Rocking the Hawk

It hit the hawk right at the speedo, and the fabric burned off almost instantly, letting that fat hawk cock come out and sway about out in the open.

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Hungry Hawk

The lucifer hawk relished the feeling of this helpless girl as she tried to resist, tried to fight the feelings she couldn't bring herself to accept.

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Little Hawk, Maine

Betsy had met norman at buzzard's taven (once known as tavern in little hawk, but the 'r' had been lost during a wicked windstorm in the fall of '56.

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Exploration Flight

The first few times he'd been a hawk he hadn't planned ahead, at all, and it had only been luck that kept him out of major trouble.

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Anima Chapter 14

Was that all hawk ate? was that all i would eat? i grabbed my phone and began searching on the internet. "hawk diet" i searched. i found plenty of sites with information on what hawks usually ate.


Anima Chapter 13

By the time the changes stopped, everyone in the room was watching me. All the eyes locked on my face were not a great help, and my eyes could only focus on one person at a time. "Lyall?" Matthew said quietly. I opened my mouth to speak...


Anima Chapter 12

"lyall....wake up....hawk boy." hawk boy? i'm a hawk boy. do they mean me? i lowered my wings, folding them neatly to my side. they are talking to me. i'm lyall. i'm not a hawk. i'm a human. i need to get out of here!


Bruder, Mein Bruder

(( Also please note that the above is only a joke. Please don't be offended by something that was written for a school project. I mean. Come on. Just enjoy the story for the sake of imagination. )) Bruder, Mein...


Anima Chapter 9

"hawk!" she yelled out as she opened the door. she was walking in a direct line toward me. "lyall," i said, "my name is lyall. wait a few months. then you can call me hawk." she stopped directly in front of me.


To Corrupt A Hawk (2020 NSFW)

Here is a link to the google doc piece: [to corrupt a hawk google doc](

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Epidemic 2

hawk spun around. "jackson!" hawk gasped. jackson had wandered into one of the base's locker rooms and hawk could hear the showers. hawk chased jackson in, seeing that it was already too late for the soldiers inside.

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Folie au Deux (M/M) (pt. 4 of "Under The Devil's Eye")

"hawk," he smirked. "that's not real either!" the jackal laughed. he swiped up a drink from a table behind him, sipping at it as if it was his. hawk hoped it was. "yeah. well. that's how it is," hawk growled.

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