A Slight Compromise.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#2 of Secret Lovers.

I started most of this part last night after uploading the first one. so hope you all enjoy it. I know I like writing them.

Back at the fox village the old fox was dragging Isabelle back. The vixen pulled hard to try and get free from her fathers grasp with tears rolling down her cheeks. " Daddy please let go! Your hurting my arm!" He ignored her and drug her to the center of the village, pulling her to be in front of him before pushing her away. She stumbled from the push and landed on the ground, kicking up a bit of dust from her landing. The others of the village began to appear from their huts or work to see what was going on. Isabelle sat up on the ground, crossing her arms and rubbing where he had gripped her as she cried silently. The old male looked down at her before he spoke. " I never dreamed my own daugther would do this to her village...mating with a wolf! You know we struggle with them for land and prey!" The others all looked stunned, looking to Isabelle who was blushing and keeping her gaze down on the ground. The warriors of the village all looked at him, the oldest one of the group, a large black male who was only a few years older the Isabelle folded his ears back in anger. He had wanted Isabelle for his mate for a long time but she ignored him and now he knew why. The male stepped forward, looking at her. " Is it true? You've taken a wolf as a mate?" Isabelle let out a small whimper before slowly nodding. The females all went wide eyed and some looked disgusted. The male lowered his ears and moved to kneal down in front of her. " Isabelle why?" The vixen looked to him finally, tears streaming down her cheeks and matting down the soft fur on her face. " Because I fell in love with him..." He father let out a soft snarl and finally spoke. " Stand up Nick...Isabelle..I am not giving you a chance any more...Nick will be your mate after tonight." Isabelle looked up at her father as Nick stood up, watching her. " Daddy! No! It is my choice on who I-" Her father let out a snarl and glared at her, silencing her as he spoke. " No...you do not get a choice in the matter...get in the hut and clean up now!" Isabelle lowered her ears and slowly stood up, quickly moving to the large hut her father lived in. Nick and the others looked to him before he lowered his own ears, rubbing his forehead a bit before looking to Nick. " Take your party out hunting...if you see that wolf by the name of Jayce...run him off.." Nick nodded and left with a few others into the woods.

Isabelle sat in the hut crying into her hands as her tail curled around her hips. She lowered her ears against her head and took a few deep breathes, rubbing her hands along her arms soon after before finally getting a wet cloth and getting her fur cleaned off as best she could, wishing she had gone with Jayce. Her father soon entered the hut, looking over at her. He could still smell Jayce on her and it only made his anger grow. He moved over to a table in the hut and sat down, his tail curling around one of his legs. Isabelle looked over at him before turning her back to him, finishing with her cleaning before throwing the rag down as her fur stood on end for a moment. The tension in the hut was thick and Isabelle wanted nothing more then to run off and never look back. He father sat in silence before shaking his head and speaking softly which surprised the vixen. " Im sorry Isabelle for hurting your arm...but I still just can not believe you would mate with a wolf after losing your mother to one!" Isabelle stood up and looked at him with a snarl coming from her now. " Damn it daddy! You had no right to do that to me! You don't know if the wolf that killed momma was from his tribe or not! For all you know he was a rouge that was exiled and went nuts! If Jayce wanted to hurt me he would have done it the day we met!" Her father growled and stood up, towering over Isabelle making her step back a few steps. "Enough! Your not going ot see him anymore...in the morning you will mate with Nick and that will be the end of it!" Her father moved out of the hut, leaving her in more tears. Isabelle whined and moved to her own bedding, curling up tightly and hugging some of the fur to her body.

Isabelle didn't sleep that night, her thoughts on Jayce and what she was going to do. She heard the birds chirping the next morning as the sounds of the village stirring began hitting her ears. She sat up in her bedding as her father came into the hut, moving over to her. " Time to get up...now." Isabelle looked up at him then shook her head. " No daddy..Im not doing it!" he folded his ears back and reached down, gripping the back of her neck like he did when she was a cub. He pulled up, making her stand quickly to stop him from hurting her. He held onto the back of her neck firmly now and forced her outside where the village was gather around a fire. Nick was standing by the fire to warm his fur from the chilly morning. Isabelle pulled free from her father and snarled at him before glaring at Nick who had came forward. Her father grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to him. Nick watched as Isabelle tugged and pulled to try and get free from her father as he spoke out. " Isabelle will mate with Nick..she had time to choose and shamed herself by meeting up with a wolf! This will be corrected and all will be forgotten once Nick has knotted with her and marked her as his mate!" Isabelle felt tears rolling down her cheeks as her father handed her over to Nick who grabbed her wrists. He looked at her with his ears folded back against his head before he forced her to turn her back to him. He quickly let go of her wrists and wrapped his arms around her, holding her against him as she tried to get free again. Isabelle whined and slapped at his arms. It wasn't unusual for a female to be forced into mating but she never thought it would be her. "Let go of me!" Nick held her a bit tighter while his hands groped at her breasts, giving a rough squeeze. She let out a whimper and lowered her ears down. Nick moved his other hand down between her legs to rub at her pussy. Isabelle tried to fight it, slapping his arm and even digging her claws into him. Nick grunted but ignored the pain. He was getting a nose full of her scent as he rubbed her slowly dampening pussy, getting her aroused even with her fighting it. Nick was beginning to feel himself becoming hard and was about to push Isabelle to the ground when frightened yips and gasps came from the females in the crowd. Isabelle and Nick looked to see what was going on as the crowd parted.

Isabelle went wide eyed when she saw Jayce making his way through the crowd. A large female grey wolf behind him and a few others following her. Jayce folded his ears back as he looked at Nick. the fox was so stunned he loosened his grip on Isabelle. She quickly pulled free and ran over to Jayce, hugging him tightly and pressing her head into his chest as she began crying against him. Jayce hugged her tightly, petting her head over her ears softly as he whispered to her. " Shh Isabelle it is alright now..calm down." The female put her hand on his shoulder and looked at him for a moment while Isabelle's father stepped forward growling. " Get your hands off of my daughter and get out of my village!" The female looked at him and folded her ears back as she spoke softly. " I came here for my sons sake...he told me everything from the moment he met Isabelle until yesterday when he heard her yelp out from you grabbing her and dragging her away from the lake after he had left." Isabelle looked to Jayce, thankful he had come back in time to see her with her father. Jayce gently nuzzled his nose to hers, his tail wagging softly. The foxes around them all looked stunned. A few of the females eyed the male wolves that had escorted Jayce with his mother. Isabelle's father growled and looked at them before speaking out loud enough for the village to heard. " Everyone break off...go about your daily work...You lot park your asses at the fire..." Jayce and his mother looked to each other before walking with Isabelle holding onto Jayce's arm to the fire. Isabelle settled down into Jayces lap when they sat, curled up against him as she laid against him. The wolf held her tightly, petting her to get her to relax. Her father and Nick settled onto the ground as well, Nick glaring at Jayce. His mother cleared her throat a bit and sighed as she spoke softly, trying to keep things as calm as possible. " My name is Koren...I am the leader of the wolf tribe...I took my mates place when he died of an illness a year ago.." Isabelle's father sighed and folded his ears down. He looked reluctant but finally responded. " I'm Joel..What is your reason for interrupting the mating between Nick and Isabelle?" Koren stiffened up and shook her head some as she looked at Isabelle who still had tears rolling down her cheeks. " It didn't look like mating to me...more like rape." Nick snarled and glared at Koren. Jayce stiffened his own body up and started to growl which made Isabelle whine and grip him tightly. He stopped and looked at her then lowered his ears while Koren gently put her hand on his shoulder. " Tell them how you met her Jayce.." He looked at his mother and nodded a bit with a soft sigh.

Jayce shifted a bit with Isabelle against him, gently rubbing her back as he spoke while looking at her father. " A few months ago I was hunting in our lands...I was attacked by a feline warrior that was out hunting as well..he went past his own tribes boarders and deep into ours...he over powered me and left me with some bad wounds before running off. I was in a lot of pain and blacked out. When I woke up..Isabelle had pulled me into a cave. She had gone past your tribes boarders when she smelled blood. She could have left me there to die but she didn't...she was putting plants and herbs on my wounds to fight against any chance of infection...for over a week she brought me food and water until my wounds had healed enough for me to move...I don't think we meant to..fall for each other but I found it hard to leave...we have been meeting each other at that lake between the boarders ever since." Joel sat in silence as he looked at Jayce. Isabelle blushed and lifted her head to finally look over at her father. Joel took a deep breathe, rubbing his forehead a bit as he remained silent. Koren bit her bottom lip a bit and spoke soon after. "Look...I know that we both have a big problem with the felines...their tribe is much bigger then our own...and bigger then yours...they are taking more prey from both of us. I know you want the blame to be on my tribe but it isn't...letting them be with each other would make the tribes combine and expand...we could fend off the felines and survive." Joel lifted his head and looked at Koren, watching her intently before looking at Isabelle, seeing the hopeful look in her eyes and the tear stains on her cheeks made his ears lower. " Fine...we will consider it...but Jayce stays here in the tribe..where I can keep an eye on him." Nick thought his jaw was going to hit the ground as he looked at Joel. " Sir...you can't be serious?! Letting a wolf-" Joel held his hand up to Nick to silence him. " This does not mean they are mated...I will be the one who decides if she will have her wish after I have considered the offer...if I haven't then he leaves and none of you come back into my village...he will not seek out my daughter in anyway..he does and I will kill him" Isabelle felt her heart drop as she hugged Jayce as tightly as she could with a whimper. Jayce frowned and held her tightly as he whispered. " This just give me a chance to prove he is wrong about my tribe.." Koren frowned as she looked at Joel for a moment before looking to Jayce. He looked back and only nodded as he spoke. " I love her mom...I don't want to lose her" Koren nodded a bit and sighed. "Alright...but between now and the time you decide...no harm comes to him..or Isabelle.." Joel agreed and let the wolves sit there while he stood up and headed out with a hunting party. Isabelle hugged Jayce tightly and nuzzled into him for sometime before she yawned. Jayce stood up with her and moved over to a tree that her fathers hut was near. He settled down with her and let her fall asleep against him while Koren ordered her own males to stay in the village to keep a watch on Jayce and Isabelle before heading back to her own tribe, one male leaving with her.

After an hour or so of Jayce sitting there with Isabelle asleep against him a young female fox came up to him, looking timid as she spoke softly. " My..My chief has asked us to get a small hut for you to sleep in...not far from here...I can take you there when your ready to go." Jayce stood his ears up as he looked at the fox before nodding some, gently nudging Isabelle to wake her. Isabelle let out a soft groan and shifted as she moved back from him while sitting up. she rubbed her eyes then smiled when he pet her head gently. She stood up with him and walked with him as they followed the fox to a hut at the edge of the village. IT was still in sight of the others so they could keep an eye on him. Jayce thanked the girl and watched her scamper off. Isabelle swayed her tail and smiled some. " She is nervous..always has been..." Jayce gently turned Isabelle's head to him gently, rubbing his thumb along her cheek slowly before leaning in and kissing her softly a few times, making her murr happily. " Jayce...I am glad you heard me yelp...had you not-" He stopped her and gently hugged her,, rubbing the base of her right ear. "I am to Isabelle...hopefully we can make your father relax on me and my tribe." Isabelle groaned from the rubbing as she nodded a bit before pulling free from him and disappearing into the hut with him.

That afternoon Isabelle was walking around the village with Jayce, gently holding onto his hand. The foxes would stop and look at the two of them, some looked disgusted and edgy while a few of the younger females watched the other wolves that had been ordered to stay behind. Jayce settled into a patch of grass with Isabelle, petting her head gently while Joel appeared soon after, looking to Isabelle then to Jayce. " If your staying..as well as the other wolves you all have to help with the village...hunt or getting the prey skinned and the furs treated for blankets." Jayce blinked, looking a bit shocked before he nodded. "Yes sir...I can help hunt." Joel nodded some and looked to Isabelle. " Since your handy with the healing herbs you get to work on that with the females...no harm will come to him while he is hunting...his mother has my word." Isabelle nodded as she stood up with Jayce. " Yes daddy...and..thank you." Joel nodded and turned to walk off while Jayce smiled to him and headed off to hunt. Isabelle watched him leave before moving off to gather the herbs she needed with a few other females. By late after noon Jayce was the first one of the hunters back, pulling a large buck with him that he had taken down. The males followed him with rabbits and fish. Isabelle moved to Jayce and smiled, licking his cheek softly and making him grin while some cubs poked at the buck. Joel came out of his hut and raised a brow as he watched them bringing the kills into the village to be broken down. He looked to the catch from Jayce then looked to him before giving a bit of a nod like some form of small approval. Isabelle smiled brightly and moved with Jayce. she had been curious on learning to help with the furs. Jayce smiled and pulled the buck to where the hunters skinned the kills and got the meat as well as the bones. Jayce let Isabelle follow and showed her what they done, showing her how to drain the blood before skinning it. Isabelle watched with her ears standing up. The hunters all looked at each other, seeming to be impressed with the fact Jayce was working rather quickly but was taking the time to teach something to Isabelle while Nick only watched with his ears flat against his head. By the time he got the skin off the others were moving in to help get the meat. They took the antlers off the buck and handed them to Isabelle who smiled and kissed Jayce softly before taking them to an elderly female fox that was the medicine woman of the tribe who was also teaching a few things to Isabelle. The antlers would be used for anti-inflammatory issues as well as other uses.

That evening the village gathered around a large bon fire in the center of the village where fish and deer was being cooked over the fire. Isabelle was beside Jayce, watching the cubs of the village rough housing in the dirt with growls and yips. Isabelle leaned into Jayce a bit before they were each handed some cooked deer meat. Isabelle smiled and looked to the wolf before they began eating after letting it cool some. While the others were still eating and relaxing for the evening Jayce slipped off towards his hut, Isabelle following soon after. Nick saw them leave and stiffened up with anger. Jayce grabbed Isabelle as soon as she came into his hut, pinning her down to his bedding with a grin on his face. Isabelle let out a soft gasp and smiled to him before kissing him deeply. Jayce growled softly into the kiss before breaking it. Isabelle pushed him back so she could sit up. She moved into his lap, straddling him after he sat back. She kissed him again, beginning to grind her hips into him hard a few times. Jayce groaned from the grinding, feeling his cock stirring in his sheath and becoming erect. It took no time at all for Isabelle to have him fully erect and felt his cock throbbing some against her. She broke the kiss and grinned to him while his hand moved down between her legs. He began rubbing along her pussy gently before teasing her clit, making her let out a soft moan while she wrapped her arms around him. Jayce nuzzled his cheek against hers after breaking the kiss. He pushed two of his fingers into her pussy, thrusting them into her hard a few times. She was already wet with arousal and letting out soft moans against his shoulder while she was nibbling on it. He pulled his fingers from her, gripping her hips and pushing down on them to make her lower onto his cock. Isabelle had to fight to keep her moans down as she felt his cock pushing into her while it was throbbing harder. She pulled her head back once he had filled her. She pushed him so he was leaned back a bit, her hands resting on his shoulder. She began lifting her hips only to drop back down, the wet sounds of her pussy moving on him beginning to fill the hut. she bit her bottom lip to stop herself from moaning out while he shut his eyes tightly. She was always tight when he took her and it made his fur stand on end at first. Isabelle groaned as she began riding his cock harder, her hips grinding into him hard after a few thrusts. That drew a gasp from the wolf and a shudder as he growled. " I..Isabelle.." She grinned and looked at him as he opened his eyes to look at her. That grin made him chuckle before flipping them, pinning her down onto her back, holding both her wrist above her head with one hand the other reaching down to rub and pinch her clit. Isabelle let out a gasp and moaned which Jayce muffled with a kiss while his hips began pounding into hers as hard as he could, making her breasts bounce between them while the wet sounds increased as the scent of their arousal filled the air of the hut. Jayce felt his knot forming and hitting against her pussy lips. It drove him to get rougher, letting go of her wrists to grip her hips with his hands. His claws dug into her hips as he gripped them tightly. Isabelle moaned as she arched her back up, her hands gripping the fur on his shoulders tightly as her pussy began to clench down on him hard. She felt her orgasm coming on quickly and tried to warn him. " J..Jayce..I'm..I-" She was cut off by Jayce slamming into her rather hard, the sound of his knot pushing into her and locking them together could be heard. Jayce gave rough, short thrusts into her before his hips slammed into hers one last time, his cock throbbing hard as he came while biting down on her neck with a growl. Isabelle bit down on her bottom lip to muffle a loud moan as her orgasm hit her right when he came, her pussy clenching while her juices gushed over his cock while her hips bucked against him as much as she could before finally going still.

The sounds of their panting filled the air while he let go of her neck. He stared down into her eyes, smiling as she stared back. He pressed his nose to hers before kissing her softly a few times. Isabelle wrapped her arms around him as he shifted them so they would be laying on their side in the bedding of the hut. He hugged her close, nuzzling his head to hers while she relaxed with a soft whisper. " I love you Jayce...I'm glad your here." Jayce smiled. He was about to respond when she went still, her breathing soft. She had passed out against him. Jayce chuckled and sighed. " I love you too Vixen..." He rubbed her back, his fingers running through her fur. Outside the hut Nick had stood there and listened to the entire romp between the two. He growled and turned, walking off back to the others that were left at the bon fire talking. Nick felt nothing but anger and jealousy for the wolf as he sat down, running his hands through his hair while staring at the fire, wondering if he could get rid of Jayce.

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