Clutches of the Dragon

Story by delta9 on SoFurry

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A short excerpt from the Beta Test / Release Day universe, commissioned by Guderian - the story of one of Allyon's victims / recruits. Who can escape the clutches of the dragon? Certainly not this guy ^_^

Contains: M/M, transgender (M to feminized M), dragons, heavy domination / mind alteration themes and transformation.

The listing jarred Trent Horberton out of his stupor. Some guy named Frederickson- two hundred dollars for simple video core installation? And the job was in his own apartment building??

"No way..." Trent whispered to his holomonitor, before blowing a cloud of pot smoke through it that distorted the display pic into a haze of artificial colors. He double-checked the job listing as he coughed and sank deeper into his high, cradling his bong in one hand while scrolling through the agreement form for the 'ACCEPT' button with his other. Three hundred bucks for a job that would take, what, ten minutes? It was too good to be true, except that even after he checked the listing thrice it was still there, calling to him. Best of all: payment in pure cryptocurrency; he didn't even have to pay tax!

Five minutes later he was changing into the only respectable-looking wardrobe he owned, spraying cheap cologne across his shirt. Ten minutes later he was riding the executive express elevator upward and grinning to himself in the brass faceplate surrounding the wall of buttons on the elevator as the concierge silently death-stared at him and his untucked shirt. Twelve minutes later he was inside an apartment that occupied a quarter of the 40th floor- and trying not to look dumbstruck by the marble and smartglass walls that tastefully divided a living room bigger than his whole unit.

Trent double-checked the work order on his smartphone as the mountain of muscle crammed into a concierge's uniform continued to watch him from the apartment's doorway. The concierge had handed him the package in the elevator- and it was one smoking-hot unit.

The core was at the bottom of the box, along with a birthday card signed by someone who had scrawled an indecipherable signature across the lower half of the card in red ink. It was a boxy 3-D unit from Massive Media. Did they make their own vid cores? But the sixty-four different parallel processors and integrated liquid cooling told him he was, without a doubt, holding onto bona-fide Hot Shit. Was this proprietary testing tech from Massive Media's internal hardware unit? The possibilities...

"You need any tools?" the concierge barked.

"Nope. Easy in-and-out," Trent said, taking his box-cutter out of his pants pocket and slicing open the thin plastic packaging.

He held the video core between his fingers widthwise, the thing was shaped more like a brick than the traditional square shape, and made his way to the client's computer, shoes sinking through the plush carpeting with each step. It was almost, *almost* a shame to have to let whoever this jackoff was have a vid core this sweet. No way some idiot executive type could appreciate the graphical fidelity of a sixty-four core video processor. But three hundred bucks tax-free was three hundred bucks tax-free...

After undoing the case screws with the blade of his box-cutter and prying open the case, Trent fished a pathetic, dusty eight-core unit from the bowels of the client's computer. No wonder the guy's friend wanted to give him an upgrade for his birthday; the attached television could probably barely do holographic video at more than forty or fifty image updates a second. God knows how much it would have groaned under the strain of a *real* game or hard-sim... and it was attached to a holoprojector that looked like it cost more than Trent's car. Ridiculous! He shook his head at the clear inanity of it as he carefully zenned up the internal wiring to accommodate the new vid core. How did this guy, living in *this* apartment, have a video core five-plus years old?? How on Earth could he live with the lag?? Might as well just have a plain old LED screen or a 2D projector with something as sad and old as an eight-core.

Whatever. Guy that rich probably did blow off of prostitutes all night long anyway, or spent his nights jerking it to stock searches.

Twenty-five minutes later, Trent was comfortably sliding back into his chair, smiling to himself as he deposited the payment into his wallet and contemplated what sort of games and drugs the money not going to his bills would buy. He loaded up one of his favorite Sim games, Adventure Ventures, and packed another bowl in his bong as he prepared to enjoy the rest of his evening at home. Another hit and another minute later, he was comfortably reclining into his chair as his brain slid into the virtual reality of the soft sim, still giggling to himself over the easy payday.

He stopped laughing quite suddenly, when he realized that he wasn't in the brightly-lit faux office / loading room of Adventure Ventures, but rather a dark and poorly lit cavern. Stranger still, it was *warm*, and he could *feel* the texture of the rock underneath his now-bare feet.

"What in the fuck is this?" Trent mumbled, feeling around his head for the sim set and instead feeling the unkempt curls of his hair. Where the fuck was his sim set!? He had just put it on, there was-

"Good evening to you, too..." Hissed a deep, purring voice. Two giant, bright, golden eyes with snake slit-pupils opened in front of him. "I see you're... confused. Maybe you neglected to read the full text of my contract, when you agreed to do that job for my... shall we call him our friend? Mr. Frederickson?"

"What the s-shit!!!" Trent stammered, tripping over a small outcropping of rock behind him as he stumbled backwards. He fell down flat on his ass, and it actually *hurt*!

"Careful. Try not to hurt yourself. This next part... will feel quite good, I assure you..." the voice purred. Behind the eyes were *horns*, and crimson scales, and then Trent saw two vast rows of carving-knife teeth, *smiling* at him from the darkness...


Roger Frederickson arrived home well past the appointed time, weary from the day's work and followed by his equally weary chauffeur and secretary. He picked up the birthday card as he deposited his briefcase on its customary spot on the floor, while his assistants put his golf clubs and the day's paperwork in their respective resting places.

"What's this?" he asked his secretary, gesturing with the card. After he was met with a suggestion of a shrug, he read it.

"Dear Roger- if you want to see a replay of the double-birdie, I've taken the liberty of upgrading your video core to match my performance this afternoon. All the best, Mark- cocksucker!- Lewis."

"Fucking figures!" Roger cursed, throwing the birthday card against the ground as hard as one could throw a piece of folded paper, which was considerably less satisfying than he had hoped for.

Roger sighed and rubbed his temples with his thumbs and forefingers, mentally replaying his decent but subpar (technically, three over par) performance from the afternoon. It just figured that Lewis was going to rub it in his face, on his forty-seventh birthday of all days. As if it wasn't enough to be humiliated on the green by a man nearly seventy...

Ahhh, and sure enough, he saw a new 3D video clip bright and sparkling on his StoreBox account from the old man. He stared in annoyance at his phone's faux-holographic display as his assistants stood in expectant silence until he waved them off.

When they left and shut his door, Roger Lewis, the managing partner, board member and CFO of the Frederickson, Lewis and Opperfield Financial Group ($1.12 billion in last quarter's asset valuation, share price $171, 650 employees globally not counting contractors) slank towards his spacious bathroom and concluded the day's business (average hours worked weekly: 72.2) on the john with his smartphone. A hot shower and a cold glass of Merlot later, he was reclining on the leather sprawl of his sofa with a diet soda, about to finish the more private part of his evening ritual alone.

Grimacing at his home entertainment computer (whoever had done the work left mud stains on his carpet, he was going to have to have to call the maid in early tomorrow) he loaded up his favorite evening entertainment: Hot Bitches VI (Entertainment Rating Agency Grade AO-21, MetaMark Score 83, reviewed as 'a solid improvement over version five, with over a hundred different fully-modeled females to choose from').

Roger put on his Sim Set as the program loaded up and began to scroll down through the list of available women towards his favorites, when the control auspex stuck on a name early in the "A's"- Allisyon? He hadn't quite caught it...

The program loaded nearly instantly, catching Roger off-guard when the cold sim suddenly flooded his mind with the artificial representations of hot not-reality. He found himself not inside the luxurious silk and sheets of his favorite virtual love-nest, but lying on a mesa of dusty red rock.

Roger stood up in a heartbeat, gesticulating furiously in the warm, blowing breeze for the Sim controls, but he couldn't feel the familiar haptic buzz between his fingertips.

"What in the hell!" Roger cursed, spinning around to look for the exit to the Sim. "What in the fuck!? Mark, if this is your idea of a funny joke-!"

He didn't finish his words, because they fell from his mind like a handful of stones into the ocean when he saw the dragon standing on the mesa.

The dragon; there was no mistaking the massive, winged, red-scaled reptile for anything else, smiled at him without showing his teeth.

"Hello," the creature said, taking a slow step towards him. "I've read so much about you, Mr. Frederickson. And, I must say, I've developed quite the appreciation for your singular ability to acquire and invest wealth. Your talents have drawn my eye, and my favor..."

"I- what the fuck is-! Did Mark Lewis-!? Are you some kinda hacker who-? What in God's name-" Roger stammered, stepping as far back from the approaching beast as quickly as he dared.

"Listen, listen..." the dragon purred. "I have a business proposition for you, one that I guarantee will pay you dividends beyond your wildest dreams... which I must say are terribly disappointing. Do you really enjoy spending your evenings with simulacra of your species' fairer sex? From the logs I've read, the last time you failed to load this program was Christmas Eve, yes?"

"I'm busy!" Roger protested, suddenly finding himself far more annoyed than intimidated. "My work is my life, my life is my work, so what the fuck do you want? You know, this is one hell of a way to make a fucking VC case, though I'll give you points for originality! You want to drop the fantasy act and talk business? Drop the fucking dragon act and magic tricks and call my fucking secretary!"

"Magic, yes. Tricks... no," the dragon said. "And I have no other form than what you see before you. I am Allyon, and we are *not* speaking as equals. You *will* do as I say, and you shall do so willingly or *not*. But you should accept my proposition, because it would be better for me, and better for *you*..."

Roger found himself transfixed by the dragon's molten-gold eyes, and the sheer, awful size of the monster, but was undaunted.

"Yeah, nice try. System shut down." Roger said, crossing his arms. When the virtual world around him did not fade to black, he stared down at the ground and felt a cold tremor of fear run down his spine.

"Nice try yourself," the dragon said. "Why don't you try listening? All I want is for you to acquire a few small companies... make some strategic investments... hire a couple dozen consultants. Nothing unusual for a person of your stature. All you need to do is approve the acquisitions; I'll take care of everything else, I assure you."

"Yeah... well... I want to get laid and go to bed..." Roger said, sighing and again meeting the dragon's too-bright eyes. "Apparently that's not going to happen, but-"

"Oh, that bargain is well within my power!" Allyon roared, advancing forward until he was well within reach of his prey.

Roger took one look back at the precipice of the mesa and reluctantly held his ground.

"I don't- what!?" he yelped, terror filling him as the horned, toothsome reptile tucked his head down low until he could feel the searing hot breath of the dragon on his face. "Listen, pal, I don't know what kind of sick sim you've made for yourself here, but if you think I'm gonna play along you've got another thing coming-"

With a speed that belied his size, the red dragon swept his right forepaw forward, crushing the human against the hard ground

"OFGH-!" Roger grunted as the wind was knocked from his lungs and his head thudded against the ground. Luck or fate cushioned the back of his head with a pile of loosely-packed gravel and dust. He stared wide-eyed at the black claws dug deep into the solid rock on either side of his head, and then up at the terrible, entrancing gaze of his tormentor.

"Wouldn't you like to try seeing things from a superior perspective before you refuse my very, *very* generous offer..?" Allyon said, squeezing his sickle-curved claws closer to Roger's head.

"M-maybe... just... ahhh... what the fuck kind of Sim is this!? This hurts! Let me go!"

"That is not going to happen. I need you. I need you to make an extremely persuasive case to your partners tomorrow morning for some purchases critical to my plans. Here is your *choice*" the dragon rumbled, puffing a plume of smoke across Roger's face through his snout. "Do you want to do this the slow, excruciatingly painful way, or would you like to do this the fast, pleasant way?"

"Second option! Second one! I mean, the second of the two!" Roger yelled, closing his eyes as the acrid smoke billowed over his face and through his hair.

"Marvelous," Allyon purred. "I was hoping you would see things my way sooner rather than later. I'm rather fond of you, but I simply do not have the time to spare with frivolities tonight. Tomorrow is a very important day, you will see. And you will see before most, my dear, sweet human."

"Wh-what?" Roger stammered, opening his eyes. He froze stiff in utter fear as the dragon's head drew dangerously near his, but to his surprise he felt not the dragon's sword-length teeth, but instead the dragon's huge, hot tongue.

Allyon closed his eyes and licked him again, dragging the long, slippery-smooth length of his tongue across the whole of Roger's face, covering it in a warm, slimy film of his smoky saliva. Roger reflexively spat out the dragon-spit that sank past his lips and into his mouth, but found the taste and sensation not nearly as bad as he feared. A numbing, tingling sensation crawled across his own tongue and down his throat like the burn of a really strong drink, as the smoke and ash taste of the unexpected kiss from the dragon marched across his tastebuds.

Coughing and blinking, Roger sucked in a quick breath as the dragon took his paw off his chest, feeling an odd sensation crawl across his skin as the dragon smiled at him from above.

"Enjoy my blessing. You are worthy of it." the dragon spoke, his cryptic smile betraying a hint of a leer as he withdrew his enormous maw away from Roger's face.

Reluctantly swallowing the hot, slimy, smoky dragon saliva, Roger felt a fire burn through the inside of his body, almost immediately filling his blood with a heat that seemed to emanate from his licked skin like a wildfire. Groaning more in shock than pain, he could feel an odd sensation of tightness creep across his skin. His head still swimming, he tried to sit up only to have Allyon press his chest back down with the top of a foreclaw.

"Ah, not so fast. You said you wanted to be laid, right? Well... lay down..." the red dragon purred, arching his head high and smiling at Roger with a predatory grin.

Roger moaned, a confusing rush of sensation filling his head and making him see stars and spots. Fumbling for purchase, his hands found the curved claw holding him and he took hold of it, his grip tightening as the sensation of tautness crawling across his arms reached his hands. Even through his blinkered vision he could tell that something was off about his hands. Across his wrists and the back of his hands, he could see a blue, bruised darkness spreading through them from the inside out. Then, where the tightening sensation was the strongest, he saw and *felt* ruddy, purple scales rising from his skin...

Staring at his hands, the human watched breathless as his body burned and began to grow, his nightwear growing snug and then squeezing tight as rich, purple scales grew over his hands and fingers. Roger shook his head back and forth in disbelief as his fingers grew thick and stubby before his eyes, and the scales covering them thickened into glossy, smoothed diamonds of armoring. His fingernails succumbed to the unnatural transformation soon after, turning pearly white as they elongated into sharp points, and the bones and sinew of his hands began to morph into clubby, bestial paws, much like the one holding him down...

Roger surprised himself when he hissed out the breath within his inflamed lungs, only then noticing that his own tongue was long and thick within his too-large mouth, and there was considerably more room for it within his maw than there should have been. He blinked his eyes reflexively as the tightening sensation of skin turning to scales crept over them, seeing not only the bridge of his growing snout but also the sight of a plump red shape emerging from between the red dragon's hindlegs. Still gasping for breath that did not seem to ever quite fill his expanding lungs, he could smell the heavy, ashen tang of the red dragon's arousal in the air.

The transforming human watched with perverse fascination as the smooth, inhuman spear of dragon-cock grew from a slit between the other male's stout hindlegs, feeling an even more perverse sensation of arousal come over him as he continued to change and grow. He could *smell* a lot more than he could see, but the smell of the other male was heady enough it was fogging his brain in the most peculiar fashion...

Allyon withdrew his claw from Roger's chest and licked the lower half of his maw, stepping over the man with his forepaws spread wide.

"Doesn't it feel good to leave that pathetic flesh behind, hmm?" the red wyrm said, spreading his hind legs apart and mantling his bat-like wings outward. "Think of it as getting a leg up on the future. You should know I do not deign to mate with mere rabble, moreover. Am I not a generous king?"

"Ergh... are you... hhngn... serious!?" Roger groaned, feeling a sudden relief as his nightwear yielded to his growing frame and burst into shreds around him, leaving his scaly body free and naked. The sudden sensation of a tail sprouting from above his ass and having his legs snap and twist into hindlegs drew fevered moans from him. The strangely arousing sensation of having a *tail* growing from his hindquarters was matched by the feeling of his own manhood growing hard and firm, and then surging far past its usual size as heat pumped into it.

Allyon heaved his great bulk forward and clamped his forepaws down on the edge of the mesa, mantling his wings above Roger and blotting out the artificial sun above. Roger hissed as he felt the red dragon's turgid member press against his own growing cockflesh as the dragon crept over him, leaving a hot streak of slimy precum across the head of his member. It really shouldn't have felt as good as it did...

"There, there... grow and grow... do not worry. All will be well and right soon enough, my new subject..." the red wyrm purred.

Mewling with pleasure so sharp it was nearly pain, Roger kicked his changing legs helplessly in the air as his lower back was lifted upward by the rapid growth of his new tail, which snaked uncontrollably between his hindpaws as nerves he never had sparked to life. He stared in disbelief at the purple-scaled limb growing between his scale-clad legs, feeling a growing sense of abject horror mixed with uncomfortable arousal in his belly. Still rapidly enlarging in size, Roger felt the hot, wet kiss of the red dragon's slick, dripping erection against his now-scaled chest- *pulsing*, *pumping* with the dragon's internal heat...

"Whatever is the matter?" the red dragon teased, seeming to relish the other male's frustrated struggles. "Isn't this the sort of ravishing you enjoy with your-"

"Ggrrrrhhh! NOT EXACTLY-!" Roger bellowed, surprising himself as his voice echoed through the mesas and canyons around them. He reared up and kicked the red dragon in the underbelly with both his hindpaws, but only managed to push the other dragon's bulk a few feet away. He roared in frustration, but felt his cock throb hard with horribly requite pleasure as he realized- somewhat belatedly- that he was more turned on than he had ever been in his life by... by the thought of... no... yes!?

"Are you ready to present yourself yet?" Allyon asked, his toothsome grin leering at Roger from above. "Come now... we don't have all night..."

"I... what... what are you doing... I- I... I'm not..." Roger growled, shaking his still-elongating muzzle from side to side. Just the *smell* of the other dragon's arousal was setting his brain on fire with all kinds of perverse thoughts, desires that were inflamed by the heat radiating from the powerful, scaled body so close to his own. He could feel the flaps of his now-frilled, leathery ears shake from side to side, and gave a low, shuddering moan as a hot squirt of pre-cum erupted from the tip of his rock-hard cock. "No... please..." he gasped, before adding after a moment's thought, "-gentle... please..."

"*That* I can oblige. But... 'My king'; 'Lord Allyon', if *you* please..." the red wyrm retorted, slowly lowering the lower half of his surprisingly flexible body...

Roger felt his growing muzzle suddenly meet the other male dragon's engorged phallus. He stared cross-eyed at the turgid, rubbery, smoke-smelling dragoncock resting across the bridge of his snout, and found himself suddenly smelling the other wyrm's masculine musk straight from the source.

"Don't pretend like you don't like it..." Allyon said with a smug huff of smoky breath, resting the lower half of his body across the upper half of Roger's chest, pressing the weighty, firm length of his cock into the curve of the other male's muzzle.

Words were beyond Roger at that point. "Aaarrrghhh... mmmmnh... what... ghhlllll..." he gurgled, shuddering with unquenchable arousal as he breathed in the hot, ash and fire scent of the other dragon's pride. His limbs felt weak with need, and even the sensation of wings growing from his back and twitching uselessly, helplessly against the hard rock underneath him was no distraction. As Allyon rocked his powerful body back and forth, rubbing the scent of his draconic, masculine musk over his snout, his own cock leaked a hot stream of pre-seed down onto his own lower belly. He closed his eyes and took in a lungful of the musk through his snout, shivering with guilty delight as the full richness of the red dragon's maleness tingled in his nostrils and left his hindlegs and tail twitching...

"That's right..." Allyon growled, a sudden, desirous fierceness in his voice.

"This... can't be right... why does this feel so right... mmmgh..." the purple-scaled dragon protested, closing his eyes and nuzzling his muzzle against the red wyrm's dragonhood. Roger opened his maw to lick the strange, hot, throbbing bulge that comprised the lowest part of Allyon's draconic cock, slathering it with his own warm saliva.

Above him, Allyon laughed with a rumbling chuckle somewhere between contempt and pride. Then, he pressed his hindquarters lower and harder, squeezing Roger's snout into the soft, slick crevice between his slit and tail-hole.

"It feels right because it is. *I* say so..." the red wyrm said, resting his rear right atop Roger's muzzle, trapping the other dragon's snout right against the taut, leathery curves of his rump. "Do you seek higher authority than that? You shall not find it, and do not need it. All you need to know, my dear subject, is that you are *mine*!" Allyon roared.

Roger could practically see the smile on the red dragon's muzzle, but found he could barely think with his snout flooded by the other male's musk. The muscular scaly ass of the other dragon slid over and against his snout, burying him in the rich and leathery smells that his new scent-glands were all too good at appreciating. He felt Allyon's powerful tail sweep across his soft belly-scales as the other dragon practically mounted his muzzle with his rear, leaving his snout utterly saturated in all his intoxicating, masculine, ash-tinged scents. Completely unable to help himself, Roger absentmindedly licked at the other wyrm's thick tailbase and around the leaking, taut slit, his long tongue easily curling around the knotted base of the other male's cock, and slipping into the hot, scaly crevices where the red dragon's natural flavors were the strongest...

"Mmmmgh..." Allyon rumbled in pleasure, favoring the purple dragon beneath him with a few gentle pats on the belly with his long, strong tail, before wrapping it dexterously around the base of Roger's own cock and giving it one, two, three long, slow strokes...

His whole body boiling with unrestrained delight, Roger arched his lower half into each of the strokes with the help of his tail. He was *purring* with delight as he felt the red dragon's strong tail squeeze the firm flesh of his dick, which had grown along with the rest of him. He could feel each one of the thick but supple scales along Allyon's tail as it rubbed along the ridges of his inhuman maleness...

A sudden gust of warm, desert air blew over Roger's body as the dragon mounting him suddenly took off, flapping his massive batlike wings into flight. The red dragon loomed over him for a moment before flying backwards with preternatural grace, coming to a landing not far away on his hindpaws.

"Turn over. Present yourself," the red wyrm commanded, clicking his claws against one another, before making a suggestive, rolling gesture with his right forepaw.

Still dazed from being buried beneath Allyon's rear, Roger blinked the stars and spots from his sight as he heaved his bulky body from side to side, gathering momentum. He rolled himself onto his belly and then rose to all fours for the first time, feeling another throb of pleasure shudder through his maleness. He could feel Allyon's precum leaking down the sides of his snout, leaving a haze of potent red dragon musk lingering in his scent-glands.

Roger stood in a daze for several seconds, not exactly sure what he was doing. Allyon circled towards his left side, and then pushed Roger's rear away from the edge of the mesa with his tail.

"Prepare thyself," Allyon said, circling behind Roger and taking his tailtip into his maw, lifting it upwards with a gentle bite...

"Hngh... wait, wait... no..." Roger groaned, shaking his muzzle from side to side. Having gotten a full view of the red dragon's knotted dick and never having had anything *at all* up his tail-hole, he was having some second thoughts about the idea being mounted by another male. What exactly was he doing again, anyway? His mind felt fogged; memory slippery. "Can, ehrg, we... not do that? I'm... not exactly the kind of guy who likes being, ahh, mounted..."

"Ah... heh, a fair point..." Allyon said, his laughing like the sound of bubbling magma. He let Roger's tail go from his jaws, and then began to slowly lick along the side of it. "You *are* not, but you *can* be..." the red wyrm chuckled. And then, between licks, he began to hiss and chant strange, hissing, meaningless words...

Roger shivered as he felt the other dragon's hot tongue streak across the tip of his tail, arching his tail and back at the sensation. But as he felt Allyon's licks paint hot streaks of saliva across the scaly length of his tail, he felt a strange, growing firmness in his maleness, which was even odder because he had already been rock-hard with arousal for some time.

But the feeling of erectness kept growing as Allyon licked his tail, and grew nearly painful as the red dragon's tongue ventured lower and lower, towards the thick and sturdy base of his tail. Roger growled and gurgled with strained pleasure as the red dragon's hot, slimy tongue streaked near the soft scales around his rear, his cock jerking to the side and squiring a powerful jet of pre-seed into the dusty rock below him, and Allyon's tongue brushed past the thick ridge just below the base of his maleness...

Roger gave a low, keening moan as the pressure in his crotch grew past some inexplicable peak, and suddenly an explosion of sparking, overstimulating pleasure shot through his dragonhood and then deep into his genitals. The purple dragon gave a full-body shudder as the feeling of throbbing erectness in his cock suddenly *inverted-!?* with sickening sharpness, leaving him gasping for breath with the strange, unfamiliar sensation of *fullness*, one that sank deep into his nethers in an impossible fashion...

Craning his head between his legs, Roger gasped as he saw what the red dragon's magic had done to him. Between his hindlegs, where his cock had one stood proud and tall there was a solid gold shaft, one that looked as if it sprouted from between a set of plump, supple lips that leaked wetness as they clenched around the metal false phallus stuck between, *inside* them...

"WHAT!?! NO! That's not what I meant- AARGH!" Roger roared. His hindlegs quivered with tremors of unknown arousal, his new femsex clenching fast around the base of the dildo stuck inside him. But the squeezing motion of his feminized anatomy and the suddenly softer, sweeter sexual fluids leaking from his slit-lips soon began to push the dildo out from the quivering crevice of his transformed genitalia...

"Oh?" Allyon questioned, snaking his head out from behind Roger's quivering hindlegs and licking his scaly lips. "I thought you wanted to be *laid*, did you not?" the red wyrm said, his bubbling-magma laughter sending shivers down Roger's spine.

Allyon pushed his muzzle between Roger's hindlegs and delicately clamped his teeth around the golden idol of a dragon-cock, slowly pulling it from between the netherlips that were already in the process of pushing it free. Roger hissed in relief as he felt his netherlips squeeze together for the first time, but the succor was fast replaced by still-burning need.

Holding the prize proudly between his teeth as if it were a fish plucked from a fast-running river, Allyon snaked his tongue across the girth of the fake dragon phallus before letting it fall free.

"You should save that, after we are finished. I'm sure it will make an excellent beginning to your hoard. And maybe an aide until you find a proper mate..." Allyon said, slowly running his teeth along the soft scales of Roger's under-tail. The purple dragon felt the red wyrm's horns slide against his tailscales as his head pushed closer to his transformed genitalia. Then, other dragon's tongue struck out once more, flicking towards Roger's hot, dripping feminine sex...

Already breathless, Roger could do little but moan as the red-scaled male's tongue licked between his hindlegs, caressing around the supple-scaled edges of his sex. He stood rigid, paralyzed by the unfamiliar pleasure as the dragon's long tongue traced across his burning-hot crevice, lapping up the juices that leaked from his... his...

"Ohhh.. oooooOOOH-!" Roger cried, his feeble protests giving way to a moan of delight as Allyon slid his tongue sideways into the first few inches of his pussy. He clenched his claws tight and felt the rock beneath his forepaws yield. Roger shook with tremors of pleasure as he felt the other dragon's paws caress the flexible scales of his wings, folding them up upon his back.

"Now... raise your tail for your king," Allyon growled.

Still shaking with unfamiliar, unnatural pleasure, Roger looked between his legs at the red wyrm behind him, his eyes drawn to- and then fixed upon- the solid, fleshy spire of the other dragon's cock. He felt the lips of his altered sex squeeze together impotently, the heat in his nethers burning deeper and hotter the more he watched Allyon's impressive member bulge and twitch with arousal. He whined with confused, conflicted desires, not wanting to admit that his masculinity had been taken away from him by the tyrant-dragon. But if there was one thing he wanted even more, it was to have the emptiness within his nethers filled by something more solid than a metal phallus...

Roger bit his scaly lips with his sharpened teeth, as his feminized genitals cried out to be filled with the dragonflesh being displayed to him. With every panting breath that came through his snout, the dragon king's musk seeped deeper into his unconscious mind. Without really realizing what he was doing, he lifted his tail up and to the side, to get a better look at the impressive- nay, majestic- spire of dragon-cock that was jutting from the red male's slit...

"That's right..." Allyon said, his forepaws slowly sliding over Roger's upper back, towards his neck.

Roger froze as he felt the other male's weight upon his back, the red dragon's bellyscales pressing his folded wings down against his back. The other dragon was mounting him! But as soon as the realization hit him, Roger felt tingles of expectant, eager desire run warm through his blood, his body betraying what little resistance there was left in his mind. He spread his hindlegs apart and raised his tail up straight, his body operating on autopilot as the burning heat of the other male slid over his smooth scales and came to rest just under his quivering sex. The other dragon drug his body forward, pressing the hot, pulsating length of his shaft against the side of Roger's lips, which were oozing with arousal.

Growling and panting with lust, Roger rolled his hindquarters back into Allyon's burning warmth, their scaly bodies meeting together and pressing flush. He could feel the searing heat of the red dragon's phallus, so near his own nethers that he could feel the ridges of Allyon's maleness.

It felt as though time was frozen for the purple-scaled dragon as the red male's cock slid forward, the hard, oozing tip sliding between the folds of his pussy without yet entering it. Roger wailed with lust, his femsex leaking warm, fresh feminine fluids over the burning length of dragoncock that was so close to entering his pussy. The strangeness of the sensations merely heightened his arousal, his virgin sex demanding to be filled, to be bred by the virile male mounting him.

Roger felt Allyon bite the hard scales on the back of his long neck, pushing his head down low and forcing him to watch as his sex was entered for the first time. The red dragon bred him slowly, sliding the tapered head of his cock into Roger's quivering dragonpussy. Roger shivered and mewled as ridge after ridge of the male's shaft mercilessly speared into his sex, the red dragon not stopping his thrust until his knot came to rest against Roger's puffy, squeezing cunt-lips.

Sighing with immense satisfaction as the heat of the other male soaked into his sex, Roger barely had time to enjoy the feeling of fullness inside his femsex before Allyon withdrew his cock and began to thrust inside him anew. The pleasure of being filled was nothing compared to the rough, deep, hard thrusting that soon followed. Allyon thrust his thick, turgid, ridged dragonshaft into his pussy without stopping once, each powerful thrust enough that Roger had to dig his claws deeper into the rock to stop from being forced forward by the brutal mating. But despite the ferocity of the breeding, it felt *good* to be taken so hard by such a powerful male. The ridges on Allyon's shaft tickled the insides of his cunt in all the right ways, and the feeling of the red dragon's cock shooting lava-hot pre-cum into the emptiness inside him was like nothing he had ever felt before. His sex squeezed and spasmed around the red dragon's shaft, drawing it in tighter and deeper with each thrust...

Roger was a drooling, cross-eyed, disheveled wreck after a few minutes of being bred by the larger male, and when Allyon's swollen knot began to squeeze past the puffy lips of his femsex, Roger pled with hisses and growls for the other male to knot him. After several painfully hard thrusts, the both of them gave sharp roars as the red dragon's knot was forced into the purple dragon's cunt, and suddenly their mating became all the closer. Thrusting into Roger with fast, brutal, shallow thrusts, it was not long until Allyon came in his conquest.

Howling in delight as spurt after spurt of boiling hot dragoncum flooded his pussy, Roger felt the unfamiliar sensation of a female climax grip his nethers and radiate through his whole body. His femsex tightened around Allyon's knot, milking the male's seed from him and drawing it deeper into the depths of his virgin passage. He was still cumming in rolling waves of alien, female pleasure as Allyon's thrusting slowed, the sounds of their joined bodies moving together making lewd, liquid slaps.

Hot and powerful waves of pleasure continued to surge through Roger's sex and up into the rest of his nethers as Allyon's thick, lava-like cum pumped still deeper into his body, giving his femsex an awesomely satisfying full feeling. Roger dragged his muzzle back and forth on the hard rock, trying to find some relief from the overwhelming pleasure of his unrelenting climax, which was abating far too slow. Allyon kept slowly thrusting into him, even after the male's climax seemed to ebb away.

Finally, after what felt like hours of mating, the two of them came to rest, male mounted atop male.

Roger was only barely aware of his surroundings, brought back to them by the feeling of the red dragon's hot tongue licking along his earfins.

"There you go, my subject," the dragon tyrant whispered, nuzzling the firm scales on the back of Roger's neck.

The purple dragon gave an incoherent moan in reply. His swollen pussylips were still squeezing around the thick base of the red dragon's knot.

"In a few months, you should be ready to lay your clutch..." Allyon said. "You will need to make yourself a proper lair soon..."

Roger closed his eyes and shivered, the last of his humanity breaking apart at the revelation.

"...and you will need to do as I commanded in the 'real world', one last time, before then." the red dragon said.

Suddenly, the sun-lit expanse of the mesa began to bleed away, and Roger found himself lying on his chest on the carpet of his apartment.

"Ungh..." Roger moaned. His hands went to unhook his Sim set and take it off the back of his head. A bizarre sensation of unreality hit him as he realized that while he was again wearing a Sim set, his hands were still clawed paws.

"What... no... how-!?" Roger growled, quickly rising to all fours. He looked down at his forepaws and then around his apartment, seeing an image of his own scaly visage reflected back at him for the first time in the windows. Aside from being much smaller he looked and felt almost exactly as he had just before being kicked back into reality. It didn't make any sense! He was out of the sim- wasn't he???

He glanced over at the clock hanging above the doorway to his kitchen, tail flicking back and forth behind him as he grew more agitated by the second. Thirty-four minutes he had been stuck in that fever-dream of a simulation, but it had felt like hours. The burning-hot pleasure of *fullness* inside his crotch refused to go away, and when he glanced between his legs he could see a thick, oozing stream of ashen, creamy dragonspunk drooling from between his blushed netherlips. His composure was certainly not helped when he spotted a wet, golden dildo- the one that Allyon had made of his dragonhood- sitting on one of his ottomans.

Barely aware of the floor underneath him, Roger walked across his carpet towards his bedroom, tail slapping against his couch and wings shivering against his back, only to be stopped by the sight a shrunken-down Allyon emerging from his bedroom, holding his king-sized, 750-thread count goose down comforter between his teeth. Loping meekly behind him was a smaller creature, with a long neck and large wings in place of forepaws.

Roger froze in place as the red dragon marched into his living room, dropping the comforter on the floor before him and, with uncharacteristic annoyance, blowing a stray bunch of feather out from his maw along with a poof of his smoky breath.

"Now, shall we get to work plotting strategy?" the dragon said, grinning. "If we work quickly, I might even have time to ravish your rather fetching ass before the night is out.

Roger's eyes darted from Allyon's to the creature behind him. Some part of his brain registered it as a drake. "What is that!?"

The creature drooped it's head low. "My name is Trent." he growled in a low, pained voice. "I-"

"He is your first servant, o great dragon," Allyon announced with aplomb. "Perks of being in on the ground floor of world domination. Further introductions will have to wait, as does the task of finding names more befitting to your new forms. We have a conference call schedule in-" the great red wyrm glanced backwards at Roger's wall clock "-seven minutes with your partners."

Roger lowered his muzzle close to the carpet and took a deep breath. The idea of being taken once more filled him with an odd but persistent yearning as he began to think.

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