Teacher's Pet: Part 2

Story by papapuppy on SoFurry

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#2 of Teacher's Pet

I should not have taken two weeks on this, but I did. I will get back into my regular pace again soon. I have more of this to come, but I have some other projects I'll be starting soon. we will see~

Cover page drawn my my amazing http://www.furaffinity.net/user/anixis

David's eyes fluttered as he attempted to remain in his dream. He took a deep breath and rolled over. The smell of fresh sheets shook him into conciousness. Were his sheets cleaned? He knew Mr. Four was good, but he didn't expect that. He closed his eyes and imagined what he could do in thanks. Sure a good bit of cock sucking might do, but David knew he'd be doing a lot of that anyway. Maybe he could make a nice treat for Mr. Four, he'd always had a knack for good pastries.

David sat up and reached for his phone, the night could still be young, maybe. The screen lit up to his dismay. "Damn, after nine. how long was I out?" He pulled a pair of undies out of the night stand and slipped them on before checking his messages. A few he was still ignoring and a recent one from Jayden.

Yo what are u up 2?

Not much, had an amazing evening.

Haha what, you've been suckin Four's cock?

David froze, and then reminded himself that he did not, in fact, live in a glass house. He had to play along though to make Jayden shut up.

Ha Ha, no I was at home ya jerk.

Shame, library was a ghost town. you could have gotten away with it, gotten the rest of us A's too.


Yeah Four was in the library all day grading shit. And I KNOW you want that.

uh I gotta brb

David ignored the outburst of tones from his phone as his heart rate skyrocketed. He knew what he did. He followed the instructions; blindfold, empty house, strip. His stomach twisted. He never saw Mr. Four, nor did they speak. David ran to his front door and peeked it open. Slowly poking his head out, he heard water running and saw his old sheets piled outside the bathroom. With about as much stealth as a hippo, he hopped across the hall into Jason's room. He grabbed the baseball bat on Jason's dresser and meekly stepped out into the hall again. Every step had him containing his breath. When he was at the door he slowly twisted the knob and pushed the door open.

David had no idea what he was doing. Was he going to brain the guy who just tricked him into having sex? There was no turning around though. In one swing he threw open the curtains to find Jason rinsing himself off. For a couple seconds they stared with only the sound of the water between them. The silence was broken as Jason's bat clattered to the floor. David stared at it, he knew at once. That was the cock he had spent his entire afternoon studying every curve of. The meat just hung between his younger brother's legs as the water streamed down it.

"Hey, my eyes are up here little bro." David snapped back into his head and looked back up at Jason. "Were you gonna brain me? or what?" David couldn't even retort to his brother's quip as he bolted out the door and locked himself in his bedroom. Every second of the afternoon flashed through his mind in crystal detail. His memory correct, he could see Jason perfectly clear in every second. There was no denying what he, what they had done. David hated that he loved it, why did it have to be Jason?

After calming himself on the floor a little, David finally regained his senses and recieved a sudden awareness of himself. In the best mix of erotic frustration, he began to squirm. That heavy load he felt so comfortably suddenly made him want to go shower the shame away. Especially as it was still exciting him, enough to have a straining hard on poking out of his undies and resting against his plump tummy. His hand slid down over his fur, and as it moved, he could smell the pungent musk of Jason's seed all over him. His little brother had marked David's entire body, all the way down. His hand rested on his undies, a mental image flashed of Jason perversely cumming on him as he rubbed the cum into his privates.

He shook his head with failed resolve, "No, I didn't enjoy getting fucked by Jason. He's my younger brother. I didn't like licking his cock, I didn't love his musk, I didn't beg for his cum... Oh who the fuck am I kidding? He's probably better than Mr. Four. I can't believe he'd be such an ass to trick me like that."He almost couldn't even be mad about it. His body screamed for an encore, no amount of resolve would stop Jason and David knew that fact. Only in his head did he resist admitting how much he wanted to beg to be Jason's bitch. But he knew now, all the little jokes, and the teasing, must have always meant something.

"This was going to happen anyway..." He sighed. As David picked himself up he knew, Jason was a horny male, and had on many occasions called David a girl. "Either I'd come home drunk, or tired or something." As he rationalized what happened he resolved himself. "I don't care though, He's gonna fucking pay for that." David didn't know how though. He only knew that after what happened, he'd at least get something out of it. As much as he didn't want to accept it, he knew that a lot more euphoric sex was permanantly on that list.

Jason stepped out of the tub and towelled himself off. There wasn't any need for him to go running after David and soak the hallway just to have the door slammed in his face. He'd give his brother some space for now. As much as he felt so alpha for what he did to his older sibling of all people, he prided himself on being respectful of Davids boundaries. Exceptions taken for when he was emptying his balls only thirty minutes earlier. It was inconsiderate of him to pretend to be someone else, and he knew that. He knew it just as strongly as he knew he loved every second of it though. Having David beg, wimper, and need for him like that; simply thinking about it made Jason rock-hard again.

Content to let his flag fly, he threw on only a shirt and proceeded down the stairs. He thought of what dinner he could fix to cheer David up. Since he was on a streak of internal honesty, he knew he wanted David to be happy with him. Sure, that was the best fuck he'd ever had, and he wanted nothing more than to shame his older brother with his vigor. But still actually cared about David's feelings. After all, he had only one sibling and it'd suck if they stopped getting along. Dinner would have to be amazing or he risked losing a great brother and a great lay. "Gotta be honest to me at least," he muttered as he opened the pantry.

Jason's creativity was a little stretched, "Screw Frenchies and their prissy cuisine." His cursing presided over a pair of salmon steaks and a couple failed pots. He'd decided to just make some bisque since that was easy, and then bake some potato slices for the salmon. "How the hell did they expect people to make all the fancy sauce? And why the heck does David have to like that crap? Ugh anything else could have been easier." The heat of the oven was nice though, as he admitted his lack of clothing was a poorly made descision. As he worked the smell of the food wafted up into the house, and had finally reached David's room.

David's stomach grumbled, protesting his evasion of the smells coming from the kitchen. He wanted to oblige his hunger, but he wanted even more not to have to go down and face his brother. His stomach growled angrily at him and he threw himself a little tantrum as he put on some clothes to be decent. His soft feet quietly padded down the stairs as he picked up more distinct and flavorful scents. The sounds of cutlery on plates signalled that he had managed good timing. He thought himself lucky that he wouldn't have to make conversation with all that was on his mind. In a moment he froze, realizing that it was likely Jason who was cooking, not either of his parents. Reluctantly he peered around the corner.

Jason spied his older brother as he poured out the second bowl of soup. He flashed a warm smile, unintentionally laced with the obvious confirmation of everything that happened. The room stood silent for a few moments as it dawned on Jason that David was once again staring at his naked lower body. Forcing his laugh inward, he attempted to break the tension with humor. "Hey bro, my eyes are still up here." David snapped back to eye contact and then bolted. "Wait hey! Hold on, sorry sorry. I was just playing. I'll put on pants, at least come eat."

David sulked, his hunger had stalled him, not Jason. He wanted whatever was on the plate, Even if it was made by him. He dragged himself down the few steps and back into the kitchen. Jason pushed the plate of food at him and they began to eat in silence. David could tell Jason really tried, partially becasue the food tasted good, and partially because there were more pans in the sink than there should have been. He found it odd that he was so hungry though, considering so recently he swallowed such a massive load of.... Jason's cum.

Jason looked up as David suddenly retched on a peice of food. "Fishbone in your throat?"

David composed himself, "No, something worse. and there's nothing I can do about it anyway. But... thanks for the food."

"I was hoping it wasn't my cooking. I didn't want to offend you too much." Jason was glad to see David warming up a bit.

"Oh don't worry, you reached your quota of offending me earlier today." While spoken lightly, David's eyes leveled on Jason acutely.

"Okay, well I'll say it then. I'm sorry about what I did." Jason tried not to be too sincere, "You at least can't deny that you enjoyed it though. I know I did, more than any other partner." The last part trailed off into his cup of water.

David's face burned. He wasn't sure what set him off more; Jason so plainly affirming how much David loved the sex, or that Jason just admitted that David was his best lay. "Fine, but I'm still pissed at you. And you owe me, a lot."

"Okay, anything you like... within reason." Jason laughed nervously. He hoped that David really did enjoy the sex enough to not be too unfair about it.

"Fine. As much as I know I'll regret this, we'll start with you giving me the truth. When did you start jerking it to me, and don't pretend you don't. " His confidence was paper thin, but David held the bluff.

Jason laughed nervoursly, "Promise it wont make you mad?"

David steeled himself from the unexpected change in Jason's attitude. "You just might owe me more. spill it."

Jason sighed and laughed a little in spite of himself. He knew he'd have to share it. "Okay so it went like this. you remeber awhile back when you did that double all-nighter and then slept throught the whole day?"

David's hair rose on the back of his neck, "Yes, I remember being passed out, so I remember nothing." He eyed Jason acusingly.

Jason waved his arms, "no no no, It wasn't uh... what were you thinking? nevermind, just... okay here's how it went:"


Jason stepped through the front door and kicked off his shoes. The workout had him beat and he wanted nothing more than to just flop onto the couch and ignore the television. He drug himself into the living room and almost threw himself over the couch when he saw David. Initially he reacted to shove his brother off the couch and onto the floor. Staying up all night gave David no priority for couch usage, he thought. When Jason's hands pressed against his older brother's thigh and shoulder, David gave a soft coo and whined in his sleep. In that moment, Jason realized what he was bearing over.

Overlooking that it was his older brother, his hands were resting on just the type of cute male Jason had thought of fooling around with. David softly snuggled against his youger brother's hand, and twisted his body back onto the couch. As this happened, Jason's Hand slid slightly up under the oversized shirt. He squeezed and felt the softness of the thigh, his fingers wrapping around to the short smooth hair. Too engrossed to stop himself, his hand drifted further between his brother's legs, sliding higher up into the warmth. His other hand slowly gathered up the shirt and tugged it upwards. With each inch of sweet warm thigh that was exposed, Jason's erection grew.

Jason finally pressed his hand against the origin of warmth between his brother's thighs. As David let out a small breath and gasp, Jason couldn't contain himself. He completely exposed David's body, bunching the shirt up past David's tummy. A few drops of saliva landed on the couch before Jason shut his mouth, David was wearing a snug set of undies that Jason remembered when they were kids. After all this time, he still fit snuggly in the small garments, his package filling it out just right.

Stepping around the couch, Jason gave up any pretense of what was in his head. His older brother had the softest, cutest little body that he had ever laid eyes, laid hands on. There was no pretending it wasn't David. He was clearly about to get aberrantly familiar with his sibling's body. Jason's straining pants made it clear that he couldn't pretend he wasn't enjoying it, so he figured he might as well. He kicked off his pants and enjoyed the cooling air against his legs. Adjusting his boxer briefs, he kneeled down next to David's form.

Jason leaned over and tracked his nose up David's thighs. Reaching his brother's package, he drew a long breath as he passed over the fabric. As his muzzle crested David's waistband, Jason's tongue lolled out of his mouth and trailed a line of warm saliva up the soft tummy fur. As he passed over the dimpled navel, Jason's tongue pressed into it and teased at it's sensitivities. Jason could feel the quickening reaction his older brother was having. David's breathing grew slightly irregular, causing Jason to pull off immediately. Even as a heavy sleeper, David was liable to wake with enough of that attention. Jason found himself a little too tempted to let it be though.

Once David's breathing had stabilized, Jason leaned back down and let his muzzle press into David's small package again. His lips parted and he exhaled heat onto the undies. His tongue rested on the fabric, and Jason opened his mouth further, pursing his lips around his brother's clothed package. Jason pulled lightly on it, tongue sliding around Davids sack and feeling how soft it was. David's shaft was not given any neglect, Jason slid his tongue up against the base and slid all the way up to the waistband. The sound of short girly breaths coming from his older brother was enough to tell him he should stop such minstrations with his mouth.

With some care, his hands traced back up David's thighs. Jason watched David's face intently as his hands slid around and slowly gripped at the soft fur. He stood and slipped onto the couch, parting his brother's legs to make space. He shifted uncomfortably and twisted to face David, his mind set only on having a good show. Settled in, he immediately glided his hands around Davids body. Jason was diligent not to disturb his sibling; at least, any further than molesting him. His thumbs rested inside David's waist, just above the band of his undies. With caution, he pressed into David's figure, relishing the slow reaction it elicited.

David's back arched and he let out a weak moan, twisting his hips lightly. As he twisted, Jason couldn't resist the temptation to pull on his hips, bringing their bodies together. Jason's heart raced as he gaped at the sight. Where his normal instincts might have him crack a joke, the sheer difference in size only urged more blood into his groin. With every throb, his covered cock pressed harder and harder against his brother's diminutive package. A wet spot formed against the fabric of his briefs as he ground against his older brother's body. The firmer he pushed, the more David's package yeilded. With every soft grind his Straining shaft dominated his sibling's.

Jason's lust clouded his mind as he looked upon the effemanite form beneath him. His tip managed to finally free itself from his waistband, glistening with excitement. His breaths became labored as his grinding became more paced and rythmic. saliva dripped from his open mouth and further wetted David's tummy. Realizing he was dangerously close to blowing his load all over David, he had a moment of clarity. He shook himself of the lusty haze and pulled back. Jason was certainly too far along to ignore his need, but knew that he couldn't leave such copious evidence on David.

Reluctantly he retreated from between his older sibling's legs and stepped off the couch. His incestuous fantasy would have to follow him upstairs to his room for the time being. He knew though, inside himself burned a fire now. He had to have David completely. He didn't care that it was his older brother, he needed to feel every pleasure he could with David's body. With a few dabs of his shirt on David's tummy, Jason retreated to his room to relieve his newfound urges.


David sat in silence staring slack-jawed at Jason. "S-so you what? I-I don't even know where to freaking start!"

Jason scratched the back of his head and nervously smiled, "Just start somewhere?"

"Well I'm pissed but I just can't... How much did you jerk it t-to me... after that?" David was attempting to keep his cool.

Jason once again found himself digging his grave deeper, "I uh, usually had one every couple of days or so." He was still trying to keep a light mood between them.

David shifted uncomfortably in his chair, "Did you do anything like that again? Or... have you uh looked or whatever?" He was getting more frustrated the more embarassed he became.

"Oh, aheh. With exception to well... today, no that was the only time," David had a noticable twitch at the mention of the day's events. "And well, I sorta couldn't help but look. All the time," at that Jason began to find his own cheeks burning.

"EVERY DAY?" David had hit his limit. In any other situation he'd have reveled in the feeling of shame and embarassement. The idea alone of being used and teased was enough to get his buttons ready for pushing. But this time, his younger brother of all people, had overloaded him with so much shame, he wanted to be mad. But the more mad he became at Jason, the more ashamed and embarassed he felt, which only made him feel more turned on. David was not about to let his younger brother make him feel this way, but that only led him to getting mad and starting over. He thought to himself about how he couldn't say he didn't love it, but he wondered why it just HAD to be his younger brother who had the very best cock. Just thinking about it made his mouth water.

Jason waited for the backlash after David's outburst but his older brother almost seemed to drift off until shaking himself together again. "Uh yeah, I just kinda can't help it. But uh, could I ask you something? I promise I won't be a dick!"

David gathered himself, "okay shoot, but remember I still have to come up with how you're gonna pay me back." He felt that if he still tried to put effort in, he could maintain control.

Jason blushed a bit as he opened his mouth, "What you said, and how you uh... acted. Was-was I really that good? I mean there's other guys, right?"

David reeled, he was not expecting to have to tell his younger brother how good he was in bed. He quickly realized that could eat his cake and have it too though. "I'll tell you but you are going to agree to some terms. From now on, be a little nicer to me. Don't you dare act any different now, and also be a little more respectful of my boundaries than blinfolding me and tricking me into sex. I'm your older brother damnit, quit disrespecting me like that. " Jason Simply nodded at him, so he continued, "Good. Now that you've agreed to that... It was... really really good, the best I've had. And I hate you for it."

Jason was rooted in place, he didn't know what to say at this point. He knew only that he got more than he bargained for. David spoke again, taking advantage of the situation. "And as such, from now on you're going to be... giving me a lot more of that sex." David's words quickly fell in volume as he spoke.

Jason shook at what he thought he heard, "wait what?!"

David continued, far further than his shame should have allowed, "From now on, I expect a good fuck out of you at regular intervals... and I want it to be as demeaning as you've fantasized it to be," Jason let himself ramble before his internal mortification caught up with him. "I want you to shame and embarass me, call me whatever, push my buttons and use me. Everything today and more, I don't care... make me your bitch or pet or both." The last part was enough to make hims stop, he cursed himself relentlessly for it. Making an effort to keep the situation in his favor he finished with. "The moment we're not having sex or the moment someone else is around. I don't care if its your best fucking bud, you cut that shit out immediately. You don't fucking disrespect me, and... I'll let you disrespect me all you want once my cothes are off." With his mouth shut, David held his breath to avoid hyperventilating.

Jason felt like his head was going to pop. He quite literally got far more than he bargained for. "So you're telling me I get to do whatever I want to you. The only thing I have to do is tell nobody about it ever, and be nicer to you outside the bedroom."

"Or wherever you want to fuck me, but yeah. You'd be surprised how much of a difference that makes, being nice." David looked down and played with his thumbs a bit.

The silence that sat between them could be felt like a soundproof room. Jason turned his attention back to uneaten plate of food in front of him. As he picked at his portions he tried not to think about everything that had just happened. He was after all, a horny young buck, and part of him would love nothing more than to think of his older brother submissively tending to him. The other part wanted to actually make it happen, instead of just thinking about it. His thoughts were quickly brought to a halt. He felt David's toe under the table softly press istelf up under his sack and lift the heavy orbs. Jason froze looking at his plate, letting David continue.

The soft paw rubbed itself against Jason's sheath, pulling some heavy breaths from his mouth. As he had no ability to stop his urges, his cock stiffened and slipped out of his sheath a little. David's paw pad felt incredibly smooth against Jason's shaft. His tip slipped between David's paws and He moaned quietly as David squeezed it. Jason could hear David breathing a little heavier as well, clearly his cock must have been pleasureable for his sibling. Jason looked up at David, who had his eyes closed and his head lay back. Jason stared on as he watched David rubbing his hands down his body and beneath the table. As his older brother began touching himself, Jason felt tighter squeezes on his hard shaft.

"You gonna make me unload under the table? if you're so eager I-i could take over." Jason laughed nervously.

David snapped his head back down and immediately looked away blushing, "Oh u-uh but you have food to finish." His paw retreated from Jason's loins.

Jason smirked at his brother. "Once I'm done shoving this all in my mouth, you're gonna be on your back again."

David blinked a few times, "Wait what? What's stopping me from just making you eat... more." In those short moments Jason had managed to shovel half his plate into his stomach. "Why do I forget you eat like a beast. fuck me."

Jason paused with only a quater of his plate left. He leered at David, "First, cause I am a beast. Second, yes please."


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