Taboo Fantasies Abound! M Seviper X F Lopunny

Story by The Bloody Seje on SoFurry

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#13 of Taboo Fantasies Abound

Don't get me arrested; it's my first time.

The smut HAS to continue!

Haha, suckas! New intro!

"Berry Serious"-A Seviper eats a rather peculiar-looking berry and suddenly wants to have eggs. But his only solution is incompatible...Not a problem when you got even more peculiar berries at one's disposal...

My first brush in the art of writing rape...

Oh God, where's my childhood?

Believe it or not, it was out the window a year and...several days ago this month when I types these words in my Google Search Bar...

"Gay Dragon Sex"

Yep, that's how I lost my childhood; innocent Googling.

Let me know how you all lost your childhoods-maybe you lost it hearing a conversation; maybe you did what I did only a different subject; or maybe you never had one to begin with.

To The Constitutionalist: I hope you like this; this IS my first time writing about rape.

To Zombyra: I'll see if i can do something when i have time. No need to fret; StylishDescent waited longer. :{P

To UnholyPens(If you're actually reading this): It's rape, there's two organs, and no doubt they'll both be in something so...|P

To ChaosFox60(If you're reading this): I'm not sure how you'd like it.

To SoFurry User: PokemonLover69: This is YOUR candy! You like it, you LOVE it. You hate it, well...Not sure how you can; I do my best on all of these. |:P

To any users, whether Fanfiction, SoFurry or AFF: Don't be afraid to talk to me! I'm a healthy individual with zero childhood left! :D

And Enjoy!

SoFurry Request by PokemonLover69-"Berry Serious"-M Seviper X F Lopunny(Rape, Impregnation, Hemipenes, Rough Anal & Vaginal Sex involved!)

Somewhere in the world, a TV program was playing, showing old-timer and famous Pokemon Professor Oak, who was currently on the screen in a wheelchair, showing how old he's gotten.

"...and that concludes the reports on the strange new Pokemon sightings all over the world. Now, onto the newest Berries!" Despite being disabled for mobility, but that didn't prevent the old man for showing his excitement as he wheeled to a table with at least five different berries on it. There was a common trait; there was a distinct blotch of pearly white on their tips near the stems.

"Now, I know some of you viewers at home may think of these as simple props, but I can assure you that these are as real as age. [Chuckles]...Anyway..." He picked up a lavender-colored berry, one comically shaped like an oval but had heavy folds denting it. "This is what we researchers will call a Dieus Berry. We've tested it on various Pokemon, but the results were...copiously vulgar...Any female who ate it was immediately put in a...,how should I say, a temporary heat. But it actually fertilizes the eggs within the female's womb, enabling impregnation for a set amount of time of three hours."

He put that berry down and picked up the next berry in line for introduction-a blood-red berry with black polka dots around the common blotch. But the weird thing about this berry was its shape...

A penis.

"This is the new...Mutto Berry. As its shape pertains, its effects are in correlation to a male Pokémon's reproductive organ. The effects are very much in pertaining to stamina as it keeps the penis erect yet sensitive."

Placing that on the table, Oak had to reach for the next one due to its small size. This berry was almost clear in color-the only thing helping it be visible was the blotch.

"A rather curious one for its color, this is a Grana Berry. What's interesting about this one is that any males that eat it become more sensitive and effeminate while any female that eats it has more voluminous orgasms than normal. The more of the berry consumed, the more ejaculate liquid produced."

With that in mind, he went for the fourth. A berry with no particular shape. It was more defined as a flat circle.

"The Ilia Berry is the brother to its sister Grana Berry. The effects are vice versa, except the females are more in-sync with their more masculine side."

The rather brief intro was suddenly followed with a personal message for the viewer.

'WARNING: the following video beyond this point is going to become very graphic, viewers are advised to vacate any minors and the under-aged from the room as the scenes are...too much for them...'

It paused, possibly for time, before the video resumed. Professor Oak was holding what looked like a star. It kinda looked like the fabled Star Berry-known for its full rejuvenation capabilities and other positive effects that far outclass the Enigma Berry-but the main difference was that there was a picture of a cum-splattered Pokeball on it.

"I know that some of you viewers may find this fake...I assure you as a Professor, it is NOT a farse. This berry is called the Tentiga Berry. Its effects are very unstable; any Pokemon, male or female or anything in-between, will become aroused to near-infinite levels depending on species and size. Once fully consumed, the consumer will seek out someone, human or Pokemon, to relieve itself."

Oak leaned forward in his wheelchair, looking deep into the viewer's eyes.

"Do not...under ANY circumstance...let any Pokemon you have consume this Berry...You may never see the light of day again..." He leaned back in his chair, smile returning and face softening.

"Well, that's it for this showing! Tune in next time to see if we'll get a good view on the reported nymphomaniac Pokemon species! Toodle-Loo!"

Somewhere Deep In Amagoan Forests...

"Yeah~...That'sssssss it, my pretty~...Go get you sssssssssome food~..."

A Seviper was currently in the dark bushes, spying on a Lopunny who was just leaving her "rabbit hole" of sorts. She hopped away to go out for breakfast as the sun was nearly at its peak in the clear skies above. Seviper had had a nice breakfast already, consisting of five berries: Oran, Pecha and these three weird-looking ones. All he knew was that he wanted her, and he wanted her to have his eggs, even if he had to fuck her over and over and over again with the dual cocks hard as an Aggron's armor within his coils.

But egg groups would come to play, seemingly impossible for her...If he didn't already have a plan for it...

She was coming back, making Seviper duck back down to avoid being seen. He slowed his breathing so she couldn't hear him. Lopunny on the other hand was just about ready to hop back into her home when she suddenly tripped and fell down a hole...

A snake hole.

It was a deep one, Lopunny thought to herself, as she managed to find ground for her to land on...very painfully. ON her legs.

"Fuck!" she cursed, and with good reason. She could practically feel the scars and whatnot within her leg fur as she stood up painfully. "Of all the luck...who the hell...puts a giant hole this deep next to my house...?"

"Hello!?" It was there when a voice had sounded from above. Lopunny looked up to see the red-fanged "concerned" face of a Seviper.

"Yeah, I'm here!"

"You okay down there!?"

"Do I look okay!?"

He slithered down as they spoke, coming up to her hips while he was coiled up.

"Well sssssssorry for worrying sssssso much. Anyway, I think I can help." He assessed the wounds on her legs, but she pushed him away a bit harshly.

"I'll be fine..." As if out to prove this, Lopunny began trying to walk her way out the cave...Only to have her legs give away and making her fall forward. Her hindquarters were exposed in Seviper's direction, but she was experiencing too much pain to be modest about her body; her damn legs hurt!


"Okay! Fine! I need help! What do you have in mind?" she impatiently asked, huffing on the ground.

"Jussssst a few thingssssss..." He brought out a peculiar-looking berry that was shaped like a folded watermelon. When he showed it to her, she had the weirdest feeling she knew where the berry was and what it actually did. "Go on. Eat."

Lopunny was feeling skeptical about this berry, "Are you sure this'll help? It isn't an Oran or a Sitrus Berry."

He shook his head, "Don't worry about it. I tried it; it'ssssss good."

'Good enough for you, my pretty~...' Lopunny, not really in the position to deny any help, took the berry into her mouth, chewing on it and immediately purring unintentionally at the flavor. It was sweet and she liked sweet things; but it wasn't a lot nor very little. Being just right, she relaxed enough to have her arms to the side. When she swallowed, those sweet juices traveled down her throat in a good way, making her shiver in content.

"Eat this too; it helpssssss making sure nothing getsssss infected." The next one was kinda small and you could barely see it from afar. The only thing keeping it visible was the weird gray splatter of color on it. Not really seeing what was wrong with it, she ate it, rather tediously due to the tough skin it possessed. It took her a minute, but soon she had eaten the whole berry.

Lopunny waited and waited, even playing with her ears for a bit, before huffing and turning towards Seviper's direction.

"Hey lizardbreath! The berries didn't...w-work..." Right as her anger was about to surface for such a meaningless task, her nether regions flared like someone just shoved a hot poker into her white-hot. She involuntarily moaned as her arousal had produced an unrealistic amount of liquid that quickly matted her crotch fur. "W-w-what the...~?"

"Ahhh~ It sssssseemsssss the berriesssss are kicking in~..." Seviper's voice pierced the silence that had threatened to ensue. His words were not lost on Lopunny, despite her growing need for something fat, long, big or all at once in her pussy.

"What do you~ mean "kicking in"...? What did you d-do to me...~?" If she could see him now without having to close her eyes in lust, she would have saw one of the most devilish smirks to ever be created on his face.

"Oh...Just made you...ssssuitable for my children, my pretty~..." This had brought up a flag in Lopunny's mind-said thing being heavily shrouded in lust with every passing milli-second.

"But...I'm a l-lapine...You're...a s-s-s-snake~...And i don't want a-any eggs~ with you..."

"Oh...But those berriesssss are special for just that occasion, my pretty~..." Lopunny could feel him coiling around her helpless, lust-addled form. Her arms were pinned to her sides as he messily mounted her, fur meeting scales in an uncomfortable position in Lopunny's case.

"W-w-what are you doing...? Let me~ go..." Not even a second after that plea, she felt something poke her above her taint...and below her pussy. Her current state had almost made her forget that serpents like him carried two organs under their scales instead of one, and it felt like he had plans on using them both on her...

"P-please...don't..." Lopunny felt hot tears in her eyes as the seriousness of the situation was hitting her harder than the fall that left her vulnerable to his whims.

"Tsk tsk tsk... I prefer if you beg for more instead of none, my pretty~..." It took some willpower to will his dual members into position, but once he felt both warmths of her nether orifices on the tips, he immediately pushed inside, getting different forms of resistance from her holes.

Lopunny screamed in pain, having never been D.P.'d nor taking it up the ass. It was like someone was shoving steel rods into her and was trying to tear her open from the inside-out.

"That'ssssss it, ssssscream my pretty~... You'll be a delight to hear when you lay my eggssssss~..." He sounded sadistic, so Lopunny tried to kick him off with her unbound legs.

"Ngh...! Fuck you!" Her struggles were, alas, futile as he simply spread her legs open to keep her dangerous feet away from his scaly body. With those out of the way, he started his pace, thrusting in painfully. Lopunny tried to fight, despite the fact that his coils were keeping her still.

Lube-less thrusting made her ass sore in seconds, her pussy being moist enough with those berries. The pain was a shroud for the pleasure underneath it all, but Lopunny would not give in to this sicko's lust. But her pleasure was actually trying to combat the pain to make her feel good, moans slipping here and there for Seviper's enjoyment.

He snickered as she moaned like a little bitch beneath him. This was the best thing he's ever had in his life; a nice pussy to fuck and an ass for more, not to mention a slutty Pokemon as an added bonus. Just the thoughts of his children slithering around her as their eggs hatched made his members throb in both holes. He started going harder, wanting to hear more out of her while thrusting at different angles.

She was just about ready to pass out in pain when one of his thrusts hit her in the right spot. Her vision had cleared and almost let out a moan of pleasure. Seviper noticed this and hissed in anger.

"Why you little... No matter, like I ssssssaid, you'll be ssssscreaming for more~..." Seviper huskily whispered into her ear. She huffed, taking this as a challenge to keep her mouth shut. But that wouldn't be as she suddenly felt sharp objects dig into her shoulder.

"AHHHHH!" That bite had her screaming alright. Lopunny tried to get her mouth closed again, but it was too late; Seviper had already began thrusting towards that spot that made the pain go away again. Her grasp on the painful aspect of this was beginning to slip as she started to moan a bit quietly, growing in volume with each new thrust.


"I know my sssssssire, mind you. Now just shut up and moan." He went harder, feeling his members throb again, but this time with a impeding vibe to it all. Lopunny did not miss this and, for what seemed like the umpteenth time, tried to pry him off her. IN retaliation, he bit her shoulder again, almost injecting poison into her bloodstream but holding that instinct back. He didn't want to ruin any chances of eggs being laid.

Lopunny's moans filled the cave tunnel, her resolve to escape almost gone. Her body was even pushing back on the dual members that ruthlessly plunged into her depths. No matter how much her mind tried to say it was bad trying to submit, she just couldn't help that this was actually starting to feel good.

A sudden thrust against her G-spot made her body tense to near-arrest and she felt herself relieve onto the cock in her pussy, releasing what felt like buckets of her fem-cum. It splattered all over his cock and dampened the cave floor beneath them. Both of his dicks were stuck in place within her due to her orgasm, throbbing like mad.

"M-my pretty~...I'm gonna cum...~!"

Lopunny's afterglow snapped away once she heard that, body feeling slack despite her fighting spirit. Her struggles had made her holes tug and squeeze his members, making his hiss loudly in pleasure before he erupted. Viscous globs of cum spurted out from both cocks, filling her up quickly. Her stomach quickly distended until she was well past 8-months pregnant. The rest splattered their hips and the cave floor beneath them, turning it white with his purple-tinged jizz.

Lopunny felt like she was gonna black out with how much her body ached from the stretching. She barely felt Seviper pull out both of his cum-soaked cocks, small river streams of cum practically evacuating from her violated and puffy orifices. His voice was merely an echo as black filled her vision; tail caressing her cheek.

"Ssssssleep now, my pretty~...You have much to do~..." Whatever else he said was lost as she met the floor quickly...

The Next Day...

Lopunny slowly woke up, eyes still droopy. Even so, the ceiling of the cave she had passed out in met her gaze before she looked around. Not seeing that vile snake anywhere, she set to move...only to barely move an inch in either direction. Eyes snapping open, she saw that her legs and arms were bound almost tight enough to cut off blood circulation by some weird-looking string. Tugging just made her wrists numb.

Suddenly, her mid-section was being caressed by something and she saw that Seviper had came back. Seeing that smile on his face made her growl at him.

"Let me go." she immediately said, glaring daggers at him. He chuckled, a weird hissing sound compared to real chuckling.

"M my, ssssssssuch a feissssssty little rabbit, aren't you my pretty~?" He caressed her again, Lopunny grimacing as she could do nothing to prevent his molestation of her body. His bladed tail circled around her bellybutton before drawing away towards the dark parts of the cave. When it came back, it carried something...

An egg...Colored just like him..

"You sssssssee...Thisssssss is a healthy young sssssssnake right here...Born from ssssssuch a good womb, wouldn't you sssssssay?" Every last one of those hisses made her blood boil by the time he was done speaking.

"Fuck you."

"Ahh, but that'ssssss what I'm going to do~..." He came closer, placing the egg nearby and caressing her face with his tail again. "Oncccccce you lay another egg, I'm going to fuck you ...over and over again until you lay another and I'll just keep doing it until I'm ssssssatisfied..." He backed away before she could try anything else, moving in-between her legs. A poke drew her attention to his rock-hard cocks pointed at her again.

"No...No more...I'm still hurting..." She struggled once again to free herself, but he placed the top member of his genitalia over her clit, rubbing to get her stimulated. "S-stop..."

"Ssssssilly girl, I'm never gonna sssstop til I'm ssssatisfied...~" And just like that, he thrust back into her, screams of pain filing out of the cave and reaching the surface...

Lemme think here for a second...

Am I satisfied? Well... The fact that I'm hard must mean something...:P

Next is a choice: Herm rape or gay rape?

Rape's been on my agenda all this week and it's concerning since I just started school again.

Anyway, don't forget to be lovely and sexually violate those buttons below! Just don't block me!


Legend High Intermission-The Chronicles Of Kivur

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