The Merrin, part 29

Story by Sovereign Kyle on SoFurry

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#29 of Merr

Too cold to stay awake...time to hibernate.

Sadly, this story comes to an end here, but I will finish it with another. Just wait...

Not sure if this actually qualifies as "unbirth" but...

"Que Sera, Sera" song writing credits go to Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.

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With another drop in outside temperature, they've decided they can't wait any longer. As Avy cleans the bed again, Key heads outside to check the wind generators. It's too cold for him to walk to the com shelter, so he can't check on that anymore.

Not finding any ice, he heads back in, and finds Avy waiting for him. Knowing what she has planned, he drops his armor. "Shower."

She manages to slide her tail a little closer, and starts to wash him. In only one of her hands, she holds a special soap that she selected, in the other three, sponges. She soaps the sponges and starts washing him.

Her hands shake, showing her nervousness, so he takes them and looks into her eyes. Words need not be said as she nods and slowly relaxes.

At first, it feels odd to him as her four hands work their way across his body, but he soon starts to enjoy her gentle touch. He follows her instructions, turning as needed.

She smiles at his excitement but continues to bathe him.

When she's done. She takes the shower head from the wall and rinses him slowly, thoroughly. She then grabs a towel and dries him.

That done, he takes the towel, wipes down his armor and puts it in it's case. When he finishes, she hands him a small bag. It's the outfit Pond designed to help keep her from dissolving him. It's a thin, skin tight material that only covers his torso, and a hood for his head and face.

After helping him put it on, she opens the sleeve covering her tail. Together they move her to the bed's raised platform, its mattress now leans against the far wall.

He again takes her hands in his. "Are you ready?"

I don't know. She looks up at him. I wish I had some of your confidence right now.

Key smiles. "When I was little I was so full of questions about the future. My dad answered me one day with a very old song."

A song?

He clears his throat, and sings, "Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera, sera. What will be, will be."

She smiles and leans her head against his. Your singing is terrible, but I understand.

He chuckles and kisses her. We will be all right.

She nods and gently pushes him back. Okay, lets do this before I change my mind.

Key nods. "Pond, if you please."

"Initiating modifications."

An odd warming sensation washes over him and his skin starts to shine as his pores start to slowly ooze a clear fluid.

"Preliminary secretions complete. Ready to move on to preservation phase."

"When you are ready," Drudge adds.

Avy nods, and starts massaging the opening to her cnolee'a, encouraging the muscles around it to relax.

Key kneels and starts to help. It doesn't take long before he's doing it alone. Avy starts shaking and gasping, and grabbing at anything she can to steady herself.

Key...if...I..._She gasps sharply at the stimulation. _Ooh, don't stop.

"I won't love." He gently works a hand in and she gasps again.

Slowly she opens up, and he works his arms inside.

Avy puts a hand to his back and gently pulls him to her. Do it.

Realizing her meaning, he pulls the hood down over his face. It's solidifies into a smooth face mask.

Hands first, he slides forward into her. She's soft, warm, and seems to fill all the space around him.

Avy squeals as her cnolee'a spreads, accepting him.

He continues in, getting chest deep before she clenches around him, stopping his progress. Avy, you need to relax.

Her arms and legs are splayed out across the ceiling and floor, pushing out in all directions. She gasps and squeals, and fights to relax. Key...don't move...I focus.

He tries to remain still, but even his breathing seems to stimulate her.

I'm gonna try to push you in.

He slowly repositions his legs. I'm ready.

Still fighting the massive stimulation, she moves two of her hands to his waist. On three. She takes a few breaths. One...two...three.

He kicks off the floor as she pulls him in. The stimulation nearly overwhelms her and her cnolee'a constricts around him, again stopping his progress.

She flails again. pushing up and out with her arms and legs. The ceiling and floor both buckle outward from the force of her push. She screams, and nearly collapses to the floor. Her tail twitches and ripples run down its length.

This gets Key's attention. Avy?'s...too much...

I know, love. I can feel it too. I think I can get the rest of the way myself.

Weak and tiring, she pushes herself back up. Okay, I think I'm ready.

Timing his movement with the ripples, he pushes his arms outward and pulls himself forward. He slides in up to his knees.

She gasps again as she struggles to keep herself up.

With one more pull, his feet disappear inside her, and he rolls to his back. Immersed in her warmth, surrounded by her soft embrace, he relaxes. He lets her feelings overtake him.

Avy pants. She had no idea it would feel this good, and feeling him open up to her, intensified those feelings. Fighting to stay awake, she manages to crawl back across her tail before collapsing.

Rest. She needs rest.

* * *

She has no idea how long it's been. Hours, days, doesn't matter.

Inside her cnolee'a, Key's in an induced coma. Drudge and Pond are waiting for her to enter hibernation, then they shelter will lower the temp, and they'll put him in cryo.

She sips down the last of her plankton and slowly caresses her tail. She can feel every part of him, every beat of his heart, every swell of his chest as he breaths. Despite his being asleep, she can even feels his body's primal excitement and occasional climax. Apparently, being inside her is as stimulating to him as it is to her.

Done with her meal, she stretches out across her tail. She puts her head down and wraps herself in a hug. If her tail wasn't there, her head would be on his chest, and knowing this comforts her.

Once again Key's song comes to mind, and she can't help but to sing a specific part to herself as she surrenders to hibernation.

When I grew up and fell in love

I asked my sweetheart, "What lies ahead?

Will we have rainbows day after day?"

Here's what my sweetheart said

"Que sera, sera

Whatever will be, will be

The future's not ours to see

Que sera, sera

What will be, will be"

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