A Dragon's Dream Adventure! Part One

Story by Raevocrei on SoFurry

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#1 of A Dragon's Dream Adventure!

Here's the first part to a short story I've started. This story is mainly focused at the sexy bits (F/F and M/F), so if you want to skip to that, hit CTRL + F and search "initiating".

Thanks for reading!

Sheiko stretched, yawned, and sprawled beneath the shade of a tall oak. The tree's shadow darkened his grayish scales and protected him from the evening sun's bright rays. It had been a long day of travel for the young male. Having flown halfway across his large island home with his female friend Yukei, it felt like his wings would fall off at any moment. They ached and complained, begging for a massage. And who better to massage them than his female counterpart?

"Yukei!" Sheiko whined. "I need a massage!" She didn't respond, so he dramatically threw his head over and faced her. The light-blue scaled dragoness was drinking from a stream not too far from him, paying no attention to his antics. Her rear end was thrust into the air as she kept her balance while kneeling on her forelegs. Gods, she had a nice rump. Her hip muscles were taut and well-rounded, even for a female. White scales painted her inner thighs and underbelly, running down her tail and up her neck. With a thick tail lazily swaying back and forth, it only added to her feminine beauty. If only he could get a glimpse of her under-tail.

Sheiko craned his neck and wiggled forward, his eyes fixated on Yukei's plump hind end. Her tail moved just enough that her slit was exposed for just a second. But that was all Sheiko needed to get lost inside his own perverse imagination. He daydreamed about mounting her. He would climb up onto her body, holding her down as he mounted her. Then he would bring his hips forward and press the tip of his member into her slit. A pleasureful shiver coursed through his body. He squirmed and grinned to himself.


After that he would begin humping her wildly, giving into instincts and pleasure. Every drive of his hips wou--

"Sheiko!" Yukei growled.

He suddenly snapped back to attention, his silver eyes wide and attentive. "... Huh?" The dragoness was in front of him, staring him down, her green-blue eyes lit with anger.

She painfully whipped his flank with her tail and hissed. "You're such a pervert! Next time I'll hit your balls!"

He whimpered and looked down and realized that his red, tapered length was swelling from his sheath. Warmth rose to his cheeks as he shifted and covered himself. "Maybe if you'd let me get some every once in a while I wouldn't have to be!" he complained exasperatingly. "It's hard being a needy male!"

Yukei bared her teeth and snapped her jaw once. "Maybe you would 'get some' if you'd stop staring at my ass!"

"You're no fun anyway!" he huffed. "I hope Nary wants some fun."

She scoffed and smirked. "You're not her type. And as it is now, you'll be too tired to try anything with her."

Sheiko sighed and dropped his head back in despair. She was probably right. After another flight like that, he wasn't sure how long he would hold up. "How much further?"

"Only another half-day of travel. Think you can handle it?" She smirked and stretched her limbs out next to him.

He watched her, admiring the strong muscular tone she had while still keeping her smooth, graceful curves. "I think I can handle it..." His voice trailed off as he lost himself again. What he would give just to mount her once...


He hissed and bared his teeth. "You did that on purpose!" Yukei didn't confirm nor deny it. Females!

"If we leave at dawn again, we should arrive around noon."

Sheiko groaned and lay flat on his back. His one wing spread out toward her. "Massage my wings!"

"Get mounted."

He pinned his ears back and grumbled. "You're not very nice."

"And you're the worst traveling partner I've ever known!"

"I'm much better at being a mating partner. But you wouldn't know."

"Nor do I want to."

"You have to be curious, don't you?"

"About what?"

"About mating with me!"

"If I wanted to be fucked by a little twig, then I would go grab a tiny tree branch and do it myself."

Sheiko recoiled and whimpered. "Ouch. I didn't know that getting stabbed in the ego would hurt so badly."

"You needed it to let all that hot air out!" she retorted.

He rolled onto his side with his black, scaly back facing Yukei. "Now I need to recover lest my ego bleeds to death. Goodnight!"

Yukei shook her head disappointingly as if she wanted to continue arguing. She nuzzled him and said, "Goodnight."

Sheiko grumbled and shook her off. Such a tease!

Feeling exhaustion overwhelm him, Sheiko closed his eyes and slipped away to slumber before coming up with another clever response.

As Yukei had said, they continued their journey at dawn, flying away from the rising sun. Sheiko's limbs felt like dead weight at first, but his body quickly regained strength and remained sore. The sun's rays were warm and pleasant against his back and wings, alleviating some of the ache.

"Why does your friend have to live on the other side of the island?" Sheiko complained. "How did you two even meet?"

Yukei smiled warmly and answered, "We had both flown inward during the mating season to avoid all of the horny males." She glared at him momentarily. "Such as yourself."

He hissed, remembering the unpleasant memory. He had finally decided that he wanted to be Yukei's mate, but she had disappeared. He worked up the courage to ask her for the first time, and she had left him alone for nearly two weeks. He remembered sulking to himself in the rain, uncaring of the world around him, waiting for her to return. It was a very long wait. "You left me alone for that..." Sheiko shook the memory away and gave a fake smile. "And it's not like any male would have chosen you anyway!"

"Oh? For someone who thinks with his cock, that's quite a statement to make."

Sheiko grumbled and shook his head, having lost yet another verbal scuffle. Yukei enjoyed winning. Each time she did, she wore a smug grin that made his blood boil. Even so, he enjoyed spending his time with her. Yukei was fun and exciting unlike the other females he had come to know. Instead of lying around all day, she wanted to go on adventures, explore, and wrestle, though Sheiko couldn't wrestle her for very long.

She could make his body react without even trying. Not that he was ashamed of it. Sheiko hoped that she would finally give in to his incessant attempts at mating her. She had seen his exposed cock more than he had seen her slit. This trip was his big chance, but he already blew his opportunities for the trip there. Now he would have to put up with two females until their way back, and he had no idea how long they would be staying. Gods, two females! If Nary was anything like Yukei, Sheiko wasn't sure how long he would last. Then again, maybe he could get them both to mate with him at the same time...

"Say Yukei... What's Nary like?"

Another warm smile curled at her lips. "She's a beautiful dragoness with scales like the color of the evening sun. She is also very quiet, especially around new dragons." A menacing glare pierced through Sheiko's heart, suddenly taking hold of him as if her claws were around his balls. "Don't you dare try anything with her."

There went the idea for a threesome. "I won't!"

She nodded her head affirmatively. "Good! I think we're almost there."

The terrain hadn't changed much, but the air was noticeably cooler. There were different types of trees beneath them, larger and taller than the ones near home.

"Look," Yukei said and pointed to a peculiar bright-orange tree that stood out amongst the forest of dark green leaves. "That's where we'll meet her."

"She knows we're coming?" Sheiko asked.

"No, but we will wait for her there."

Sheiko mouthed at words, dumbfounded for a moment. "Wha- What? If she doesn't know we're coming, then how will she know to come? We could be there forever!"

"She will come."

Sheiko sighed and blindly followed Yukei into the forest. They landed and sat beneath the orange tree, resting their tired and sore limbs. The scent of the forest drifted into his nostrils, filling them with a lovely earthy scent. It was quiet except for the wind brushing against the treetops. Sheiko inspected the wood of the strange, orange tree, running his white claws along its bark. The bark was thick and dark-brown, protecting the tree like armor.

"When will she be here?" Sheiko asked.

"Near the evening. Until then, I am going to rest." Yukei curled up with her back against the base of the tree. "Disturb me and it will be the last thing you do."

Sheiko grumbled and walked away, exploring the forest on his own. There wasn't much to it. Everything looked the same. The forest was just like any other that he had been in, just exceedingly larger. But it did seem a lot more peaceful, almost as if every living thing was tiptoeing around. The sun's light translucently cut through the trees, giving everything below the canopy an ominous, green-glowing light.

The ground was soft beneath his paws and almost completely bare of any fallen debris. It was covered by a thin, soft layer of grass but nothing more. He thought it was odd that there weren't any branches. It looked like someone had picked up every fallen branch and leaf. Sheiko felt uncertain. He had never stepped into anything so pure before. He decided to go back to Yukei; it was about evening anyway.

When Sheiko had returned, he noticed an orange dragoness happily conversing with Yukei. Nary had already arrived exactly on time to an appointment never made. Everything was too damn perfect.

Sheiko approached the females, swaggering toward them with a bright grin across his muzzle. "Hello!"

Nary turned around and returned with an awkward smile, noticeably shifting closer to Yukei.

"I see you've finally returned. This is the friend I've told you about, Nary. You'll get used to his peculiar nature, but don't let him harass you."

"Harassment is far from what I do. Yukei just doesn't appreciate compliments!"

Nary giggled and said, "It's nice to meet you, Sheiko."

"What did you call this place, Nary?" Yukei asked inquisitively, gesturing with a wing.

"We call it the Godswood because of its serenity and size," she explained.

"Why is this tree orange while the rest are green?" Sheiko asked curiously.

Nary timidly smiled and answered, "I planted this tree when I was just a hatchling. My scales match its leaves, so I thought it would be my little mark on the world. I come here every evening to relax."

Yukei affectionately nuzzled Nary and licked her cheek. "I knew it would be best to find you here."

Nary nuzzled her in return and replied, "And it was a most pleasant surprise!"

Sheiko thought they were being awfully friendly toward another and felt secluded. Nary seemed like a kind dragoness, kinder than Yukei, anyway. As Yukei had said, Nary was beautiful. Her ivory horns and claws were well-polished, her orange scales were bright and cheerful, and her smile was radiant. Around her paws were yellow-colored socks and her back was a darker shade of orange like red. She didn't have the same strong, muscular tone as Yukei, but she had a more feminine beauty. Though her body was on the lean side, her hips were just as big as Yukei's. She had a perfectly shaped hind end to fit any needy male. As Nary sat on her rear, Sheiko tried to glimpse between her legs, but she sat too ladylike, habitually covering her nethers with her forearms. Yukei noticed this and shot him a dirty look.

"Shall we go to the waterfall, Nary?" Yukei asked. "I would love to see it again." An obvious change of subject and scenery.

"But you just flew all the way here! Are you sure?"

"Yes, I rested plenty enough."

Sheiko silently cursed. He had no idea how far the falls actually were, but the thought of flying again was dreadful. But he wouldn't hold either of them back and would gladly agree against his thoughts.

Nary eagerly nodded her head. "Then sure! I bet Sheiko would love to see it, too."

Sheiko gave a friendly nod and followed the two females into the sky. They flew alongside each other for nearly two hours and eventually dove into a large basin walled off by cliffs. Nary and Yukei happily chatted along the way, leaving Sheiko to himself and his aching body.

The waterfall was huge, the largest Sheiko had ever seen. It was at least two-hundred feet high, if not taller. They landed several hundred feet away across the river it spilled into. Even from here the roar of the crashing water was loud. Mist sprayed at the rocky base of it and was carried away by the wind. The sun's dying rays were just fading away behind the waterfall, leaving no time to really enjoy the falls as the air was growing chilly. The trio took in the sight with gleeful smiles and walked away from the uproar of water.

"That is amazing!" Sheiko exclaimed excitedly, trotting around joyfully. "Will we return tomorrow?"

"Yes," Yukei answered. "If Nary is alright with it."

"Of course! The falls look their best in the morning, since the sun catches the water perfectly."

"Until the morning, then?" Sheiko asked. They all agreed and found themselves a good place to sleep for the night along the river. They lay beneath a willow tree, sheltered from the world by its weeping branches. Sheiko was surprised to see Nary and Yukei sleeping together. They must have been really good friends. Yukei wrapped a protective wing over Nary and cuddled with the orange dragoness happily. She never let him sleep with her, but then there were obvious reasons for that! She was probably comfortable with another female since Nary wouldn't try anything with her or get an erection while they slept.

Sheiko sighed and nibbled on his tail, a comfortable habit of his while deep in thought. His thoughts slowly drifted to dreams as the sound of the rushing river lulled him to sleep.

Sheiko drowsily woke to the morning sun. The air was chilly and smelled fresh as if the forest was just waking up too. He yawned, baring his sharp teeth as he stretched out and clawed the ground. His limbs were sore, his head hurt, and his body didn't want to move. Typical.

Nary and Yukei were no longer beneath the willow. The grey dragon stepped out to see that they were happily playing in the river, laughing and carrying on like hatchlings. It was good to see Yukei enjoying another female's company. Back at home, she didn't talk to any females and played with Sheiko and his friends instead, though Sheiko hadn't really talked with them in a while. Since he began chasing after Yukei as a mate, he clung to her indefinitely. She didn't really seem to mind the company, even if they were always banging their heads together.

Yukei's light-blue scales were glistening beautifully in the morning sun. Nary was standing on solid ground over the river with water dripping from her bright scales. Now that was a sight Sheiko enjoyed waking up to! Two gorgeous, wet dragonesses playing in the river. He could get used to this.

"Good morning!" he called as he happily approached them.

"You seem awfully cheerful today," Yukei commented. "You're usually half-dead in the morning."

"It's hard not to feel alive when I have two beautiful females to impress!"

"Oh, get mounted, Sheiko."

Nary giggled.

"Bah!" Sheiko grumbled to himself and lay down where he was.

"Why don't you join us, Sheiko?" Nary asked encouragingly. "The water is cool." Nary was attempting to include him, and he appreciated that.

"I wouldn't want to impose on the queen's territory."

"Oh, she won't bite. She's all talk!"

Yukei hissed and pinned her ears back. "I am not!"

Sheiko grinned and swaggered over to the bank of the river. "Oh, really?" He stopped at the edge of the water and dipped his forepaw in. The water was surprisingly cold, but it would feel refreshing if he jumped in.

"Come in here and I'll smash your balls."

A devious smile curled at Sheiko's lips. He splashed water at Yukei, dowsing her face with the flick of his paw.

Yukei flinched and took a moment before her instincts kicked in. She growled viciously and jumped out of the water. "You're dead!"

Sheiko yelped and ran from her. His claws tore gouges in the ground as he quickly shifted and sprinted in the opposite direction of the enraged dragoness. There wasn't any room to take off in between the trees, but Sheiko knew he was faster than her at running. He didn't have anything to worry about!

But somehow and in some way, Yukei had quickly caught up to him and pounced on him. Fear lit Sheiko's mind as he was pinned on his belly and subdued by her. Claws held him down as her teeth threatened the back of his neck. It wasn't painful, but it was extremely uncomfortable.

"I didn't mean it, Yukei!" Sheiko knew she wouldn't go too far, but he feared what temporary pain she may cause him this time. Usually she did just smash him in the balls, and she probably would have already had he been on his back instead.

"Oh, you're not weaseling your way out of this you ass!"

"It was just a little water!"

"I have to quell the rebelliousness in you or else it will get worse!"

Nary walked up, seeming to be somewhat concerned. "Don't hurt him, Yukei!" At least someone didn't like to see him in pain.

Yukei huffed and sighed. "Then in return for me not hurting him, he has to find us breakfast. That is his punishment."

"D-Deal!" Sheiko stammered. Yukei's weight suddenly lifted off of him, and he sighed, relieved.

Yukei smugly grinned and said, "Now go find us a nice, plump deer or two. I'm famished."

Sheiko felt his stomach grumble. "Fine. Give me an hour."

"Take your time and make sure to find a good one!"

He grumbled to himself and took off without hesitation. It was embarrassing to lose to a female like that, and he wasn't sure how she did it. Their wrestling matches had never been so one-sided. Sheiko spent some time searching for a meal along the river and quickly found one much faster than he thought. It was a large buck that had just shed his antlers and had stranded away from the herd to take a drink. The perfect target and the perfect meal. Yukei better be proud!

Swiftly, Sheiko dove from the sky and unsheathed his claws, dodging a few trees before colliding with the deer. He struck its flank with his hind paws and rendered its flesh. The buck fell and writhed before he ended its life with a twist as his jaw clamped around its neck. It was difficult to take off, but Sheiko managed and dragged its body through the sky, soon finding himself back in familiar surroundings. He landed next to the willow but couldn't find the two females anywhere.

Strange. It had only been about ten or so minutes. Where could they have possibly gone? Sheiko heard Yukei's familiar voice behind him. It sounded close, but there was thick brush between them. Quietly and stealthily, he prowled through the forest until he found them. Curious, he watched and followed them from a distance, hidden by the dense brush. Why would they go back here? They walked into a small clearing together, smiling with big grins. Those were different smiles, too. They weren't the normal friendly and casual ones. These held more meaning.

Sheiko's eyes grew wide with disbelief. Yukei tenderly nudged her snout to Nary's, initiating a quick kiss. Then a longer kiss replaced the first, and this one was much more intimate. Yukei's tail flicked back and forth as they lovingly mouthed at each other. Sheiko couldn't believe it; they were lesbians! It was no wonder Yukei never wanted to mate with him!

They broke the kiss apart and looked adoringly into each other's eyes.

"Do you think we have time?" Nary asked with concern.

"It already takes him ages in territory he is familiar with to hunt. We should have at least an hour to ourselves." Sheiko frowned at that. He knew she was right, but it was mostly because he also took the time to relieve himself of an aching erection.

Nary grinned happily and walked to a tree with an alluring swagger, lifting her tail higher with each step. "Then I guess there's no point in holding out!" She turned around, leaned her back against the tree, sat down, and spread her rear legs apart. Her swollen vent was exposed and in plain sight for Sheiko to see. His mouth dropped. He couldn't believe what he was watching!

But should he continue watching? This was a private moment for them and they obviously didn't want him knowing... but... two females mating! How could he pass this opportunity up? As long as he didn't mention it, he could get away with it. They didn't have to know he was watching. Sheiko grinned and nodded in approval to himself. He would stay.

"Just as beautiful as I remember," Yukei said, staring between Nary's legs. Nary presented herself for Yukei, shamelessly exposing her pink flesh with two digits. The light-blue female dropped her head down and began licking Nary's vent between her fingers. A soft moan escaped Nary's lips and her toes curled. Yukei pressed her snout against her light-orange scaled crotch, eating out the other female. Her tongue parted Nary's scales, digging into her vent with every lap. The pink flesh between her lips glistened with saliva and arousal. Their scents combined and spilled into the forest, wafting into Sheiko's nostrils. Smelling two lusty females at the same time sent his head reeling.

"Oh, that feels so good!" Nary moaned.

Sheiko looked down and realized that he was rock-hard, his red length twitching and oozing precum. He thought he was rather comparatively large to his friends. Definitely not a twig! He returned his attention toward the two females and began to stroke himself with a paw. This was the single greatest thing he had ever seen.

They were absolutely enjoying it. Yukei had a lustful grin across her glistening muzzle and her eyes were looking up into Nary's. He had never seen that look from her before and it made him tingle with delight. Before his life ended, he vowed to make her give him that look, even if she did prefer females. Nary, too, looked like she was delving into absolute bliss. Her eyes were glazed over and her maw was slightly parted. She watched the female's head between her legs with unwavering attention.

Sheiko lightly grunted, forcing back a moan. He rubbed his sensitive member up and down, kneading into his soft flesh with his toes. He wasn't a stranger to his own paw and often had to use it to keep from a constant erection while around Yukei.

A loud moan pierced the clearing. Nary squirmed and exclaimed her pleasure, her eyes closed tightly shut. Yukei held her down with her paws, pressing them on her thighs to keep her legs spread apart and still. Nary's tail writhed beneath Yukei and her wings spread open. Had she already climaxed? Not quite yet.

"Oh, Yukei!" Nary moaned. "I-I'm close!"

A grin tugged at the corners of Yukei's lips. She firmly pressed her snout into Nary's vent and slipped her tongue into the female's folds. A thumb digit rubbed Nary's clitoris as Yukei lapped at her sensitive walls. Nary clenched her toes tight and cried out. She pressed down on Yukei's head with her paw, holding the dragoness against her as she began her orgasm. It was obvious that she couldn't control her movements. Her wings fluttered, her tail squirmed, and her body curled up. Yukei gladly lapped at Nary's sex with strings of liquid clinging to the tip of her snout and tongue.

Sheiko nearly unleashed a load. He stopped himself, leaving his twitching member wanting more. It was rapidly pulsing in his paws. Nary had calmed down and lay back against the tree, relaxing in utter bliss. Yukei licked her muzzle clean and happily nuzzled Nary.

"You're better with your tongue than I remember."

"I've practiced on myself plenty of times while we were apart." Sheiko wished he could have done that for her or at least watched.

Nary grinned and quickly kissed Yukei. Sheiko wondered whether or not she could taste her own flavor. He could almost taste it just because of how thick her scent was in the air. "Turn around, Yukei. It's your turn!"

Yukei did as she asked and shifted so her hind end concealed Nary's head from view. She lifted her tail and spread her legs over the orange dragoness as Nary continued to lie in the same position. Sheiko was disappointed that he wouldn't be able to see Yukei's sex. Nary's wet, uncovered crotch was still barely in view, but he was really looking forward to seeing Yukei exposed. He could at least watch her face churn with pleasure. She started off with a soft expression. Then her maw parted and she began panting. Nary's paws gripped Yukei's hind end, pulling her rear closer. Sheiko wished he could see her face buried in Yukei's crotch, lapping at Yukei's sex. He really wanted to do that himself. Yukei moaned huskily which sounded like music to his ears.

With her eyes closed and her body stirring, Yukei looked enraptured. That sent another pleasureful jolt through Sheiko. He nearly came again, but held out for a few moments longer. He wanted to time his finish with Yukei's. The light-blue dragoness moaned loudly again. Her body tightened as her claws dug into the ground. Sheiko could hear her labored breathing. She sounded as if she were about to climax already! Nary must have been really good with her tongue.

Sheiko couldn't hold out anymore. He caught a powerful whiff of Yukei's delicious scent and nearly lost control of himself. He had only ever smelled her faintly. This time it was strong and filled with lusty hormones. Gods, it was difficult to keep quiet! With a few more strokes, he winced, grinded his teeth, and hit his orgasm. His red, tapered length twitched and throbbed, sending thick ropes of his white seed shooting into the brush. Pleasure filled his loins with every ejaculation. Some of his seed oozed down his member and trickled down his paw. He could feel his own warmth radiating against the pads of his paw as he stroked himself until he finished.

Yukei howled and hit her orgasm just as Sheiko finished. He basked in the afterglow of his own ministrations, watching his friend climax. Nary's head was pushed back against the tree by Yukei's rear as her horns caught the bark. Yukei looked as if she was about to crush poor Nary. Yukei's wings twitched as her tail rose about as high as it could. Her torso was pressed to the ground while the attention was focused on her rear. As she came down, her body started to relax.

Yukei returned to her senses and stepped away from the orange dragoness. "Oh, Nary... I haven't felt pleasure like that in a long while. Thank you."

You could feel pleasure like that if you'd just let me! Sheiko thought in response.

Nary licked her chops and wiped some of Yukei's arousal from her chin and neck with a cheerful smile. Yukei's orgasm must have been quite the mess. "It was my pleasure."

Yukei laughed brightly and nuzzled Nary affectionately. A yellow paw gently brushed the course of Yukei's neck to her shoulders, tenderly tracing her light-blue scales. Sheiko smiled and decided that the show was over and quickly and quietly returned to the deer. It lay where he left it, the fresh scent of blood still lingering over it. Sheiko figured that he should go find another. If Yukei was just as hungry as he was, then there wouldn't be anything left for Nary! That and his absence would reassure that Yukei and Nary would never find out what he did.

Sheiko nodded to himself and quickly leapt back into the skies. It took him a bit longer to find a decent kill this time, but he succeeded and returned half-an-hour later, finding Nary and Yukei wading in the river. They must have used the water to wash away the evidence of their mating. He had to pretend like he knew nothing.

"I have returned with food, in case you're still hungry." Oops. "I mean... heh." This was going to be harder than he thought.

Yukei looked at him like he was stupid. "Of course we're still hungry!"

"I wasn't sure where you two went..." Play it cool. "When I came back with the first deer, I didn't see you."

Yukei stepped out of the river with Nary following her. "We were just a little ways downstream. If you weren't so oblivious you could have easily seen us from the sky." Nice cover-up with an insult to seal the deal!

"You two can have the big buck. I'll take the smaller one," Sheiko offered, ignoring Yukei's comment.

"Oh, you actually brought back two." Yukei sounded genuinely surprised for once. She eagerly dug into the buck, sharing it with Nary.

"Thank you, Sheiko," Nary said kindly.

Sheiko smiled at her warmly and then bit into his meal. The meat was tough and sinewy at first, but it gave way to some plump, succulent fatty bits that he enjoyed chewing on. It was delicious and filled his stomach in no time.

After they had finished eating, they traveled to the giant waterfall, taking in its glory with awe once more. The sun lit the water with dazzling rays as the fall shimmered beautifully, just as Nary had said. Sheiko flew into the waterfall and wet his scales with icy water. It battered him down until he nearly lost control of his flight. Thankfully, he was quick enough to dive out of it, though his body hated him for it.

The trio played around the roaring waterfall for a while, but Sheiko had other things on his mind: Yukei and Nary. When they had finally settled down, they lounged on an outcropping in the cliff with the waterfall still in sight, but its sound couldn't be heard. The two females talked for a while about the area, their homes, and their friends. Sheiko lost focus from the conversation early on, thinking and dwelling in his recent memories. He remembered what Nary's slit looked like and how Yukei ate her out. Then he remembered Nary eating Yukei out... the pleasure she gave Yukei with her tongue... He imagined himself pleasuring Yukei with his mouth like that. It sent shivers down his spine.

"Sheiko!" Yukei scolded.

"Huh?" Sheiko quickly noticed his hard, red length protruding from his sheath. Lying comfortably on his side was not the best idea.

"Oh, my!" Nary giggled. "That's quite the tool you have!"

Sheiko grinned. He was glad to see that her first reaction wasn't disgust. In fact, she gave more interest in it than Yukei ever did. He lifted his rear leg, giving Nary the full view of his package. "Do you like what you see?" Sheiko's smooth, grey-skinned orbs drooped to his thigh while his tapered cock twitched and unsheathed itself like a dagger.

Yukei hissed angrily. "Put that away!"

"No, wait," Nary said, her curious eyes glued to Sheiko's crotch. He couldn't believe that she was actually interested! It felt weird having a female staring at his nethers... but it felt good, too. "We're all friends here."

Yukei pinned her ears back. "What?" Yukei couldn't believe it either!

"Sheiko has been stuck around two females for the past two days. It's only natural that he gets a little excited."

"This happens all of the time when he's with me! He's a little pervert," she complained.

"And you've never done anything to help him?" Nary sounded surprised. Sheiko liked where this was going!

He played along with Nary. "No, she hasn't. I always have to do it myself."

"Yukei!" Nary stood up and swaggered over to Sheiko. Sheiko's eyes grew wide. "That's no way to treat a friend." Her golden eyes met his wide, silver irises. She looked back at Yukei and asked, "Do you care?"

Yukei looked shocked too. She only shook her head.

Nary smiled and knelt down. "Move onto your back," she said to Sheiko. Was she serious!?

"Wha- What?" Sheiko really couldn't believe what was happening right now. Nary pressed a warm paw to his member, gently stroking him ever so softly. He whimpered and gasped. Was he dreaming?

"On your back."

Wordlessly, Sheiko rolled over and found a rock to lean his back on so he sat like Nary had against the tree. He was upright with his legs spread in the perfect position to watch Nary pleasure him. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. He was waiting for her to pull away and laugh at a cruel joke. But she never did, and she sincerely meant to pleasure him. A golden-scaled paw grasped at his twitching length while the other played with his balls. His mouth hung wide open as she unbelievably began stroking him off. He noticed that Yukei was watching intently, but he couldn't even look at her to see her expression. He was stunned.

"I bet you're all pent up," Nary stated casually. She gently squeezed his balls, eliciting a moan from Sheiko. Pre oozed from his tip and dripped onto her paw as she caressed his sensitive member up and down. "Now let's see if I can help with that." Sheiko gasped as the flat of her tongue slathered against his smooth cock. It twirled around his tapered tip and cleaned his seed.

"O-Oh, Nary... Keep going!" Sheiko moaned. She lapped at him a few more times before her maw began closing in around him. His tip passed her lips as the first inch delved into her warm, steamy maw. Saliva coated his length as she drooled over him. A quick breath suddenly blew in and out, sending a spike of euphoria coursing through him. His length throbbed once and sent a healthy amount of seed spurting into her maw. Nary flinched, not expecting his warmth to suddenly ooze down her throat. But she continued, happily going down on Sheiko.

Sheiko's breathing came in labored pants as Nary engulfed his entirety. She suckled on him, salivating over his cock. He wondered how he tasted to her. His scent was strong in the air, but he was too familiar with it. He could faintly smell hers, and he thought about giving her pleasure back after this was over. He really wanted to, but he wasn't sure if Yukei would approve, or Nary for that matter. Sheiko elicited a long moan as Nary's slick tongue coiled around his cock, rubbing it while it was trapped in her moist maw. He confirmed that she was good with her tongue! He still couldn't believe this was happening. He had never felt so much pleasure before in his life!

Nary began to bob her head on him, letting his length slowly slip in and out. Sheiko closed his eyes tightly shut and clenched his toes. The tip of his member rubbed against the back of her tongue. Pleasure welled in his loins. He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold off. He didn't want it to end so soon! She squeezed and played with his orbs while going down on him faster. She played with the bigger, left one, separating it from its twin. Sheiko groaned and spread his legs a little more. Nary breathed in and out of her maw, her breath washing over his cock and balls. Sheiko could feel cool air brushing against his balls where her saliva trickled down.

This was it for him. He bucked his hips uncontrollably as he winced and warned, "N-Nary! I-I'm close!"

The female bobbed her head another few times before feeling his length begin to throb as his balls tightened in her paw. Sheiko felt pleasure burst through him, coursing through his loins like lightning. He braced himself against the rock, wincing and roaring. She swiftly removed her maw just before it began pulsating and spewing spurts of his seed into the air. Nary grinned and continued to paw at Sheiko, rubbing him as he roared his pleasure. Sheiko's seed spilled over her paw, but Nary didn't seem to mind. She must have been too enthralled watching his tool jump and eject strings of sticky liquid. Warm, sticky liquid dribbled onto Sheiko's light-grey underbelly scales. He gasped, continuing his orgasm with his eyes open. He spilled more seed than he ever had before. Nary giggled and finally finished her ministrations.

"You were pent up!" she exclaimed happily.

Sheiko smiled warmly and thanked her. "You're the first female to ever give me that kind of attention."

Nary nuzzled him, lifting Sheiko's spirits inside his chest. Was this what it was like to have a mate? "It was my pleasure, Sheiko." Nary returned to Yukei, who still seemed to be in shock, and began cleaning her paws.

He played through a quick, imaginary conversation with Yukei. _I'm not her type, huh? She may be your mate, but she sure seemed to enjoy pleasuring me!_Sheiko smugly grinned at his friend, leaving himself shamelessly exposed with seed dripping down his scales. "You care for a turn?"

Yukei hissed in disapproval. "In your dreams!"

Sheiko casually lay back and basked in his elation. Nary had just given him a blowjob! His length was still hard and twitching, oozing from the tip. He was satisfied for the day, maybe even the week! There wasn't much more he could ask for.

A Dragon's Dream Adventure! Part Two

After some time, Sheiko left the two females to go clean himself off. They all agreed to meet back at the willow tree to spend one more night there and then tomorrow they would travel to Nary's den. Once the male had cleaned himself in the river, he...

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The Alpha: Chapter Four

A month had quickly passed, too fast for Tyrand to recollect. He had spent nearly all of his time with Daeis, his new beloved mate. He hated to admit it, but he knew that she had changed him. He never knew why she came to him or why she stayed. Neither...

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The Alpha: Chapter Three, Part 2 of 2

Near midday, Reesa, Koru, Bry, and Eeve had finally arrived at the gathering. There were a few dragons lounging around here and there, but most of them gathered around the drinking and food area. The land was much flatter than the rest of the hilly...

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