Distant Earth CYOA part 24

Story by sisco on SoFurry

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#28 of Distant Earth text adventure

oooh well this section turned out a little steamy I hope you guest enjoy. Just to remind you I just posted a 39 page story on Patreon, it will be posted on So Furry and FA in seven days until then it is just for those awesome guys who support me on patreon. https://www.patreon.com/sisco

Option A follow after Daisy and Qeith and spend some time waiting in the med-bay for Qerry to recover. Won by a single vote, so sorry to those hoping for some Kelo and Reese fun times.

Zack stood for a moment trying to decide what to do. His lust bleedthrough was begging him to follow the naga, or the pony and raccoon to get some relief. It had been a long morning and he hadn't drained his balls in over twelve hours. However, thoughts of his brave little panda filled his mind. Even though Daisy had said he would be fine he felt that, as a good mate, his duty would be to wait with him until Qerry awoke.

The rabbit arrived in the medbay to find Qeith sitting on a small gurney. The black wolf turned and gave the rabbit a warm nod, "hey... you know my turret could still use a bit of work." The wolf observed with a hopeful smile.

"Maybe tomorrow, I kinda want to be here for when Qerry wakes up," the blonde rabbit mumbled as he stepped inside.

"Me too," Qeith admitted and then nodded towards a door. "Daisy's in there fixing his jaw. She said he probably won't wake until morning, but should be fine." As he spoke the wolf moved to one side leaving a space for the rabbit to sit if he wished. Zack took the initiation gratefully and hopped up beside the wolf. Sitting there in awkward silence for a few minutes the wolf kept looking up toward the door, not looking at the rabbit.

Eventually Qeith broke the silence, "Qerry was always like this you know, sticking his neck out trying to help people?" The wolf sighed and shook his head, "I can't count the number of times I had to pull kids twice his size off him. He may be quiet but he's a stubborn fucker, especially when he thinks he is doing something good."

Zack couldn't help but smile at the thought of his new mate standing up to bullies and refusing to back down, "it's good he had you there to help him."

"Ha! Yeah, I spent all my childhood getting stick for my brother's heroics," snorted the wolf with a chuckle. "Then my parents offered up some cash for a slice and graft. I couldn't believe it, I new they couldn't really afford it but I took the money anyway, I wanted to go outside so bad you know?"

The rabbit nodded, feelings of guilt filling him as he realised he still had to pay his parents back for the money he stole. He hadn't dare check his comms messages yet to see what they had sent him. Qeith wasn't paying much attention, his concern for his brother loosening his tongue more than normal, "I took a job on board to try and pay them back, paid for his graft and slicing too. Qerry, demanded to join me, he sees this as some sort of hero's job. Feeding the hungry, modern day Robin Hoods, robbing from the rich and selling to the poor."

"He's a good guy, so are you," observed the rabbit placing a paw on top of Qeith's to show support. He squeezed gently looking at the wolf, his black face furrowed with concern, his green eyes sad. The rabbit couldn't help but notice how handsome the wolf was, his jet black fur shining in the dull med bay light. As he squeezed the warm strong paw, Qeith placed his ther paw over the top of it and squeezed back. The rabbit shuddered at the strength of the paw and he found himself looking into two green eyes.

Before he knew what was happening his lips were pressed to Qeith's the wolf's arms were around him. Their kiss was hesitant at first, growing more passionate and furious by the second, their tongue ravishing each other. Their lips pressing firmly against each other. as they paws groped and grabbed each other's bodies. Qieth's started to unfasten the rabbit's jumpsuit, Zack helped pull it off and kicked it away, as the two tore at the wolf's clothing.

The rabbit's paws explored Qeith's body, his muscles were firm, as if sculpted by a master artist. Zack knew that his gene splicing would have given him a great body to start with, but the Qeith had clearly kept himself in shape. A black paw closed around his aching cock making the rabbit cry out in lust, unable to thick of anything but his bodies burning desires.

With a moan the two resumed their kisses, naked bodies grinding against each other. The rabbit could feel Qeith's rock hard cock stroking against his inner thighs. His paws reached down and firmly squeezed two perfectly formed black mounds. Every muscle in his body screamed at him to claim this perfect ass for his own.

As their two bodies ground against each other, their tongues exploring and dancing in each other's muzzles the door to the surgery room opened and Daisy entered. The pink rabbit looked at the two naked males grinding against each other and laughed softly. "Well, at least you two found something to stop you being bored."

The sound of another voice brought the rabbit and wolf back to their senses and they pulled apart. Zack's body screamed at him to go back, to turn the wolf around and pound him just as hard as his powerful lapine thighs would allow. The wolf on the other hand was panting and grinning, his cock dripping pre onto the floor he licked his lips as replied in a deep lustful growl, "Why don't you come over here and let me be the filling of a bunny sandwich?"

The female rabbit's lust bleedthrough was far stronger than most, her slicing had gone badly and she was never able to say no. She could already feel the heat in her loins, it had been almost two hours since she and Byron had fucked and the sight of two naked aroused males in front of her was far too much for her to ever turn down. She practically ran over to the wolf, his strong paws lifting her onto the gurney in front of him.

Zack gasped as he watched the wolf he had been lusting after, pressing up against the pink rabbit. Her chestfur and inner thighs were a far lighter pink that the rest of her. She was panting and moaning as the wolf licked and sucked on her subtle breasts, his paws massaging her rump. One of them left the female rabbit and lightly spanked his own ass as a signal to Zack.

It was all the invitation Zack needed, he pressed up behind the couple. Feminine hands caressed his cheeks as he pushed up behind the wolf. He found himself drawn into a kiss, as his cock stroked between the wolf's buttocks. Moaning at the taste of the rabbit, sweetness on her plush lips she cried out into his mouth. While the two rabbit's kissed the black wolf between them guided his aching cock to her moist nethers.

Qeith suckled softly on one of Daisy's nipples, as he slid his thick maleness inside her quivering mound. The wolf marvelled at how someone who fucked seven or eight times daily managed to keep herself so tight. Some wonderful quirk of lapine slicing made sure her muscles below were kept tight and eager. He cried out as he felt those hot depths closing around his cock, the female's muscles almost trying to pull him inside. Snarling with lust he thrust forward hard, hilting with brutal force, making Daisy squeal with delight into Zack's mouth.

Burning with need Zack guided his cock to the wolf's tight pucker. With a grunt the rabbit thrust inside, the ease at which he slipped inside probably due to some earlier fun with the pack. Zack moaned as he slid into the black ass, the wolf pushing back wantonly into his cock. The three cried out in unison as the two males began to thrust, all three bodies moving as one, closing together. Zack's rabbit tail quivering as his hips rutted the wolf's back body.

Daisy moaned with delight as the wolf began to fuck properly, his huge maleness slamming into her desperate insides. She arched her neck and cried out as the two males slammed into her and each other. Thrusting her hips forward and reaching down a finger to strop her dripping clit, it took only a few seconds for her first orgasm to hit. She cried out, his insides clenching and massaging the wolf's meat.

The male rabbit couldn't slow down, his hips thrust with desperate need rutting like an animal, fucking the warm hole he had found. Qeith cried out in lust between them, the dual pleasure of a thrusting cock and a clenching mound driving him very quickly to his peak. his knot forming in record time, he began to rut and thrust with a savagery unmatched. He snarled with feral lust and bit down on Daisy's neck.

The female squealed as she felt the dominant male rutting her, the possessive biting fuelling some deep feral instinct, she bucked her hips against the thrusting cock. Her mind lost to the pleasure of the thick throbbing maleness inside her desperate loins. Orgasm and orgasm wracked her body, making her convulse and squeeze around the wolf cock, holding the knot outside of her. All that served to make Qieth thrust harder and faster, with each thrust he felt the rabbit pounding his ass, the bunny's cock stroking passed his sweet nut inside. He could feel the heat of the rabbit's breath on his neck and then he felt Zack bit down possessively on his neck. He blushed as being claimed by the rabbit spurred him on, fucking forward into the wonderful moist, dripping bunny mound and back into a throbbing rabbit cock, the lupine was lost in pure lapine heaven.

With a howl Qieth thrust forward hard, driving his knot passed the lapine's dripping labia, his knot swelling as he pumped her womb full of jet after jet of wolf spunk. His ass clenching and spasming around the Zack's cock. The sudden tightness was all it took to send the rabbit over the edge, he fucked with bestial savagery as he emptied his aching nuts into the wolf, with each thrust he shot more rabbit jism deep inside the wolf.

The three held together panting and moaning as their bodies basked in the afterglow of their union. Zack pulled out first and couldn't help but smirk as he saw his white cum staining the wolf''s beautiful black fur. He opened his mouth to say something when suddenly an alarm sounded and a red flashing light went off. A heartbeat later Deju's voice came over the comm, "incoming ships all hands to battle stations!"

Qieth whimpered and pulled on his cock but his knot was still firmly lodged inside the female. "Shit... we're stuck. Zack, you have to get to my turret and take my gunnery position!"

"But, Kelo and Reese might need me in the engine room," the rabbit replied as he grabbed his jumpsuit and pulled it on desperately fast.

Ok a simple two options this week, vote by clicking thumbs up on the corresponding comment below, thanks for reading.

Option A head to Qeith's turret and help fight

Option B, head to the engine room and help Kelo and Reese.

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