The Merrin, part 26

Story by Sovereign Kyle on SoFurry

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#26 of Merr

A rough plan for survival, and filling some desires.

just a reminder that all temps are in C. 15c is near 60f, and -100c is -148f

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Key sips at his soup. Avy's curled up around her tail, asleep.

With addition of the wind generators, they've been able to keep it a little warmer in the shelter. At only 15 degrees, it's still cool for his liking, but it's tolerable without his armor on.

He has planning to do. He first needs to find a good place to put himself for this cryo, somewhere safe. The other thing will be a bigger problem. Protecting his skin. A cryo suit in combination with a fluidic solution is what's normally used, but he doesn't have access to anything that can produce the solution. Pond is already trying to work out possible alternatives.

Setting the tablet aside, he realizes that Avy is watching him. "How you feeling?"

It's too cold.

Key gets up and grabs a self heating blanket. "I don't know how long it's charge will last, but here."

She flips the original blanket off and he covers her with the new one.

She starts to relax as he tucks it in around her tail. That's better. Thank you.

He gives her a kiss. "Anytime you need me, love." He then lays the other blanket over her and slides under them, next to her.

She's cold against him. Her body temperature has been slowly dropping lately, making it harder for her to stay awake. They both know that she'll soon be hibernating, by choice or not.

She gently wraps his hands around her, then tucks her arms inside his. He's warm, and she loves the feel of him against her.

As they lie together, he takes a moment to muse over how her body's been changing. Most of her front side, being her face, chest and belly, and even the insides of her arms, are now almost as soft as skin. The once obvious joints between plates are all but gone. Her chest area has grown more, and even has a vertical divide now. To top it off, she's starting to have some semblance of a skeletal structure under her skin.

He's wanted to ask her about it but she's been sleeping so much, she hasn't even noticed the changes herself.

With a heavy sigh, he lets the science go and tries to just enjoys her company. He'll worry about survival after she's warm.

* * *

"I believe we have a solution," Pond states.

Key sets his food aside and sits up in the chair. "Solution?"

"To protecting you while frozen."

He takes a sip of his drink and asks, "And that would be?"


"Avy?" Key slowly looks over at her as she slowly sits up.

Me? What about me? she groggily asks.

"The only way we can safely enter freeze is with her protection, in her cnolee'a."

But, I do not want--

Key gently interrupts her. "Avy, just a moment. How would you prevent her from absorbing me."

"We have been testing a number of agents and believe we can neutralize her enzymes. If not, we are prepared to maintain a boosted healing regime until you are both frozen. We believe that once it is cold enough, the absorption process will halt."

Key closes his eyes for a moment to clear his head. When he opens them, he sees Avy absently massaging her tail.

"Do you think it will work?" he asks her

I...I don't know. I don't recall hearing any males coming out after a hibernation.

He steps over and sits next to her. "What's wrong?"

Not getting a response, she gently takes two of her hands in his. "Avy, please."

She reluctantly looks at him. If...if we do this, I don't know what will happen.

He sighs. "Hun, if we don't, I won't have a way to protect myself from the long term effects of being frozen. I'll die if I remain frozen too long."

She nods. But if I absorb you...

"And if they keep me safe...Avy, we can't let the fear of the unknown steer us."

She puts a hand to his face. Don't misunderstand, if it means I can protect you, then it's good. I'm just scared that I'll hurt you.

"I would never blame you if you did. With where I'll be, that's a risk I'm willing to accept."

She slowly nods, then pulls him close, hugging him. I don't want to be alone again.

He pulls back enough to look into her eyes. "We'll do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen."

Then, despite my fears, I accept this. She leans in and kisses him. All this talk has me wanting you now.

Key kisses her back, happy for the distraction. Just wanting me?

She pulls him in close and works a pair of her hands up under his shirt. You know what I mean.

He lets her slide the shirt off as she starts to undo his pants.

She then guides him to stand in front of her. Since I can't really move, let's try this way.

Understanding her request, Key opens her sleeve, reveling her cnolee'a, and then lies her back across her tail. He starts kissing and caressing his way up from her lower thorax, to her upper thorax.

She sits up, meeting his kisses with her own, and pulls him into her.

He feels her start to tremble, and sets a steady, slow rhythm.

Unable to move her tail, Avy rocks her lower thorax, doing what she can to encourage him. She loves how this makes her feel, and she loves how it makes him feel.

He gently runs his hands down her chest, making her tremble. Her chest feels more like breasts each day, and they're gaining some sensitivity.

She starts to pant, feeling his approaching climax. She takes his hips and encourages him to move faster, harder.

He obeys, knowing she wants his release as much as he does.

They don't have to wait.

With a hearty thrust, he releases into her.

She wraps her arms around him, keeping him inside her.

Spent, he slowly starts to relax, and she pulls him onto her. She grabs the second blanket and slowly rolls to her side, laying him next to her and covering him up in the process.

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