Enjoy the Game -- Chapter 3

Story by Tachi on SoFurry

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#3 of Enjoy the Game

Tachi and Alus wake up from their nap to work on their science experiment. That is, Tachi works on it and Alus loafs around as a jock normally would. Discovering a new type of injection that aids muscle growth, Alus quickly learns that he wants it, too.

****DISCLAIMER: This story is for adults only (18+ years) and contains sexual descriptions of male/male interaction, offensive language, muscles, hyperphallia, inflation, musk, anal play, anal smothering, injections, etc. I will not be held accountable for any discontent this may cause. Please do not comment about the subject matter if it is not to your liking.*****

Enjoy the Game

Chapter 3

A dull vibration caused Tachi's ear to flick, stirring him from his short rest. There was a heavy weight against his back and side, opening his eyes to see the far wall, soon hearing a deep breath behind him. He blinked, bringing a paw to the muscular, green arm draped over his waist, a blush creeping into the brawny wolf's face afterward. The massive rat was sound asleep behind him. At least it wasn't a dream.

Carefully, the wolf drew the huge arm slowly off his side, inching the broad limb behind him so he could sidle out of bed. It was still daylight outside, though it was blocked by the hanging curtains. It was somewhat difficult to move his legs at the start, but soon slid them out from beneath the covers--it had to be the orgasm they had before they slept. His belly was still thick with the rat's love, rubbing it somewhat while he carefully slipped out of bed.

Bringing his own thick arms upward, he stretched while taking in a breath of air in the form of a yawn, popping his back somewhat before he slowly trudged to his personal bathroom. He paused in the doorway, looking back at Alus. He saw the huge rat on his side, still snoozing while grasping onto the sheets as if looking for Tachi to hold onto. A sheepish grin came over the wolf's face before he stepped into the tiled room.

The wolf's muscled form rippled in the nude as he stepped over the rise of tile, separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Overhead, there was a large, round spout that would cause water to cascade down like a small waterfall. He moved toward it and turned the knobs, quickly pressing up against the wall as it began to trickle, careful as to not get hit by the cold liquid. As it heated up, he brought himself back, letting the shower rush over him. He sighed in delight, feeling it moving over every muscle.

For a few minutes, Tachi could hear nothing but the water splashing down over him and over the floor of the shower. It was serene and enjoyable, tense muscles slowly coming to relax as he stood there. However, he wasn't aware of the large form lumbering forward, slowly stepping into the shower and pressing to the wolf's back. The wolf was soon engulfed, once more, by huge, green arms and pressed against a firm wall of fur and muscle.

"Mornin'," the rat rumbled, his voice deep as he lowered it to the wolf's ear. He nuzzled through his wet hair as the water rushed over them both.

"It's hardly been 90 minutes since we fell asleep," Tachi replied, though was grinning and closing his eyes as the big fingers of the other trailed over his belly and chest.

"Shut up, bitch," Alus growled, grinning as well while he trailed a nibble along the cup of the wolf's ear.

They soon fell into silence as the water washed over them. Tachi leaned back into the big, bulky body of his companion while those dark, furless paws trailed over his front, soon giving a light gasp as one of them reached to grip his flaccid, black cock. The wolf's face heated while he arched his hips, pressing himself back to the broad hips of the rat, pressing his thick, soft bubble rump over the member behind him.

Alus brought his paw up from that chest to the wolf's chin, lifting his muzzle up to look down at those aqua-colored eyes, his own crimson ones staring back into them. He could tell they were bright with interest and happiness, causing his own grin to continue growing. Lowering his head, the rat trailed a kiss against that muzzle, lips caressing once more while they made out beneath the rush of water. Alus tilted his head, spreading the wolf's lips with his big tongue, filling it easily.

Their lips pressed together and caressed each other, a deep growl leaving the rat's chest to vibrate against the wolf's back. Tachi turned somewhat to further the kiss, but he was gripped by the big, dark paws and pressed forward, pressing Tachi against the wall while their kiss continued. The wolf's ears perked, but he pressed back, almost trying to make the rat back up. Their fur was wet, matted, and if anything, it made Alus look even more tremendous.

Tachi could barely see the broad form from his position, but he could certainly feel it. Those powerful muscles were as warm and pulsing dully as they were when they slept in bed, if not warmer due to the heated water washing over them. Their kiss continued while Tachi trailed his own paws against one of those huge arms, feeling the basketball-sized bicep bulging against him. Once more, though, that big paw shoved Tachi's down and against the wall once more as their kiss parted.

"What're you doin'..." the wolf asked in a pant, feeling that huge form squeezing him to the tiled wall a bit more, leaving him to groan out a bit. He felt those huge, soft mounds starting to press along the back of his head, tensing up and flaring larger as Alus flexed. That heavy tank of a gut pressed against his back and rump, sliding against his waist to pin Tachi further.

"Mm... need more," Alus whispered into the wolf's flicking ear while he raised his hips. That soft, thick meat slid against the wolf's rump, causing Tachi to become rigid, gasping out.

"Nnngh... it hasn't even been that long..." Tachi murmured, though pressed his own broad, muscled rump back against the huge package that sloshed against him, stirring his arousal up once more. His black cock throbbed, starting to rise against the cool tile, causing him to shiver beneath the powerful figure of the rodent behind him.

"Maybe I need to shove your face into my nuts again to remind you how big they are," the rat grunted as his meat swelled slowly, rising up between the wolf's vast hips.

Tachi quieted other than his slight gasps and grunts at the rolls of those strong rat thighs, gradually raising his blond tail to let that dick grind further. The member was heating up and throbbing fatter; the wolf was growing more excited, ignoring the water rushing over their forms. He could feel Alus's paw sliding up his side and limb, squeezing his strong arm until it slid to his neck.

That hairless paw held Tachi's neck firmly while Alus lowered his head, trailing a nibble and kiss against the expansive neck of the wolf, almost as if tasting him. A thick lick trailed over Tachi's shoulder, followed by another light nip, pressing him against the wall more insistently while he grinded forward, a deeper growl escaping his lips as he let his cock harden with the heavy throbs.

"You're gonna take me..." Tachi gasped, pressing back as he felt that member pulling back from him, only to be replaced by the fat cockhead digging between his thick, round cheeks.

"I've already taken you. Just makin' more marks," Alus replied as he pressed his hips forward, shoving that precum-drooling head along that hidden tailhole.

"I-it's... it's too big," Tachi whimpered, feeling the bulbous bowling ball-sized head shoving for entry.

"I don't think it is," Alus replied with another growl.

"It's gonna hurt..."


Without another word, Tachi felt Alus's grip tighten around him, muscles flexing and growing, engulfing him in green fur and sinew once again. The pressure at his rump was growing while the syrupy, hot precum dribbled over it and into his hole. It spread bit by bit and he tried his best to relax for the big cock's entrance, jerking heavily with the inches entering into him. Despite his moaning whimpers, Tachi's rump was spreading quite easily.

"Taken cock before, huh...?" Alus asked with a growling snort, barely giving the wolf time to adjust as inch after inch sank into that waist.

"I have... items of... questionable morality," Tachi replied through wincing whimpers.

"...What?" Alus asked, almost pausing before he shoved an entire half foot of rat cock up that stretching rump.

"Sex T-TOYS..." Tachi barked out with the force of entry.

Tachi had never been filled so much before and knew the rat still had three quarters of dick to give him. He felt his waist bulging with the shape of that cockhead, clenching over it as it pressed apart his sensitive, warm innards. The wolf clawed at the wall, giving louder groans the deeper it went in, arching somewhat, but it would not alleviate the pressure that was steadily building from the drooling rat meat.

Alus was groaning louder as his pulsing dick entered his wolf. He brought one of his huge arms around the waist of the wolf, gripping the other black cock pulsing against the tiles as his other arm continued holding Tachi's neck and shoulder. His maw spread, gently grazing his sharp teeth along Tachi's flesh and muscle, gripping as he entered further, more than half-way in. He didn't stop, letting his cock steadily spread the wolf, feeling Tachi squirm beneath his grip until that big, wide rump pressed into his groin, huge testicles squeezed by those muscled thighs.

By the time Alus had entered, Tachi felt the lower area of his belly bulging with the shape of that cockhead; some of the shaft was seen beneath. The wolf lowered his paw to squeeze at the protrusion, making the rat gasp and tense from the feel of being massaged through the wolf's wide body. Tachi panted, lifting his head back and against the rat's neck and chest, feeling them pressing against his back all the more. Tachi's member was steadily dribbling precum, but it was washed away by the running water.

The burning sensation of stretching was like nothing he had felt before. His flesh even sounded out with leathery creaks as the rat shoved through, making the wolf moan while his belly bulged outward inches further. The heat was steadily increasing around them despite the water not changing temperature. The rat's deep growls only seemed to gain more bass while he pushed upward, sliding his huge, black cock further into his wolf while precum trickled and filled that belly.

Tachi's clawing never stopped. He made small clefts in the tiles while he was pressed up against them, his moans increasing in volume as that cock pulled back out. Inches appeared once more, slick from its own precum as it dragged. Every fat, throbbing inch could be felt by the wolf, while those veins and bulges caused him to clench and squeeze, trying to keep all of it in. The rat was too powerful to be stopped--not that Tachi wanted him to.

The bulges in the wolf's belly slowly smoothed over with the exiting penis, leaving his legs spread and nearly slack against the tiles. The water was still rushing over their bodies, but it was hardly felt anymore from the pleasure building up between the rat and wolf. The rat meat was pulled back to the helmeted head, but Alus wasted no time in shoving it back in with a firm, forceful thrust, followed by a heavy snarl of a bestial vigor.

Everything compounded off each other. Tachi's legs almost went slack, leaving him to fall onto that cock as it shoved upward, leaving him to yelp out while he was grinded back into the wall by the massive rat behind him. The bulges at his belly returned, but seemed a bit larger than before.

"Oh FUCK!" the wolf's yelp echoed off the walls.

"Shut up... fuckin' bitch," the rat snarled while he drew back once more.

Bracing himself a bit more, Tachi felt it leaving him once again before the slam shoved through him once more. Again, the wolf yelped out from its size, and again the bulge at his belly was bigger than before. Tachi could feel that cock stretching him more each time, swelling inside his body with each piston. It was like a steam train shoving through him each time when the rat made a rhythm out of it.

When the thrusting became constant, the wolf let his legs give out, being held up by the powerful muscles behind him and the huge dick shoving through his body. He held his claws on the wall, but the huge, dark paws of the rat gripped his wrists, pressing them higher. When they were high enough, Alus managed to squeeze both of those thick wrists in one paw while the other drifted down the wolf's broad lat muscle before going around his belly and squeezing the body tightly to his own.

That big, green belly folded around his back somewhat before it met with the muscle beneath, holding him to the wall while the powerful arm squeezed and shoved his hips upward. His muscles tensed while he began fucking his wolf while his grunts and snarls vibrated through him. The massive watermelon balls below slapped the thighs and tiled wall with thick, wet clops while they collided. The slapping grew louder while the rat slammed deeper, every inch pulling out before shoving back in.

Tachi was suspended above that huge cock, pinned by the mountains of muscle that crushed at his form with each shove. The gigantic pecs behind him pressed along his head, almost engulfing it while they pinned his head to the wall. They flexed and rippled, almost seeming to tug at him while they jerked and wobbled above him. The wolf wanted so badly to grip on the fat, black nipples he could see out of the corners of his eyes, shining with the water running down the mountains in rivulets.

It was no use, though. The powerful grip of the rat's paw, the bulging arm around his middle, and the wide pillar of meat was leaving the wolf locked in place while the rat did what he pleased. Tachi could do nothing but squirm and moan out while the rat took him and claimed him once more. The strong, rippling inner muscles gripped what they could of the giant dick riding through them, making Tachi arch and gasp each time his body convulsed. His own cock was gushing thick gouts of precum each time the rat slammed--pain and pleasure were coursing through his body and he was loving every moment.

The cream gut of the wolf was steadily swelling while they progressed. Precum was dumped from the black cock into his form with increasing amounts and pace. It sagged lower with each splatter, causing the wolf to belch slightly from the pressure it was adding inside of him. He shoved back as he tried his best to pleasure his massive green rat, but the tree-like thighs behind him were keeping him quite still.

Each thrust brought them closer to that white nirvana. Tachi's head was pressing back even more into those pecs as the pleasure was overloading his senses. He was practically jerking back and forth in the grasp of the monstrous rat, tensing further with his muscles bulking. His broad back pressed harder into the rat as if trying to sink into those broad muscles, but his huge cream-colored balls were pulling up against him.

With a yelping howl, the wolf's flood gates were destroyed. With a seizing tension, that black cock bloated at the base, moving up and exploding with white cream along the tiled walls, hitting him against the chin and shooting up past his head to the ceiling. His writhing caused his inner muscles to clench just as hard as the rest of him, gripping the huge rat dick in a vice, squeezing it roughly. With every gush, the wolf's body rippled with his flexing form.

The sudden orgasm of the wolf caused Alus to gasp and grip him more tightly, slamming his hips forward as his huge, gurgling nuts began to spasm as well. His thrusts grew rough and erratic, grunts becoming more monstrous as he pinned the orgasming wolf to the wall more tightly than before. Finally, after a few more random humps, the huge rat followed suit behind the gushing wolf. With a roar, Alus began to fill his wolf.

Gush after gush erupted into Tachi's backside, flooding his rump and belly almost instantaneously. It splattered so hard that it spewed back over that huge dick and slathered the floor. There were heavy plops of the thick goop hitting the tiles before the massive globs made their way to the drain, sliding in with the water leading it there. Most of it stayed in that belly, though, pumping directly into it and causing the thick belly to sag lower like the tip of a filling condom. Each hard gush could be seen wobbling the wolf's belly as the rat arched.

Gallons filled the wolf's gut as it sagged and bloated, causing Tachi to cry out and gurgle as some of it dribbled up his throat and from his mouth. He was getting so full that he was coughing it up! Tachi seemed startled by this as well, but if anything, it made him more aroused as his cock gushed harder. He clawed at the shower wall all the more, splintering the tiles as he was filled while the pressure increased inside of his belly, causing his legs to spread a bit more.

The raising strain in his belly caused the wolf to worry somewhat after his orgasm had ended. It slowed to a trickle, leaving the wolf to gather his thoughts while he was still humped into by the rat. His stomach had tightened, pressed up against the wall while he was squeezed by the green belly behind him. The wolf's middle let out a leathery creak as the rat orgasmed, causing Tachi to spasm and squirm, whimpering out through his gurgles.

Tachi was about to speak up, but he felt the rodent's orgasm weakening, slowly waning spurt by spurt until there was a slight, steady stream. A sigh of relief came from the wolf, leaving him to fall limp in the powerful arms that now held around him, listening to the deep, growling breaths of the monster behind him. He leaned back into the rat, laying his head against that broad shoulder and neck while he passively drooled that white liquid from his lips and rump.

"You almost... made my stomach rupture," the wolf murmured, belching more white liquid after, letting it dribble down his chin.

"Yeah, well... I have a lot to give," Alus replied through his deep breaths.

"Fuck... and that was already after the first one," Tachi marveled, rubbing his turgid belly, wincing from the pressure. It was as if he had eaten three meals in one sitting.

"I would've made you burst if we hadn't played around before," Alus murmured, a mischievous smirk coming across his large muzzle.

"Yeah, well, you would've pulled out had we not," Tachi snorted. Bursting was apparently a real danger with this rat!

"Would I?" Alus chuckled.

Tachi blinked and looked back to the rat's face, appearing fearful.

Alus was startled by the worried expression.

"No, no, I would have. I wouldn't hurt you, Tachi. At least, not without you being okay with it," Alus murmured, seeming nervous himself in return.

Another slight relief came over the wolf, bringing one of those huge arms closer, leaning into the massive form as the water rushed over them. He still squeezed over that big, black rat cock inside of him, shuddering as the pleasure returned through his mind.

"That's good to hear... I do like a bit of pain from time to time," Tachi murmured, letting the water rush over them.

The big rat's paw lifted up to trail along the wolf's cheek, pulling Tachi to look at him again, looking into those aquamarine eyes while his own red ones glistened in the light.

"I promise. I would never hurt you for the sake of hurting you. If you enjoy it, I'll do it. Nothing more than that, though. I wouldn't let anyone hurt you," the rat spoke softly, yet that voice was still deep with bass. It was almost like a whisper, but the power behind it could not be contained.

Tachi's face grew red once more. The head could be felt against the thick digits that encompassed the side of his head, almost looking away, but the powerful paw was too big--and comfortable--to remove himself from it. He could feel himself moving his head closer, whether he wanted to or not. Tachi wasn't sure if he was leaning or if the rat was pulling him closer, but their lips eventually met after a few moments.

Their lips meshed perfectly, sliding against each other with a mix of that rat cum and their saliva while the shower continued splashing water over them. It was slightly awkward with the huge cock inside of Tachi's rump during their intimate moment, but he wouldn't let go and only went deeper. Big tongues slid against each other. The rat's quite larger than Tachi's; his cheeks were easily filled with it. The wolf sucked on it, swallowing down that saliva, though winced from the strain of his belly. The kiss parted quickly afterward, leaving the wolf to groan as the rat's cock throbbed in his backside.

"Oh my God, you're getting harder," Tachi stated, seeming completely exasperated, "Are you getting aroused again? You came twice in less than three hours!"

It was Alus's turn to blush, slowly pulling backward. His huge cock inched out of the wide-spread wolf rump, visibly throbbing with the thick veins covering it. Eventually, the huge head popped out, followed by a massive deluge of white liquid. The rat seemed surprised that so much came out, watching it flood the shower area before it was swept down the pipes. He saw Tachi sinking to his knees, but his huge arms gripped the wolf up once more.

After letting some of the pressure decrease, the wolf clenched back up, sealing it all back inside and letting his belly slosh. His legs felt as if they were dislocated, unable to hold himself up--he would have fallen if Alus had not caught him. With a slight groan, Tachi buried his face into the massive pectoral muscles in front of him, letting the mounds fold over his face. He took a slight peek at the gigantic, throbbing mass of cock in front of him, chuckling and hiding his face once more.

"God damn, Alus," Tachi stated, completely winded.

"I really will stuff your face into my balls," Alus murmured, seeming embarrassed for the first time.

"You're fuckin' hard again!" he stated, pointed to the pulsing member.

"Sorry..." Alus's face was falling, the embarrassment turning into shame.

Tachi was startled by the lowering voice, looking up at the rat before he reached out, gripping the fat cockhead and squeezing it roughly, lifting his head again while pressing his muzzle against the bigger one.

"What? Don't be sorry. That's fucking hot. I've got the hottest, most virile rat in the world carrying me out of the shower with a boner that lasted after two orgasms--and he wants me. I'd make you cum again if I wasn't so exhausted," the wolf stated, frowning up at him.

Alus arched immediately into the grip to his cockhead, gasping before he heard the statement, a grin reappearing on his big muzzle.

"Really?" he asked, still uncertain.

"Yes! You're fucking huge and I love it. Your balls are gigantic and I want to bathe in your cum. I need you," Tachi growled, lifting his head and kissing into those lips once more.

This kiss was sloppier than their previous; their tongues danced for dominance, but Alus's quickly overtook the wolf's once more. Those cheeks were filled again by the rat's tongue, moving about while Alus turned the shower water off, walking slowly to the towels to grab two of them. Now that the water was no longer there, the saliva was felt trickling down their chin before their kiss parted.

Tachi eventually slipped out of Alus's arms and grabbed a few towels; Alus needed two. They began drying off and walked back into the wolf's room to get to the original activity they were there for: the science project. The rat had completely forgotten about it, much to the wolf's criticism. Alus seemed almost disappointed, which caused Tachi to grin to himself--he wouldn't let the rat see, though. Maybe this would work, after all.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I'm not going to do all of the work, you know," Tachi stated, his annoyance finally bubbling over while Alus looked through the wolf's video games.

"I know, I know! You just have so many games I've wanted to play for so long," the rat said longingly.

Tachi's ears perked. He paused in his research on his laptop and chuckled.

"Well, we can play them, but only after we get finished. Or at least, we make enough progress through it to where we get to the experimenting," Tachi explained.

"Really? You wouldn't mind?" Alus asked excitedly.

"You can come over to play with me anytime you want."

Alus smirked, gaining another of his sly expressions as he moved away from the big screen and slid along the bed, pressing close to the large wolf. His big, green belly slid half-way over the wolf, folding over him while making a thick sloshing sound. His wide, powerful arm moved similarly along the wolf's side and other arm, leaning his head down to kiss against his wolf's neck. His massive chest pressed to the back of the wolf's back while he growled into the other's ear.

Tachi's face immediately went red while he was practically covered, squirming beneath his grasp while he breathed heavily.

"N-no, stop that, we have to get this finished," Tachi stated.

"But what if I want to play now? That's what you said," Alus murmured, growling again while he let his fat groin press to the other's thigh.

"God damn it, I'm serious Alus," Tachi whined, trying to tug away from him.

"Sorry, sorry," Alus murmured before kissing that neck one more time, looking over the laptop afterward. "What is it we're doing, exactly?"

"Growth hormones. Muscle enhancers. Things like that," Tachi replied as he brought his attention to the research again despite the heat radiating from the rat's massive body. It was still difficult to focus, considering the powerful muscles pressing over him, rippling and flexing randomly while the veins throbbed.

Alus seemed to be completely attentive now, surprised at the words.

"Like... steroids?"

"Something like that. Our bodies have silly limits on them and I've been trying to find a way to release inhibitors," Tachi explained.

"Aren't things like that... illegal?" Alus sounded concerned.

Tachi looked from his screen to the rat, a smirk coming over his muzzle.

"My family has certain... connections with bigger laboratories and doctors to get around the legalities. Even for a school project."

Alus gave a whistle and then flicked his long, thick tail about, whipping the bed a bit. His body seemed tenser than before and his groin was throbbing once more. It would press more firmly against Tachi's leg while he held onto the wolf, staring more intently at the screen than before.

That fat rat package caused Tachi to shudder and press more firmly against it afterward, flicking his ear. He looked back at Alus before he leaned his head against the other, giving a light kiss against that neck and along that chin, growling in delight.

"Does that excite you?" Tachi asked in a whisper.

Alus could only give a silent nod, looking back at the wolf.

"You want to get bigger? Even though you're already huge?" the wolf added.

Alus gave a growl as he rolled his huge thigh against the wolf, pressing against him while he growled out.

"I need to get bigger. I love how big I am, but I'm not big enough," Alus murmured.

"I don't know if I'll be able to handle you bigger. I could use you to experiment on though," Tachi stated with a snicker.

"Yes," Alus stated without a second thought.

"No hesitation, huh? Well, I want you bigger, too," Tachi growled as he kissed that muzzle once more. "We'll have to make sure it's safe, though. We'll use some feral rats to test the safety of it. I've already got a few chemical makeups and reactions in mind."

Alus seemed more focused than ever before. He had no idea that Tachi was planning to make a growth chemical, much less for him to use! It excited him if his swelling package were any evidence to the fact. He grinded it against Tachi's leg a bit more, his breathing getting a bit deeper while he watched the wolf work. He had no idea what any of the chemical equations meant, but he knew he was going to enjoy the results.

"Alright, calm down big guy. It's still a ways off. And like I said, we have to make sure it's safe," Tachi stated, pressing his muzzle through that neck fur, growling out and nibbling against the powerful muscle in that neck. Tachi enjoyed the feel of that vibrating neck, listening to the rumbles coming from that broad, tensing chest.

"How long?" Alus asked, trailing his thick fingers through that blond hair, still breathing heavily while he lapped and kissed against Tachi's muzzle, taking a few from his lips as he squeezed him close, giving a slight groan of excited pleasure.

"Not too long, I should be able to make a few of these today, and the rats should show results over the week. If they progress as well as I think they will, we'll give you some," Tachi rumbled into the affection.

"A whole week? I don't know if I can handle it," Alus murmured through his kisses.

"You're going to have to. I'm not giving you unknown chemicals without knowing the effects," Tachi replied, arching his head to expose more of his neck.

"Fine, fine. I'll wait. I better get huge, though," Alus growled, giving a firm flex around his wolf, engulfing him more into his green-furred bulk.

"M-mmph... don't worry, you'll be bigger."

* * * * * * * * * *

"Sir, your son has..." the large falcon trailed off as he stared at the chemical equations Tachi had created and given to him.

"What?" The massive platinum-colored jackal asked, looking over his shoulder at the screen. There was a large, glowing monitor in front of a few panels and a laboratory table littered with beakers and liquids. The jackal adjusted his white coat as he looked over bubbling liquids, soon combing back a stray strand of dark headfur.

The laboratory was tremendous. There were a few scientists working on a few projects, all of them seeming to be writing something, watching beakers, or mixing liquids. Most of them were huge in their own right, be it through muscularity or fat. They all took on forms one would normally see in an Egyptian pantheon--jackals, falcons, crocodiles, and others. There was a bit of music floating through the air, but everyone seemed to be tuning it out. Aside from the colorful scientists and liquids, everything else was in black and white.

"Well, Tachi asked me to verify these skeleton formulas to see if they could be made," the bird murmured, seeming to be mixing a few small beakers at the desk. They seemed to be emitting a very slight glow, themselves.

"Yes, well? Can they be made? What's wrong with them? They look rather impressive to me," the jackal murmured, adjusting his goggles as he thinned his eyes.

"That's the thing, sir. Not only can they be made, but your son has created something that we've not even come close to," the falcon murmured, looking back to Tu'Hahra.

"Not come close to? What? You know I'm not very knowledgeable on the chemical side of things."

"He has... created a sort of... inhibitor remover. A very effective one."

The jackal was getting slightly annoyed at the suspense he was being kept in. "And that means...?"

"One for muscular inhibitors. He's made a chemical that will, in theory, remove the limitations of our muscular systems. Completely." The falcon was slack-jawed at the entire situation.

"What does that mean, man? Why does my child's work have you in awe?" Tu asked, coming close to shaking the bird through his rising frustration and unwavering curiosity.

"Our main production line deals with pushing past those size limitations. Even then, those inhibitors are still there. That is, our bodies have silly limiters on how large and strong we can get. Tachi has... found a way to eliminate those limiters. Our bodies will be able to grow exponentially," the falcon stated, looking up into the face of his boss. "Not only will this affect the chemicals we create, but it will double... possibly triple your market's value. Hell, even more--it's a scientific breakthrough!"

Tu's eyes widened--he finally understood. His son had created something that his team of scientists had been working to find for years. His golden eyes looked from the falcon's face to the screen, and then back with a rather large grin; it was a grin of determination and excitement.

"I'm not sure why my boy was able to figure this out so much quicker than all of you, but... well, he is my son, after all. Give him whatever he needs. Support him in any way possible. For the next week or two, you work for him as well," Tu stated, looking to the falcon with a more commanding expression.

"Of course, sir. It is already being done. I have given him a few of our lab rats and have created the chemicals he requested. All he has to do now is administer it to the rats and we'll see what becomes of them. ...He was doing this for a damn school project," the falcon said, almost sounding bewildered.

"Excellent. If this does what you're saying it does, he will have already earned his way into our business," Tu stated, standing up and briskly walking back to his office.

* * * * * * * * * *

A week had passed. Every day, the huge rat jock would come home with Tachi to progress on their science final. The wolf was surprised by his father's enthusiasm to continue his project, considering it was a branch of their family business. The great platinum-furred jackal never said explicitly why his project was so good, but he continued with more enthusiasm than before.

Alus barely let go of Tachi while they were in their bedroom, working on the experiment. It was difficult, however, considering the big, green rat would rarely keep his hands off the wolf's form. Tachi didn't mind terribly, of course, he simply had to deal with the arousal that came every moment he was being fawned over by the huge jock. At least he could temporarily distract the powerful football player with his video games.

The wolf monitored the lab rats each day. Having injected them whenever the chemical was originally made, nothing seemed to change immediately. Thankfully, the concoction had no immediate health concerns, either. It was apparent that they all had a bit more energy overtime, however. Setting up the experiment was pretty easy, either way. He separated the rats and had the four all exercise in different intervals throughout the day for varying amounts.

All of them showed a strange, yet somewhat expected, muscle increases. The two rats which had more exercise showed more of an increase. Tachi used different foods for those two rats, one with more protein and one with less. Everything that a normal muscular system would respond to came across like normal--the only difference was the rate of growth and size. The first of the two exercise rats were almost two times bigger than the first two rats who didn't have much exercise, but the one with protein food was almost three times as big. Its muscularity was defined and quite visible even beneath its white fur. It almost had to waddle from being so large.

Still, there were no major health concerns other than an escalation of appetite in all four rats. Having collected the data, Tachi was almost finished with the experiment. He had to finish soon--the biggest of the four was actually bending the bars of his cage.

"Holy shit, look how big he is," Alus murmured, having paid quite close attention to the experiment despite his constant groping of his wolf and video game playing.

"Yeah, I'm half tempted to inject one of my father's growth serums to see how big he can actually get," Tachi stated, rubbing his chin as he looked at the eating lab rat.

"Do it," Alus stated plainly, seeming more excited.

"I may after we finish collecting the data. I'm concerned that, if he gets too big too quickly, his flesh will rip," Tachi explained, still watching the lab rat.

Alus let a slight wince go, humming softly before he nodded.

"Maybe dad has a sort of skin... grower... or something. Maybe his stuff already does that," Tachi said after a few moments.

"So is anything wrong with them?" Alus asked as he sniffed at the rats, all four of them seeming rather attentive to their huge green cousin.

Tachi chuckled as he watched the interaction, flicking his blond tail about while he watched, moving back to examine.

"No, vitals are normal. No health issues other than increased appetites, but with muscle growth, you need that sort of thing," the wolf explained.

"So you can use it on me now?" Alus asked.

That seemed to perk the wolf up a bit. Tachi flicked his ear and rubbed his chin, looking at the big, green rat. He had fantasized about it whenever he realized that the rats were all growing in muscle size, he had to admit. Actually administering it made him feel a bit worried.

"Well, maybe after another week. I need to make absolutely sure that nothing happens to them. I don't want anything to happen to you because we got excited," Tachi murmured, moving to the green male, holding around his waist from behind while he nuzzled along that expansive, shirt-covered back.

Alus perked as he felt those large arms around his waist, smirking and pressing back against the wolf with his massive backside, his jeans creaking as he flexed his thick rump against Tachi's front. He growled and took a few steps back, sliding his wolf to the bed and pressing him back against it with enough force to make him fall back. The rat then brought himself to press him against the bed with his huge rump, growling in delight.

"Yeah, sure. I don't want anything to happen to me either," Alus chuckled. He let his body relax, adding more weight to the squirming wolf beneath him.

"You're fuckin' squishing me, asshole," Tachi grunted, trying to press at that huge bottom. "Mmm, yep," the rat growled, starting to undo his jeans below. After the button popped and the zipper came down, he wriggled them down his waist so his huge rump pressed further along the wolf's chest, now bare to the wolf's sight. The two green globe glutes were moving closer toward his face, causing the wolf to squirm further.

"W-what're you doing!?" he grunted, soon giving a loud, muffled groan while those green cheeks pressed over his face, locking him in the musky crevices of that lower half. The strong, masculine scent slid along his chest and face, leaving him locked in it. His arms were pinned down by the cheeks, only able to squeeze along those thighs while he groaned. His senses were overloaded by the scent of the huge rat's rump and taint, leaving Tachi whimpering in arousal.

"Felt like sitting down," Alus murmured, growling while he pulled his pants all the way down, letting his massive junk slap down over Tachi's pulsing bulge in his pants. His long, thick tail whapped about, slapping the bed while he felt the wolf squirming beneath his powerful form, grunting while he moved back a bit more.

Succumbing to his situation, Tachi began to nuzzle along the deep crevice between those broad bubble cheeks, trailing his tongue along the inside walls of that bottom. He squeezed at the thighs a bit more, breathing a bit heavier while he arched and moaned, feeling the black pucker bulge beneath his thick tongue. He pressed it against that black hole, though he was unable to see much of it while he pressed forward, grinding up into the other's grasp.

Alus reached down, fiddling with Tachi's pants before undoing them and tugging them downward. Immediately, the big, black wolf cock smacked up against his own sac, making the rat grunt before he gripped it, stroking along the fattening pole. He was panting as well, his own black cock erecting upward while he groaned, pressing his rump more thoroughly back over his wolf while he smothered him. He brought his paw up to squeeze both of those big cocks, pumping them slowly while he licked his lips.

Tachi gripped those thighs harder whenever his own cock was gripped, muffled moaning sounding out beneath the huge ass. He pressed his tongue into that tight pucker, feeling it pressing out while he pressed up, hearing the throbbing of those powerful muscles even through that back side. The musky environment caused his arousal to spike, already giving a splash of precum from his cock along Alus's stroking paw. He pressed his muzzle forward, easily pressing it into that black pucker.

The rat gasped at the feeling of being stretched by Tachi's face, arching back against him as his own cock was dribbling precum as well. He leaned over, letting his taint drag against Tachi's neck while he slurped and kissed on both of their dicks, letting them dribble on his tongue before he took both between his lips. His fat tongue trailed over both throbbing members, leaving them both to let out muffled groans with each other. Whenever the wolf tried pressing up, Alus pushed back, letting more of that muzzle sink into his hole.

The wolf's face was easily engulfed by that huge hole, leaving him to moan louder, almost unable to breathe from so much rump in his face. He grinded upward, however, feeling that big maw devour his meat. Precum continued splashing from the arousal from his position, gripping that huge ass as much as he could. He stroked them, feeling them tensing and rippling over him while the rat sucked them both off, gasping and panting while still trying to squirm from beneath from time to time.

Alus wasn't letting Tachi squirm away, though--not while his massive rump was pinning him down. The huge rat pressed back further to angle their fat, black cocks up a bit more, sliding his maw over them and letting his tongue bathe the gushing heads and over the shafts. His lips slid over them and pressed further, being surprisingly flexible despite his massive form--not that he would have to bend over too much. His cock was gigantic and Tachi's was big enough as well. Precum bulged the rat's cheeks before he swallowed it down, drawing his head up and down a bit faster.

The suction and weight on his body caused Tachi's arousal to spike further. He groaned louder, grinding his face through that deep rump crevice while that fat, black hole spread over his face all the more. He could probably fit his entire head into it. The thought crossed his mind and he flicked an ear, smirking into that huge rat rump before he shoved forward. He snarled, nuzzling deeply, spreading those inner folds all the more while he pushed up. The walls spread over him, and with a thick pop, his head pushed in.

The rat was startled by the sudden deep penetration of his boyfriend's head, letting a snarl go. He pressed back, the pressure causing him to spasm and grind a bit harder, leaving the wolf to twitch and spasm as he was nearly crushed from the weight. Feeling his sudden jerks, Alus pulled his weight up somewhat, but still pressed back as he moaned louder than he had before. No one had ever been that deep in his ass before, much less with a part of their own body! The sensation caused his vision to blur to his arousal, snarling while his prostate was shoved against.

It wasn't long before they were both clenching tight, tensing up, unleashing their orgasms. White splattered into the rat's maw while he sucked, drinking down so much of both of their liquid in an instant; gallons were flooding down his throat. Alus closed his eyes as he swallowed, pushing his head further over them while his neck bloated, green belly stretching before him, getting thicker and heavier with every gush they went through.

That huge, green rump was clenching and rippling over the wolf's head. Tachi squirmed, soon pulling his head back and popping it out of that rump with a gasp, panting roughly now as a bit of cool air rushed over his face while he pressed his muzzle from between that crack. He growled and shuddered, moaning out and whimpering as his orgasm continued gushing, but never lasted as long as Alus. His own came to a trickling stop while the rat's raged on, now just lying there and letting the other finish his pleasure.

It took a few more minutes, but Alus slowly lifted his rump from his wolf's body, slowly turning to pull the other up against him, leaning into the bed before falling onto it. The great, green arms wrapped him up again, grunting deeply while he nuzzled along Tachi's face, kissing against it and lapping over it a bit before he chuckled.

"What's... funny...?" the wolf asked through his heavy panting.

"You have my scent all over you," Alus murmured.

"Oh, really? I had... no idea," Tachi panted, giving a light punch against one of those huge pectoral muscles.

Alus chuckled again and growled, nuzzling along that head once more before he settled in the bed, closing his eyes.

"Now everyone's gonna know who you belong to," Alus growled, still smirking.

"Ahuh, like no one knows already," Tachi replied, "you're hanging all over me every day at school now."

"Who gives a shit? You're mine," Alus rumbled.

"Mhmm, I am," Tachi replied, giving a kiss to the big rat muzzle that was grooming him. As usual, they both fell asleep against each other in their afterglow.

* * * * * * * * * *

After another week, Tachi had concluded that his science experiment was a success. The biggest of the four rats, under his supervision, had grown to fill nearly half his cage while the other three remained half its size. Tachi was impressed by the size of the rat, who was only hungry all the time, but still showed no signs of health impairments. He had finally decided it was safe to give Alus a dose for a different type of experiment.

"You sure you wanna do this? I don't really have a reverse to this," the wolf asked, looking up at the big green rat while he held the syringe.

"Just do it, bitch. I wanna get bigger," Alus grunted, holding his big arm out.

Tachi sighed lightly and then brought up the swab to rub over the intended spot, soon uncapping the thick needle and pressing it in. The rat didn't flinch at all as he watched curiously, watching the plunger get pushed down, grinning as the liquid pumped into his thick vein. He was careful about it, soon pulling the emptied syringe away and soon sealed it with a liquid bandage. Tachi massaged over that huge vein while it throbbed beneath his fingers, looking up at the other.

"You're going to have to spend a few nights here so I can keep an eye on you. And we'll probably have to feed you since it will likely increase your appetite," Tachi explained as he rubbed over the arm.

"Been waiting for you to say that," Alus growled, bringing his arm down to scoop the wolf from his feet, pinning him to the bed with a chuckle, pressing his forehead to the wolf's.

Tachi gasped as he was picked up, squirming in the grasp before pausing while the rat pressed his lips into his own, tilting his head and sharing in the lip-lock. After it parted, the wolf huffed and trailed his muzzle along the thicker one.

"Are you sure it's okay? I don't want to eat you out of house and home," Alus murmured with a sheepish grin.

Tachi raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, right. You guys have a banquet prepared every night," the rat stated, kissing into that muzzle again.

It didn't take long before the rat's belly gave a deep, churning gurgle of hunger through their make-out session, causing the wolf to flick his ears and the rat to grunt out, holding over it. Alus let a slight chuckle go as he lapped along the other's muzzle, parting it as he looked into the blue-green eyes of his wolf.

"Guess it's taking effect a lot quicker than I expected," he murmured.

Tachi looked back into those red eyes, but blinked whenever he saw a glint of yellow. It seemed to swirl in those red irises before it dissipated, leaving the wolf to blink.

"What?" Alus asked after a few moments.

"Nothing... must've been the light. Let's get you some food," Tachi rumbled, kissing once more before pushing the rat up with a smirk.

They walked to the kitchen together while the wolf informed Jeremiah, his butler, of the large meal that would be required.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Has he been injected?" the huge platinum jackal asked, looking over the screen, showing the huge, green rat eating quite heavily.

"Yes, sir. He was given the chemical about half an hour ago," the falcon replied, watching closely while Alus had his fill.

"Good. I'm glad that the big guy wanted it so badly. Now we can see what will happen with a fully-grown being," Tu stated, thin tail whipping about.

"Tachi wanted to see what would happen too, but I don't think he's prepared for the amount of size his boyfriend is going to gain," the bird stated, rubbing his beak.

"Well, just make sure that Alus is properly fed. We can't have anything happen to him, lest my son would destroy everything he's created and be less inclined to partner up with me."

"Yes, sir. I will be keeping a watchful eye over them. Everything will be fine."

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