The Misfortunes of Wilykit

Story by Renamon_Lovers on SoFurry

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#4 of ThunderCats

Wilykit made a wrong decision.

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The Misfortunes of Wilykit

Chapter 1: Conned

** "Finally, Mumm Ra is dead, now we are free," Lion-O said, grinning. "You can travel however you like, or stay here, or join the human society."**

** "Well, I will find a husband and form a family," Wilykit chuckled.**

"I will stay here, everything is FREE," Cheetara said uneasily. "Humans are dangerous. Some people will do anything to achieve their goal. They had shuffled their cards so cunningly as to be out of the reach of the law."

The other members also got their own plans. They talked of a thousand things, and they all talked at once.

"Ok, I will start packing now. Remember, you all can come back to here at any time," Lion-O laughed.

Wilykit gave a low whistle. "Same here, bro, bye!"


** Twenty minutes later. Wilykit was standing in front of a sign board.**

** "Aeon Village, good, the information counter is just over there," Wilykit's eyes sparkled with excitement.**

** Wilykit walked into a small shop and was greeted by a girl named Agnes. Wilykit introduced herself, and sat down and chatted with Agnes for a long time.**

** She is a positive fool, I must not let her get away. Agnes thought.**

** "You should take a shower first, and then change your clothes," Agnes suggested.**

** After Wilykit entered the washroom at the second floor, Agnes turned on her PC. Soon she saw Wilykit on the screen, Agnes looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.**

Wilykit locked the bathroom door just to be safe. She then turned her attention back to her image in the mirror. This was her first time taking shower at other places. With a mild blush, she took off her T-shirt and jeans and placed them on the bathroom counter next the sink. Wow! Darling sure likes this! Agnes thought.

Next, Wilykit removed her shoes and pulled off her socks, rolling them into balls and sticking them in the back heels. Goosebumps formed along her skin as she stood there in nothing more than her panties and bra. The smooth, frigid bathroom tile floor chilled her bare feet. Finally she slipped out of her undergarments and placed them alongside her shirt and jeans. No pubic hair! Agnes thought, her pussy began to wet.

Wilykit took ten minutes to shower, when she left the washroom, Agnes turned off the PC. Soon Wilykit appeared in the lobby again, Agnes invited Wilykit to sit on the sofa.

Time to allure her into a snare.** Agnes thought.**

Agnes's eyes brightened with interest. "Wilykit, you're already twenty five, and yet you've no certificates and you didn't finish your studies?" she inquired.

"No, after I came here, I didn't have time to study because the enemies kept attacking us," Wilykit reasoned. "Moreover, I got financial problems."

"So, what's your speciality?" Agnes inquired eagerly.

"Fighting only. Honestly, this is the first time I came here, I hoped for a new life in here," Wilykit said excitedly.

Wilykit's face was very beautiful in its sweet and innocent childishness. Terrific! Stupid and beautiful, she will fetch a good price! Agnes thought.

"You now have three options: spend ten years to finish your studies, including Diploma courses but I don't think you have enough money. Secondly, transform into a slave, you can either become a contract or full-time slave. Finally, you can go back to your hometown now," Agnes proposed.

Wilykit wrinkled her brows in concentration.

"Wilykit, I know you're very brave, you defended this planet, but what do you find most helpful about killing mutants?" Agnes continued. "Look at you, now you have nothing. You've no certificates, no monies and no properties. No people are going to marry you, I also can't find a suitable job for you, and so I suggest you better go back to your hometown where everything is free."

Secretly Agnes wanted Wilykit to stay.

"I can fight, can I work..." Wilykit stuttered.

Agnes was happy to hear that. Wilykit walked right into the trap.

"Guards? No, you looked like a cream puff," Agnes replied, smiling. "If you really want to stay here, I suggest you transform into a slave, you seemed so young and innocent looking and pretty. Trust me, all men are willing to train you."

"I see." Wilykit was thoughtful for a moment, then said, "I don't want to become a slave. Can I come again after I got certificates?"

"Sure, this is my name card," Agnes said, crossing her fingers. "By the way, do you have any ID on you?" She was hoping Wilykit to say 'No'.

Wilykit shook her head.

Haha! No ID! Agnes seemed indifferent, but deep down she's very pleased.

"This is not good, you'll be arrested and end up in the jail forever. Inside the jail, you'll be raped, tortured and humiliated until you die," Agnes threatened. "Or even worse, they might cook you while you're still alive!"

Wilykit gulped uneasily. "Oh no, I'm leaving now, thanks," she said anxiously.

"You can count on me to help you any time," Agnes sympathized. "Show the cops my name card if you get caught."

Fool, a cop is already waiting for you! Agnes thought.

Indeed Wilykit was caught by a cop as soon as she left the house.

"Yes, she is my new client. I'll make her a new ID now," Agnes told the cop.

After the cop left the house, Agnes turned to Wilykit, "Now you're doomed. If you want me to make a new ID for you, you must work for me." She laughed derisively.

"For how long?" Wilykit said shakily.

Finally, I won! Agnes thought.

"I don't want to force you, contract slave for one year," Agnes said, her heart vibrated with excitement. "Or go to jail and become permanent bitch."

"I'll work for you, do you have other vacancies? I don't want to be fucked every day," Wilykit said anxiously.

"No certificate, no jobs," Agnes answered wryly.

Wilykit reddened. "Then can find me a good Master?"

"Can't help, depends your luck and your performances," Agnes replied. "Moreover, you have no choice. So, stay here or go to jail?"

Wilykit nodded vigorously. "Stay here, I'll work for you, please give me a new ID," she spluttered.

"No problems, you can stay here for free until you got your new ID," Agnes said eagerly. "Remember, once you leave this house, you'll go to jail directly."

Agnes concealed a smile. She is very young and vulnerable to fraud. She thought.


The Misfortunes of Wilykit

Chapter 2: Enslaved

** Agnes passed a key to Wilykit, "You can stay here for a week - everything is free - I'll teach you the fundamentals," she asked eagerly. "Or you want to become a beggar?"**

** "What do you mean?" Wilykit mused.**

** "In order to become a beggar, I must chop down one of your hands," Agnes said, putting an arm around Wilykit's shoulder. "Without hands or legs, people will pity you and give you more monies."**

** Wilykit gasped in amazement. "No! I'm ok to become...a...slave..."**

** Soon they stopped in front of a door. Agnes said excitedly. "Here is your room," she winked at Wilykit.**

** Wilykit glanced through the door on her left where a quite spacious room folded out. The walls were white, along with the ceiling and the door to the walk in closet. Light filters into the empty room from the large window facing the driveway below. In the left of the room, the king size bed was there, with night table on the right side and a lot of cute toy stood on it.**

** "After one week, you won't be staying in this room anymore," Agnes promised.**

** Wilykit looked surprised. "Err...what about my basic necessities?" she inquired anxiously.**

** Agnes snapped his fingers excitedly. "No worry, I'll give you money and you can buy anything. But remember, your basic necessities shall be provided by your Master or Mistress after one week, and you can't complain about it. For example, your Master or Mistress may ask you to remain naked for the whole day,"**

** Despair - cold, sharp despair - buried deep in Wilykit's heart like a wicked knife.**

** "Read these Dummy series," Agnes added. "Slave for Dummies, BDSM for Dummies and Computer for Dummies. You must also read the Country Laws and English for Beginners. And don't forget to watch all these porn movies."**

Wilykit was plunged into the depth of despair.

** "Watch this DVD now," Agnes chuckled, she taught Wilykit how to operate the TV.**

** Wilykit was surprised to see herself in the TV screen. Soon, she started to take shower!**

** "If you try to run away, this DVD shall be distributed to the whole world," Agnes observed.**

** Wilykit's manner was too dejected and despairing. "I promise I won't run away, please destroy this DVD," she begged, greatly distressed.**

** "As a slave, you must not feel shameful," Agnes spoke up. "You shall indecently show your sexual organs in public. Read the books and watch the videos, and make sure you can pass the test next week. Anymore questions?"**

Wilykit paused, as though she did not quite know how to begin.

"You must adapt yourself to the new environment," Agnes urged. "I want to see your attitude changed by next week. If not, you'll end up in the jail."

** After Agnes left, Wilykit sat down on the bed. "Should I call Cheetara? No, even if she can get me out of here, my nude DVD shall be released to the public. Hmm, maybe I should discuss with her," she told herself.**

** Wilykit picked up the phone and dialled, sadly she heard the message from the answering machine, "Cheetara will be back after one year."**

** Wilykit frowned thoughtfully. "One year!" she gasped. "Where did she go?" She stood with a heavy heart. She sighed gently, her finger caressed her cheek. She never dreamed that she would become a slave.**

** Wilykit began to watch the porn videos. "OMG! He inserted the cactus into her vagina!" she cried painfully.**

** Wilykit pussy was wet after she finished watching first DVD. She was shocked but pleased. "No, no, no, I should not like these things! These are...kinky...taboo...sick!"**


** At six o'clock, Agnes invited Wilykit to have dinner together.**

** Agnes heaped chicken and ham upon her plate. "This is your new ID," Agnes said smoothly. "I changed your age to twenty, you looked like twenty anyway."**

** Wilykit ate one cabbage right away. "Thank you."**

** Agnes tore the chicken apart and began to eat. "So, you watched the videos or read the books?"**

** "Watched some videos. I don't understand, why girls like to be tortured?" Wilykit ate very little food.**

** Agnes reached over with her chopsticks to refill Wilykit's bowl. "Did you orgasm when you watch the videos?"**

** Wilykit nodded, proceeded to eat. "Yes and I don't know why. The videos are so pervert and yet I can't stop watching," she said, frowning.**

** Agnes dished the food up straight out of the saucepan. "A big reason why a lot of girls like BDSM is because it's a way to experiment with control. For a submissive, having control over your life or your body taken away can be very exciting."**

** "Exciting? Being tortured is exciting?"** Wilykit replied after a moment.

"No pain, no pleasure. You don't know what's about to be done to you and you don't have any way to stop it, this can be very EXCITING," Agnes made it sound very matter of fact. "Moreover, some girls love sex, and they love it rough."

Wilykit's thoughts were in a tangle. "I'm not that kind of girls."

** "Yes you are, even if you are not, your Master/Mistress will FORCE you into one of them. Women are created to please and serve men, that's why women got so many holes compared to men. Pain is scary at first, but after a while you'll get used to it," Agnes said triumphantly. "Right now you better eat as much as you can, because a slave is not supposed to eat so much food."**

** After they finished the food, Agnes ordered Wilykit to clean the place. "You better go to bed early tonight, you must wake up before five o'clock. The first thing that shall be done is enemas, and then bath, make sure your body is clean and your holes are loose," she laughed. "If your holes are tight, you will feel very painful when strange objects are being inserted."**


** Agnes entered into a room where a man was waiting for her. He looked down for a moment, pouring himself a drink and bringing the alcohol to his lips. The burning sensation pouring down his throat, creating a warm feeling deep inside of his stomach. He would just have to wait for someone entertaining to arrive.**

** He pointed at the TV in front of him. "How long shall I wait before the toy is ready?" he asked eagerly, his face brightening.**

** "Next week," Agnes said, patting his shoulder. "Smith, she is satisfied of the truthfulness of my statement."**

** "I can see that. She is naive and would swallow anything you tell her," Smith grinned appreciatively. He had tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a mesmerising deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout.**

** "We're going to take it slow first, the child has great capabilities," Agnes explained. "After three months, she would be completely tamed."**

** "I trust you, Agnes," Smith asked in amazement. "Say, where is your Renamon?"**

** "Dating with Leomon, she is NOT for sale," Agnes giggled.**


** The next morning, Wilykit woke up before five o'clock. She was so stewed up with anxiety that she could not sleep. Agnes was pleased to see Wilykit.**

** "Good, you are punctual," Agnes said, greatly excited. "Today you will use this enema, with normal water. Tomorrow you will try hot pepper sauce, and then other favours. These are your anal beads, user manual and lubricant. Follow the instructions and I want to see your asshole big enough for a ping-pong ball to go in. Your vagina shall be expanded by your Master/Mistress." Agnes threatened to punish Wilykit if she did not obey her orders. Wilykit looked at the toys, and her heart went cold. Her nightmare began.**


The Misfortunes of Wilykit

Chapter 3: Humiliation

** At last the final day came.**

Wilykit's heart swelled and throbbed. She placed a bath towel where she would be lying down. Making sure the hook was suspended at the proper height, she slid the shutoff clamp to a point on the tubing where she would be able easily reach it while in position. She sighed, yesterday was hot water, today was cold water. Luckily or unluckily today was the final day?

After thirty minutes, Wilykit crawled out from the washroom, her tiredness relaxed her limbs. She felt her body chill suddenly, the cold enema was terrible - at least more terrible than hot water, now she was fighting off the numbness of frostbite. Then she was on her knees and then she rose slowly to her feet. She swallowed her displeasure and smiled.

** Today Wilykit would say good-bye to this room. She believed that her fate was predetermined before she came into the world. She had made a mistake, a mistake that had led to her servitude. If she listened to Cheetara's advice and stay at home, she would not become a slave anymore. She made up her face to look prettier, at last she summoned sufficient courage to leave the room.**

Wilykit entered the dining room as usual, but this time she saw Agnes and a man. "Wilykit, he is your new Master," Agnes said mysteriously. This moment has finally arrived, she felt cheap about her mistake, she should have listened to Cheetara's advice.

"Come here," Smith said eagerly. Wilykit walked slowly towards him. He chucked her under the chin and looked straight into her eyes. "Age twenty, still virgin. Unbelievable! You must be living in a place where there are no boys, or the boys are gay." She looked at him - did not know how to respond, and he laughed reassuringly. Embarrassed, her face turned scarlet.

** "From now on, you shall be called Slave, and you must address me as Master," Smith demanded.**

** Wilykit listened to his voice washing over her, caressing her. "Yes, Master," she replied with promptness and courtesy.**

** "Wilykit, remember, failed the test and you'll go to jail directly. Ciao!" Agnes said excitedly, and then she left the room.**

** Wilykit stood there, perhaps three feet in front of Smith. He gazed at the perfection of that calm, peaceful looking face, at the softness of her cheeks, the brightness of her smile. "Slave, undress now," Smith grinned. He gave her a suggestive glance, and she blushed.**

"I have made my choice, I had no alternative," Wilykit told herself. She knew that the consequences would be very serious.

** "Yes, Master," Wilykit smiled nervously, and then slowly removed her clothes like a series of masks, each exposing a deeper shyness. Finally, her bra came off. Smith stared at those medium breasts dangling from her chest, the nipples bouncing up and down as she moved. In less than five minutes, she stood naked in front of her new master. This was her first time standing naked in front of a stranger.**

** Smith sniffed the perfume voluptuously. "Wow, your body is small but your breasts are quite huge," he laughed scornfully. "Spread your legs."**

** "Yes, Master." Wilykit blushed, embarrassed at the thought of a man staring at her naked body. She stood there silently, not trying to cover herself, hoping that her humiliation would end.**

** "You are so beautiful!" Wilykit stood there in front of Smith, the girl he had always desired and hungered for, now totally his, totally devoted to serving his pleasure. Looking at her youthful, slender figure sparked a surge of affection in him. Feeling helpless, like she had been drugged, all she could do was gaze up at him wondering and waiting for his next move.**

** "Slave, did you read the books?"**

** "Yes, Master."**

Smith's hands travelled up to cup the back of Wilykit's head as the other held her close. "Say, what you want me to do now, Slave?" he whispered gently. She moaned into his mouth as his tongue parted her lips to tease her tongue and running over the edge of her teeth. When his hand came up from her waist to cup her breast another moan of ecstasy escaped her throat. He tore his mouth from her to trail kisses, licks and nibbles down her neck. "Master, and furious," she whispered back. He bent her over his arm to make her chest more assessable. "Not so fast," he breathed into her ears as he nibbled on the lobes.

** Smith knelt before Wilykit's slit. "Open the door," he said. She understood and parted her slit with both hands. Her pussy was shaved and smooth. "So pretty!" he exclaimed. The lips of her pussy was spread open for him to gaze at her. The entrance to her body looked tiny to him, he flashed a conspiratorial grin at her.**

** Wilykit saw things were wrong with him. Running his hands up the inside of her thighs, Smith watched as she tensed under his hands. "Don't move," he warned her. He waited until she calmed down before leaning in a bit closer. Using the tip of his finger, he teased her outer lips. She gasped. After some time she finally relaxed under his touch. He waited a little longer and eased a finger through her pussy. When she did not tense, he eased a finger inside her pussy as the other teased her. She moaned. Her pussy was tight around his finger. He held one finger inside her while his thumb stroked her nub. "You are so sensitive," he grinned. "Let's see how sensitive your back door is."**

** Smith began to examine Wilykit's anus. He could insert a finger into her asshole easily. "You did perform enema daily, good girl," he remarked. He pinched and massaged her ass cheeks. She controlled herself not to move away or slap him. If a stranger touched her buttocks, she would surely kick him in the balls.**

** PPFFFFFFF! Suddenly Wilykit farted! The fart hit Smith's nose directly. He could smell it, strong and hot and rank! His face was distorted by pain. And then he screamed with pain and rolled on the ground. Unlike humans, her fart gave out an awful stink! She hastened to apologize for her impoliteness.**

** Smith stood up slowly, "Put on your clothes now, I'll deflower you in my house," he added. "And then punish you!"**

** Wilykit sighed with relief, she did not need to go to jail anymore. But she was going to be punished, she did not know why she farted.**

** When they walked out from the room, they met Agnes on the hallway. "Agnes, now I am going to take her away to be my slave."**

** "Sure, these are her ID, see you again after one year,"**


The Misfortunes of Wilykit

Chapter 4: Deflower

** Smith drove to the forest entrance, after he parked his car under a tree, he turned to Wilykit. "Slave, get down and undress, I want to test your stamina," he said, his face beamed with joy.**

** OMG! Disrobe in the public? Wilykit thought.**

** Though badly frightened, Wilykit appeared outwardly calm. "Yes, Master." She took off all her clothes and stood in front of her new master.**

"Good slave," Smith said, winking at Wilykit. "You are a cat, on your knees now, I will keep your clothes."

"Yes, Master."

Energy from the sun heated the earth's surface. "Hot!" Wilykit swallowed, her knees and palms could feel the heat of the road.

** Wilykit gasped when Smith straddled her, her heart beat so fast that she could hardly breathe, this was her first time being straddled like a horse. Damn you so heavy! she thought.**

"Don't worry, this is my property and nobody will come to here," Smith said, smiling. "Now crawl."

The road was metalled, then asphalt was laid. "Pain! Ouch! Argh!" Wilykit felt her knees and palms scraped along the road as she crawled slowly. "Don't you feel the beauty of this landscape?" Smith pulled her right ear to indicate turn right, and pulled her left ear to indicate turn left.

** "Yes, Master."**

** "Crawl faster!"**

** "Yes, Master."**

** Wilykit was soon out of breath, but she continued to crawl.**

** "Your stamina is too low."**

_ How far is the house?_ Wilykit thought, but dared not ask.

** Indeed Wilykit was tired and nervous. All her limbs began to tremble. Her knees and palms were bleeding already. Finally they saw a small house.**

** "Alright, you can stop at here,"**

_ Phew, finally!_ Wilykit thought.

** "Yes, Master."**

** "Come, I will show you around," Smith smiled. "Washroom is here, go and clean yourself, especially your holes. Your clothes and towel are inside the washroom."**

** "Yes, Master."**

** When Wilykit entered the washroom, she only saw a towel. She did not understand but she dared not ask. After she took a shower, she walked out with the towel wrapping her body.**

** "No, you are not allowed to wear anything," Smith chuckled. "Remember, you are an animal, a cat and a slave. If you feel cold, wrap your body with a towel."**

_ This is bad, I must stay naked all the time?_** Wilykit thought.**

** Wilykit quickly took down the towel. "Sorry, Master."**

** Smith's eyes twinkled. "Now follow me to your room." He sized Wilykit up viciously.**

** They proceeded up stairs together, their rooms being on the same floor above.**

** "This is your room," Smith said. "But whenever I am not around, you shall be locked in the basement. Now on to the bed, I am going to deflower you."**

** "Yes, Master."**

Wilykit watched him undress, revealing a well put together body with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. She moaned as he undid belt and unzipped his jeans. He did not wear underwear, his dick was already hard as rock. As a human his dick was quite huge.

OMG! So BIG! Wilykit thought.

Smith grabbed Wilykit's tits and began squeezing them and twisting her nipples which had become rock hard in the warm air. He lowered his head to her chest and began suckling on her like a baby. Soft moans escaped her even as she tried to muffle them and his master began chuckling against her boobs. "So, you like rough sex? Ok, I will make it as rough as possible."

Wilykit did not know why she was enjoying this. Smith started to lick lower and lower until he reached the joint of her legs. He slipped his hand down her slit, feeling the growing wetness that showed him just how much she was enjoying this.


"Slave has no rights to speak."

Smith moved up Wilykit's body and without hesitation he drove his huge cock into her tight virgin pussy. He pulled out and then thrust right back in. She could not believe this, she was protecting her hymen for more than twenty years, but was torn in less than five minutes. He kept on thrusting and thrusting until suddenly her body betrayed her even more and she reached her first ever orgasm. "You cum without my permission,"

"Master, please forgive me, I am sorry."

"Wrong again, you must NOT say 'me' and 'I'. You are now an animal, a cat and a slave. So, you must refer yourself as 'it' and 'its'."

"Yes, Master."

Smith took his dick out of Wilykit's pussy and pushed her knees back as far as they would go to her side. Then he used her wet pussy juice and spread it all around her asshole, and then inserted his huge dick into her ass. Finally he released and slumped over on her exhausted and relived. "Slave, do you like this?"

"Yes, Master."

** "You can rest for a while now."**

** "Thank you Master."**


The Misfortunes of Wilykit

Chapter 5: Punishment

A few hours later.

"Lean back, knees far apart, hands by your ankles. Say 'I must not fart without permission' now."

"Master, I must not fart without permission."

"Good, now I am going to flog your holes."

No, please don't hurt my holes! Wilykit thought.

Wilykit could not quite see Smith for her leaned-back vantage, but she felt the end of the crop as it slapped down on her exposed pubic mound, stinging worse than she'd imagined. Shit! That hurts! Wilykit thought_._ From the part of her that had managed to confess to touching despite her shame, she managed to draw out a "Master, I must not fart without permission."

The crop slapped Wilykit again, right next to where the first blow had landed. "Master, I must not fart without permission." The strain of holding the leaned-back position hurt almost as bad as the sting of the crop, and she found that focusing on that dull steady pain took some of her attention off the sting of the crop and the burning where it had impacted.

The third struck Wilykit's clitoris, and the sting of that could not be ignored. Pain! Ouch! Argh! Wilykit thought. She felt her eyes begin to tear up, but managed to spit out a "Master, I must not fart without permission."

"Wait, I am going to get a new device."

"Yes Master."

Smith returned with a stun gun in his hand.

No! Not the gun! Wilykit thought.

Smith touched Wilykit's labia gently, immediately she jumped up.

"You forgot to say the magic words."

"Master, I must not fart without permission."

Smith touched Wilykit's clitoris and caused her to squirt.

"You cum without my permission again."

"Sorry Master."

** "Open your front hole as wide as possible."**

** "Yes, Master."**

** Smith left for five minutes and came back with a new device. In his right hand he held a toilet brush with harsh bristles embedded in an oval wire frame.**

** "I am going to insert this into your hole."**

** Smith began to spin and push the bristles of the brush into Wilykit's vagina. "Master!" Her face was contorted with pain.**

** "You speak without my permission again, you must be punished badly."**

** Finally the bristles disappeared into Wilykit's vagina, Smith began to brush her cervix. "See? It goes in already." It pleased him to see the hurt look on her face, the tears springing into her eyes.**

** Smith began to fuck Wilykit's hole with the brush. "I want to expand your holes, slave." He thrust the brush for five more minutes before he pulled out completely. There was a POP sound, blood and juices flowed out from the hole.**

** "Slave, clean yourself and take a break."**

** "Yes, Master."**


The Misfortunes of Wilykit

Chapter 6: Neutered

** "Slave, follow me."**

** "Yes, Master."**

** Smith led Wilykit to the basement. He flipped a switch and the place turned bright as daytime. There were no windows and bed.**

** "Listen carefully, whenever I am not around, you can do anything in here. But whenever I am around, you can't go to the bathroom without my permission. Understood?"**

** "Understood, Master."**

** "Put on these clothes. Now we are going to the hospital, you shall be neutered."**

** Wilykit looked troubled. She was thinking hard. "Birth control? No..." she stammered.**

** Smith pressed Wilykit closer and kissed her, and she felt that further opposition was useless. "Slave has no rights to have babies. Now clothes on," he commented.**

** Wilykit's heart sank. "Yes, Master," she answered, perplexed.**


After two weeks, Wilykit was checked out from the hospital.

** "Slave, you can rest for three days, meantime I will arrange your timetable," Smith was exuberant.**

"Thank you, Master."

After Smith left and locked the room, Wilykit could not hold back her tears any longer and wept aloud. I can't have babies anymore. She thought. She could not face the future, and she never had the courage to commit suicide.

The fourth day, Wilykit gulped down her sobs and was resolved to be firm. "Everything worth regretting was past and gone, nothing to regret now," she told herself. She massaged her soft belly, she did not feel painful anymore.

Just at the moment, the door opened and Smith walked in.

"Slave, put on these clothes, you are going to learn pole dancing."

"Yes, Master." Wilykit did not know what was pole dancing but she dared not ask.

Smith led Wilykit to another room, there was a lady waiting for them. "Slave, pole dancing is one of my incomes, so you better dance like a pro. Understood?" he remarked.

"Understood, Master."


After about two weeks, Smith phoned a friend.

** "Slave, tonight will be the important night," Smith declared cheerfully. "They shall pay me according to your performance. So, don't fail me."**

** "Yes, Master."**

** "Now, watch these pole dancing videos."**

** "Yes, Master."**

Nine o'clock. Wilykit felt both excited and fear.

"Slave, time to go." With a wink at Wilykit and a chuckle, he added, "Remember, no mistakes are allowed."

Smith drove Wilykit to a nearby bar. Soon, they reached the destination. "Slave, get out now. Smile and dance slowly." He grinned cheerily and beckoned her to follow him.

** "Yes, Master."**

** Smith entered the bar first, followed by Wilykit. She stood by tensely.**

** "Hey, Smith! Is this your pet?" Leomon asked, smiling.**

** "Yes, first performance, hope you like it," Smith replied hastily.**

** Five minutes later, Wilykit was standing on the stage, waiting for the music to begin. She was cheered by the cries of encouragement. When the music started, she began to dance.**

** "Not bad!" Leomon exclaimed. "Smith, she can dance at here every night!"**

** "Ha!" Smith was gleeful. "Say, where are your new dancers?"**

** "Still under training. Don't worry, I won't reduce your rewards," Leomon assured his customer.**

** Finally Wilykit was fully naked, the music stopped and she walked down from the stage slowly. The bar was crowded and noisy; smoke hanging in the air like a thick mist. "Hey slave, drown it," a guy said, giving her a glass of beer.**

** Wilykit never drank beer before but she dared not reject him. Her eyebrows arched like the trajectory of a soaring shot.**

** "Good! One more!"**

** Wilykit emptied another glass of beer, soon she got slightly drunk. She gasped as she was grabbed by what seemed like dozens of hands as they lifted her and carried her to the pool table. She was forced to pleasure every man there, and some of the women as well, having every hole tortured and fucked, bringing her to orgasm over and over again. Finally, the sensations and exhaustion overwhelmed her. Covered in cum and sweat, she passed out right there on the pool table, splayed out for all to see and fuck, no longer a tease by any stretch of the imagination, as everyone was able to touch, lick, suck and fuck her any which way they pleased. The strangest thing was, as things started to go black, she could not help but smile with her complete satisfaction.**


The Misfortunes of Wilykit

Final Chapter: Surrendered

** Agnes was right, Wilykit was totally tamed after two months.**

** One morning, Wilykit crawled to Smith's bedroom with a paddle on her back.**

** "Slave, what do you want me to do now?" Smith quipped.**

** Wilykit grinned happily. "Master, please punish your naughty slave."**

** Smith laughed. "Sure slave, but I need to empty my bladder first."**

** Wilykit grinned and accepted her new role. "Master, your slave is thirsty, can your slave drink your precious pee?"**

"Of course!" Smith replied. "Pull down my underwear, with your mouth."

It was difficult to pull down the underwear with mouth, Wilykit took five minutes to complete the task.

"Good job, now open your mouth."

** Wilykit opened her mouth and engulfed Smith's whole shaft. He began to pee slowly into her throat, the morning urine was dense and bitter but she liked it. Finally his bladder was empty, she continued to give him blowjob until he cum. She licked clean his dick before he pulled out from her mouth.**

** "Nice kitty, now I am going to spank your buttocks, what say you?" Smith asked with a smile.**

** "Master, your slave loves spanking, please spank as hard as possible," Wilykit answered with a smile.**

** PAT!**

** "One, thank you master!"**

** PAT!**

** "Two, thank you master!"**

** Six months later, Wilykit begged her master to convert her to permanent slave. Smith agreed. From then on, they lived happily ever after.**

The end.

The Auction

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