Rising Tensions. Chapter four

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#4 of Friends to lovers.

My goodness...When I write I write >.< Also I don't plan this out XD I kinda just...type. So yeah. This stuff is off the top of my head. Anyway enjoy the story and all that. XD I might do more for it tomorrow... Also adults only for the story! So if your underage..leave. GAH!!! I finally got the folder things figured out!!!

That evening at Andy's house the feeling was nothing but tension. Selene was sitting on one side of the table toying with her pencil while Belle and Andy sat on the other side. Belle had her laptop out and was working on the presentation for the class project. Andy avoided looking at Selene who shot him little glances. She even used her long tail to rub along his leg, making him kick a bit to get her to stop. Belle looked at Andy and tilted her head to the side a bit. Andy just smiled to her and gently bumped his nose with hers, making her giggle softly. Selene folded her ears back a bit and looked down at the paper in front of her, doodling little random things. Andy eventually got up to go upstairs to the bathroom. By the time he would come out Selene was there in his room, looking at him. " Selene...what are you doing?" The feline purred and slowly moved to him, making him back up until his back hit the wall by his bathroom door. " I'm here to see you fox...nothing wrong with that?" Selene made her voice almost sickeningly sweet. She was right up against him now, letting out a soft purr to him. Andy folded his ears back and started to push her away. " Get away Selene. I told you no this afternoon at lunch." Selene frowned and slapped his hands away. " To bad...I get what I want and what I want is you."Selene didn't give him a chance to reply. She pressed her lips against his and kisses him deeply, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Andy stiffened up his body and tried a few times to get her away from him. When she finally broke that kiss she grabbed him by the front of his shirt. He was stunned by the amount of strength she had. The next thing he knew he was on his back on his bed with her on top of him, straddling him. She had her blouse open with her breasts free from her bra. she was about to undo his pants when Belle walked into the room and went still. Andy growled at Selene before he noticed Belle. Andy felt the blood drain from his face, making his fur pale for once. " B..Belle!" the vixen folded her ears back as she looked between him and Selene before backing out of the room and leaving quickly. Andy struggled and shoved Selene off of him, making her hit the floor with a thud. He jumped up and ran out of his room. By the time he reached the bottom of the stairs the front door slammed shut. Andy slammed his hand down against the banister and turned to see Selene walking down the stairs while fixing her blouse. Andy grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. "Do you realize what you have fucking done?" The feline huffed and moved his hands away from her. " Looks to me I will get you in due time now that she has left..." Selene grabbed her back pack and left the house with a grin. Andy was shaking in anger before he got his shoes on and ran out to find Belle. He checked her aunts only to find she wasn't there. Her aunt hadn't seen her since that morning when she came to get the rest of her clothing. Andy lowered his ears and turned, grabbing his phone from his pocket and messaging her with no response.

Andy walked all over town that night, looking everywhere he could think of for Belle before finally heading home. He sat on his front porch, running his fingers through his hair with his ears low against his head. Belle had hidden in the one place she could think of. Oddly it was the clearing where he took her virginity. She sat at the edge of the clearing with tears rolling down her cheeks. She brought her knees up against her chest as she looked at the messages he left telling her it was a mistake. She didn't know if she believed him. Belle wasn't sure what to think. She laid her head against her knees while toying with the ring on her finger. She whimpered and took a deep breathe. The vixen remained there till late in the night. She finally went back but went into her aunts house with the spare key. The next morning she left for school before Andy. When he got there and saw her he quickly moved to her and grabbed her, pulling her into an empty class room. " Are you out of your fucking mind Belle?! You...you had me worried sick all damn night!" Andy held her by her shoulders before hugging her tightly. Belle wiggled and pulled free from him with her ears folded back against her head. " Y..you were in bed with Selene Andy..." He shook his head and sighed, gently taking her hands into his. " No Belle...I came out of the bathroom and there she was...she is stronger then she looks..she pinned me to the wall then the bed...I told her no more then once." Belle folded her ears back still and stared him in the eyes for a moment. Andy had never lied to her. He had his tells, a nervous twitch of his tail or shaky whiskers when he tried to lie. None was present and the desperate look in his eyes made her relax. She took his hands in return and pressed her head against his as she sighed. " Don't let her come back to the house Andy...please." Andy nodded as he hugged her again. Selene was watching from the door way with an angry look in her eyes. She turned and stormed off down the hall.

Through out the day Belle and Andy stayed close any chance they got. Selene was forced to keep her distance from Andy. At the end of the day they stood outside of the school. Andy kissed Belle a few times then nuzzled noses with her, making her murr softly. " Go on home. I will get us something to eat and we can relax on the couch with movies." Belle nodded a bit before heading off down the road. As soon as she was out of sight Selene came up to him, her tail curling around one of his legs softly while her hip bumped against his. " Hi Andy...come on we have work to do on the project." Andy pulled her tail off of his leg and snarled at her as he moved away from her. " Oh no I am not going into an empty room with you again. You can give us your part of the project at the end of the school days otherwise stay away from me and Belle." Andy turned and headed off towards the store. Selene hissed and growled, crossing her arms with an angry huff coming from her. " Damn that bitch..."

Andy reached the store and headed inside. He moved quickly, grabbing what he needed to make tacos and nachos for them. He checked out and hauled ass to his house. Belle was sitting in the kitchen with a bottle of tea and was already working on her homework. Andy put the items away and kissed her cheek softly before sitting by her to do his homework as well. Belle murred and smiled to him then curled her tail around his own, letting it sway as they worked. When they finished their homework Belle let out a yawn. She hadn't slept well the night before and for good reason since she had cried most of the night. Andy gently pet her ear before massaging the base of one of her ears. " Go lay down in bed Belle...I'm going to get some of the project done then I will join you until I fix supper." Belle leaned into the massaging as she looked at him, her cheeks a light pink. " But I need to help with the project Andy." He smiled and shook his head again. " No go sleep kit...it will be alright." Belle bit her bottom lip then nodded. She leaned forward and kissed him softly for a moment. When she pulled back he nuzzled her nose with his own then let her go. He watched her leave the kitchen and sighed softly. Andy shifted a bit and pulled out what he needed for the project. He was about a half hour into the studying when his phone buzzed hard on the table. He stood his ears up figuring it was his mom texting to check on him and Belle. He slid the unlock button and opened the text without looking to see who it was from. He almost dropped his drink he was sipping from when he saw the picture of Selene topless in a mall changing room. The text to him read 'These are all yours when you dump Belle' Andy quickly deleted the text and picture before snarling softly. " Damn that cat..." He side and hooked his phone up to it's charger before going upstairs. Belle was already asleep in the bed, curled up on her side. Andy slowly climbed into the bed with her so he was in front of her. He gently ran his fingers along her cheek then through her hair slowly. " Things are going to get rough kit...I hope we can handle it." Belle only nuzzled into his chest soon after. Andy just laid awake holding her close to him.

When Belle woke up about two or three hours later the smell of food hit her. She stretched out with a soft groan coming from her. Andy had left her to sleep to get their dinner ready. Belle laid there staring up at the ceiling with a smile. ' He is spoiling me...that should worry me' She giggled at her thought before rolling out of the bed and heading downstairs while running her hands through her hair before spotting him as she walked into the kitchen. He had just finished cooking as she moved up to him and hugged him from behind, taking in his scent with her nose buried into his back. Andy smiled and stood still, giving her time before she let go. He turned and leaned in to kiss her. " Sleep well?" Belle grinned and nodded a bit as she rubbed her eyes some. " Yeah...did you sleep at all?" Andy shook his head some as he loaded up to plates with tacos and the nachos, handing one to her before following her to the table. Andy grabbed his phone and sighed. Selene had sent at least five more pictures, starting with her in lingerie to her being completely nude. He folded his ears back making Belle look at him worried. Andy stared at him for a moment before he let her look. Belle folded her ears back and growled softly. " She doesn't take no for an answer?" Andy shook his head and took the phone back, sending Selene a message ' Stop it Selene...your never getting with me. Find someone else and leave me alone' He put his phone down and gently squeezed Belles hand before beginning to eat. Throughout the time they were eating Andy's phone buzzed over and over again. One was a call from his mom which he answered, telling her everything was fine with them and the house. When he hung up he looked, more pictures from Selene begging him to take her. He rolled his eyes and turned his phone off. That night Belle and Andy settled onto the couch to watch some movies. By midnight the two were out cold sleeping.

The next day as as Andy and Belle made it to school the first person he sees is Selene standing with a large orange male tabby cat. The male looked at him then Belle before looking to Selene who only folded her ears back. Andy had a feeling something wasn't going right. Belle took his hand and lead him into the school. After their first class Andy kissed her deeply before heading to his next class. Selene shared two classes with him. In both she watched him intently, the fur on her tail standing on end the entire time. When they all let out for lunch Andy was heading to the back of the school when Belle ran up and grabbed his hand. " Come on!" Andy almost jumped and smiled when he saw her. He sighed and let her lead him along to a staircase that lead up to the roof. Belle pulled a key from her pocket and unlocked the door. They stepped out onto the room and Andy looked around before looking to her. " How did you get a key to the school roof?" Belle smiled and walked over to a sunny spot, setting her back pack down. She pulled out a large blanket a friend had given to her that morning. " I pulled some strings to get a copy of it!" Belle looked at him then smiled, motioning for him to come to her. Andy grinned, feeling his heart beating a bit faster and the trouble brewing with Selene melting away. He set his pack down and moved to her.

Belle smiled big and wrapped her arms around him. She kissed him deeply, drawing a groan from him. He ran his hands under her shirt. He ran his fingers through her fur making her groan in response as well. She broke the kiss and giggled as he laid her down on the blanket. He smiled as he looked down at her. " I will never get tired of hearing that giggle." Belle blushed brightly and smiled as she looked up at him. " Also...this is better then sitting down stairs with a crappy lunch." Belle laughed hard as he moved down and began nibbling on her stomach after lifting her shirt up to expose it. Belle wiggled and gripped at him while he nibbled down to her skirt. He grinned and lifted up around her hips. She went still and murred heavily as she sat up a bit to look at him. Andy grinned to her before pressing his tongue against her panties, licking her through them a few times. Belle blushed lightly and let out a soft moan as she laid back again. Andy pulled her panties aside, licking her clit with a few soft nips between each lip. Belle gripped at the blanket lightly and wiggled her hips around some against the nips. Andy nibbled and sucked on her pussy lips a bit before pushing his tongue into her and curling it around inside her. Belle let out soft moans and groans to him as she reached down to pet his head softly. Andy groaned into her a few times before pulling his tongue from her, licking her a few times before sitting up and pulling her panties off of her body. she giggled and looked up at him. He smiled and undone his pants, pulling them down and exposing his cock that was half way out of his sheath. Belle shifted her body around and began licking his cock once she was on all fours in front of him. Andy relaxed, gently petting her ears as he moaned softly to her. Belle took the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking on him softly a few times and making his cock grow harder. Once he was fully erect he gently pulled back from her. He smiled and put her on her right side. Belle blinked and gave him a curious look before he lifted her leg up so it was resting against his chest with her knee slightly bent at his shoulder. Belle blushed and watched as he straddled her other leg, pushing his cock into her pussy. She let out a moan and laid her head down on her arm. Andy gently ran his fingers through the fur along her thigh, nibbling on her leg a bit before reaching down to rub her clit. Belle gasped and murred heavily to the teasing before jerking her hips a bit. Andy began thrusting into her now, giving long hard strokes into her. Belle moaned with each little impact his cock made in her. Soon she pulled her leg free, forcing him to pull out. He raised a brow and watched her. She turned over onto all fours and lifted her rear up into the air for him, her tail lifting up and draping down along her back. Andy blushed, his cock throbbing as he watched her present herself to him. " Damn Belle." She chuckled and blushed as she turned her head enough to look at him.

Andy moved up behind her, gripping her hips and pushing his cock back into her. Belle let out a soft moan and began pushing her hips into him. Andy smiled and leaned over her, his hands now resting over her own with their fingers laced together. He nibbled on her ear gently, making her yip softly with enjoyment. Andy soon grunted a bit as his cock throbbed a bit more. He began pounding his hips into ehr now, the sound of his hips hitting her ass making soft thumping sounds, their moans soon over coming it and the wet sounds of him thrusting into her. Belle shivered in pleasure as her tail curled around him gently. His grip on her hands tightened as he felt his knot growing. Belle was starting to tighten, her pussy clenching down on him. Andy picked up his pace more, getting rougher with his thrusting. Belle panted between her moans now as she nuzzled her head against his when he lowered it to be next to her own. " A..Andy...I am..getting close love." Andy twitched his ears to her voice and nodded a bit as he turned his head to kiss at her cheeks between pants. " I am to.." He nipped at her ear. Andy shifted and began slamming his hips into her harder and faster then before, his knot suddenly popping into with a loud wet sound. Belle let out a small cry as she lost it and orgasmed hard, her pussy clenching him hard as if it was trying to get as much of him in her. Andy let out a gasp and slammed into her once or twice before his cock throbbed violently as he came, filling her up with the escess slowly pushing past his knot. They went still, their pants and heavy breathes filling the air. Andy finally shifted and slowly manuvered them so he was sitting with her in his lap. Andy wrapped his arms around her and hugged her while kissing her neck softly a few times. Belle chuckled and relaxed in his lap as she recovered from ehr orgasm. Andy grinned, holding her hands now as he nuzzled his cheek against hers. "Getting more frisky in school Belle...pretty sure this tops the storage closet." Belle laughed softly and nodded a bit while she turned her head and gently nuzzled her nose to his. " Figured this would be fun to get our minds off of the project and other things...it is nice up here...a bit cold but nice." Andy grinned and nipped at her lips. " Of course it is cold kit...it is still winter so we may both get colds from fucking up here." Belle laid her head back into his shoulder laughing hard for a moment. " Well then you can take care of me if I get sick." Andy nodded and chuckled. When he was able to pull out the both moaned softly. Andy got his pants fixed while Belle pulled her panties on. They folded the blanket up and headed back downstairs giggling and holding hands. After the door shut the large tabby cat that had been with Selene that morning stepped out from where he had been hiding, tapping a button on his phone with a smile. He put it away and headed back down to the school for class.

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