A Different Kind of Brotherly Bonding

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Hey all, I've returned with my second cub story. Now I know I said that I wouldn't write another, but this was for a friend of mine and since I still kept the file, I decided to upload it on here. Now I am going to make this clear, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN CUB PORN. So, if I ever write and upload another one, then that's mostly because I wrote it for someone.

With that all said and done, please enjoy this new cub smut.

It was about ten o'clock in the evening and a car could be seen leaving the Deninhime residence; home of a family of coyotes. In the car that had left the place were two adult coyotes, Daedalus and Allison; who were off to go a very possibly long date, because today was their anniversary. However, this story wasn't going to be about those two, oh no, not at all. Instead, inside of their humble abode, were a young coyote and an older looking dragon; sitting side by side on the couch as they watched a movie. The young coyote, Nialus; was eleven years old and looked somewhat quite similar to both of his parents. He used to bear a more striking resemblance to Daedalus, until his hair grew out a bit; making him look more like Allison. He was a cheerful and energetic youth; always smiling and not letting anything get to him, and despite his very young appearance he was really quite intelligent.

The twenty-two year old dragon, Natsuru; was left in charge of both watching the place and watching Nialus. It may have seemed that he was a babysitter; hired to watch after the pup while his parents were for probably the whole night, but truth be told Natsuru was also a part of the Deninhime family. The dragon was adopted long ago by Daedalus and Allison, making him the oldest, non-blood related brother of Nialus. With the small table before the two filled with their favorite foods and drinks, it would seem that Natsuru was a very competent sitter, but honestly they were all just there so he wouldn't have to cook anything later, due in part to him being lazy most of the time.

Although he was doing his job, Natsuru just felt very irritated about it at the same time too. The look of annoyance was present on his face; like he didn't want to be babysitting at all. Not only that, but he was continually rubbing his own crotch through his jeans, and from the look of it he was stiff as a board. Was it possible that his irritation had to do with him being horn at the time? "Oh man, this is really annoying; I'm so damn hard and I'm here watching the pup", he thought. "Man, I can't remember the last time since I've fucked, and my dick is just here to remind me of that. NGH!" Natsuru seemed to have forgotten that Nialus was sitting right beside, as he continued to stroke his cock through his pants. Speaking of the pup, he had taken notice of the dragon's hormonal irritation; his eyes just looking from the side without needing to turn his head towards the dragon's direction. The young pup even sported his own erection through his shorts; apparently he was turned on with watching his brother rubbing his cock. "It looks like big brother Natsuru is having another one of his hormonal irritations again", he thought; "I don't get why he just won't pop in any of his porn movies. I wouldn't mind sitting beside him with no pants on."

Completely aware of his own harden boyhood, Nialus grabbed ahold of it and slowly began to rub it. Now turning his head to face the dragon, the young pup licked across his muzzle as he couldn't look away from Natsuru rapidly stroking his concealed meat. Thinking about want to help his brother out, Nialus was just about to make a suggestion, until the dragon suddenly stood on his own two feet. "Ugh, I really need to deal with this problem", the dragon thought, as he brought his attention to the coyote; "Hey Nialus, you're a smart little pup; you don't mind if I left you in charge of taking care of yourself for a while, right?" Nialus was surprised at how his brother just and decided to leave him by himself in the living room; he knew for a fact that he was just going to go into his room and masturbate. As the coyote pup was about to say something, he was immediately cut by Natsuru, say; "Good; you be a good boy, while I go take care of some business." Nialus still attempted to speak with his brother, but by that time the dragon had already entered his room; closing the door behind him. "Big brother Natsuru is an idiot."

"Hah...ah...hah...yeah; FUCK YEAH." Those were the words that the dragon moaned out of his mouth. To satisfy his lust driven needs, Natsuru was watching one of his hentai; one that involved human girls being raped by male furries and scalies, much to his dismay. But he wasn't going to let that bother him, as he continued to watch anyway; his pants down to his ankles as he rapidly thrust his hard cock in and out of his plushy of Gaomon. The dragon held a big a grin on his face; saliva sliding down along the side of his mouth, as he seemed to be lost in complete bliss. Sweat was dripping down his body and drenching his shirt from the sheer pace of his thrusting into the plushy. "Oh yeah, close, I'm so close", he moaned out; "Hope you're in for the best filling of dragon seed, Gaomon, hehe."

Letting his lust overtake him and forgetting about what he was really supposed to be doing, he failed notice or even hear his door creak open slightly. Peeking through of the crack, Nialus was surprised to see his brother humping a stuffed doll. "Wow, I knew he would be masturbating to one of his porn, but I didn't know he would be humping a plushy", the cub whispered. Feeling the bulge pressing against his shorts that was so eager to be free, the pup took ahold of it once more; jerking himself through his shorts as never removed his eyes from the sight before him. However, pleasuring himself just was going to cut, as the young pup really wanted to play with his brother; satisfying both of their sex driven needs. And since his brother was dragon, he could just imagine how great his tongue would feel on his canine cock. "That's it; I'm not just going to stand here and watch."

Mustering up some courage and gulping for bit, the young pup had fully opened the door, and allowed himself in. "Hi, big brother", Nialus greeted; surprising the dragon to make him stop humping his plushy, and removing his cock from it. "AHHH; Nialus, what the hell are you doing in here", he asked the pup; not once thinking about pulling his pants back on. Looking at his brother's hardened cock, Nialus licked along his muzzle in amazement; this was the first time he's seen it since it was usually hidden in the dragon's slit. Just seeing how endowed Natsuru brought many naughty thoughts to the pup's mind. "Well, I was bored being by myself, and I was just thinking that maybe we should play."

"HUH!" That was all Natsuru could say at the moment as he gave Nialus a quizzical look. Play; just what did the young coyote pup mean by that? "Now when you say play, do you mean like a game", the dragon assumed; "hate to break it to ya, Nialus, but as you can see, I'm too old to be playing whatever kind of games with you. Although, video games are an exception." Nialus gave a pout; Natsuru was once again treating him like a kid, and granted, sure he was a kid, but he always loathed being treated as such. "No, it's not a game, per se; just something that I think will be fun for us both", Nialus said as his eyes moved back and forth between looking Natsuru himself, and his cock. "And I think it would be really good for the both of us."

"Something good for the both of us, huh", Natsuru responded as he pondered what his little brother was up to. Nialus was getting annoyed that Natsuru didn't seem to understand exactly what he meant; even more surprising was that the dragon didn't seem to even notice the tent from the canine pup's shorts. Not taking it anymore and not wasting any time, Nialus walked over to Natsuru and surprised the dragon upon touching his; slowly and gently rubbing along the head and base. "Oh whoa, brat; do you even know what you're touching right now", the dragon shouted out. The response he got back was a simple nod from the coyote, "Yes, I do, and honestly, this is what I was meaning by 'play'."

Natsuru gave a gasp; it was at that point that the dragon realized that his little brother was referring to sex. "Whoa, hold on there", the dragon said as he pushed Nialus away; "do you even what you're talking about; do you even know what sex is?" Those questions had once again annoyed the coyote pup, as he was being treated as a kid again. Nialus went on to explain that he knows about sex and what it is, even going so far as to explain what goes where in detail. That alone was a big surprise to the dragon; he never expected for his own little brother to be so intelligent about most things sex related. However, the young coyote was right about one thing; if Natsuru were to have his way with his little brother, then he would feel so much satisfaction and release. Although, the dragon's mind wasn't completely overtaken by his lust, and to avoid taking any further action he tried to talk Nialus out of it.

"Listen brat, I know you want to have this kind of fun with me, but...", Natsuru started; "...don't you think it would be weird if we have sex; I'm way too old for you." Nialus just shook his head and said, "age shouldn't matter between us since we've been together since forever." Natsuru gave a brief grimace and continued to talk the pup out of his idea of fun. He brought up the fact that they were both brothers, only for Nialus to say that he didn't see anything wrong with that, and that Natsuru should be more comfortable since they were related by blood. When that didn't work, Natsuru tried to pull the straight card; telling his brother that he was only interested in females. This did nothing but annoyed Nialus once more that Natsuru was acting that he was on the down low, "you say that and yet you were just humping your Gaomon plushy; which I remember it being a male." The dragon smirked and then snickered, "like you really know; my plushy could be a female."

Nialus could see that his brother was trying very hard to talk him out of it, but this only made the young pup give the dragon a smug look. "Hehe, so you're straight; is that right big bro?" The dragon raised a brow as he pondered just where Nialus was getting at. "If that's the case, then what about what you did last week when you went to Addiscend Labs?" Natsuru was taken aback upon having heard that; a single sweat drop slid down the side of his head. "Damn; did he follow me during that time back then", Natsuru mentally said to himself. The dragon began to reminiscence about that time when he had secretly gone back in time, and had sex with the younger, nineteen year old form of Daedalus.

"Ngh...mph...unh...ah!" The sounds of moaning and groaning were streaming out from Daedalus' maw, as his body rocked back and forth against the wall. "NGH...F-FUCK", he shouted out from each hard thrust he felt going in and out of his tailhole. His hips were held firmly by the hands of his taker; the taker being Natsuru, who held a smug look as he gave the coyote some nice and hard thrusts. Neither of them was naked; to be more precise, their shirts were still on while their pants were down to their ankles. "Hah...so are you...enjoying yourself, da...er, I mean Daedalus", Natsuru asked in an almost taunting way.

Peeking out from the side of the dumpster that was beside the dragon and the coyote was Nialus. The young pup had followed his brother back to the past to see just what he was up to. The young coyote had always known that his brother was quite the mischievous one, but sure didn't expect to see come back into the past to have sex with their father. And despite the surprising turn of events before his eyes, Nialus seemed to be turned on from what he was seeing, as his right paw was down within his shorts; slowly stroking his cock as he continued to watch. "Oh wow, I never thought I would come here to see big bro do that, and with dad of all people", Nialus thought; "And speaking of dad, I never knew he was that handsome in his younger age."

"Mmmph...I'm actually quite surprised to know that you're this tight, Daedalus", Natsuru continued to taunt; "Must be because you don't let other men penetrate your tailhole, but you're being total bottom to me right now, hehe." Daedalus gritted his teeth in anger in response to the dragon's words, "FUCK YOU", he shouted back. Not feeling startled or threatened at all, Natsuru just gave a chuckle back, "Oh don't deny that you're enjoying this. Now, what if I did this?" Moving his hands up under the coyote's shirt, the dragon started to soothingly rub and feel up along the canine's body, as he had slightly increased the pace of his thrusts. The dragon's hands had reached the coyote's pecks; soothingly massaging them as he licked up the canine's neck and to his face. Daedalus gritted his teeth hard; seemingly trying to keep himself from letting out more moans. He would be amusing the dragon behind him if he were to ever let out more moans.

"Oh fuck; I can't believe that I've actually become a bottom to someone, and fucking dragon bastard at that", Daedalus thought as he rocked back and forth a bit faster. With Natsuru with fucking his tailhole, massaging his pecks, and licking him nonstop, the coyote could feel his own body becoming hotter. A slight flush of crimson was starting to appear along his face, as he was seemingly enjoying being taken, but he still managed to keep himself letting any moans escape from his mouth. "But, this feels really good at the same time too. It's strange, but I never thought that I would ever enjoy being a bottom to a total stranger." Daedalus slightly turned his head to have a look at the dragon, "And I'm usually not attracted to dragons, but this one doesn't seem to be too much of an asshole."

The sudden feeling of a hard thrust through his tight passage prompted Daedalus to grunt and bite down on his lips, as he was suddenly brought out of his thoughts about his current predicament. The coyote had his eyes closed shut, until he opened one of them to peek at the dragon, and could make out that same smug expression that was plastered on his face. With the reptiles pacing increased and occasionally giving him harder pumps, Daedalus could only assume that the dragon was trying to get him to moan out. And trying with all of his might, it was proving difficult for Daedalus to keep himself from moaning. With his own hardened cock bobbing up and down with each pump he was given, Daedalus could feel it twitching as more blood flowed within it. The canine attempted to dig his claws into the wall that he was pinned to; the pleasure and excitement he felt was too much for him to bear, and at that point he just couldn't take it anymore.

"Ngh...uh...aaahhh", he moaned out in pure ecstasy; the smug look on Natsuru's face had changed into a much wider grin. "Hehe, looks like I finally gotten you to moan for me, and for that you get a reward." Natsuru had rewarded the coyote with some hard pumps, as he made the canine let out a series of pleasure filled moans. Nialus was still watching from behind the dumpster; his shorts were completely off and he held the hem of his shirt with his fangs, as he continued to enjoy the show. Not only was the young pup jerking himself off to the point that he started to emit pre, but he was also fingering his own tailhole in the process, "mmm...mph...mmm", he moaned silently.

"See now; aren't you glad to allow yourself to be overwhelmed with such bliss", Natsuru said as he gave another hard pump. His hands continued to massage the coyote's pecks, until he decided to let his hands rub and feel along the canine's chest and abs. Daedalus' tongue was hanging out from the side of his muzzle, and he let out a continuous stream of pants between his moans. With his body heating up some more, Daedalus could feel sweat starting appear and drip down along his frame, and it was at that point he had completely submitted himself to the dragon. Between his moaning and panting, Daedalus managed to whisper out and Natsuru's ears had twitched from the faint speech. Upon asking what the coyote had said, he was answered back with, "Take me...please. Fuck me faster...fuck me harder. Make me...your bitch."

Upon hearing those words correctly, Natsuru's grin had grown wider as he was all for granting the coyote's wishes. Moving his hands from the canine's body, he grasped the coyote's cock with his right hand, and gripped the back of the coyote's head with his left hand. To further tease the coyote, the dragon had put a cease to his humping and squeezed the shaft in his hand to make Daedalus moan out some more. He moved his mouth close to the coyote's right ear; letting his hot breath hit against it before saying, "Bark for me. If you want me to give you more pleasure, then bark for me. Bark for me like the horny dog you are." Daedalus' face had become completely crimson red upon hearing what the dragon ordered him to do. He felt so intimidated, but he couldn't deny how much he wanted to be taken so badly; after all he did allow himself to be the dragon's bitch. Having to bark for someone was beneath him; it's just something that Daedalus would refuse to do for someone, but with his mind so clouded with lust there's was nothing he could really do.

"Arf...arf, arf!" Completely submitting himself to the dragon, Daedalus did as he was order and let out a few barks. Natsuru momentarily had a look of surprise; he honestly didn't expect for Daedalus bark for him. With his expression changing back to that of a grin, Natsuru snickered as he simultaneously thrust fast and hard into the coyote, and stroked his cock in time with his thrusts, "Good boy da...I mean Daedalus. Now, the more you bark for me, the more I'll give you a good fucking." And from there, whenever Daedalus would bark he would always be rewarded with a hard and fast thrust, along with his cock being jerked by the dragon; his barks and moans would echo loudly throughout the alley. Nialus continued to watch as he jerked his himself off and finger fucked his tailhole; silently moaning and barking with the hem of his shirt still in his mouth, "Mph...arf...mph!"

Natsuru was brought out of his thoughts upon feeling his cock being rubbed again by Nialus, "HEY, will you stop doing that", he responded with a slight blush. Listening to the older sibling, the young pup stopped stroking the dragon's cock, but didn't remove his hand from it, "Oh come on, big bro; can't we just do this", Nialus said as he brought his other hand to Natsuru's balls and gave them a rub; "I'll even let you do whatever you want to me." Natsuru gave a gulp and blinked a few times, "whatever...I want", he repeated. Nialus gave a nod of his head as his tail wagged excitedly; saying that their "fun" would really help Natsuru to have a much more satisfying orgasm, than having to get it from humping a plushy while watching hentai. The dragon couldn't deny how true the young coyote's words were; having his way with Nialus would be far better than his Gaomon plushy.

And granted, despite being given permission by his younger brother to do whatever he could to him, and despite the fact that he could have his way with him at any time he wanted regardless, Natsuru still seemed to be hesitant of it. His conscience was keeping him from doing anything rash; Natsuru wouldn't live the guilt he would get if he ended hurting his little brother, but the sexual desires that needed to be fulfilled were making it difficult for the dragon from doing the wrong thing. It was becoming harder for Natsuru to make a decision on what to do; either he took up his brother's offer and have his way with him, or he could act like a proper adult and not let his lust overtake him. "Come on, Natsuru, let's have some fun", Nialus urged as he teased the dragon by kissing the head of his cock; "and this can just be our little secret."

"Although, I really wouldn't mind if dad knew, hehe", Nialus thought, as he envisioned himself being spit roasted by both Daedalus and Natsuru. After a few minutes of thinking things over, Natsuru lust had completely won over him, and soon enough he was lying back on his bed. Nialus had joined him on the bed as well, where he was giving the older dragon the blowjob of his life. To please his brother, the young coyote pup simultaneously licked and sucked on the head of the dragon's cock, while he used his hands to sensually rub the base of the shaft and the balls underneath. Nialus would even occasionally lick and suck down along the base of the cock; coating the shaft with his saliva. "Mph", Natsuru moaned through his mouth as he gripped the bed sheets with his hands. Hearing how pleased the dragon was from that moan alone, prompted Nialus to continue his licking and sucking down the dragon's cock; adding in some kisses to add to the pleasure.

Bringing himself down towards the dragon's balls, the canine sucked on one of the orbs; gently nibbling on it as he never stopped fondling them. "Ngh...ah...mph...aaahhh", Natsuru moaned out some more; those sweets sounds were such a delight to the coyote's ears. A smile was present on his muzzle as continued to nibble, until he removed it from the orb to lick back up and around the shaft. Reaching the head, Nialus brought his mouth around it as he went back sucking on it; using his tongue to further tease Natsuru by licking the piss slit. "Natsuru gripped the bed sheets tighter and reeled his head back, as more moans could be heard coming from his gritted teeth, "Ngh...damn; I never thought that Nialus' mouth would feel this good on my dick. Mph, it's like he has the mouth of a female."

Nialus moved his pupils upwards to have a look at the face Natsuru, and judging from his expression the canine could tell he was doing a good job at pleasing him. But how could he further stimulate him he wondered? Upon moving his pupils down to have a look at Natsuru's tailhole, did he come up with an idea? Taking his mouth off from the cock head, Nialus took two digits of his right hand into his mouth and sucked on them momentarily. With his fingers lubed up, the young pup surprised the dragon when shoved his fingers into Natsuru's rump without any warning, "NGH...SHIT", Natsuru mentally shouted. Nialus giggled as he thrust his digits in and out between the dragon's anal walls, and as he did that he resumed his sucking on the cockhead. Natsuru's body was trembling from such satisfaction; never before did he think he would get this much pleasure from someone so young.

"UNHHH...HAH...AAAHHH", Natsuru moaned as he opened one of his eyes to have a look at Nialus. He watched the cub sucking only the head of his cock, and since the dragon could do as he pleases to the cub, he thought now was a good enough time to start. "I've got to say, squirt, that's some...mouth you got", he said as he placed his right hand atop the coyote's head; "now I'm just...curious if you can...take all of it in." With a firm grip on the pup's head, Natsuru forced Nialus to take in all of his cock; deep throating him as the dragon made the canine bob his head along the entire base. Nialus responded with a gagging sound and seemed to be trying to remove himself from the cock; not because he wasn't enjoying it, but more so because he didn't expect Natsuru to take such action. "Now calm down there, puppy...resisting will only make it...harder. Just relax and...it'll feel a lot more satisfying."

Listening to the dragon's words, Nialus had stopped with trying to remove himself from the cock and relaxed himself. He realized that his brother's words were true, as it was much easier for him take the whole length of the dragon's cock; pretty much letting Natsuru to continue with fucking his mouth. "God, Nialus; my whole cock...feels so good...in your mouth", Natsuru said between moans, "and keep it going...with finger fucking...my ass...aaahhh." Complying with the dragon's request, Nialus began thrusting his fingers faster through Natsuru's tight passage. Too bad that the cub had such small hands, otherwise he would be able to thrust his fingers deeper within the dragon's rump, but never the less the digits did prove to help build up Natsuru's orgasm.

Pre was emitting from the piss slit; giving Nialus his first taste of dragon seed. With the continues bobbing of the coyote's head along the whole length, more pre was emitted in copious amounts; signifying that Natsuru was coming close to blowing his load. "Mmmph...seems like I'm close...to cumming", Natsuru moaned out; "are you ready...to have my seed...rushing down your throat...little squirt?" Nialus wasn't able to give a direct answer; what with Natsuru still thrusting his cock in and out of his mouth. The only responses the dragon had gotten back were the moans and slight gags from the pup, "I didn't hear a no...so I take it...you must want my seed...badly." With his hand on the cub's head tightened, Natsuru forced Nialus to bob his head faster along every inch of his cock; the moans that came from the canine were vibrating along the length. Natsuru held a big grin on his face; saliva going down the side of his mouth as more bits of pre was seeping out from his cock, as he was just about close to reaching his peak, "Almost there...hah...almost there."

After a few minutes of rapid head bobbing along his member, Natsuru made Nialus swallow all the way down the length to his balls, "NGHHHHH!" The dragon let out a loud moan upon having ejaculated inside of the cub's mouth. He never loosened his grip on the coyote's head, as he kept his cock shoved within the pup's mouth, as to make sure he took all of his seed. Nialus gagged from the amount of cum rushing down his throat, that he tried to pry himself free from the dragon's grip, but it was proving difficult. It wasn't easy for the pup to swallow down all of the seed, as there was just too much for him take. Streams of the dragon's seed was sliding down out of the sides of Nialus' mouth, while a much larger amount was starting to spill out from his mouth.

With what strength the young pup did have, he had managed to free himself of the cock in his mouth; coughing and panting while the rest of Natsuru's seed shot out onto his face. "Hah...hah...that was just the release I needed...hah", Natsuru said with a very satisfied tone in his voice. Bringing his eyes to Nialus, the dragon was somewhat surprised to see the young cub licking the remaining cum from his cock. The expression that Nialus had held; it looked as though he was under some hypnosis, as licked the dragon's cock clean. He seemed quite alright with it though, as his tail wagged and he sported a very friendly looking smile. Natsuru snickered at the pup's action, "oh wow, I never expected you to be this slutty", he joked. Taking his cock away from the coyote's tongue, Natsuru decided it would be fun to rub the flesh against Nialus' face; smearing his remaining cum on it, "so answer me, squirt; are you enjoying this? What I'm doing to you right now?" Nialus was completely aware that the dragon was taunting him, but he didn't really care as he was just enjoying this moment with his brother; something that he had always wanted to do, "y-yes big brother; I am enjoying this."

Nialus gave the dragon warm smile just as the reptile had put a stop to rubbing his cock against the cub's face; Natsuru returning a smile back to the pup. Backing himself away from the dragon, Nialus turned his body around and presented his rump to Natsuru; his tail still wagging as he shook it. "So, do you want to continue, big brother", Nialus asked; his face having become a complete shade of crimson red. Natsuru's expression had changed to that of the look of extreme excitement, as his tongue stuck out of his with bits of saliva dripping from it; at this point he was lusting after his brother like an old horny pervert. "I'm quite surprised at just how horny you are; especially considering how old you are", Natsuru said as he removed the coyote's shirt off from his body; "but you did give me one hell of a blowjob, so I should reward you by taking your virginity." Bringing a hand to the pup's shorts, Natsuru swiftly them removed and was surprised with what he spotted afterwards; pink panties around the pup's midsection.

"Are those supposed to be mom's panties that you're wearing", Natsuru questioned; Nialus was too embarrassed to answer back. However, the coyote's ears twitched when he heard the dragon snickering behind, and upon looking back he saw the dragon sporting smug expression on his face. "Well I guess it doesn't really matter; you actually ten times cuter with these panties on, hehe." The crimson flush on Nialus' face had expanded from Natsuru compliment; the dragon had moved the part of the undergarments over slightly from the pup's left cheek. Natsuru licked his lips as he stared at his brother's tailhole, "you know what, I'm going to fuck your rump with these panties left on ya." Grasping ahold of the pup's waist, Natsuru brought the head of his cock to the coyote's tailhole, where he briefly teased it by rubbing his head against the entrance, "AAAHHH", Nialus moaned out in response.

Just as Natsuru was about shove his cock through pup's entrance, he halted himself from proceeding any further, and not only that his expression had changed to that of concern. Was he feeling guilt for going along with having sex with a minor; did his conscience get the better of him? The answer to both of those questions was no, so there was likely something running through his mind. "Damn, aren't I nothing but big talk? I'm here talking about taking this squirt's virginity, and yet I can't even do it", he thought. "I mean, I would gladly like to continue, but I don't want to end up hurting him." Upon realizing that nothing hard and slick had entered him, Nialus turned his head to see Natsuru seemingly staring out into space, "what's wrong big bro; aren't you going to fu...I mean do me up my butt?" Snapped out his thoughts, Natsuru brought his attention to the pup; changing his expression back to that of a grin, he said, "Uh...of course I am, squirt; why would I give an opportunity to hear you moan for me, hehe."

Looking back at the tailhole, Natsuru's expression had switched back to his concern and serious one. "I'm not doubtful that Nialus may have finger fucked himself, and that may be his only experience with anal penetration", the dragon thought; "but then again, he seems to be very intelligent about sex, so what if maybe he's not a virgin after all? And if that's true then...ugh, I'll kill the bastard who took my little brother's virginity." Bringing his face to Nialus' tailhole, Natsuru stuck out his tongue and proceeded to lick at the pup's entrance, "ah...aaahhh", Nialus moaned. "Never the less, whether Nialus is a virgin or not, I'll go easy on him just for this one time."

With his hands gripping the cheeks, Natsuru licked away at the entrance with the tip of his tongue, as he slowly let the wet muscle penetrate through the pup's tailhole; moving his mouth forward in the process. "Ah...unh...aaahhh", Nialus moaned; his body somewhat squirming from feeling Natsuru's snake like tongue slithering within the crevice of his tailhole. This action from the dragon alone had really given the coyote quite the surprise, as he was expecting to feel Natsuru's cock thrusting inside of him instead. "Unh...mph...aaahhh", the moans that he let escape out from his mouth were a sure sign that he was enjoying it; this type of penetration was so new to him. "Big brother's tongue...is inside me", Nialus thought as he gripped bedsheets; "I can feel...feel it exploring...every part of my insides." The tongue was sent in deeper, as it licked along the inner walls and coated them with its saliva, as the wet flesh was stretching the walls apart. As the wet muscle explored every spot the further it went, Natsuru's mouth brought in further between the pup's cheeks; his just outside against the entrance. With every lick that he gave, Natsuru would motion his lips to move up and down against the entrance; essentially eating out of the cub's rump.

"Unhhh", more moans of pleasure were released from the coyote's mouth; "Oh God, the way my brother's lips...are moving against my entrance...it feels as if he's eating me. Is this...what it feels like...to be eaten out?" Thinking that he had lubed the pup up enough, Natsuru pulled himself away from the entrance, along with removing his tongue from the tailhole; a thin string of saliva stuck between the tongue and the tailhole before breaking apart. Before he was about to continue on further, Natsuru returned his attention to Nialus who seemed to be in a state of complete satisfaction; panting out with his tongue on the bedsheets. "Hehe, did that satisfy you, puppy", the dragon asked; the response he was given back was nothing more than slow nod from the canine. "Hehe, well if you liked that, then you'll love what's going to happen next", Natsuru replied as he gave the pup a slap on his exposed cheek; prompting another moan to be elicited.

With the fear of possibly hurting Nialus completely vanishing from his mind, Natsuru repositioned himself behind the pup; grasping his hips and had the head of his cock aimed at Nialus' tailhole. Slowly, he sent the head to penetrate through the coyote's entrance, which in turn made Nialus raised his body as he arched himself back, "aaahhh!" Natsuru snickered after hearing the coyote moan out, "hehe, alright this is where the teasing comes to a stop", he thought as he tightened his grip on the canine's hips. The dragon didn't waste any time thrusting every inch of his member through Nialus' tailhole, "AAAHHH", Nialus had let out a much louder moan; surprised from feeling Natsuru's whole length penetrate him at such a quick pace. "NGH, damn he's so tight; guess Nialus is a virgin after all", Natsuru mentally said to himself as he was thrusting his cock through the pup's passage at a medium pace. The dragon had gritted his teeth from sheer tightness he felt around his cock, but that was quickly changed to a look of smugness, "well, not for long anyway, hehe."

A stream of moans were escaping out from Nialus' mouth, as his body was rapidly rocking back and forth; the hard member inside of him thrust between his walls, as they were being stretched further apart. Because the coyote's small body, he could almost feel the head of the dragon's cock nearly poking at his prostate, but since it didn't feel like the head was getting closer to poking him, it could be assume that Natsuru was saving the prostate for last. "Unh...unh...unh...unh", Nialus continued to moan out, with more streaming out whenever he felt the dragon's balls slapping against his rump. "He's inside me, big brother's inside; unh, he's so big", the pup thought; his own erect boyhood had extended by a few more inches within the panties, with a noticeable precum stain present on the tent.

From the look of the pup's face, Nialus seemed to be lost in a state of pure ecstasy, with his tongue hanging out from his mouth and the blush on his face never disappeared. With such sensations coursing through his body, the pup felt like he was in his father's shoes, and as such he instinctively started to bark between his moans, "ah...arf...ah...arf...ah...arf." The combined sounds of the pup's moaning and yipping were soothing to the dragon's ear, as they fueled him to thrust into the pup faster; rocking Nialus' body back and forth faster and increasing the streams of his moans and yips. Their bodies had become hot through the heated passion, with sweat already dripping off from their frames.

"Ngh...fuck squirt...hah...you've gotten me all...hah...hot and bothered", Natsuru said; he removed his hands away from the canine's hips, but didn't put a cease to his humping. The dragon grasped his own shirt and, instead of just simply removing it off from his body, he ripped it off from body and tossed the remains to the floor; "hah...much better." Nialus turned his head to have glance at the dragon and admired the dragon's body, but even more so amazed that even without him having a hold his hips, Natsuru was still able to hump his rump in good rhythm. Upon noticing that the dragon was starting to get back into his original position, the coyote turned his head as he wait to feels those hands back on hips. However, the pup was surprised when Natsuru didn't grasp his waist, but had instead towered over him like a feral beast; his thrusting seeming becoming harder. "Ah...hah...unh...aaahhh", Natsuru moaned; his hot breath hitting against the back of the cub's head. "Ah...arf...ah...arf...aaahhh", the pup moaned from each powerful thrust that given to him.

The room was becoming filled with combined scent of musk and sex, and the sounds of pleasure echoing about; even the sounds of the dragon's wet balls slapping against Nialus' rear end could be heard. In their euphoric state, they both couldn't properly think anymore; all that mattered right now was the sheer lust that had overtaken them. The volume of Nialus' moaning and yipping had increased; he felt the head of Natsuru's cock closer to hitting his prostate. "Aaahhh...mph", Nialus had moaned out again, but this time he was cut off when Natsuru's tail entered his mouth; thrusting in and out in time with the dragon's humping; "here's something...hah...for you to...hah...suck on." The canine's eyes were closed shut as his moans were now muffled by the tail in his mouth, but he was really enjoying this sudden action that Natsuru did. Sucking on a tail while having a hard cock thrusting through him; it felt like he was being spit roasted, "Mmmph...mph!"

The pup's cock was twitching within the panties he wore, as more pre was starting to seep out from it. That painful feeling that Nialus was felt surging throughout his boyhood was a sure sign that he was pent up; he was so close to release that his precum was seeping out in quantities, and making a larger stain within the undergarments. Natsuru was feeling that same stinging feeling in his own cock, and it didn't help that his shaft was between the somewhat tight anal walls of his brother. Pre was shooting out onto the cub's prostate, as the head was coming closer to hitting it; "Ngh...I don't...think...I'll last...much longer."

With one of his hands, Natsuru gently gripped the back of Nialus' head and reeled himself back, as he gave one final, powerful thrust and made contact with the sensitive spot. "NGHHHHH", the dragon gave a loud moan through his teeth, as he had his second orgasm; shooting out a stream of his seed as he coated the coyote's insides. "Mmmph", was all Nialus could let out before the dragon's tail slid out from his mouth; "AAAHHH!" Jets of coyote seed were fired out from Nialus' cock and made a mess within the panties; some of it dripping down his legs. "Hah...hah...hah", Natsuru panted as he removed his cock from the pup's tailhole; his cock bobbed for a bit as the last bits of his seed shot out onto the coyote's back. "Hah...hah...hah", Nialus panted as well, as he turned his head to the back and watched the dragon's seed spilling out from his rump, and down along his legs.

After a few minutes of reveling in the afterglow of their intimate time together, the two males were lying back as they relaxed against the headboard of Natsuru's bed; the dragon's arm wrapped around young pups body, while the coyote hugged himself against Natsuru's chest. "So, did you have fun, Natsuru", Nialus asked in the cutest voice, as he stared up into the dragon's eyes. "Yeah, squirt; it was just the fun I needed for this day, hehe", the dragon answered back and snickered. With his tail once again wagging happily, Nialus asked the dragon if they would ever have that kind of intimate fun again, with Natsuru thinking it over. Thinking that the dragon might say no, the pup quickly said that Natsuru could still do whatever he wanted to him. "So, if I wanted you to cross dress and act like a girl for a role play; you'd be willing to go along with it?" Nialus nodded his head to dragon; saying that he would do his best to be the best girl for him. A blush had appeared over the dragon's face as he rubbed the back of his head, "then...I guess we could do this...again."

Nialus gave a chuckle at just how shy Natsuru was acting; it was really out of character for him. Twiddling his fingers as his own blush had returned across his muzzle, Nialus asked, "Hey, Natsuru; is it ok if I could kiss you?" Natsuru thought was a very weird question for the pup to ask, but then again the dragon always thought that his little brother was weird. Thinking that it might be a peck on the cheek, the dragon pointed a finger to his cheek and said; "Sure, go right ahead." The pup moved himself close to the dragon's cheek, and just as he was about to plant a kiss on it, he grabbed ahold of the dragon's face and locked his lips with Natsuru's; surprising the reptile as he french kissed him. Their tongues locked together and dancing within their mouth, before the pup ended it and backed away with a thin thread of saliva between them. Natsuru was just awestruck from the kiss, while Nialus just smiled friendly at his brother.

"N-nialus; where did you learn that from?" The pup chuckled before his friendly smile had switched over to a smug look at the dragon. "I learned it from you, when you kissed me like that while under the influence a week ago, hehe."


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