A Problem at School

Story by TheWolfeWriter13 on SoFurry

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#1 of Commissions

This is a project that actually took me WAY longer than what I wanted to spend working on it! The reason I say this is because, well... it took me way too long to finish it. Being mixed with a combination of stress, writer's block (in general and from stress), time, sleep and general motivation. All of these things made my life quite difficult and this story unfortunately took the back burner to all of it.

Anyhow, this is a very interesting story... something that took me out of my comfort zone since I don't write a whole lot of "Fan Fic", I am not into vampires, nor am I into feet. However, with that being said... I did have fun writing it because being taken out of one's comfort zone is how we all grow in what we like and don't as adults. As I mentioned, this is Fan Fiction, specifically from the Harry Potter world involving Colin... a not so popular boy at Hogwarts, along with: Draco, Harry and Ronald. It is also set in Hogwarts during the winter months where the sky is overcast and sunlight isn't particularly in abundance. This is a M/M/M/M/M/M story so if you aren't into that, blood, vampires, feet, socks, shoes and the like that comes with having a Foot/Shoe/Sock fetish... then move along. If you are curious, well then proceed. If you aren't bothered by anything, then please... feel free to read on!

As a side note, if you are interested in getting a commission from me, there are two ways that you can go about it. In either case, I would like to receive a PM from you and we will go from there! So please. if you are going to continue, enjoy it! If you enjoy what I put out there because the commissioner known as "Vampire Boy" was happy with what I provided because he was expecting far less.

The sun began to rise to start another day at Hogwarts, a still well hidden and closely guarded secret that the Ministry of Magic had worked out with the Scottish Government. It was lucky for them that an ancient line of wizards always had a seat in the Scottish Parliament, but it was suspected that the Ministry always had a hand in keeping it so. To most, it wasn't ever an issue, but there were some that wished to see Hogwarts disbanded and to let the ancient castle in which the school was house to become derelict and fade out of the memory of people until it was just another cool castle with an unknown history. As the sun continued to rise in the sky, Colin looked up at the billowing gray clouds that blanketed the sky and barely let any of the warm, radiant light of the sun bathe the cold and bitter existence beneath. It saddened Colin a bit, but knew that's what came with the territory. There were times in the past where he had contemplated leaving Hogwarts for good, heading off to another school, but that was easier to think about than actually acting upon what he wanted. Colin had been attending Hogwarts for several years now and he developed quite the connection to several of his friends. Harry Potter, of course, being his primary friend that entire time because he was just so nice and cordial to everyone... it was almost seemingly impossible not to be a friend of his. Then there was Ronald Weasley, a fair skinned and red headed kid that just seemed to do very poorly with everything in school. Colin had remembered all of the times that things had gone wrong for him, but it wasn't really ever his fault. Ron just seemed to not only have a run of bad luck that wouldn't run out, but his family was quite humble and they got by with what they had, never considering that there were many more things that they could be doing to make more money and be well off wizards like the Malfoys. Speaking of, Draco Malfoy was another friend of his, not as close as Harry or Ron, but he was a friend nonetheless. Being that he aspired to be a renowned journalist, it was important to make hundreds and thousands of connections, which knew no limit. At times, Colin had thought about being in Slytherin House and what it would be like. Even though Colin was a good person, there were darker things about him that no one else knew.

For one thing, Colin had enjoyed reading about and even doing reports on the Death Dealers or anyone else who practiced the darker arts. Colin had a wicked side to him, one that he knew he couldn't touch because of who he wanted to be and what he wanted to do once he was done with Hogwarts. Another thing Colin kept from people was that not only was he gay... he had a thing for socks. Colin loved the way they smelled after another guy had been wearing them for the day... even better when he got to a pair of freshly used gym socks. Even just thinking about it made Colin's youthful penis twitch in his trousers and for once... Colin didn't need to be embarrassed about it or hide it. He was alone on the covered and raised rickety wooden bridge that gave easy access between the forest and the castle. Though, as anyone who attended Hogwarts knew, the school was never in the same location which is one of several reasons why Hogwarts had remained hidden from the muggle world and for good reason. As Colin stared off into the distance, taking in the serenity of the current location, a massively powerful gust of frigid air assaulted Colin and anyone else that would have been outside. Colin was thankful that he was in his winter grab, crossing both arms atop one another and clutched the opposite shoulder with each hand. To regain some semblance of warmth, Colin began rubbing each arm up and down to increase the flow of his circulation. Looking to his right, he knew that it wouldn't take much to get back into the closed off stone halls of the castle, but Colin could tell there was something strange at hand... something based on magic being used. Being a journalist, he had a sixth sense for these kinds of things and Colin knew that if he stuck around long enough... he might just end up getting his next big scoop.

As he stood there, patiently watching and waiting, no longer noticing the arctic blasts of air piercing through his flesh as if he wasn't wearing anything at all, Colin was finally rewarded. Off in the distance, Colin could make out two very distinct objects were approaching at incredible speeds and his eyes went wide. Two, fully grown, adult male Swedish Short-Snout dragons were heading straight for the school. Colin knew that if those creatures were there to attack and destroy Hogwarts, there would be little reason for him to take cover in the castle because their blue flamed breath would melt the stone in incredibly short work. Thinking about it, there was a queer grin that formed at the clefts of his lips, knowing that if he was the first hand account of Hogwarts' destruction... he'd become one of the most famous journalists of all time. Even though Hogwarts was a special place for him, he actually wanted it to happen for the story and all of the accolades that would come with it. However, the closer the brilliant blue scaled beasts were upon the castle, no attack was made. No summoning of the deadly blue flame in its' mouth. Nothing... only Colin noticed that a large, black, Victorian style carriage was in tow right behind them as the pair and their package flew overhead, bringing with it an even more massive gust of wind in its' wake. Quickly turning around, Colin took a few short steps and watched as the arrivals had began their descent, landing in a nearby field where Hagrid's home was this time around. Colin bounced a bit on the balls of his feet in giddy anticipation. Not only was there something going on that was more than likely going to be a worthy news scoop to be told, but there was also the potential for new, sweaty and pungent socks off the feet of masculine male occupants... if there were any. Quickly and without any hesitation, Colin began running carefully on the snow covered ground while trying not to slip and fall. He kept telling himself that he had to be there first; he needed to be the one to cover the story and claim the rights to it. Not to mention, Colin quickly found himself obsessing over who the occupants were, while the scoop actually became the secondary objective. Colin growled in slight disapproval of what he was feeling or how he was thinking, but the adolescent in his first year of his teens couldn't help it with his cock having been semi hard before running and was a full-on erection from the sensation of the cloth rubbing the partially engorged and sensitive flesh. The chemical balance of his hormones didn't even seem to exist as all he could think about was being with Draco, Harry and Ron. In his mind, Draco was first just because he played the role of the "bad boy" and was even the leader of some of the nastiest boys in Slytherin. Just thinking of being on his knees, submitting to Draco, and letting him be his Alpha male almost made him cum in his shorts.

Ugh... not now! Need... to... concentrate! Colin thought to himself as he got closer and closer to his target, getting in earshot range to eavesdrop on whatever would transpire. He knew that Dumbledore, Hagrid and Minerva McGonagall would be there to not only greet whomever arrived, but they would inquire why they were there. Colin didn't remember hearing anything about special guests or visitors, though he knew that he wasn't privy to all things that goes on. Colin had his sources, which were always not only very reliable, but well grounded in numerous places to cover all his basis. Plus he had his magic... even though that would probably be detected by Dumbledore, which would not be a very good thing for him or his house. Colin didn't want to be a reason they got demerits, lowering their score for the school year and costing them the benefits that came with being "Top House". Getting in as close as he could without alerting anyone to his presence, knowing it had to be his own ears and not magically enhanced, Colin could finally hear the three talking amongst themselves lowly. The only thing that he was able to even make out, was that they were definitely not expecting anyone. As the trio finally stopped and stood about five feet of the carriage doors, the vessel rocked back and forth as movement stirred inside. In heated anticipation, Colin rubbed his hands rapidly and generated a tiny bit of heat as he also licked his lips in lustful desire, and thought to himself Alright! Here we go... it's time to find out who has decided to pay an unscheduled visit! His eyes fixated on the carriage, Colin watched the door slowly open as the white silken and flowing draperies danced with the frigid breeze that the winters at Hogwarts commonly and frequently produced. Slowly, a single and slightly pale set of fingers and the entire hand extended from the vehicle's confines. Then there was another hand that grasped at the door for balance while getting out of the transportation, then a head adorned with jet black hair poked out while looking face down at the snow covered ground that was quickly melting from the internal body heat each dragon produced. Then swiftly, the body and the rest of the visitor exposed itself as the first occupant was revealed, and it was definitely a male. He was tall, athletically built seemingly, well groomed and poised as he greeted each of the trio individually and appropriately. On top of this, he looked like he was the same age as Colin and all the others who started at the same time, but he was dressed a bit strangely. He was wearing an all-black suit, blood red tie, a white button down shirt beneath with thick, woolen socks that wrapped around the feet that were stuffed into all black boots that were perfect for Scotland's harsh weather and rugged terrain... especially around where Hogwarts decided to end up each and every year. The young man's face was a perfect blend of being chiseled yet supple... and he was definitely cute. Then, to Colin's astonishment, a second occupant climbed out of the vehicle and his jaw went slightly slack. They were twins... not one, but two males who were identical copies to one another, down to wearing the exact same clothing ensemble. Then... as the realization sank into his head, they were both wearing heavy socks that had to be swimming with their juices and smell.

In that instant, Colin lost control of himself for a few moments, moaning in lust at the thought of it. The thought of being between those two male specimens, sampling each cock, going back and forth from total indecision made him reach the edge of climax without ever touching his manhood. However, that all changed in an instant. As the two boys identified themselves as Zach and Cody, both of their eyes locked directly onto Colin for a split second, then went back to the trio with them not being the wiser. Colin ducked down immediately when he saw and felt their eyes lock onto him, thinking that he was going to get caught. How the fuck did they know I was hiding here? He questioned himself, not knowing what to do next and wondering if there was anything that he could do. Furiously he cursed at himself, instantly fearing the worst and realizing that his question was dumb... they were obviously wizards and used some sort of spell to see if anyone had been skulking around to eavesdrop on what they had to say. Though, as Colin sat there for several moments and heard Dumbledore welcome them into Hogwarts Castle, he realized that they didn't care. At the same time, Colin wondered why use a spell if they weren't going to do anything about someone being rude and nosey, listening in on conversations they shouldn't. None of this made any sense at all, but Colin grinned to himself all too knowingly that he would get to the bottom of things for sure.

At this point, having hid behind one of the three large, stone cutouts, Colin peeked his head past the side and watched as the group began heading toward the castle. Colin knew that he needed to remain close so that he could keep both an eye on the strange newcomers and so he could listen in on the conversation. Colin was quite preoccupied, however, by the two strangers having caught sight of him. He was sure that he was well hidden and out of the reach of everyone's sight... yet they still caught him in the act of spying. Grumbling to himself, Colin followed them through the stone courtyard in front of the castle doors, ensuring he remained out of the sight of at least the trio. The twins... he didn't think he could keep out of their gaze no matter what he did or tried. Bit by bit, they all toured the halls of the castle as Dumbledore and McGonagall walked on each side of the twins, ensuring that they were each adequately able to give out any information they thought was pertinent about things that they passed. Colin also noticed that Hagrid hung back behind them, not really having all that much to offer, but piped in when he thought he did. Something else that Colin noticed was that any time the group had passed by the numerous male students passing through the halls, traversing from class to class or even had free time to do as they pleased, all of them had locked their gaze onto the two twins. Each time they were near any males, the male students would stop what they were doing and stare, while any of the girls they were with kept going on about whatever as if nothing was even happening. If those things weren't strange enough, when they were no longer in eyeshot of anyone who had their gaze drawn to them went right back to what they were doing, as if nothing at all had happened. Colin seemed to be the only one not affected by whatever strange magic was at hand and he was slightly glad about it. He always knew that he was special, beyond being a wizard, and that he was destined for greatness some day and this only seemed to strengthen that ideal.

As they came upon yet another one of the multiple courtyards inside the interior portion of the castle, Colin noticed that Draco, Harry and Ron were all there together, talking about something fervently that had to be incredibly important between opposing sides. As usual, Harry and Ron took one side and Draco took the other. However, just like with all the other boys Colin observed, once Zach and Cody were in the sights of Draco, Harry and Ron... they all stopped what they were doing and watched with a great deal of curiosity. Though, what surprised Colin slightly was that Harry walked over to Hagrid and started talking to him, inquiring about the twins. Colin stayed back to listen, knowing that this was a prime opportunity to get details about exactly was going on as far as Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid could tell. It was also a really good possibility that if he tried to keep in range of the still moving party, he would be stopped and his plans would have been foiled.

"Harry... I can't talk now, I'm helping orientate these two new students." Hagrid said plainly to Harry, trying to get him to go back to whatever he had been doing, not wanting to fall too far behind.

"Hagrid... I know you are busy and probably can't talk much, but who are these two? You said they are new students to Hogwarts... though it's the beginning of the second semester. Isn't that going to be a problem?" Harry said in his typical inquisitive and questioning tone.

"Yes, yes Master Potter, it would be under normal circumstances. See... these two were already enrolled in another school, but Death Eaters and Dementors have taken over their previous school and they were the only two to escape with the little belongings they have on them and what they could smuggle out quickly as they could have. It's all quite a terrible ordeal Harry, a terrible thing indeed. You see... the school they attended was an advance learning center where they were specially being trained to be Aurors. The Death Eaters gained control of the Dementors, using the power you know who trained them to use... which only means one thing. Voldemort is returning soon, but we don't know how or when." Hagrid explained sounding incredibly troubled, just as he should have been.

"Hagrid... that means he'll be coming after me!" Harry exclaimed.

"That's right... which is why it's a good thing these two are here. The Ministry has made special arrangements for them to be enrolled and remain so here at Hogwarts to help all of us prepare for 'The Dark Lord's' return. Since they are trained to be Aurors, that also means they not only know the dark arts, but they are given free reign by the Ministry to use them to hunt down and eliminate the Death Eaters if they cannot be apprehended." Hagrid further explained, looking worried that he had fallen too far behind and excused himself while he quickly caught up to the four of them.

"Yeah... it's a good thing they are here..." Harry said, trailing off as his mind was seemingly left empty, feeling his cock brushing against the confines of his trousers and eliciting a bit of pleasure as he thought about the twins. Though, once they were completely out of the area, Harry's mind cleared, his erection went flaccid and the three of them picked up right where they had left off.

Colin just scratched his head, having only noticed how the three acted and not the particulars of one specific wizard. Curious to see what else exactly that he could find out, Colin casually sauntered over to the boys whose conversation didn't seem as heated as it once was. As Colin had come into the view of Ronald, Ronald smiled dim-wittedly and seemingly unsure of himself... as usual.

"Hey Colin! Looking for a big scoop to put in the school paper are you?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact... I am!" He said excitedly, a smile plastered across his face brimming with joy.

"Care to give your pals a sneak peak?" Draco asked with his cocky and boorish attitude as usual.

Hearing Draco talk to him like that made him stir in his pants, wanting to submit to him right then and there, but there was no way that he could really end up doing that. "Well... you three already have, honestly."

"We... have?" Ron asked confused with a cocked eyebrow.

"Yeah, the twins with the mostly black Victorian garb on! You guys couldn't have missed them, Dumbledore and McGonagall flanked them and Hagrid took up the rear. Well... that was until Harry stopped Hagrid and had a whole conversation about them. I was in the area and overheard the talks, which led me to do some inquiring for material."

"Colin... I never talked to Hagrid... I haven't even seen him for a few days. Are you sure you saw what you saw or do you think there is something else that's going on?" Harry said confidently.

"You... you're serious... aren't you?" Colin asked, now completely baffled, thinking there would be at least some imprint in any person's mind who encountered the twins.

"Colin, you are such a fool... almost like Ron and Harry here!" Draco said with a shitty and cocky grin.

"Yeah... yeah... I'm beginning to think I am. Well... I think I'm going to go and lay down for a bit. I think I might need some rest." Colin said stammering, while starting to back up, taking a few steps in reverse without looking where he was going.

Knowing now that something strange, if not sinister, was going on for sure. This is the second weird thing involving these new twins. First, they caught me eavesdropping when there was no way they could have known I was there without magical assistance. Now he learned that no one has any recollection of what happened when they were around. It's odd that Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid are unaffected. Could it have something to do with their ages? Could their mysterious "power" not work on them because they are well versed in spells, wards and counter spells? Colin thought to himself, knowing that the answer would have to be in their room or their carriage. Going back to the carriage would be a safer bet than breaking into their room, but the carriage had more than likely been stored already along with those incredibly dangerous dragons. Sighing to himself, Colin knew the only answer was to catch up with the group and follow them as stealthily as he could until the trio had the twins safely in their rooms. Then, once the coast was clear, he'd make his way in and see what he could find.

Time seemed to slow for Colin once he caught up with them and followed them all around Hogwarts, starting to get bored in the process. Colin knew that the castle was big, that there was plenty to show off, but things were starting to become ridiculous. Though, something seemed "off" as the twins requested to be brought to their room as they were worn out by their long journey and the incredibly long stroll through the entire castle. Dumbledore looked at the pair with a slight amount of shock on his face with how forward they were, but he also understood and obliged. Colin couldn't help but wonder if it was just coincidence or if something more sinister was at hand. Hunkering down in the shadows once everyone entered the room together, Colin waited patiently, his cock pulsing slightly due to the arousal from the behavior most would consider to be naughty. A short amount of time passed when Colin heard the large wooden door creak open as Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid all left talking amongst themselves. At that moment, Colin's heart began pumping in his chest harder as he was getting not only excited to go through their things, but antsy to just get in there. A part of him wanted to make a beeline for the door and intrude on whatever the twins were up to, but Colin knew he wouldn't get what he was after at that point. Groaning, Colin just hid and tried to be patient while trying to find something to take his mind off of having to wait. He thought about using some spells that were specific for entertainment, he even thought about using his patronus charm, though that would cast far too much light and it would more than likely get him caught. Colin just sighed under his breath and waited, but thankfully a couple moments later the door opened and the twins stepped out while closing the door behind them.

When the twins came out, Colin rubbed his hands together vigorously while grinning mischievously as it was finally time to get to the good stuff. Colin slunk back in the darkness, trying to completely conceal himself from their knowing gaze and once the two were gone, Colin made his move. Getting up to the large wooden door, the rod iron strips bolted to the dark stained wooden planks that led to the hinges held the door together, Colin peered through the archivolt window cut-out to ensure that the coast was indeed clear. There was absolutely no telling if there was anyone else in the carriage that came out later. Seeing that there was no one insight or any visible intrusion detection system, Colin was ready to use his magic for his slightly nefarious goals. First, Colin took out his wand uttered under his breath Aparecium! With great anticipation, Colin peered through the opening and waited a few moments to cast his next spell. A long time ago, Colin was taught how to use the revealing charm to its' fullest potential, gaining the ability to reveal any and everything that was hidden from sight. Now that the coast was clear, Colin smiled and then waved his wand uttering Alohomora! Suddenly there was a moderately loud metallic click as the door creaked open slightly, no longer being held in place by the bolting and locking mechanism. Colin grinned being delighted in himself, loving how things have gone without a hitch so far. Although, in the back of Colin's mind, there was an itch that screamed be careful! This seems far too easy and too good to be true. However, Colin shut it out and didn't listen. Carefully, Colin pulled the door open, stepping into the room and closed it right away behind him. Once inside, Colin enjoyed looking at one of the multiple common rooms for house Slytherin. Everything in the room that wasn't dark grey stone or fabric was comprised of varying degrees of green. The windows, furniture and even the lights were green and Colin took special note of the lights because they gave off an eerie and luminescent light green glow. Even though the lights illuminated the room, the green hue took away from the light's intensity and actually made the room seem all the more dark and dreary. As was customary for every common room for every house, a large stone fireplace sat between two walls that made the separation from the outside elements to protect the occupants inside. The Slytherin fireplace was adorned with several carvings of serpents slithering all over the exterior of the fireplace. Atop the fireplace was a stone mantle with five cleaned animal skulls following the trapezoidal shape of the fireplace's overall structure. Centered vertically over the fireplace and horizontally from the inlaid stone arch was Slytherin's crest. A large snake rose up from the bottom of the downward triangular pointed base of the stone shield. Its' body curled, poised to strike with its' mouth agape, fangs bared and forked tongue poking an inch from the mandible. The most striking part about the crest was the eerie green luminescent eye adding to the overall dark and creepy factor Slytherin house was known for.

The knowledge of the simple fact that the twins could be back at any moment snapped him back to attention, focusing on why he was there in the first place and started looking around. Anything that was out of place for Slytherin decor was what Colin knew he should focus on to search. Quickly his eyes scanned the ominously lit room, the fire roaring helped just a bit from the source, but Colin didn't see anything that stood out in the first place. Frustrated, growling quietly at his misfortune, Colin knew that he had to go upstairs to where the beds were kept if he was going to find anything at all. It was not a smart move and it was incredibly dangerous and risky. He knew that the twins could come back at any time and catch him in the act. With no time to lose or spare, Colin rushed up the stone spiral stairs that followed the curve of the tower until he got to the top step of the stone landing. There, before him, was a set of three four post beds where the students of the house would sleep. This tower was different from all the other towers, Colin noticed. There was only this single room where the other towers had several branching towers connect where other beds were housed. At the foot of each bed was a Slytherin styled foot locker. To the right of each bed was a large armoire where several garments were kept. To the left was a night stand where personal items were stored, should the student decide to keep things there. Again, not seeing anything that stood out as not belonging to the room, Colin huffed and growled under his breath. Colin knew there was one other place things could be stored and that was under the beds. Quickly, Colin dropped to his knees and used his lumos spell to illuminate the dark space under the bed. Immediately Colin's eyes went wide and he grinned just as wide... he had finally hit paydirt!

Taking no time, Colin performed the unlocking charm quickly as the lock fell off the locker and the latch automatically popped off. Quickly Colin pulled the large, rectangular trunk out and opened the lid. Inside was nothing more than articles of clothing... dirty articles of clothing. Slowly a thick, pungent and masculine odor rose from the interior, wafting into his nostrils and made his dick twitch in his trousers. Rummaging through the clothing to find the source of the arousing stench, Colin found exactly what set him off the most... dirty, grungy and pungent white knee high gym socks. At that moment, Colin forgot all about the need for time management as his cock was now hard as a rock, throbbing in time with the hard pumping beats of his heart. Colin moaned in ecstasy and lust as he brought the socks directly to his nose, taking in a deep breath with his nostrils flaring open and his eyes rolling up and to the back of his sockets. To anyone who would have caught him in the act, they would only see the whites of his eyes and think that he was entranced.

"Ooohhh ffffuuuucccckkkk..." Colin moaned louder than he should have as his cock began spasming, his urethra leaking pre and slicking the inside of his trousers, which made the motion from his throbbing flesh only heightening his pleasure and lust. "I definitely need to keep... th-es-e..." He said lustfully, though elongating the last bit as he came to and discovered that both Zach and Cody were standing at the entrance to the room, all too telling smiles on their faces.

Colin immediately thought that he was completely and totally screwed, but realized they only stood there observing him and not saying a thing. Still on his knees from rummaging through the trunk, Colin looked up at the two with puppy dog eyes, seeking forgiveness and mercy. He had no idea if they would show him such things, considering that he heard that they were trained to be Aurors... the very wizards who acted as a police force and arrested anyone who broke the rules and laws created by both the muggle and wizard societies.

"So... young one... why are you in here? Why were you going through my things and perhaps you could tell me why you were going to steal my dirty gym socks... hmm?" Zach asked, his voice sounding both as smooth as silk felt while having an ethereal quality to it.

"I... I... I... wasn't..." Colin said stuttering and lying his curly blonde head off, trying to come up with some reasonable explanation for his lascivious behavior, but failing miserably.

"Oh... so you weren't trying to steal my brother's socks for your own personal lustful desires?" Cody said with a rising inflection in his tone, questioning Colin while his eyebrow cocked in a voice that was deeper and much more commanding than Zach's.

"N-no..." Colin replied quickly, still stumbling all over himself, unable to utter even a monosyllabic answer.

Cody sighed deep and hard, discontented with the lying creature before him. "You will tell me the truth boy, whether you like it or not. I care not for your wants of self preservation. You are beneath us! Now... submit!" Cody said as his voice deepened to an octave Colin didn't think was even possible, while an immense amount of dark power flowed from his body as a golden amber hue spilled into his irises and glowed ominously.

Instantly Colin's body went slack and limp; his arms immediately falling to his side, dangling there like two limp noodles. Cody's eyes were glossed over, nearly completely white, taking on a slightly greyed tinge, indicative of being under hypnosis. Cody then lifted his right index finger as the keratin of his nails elongated to a sharp tip, as had the rest of his fingers. As Colin complied, Cody scoffed with self pleasure and in the instant of a blink, his upper bicuspids jutted out showing off his two inch long and slightly hooked vampiric fangs.

"Now... my dear... sweet... Colin. You will answer any question I ask and there shall not be any sort of hesitation. Do you understand?" Colin said, his voice deep and darkly ethereal.

Without a moment of hesitation, Colin replied just as any hypnotized individual would... blankly and devoid of conscious thought or emotion. "Yes... I understand..." Colin replied.

"Excellent! Now... tell me what you were doing in our room and why you were going to steal my socks?" Cody asked with a bit of annoyance, having to repeat himself, which he absolutely hated doing.

"I am a journalist for the school paper. I was there when you arrived by dragon drawn carriage. I felt that your arrival would turn out to be a good piece of news so I originally came here to go through your things and find more information about you and Zach. When I found nothing in the common room, I came up here. I found the trunk and thought I hit paydirt, which I did in a way. I am gay and I have a thing for men's socks... gym socks to be specific. The smell arouses me like nothing else and I planned on taking just the one pair to deeply breathe in your scent and increase my arousal during my masturbatory sessions." Colin replied just as blankly as before.

Hearing the confession, both of their eyes went wide and grins plastered on their faces. "So... tell me Colin. What do want the most?" Cody inquired.

"I want to be a dark wizard, a Death Dealer if they would have me. I want to get the best scoops that I can to raise my career as a journalist and reporter to heights as famous as the 'Chosen One'... Harry Potter." Colin answered again.

Zach and Cody looked at one another for a moment, smiling, as a wordless message was exchanged between the two. "This one has promise! He didn't ever once fall under our spell of allure. Hypnosis was the only thing that seemed to work on him." Zach said with excitement in his voice.

"Yes... I believe he would be of great use to us. We will establish our nest here and start the next generation of vampires!" Cody bellowed, then looked directly at Colin and asked, "Would you like that Colin?"

"I would! I want whatever the darkest option is to get me where I want to be. I do not care who I hurt or who I step on to obtain it." Colin replied.

"Good! You are definitely what we are looking for to start our nest at Hogwarts!" Cody said as he started to laugh, which quickly turned into a cackle.

Knowing what he needed to know, being after the key to their awakening, Cody grinned and let Colin free of his mental grasp because there is a single and simple rule to their kind. Vampires could not be born as the dead cannot be born, but they can be made and in order for others to be made, they had to agree to it of their own volition... their own choice and free will. Cody watched as Colin's eyes fluttered as he came to, looking confused and aware that time had passed without his knowledge about it. Colin knew that he was in the room, that he got caught... then there was darkness and now he was awake, back where he knew he was last.

"Wh-what happened?" Colin asked, distraught and confused about what was going on.

Colin just looked to Cody and Zach, seeing that they appeared normal, but before the blackout... they were different. Their eyes glowed a golden hue and their bicuspids jutted out, lengthening in an instant, to sharp and slightly curved fangs. Without saying a single word, Colin searched his own knowledge for the answer that he knew had to be there. Suddenly, his inner searching came to a head as his eyes widened at the realization of what they were. The dark clothing, the pale skin and the hypnotic aura that bathed them and affected almost everyone they were near. The only thing those two could be were vampires, but that shouldn't have been possible. Vampires were considered to be creatures of darkness because they were without their souls... they were dead, but yet they were living at the same time, which only made them darker. With all of the protection spells around Hogwarts to ward off all things of the dark arts, of evil... there should have not been a way for them to get through... yet they did. The only question Colin could even think of was how... how did they get past the magic because if they could, others could and that meant they weren't as safe as they had thought that they were.

"So... you know what we are. I can tell by the look of disbelief and astonishment on your face Colin." Cody said grinning, enjoying the fact that Colin was smart enough to figure everything out on his own.

"Yeah... I have and I do. You two are vampires, but how is it possible that you've made it past all of our barriers and protections?" Colin finally inquired, needing to make sense of it all.

"Well... that is the million dollar question I suppose, but the answer is simpler than you'd think. We are thirteen hundred years old... our power is stronger than any magic-born child, regardless of being pure blooded or muggle-born. These things truly have no meaning. We have gained our power from feeding off of countless magic born humans, drinking in their life force and the power that flowed through those veins. It's easy to explain really... for the more powerful the caster, the stronger the spell, but that also means those who are stronger than the caster are not bound by their weaker power. So... there really is one question to ask you Colin. Do you want to have that power? Do you want to be like us?" Cody explained thoroughly.

Colin's eyes grew wide at the prospect of having more power, which meant he'd be free to do as he pleased and not bound to those who would like to control people and how they used their magic. Thinking about it, his mind filled with images of Harry and even Voldemort bowing before him, being the most powerful wizard in existence. It was true that Cody and Zach would be his superiors, but with the knowledge they gave him... Colin knew it could be possible to surpass them in power and strength. Colin grinned at the thought of being unstoppable and in his mind, the decision had already been made. He definitely wanted to be like Cody and Zach.

"Fuck yes... I want that power and I want nothing more than to be like the two of you!" Colin nearly shouted, answering with uninhibited enthusiasm for what was going to be unleashed upon the world.

Cody and Zach grinned as they looked at each other, a deep hunger in their eyes as the lust for blood and power surged within them from having such a willing individual before them. Never had they found someone so willing and eager to give up a mortal life, to become one of the undead and gain the benefits of being like them. It was something new... something fresh and it awoke something in the pair. Before Colin, it was always about feeding and becoming stronger and more powerful because of the feeding. This... on the other hand... this was the first time they encountered someone who reveled in chaos and darkness. Their hypnosis revealed that and no matter what Colin attempted to do to cover it up, if he had, the truth would have been exposed and nothing would have changed that. Though because Colin hadn't and he reveled in the thought, it only added to the dark powers they already had within them. Unlike the changes from their mortal appearance to their vampiric one, there was more than just the teeth and tint of color in their eyes... this was far more physical. As they turned before feeding and sharing their power, their eyes glowed with a furiously intense golden amber light that illuminated the space around the trio enough to drown out the eerie green light of the floating orbs. Thier brows slipped forward, appearing more brutish and like an deevolved human from the Neanderthal period as their brows sloped into a V shape with the point directed at the bridge; the flesh that made up the bridge wrinkled slightly, adding to their evil look while further wrinkles ran down the spine of their noses. Their fangs lengthened and thickened slightly, making them a bit more dangerous than any vampire before them.

Licking his lips as his hunger grew to something fierce, barely even controllable, Cody uttered "You will be a far better treat for myself and my brother than we expected... mortal!"

Suddenly, with great fury and speed, Zach lunged forward to Colin's neck while nearly instantaneously sinking his fangs deep into Colin's neck as the precious crimson fluid that held his life force flowed freely into Zach's mouth, which hungrily lapped and sucked at the metallic flavored fluid. Zach only drank in the essence of Colin's life contained within the blood, leaving the power to remain while his vampiric venom latched onto that power while only intensifying it. Colin's eyes opened wider than they ever had as he felt his life being drained while his power intensified a hundredfold. Colin's pupils dilated as he felt his body come more alive than he ever had, which Colin couldn't help to chuckle at considering he was in the process of dying in order to be reborn. Feeling Zach feeding from him, his blood pouring and gushing into his wet mouth, Colin slowly and turned his head to look at Cody. Licking his lips, Colin's eyes locked onto the other twin... the one who seemed to be far more dominant and gazed upon him with a lustful hunger, greatly desiring Cody to drink from him at the same time. Colin knew full well that having both latched onto him could be incredibly dangerous, but it would also speed up the process.

"So Cody..." Colin said softly as his strength began to wane, "I wonder... is your bite greater than your brother's?"

Colin watched as the look of pleasure and incredible hunger overwhelmed Cody, as he moved so swiftly that his movement couldn't be seen or even followed and ended with him standing almost on top of him. Being so close to his prey, his helpless and weak, slowly falling toward the threshold of life and death, Cody couldn't help but to grin in dark delight.

"You will not have to wait any longer to find out, child of mine, fore the time has come for you to be finished and your new form to be born!" Cody said with a bit of gusto, enjoying what he was witness to and the form that was born of Colin's dark desires.

Colin grinned as he leaned his head back, lifting his jaw and bearing the flesh of his neck so Cody could get in there as best as he could. With the same swift and incredibly fast movement, Colin only felt Cody sink his slightly longer and more pronounced fangs into his flesh as the intense and sharp pain from the piercing of the barrier between the world and his blood shot straight to Colin's brain. The pain turned to pleasure in the blink of an eye, gasping to catch and steady his breath, moaning from it all as the intensity of what Colin was experiencing was too much for any one person to process. Cody just grinned as he drank, his pliable tongue bathing Colin's flesh in his saliva, massaging the flesh as if he were giving Colin a hickey, but truly was coaxing more blood from Colin's body. The thrill of such a willing person becoming what they are got the beastial blood that was inside of them boiling and everything about what they were became more alive while hungering with a ferocity that was unquenchable. Cody's mind was focused on one thing... draining Colin of everything that he had, even if that meant that Colin would die in the process and they'd need to find another to seed with vampirism. Though as Colin only smiled as his body went as limp as a cooked noodle, a fierce shock shot off into both of the twins who were just about to bring Colin to a point that he would not be able to recover from, forcing the two to pull off of him... leaving them reeling in the process. As Colin's limp body fell to the floor beneath the trio as a giant heap of flesh Cody and Zach looked at each other, staring into the others eyes, wondering what just happened while they simultaneously marveled at how the other looked now. A part of both of them wondered why, in their thirteen hundred years of life, they hadn't ever looked the way they did now in their vampire forms. They drank from so many, even those who were full-fledged Death Eaters, yet this form never came to be. They even drank from Death Eaters who welcomed becoming vampires as well, but there had to be something special about Colin that none of the others had. They both thought, at the same time, that it must have been that all of the others weren't truly dark at their core, only enjoying what the left handed path offered. Colin... on the other hand... seemed to have always walked the left handed path, but played the part of someone walking the right handed path to hide his true nature.

As the two looked down upon Colin, they saw his breathing was incredibly labored while his chest barely raised. They both knew they needed to act quickly or else their newest turn would enter into death instead of undeath as the twins had planned. Cody, being the stronger of the twins, walked over to Colin and knelt beside him. Carefully Cody positioned Colin's head to have his mouth open and then sank his teeth into his wrists, tearing his flesh wide open as his thick, dark purple blood poured into and pooled in Colin's mouth. Feeling the presence of the fluid filled with undeath, Colin slowly let the blood flow into his throat, sliding down into his stomach where the new essence began to take root. As the energy from Cody's essence revived him in a sense, Colin shot up and grasped Cody's bleeding wrist closer to his mouth. Colin pursed his lips against the cool flesh, locking them in place and sucked hard in order to pull what Cody freely offered into his body. Drinking from and sucking on the vampire's flesh, Colin suckled on what gave him undeath like a newborn to its' mother's teat as he moaned from the tingling sensation that coursed through his entire body. Every inch of Colin's body tingled furiously as if every part of him had been cut off from the freely flowing blood that provided his body life, being "asleep", and now finally began to wake up. As Colin sucked harder and harder, furiously wanting all Cody had to give, Cody winced in pain as his body warned that too much was starting to be given... unsustainably so.

Pulling away from the leaching Colin, watching the lips of the new vampire to be quiver and seeking flesh to suckle on, Cody smiled as he watched his flesh instantly close up and comfortingly ran his gangly fingers through Colin's head of hair. "Such a hungry new born you were! You have had more than what you need to become what we are. Now... sleep and let your once mortal body be reborn into an immortal one." Cody said softly as he and Zach lifted the young creature, placing him gently on the bed close to where they once stood, allowing him to rest and change slowly.

Oddly, Cody and Zach took great care of Colin, like a newborn and helpless child. Once he was on the bed, they moved the covers to cover Colin, tightly tucking the fabric in around him as if they were creating a makeshift cocoon. Once that was done, there was nothing they could do other than let him sleep and as they stepped away, the twins turned and looked at Colin, then returned their gaze in front of them as they began walking down the spiraling staircase to the common area of their dormitory. They knew that it would take time for Colin's metamorphosis, but they had no idea how much time was needed exactly. Everyone they turned previously took a different amount of time, some were quick only needing a few hours while others were long and took at least two to three full days. During Colin's hibernation, the twins knew that it was a perfect time to do some reconnaissance on their own, plotting their next set of moves to take control of Hogwarts.

Two days passed from the moment Colin fell into his deep a coma like slumber, allowing the vampiric invasive essence to change him completely and unimpeded. His dormant state, which the new essence forced, allowed the cells in Colin's body to mutate and take on the new genetic information planted in him. Colin groaned as he slowly came to; his eyes fluttered open as his enhanced vision took a moment to get used to; his ears rang as a high pitched tone invaded his mind, hearing more things than he ever had before, even through the thick stone walls most everything in the castle had been made with. Colin smiled, expecting to feel his heart race with excitement, but there was nothing there. As Colin began to stir further, slowly pulling free from the constricting sheets and blankets, he felt the heat around him dissipate quickly. Normally as a human, Colin would have shuddered at the intense change of temperature, but all that there was was nothingness. Nothing at all was there, as if he somehow became empty, vacant and... void. There was no other word that he could use to describe it than that. Sitting up in the bed, the sky illuminated was a thick, dark gray blanket that covered the sky. Colin looked around for a moment, gathering himself still, but suddenly heard the familiar sound of footsteps coming up those stone steps and he could even tell that it was at the very bottom of the spiral stairs. Scratching his head, trying to understand it all, Colin noticed that his fingernails were slightly longer and sharp. Confused, Colin brought his fingers into his vision, he saw that not only were they a slightly more while and yet transparent keratin... they were honed into sharp points... almost like claws. His brow scrunched, more confusion set in and the only thing he could remember was being bitten and drinking from Cody. That's right! Colin remembered, They made me into a vampire! Colin smiled and grinned, realizing that everything that he had just become aware of was a result of being made. The only thing that Colin wondered now was how long was he out. He was certain that everyone had to be looking for him, especially if it were at least a few days, which it definitely felt like to him.

As Cody made his way up to the top step and onto the landing, Colin could feel his presence just before it and Cody smiled as he saw their newly created fledgling awake, sitting on the bed. Curious to just how far reaching his abilities were as a vampire, Colin closed his eyes and just focused on the school itself. Suddenly, everything seemed to slow down to one one-hundredth of a second and the castle zoomed away from his vision as if he was now flying above it and looking down. With his eyes closed, Colin smiled and thought about Dumbledore and Ms. McGonagall. With swift motion, he seemed to fly through the halls and passages till he was seemingly standing next to the pair as they walked through the main hall that was used for so many different things. Again, Colin grinned, loving the fact that he could listen to their conversation without them even knowing.

"Dumbledore... what are we going to do?!" Ms. McGonagall said concerned as her voice squeaked as she spoke.

"To what do you speak? Are you talking about Voldemort's apparent and appending rebirth?" Dumbledore asked in his deep voice that just oozed with wisdom.

"Yes... Potter and the rest of the students will be in terrible danger if he comes back!" She replied, speaking quietly for a moment as several students who were also friends with Harry walked by.

Dumbledore looked ahead for a moment, silent and solemn, thinking about how he should have replied. He knew just how dire the situation was and what it meant if he did come back. He even knew about the Horcruxes, but there was no telling where the rest of them were and with the damage one had done to his hand while trying to destroy it, Dumbledore was actually frightened to try again with another one found. He knew the basilisk fang could certainly destroy it, but there was only the one after Harry killed the basilisk protecting Tom Riddle's journal. Taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly, Dumbledore looked to Minerva and spoke solemnly. "You know Minerva... I have been fearing this time as well. There is so much at stake and the Dark Lord can't be completely destroyed even if Harry ends up killing him in the end. You are right, but it's not just the school... it's all of the world. Voldemort will start with magic born, ensuring that no magic born will mingle and procreate with a muggle. Once his rule and decree was mandated, he will go after the muggles and there is no telling what he will do to them. The Ministry of Magic won't be there to try and prevent him from acting as he would; they'd be dead or enslaved to his dark magic. I fear that if the Horcruxes can't be found before or after his resurrection... there will be no hope."

Minerva just looked him, awestruck and speechless. It was clear that she had never thought Albus Dumbledore would not have a plan; that he wouldn't have a miraculous trick up his long sleeves, but now it was clear to her that even he was frightened of the time to come. Colin just grinned as the evil in him that was given free reign and allowed to grow unchecked like a cancerous tumor enjoyed the words Albus Dumbledore spoke in earnest. He was glad to know that the Dark Lord would be free to do as he wanted, but he could also sense something else entirely. Colin could feel that Cody and Zach had other plans and that dark part of him wanted to know what it was. He was definitely interested in what they had planned because Colin was all for the darkest and most evil plan to be in motion. He liked to think that he was even more evil than Voldemort now that he was both undead and soulless, but Colin also knew that only time would tell. As Colin could feel Cody getting closer and closer to him, he pulled his vision back to the room they were in and slowly opened his eyes with a devious smile. As his eyelids fluttered open, everything coming back into focus for him, Colin could see Cody walking closer to him with a similar smile on his face.

"So... our new fledgling has already learned how to tap into one of our most powerful abilities, it would seem." Cody said as he now stood directly in front of Colin while he still sat on the bed.

"So... you felt me using whatever that was, did you?" Colin grinned, feeling quite accomplished as it seemed that the ability was something for those who had been a vampire for a while.

Cody grinned, enjoying Colin's cockiness and delivered it right back to him. "Yes, when you tap into what we call walking all vampires in the immediate vicinity can feel you. Basically, when any of us walk, we tap into and focus on the collective energy where we are walking. If it's in a confined space like it is here at Hogwarts, there's no need to focus it and hone in on a specific area. If, however, it's in large area with numerous hosts like London, it requires a great deal of focus. This, of course, will come in time as you age in being a vampire and with training. Though, I do suspect that since it was no sweat for you to walk, you should have no problem mastering this and our other abilities."

Suddenly, as Cody finished, they both focused their attention on the landing as Zach entered the area as well while grinning. "So... the young one can walk, can he?"

"Indeed my brother! It is amazing what he is able to do even though he is a fledgling who just awoke from his two day slumber..." Cody praised Colin while Colin's entire form perked up and went rigid when he heard the answer to the question he had meant to ask. "... and this before his first feeding!"

"My... that is impressive! I don't think we've ever encountered someone like him before. I do believe he may be the one spoken of in prophecy! Colin may bring about the rise of our kind, claiming the top of the food chain once more as we had several thousands of years ago." Zach said pridefully as he stood in at the threshold of the entry to the sleeping quarters.

Hearing this, Colin once again perked up and went rigid, curious about what Zach was even talking about. Cody didn't show any emotion nor did he even seem different in the least. "He could be my brother... he very well could be. Though... we will not know until he comes into his power and strength. Until then, he must feed and gain what power he can of his own." Cody said plainly, then directed his attention to Colin. "Come young one, you must feed! Is there one you wish to feed from?" He asked, already getting the sense that someone immediately popped into his mind.

Colin threw the covers from himself as he slid his body off of the bed, standing on his own two feet and nodded with a knowing grin. "Oh... I do indeed! Though I do not wish to feed from just one; I hunger for the blood of my three friends. Though... I want my thrall to be Draco Malfoy with Harry Potter and Ron Weasly to be just a part of my coven."

"Well... we do have a thirsty, hungry and ambition fledgling on our hands, don't we?!" Zach said brimming with pride for their newest addition to their coven in years.

"Yes... it would seem so! I think we can arrange this for Colin. We will have them here for you soon and you will feed!" Cody said as his eyes flashed their golden amber hue and smiled deviously.

In a flash, with a gust of wind behind them as the duo moved so quickly, both Cody and Zach left the dormitory. Colin sat back down on the bed, got comfortable and closed his eyes while focusing on the pair as they moved through the castle swiftly until they came upon where students were, slowing to a normal speed right before mingling with the others so not to cause any suspicion that they were different than the rest. Feeling Colin using the ability to watch what they were doing, the pair grinned and kept walking through the halls focusing on where Draco, Harry and Ron were, which Colin could feel they were doing at the same time. Back in the room, Colin grinned as well as he witnessed first hand just how handy that specific ability was. He began wondering what other abilities there were that they had and decided to wait for the duo to bring Colin his first meal. Once his presence returned to the room, Colin began recalling what they were taught a year or so ago about what vampires were capable of when they existed. It was widely taught that vampires were extinct and Colin couldn't wait to prove just how wrong the Ministry of Magic was. They were taught that vampires had many abilities, but they refused to teach on everything that they were capable of. Colin remembered that vampires were supposedly able to: control the flow of air or in layman's terms, fly; astral project themselves, which was what they called walking; predict the future, which was otherwise known as divination; reanimate the dead, known as necromancy; and read minds, known as telepathy. Obviously, he knew about the astral projection because he did it twice in the short time he has been a vampire. Colin was curious about a lot of them, but the only one he knew was possible to do on his own in that room was divination. Closing his eyes once again, Colin focused and just kept repeating the word future in his mind, until he found himself slipping into darkness. Quickly, Colin's vision returned and he was amazed by the sight that he saw before him. Unfortunately, before he could come to grips with the future he saw, the vision was ripped from him as the energy around him in the physical room was disrupted by the presence of five people entering the space. Immediately as he came to, Colin smiled as he saw his two makers and his three friends.

Seeing Colin sitting in the very bed where his new life started, Harry and Ron moved to him swiftly, asking tons of questions while Draco hung back and took a nonchalant attitude toward Colin. Not really paying much attention to Harry or Ron, considering they didn't really give him a moment to answer any questions they asked, Colin focused his attention on Draco. Deeply he gazed at his target, catching Draco's sight for just a second, which was just enough to shine him. As Colin kept his gaze on Draco, Draco blankly walked toward Colin while Harry and Ron watched in pure confusion, not understanding what was going on.

"Draco... are you ok?" Ron asked as Harry walked toward him and grasped Draco's shoulder, but he didn't stop. Draco just kept walking closer and closer to Colin with the same blank look in his eyes.

"What's going on?!" Harry asked angrily when his attempt to get Draco's attention failed.

Grinning and piping in, Cody spoke up before Zach had a moment to do so. "Oh... my dear, naive and sweet Harry Potter! You see, Colin is one of us and he needs to feed, but you know what's even better?" He said in a condescending tone, his human visage shifting into his newer vampiric form and gave Harry a single moment to try and escape. "Our fledgling wants to have you as part of our coven!" Immediately, as Harry's eyes widened in pure terror and shock, Cody locked onto Harry's gaze and instantaneously put the shine on him as well. Unbeknownst to anyone, Zach moved with blinding speed and put Ron into a trance right after Harry. Zach just shook his head in the moment after, completely dismayed that Ron was such an easy target as they had heard about in the time that they spent at Hogwarts while Colin was turning.

"Now... Draco... come before me and remove your trousers as well as your knickers. I want to see that gorgeous cock I have heard so much about!" Colin said, grinning and licking his lips in lustful hunger as he repressed the urge to shift into his vampiric form.

Not thinking or hesitating for a moment, Draco walked ever closer to Colin as he undid his trousers, letting them fall to the floor beneath him and stepped out of them fluidly. Next, Draco's slipped his thumbs behind the elastic band of his undergarments, slipping them down and letting them fall to the floor while he stepped out of them just as fluidly. Colin grinned as he saw his soon to be thrall's flaccid pecker resting nicely against his medium sized and slightly loosely hanging testicles, all of which were smooth shaven just like Colin had heard about as rumors. If Colin still had a beating heart right then, it would be beating a mile a minute and trying to rip free of his chest. Colin groaned as Draco came up to him and stood there presenting himself as he was directed. Slowly, Colin placed his hands deftly on each thigh from behind, moving them slowly up the athletically sculpted musculature to the round globes of his blonde and lightly fuzzy buttcheeks. Colin groaned in arousal, pulling Draco yet a bit closer to him, nuzzling his face against the flaccid shaft and head. Slowly as Colin's face rubbed against the cock, it began to rise and grow firmer and firmer by the second. Licking his lips again, he pursed them against the cock and slid it against his moist flesh, eliciting a moan out of Draco. Grinning, Colin took that as a green light to go further and opened his mouth just enough to let Draco's phallus slowly enter, bathing it in his saliva. Colin swirled his tongue around the flesh growing more and more turgid by the second, working it to give the two of them a great deal of pleasure. Cody and Zach made the two fledglings to be watch every moment of it, wanting them to take in what Colin was doing and learn what it took to please a man properly.

Looking at the two for a moment, Colin could see the sexual hunger in the two other skinny and pasty skinned youths, motioning for them to do as they wanted. Colin pulled off Draco for a moment, grinning while stroking him to keep the momentum building till Draco would climax and pushed him onto the bed so his feet hung off the end. Ron, being the closeted shoe fetishist that he was, ran toward Draco and began nuzzling his face against one shoed foot, then the other one. Hungry for what he had wanted for so long, now being freed and having no inhibitions, Ron pulled off each shoe and then each corresponding sweaty sock. For a few moments each, Ron pushed the moist cloth against his nose and mouth, breathing in deeply the manly scent of Draco's sweaty feet. Ron moaned as his cock swelled in his trousers, pushing against them painfully and winced in pleasure each time the turgid flesh brushed against the fabric. Harry, in the meantime, moved aimlessly over to Draco who began rubbing Harry's bulge beneath his trousers as well. Harry gasped and moaned, even though he was tranced Harry couldn't deny how amazing it felt to have another person groping his package for the first time in his life. Usually Harry took care of that need, all on his own, in privacy wherever and when ever he could. Now... the wall of not knowing another's touch was torn down and even if Harry was released from the trance, doing it himself would not be something he would do if he could help it. Cody and Zach just smiled as they watched the small orgy getting underway, slinking off to the back, stroking one another and focusing their attention on each other. The two older vampires knew that Colin was strong enough to keep the hold on the other three boys and they let him. Colin groaned as he felt Draco's cock begin to throb and pulse in his mouth, the euphoric chemicals of release flooding his brain, slightly breaking the hold on Draco's mind, but not enough to cause any sort of issue as he began stroking Harry's hard cock against the tented fabric around it. As the sexual hunger increased in Draco both from Ron's attention on his feet and Colin on his cock, Draco wanted more. Ron nuzzled against Draco's feet, slipping his tongue between the toes, sucking on each one like a lollipop while making Draco squirm and gasp from the work of Ron's tongue.

Wanting the gift before him, Draco pulled Harry close to him and aggressively pulled down Harry's trousers and knickers at the same time. Harry's seven inch long, circumcised and two inch thick cock sprung up like a diving board from being pulled down with the fabric. Draco grinned and licked his lips, aiming the turgid and already dripping cock at the orifice he greatly desired it to enter into. In one gulp, like a veteran at cock sucking, Draco buried his face into Harry's trimmed yet curly pubes, breathing deeply and taking in Harry's masculine scent. At the same time, Harry gasped and moaned as he felt his cock swallowed; the urge to piston in and out of Draco's mouth began to rise, feeling the need to fuck something racing to desperation, but he let Draco have control for the moment. Moaning, Draco began bobbing on the cock in his mouth, moving his head and tongue expertly to bring the owner immense pleasure, Draco began thrusting his hips upward, spearing the cock into Colin's mouth and slamming against the back of his throat. Ron, being the incredibly submissive slut that he realized he was even though he was under the trance, moaned as he worked over Draco's feet. His own cock throbbed and pulsed, but he didn't dare touch himself unless his masters told him to. Ron began gyrating his own hips, getting his turgid meat rubbing against the clothe confinements, causing him to flinch in sensitive pleasure. Ron could feel his orgasm coming, getting to the point of no return as it hung on the edge, not yet going past the threshold. Ron wanted to wait to orgasm with the other three, but he was unknowing if he could. Rapidly, the pace that both Colin and Draco were working over the meat in their mouths met up and synchronized with each other while Draco's and Harry's thrusting synced as well.

Suddenly, there was a loud moan from beyond the mini orgy from Cody and Zach, then they both climaxed into each other while they laid down in the sixty-nine position, swallowing each drop of cum the other spewed forth. At the same time, a large wave of erotic energy washes over Colin, Draco, Harry and Ron causing them all to moan in pleasure. As the four became lost in the moment, lost to everything they were doing or what was even going on... each past the threshold of orgasming, practically at the same time. Ron moaning as his seed caked the inside of his knickers, coating his turgid flesh and everything else the gooey, white cock juice could touch. Draco and Harry, however, dumped their loads into nice, warm and moist oral cavities. Draco bathing Colin's tongue in his spunk, flooding his mouth, but he hungrily gulped it down. Harry, on the other hand, came harder and in greater quantity as the flow was so much that a little of it slid down his mandible and hanging on his chin like a rock climber, hanging on the edge of his chin for dear life. Colin, at the same time, only orgasmed without the actual fluid behind it. His cock quivered, his muscles contracted while the euphoric and drug-like chemicals flooded his brain, leaving him in the afterglow of his ecstasy. Though, for a moment, Colin thought about how everything happened, but didn't really think anything of it. A part of him knew that it was because he was a vampire who hadn't fed yet. The other part didn't quite know what to think about the situation, but he knew that there was an explanation to be had by the two who were at the root of things. With Draco's spent cock in Colin's mouth, he smiled around it and felt the throbbing beat of his heart pulse through the large and thick vein. Slowly he pulled the softening flesh that slowly became more and more limp by the second as the flow of blood retreated back into his body. As it fell from Colin's lips, he licked them savoring the flavor while his vision turned red. Everything was outlined in red, showing basic shapes of people, their veins and the blood pumping freely through the bodies of the living around him. His stomach clenched and Colin's hunger skyrocketed as his nose flared, smelling the scent of blood permeating through the somewhat still engorged flesh before him. Colin knew full well that he couldn't force Draco into being a vampire, nor could he coerce him into it either. The one thing that he could do was show Draco the power he had, which would do the trick considering he always craved more power; power to prove himself to the Dark Lord and become a Death Eater like his father... Lucius.

Colin grinned with his face so close to Draco's cock and released Draco from his mental hold. Slowly, Draco began to wake up, coming to and looking around the room dazed and confused. Though, it only took a few seconds to see something Draco feared above all else... his prized piece of flesh right at the lips of another male. He had no idea what was going on, but at the same time Draco didn't dare act too rashly in the fear of something happening to him. He laid there for a moment, realizing he had the remnant of something bitter, salty and slimy in his mouth. Realizing what had happened, since unbeknownst to Draco Harry's cock had naturally slipped from his lips and hung there limply by his own lips. His eyes widened in terror at the knowledge of what he did... not understanding why this even happened or how. He knew that the only way he'd get an answer was to ask the one looking at him deviously as his eyes just glowed their golden amber hue.

"C-Colin...? Wh-what the fuck is going on?" Draco asked quite afraid at the moment.

Colin grinned and moaned as he slid his tongue against Draco's cock, getting the semi hard cock to rise once again as Draco moaned while his body betrayed him. "Such a stud you are... it was good for me and I know it was good for you as well."

"What h-happened?" Draco stuttered.

"Oh... you know... we had a mini orgy between the four of us. Ron, loving feet as much as I do, serviced yours. I... of course... enjoyed myself sucking your fantastic cock. You seemed to enjoy sucking off Harry, though as you can clearly see... he is under my power as well as Ronald." Colin explained grinning the entire time.

Draco reeled a bit, skittering backward on the bed, pulling his feet away from Ron and his cock from Colin. "Wh-what are you?" Draco asked in fear as his already high-pitched voice squeaked another octave out.

"Oh... well funny you should ask! You see... those two over there, known as Cody and Zach, are vampires. They seek to regain their species' reign over humanity as it once had been and they chose to sire me and I became their first fledgling recently." Colin said grinning from ear to ear as he sat up on the bed, composing himself.

"Wait... you're a vampire and so are they!? How?! Hogwarts is supposed to be protected from things like the undead, monsters and other creatures that are considered dark..." Draco said trailing off, now in awe of the power that those two must've had in order to bypass such a powerful combination of protection spells and wards.

"Well... it is quite simple Draco, as these two explained the same thing to me. Magic is bound to the strength of the one who cast the spell, ward, incantation or summoning. Cody and Zach are thirteen hundred years old, accumulating insurmountable amounts of power along their journey through time and they both rival Dumbledore individually. Together, I am sure Dumbledore would fall to them within seconds, kneeling before them and asking for mercy. Something I know you would love to see them do before you to impress the Dark Lord Voldemort!" Colin exclaimed, not fearing saying his name because he too had reverence for Voldemort.

Hearing the name of "he who shall not be named" made Draco's eyes widen in shock of Colin's boldness since very few dared utter his name. "You... you said his name! No one says the Dark Lord's name. Do you... worship him?"

"I did and I do! I respect what the Dark Lord is doing and not only do I want to be a part of it... I want to be in his good graces when the time comes. Though... I suspect that we vampires will be even more powerful than Voldemort and we will rule even over him. You could see that I have complete control over Harry and Ron, yet in a way, they acted on their greatest desires without a lick of their inhibitions to control their behavior. The thing is, I never used the Imperius Curse to charm any of you." Colin said smiling coyly, knowing all too well that he basically had Draco hook, line and sinker to be completely wrapped around his finger.

"C-can I be a vampire too?" Draco asked, his jaw still slack and his mouth slightly agape.

"Yes... you can be a vampire as well! In fact... you can be my thrall. Though, I have only one thing to ask in return." Colin quipped.

"Yes... yes... name it! I will do anything to have the same power you do!" Draco called out without a single moment of hesitation.

"My... you are an eager one, aren't you?" Colin said as his voice grew deeper and darker than it had been moments ago. "You will need to convince these two, of your own and without the assistance of magic. Do this and I will sire all three of you into my coven."

"As you wish... Master." Draco uttered, finding it relatively easy to get those words out of his mouth, thinking that there would be some sort of resentment or distaste in his mouth, but there was none. "Release Ron first... he will be the easiest to sway!

Colin nodded, releasing just the grasp that he had on Ron and as he came to, his eyes went wide with horror at the situation at hand. He couldn't believe his knickers were slimy and wet, that his mouth tasted like feet and he was in such a situation with Draco and Harry being exposed. Ron rubbed his head, feeling funny from all of it as he tried to dismiss what was going on, thinking it was nothing more than a vivid dream. There was no way that any of this could be real; that his fantasy of being with the other three in a sexual situation and with him worshipping the feet of a kid who he secretly idolized, yet outwardly detested to cover up his own lies. No... there was no way this could have been real, yet everything in his mind and body told Ron otherwise.

"Wh-what happened? What is this...?" Ron asked in his heavy accented voice.

Draco smiled as he looked at his feet, wriggling his toes, toying with Ron further. "Well... do you want the truth or do you want me to reassure you that this was a dream?"

"I-I... no... I couldn't have!" Ron cried out in protest, reeling backward, pulling himself away and try to put himself back together, even though the eggshell had been quite destroyed.

"Oh... but you did Ron and dare I say... you enjoyed it? I can tell by the look on your face that you did. There is that physical after glow of orgasming. It's as plain as day to see, but the question is... do you want to do it again? Do you want to worship the feet of those you greatly desire to or do you want to go back to being meek old Ronald Weasley?" Draco chided with an all too knowing grin.

Ron seemed to think it over in his mind, but his face deceived him, giving an answer before he could even vocalize it. Still... both Colin and Draco could see it, but they remained silent. "I-I do... I can't deny how long I've thought about a situation like this... or others. Wh-what do I need to do so I can do it again... to anyone I want like you hinted at?" Ron said as he got up and walked closer to the trio of Colin, Draco and Harry as Cody and Zach just watched from afar.

"Well... you are going to have to convince Harry and that might not be a simple or easy task." Draco said with exuding confidence.

"Well... I know something about Harry neither of you know. He never told me, but I could always see it... that look in his eye. Especially when we are around Hagrid!" Ron said grinning, revealing a massive secret about the boy he considered his best friend.

"Hagrid!?" Draco and Colin shouted out at the same time, noticing Harry's cock get thick and chubby from just hearing the name. All three of them looked at each other in shock and disbelief, while Draco asked the question of the day. "Why though?"

Ron grinned, "I think Harry has a thing for big, thick and massive cock. Harry told me one day that he had seen Hagrid naked and getting out of the bath. He said that he couldn't believe how big Hagrid was and any time we were around him, Harry would just eye Hagrid's crotch."

"Well then... I suppose that's the key to getting what you want Colin! Go ahead, release Harry and we can get this party started!" Draco cockily, which made Colin sport wood nearly immediately, which at the same time he nodded and released Harry.

Harry stumbled backward, feeling light headed, disoriented, dazed and confused. The only thing he remembered was that Draco, himself and Ronald were brought to see Colin. Now... he stood there with his cock out, almost rock hard and feeling a bit exhausted as if he orgasmed recently. "What is this?!" Harry immediately shouted.

"Hmmm, we could ask you the same thing about you wanting Hagrid's cock!" Draco boomed, watching Harry get rock hard at that moment. "Damn! It is true... you want his big, thick, tree trunk for a cock... don't you Harry?" Draco pushed on, watching Harry's cock throb, twitch and jump.

"Bloody hell! I guess the bloody cat is out of the bag. Yeah, I am a cock fiend for thick cock and Hagrid's got the thickest I've ever seen!" Harry said nearly drooling and having spittle fly from his lips in bubbly, white and frothy foam.

"Well Harry, you can have him, it and any other cock you want at your beck and whim. What do you say to that?" Draco said, taunting Harry with the very thing that was his greatest weakness.

"What do I say? No... it's more like what do I have to do?" Harry bellowed.

"Well... now that you are all open and willing, I guess it's my turn to let Harry and Ron in on my secret! You see..." Colin paused as he watched Cody and Zach slowly walk toward the growing coven, instantly taking his vampiric form. "... Cody, myself and Zach are all vampires and you three are going to be my fledglings!" He said as he lunged for Draco's throat, draining him of his life as Cody took Harry and Zach took Ron.

"Mmmm... good work Colin! These will make fine additions to our coven and bring more into the fold. They will drink from you and you will be their maker... their sire!" Cody said as he paused the consumption of his quite delectable meal, feeling the power coursing inside of Harry, neither of them knowing that Harry was a living Horcrux with Voldemort's soul, life force and power within him.

Now, as the three feasted and the three victims were slowly getting to the point of death, the coven was growing and Hogwarts would soon be a large and incredibly powerful coven to be.

The Descent & Birth Of The Demonic Werewolf - Ch 2

As Zach knelt there, his mouth watering the searing heat inside of him grew stronger by the moment, feeling as though hellish flames lapped at his skin from beneath the surface. Zach moaned as he felt his pleasure arise, growing to an unimaginable...

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The Demonic Uprising - Ch 1

"You know Runt, I have decided on something. I want to be a specific monster... one I've been captivated by since I was eight. Thing is... I wonder if you could put a twist on it." I said with a grin on my face. Runt looked at me, his head cocked...

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Ch 1 - Questionable Exploration

_This is a disclaimer to inform you, the reader, that there is gay sex between a father and his son as consenting adults. In this universe things are not like they are currently and the rules are different. If you are not of legal age to read such smut...

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