Park Gang Rape

#7 of in the park park gang rape the young roan stallion sank to his knee's panting heavily, as he recovered. then standing up he blushed, seeing the whole front of his jeans were wet from his orgasm!

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In the park gang rape

Park gang rape burkheart park on the lower end of town had entertained generations, from victorian bicyclists to punk rock skateboarders with its serene beauty.

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Chapter 5: Gang Raped

Shadow had decided to spend the night in the city's park, and soon spent the better portion of three hours in finding a tree that looked relatively comfortable and trying to climb into it. He did this for two sole reasons: one, so he could keep an eye...

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Technofox 06

Technofox 06 Instantly, Technofox sent an alarm through her implant. The implant flashed the message to her smartphone, and from there to the cell network, ordering the others to come to her. She paused to hop into her pants and armored jacket....

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Technofox 2

Technofox 2 [Author's note -- Happy Birthday ANTIcarrot (May 29)] "Will you do it in Atlanta?" Andrew asked. "Goodness, no," Technofox replied, shocked at the notion. Firefox lifted an eyebrow, enquiringly, so Technofox explained....

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Chapter 5 (Des-Berfo High): The Good Old Days

It had been three days. The school was calling frantically, wondering if he had the plague or something wildly contagious like it. They said if he didn't show up tomorrow, they'd send a truancy officer to drag him in. But, Devon was doing things far...

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project wolfsoul: chpt 9: pity

well, what do you guys think? please comment. if there's anything i could've done better what was it? if you'd just like to tell me that i'm an awesome writer then all power to you =P Pity "dude, I'm bored. How much further is it?" John was...

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Chapter 20: Sex for Seven

The Seduction of Seleste _from the world of the mating season_ Sex for Seven Chapter 20 The following morning, Ahote led Seleste and Talisa to his village, a small community deep in the dusky golden fields of the plains. It was beautiful and...

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Haven S'Zira mutters darkly at her current situation, the young wolf-squirrel hugging herself and shuddering due to her cold wet nature. Her once fluffy grey fur matted and drenched with water as she huddles on the front step under the protective...

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Cage of Pleasure

(adults only please) "Cage Of Pleasure" Writen by Tsuki Wulf aka H.William Clarke She woke up in a simple room, with only a bed in it. she was naked and could not remember how she had gotten there, she quickly looked for something to...

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Ch.4 Another Misfit

Jane looked around. Nothing but dry, dead grass as far as the eye could see. But there was more lining the field. There were bodies littering the area, their blood seeping into and feeding the grass beneath them. Jane was shocked, and just crept...

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Sinking into Darkness

He slowly stirs awake. He opens his eyes, and then inhales sharply in shock. He is covered with a blanket, but something is pinning his entrie body to a cold metal table. He squirms against the bonds, 'Must be leather...' is thought to himself, before...

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