To Catch A Rabbit - Chapter 5 - Learning to Hunt

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#5 of To Catch a Rabbit

Yay, it's chapter 5!

Sorry to those who just like yiff. There's lots of story in this one, but there's yiff too. Was amazed that I was at 3k+ words, the normal length of one of my stories, before writing the yiff scene.

I didn't do as thorough a proofread on this one as usual, so hopefully there's not too large of errors. Wanted to get it up before I went to work this afternoon. I'll probably go back and do a better proofread when I've got more time and edit it.

1 more chapter to go in the main story, and I'm think it will be more of a shorter prologue (this chapter was actually the longest so far). Going to try to knock it out by next Thursday for the 1 year anniversary of Chapter 1, but I make no promises.

An ear twitched, swiveling to track the almost imperceptible patter of little feet. They scurried with the fear and urgency of a creature that knew it was being hunted. There was no escape for it. High walls loomed up over its every retreat, boxing it in. Its only hope lay in finding the small hidden niches and placing as many obstacles between itself and its pursuer.

The came to a stop in the corner of the room. Tim's hind legs tensed, he had it this time. Only a stack of empty boxes stood between him and his prey. There would be no escape this time. He would leap through the boxes and have his prize for sure.

His prey remained still. Now! His spring-like legs kicked and he crashed into the boxes, throwing them aside. There! His prey jumped and ran to escape. He was close. He would get it. It ran back along the route it had entered the hiding place from. Tim's feet met the ground, and he kicked to change his course. The final leap that would put him on top of his target. His legs extended, but his body did not propel forward. Instead the floor came rushing up to met him. He hit the ground hard, a collapsed box flying through the air behind him, kicked out from beneath his feet, offering no traction for his leap.

The prey escaped, fleeing fast from the fallen rabbit. Out of nowhere a white paw shot out pinning the helpless creature to the floor before lifting it high into the air.

"No. No. No." Ten loomed over Tim, the little mouse dangling helplessly by its tail from his paw.

Tim rolled over to sit on his butt and pouted. "I had it that time. That stupid box just slid out from under me and made me fall."

Ten sighed, "We've been over this. Just because you've got it cornered doesn't mean you can just recklessly charge through things. You've got to sneak up till its in your sight and you can make the final pounce before it knows what hit it." He held out his free paw to help Tim back to his feet.

"I know. I know." Tim accepted the paw and rose to his feet.

"You'll get it. This isn't exactly innate for you herbivores." Ten ran his paw down Tim's back and gave his but a little pat, under the pretext of brushing dust from his fur, but they both grinned knowing it was more. "Remember that first day in the woods. You didn't even know I was there until I'd tackled you."

Before Tim could answer the doorbell rang twice upstairs, bringing a look of surprise to both their faces. "Is it 6:00 already?" The pair had been in the basement since Tim had gotten home from school. "That'll be Josh."

Ten placed the mouse back into its cage, making sure it still had plenty of food and water to keep it strong for tomorrow's training. Then the two of them made their way out of the basement to greet Tim's friend.

In the month since Tim had been officially adopted by Ten; Josh had become a regular visitor to their home. It had been a long month full of adjustment for Ten. Just a month and a half ago he had been happy and content to stay a loner bachelor for the rest of his lift, and now here he was with an 8-year-old son and everything that came with him. Many times it had been a real struggle, but then there were the benefits. Particularly of having a son as eager about being involved it Ten's 'hobbies' as Tim was.

"Pass the pork please." Josh eagerly heaped a third helping onto his plate after being passed the platter.

Tim had excitedly shared the news of his new home and family with his best friend the very next day. Josh had been surprised beyond words at the revelation that his friend had been living with a strange tiger for the past week, but - knowing how he'd always been treated at home - quickly came around to share in his excitement. He'd become a regular visitor to their home in the days and weeks that followed.

At first he had been a guest only in his role as Tim's friend. They spent many afternoons gleefully playing together as young children did, and at the end of the day he would go home; leaving Tim and Ten to their private activities. Tim's hunting lessons and budding carnivorism, and of course their nightly trysts in the bedroom, remained their closely guarded secret.

It wasn't long before he became aware of the new inclusion of animal flesh in Tim's diet. It hadn't been very hard to figure out when Tim had brought a cold cut sandwich for lunch to school. Although the rest of their classmates remained completely ignorant thanks to the fact that Josh was the only one to ever sit at a lunch table with him. Jealousy had instantly set in since the hybrid sheep-wolf's mother had always adamantly refused to allow any meat or carnivorous behaviors in her house, much to the chagrin of his full wolf father then the predominantly wolf Josh.

Quickly his visits turned into a welcome escape from his mother imposed herbivorous home life. At Ten's place he could indulge in the pleasures of sinking his fangs into dripping steak. Still though, Tim and Ten's hunting lessons and bedroom activities remained their big secret. Although, they had recently begun getting wicked little ideas.

Tim's dinner finished, he reached up and gave a tug on the fur of Ten's arm, signaling for him to lean down so the little rabbit could whisper something into his ear. "Think we can try what we were talking about tonight?" Listening intently the tiger's eyes flicked momentarily across the table to look at Josh before quickly flicking back to Tim.

Josh paused, a hunk of pork halfway to his mouth, "What?"

"You sure?"

Tim giggled and nodded, looking briefly at his friend before whispering again into his dad's ear. "I want to give it a try. I think I'm ready."

"Whaaaat?" The hunk of pork hit the plate. "Secrets aren't nice."

Ten's eyes flicked to the protesting wolf again before leaning closer and whispering back,"If you think so. What do you want to do if you succeed?"

Tim's eyes flicked to Josh, making the wolf get even more upset. A wicked little grin crossed his face, "Maybe we could have a little fun, and show him some of the other things we do."

Josh was bouncing in his seat with agitation now, "Teeellll Meeeee!"

Ten gave Tim a little look of surprise then gave a little shrug, "He's your friend."

"Oh it's nothing." Tim gave a quick grin to Ten and turned to Josh with a straight face, "want to play some hide & seek?"

The sudden change and unexpected question caught Josh by surprise, making him instantly stop his bouncing and stare at Tim - a confused look on his face. "Umm. I guess."

"Great! Let's play in the woods out back!" Tim was already up and running for the back door before finishing the sentence. Josh hot on his heels, both laughing.

"Ready or not, here I come!"

Ten stood in the doorway watching Tim run off into woods again. The pair had already played several games, each taking turns hiding. They were quick games. The small woods not offering a huge number of hiding places, and of course Tim had become very well acquainted with each and every one. The ease with which Josh continued to find Tim told Ten that he was merely toying with his prey.

He was a smart kid and had learned well. Sure, he had some trouble making the final grab, but the mouse he was training with was small and quick, and its instincts and senses more attuned to evading predators. Now, he was using the game of hide and seek to study his prey; a nice touch that Ten hadn't specifically taught him. Ten watched intently curious as to when the little cunning rabbit would make his move - while hiding, or while seeking.

With a shout the pair came running through the tree line again, Tim having quickly discovered Josh's hiding place. "Your turn," the bunny gleefully announced turning and preparing to bound straight back into the woods.

The Sheep-Wolf dutifully covered his eyes and begin to count. Tim turned to Ten and gave a quick wink before silently hopping through the tree line. Quicker than his count should have taken Josh called out his chase and ran after his - unknown to him - prey-turned-predator. Ten slipped from his vantage point in the backdoor, steathfully trailing the noisy boy to watch his son - and protégé - in action.

Buoyed by the ease with which he's found Tim every other time Josh ran between the trees giving each former hiding place a quick glace, totally heedless that anything might be different this time around. Having checked all the hiding places he knew of within the boundaries they had set and still not finding his friend he scratched his head lightly turning slowly in a circle. 'Where could he be?' His neck craned upward slightly, glancing at the lowest tree limbs. 'Rabbits aren't good climbers are they?'

Just then a soft rustle drew his attention towards a nearby bush growing around the base of a tall tree. 'Hehe, I got you now.' He tip-toed towards the bush planning to surprise his hiding friend. "Got you!" He shouted quickly pulling the leaves of the bush back only to find the space behind it empty. 'Shoot, must have just been the wind or a squirrel.'

His ears twitched hearing a small stifled squeak of a sneeze. It had come from a pile of dried leaves they had both hidden in before, but he had checked there already and it had been empty... "Moving around is cheating Tim," he called out approaching the pile. Digging in he again found the spot empty. 'What was going on here? Was he hearing things?'

Already this had become the longest game, and if Tim was cheating by moving around he didn't want to play anymore. He decided to make one more circuit of their previous hiding places while keeping an ear turned for any running movements - wanting to trust that his friend wasn't cheating but just hiding well. Again his search turned up no sign of Tim, but if he didn't know better he'd swear some of the hiding places looked disturbed.

He was growing upset now and looked back in the direction of the house. Either Tim was moving around on him, or he was hiding outside the bounds they had set. "Tim," he shouted, "It's no fun if you're going to cheat." Silence was his only answer. "Ok, fine. I'm done then. You win." He paused between each sentence expecting his friend to answer, but still only silence reigned. "Fine. I'm going back to the house now."

Ten stealthfully trailed the wolf hybrid, his presence completely concealed. For a moment his own hunting instincts kicked in and he had to remind himself that this was Tim's hunt, and he was only a spectator. It took a few minutes before his finely honed senses finally picked up the little predatory rabbit. It was impressive just how stealthful the little guy had gotten, and he wondered how difficult it would be the next time they had one of their own private hunts with Tim as the prey.

He watched, just barely picking out quiet scurrying and blurs of brown fur, as Tim darted from hiding place to hiding place. Slowly moving Josh into whatever spot he's chosen for his ambush. Ten didn't know what spot his protégé had chosen, and actually lost track of him once or twice. Then, as Josh was fed up and preparing to leave, he caught site of Tim; perched on the limb of a tree. He knew that limb well, and had actually used it once to ambush Tim from.

A swift kick of his hind legs propelled Tim from his perch. The power and his aim was true. Josh's head snapped around, drawn by the sudden blur in his peripheral vision. Before the wolf could make out what it was Tim crashed perfectly into him. The impact knocked Josh off his feet. Tim held on, and together they rolled a single time before sliding to a stop - Josh laying on his stomach pinned beneath is Tim.

"Ouff! What the..." Josh squirmed turning his head to see his friend seated on his back. "Hey. Get off me." Something didn't look right in Tim's face, which creped Josh out. "What's the big idea." The rabbit was giving sporting a large toothy grin with a hint of a snarl. "You ok?"

Both of their attentions were drawn by a soft clapping. "Well done. Well done." Ten stepped from around a stand of trees and slowly strolled towards them. "You've learned well. I particularly liked how you lured him into position."

Tim was beaming from the praise, but Josh was baffled by this turn of events. 'What was Ten talking about, and how and when did he get behind that group of trees? The house was in the opposite direction.' He squirmed under Tim, "Come on, get off me. What's going on here?"

The little rabbit's weight shifted as he started to get off his friend. "You're really going to listen to your prey and let it go that easily?"

Both boys froze. Tim unsure, "Well, I"

"What?! Prey?" Josh cut him off. "What are you talking about? Let me go!" He bucked knocking the smaller, lighter Tim off his back, and scrambled to his feet. Since predation was legal all children knew of it and were taught to be on the look out for it. On instinct he started to run, but almost as quickly skidded to a stop. Something wasn't right. Slowly he turned to look back at Tim and his new dad. Both were laughing, neither making a move to try to stop him. "What..." and then in clicked in his head, pieces falling together like a puzzle.

Tim's sudden disappearance and secrecy about where he'd been. Then his adoption by the strange new tiger in town. His mysterious new carnivorous diet. The disappearance of Tim's older brother Brandon! The two's private times together when he's not allowed to come over and play. This game of hide and seek. It all made sense "You..." he had trouble voicing his new revelation. "You're an active predator!"

Ten strolled over non-threateningly and placed a paw on his shoulder. "Very good."

"And..." Josh's jaw dropped. "You're teaching Tim!"

"He sure is," Tim beamed

"Teach me to!" Josh cut in eagerly looking up at Ten. "My mom won't let anything remotely carnivorous or predatory in our home, but I just KNOW that my dad was a predator when he was younger."

"Well..." Ten and Tim exchanged a look. This was unexpected.

"Pleeeease. I've seen old pictures my dad has hidden and heard him talking with old friends. It's soooo unfair the way my mom won't let us be proper wolves."

Ten thought about it for a moment. He had to admit training Tim had been fun, and it might be interesting to have a sort of class. "Ok. We'll give it a try." Josh perked up immediately causing Ten to raise a 'matter-of-fact' finger, "But. If you don't show talent, I won't waste my time." He rested his paw on Tim's head tousling his ears. "I've got a real talent here that deserves my full attention."


Ten looked at the darkening sky, "No, it's getting late, and you boys need to get cleaned up before bed." He herded them off towards the house, a small pout on Josh's face.

As they stepped out of the tree line and into the backyard Josh suddenly stopped, a thought occurring to him. "Wait. I thought predator's eat their prey." His gaze darted between Tim and Ten. "Why didn't you eat Tim?" He found himself a little surprised and disturbed by the thought of his best friend eaten, "and..." he swallowed reflexively, "where's Brandon."

A reassuring paw came to rest on his shoulder. "Yes, it's true that we do usually eat our prey, and I did eat Brandon. He's gone." His gaze shifted to Tim before moving back to Josh. "Tim was there, and helped me out. As for Tim, well..." He paused, again looking to Tim. "I was going to eat him, but let's just say that sometimes we hunt for other reasons, and made me an offer I couldn't refuse."

"Other reason? What other reason?" The two shared a look the young wolf hybrid didn't understand. "Whaaat? Tell Me? Please? I already know your secret. I won't tell."

"Well? You said you might want to have a little fun..."

Tim grinned and grabbed Josh's paw, pulling him roughly towards the house. "It'll be easier to just show you."

The pair of lovers climbed into Ten's bed as they had on an almost daily basis for the past month. The only difference was that this time they had an audience, and audience of one. It did give Ten a slight feeling of unease. He really had come to love Tim and think of him as his son. That never made him think twice about their bedroom activities before, but now that another was about to be shown...

That thought never even touched the edges of Tim's mind. Even though he saw Ten as more of a father to him than even Ten did, the idea that there was something wrong with incest had never been ingrained in his young head. He immediately set to work in their normal manner, eagerly beckoning Josh over to watch.

Being the same age as Tim, Josh had just as much a concept of sex as Tim had that first day in the park - absolutely none. He had no idea what he was about to witness between the father and son pair - he too had come to quickly identify the relationship between the two. Something though, instinctively told him that this was an extremely special and private thing that was about to happen, and he crept closer almost on tip toes.

Kneeling between Ten's legs Tim, with a skill borne from ample practice, quickly coaxed his pointed dick from its hiding place. His treasured prize revealed he forgot that Josh was even there. He teased his tongue against its underside. Lapping slowly along the shaft several times before popping the tip into his mouth like a loll pop. He never could decide where he liked Ten's cock more - in his muzzle or nestled in his rear - but either way he always started their sessions off with a good suckle.

Josh just starred, his mouth hanging open slightly. He didn't know what was going on but he'd always been told the package between his legs was his 'privates, and now the show he was getting was causing a strange new feeling between his legs. "Wha... what are you doing?"

"Mating" Tim responded quickly and matter of factly before popping the pink shaft back into his mouth.

He'd heard the word before in passing, but had no idea what it meant. Mesmerized, his feet drew him closer until he reached the edge of the bed and mechanically climbed on top crawling still closer. A small hint of pink starting to show from the tip of his sheath, unnoticed by its owner.

It didn't go totally unnoticed though. "Looks like someone is maturing a little bit faster." Ten reached down to gently fondle the boy's sheath coaxing a bit more pink for its hiding place.

"Whoa! It's never done that before." Josh was surprised to see something new between his legs.

"Lucky! I can't do that yet." Tim abandoned Ten's cock to get a closer look at his friend's. "Dad says I'm not old enough yet."

"You'll get there bud. Everyone matures at their own rate, and some species are faster than others"

"I know. I just wish it were sooner so we could have more fun."

"Umm. So why's it doing that and what exactly is mating?"

A part of Tim didn't want to move away from the strange new penis being presented to him, it was so different looking than Ten's or Brandon's had been. There was a way that he could still explore this new find and still show off mating. Being on his knees he wiggled his hips towards Ten, "Go ahead and show him."

Ten needed no further encouragement. He knelt behind the cub, his son, and swiftly plunged his still saliva coated dick into the offered hole. The entry was easy thanks to their regular sessions and caused Tim no pain. Still though it didn't go without reaction.

The cub gave a small gasp, more of pleasure than of pain, hips thrusting backwards to meet the entry.

Josh's jaw gaped wider at the show, "Wha... what are you doing?"

"Mating... Now hold still and let me see what you've got here."

He instinctively pulled away from his friend, "I don't know. This is weird. That's supposed to be private."

"It's okay. We are in private. You can see dad's," he grunted as Ten began to hump in and out of him in short stabs. "He's not worried about hiding is he?"

"I, umm, whoa!" He was caught by surprise when Tim's mouth suddenly closed over his protruding tip. His sheath still hid the majority of his but this new sensation made it rapidly show itself, sliding deeper into his friend's waiting mouth. In no time his immature knot saw the light of day for the first time. Unswollen it was a simple and unremarkable pair of bumps at the base of his shaft. Instinctively his hips bucked gently, humping into Tim's eager mouth.

Taken from both ends Tim felt like he was in heaven. He moaned around the small shaft in his mouth, and ground his hips backwards to meet his father's thrusts. Had he been old enough his own cock would have been throbbing a dripping, seeking its own release. As it was his sheath did swell slightly, a tiny speck of pink hinting at a puberty not far off.

This new sensation was more than Josh's young body could handle. His humps became more erratic than they already were, and then it hit him. His body tensed as he was rocked by the first dry cum of his life, his immature knot bulging the base of his shaft only slightly to press against the outside of Tim's lips.

Seeing the preteen experience his first orgasm, into the mouth of his son, was so unbelievable hot it pushed Ten nearly to the edge. He'd taken the virginity of many prey over the years, and pushed them to their first climaxes in the processes, but somehow this was time was very different. His spines flared, tugging at the lining of Tim's insides, before cumming. Flooding the young bowels with the seed they had come to love.

"Wha, what was that?" Josh managed to pant while coming down from his climax.

"That was an orgasm." Tim leaned forward extracting the spined shaft from his ass and turned to show his leaking whole to Josh. "White stuff is supposed to come out and fill you up... It tastes really good too."

The still gapping and wet hole was mesmerizing to Josh. He leaned in closely, mouth salivating, and before he knew what he was even doing his mouth was sealed over it, tongue darting inside to taste the thick fluid. When he realized what he had just done, and where his tongue had just been he sat bolt upright stunned. After a moment of silence he shook his head vigorously, "Doe, does it hurt when he does that."

"Well it did the first time, but when you get used to it, it feels really really good... Want to try?"

"I... umm..."

"He'll be gentle. Won't you dad?" For some reason he really wanted to share this pleasure with the only friend he had.

"I sure can. You want to get him ready for me?"

"Oh boy, sure do!" He gave Josh a gentle push onto his back then dove between his legs. His mouth aiming straight for the virgin hole hidden beneath his tail.

"Wait. I don't. Whoa!" He gasped when Tim's tongue met his hole.

"Shh. Just relax. You'll love it." Tim's tongue danced over the tight hole, slowly working it open and pressing inward.

At first the feeling was strange and unwelcome, but as he relaxed it slowly became something more. It moved from being slightly uncomfortable to oddly pleasant, until he found his hips moving on their own once more, pushing towards his friend in an effort work the roaming tongue deeper into him.

"I think he's ready for you."

Ten took his son's place over their new playmate. With little fanfare, but more gently than when he'd taken Tim or Brandon the first time, he inserted himself into the boy. The loosened hole opened easily to accept his thin pointed shaft, but still the boy gasped and squirmed beneath him.

Josh was overwhelmed and beyond words, and just lay there and accepted what was happening to him. The adult above him set into a steady rhythm of thrusting his penis in and out of his body. He really didn't know how he could even voice what was happening to him, and felt his own dick throbbing again as something inside him was massaged. He hardly even noticed when Ten sat back, lifting him to sit in his lap.

Tim once more took his friend's strange penis into his mouth as Ten bounced him in his lap.

Tight virgin holes always pushed Ten over the edge more quickly, and in short order he felt his spines flaring once more, tugging at the virgin walls of the young wolf. He roared his triumph over the boy and released his second load of the evening.

Everything was too much for Josh and his body was again wracked by a dry orgasm into Tim's mouth as his ass was filled by the warm seed of Ten. His mind shut down and he passed out.

Tim and Ten too were exhausted and lay down together to rest with the passed out boy. Ten's spined member still embedded in the tight ass of the wolf.

Ten stood in the back door, as he had grown accustomed to doing lately, watching the boys practice their hunting. Over the past few weeks their games of hide and seek had become much more. Tim was the more skilled of the two, constantly giving Josh tips and pointers. It made Ten laugh a bit that the herbivore was coming out to be the better predator. Today though, his focus wasn't really on the boys, but the TV left on inside.

Against all odds the anti-predator lobby had actually managed to get a bill up for vote that would ban the practice which carnivores had enjoyed ever since the feral days, and today was that vote. Online predator forums had exploded over the prospect of loosing their birth right. Some were ready to give it up if the law should pass, but many - Ten among them - were going to keep on no matter the outcome. Sure, some changes would need to be made. They wouldn't be able to eat their prey anymore. Children disappearing would definitely be investigated, and letting random prey go would surely get reported.

A few, like Ten, had hit upon an interesting, and it was just possible that the future of predators was currently playing in his back yard. In both a literal and figurative sense.

'and the final votes are being tallied.'

He stepped inside and his jaw dropped seeing the tallied ticking off on the screen. 'and the vote is in. The bill has passed by a staggering margin...'

"Boys" He shouted without taking his eyes of the TV. "Get in here! You need to see this."

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