottle after bottle of beer alongside his companions, the other ones being a tiger with a large gut, if not larger than the boar. All four of them had a cigar in hand and called him over. Fluke shrunk back a bit at their overbearing presence, but eventually came forward after being pushed.

"So...these are the other guys that you mentioned, Kaz?" Fluke began hesitantly.

The dragon nodded with a smile on his face. He finished the beer bottle in his hand and was easily handed another by the tiger. Apparently, all four of them had known each other for a good while. The way all of them yelled while they talked about random stuff and punched another had Fluke slightly uncomfortable. It wasn't that long into the gathering until Fluke was offered a drink or two.

"Come on man, aint you 21? Live a little, not like you have to drive home or anything." The boar guffawed, patting Fluke on the back. All five of them had been sitting in a circle, each of them downing drinks left and right. Looking at the pile of bottles in the middle, Fluke wondered how much they were able to drink if they weren't talking in between. After a bottle was forced into his hands, he scowled and started sipping in between trying to catch his breath. The cigar smoke wasn't that annoying, but he wanted some actual air and not something that had the chance of screwing up his lungs.

It didn't take long for things to take a turn, though. The boar next to Fluke had been getting just a bit too comfy with his presence and had and had his arm wrapped around Fluke's shoulder. His belly bounced with every laugh and burp before he suddenly met the bovine's gut face to face. He was ground against the side of the doming, firm surface, his beer bottle falling out of his hands and catching the attention of everyone else as he tried to free himself from the boar's grip.

"Come on...let go!" Fluke cried out.

The boar shook his head and turned around, making the husky cling and squirm against his fuzzy, hairy stomach. "But you're so damn small and comfy...I kinda like it." The boar snorted. Everyone seemed to whoop in agreement except him. The more he kept squirming, the more Fluke was pushed against the rumbling boar. In the midst of his writhing, Fluke hadn't noticed someone get up.

Behind him, the tank top wearing tiger purred, bringing himself up and effectively pushing Fluke in between himself and the boar. The bovine soon stood up on his feet, their massive stomachs pinning their slim companion in place. The more he tried to make his way to freedom, the more Fluke's front was pressed against the boar and his backside smothered by feline. He couldn't smell anything other than the smoke and musk in the air, the heavy odor being forced into his nostrils by the two men that towered and overpowered him. With their constant grinding, Fluke was pushed back and forth in a sea of fat and muscle, the two titans above him rumbling pleasurably. It didn't take long for the husky to feel something throbbing against his leg. The boar pushed his kilt up a bit, but he wasn't prepared for the monstrous member that was down there to suddenly slap against his leg. The tiger had been moderately dressed, but it didn't stop him from grinding a pants-clad bulge against his back.

"Oooh, he's a feisty one." The tiger rumbled. "Hey Kaz, do ya mind if we have some fun while we're here?"

From his seat, Kaz had been leaning back, legs spread and adjusting his crotch bulge while the kangaroo had been doing the same, eagerly interested in what followed.

Fluke wanted to scream, but nothing but a few loud coughs came out while he was continuously smothered. The boar and tiger grinned. Replacing the tiger's belly with one of the boar's arms, the domineering feline stripped himself of his pants, allowing his shaft to flop freely as well as bind Fluke's arms with his belt.

Once freed, Fluke began to move around again before he noticed that his arms were pulled behind his head. "H-hey, what are you-mmf!"

Just as quickly as he was freed, Fluke found his torso wedged between the two males once more, the musky smell of their crotches and the underside of their bellies being forced into his nose. The first time, it was an utterly toxic smell that felt strong enough to burn the hairs in his nose. This time, the stench was still incredibly powerful, but he almost...wanted more? While the first thing he wanted was freedom, shown by his constant wiggling, he couldn't help but desire more and more of it. He sniffed the pungent gut in front of him, the two meaty pillars throbbing and slapping against his leg again. He still squirmed, but it seemed to be more out of instinct. He loved the smell, but he still wanted to get the hell out of this situation. The two men chuckled as the boar moved Fluke into a comfortable position. With his arms restrained, he couldn't do much but flail his legs, and even that proved to be useless once he was pinned to the floor.

"Come on, how's about we both take the back? You guys can take the front whenever you'd like." The boar chuckled. At the pure mention, Kaz rubbed his hands together and the kangaroo cheered. Fluke blinked in surprise and started moving around again. Before he had the chance to yell, the tiger's burly paw wrapped around his mouth. Fluke's muffled cries brought on pleasurable rumbling from the group of burly men. He was carried and put right in the living room, spread out along Kaz's table and stripped of his pants.

Fluke let out a deep groan, feeling not one, but two cocks grinding against his backside and rear, his tail slowly rising up against his will. The husky couldn't help but whine upon the girth of the twin pillars, the boar and tiger sharing a grin. After the incessant grinding, he felt blinding pain and pleasure. The two towering men slowly started to shove themselves into that tiny space, prompting the husky to writhe around and yell before he was muffled and gagged. When Fluke looked down, he didn't find a cloth, but a thick, meaty shaft lodged right into his muzzle. The husky groaned, his yells muffled by the dragon cock in his mouth while the bellied boar and tiger behind him continued stretching him. Inch after inch of drooling cock pushed into him, Fluke grabbing the table for support. Thud after thud after thud was Fluke railed from both ends, feeling those shafts pound into him. Pre cum filled him from both ends, the two shafts in the back pushing higher and higher with each rut. Fluke felt his stomach start to bulge the more Kaz and his friends destroyed both of his entrances.

"Come on, lemme have a turn, looks like the little guy wants some more." The kangaroo chuckled. Kaz let loose a deep groan, rolling his eyes before he slowly made his way out of Fluke's mouth, his cock spurting ropes of pre. Fluke felt his stomach gently sloshing from each rope and shot of pre cum from the boar and tiger behind him, his own neglected cock grinding against the table pitifully. He couldn't help but let out a deep whine, pre slopping out of his maw as he looked up at the group. He couldn't even see past the kangaroo's abdomen and the furry shelves that served as his chest before he was given another face full of cock. The marsupial's member simply flopped along Fluke's face before he was force fed the head and made to keep going. Kaz watched from the side as the husky was forcibly rutted from front and back before an idea came to him.

"Hmm, let's try this." Kaz suggested. After nudging his marsupial friend to the side, he slid back from the husky's mouth. Kaz and the kangaroo put those enormous, drooling shafts together, one of them pushing Fluke up to the heads of those cocks. "Come on, start suckin' em. Now you got a two for one just like back there."

Fluke's cheek dragged side by side against the base of those two members, his nose traveling down toward the two sets of large orbs. His nose covered with pre, Fluke lost himself in the combined musky scent. He slowly started licking along the base, groaning every once in a while his stomach distended slightly from being loaded with pre. As he continued licking and dragging his nose along the twin pillars of meat, he clenched his cheeks once he felt those two shafts stuffed into him pulsing and throbbing madly. A deep groan was his only warning for the flood of seed that rammed into him. Rope after rope of cum unloaded from the boar and tiger into Fluke, the husky moaning loudly. To stop himself, he started sucking and bobbing his head on Kaz's cock, then alternating on the one next to it. While he and the marsupial frotted and got sucked off, it didn't take long for them to follow suit.

Fluke's world was nothing but white as the four shafts entering and exiting him loaded him up with insane amounts of cum. He could feel his stomach bulging with each load while his light blue fur was given a new coat of white along with the table. The four men above him groaned with every slop of cum they unleashed, Fluke shuddering as the boar and tiger slowly let themselves out, all four simply covering him in their loads. Whether it was from the pain or the overload of pleasure, Fluke found himself blacking out.

When he awoke, he found himself in his own apartment floor with a letter praising him and reading, "Let's do this again". Upon finding the note, he grumbled and stuffed the note somewhere and made his way to the shower with a hobble in his step. He was lucky he was on vacation, it gave him time to recover before the next time.

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