A Fox Behind Bars part 22

Story by Wip on SoFurry

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#22 of A Fox Behind Bars

Here's part 22!

I think it's a nice blend of character development and sex Both of which I tried to push myself in their depth and complexity. Might not have pulled it off as well as I'd have liked (hard to tell after just finishing the editing) but as long as I keep working at it, eventually I'll see some more noticeable progress

I almost decided to put this off for a few days and add another scene or two, but I really liked the chapter break that presented itself. See, that's the sort of thing I need to take more notice of. Big picture stuff. Anyways, we're gonna have some more fun scenes in the next part too

Hope ya like! And if you got any pointers/criticisms/etc, feel free to let me know

Thanks for reading!


I've always believed in furs having a basic goodness. Whether it was overflowing, like Hash's or buried under miles and miles of anger, like Dimitri's, it was still there. I was now betting my life on those beliefs. Jake had to find his before we left the Yard or I was a dead fox.

Dimitri and Vince were still arguing, but I was so proud of the big tiger. He was keeping his temper under control. A month ago Vince would be missing his other ear, and maybe several other parts, but there he was, his arms flailing in vexation and Dimitri just standing there with his arms folded. The only complaint about the situation I had was that Vince used Hash as a living memo pad, so as long as business was being dealt with, I couldn't be with my coyote. My love.

I turned back to Jake. He was watching me. His silence made me worry. "We're ok now, right?"

Jake shrugged. "I don't know," he said softly.

What more could I do? He held all the cards now. My ears flattened.

Jake still stood watching me. "I don't get you," he said.

"I know. No one does."

Jake shook his head, "you really think you're in love?"

"I know I am." It was the one thing I was sure of.

He looked at the sky. It was clear again, but the wind was back. Jake started talking. "I was in love once. It started back when I transferred to a new high school. Have ever been up north?"


"It's not as civilized as it is down here. I don't exactly fit in with the offspring of miners. But the bullying never really bothered me. I could always lose myself in a cloud of weed. I grew my own, y'know, just so I didn't have to buy from my classmates. And it was good shit too. You smoke?"

"Yeah." Socially. I was almost afraid to say much in case it would spook him.

"Eventually I started selling a little, just to have some spending money. You'd think if you bought really good weed from a fur, you'd stop beating him up, but that didn't happen. I didn't care anyways, like I said, I could always escape. But there was this one wolf. A jock. Real alpha type." Jake stopped talking. He was reliving something.

The silence stretched on too long for me. "He was different?"

Jake came back to reality. "No. Not really. The first time I met him, he was holding my head in a toilet while the others flushed. But I think it was peer pressure, because after school he would come find me behind the bleachers and get some weed from me. I didn't sell to the jocks, they always got theirs for free. It was my only rule, 'never charge anyone that could bench press more than you weighed.' He'd get his joint and we'd spark up, just smoking like he didn't just make me eat gum off the ground a couple hours ago or whatever.

"He got pretty high this one time and he told me, 'it doesn't bother me that you're a fag.' So politically correct, I know. I asked him why and he told me his brother just came out." Jake looked around, like he forgot where he was for a moment. "You wanna sit down?"

I nodded, completely absorbed in his story.

"He told me I should bring his brother some of my weed, because his parents weren't taking the news very well. I jumped at the chance, the wolf threatened me about not getting any 'fag ideas' about his brother, like I was the one who couldn't keep his dick in his pants. Do you know how many of my female peers were pregnant by the end of my junior year?" Jake snorted a laugh. It must have been a lot.

Jake shrugged. "I wouldn't have cared if he was twice as hot as his brother. I was really just excited to meet another fur like me. I wanted to see if I could tell he was different. If there was something about him that yelled, 'kick my ass,' or if that was just something unique to me." He sighed and looked at me. "On the outside he was the same as any other fur. But on the inside, we were more alike than anyone else in Grenskil. We were a couple by default, he used to tell me.

"He was a year younger than me and in the beginning he kind of looked to me like I knew what the fuck I was doing. But nature has a way of sorting things out. He was more confident, he was bigger and he never had to deal with all the shit I had to. So before long he was leading the relationship. And I liked that," Jake said defensively. "I was happy being told what movie we'd watch, or what takeout we'd that night, or just letting him experiment with me. He was my first.

"I loved him. I looked at him the same way you keep looking at Hash."

I resisted the urge to look over at the coyote for the hundredth time.

Jake smiled sadly at my internal struggle. "He never took me out in Grenskil. It was always his place when he was alone, or he'd drive us somewhere deserted and he'd fuck me. But it was love, so I didn't care if he only called me over once a week... that I was his dirty little secret." His ears lowered and he started to snarl before spitting out the word "love," just loud enough for me to hear.

"We did go out in public once. A few months after he graduated, he called me and said he scored two tickets to a music festival. That one up in Yellowbird. I actually cried when I got off the phone, I was so happy. And I spent the best weekend of my life with him. He didn't care who saw us. He even let me sit on his shoulders so I could see the bands."

Jake stopped talking. "What happened?" I asked. I had to know.

"He told me to trust him and we went to this friend he's arranged to meet at the festival. I ended up with my ass packed with cocaine, getting put on a bus on my own to New Abilon, and finding out my boyfriend's dealer contact in the city was a really a cop."

I was stunned for a moment. My jaw hung open. "Wha- what happened to your boyfriend?"

Jake looked at me, assessing the level of stupidity in my question. "He's dead."

"Huh?" I mumbled.

Jake just shook his head. "Hash is coming." He pointed.

I looked at my coyote, then back at Jake. I had time for one more question. "Why tell me this?"

Jake shrugged. "Why did you tell me your secret?"

"So you would trust me," I said.

"And I told you why I can't."


My mind reeled as I ran to meet Hash. So many questions. How did Jake's boyfriend die? Why did the fox still keep a picture of him in his cell? How the fuck could anyone do something like that.

"Regal!" Hash shouted.

"I know we're in the open," I whined, "but I could really use a hug."

Hash didn't hesitate, blanketing me in a tight embrace. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you," I echoed.

Hash let go slowly. "What's wrong," his voice what high with worry.

"Never change, ok?"

"I don't plan on it... What happened?"

I resisted the urge to kiss him. "Nothing. Nothing as long as I've got you. Is everything alright with Dimitri and Vince?"

Hash laughed. "I think Dimitri likes annoying Vince. How's things with Jake?"

Who could tell? "I might have made things worse... or better."

Hash cocked his head to the side. "Do you want me to talk to him?"

"No." I just wanted it all to go away. Me and Hash joined Jake on the grass. The red fox was back to his normal quiet self, but less passive aggressive than he had been. I struggled with what Jake told me about himself. How could I hope for mercy from a fur who'd never experienced it?


In the crush of furs heading back to their cells from the Yard, Jake tapped me on the shoulder. "Remember, you said I could be top."

I nodded. At least he was going to go through with it, I thought to myself as we entered Cellblock-H. The cell doors shut for the guards to take a headcount, giving me some time with Dimitri before his live fox on fox action started. Dimitri was watching me in anticipation.

"Everything ready, pet?" he asked.

"Yes, sir. Jake's ready. Remember, you said you won't hurt him."

"You are becoming rather pushy, lately. I think we're gonna need to work on that."

I swallowed. "I'm sorry, sir. It's just, I feel kind of bad for Jake. He doesn't get to have the same closeness I have with you." That and his life sounds like it's been even crappier than mine.

Dimitri smirked, not entirely convinced with my explanation. I forced a smile and turned back to the bars to worry and watch.


The doors opened and I was sent to fetch Jake. He was just standing at his doorway, his possum cellmate was on his bunk reading. I waved a hello and made a mental note to learn the possum's name when I got the chance.

With Jake's hand in mine, we ducked back into Dimitri's cell. He was leaning against the back wall of the cell. Jake's grip tightened a his whole body became rigid. I saw that zombie smile of his begin to fade. "Kneel," I whispered and pulled him down with me. The sooner we could get on with it, the sooner Jake could leave.

The tiger love his ego stroked like I liked my ears scratched. "Sir, your pets are ready to entertain you," I said with theatrical deference.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jake focusing on the bunk where Dimitri tore into him. His eyes drifted lower, spotting the end of my cardboard box sticking out from under it. I held my breath waiting for Jake to leap up and tell Dimitri everything in hopes of getting out of here unscathed.

Dimitri slowly stalked toward us, kicking the plastic stool out from under the cell's table. He positioned it in front of me and Jake, taking a seat and watching us closely.

Jake's breathing was quick and shallow. Mine was too, I realized. Jake's head was bowed so he could still stare at my box without Dimitri noticing. I really thought that if I made myself as little of a threat to Jake as I could, he might see the real me. The me that never wanted to see any fur hurt. The me that never dreamed of making Jake's life any harder than it had to be.

Dimitri broke our spell. "I don't know where this bad blood between you two started. And l don't care. As far as you're concerned there are only two ranks when you're working for me." He paused for effect. "Master and slave. Now which rank are you?" he looked at both of us.

"Slave," Jake said quietly.

I knew that was the answer Dimitri wanted, but I couldn't just blurt it out like Jake could. With me, I had to go through my ritual of over analyzing the question and looking for any third option that might be more palatable than admitting what was essentially true. The ghost of my pride shook its head in disappointment as I gave Dimitri what he wanted. "Slave, sir."

"Good boys. Slaves don't have the right to decide who they like or hate." He waited for us to nod our agreement. "Let Master see what he owns."

I glanced at the open cell door, again hesitating where Jake acted. Our cell was at the end of the upper level and most furs, including the guards, knew enough not to get too close to Dimitri's domain. But still, I would have loved a privacy curtain. I looked to Dimitri, his eyebrows were raised, daring me to ask. I kept silent. He already said I was getting too demanding. I've lost count how many inmates and guards had seen me naked. I stripped out of my uniform figuring anyone who might take a peek wouldn't make a difference.

I looked at Jake, and he looked at me. His naked body looked so soft, and supple. Just enough curves in just the right places. The red fur really was beautiful, but I would never willingly admit it. I saw his cock, flaccid and proportional for a fox. It was much less threatening than the monsters the big furs were equipped with. Jake was taking in my body. I knew my peppered gray fur looked more bristly than it actually was, but coupled with the sharp angles where I lacked some of Jake's padding and I could see why some of the more superficial jerks wanting a quick lay would go for the red fox over me.

Dimitri ordered us to kiss. At least this was a more intimate setting than when we did this in the middle of the common area. We turned to face each other, still kneeling and avoiding direct eye contact until we were nose to nose.

Out of no where, Jake's tongue flicked out, licking across my nose. My mouth parted in surprise giving him the opening he was waiting for. He attacked me with the appetite of a starving feral dog. There was no test of wills like last time, his tilted head lined up with mine to form a tight seal, his tongue pushing mine down and claiming every corner of my mouth in an act of oral dominance.

I moaned as his hands grabbed onto my shoulders. His nails digging in, locking me against his open mouth. He broke away. We both took in a huge gasp of air and he was on me again, His teeth nipped my lower lip and I whimpered in his face as he pressed forward. I pushed at his chest, but he had all the leverage and used it to knock me on my back, his lips never leaving mine as he landed on top of me.

His tongue withdrew, his mouth open and inviting. I tried to mimic what he did, but he was now straddling my hips, his arms pinning me to the cold floor so his succulent lips were just out of reach. He was in complete control and I could feel the power acting as an aphrodisiac. Our excited cocks ground together, his hot as a furnace and starting to wake up, mine too, but more from the visceral contact we shared than from any actual enjoyment in getting ravaged.

He thrust against me and I moaned into his open mouth, licking over his teeth as I tried to find his tongue. His mouth pulled away, careful not to bite this time, his lips pressed tight over my wiggling muscle, tugging it lightly until he move to far for me to follow. I whined at the emptiness I felt in my mouth. I wanted that pointy tongue to keep playing with mine.

"More," I pleaded through sore lips. Jake was looking at Dimitri, I followed his gaze and saw the tiger, upside down from my perspective on the floor, he had his massive cock wrapped up in his fist, cloudy precum dripping.

"Fuck each other," he grunted with a slow stroke of his meat.

That was all we needed to hear. Jake could have his way with me, I was a lump of horny clay waiting for him to mold me. He got off my midsection and I felt his hands urging me to roll onto onto my stomach. I obeyed, arching my back to keep my hard and sensitive prick off the cold floor, and provide easy access to my backdoor.

Jake was so much more experienced than me. I already knew that, but feeling his hands part my cheeks and his tongue expertly play over my puckered hole nearly putting me over the edge without even touching my cock, the bit of me that could still think was beyond impressed. I moaned a guttural appreciation that devolved into an annoyed groan with the memory of Dimitri's stupid new rule.

"Sir?" I squealed as the expert fox tongue penetrated me. "Sir!"

"What?" Dimitri growled.

"C-can!" I bucked at the tongue being replaced by a slender finger that seemed to know exactly where my magic pleasure button was. "Can I cum!" I bleated out in one gasp. "Please!"

The tiger chuckled. "Damn. I thought you'd forget." He smiled at what ever punishment he would have had the pleasure of implementing if I'd forgotten. My snarling was well concealed by the expression I gave at insertion of another finger. "No. Not until I say so," Dimitri said.

Jake must have been paying attention. His fingers now deliberately stroked across my gland, sending shivers of white hot heaven pulsing from my cock to my tail. I buried my head under my arms, helpless under the onslaught of pleasure. And just as I resigned myself to losing control and dealing with whatever punishment Dimitri could dish out, the fingering stopped. A burning wetness was all that was left now that Jake was done with his prep work.

I looked up at the sound of the low stool scraping across the floor. Dimitri moved closer, his thick legs were now walls on either side of my head. His hand reached down and cupped the underside of my jaw while Jake's cock pressed into my loosened hole. I quivered in anticipation at what was coming next.

Supported on my shaking arms, I nuzzled into the damp field of coarse tiger pubic fur, licking and breathing in the flavor of Dimitri's sack. Jake's nails raked down my back coinciding with his first deep thrust. Dimitri put my gaping mouth to use, yanking me by my hair until I was stuffed with cock from both ends.

My mind was a raging sea of pain and pleasure as I was fucked without care. Through the fog Dimitri's gruff voice said the magic words, "cum, slaves."

All I needed to do was let myself go and I was spraying like a firehose. My back arched again, and I held onto Dmitri's thigh to keep from falling over. As my body clenched around Jake, I could feel him begin shooting his load, the sensation pushing the limits of my body even further. I screamed in ecstasy, my mouth muffled with a jaw-achingly thick tiger dick throbbing as it edged further down my throat.

All my moaning and shouting gave Dimitri enough stimulation to hit his own climax, sending his first hot jet in to my hungry mouth. I tried to keep my lips tight so Dimitri wouldn't spill any seed, but he surprised me, getting up and jacking his next spurt over my muzzle, and his next one into Jake's face as the spent red fox slumped over me and struggled to catch his breath.

My arms finally gave out and I slid forward, laying in a puddle of my own sperm. Jake rolled off, ending up on his back next to me, panting. Dimitri was still grunting, hitting my head and back with the last of his juice. I sighed in the afterglow, lacking the energy to wipe the Dimitri jizz that threatened to run into my eye.

Dimitri leaned against the cell wall, smiling down on us like he accomplished more than just fucking my brains out and giving me and Jake a facial.


Dimitri took mercy on us and let us rest until we had the energy to move. I recovered a little faster than Jake, having extensive experience with sleeping on cold hard floors. Who's lucky to have a bunk now? I thought with a laugh.

He even let us rinse off in the cell's sink, but told us not to bother getting out the deeper gobs that matted our fur because we were heading to the showers in a couple hours. Then he made me and Jake clean the mess we made of the floor with our own shirts, using the same reasoning that we'd be getting fresh uniforms for the week when we showered.

While on my knees, scrubbing my dried cum with my damp clothes - that Dimitri oh so helpfully dipped into the toilet for me - I glanced at Jake who was scratching at some of what Dimitri had splashed on the wall. The tiger used our cleaning break to catch some of his daily sitcoms. He was dead to the world when that TV was on.

"Jake?" I whispered. "Did I do ok? Was Dimitri," I said his name extra quiet, "as gentle as I said he'd be?" To you anyways, I thought as I rubbed my jaw.

Jake looked to make sure Dimitri wasn't listening. "I guess."

"But, you're ok, right?"

Jake guessed at what I was getting at. "I'm not a snitch. I won't say anything."

Well that was a load off. I went back to scrubbing with a smile. It wasn't the breakthrough friendship I was hoping for, but it was a start.

Before long, Dimitri took off his headphones and called us over. I made the mistake of assuming he was done with his warped lesson in how it was wrong to fight with your coworkers. "One more thing you're going to do," he seemed to focus on me so I prepared myself for the worst. "When we hit the showers, you two are going to share a stall."

"Aww," I whined.

"Is that a complaint, pet?"

Yes. "No, sir." I'd come to enjoy showering with Dimitri. By now our cellblock and most of the furs in our wing already knew I was private property, but it still made me feel safe and protected when I stood in front of the big tiger under the warm water. Plus, Dimitri would sometimes let me wash him. But maybe that wouldn't be as fun now that Dimitri was playing around with controlling when I could cum. I knew from experience how unpleasant it was to try and sleep with blue balls.

With that, Dimitri sent Jake off to his cell to get anything he needed for the showers. That lucky bastard had flip flops, brand-name soap and a bottle of shine enhancing shampoo he purchased from the commissary. I still had to risk untold perils walking bare-paw and using the prison issued slime they dared to pass off as hygiene products.

Dimitri noticed my pout. "What's the problem?" he asked slightly irritated.

"Nothing. I just like when you let me shower with you." I obviously left out that I also wished I could get just a few dollars of all the money I was bringing in for him and Vince so I could buy myself some basic amenities.

He sighed. "I kinda like it too. Not just because you can get at some of the hard to reach spots." I had to smile at that. "But punishments aren't meant to be nice." He patted next to him on the bunk.

I jumped at the offer. I wondered if he knew all this bunk time was spoiling me.

Dimitri put his arm around me as I leaned into him. "Just think, pet, at least I didn't piss on you." He laughed, finding that immensely amusing. I, on the other hand, did not. I was still more than little mad at him for doing that to me the first time.

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