The Chair

Story by Ocean on SoFurry

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A weird pleasure versus pain erotica about a terrible visit to the dentist. May cause squeamish tendencies.

Footnote: For the Americans - freezing is what others call the numbing agent or novacaine used to numb the gums and jaw before operating on.

The Chair Ocean Tigrox

The first thing that hit Cooper was the smell. The stinging sense of sterilization and fluoride shot up his nose causing it to twitch and wrinkle. Cooper never liked the dentist; then again, who did? The high-pitched whine of a drill sent shivers down his spine. He stood in the doorway and shuddered, hesitant to step any further into the bright lit waiting room. As the noise continued, the pine marten twitched and grinded his teeth.

"Gah!" His back molars connected and the jolt of pain reminded him why he was here and not working on his term paper.

His paw hugged his muzzle as he grumbled, shuffling inside. The door shut behind him, activating the doorbell's cheery chime. Two black-tipped pointed ears sprung up and the receptionist's auburn muzzle peaked over the counter.

"Hi there," the vixen smiled and stood up to greet him. "How can I help you?"

"Cooper. Cooper Jones." His shoulders sunk. "I have an appointment."

"Let's see," the secretary sat back down and typed at her keyboard. "Mr. Jones, yes, here you are. Is this your first time with us? I'll just need you to fill out this form, and while you're doing that, I'll tell Dr. Bridges you're here." She placed a small clipboard, pen and paper attached, on top of the counter and gestured to the waiting room decorated with modern chic furnishings.

The pine marten nodded thanks and picked up the clipboard in his chocolate brown paws. He glanced over the questionnaire while he found an empty black pleather chair and sat down. Unclipping the pen from the side, Cooper began reading the questions to himself: Name; Species; Address; Medical History; Emergency contact. Cooper's ears fell flat. Why did they always need to know that last one? How bad could things go at the dentist's office? Horrible visions clouded his mind with everything that could go wrong with his mouth wide open. Sharp, metallic, whirring objects poking and prodding at his soft, pink bleeding gums. The imagery caused his fur to bristle and he clenched his jaw. His toothache snapped him out of his daytime horror show and a shiver raced down his spine.

"Mr. Jones?" The soft voice of the vixen receptionist spoke up. Cooper blinked and looked up to see her standing in front of him, ears pointed forward. "Are you ok?"

"Me? Uhh, yeah, yeah, I'm good, sorry." The pine marten stammered, his tail stuck to the side of his leg.

"Don't be nervous, Dr. Bridges is the best! Plus, they're ready for you. They can take you as soon as you're done with that form, so the quicker you finish it, the faster you can get out of here."

Cooper looked up to see her give him a wink and a smile. The cute vixen was more than just good looks, the grin on her muzzle full of comfort and confidence. His tail swishing back and forth, he drew his attention down her figure and back to the form. Filling in the last few remaining sections with haste and handing it back to her, he rose from the seat, ears perked and ready to get his torture over with. "Lead the way!"

She took the clipboard from him and with her free black paw, motioned to the hallway behind the counter. A red squirrel wearing clean blue scrubs and a surgeon's mask around her neck stood waiting there. Cooper admired her trimmed and well groomed fur; his eyes lingering around her full hips before staring at the delicate paw she held out.

"Hi Cooper!" The squirrel's enthusiasm matched the vixen's. The smile under her cute button nose widened as she shook the pine marten's hand. "My name is Janice, and I'll be your dental hygienist today. Stacey was saying you haven't been here before, when was the last time you had a checkup?"

"Uhh--Well..." Cooper's hand went limp, and his tail drooped as he trailed off. "It's been a while. I'm not what you would call a frequent visitor."

Janice chuckled and smirked. "I gotcha. You wouldn't be the first person who avoids the dentist's office. It just means we'll want to take a full panoramic x-ray for our files along with the usual bitewing ones. How about we start with that first? If you'll just come this way." She turned and led him away, bushy tail bouncing behind her.

Cooper followed the squirrel, watching the other rooms as they passed. A crying cub in one chair, as one dentist leaned in to inject another dose of Novocain; another had a fox leaning over to spit out the fluoride in his mouth; with the third it was hard to tell what creamy white animal was wailing behind the amount of metallic and whirring devices as two other professionals worked together to perform what could only be one of those worst case scenarios that Cooper had pictured in his mind. The pine marten turned away from the horrors. He instead distracted himself by admiring Janice's soft, round fuzzy ears that twitched in sync with her tail. Her whole body wiggling together brought a smirk to his face.

Janice led him around a corner to a large x-ray machine. The squirrel instructed him, "Just stand right there please." She directed him to the front of the machine before dashing back behind another wall. She returned in a flash, placing a heavy, cream coloured vest on Cooper's shoulders and chest. "Ok, now if you can just lean forward..." The hygienist helped guide the marten's head to the center of the device. "Good, good. Now just rest your chin on there and stay still for a few seconds. This piece here is just going to circle around your head."

The squirrel shot him a quick smile before bouncing back behind the wall. A click and a buzz sounded followed by a whirr. Cooper's rounded ears folded in on themselves as the x-ray machine and film began sliding around his head. 'Why do they have to do all this?' he thought to himself, his tail stuck to his leg. ' I've got a term paper due, I'm stressed enough. Not to mention the roommate isn't around today, I could be doing something better with my time.' After two passes, the machine spun down and went quiet. Janice returned from her hiding spot and helped Cooper step back from the machine.

"You're pretty good with that mouth of yours," the squirrel shot him a wink and nudged his arm. "Great work!" Cooper's ears grew hot from her comment, unsure how to reply as she took the vest back from him. "While we wait for those, I can take you to your chair." She skipped past him, back down the hallway. The pine marten followed, mesmerized by her bushy tail as she turned down into a lonesome room.

At the end of the room, a large window gave a fantastic view of the parking lot while letting in the bright sunlight from outside. On one wall hung posters of degrading teeth and gums. His chest tightening, the marten moved his gaze instead to the large, serene mountain landscape painting on the other wall. In the center of the room sat a large, tan leather chair, seat-back propped up and armrest moved aside as if the chair was bringing you in for a welcoming hug. Cooper frowned and hesitated. Catching himself before he bit down on his back teeth, he pushed his tail aside and slid into the plush seat.

The squirrel was right behind him, draping a bib over his chest and attaching it behind his neck. Reaching back she grabbed a grey plastic object. "Ok, now we just have to take the bitewing x-rays. Open wide please."

The marten did as was told, opening his muzzle for her. With a gloved paw, Janice peeled back Cooper's lip and placed the bitewing on his back molars. He winced when the corners of the grey plastic dug into his gums.

"Now just bite down. Perfect." The hygienist patted her patient on the shoulder with one paw, the other reaching over to pull the large triangular x-ray machine over. Positioning the tube end at Cooper's jaw, Janice stood up off her stool. "Stay still for just a moment." The squirrel bounded out of the room. After a few seconds the marten heard a buzzing come from the contraption pointed at his face, followed by the return of the dental hygienist.

"Nice work!" She chirped. "Now just the other side..." Janice trailed off as she retrieved the one grey bitewing from Cooper's maw and replaced it with another on the other side. Repeating the process, the squirrel hopped away and returned after the buzz. "Ok, while we wait for those to develop, I can start on cleaning those pearly whites for you!"

Cooper let out a heavy breath, his ears lowering.

The squirrel blinked and tilted her head. "I'm guessing the reason you're here isn't just for a friendly checkup." After a moment of silence, her smiled faded with a sigh. "Where's it hurt?"

The marten rested his jaw in his paw. Eyes shifting to the floor, he muttered, "Back molars on my left side."

Janice nodded and gave another reassuring squeeze to his shoulder. "Well we'll see what your x-rays show and have the dentist take a look. Until then, I'll take care when I'm cleaning that area. Alright?"

Cooper bit his lip and nodded. Janice sat back down on her stool and wheeled a tray of instruments next to her. The squirrel placed the surgeon's mask over her muzzle and adorned a pair of safety goggles. Picking up a mouth mirror and a dental scraper in her paw, she held them up and leaned over the marten, her free hand adjusting the hanging lamp to point at Cooper's maw. "Open wide, please."

Reluctantly, the pine marten took a deep breath and opened his mouth. Starting on his right side, Janice raked the curved pick around his back molars. The squirrel's small and delicate paws directed her tools around the marten's gum line, catching and tugging on his jaw with every piece of plaque. With each scrape of her sickle-shaped tool against his teeth, the marten's claws dug deeper into the plush armrest. Cooper watched the stoic expression of concentration in the squirrel's eyes, finding comfort in the deep hazel pools before him. Her eyes widened as a sharp jolt of pain shocked the marten's jaw. The tool had slipped and stabbed his sensitive gums causing his ears to perk as a squeak escaped his open muzzle.

"Sorry, Cooper, I'm trying to be as careful as I can." Janice pulled back. "Do you floss often?"

Cooper's tail pressed against his leg and he shook his head a little. The squirrel's ears fell. Turning back away, she grabbed a hand-held mirror and gave it to Cooper, holding it up to his eye level.

"Now can you see here." She held his lip down with her own mirror and tapped above the gums with her metallic sickle. "See how puffy and red your gums are? You need to floss; you're developing a very bad case of gingivitis. Bacteria are getting under your gum line and it's causing an infection, deteriorating your gums and eating away at the roots of your teeth. By not flossing, plaque and tartar build up and you can't get rid of that without coming to me to manually remove it."

Cooper lowered the mirror with a slight whimper. This day was turning from bad to worse.

"Now, I know it sounds bad, but if you bite it in the butt and start flossing and cleaning regularly, you can help prevent it from building up and push it back. I really want to help you, Cooper, but this is something you're going to have to keep at if you want it to get better. Do you understand?"

With another sigh, the marten nodded. 'Yeah, yeah, more things to add to my already too high to do list. If you really want to help me, maybe you should come over to my place after you're done work.'

"Now I'm going to try and be as gentle as I can, but I really have to make sure that that nasty build up is gone if we want your gums to get better. Okay?"

Janice took the mirror back while Cooper's shoulders slumped, his mouth opening wide again. She continued to pick and scrape at his teeth. Every so often a small slip of the tool would jab the marten's mouth, causing him to jolt with a yelp followed by a soft apology from the squirrel. Each time Cooper's ears folded a little closer to his head in shame. As it continued, he began to wonder if she was doing it on purpose, punishment for making her job more difficult.

The squirrel sat up, placing her tools on the tray and replacing them with a long, thin plastic tube and shiny, metal nozzle. "Time to rinse and suck!"

Cooper could taste blood on his tongue and leaned towards her, ready to welcome the refreshing spray. The water felt cold on his sensitive gums and the marten twitched. Janice followed the nozzle with the suction tube, grabbing any droplets before they slid down Cooper's throat.

The squirrel removed the water nozzle but left the tube, instructing the marten, "Close your lips please." He did as was told and the suction tube shuddered against the vacuum formed in the marten's maw. Cooper opened his mouth again, and Janice put the tube away, picking up her cleaning tools once more.

"Ok, time for the other side."

The pine marten whimpered, watching the squirrel's ears, hoping they wouldn't pick up on his distress of his prolonged torture. His fate was interrupted when the vixen from the receptionist desk peeked in.

"Here's Mr. Jones's x-rays." The lithe fox announced as she stepped into the room. She placed the black and white transparent sheets on the light box at the back wall, flipping a switch below the display and illuminating the photos of the marten's teeth.

"Thanks, Stacey." Janice smiled at the vixen and turned on her stool. "Let's see what we've got here. Oh, hmm..."

Tilting his head, Cooper tried to look over her shoulder but all he could view was her bushy tail. He let his eyes linger lower, rolling them around the curve of her rump sitting plump on the stool. The marten licked his lips and mentally complimented the dentist on their choice of staff.

"Well we'll have the dentist look at that once we're done here." Janice twirled back around, snapping Cooper out of his lustful daze. His wagging tail stopped and he blinked. The squirrel scooted her stool back over to his side and picked up her stainless steel tools. "Where were we?"

The smile that had crept onto his face vanished. He leaned back, and opened his mouth, fur bristling in anticipation of the squirrel's handiwork. Janice leaned over and picked up her task where she left off. It wasn't long until Cooper's claws were digging into the plush armrests. The pain only increased as the hygienist made her way further around his jaw, closer to the insufferable tooth.

"You know it's really not that hard to floss every night." Janice continued to talk on, leaving Cooper with his mouth wide open and unable to reply. "Every night my kids know that they have to brush and floss before bed. They just use those small..." The squirrel droned on, her concerns about proper dental hygiene bordering on passive-aggressive.

Confined to the chair and nowhere to go, the marten rolled his eyes upward to the ceiling. He began counting the holes in each tile. This task managed to distract him from the attack on his gum line long enough until another jab of pain spiked through his mouth, losing his count and reminding him where he was. Looking for another distraction, his mind drifted back to the squirrel's behind. Cooper had walked behind that squirrel throughout the whole office. How had he not noticed that nice round shape bobbing before him?

His breathing relaxed as he imagined her tight rear. The dentist's office faded from view leaving just the image of the hygienist's backside. His paw began caressing the armrest, imagining its plush, leather exterior was the soft, supple rump of the squirrel. The marten took in a deep breath as he wrapped his digits fully around the round shape and squeezed with a quiet groan.

Janice patted his shoulder. "Oh, sorry. Was that too much? I know that's where you were complaining about the pain. I'm trying my best to be gentle."

Cooper opened his eyes and blinked. He looked around. The ceiling, the walls, the large window: all returned to his reality. Turning his head, he saw the squirrel sitting back and smiling at him, her tools nowhere to be see. Cooper closed his mouth, letting his jaw relax.

"Good news is that part's done! Now just a quick floss, some polish and fluoride, and then I can grab Dr. Bridges to take a look at your x-rays and that ache in the back." Janice turned away, "Just one more rinse."

The marten smiled and nodded, surprised that he had managed to will his mind away long enough for the rest of the cleaning. His tail wagged with hope that there was light at the end of this visit; until he turned and looked down in his lap with horror at the large bulge forming in his pants.'No, not now! Can't you wait until I get home to take care of you? ' He screamed in his head while he scrambled to adjust his pants.

Janice turned back around just as he finished, her paws now holding the water nozzle and suction tube. The marten smiled and pretended to act like nothing was wrong, opening his mouth wide for her. The squirrel leaned in and sprayed cold water onto Cooper's gums. The frigid liquid connected with the toothache in the back of his jaw and sent shocks of pain down the pine marten's spine. His body tensed up as his eyes went wide and he let out a yelp. The squirrel pulled back, the nozzle in her hand dribbling water down the marten's chin.

"Are you okay?" Janice asked as she put down her tools and grabbed a cloth, dabbing the droplets now trailing down Cooper's muzzle and neck. "I guess that spot is a little more sensitive than I thought. You did so well when I was getting my pick in there; it must have slipped my mind."

Cooper rubbed his jaw with a small whimper. "It's okay, I'm alright." He took a few deep breaths as his other hand brushed some of his fur back down. "Just be a little more careful right around there I guess."

"I'll do my best, but you really have to take care of your teeth better if don't want this to happen again."

Janice put the wet cloth aside, picked up the nozzle and tube in her delicate grasp, and waited for the marten. Cooper complied and this time the squirrel did her best to use warmer water and avoid the area in question. Once done, she suctioned away the excess liquid and put the tools away. Janice slid her stool back and grabbed a roll of floss. Pulling out a long strand as she scooted her chair back to Cooper's side, she began wrapping the ends around her fingertips. Leaning over the pine marten and starting with the back molars on one side, the squirrel slid the white tape in between each tooth. She sawed the floss up and down, curving the floss around each side of the tooth, taking care not to miss a spot.

In and out of each gap with speed, she continued to chat while she worked. "You know, it's a lot easier to floss someone else's teeth than your own? I do this how many times a day and it only takes me a few minutes per person. But when I go home and floss myself, it takes twice as long."

Cooper found her constant chatter almost as annoying as the sawing off floss into his soft gums. At the very least it was quick and vanished as soon as it came. The squirrel's hands were a flurry, moving around his jaw and replacing the bloody strand of floss with a clean one when she switched from the bottom row of teeth to the top. The upper row was completed even faster than the lower and Janice was soon sitting upright, done with her task.

"There we go, all good." The squirrel cheered as she began taking off her latex gloves. Cooper could see the numerous blood splotches on her gloves and cringed. He considered actually being serious about brushing and flossing regularly but realized that this is how he left the dentist's office every visit: the will to do better, only to stop flossing after a week or two and never going back.

While he pondered about his bad habits, Janice replaced her gloves with clean ones and

stood up. Opening up a cupboard, she called back to the marten, "What flavour of fluoride would you like? We have mint, grape, orange creamsicle and bubblegum."

Ears perked at the delicious selection of flavours, the marten licked his lips. "Uhmm, orange creamsicle sounds good."

Placing a small cup of paste on her tray, Janice picked up her polisher and went back to work. The soft hum of the device was a nice calm change for Cooper as the squirrel massaged each individual tooth. Every so often she would dip the end of the polisher into the cup, coming back with another dollop of polishing paste and applying it to the marten's teeth. The whole process went by quickly and smoothly, ending with another rinse and spit.

Janice pushed her tray away and pressed a button on the chair, bringing Cooper back to a sitting up position. The squirrel then brought over two mouth guards filled with a paste. The marten opened wide and she placed the trays in line with his teeth, pressing them in snug. Picking up the suction tube, she placed it in his mouth and instructed him to hold the tube and close his mouth around it. Cooper did as he was told, and held that position.

"Just sit back and relax a second, Cooper." She squeezed his shoulder. "I'm not sure why Dr. Bridges hasn't shown up yet so I'll be back in a moment. Will you be ok?"

Cooper lit up at her touch and nodded. As the taste of the fluoride crept to his tongue, the grin on his face turned sour. Unable to gag, he regretted his choice of flavour, the horrid mixture of oranges and cleaning chemicals. Eyes widened in a plea to remove the wretched concoction from his mouth, he turned to the soft furred hygienist for help.

The squirrel did not seem to notice his facial changes as she bounded out the door. "I'm just going to see what's taking her."

Her? The marten's ears perked. Cooper didn't know the dentist here was a woman. His friend had referred him so he had never looked up who the dentist at this practice actually was. Any dentist he had seen before had always been male. Not that it was weird a woman would be a dentist, it was just something he had never experienced. He could already see why his friend liked this office and recommended it.

"She should be here in just a moment," the squirrel called out as she bounced back in. "How's that fluoride coming? You should be done now, so let's get those trays out of there."

His jaw already tired from holding it open at a weird angle, the suction drying out the moisture in his tongue, Cooper's ears flicked at the sound of relief.

Janice grabbed a few tissues and traded them for the suction tube. Carefully, she pulled out each tray and disposed of it, handing the marten a small cup. "Just spit any remaining amount in there, when you're done, stuff the tissues in it. Now remember, you won't be able to drink or eat anything for thirty minutes."

Cooper ejected as much salvia and fluoride from his muzzle as he could. He wiped his mouth and as he handed the cup back the hygienist, a voice spoke up behind him.

"Sorry about that, Cooper." A rubenesque raccoon stepped into the room. The raccoon wore slacks and a tight white lab coat that hugged her curves. Her cheek ruffs were brushed out, soft and wispy while her large triangular ears stood perked and attentive. She walked past the squirrel to the chair and offered her paw to the marten. "I'm Doctor Bridges, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Cooper shook her hand and smiled. "Thank you," he said, trying his best to maintain eye contact despite the distracting cleavage now sitting eye level with his muzzle, "nice to meet you too."

Bridges' diamond shaped face smiled back at him, showing off a row of bright white teeth. "Now are you just here for a regular checkup," she placed a small, nimble paw on his shoulder, "or was there something bothering you with your teeth?"

His eyes sunk for a moment, but her soft tone and touch soothed and comforted Cooper, returning his gaze back to her. "It's really painful at the back of my jaw, bottom left side."

The raccoon nodded. "Alright, well let's see what your x-rays have to say." She turned towards the lightbox, bending over to get a closer look.

Cooper watched her, licking his lips as his view followed her bushy, ringed tail back up to her rounded, full rump. The marten tried to estimate how much of her ass he could cup in his paws. With both ladies side by side discussing Cooper's teeth, he was left to decide which rear he liked better between the tight and smooth squirrel's, or the full curve of the raccoon's.

He averted his gaze as they turned back towards him, Janice reached over to lower the chair as Bridges took the stool and began pulling on a pair of latex gloves.

"Ok, Cooper," the dentist slipped on her own safety glasses and picked up the dental pick. "There are a few spots I'm going to have to look at, including that sore one in the back so bear with me."

The raccoon leaned over the marten, her top button undone and displaying a large window of cleavage. Cooper rubbed his lips together, hoping it would come off as an attempt to keep them moist and not because of the lump in his throat due to the perfect viewing angle of the dentist's chest. The marten's gaze shifted upwards to see the dentist waiting patiently with a smile. With a blink, Cooper stopped his tail from wagging and opened his mouth, making sure not to tilt his head too far back; he wanted to keep the view of her wonderful round mounds in sight. The raccoon leaned in, her breasts rubbing against his arm and causing his arousal to return in his pants much to his dismay.

As Bridges picked at his teeth, her tool would occasionally stick, tugging at Cooper's jaw. "You feel that? Where it feels like the pick is stuck?" Bridges asked as she gave another light jerk. "That's probably a cavity there; we'll need to schedule a second visit to fill it."

Cooper tried to swallow the large lump in his throat. His ears drooped at the thought of another visit. A flash in his eyes brought his spirits back up when he realized a second visit to see the lovely ladies wasn't a horrible consolation prize. His tail started to wag again until the raccoon found another sticky spot that would require a filling. Cooper's shoulders slumped as he held back a whimper. He focused back on Bridges' chest, imagining how well they would fill his paws. Rubbing and caressing each one, giving them a squeeze. A shock from his jaw shot down Cooper's spine and he let out a yelp, his ears on end as he panted and stared up at the ceiling.

"That's not good." The raccoon rolled her stool back and took a closer look at the x-rays. After a moment of mumbling with Janice, Bridges slid back beside Cooper and leaned in close. With a delicate hand, she poked around the point, careful not to startle the marten again. "Well Cooper, I have some good news and some bad news."

Cooper shrunk down in his seat. That was a phrase that no one liked to hear. The rising hope, followed by the cliff dive; build him up just to tear him down. He looked into her eyes, a glum expression on his face, ready to bear the news.

"Well the good thing is, I don't think you'll need a root canal." The raccoon smiled at him, her face painted with hope, while her eyes held the sorrow of the next words on her lips. "Unfortunately, due to the gingivitis attacking your gums and a lot of buildup in your back molars, there's a deep cavity in between your teeth. It's very close to the nerve which is why you're getting such sensitivity from that area. Luckily, there's not infection from what I can see, so if we clean it out and fill it in, you may be able to get away with just that. But after it's filled, if you are still having issues, let us know right away because then we will have to schedule you a root canal. Okay?"

Cooper looked down at his chest and nodded. At least the lovely raccoon was a spoon full of sugar to help swallow the bad news that was the state of his teeth. He turned his head back to her and smiled at her soft wisps of cheek fur.

"Now normally we schedule cavity fillings for another appointment but since this one is a real issue, we're going to try and fill it today. That is if that's okay with you?" Bridges patted him on the shoulder. "If you have places you need to get to, or would rather do this on another day we are more than happy to accommodate you."

It only took the marten a few seconds to bark out, "Now would be great, please!" The sooner he could get rid of this retched pain, the better.

"Ok then, well we can put in the freezing** now and then wait for the numbing to kick in. Janice, can you please grab the Novocain please? I'll just quickly talk to Stacey. "

"Sure thing." The squirrel nodded.

As the dentist left the room, Janice rolled the tray back towards the counter and began pulling various tools and instruments from the cabinets. Cooper glanced over his shoulder, trying to get a good look at his x-rays. When he saw the squirrel pull the large blue needle out of a drawer, he shivered and turned away. Repressed memories of sharp jabbing pains in his gums caused Cooper to shudder in his chair.

Bridges returned and sat down, gliding her wheeled stool back to Cooper's side. Reaching behind the chair, she activated the switch and leaned the marten back. Even the glow of the lovely female dentist wasn't enough to prevent Cooper from gripping the armrest as the raccoon lifted the large syringe from the tray.

"Okay," Bridges held the needle up and smiled. "Open wide please."

Cooper sunk into the plush chair, his breathing quickened as he gradually opened his muzzle to her. Bridges leaned in, her face soft, fluffy and possibly ignorant of the fear she brought on with such a calm demeanor. As the needle drew closer, the marten's body tensed and his arm shook.

"Just a tiny mosquito bite," chirped the raccoon, her eyes locked on and hand steady.

The prick of the needle invading his gums caused an uncomfortable pain Cooper's jaw. He choked down a whimper, closed his eyes and panted rapidly as Bridges held the needle in place, injecting the anesthetic at a snail's pace. The marten's claws dug deep into the plush armrest, scratching the leather covering.

"Good job Cooper." Bridges pulled back and took a breath. "Hold still though we have one more mosquito bite to go."

The marten opened his eyes, lowering his ears just as the raccoon leaned forward again. His eyes closed shut as another sharp stab to his soft gums caused a shock and a tingle to wiggle through his jaw and into his neck. The whimper escaped his throat this time, alongside his quickened breathing.

"There, there, you're doing great." Bridges reached out and placed her free paw on his forearm.

Cooper caught his breath at the sensation of her gentle caress. His eyelids fluttered back open, glancing down at the small, delicate paw placed on his arm. A few blinks followed by a tail wag and the marten relaxed, daydreaming about that soft paw caressing his side.

"That should do it." The dentist lifted her paw from his arm and withdrew the needle from his maw. "Now we'll just let that numbing start to take effect. I have to check on one of the other patients so I'll be back in a few minutes once that's set in. If you need anything, Janice is right here, but I'll be back soon to take good care of you."

Cooper's ears grew hot as the raccoon gave him one last glowing smile before stepping out of the room. He rubbed his thighs together and squirmed from the restlessness in his pants. Did all her patients get such sweet treatment? He leaned his head back and sighed.

"Something wrong?" Janice piped up.

Cooper's ears flicked with surprise, he turned to the dental hygienist he had forgotten was still in the room. "Oh no, I'm awright." He squeaked at his slur of the last word.

Janice chuckled. "Sounds like the numbing is starting to kick in."

The pine marten nodded and brought his paw up, poking and prodding his jawline. He ran his tongue along his back teeth and wriggled at the odd sensation that trickled back to his brain: the weird feeling that occurred when you touch a part of you that's fallen asleep. How even though you know it's you, your mind is tricked into believing a foreign body is connected.

"Is it setting in already?" The cheerful voice of Dr. Bridges returned to the room. Cooper nodded again and the dentist grinned. "Excellent, then we can begin soon." The raccoon twirled to the counter, tail spinning behind her as she reached for the box of medical latex gloves. Pulling out a pair of purple ones, she stretched them over her tiny dainty paws.

Cooper frowned when Bridges pulled her surgical mask back over her muzzle, covering her adorable nose and chin. Once the marten opened his mouth, she picked up a swab and prodded the area around his back molar. "Feel this at all?" she asked. When Cooper shook his head, she waved Janice over while her other hand brought the hanging lamp in to point down into his muzzle.

The squirrel wheeled over to the marten's other side, two pieces of rolled up gauze in her paw. She hooked a finger in his cheek and pulled it away, placing the pieces of cloth between his gums and lips. Picking up the water nozzle and the suction tube, she nodded to Bridges.

The dentist held up the drill and her tiny mirror. "Ok, just a little air first."

Janice brought the nozzle in and Cooper felt the cold blast of air hit his teeth and gums. His eyes nervously twitched between dentist and assistant. Bridges nodded to the squirrel and leaned in. Holding back the marten's tongue with the mirror, the raccoon turned the drill on. The tip of the spinning tool touched Cooper's tooth, sending shivers down his spine. The pressure and vibrations reverberated through his jaw as the loud high-pitched whine echoed inside his head.

The marten whimpered, his tail curling around his leg and his ears folding back, trying to get away from the awful noise. Occasionally, the drill would be pulled back as Bridges would ask for suction or another burst of air. As the whirring of the dentist's tools continued, the drill came closer to the marten's nerve. Despite the freezing, he could still feel shocks of pain with every twitch of the dentist's hands. He could stop them and ask for more freezing but more needles to the gums did not sound like a less painful alternative.

The burning smell of enamel drifted up and tickled his nose. Cooper gripped the chair's armrest, his entire body rigid as his breathing became fast paced and deep. Unable to grit his teeth, he held back a whine and closed his eyes.

'Breathe,' he told himself, 'c'mon, don't concentrate on it. Think about something else, anything!'

"Are you doing okay, Cooper?" Bridges pulled away and asked, placing a reassuring paw on his thigh.

Cooper's ear grew hot. "Just a little tense."

"Mmhmm," the raccoon nodded, her paw rubbing up and down his leg, "No one's ever comfortable seeing me at my work place. I wish I could help them relax more."

He smiled and placed his paw on top of hers. "Well you're very comforting to have around."

The raccoon smirked and leaned in to sway her large chest in front of the marten's muzzle. "Maybe we can make your visit here more comfortable." Her paw drew over to the marten's inner thigh, stroking upwards.

Cooper shifted in the chair, her touch tickling his thigh and causing him to wiggle. He leaned forward to nuzzle the raccoon's breasts. "I think these need to be more comfortable." He brought his paws up and began unbuttoning the constricting lab coat, freeing her plump breasts from their tight white prison. Bridges chittered and slid her paw up further, giving his groin an encouraging squeeze to continue. Cooper hummed at the touch; motivated further to peel away the coat and fill his paws full with her chest. He thumbed her nipples, enjoying them grow perky under his digits before giving her breasts a firm squeeze. Leaning in, he pushed his nose against her reddening areola, ears perked to capture the squeak from her muzzle as the cold and wet sensation connected with the sensitive tissue. Cooper replaced the chill with warmth, enjoying the taste of her perky nipple on his stubbly tongue.

Bridges moaned and arched her back, pushing her chest further towards him. While she let him play with her front side, she began unbuckling his pants. Unzipping his jeans, she pulled them and his boxer shorts lower, exposing his throbbing member. She wrapped her thin long fingers around his length, encouraging him with caressing strokes to come out of his sheath and play.

Cooper groaned with the growing pleasure in his groin. His leaking tip poked out from its hiding spot and the raccoon licked her lips. Bridges sat back up despite Cooper's whimpering dismay, still pawing at her chest. She waved him off with her free paw, "I have to perform an oral exam, don't distract the dentist."

The marten whined but was cut short when the raccoon bent her grey form over his waist, bringing his enlarging member to her muzzle. Her tongue slid from her mouth, licking up and down Cooper's length. A guttural moan escaped his throat, shivers running through his fur. Bridges leaned in closer, enveloping his erection in her warm muzzle, tongue curling around his shaft. The marten shuddered, clawing at the plush armrests while the raccoon bobbed her head up and down.

Bridges leaned back and took a breath, "This won't do."

Cooper's ears fell flat and he opened his mouth to protest. The raccoon stood up and placed a finger on his nose before he could say anything. The marten blinked and closed his muzzle, waiting to see what she was up too. Bridges grinned and slid her pants off, kicking them to a corner. She wriggled her naked hips and placed her paws on the armrests of the chair. Balancing herself, she climbed on top of the marten.

"Now you're going to feel a wet, warm sensation." She murmured, lifting her hips. Grasping his length with one hand, she angled her hips and slid down on top of him. Cooper let out a loud moan, feeling her tightly around him.

"Oh, Cooper!" Bridges whimpered as she rocked back and forth.

"Dr. Bridges!" The marten cried back, his paws on her hips.

The raccoon tilted her head back, "Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Mr. Jones, MR. JONES!"

Cooper shook his head and opened his eyes. On his right sat Janice, stunned, mouth frozen open in disbelief. The marten turned and looked, but the dentist was no longer on the chair with him, instead he found just his paws busy at work. The waistband of his pants had been pushed down with one hand, his other wrapped around his large erection for all to see. Cooper's eyes went wide, his muzzle snapping shut.

A calming pat to his arm and he turned to see Dr. Bridges, her black mask of fur only able to hide a fraction of the blushing red underneath. "The name's Diane, hun," she chuckled and winked.

**For the Americans - Freezing is what others call the numbing agent or novacaine used to numb the gums and jaw before operating on.

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