A New Dawn - Chapter 27 (Hard Lessons)

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#31 of Malakye's Story - Part 2 (A New Dawn)

Here's another chapter for you, this was the chapter I was going to post last week but a busy schedule put that out the window, so I'm going to post another later this week to make up that. My shifts at work this week are a little hectic, so I'm not sure when I'll get it posted, but I am fully intending on posting another.

A New Dawn is the sequel to my story 'A Place to Belong'. I hope you enjoy this part as much as the last (if not even more! :-)) and those of you who are late to the party, I recommend that you follow the link above and read the first part. Or don't, it's up to you.

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"Very impressive fight." Kassius repeated.

"How much did you see?"

"Pretty much all of it." He smiled. "You learn quickly, in fact... you may benefit from having someone else teach you."


"I mean no offence Malakye. Simply that I feel that you require more attention than I can give you during the classes I already teach. You learn quickly, showing remarkable natural talent." He explained. "Perhaps if you were to join the adepts... yes that would be best I think. I will consult with Stern on the matter, I'm sure he will not disagree."

"Stern? Who's he?"

"He is in charge of managing the warrior adepts and assists General Ortavia in managing the warriors duties around Zangar. Bit of a traditionalist however, I suspect he will initially object to your joining since you are neither an adept or an appointed warrior for that matter, but I suspect I can talk him round." He grinned. "And if not, I'm sure a quick word from your father would certainly change his opinion."

"I don't want any special treatment." I snapped, a little harsher than I had intended it.

"It is not special treatment, there is a precedent for such things, although not common. He would undoubtedly consider the request if you asked yourself, considering your growing reputation. But I expect he would refuse you out of principle, he's very stuffy about rules and tradition like that." He waved his paw dismissively. "But I'm sure that with someone like myself suggesting it he will agree. But should he refuse I will have to press the issue, going to your father if that's what it takes, because this is your best interest."

"Okay... fine." I said, still not happy since it felt like I was getting special treatment.

"You are refreshingly full of surprises, you will be a valuable asset to Zangar no mistake. And one day I would be more than happy to serve under you when you eventually take your place as the head of the Anaris house."

"Oh... I still haven't decided if I'm going to stay or not..." I admitted and I think the admission surprised Kassius more than I'd expected.

"Well I truly hope you do. You have caused a stirring amongst the warrior ranks, a welcome one. As stories of your growing skills spread I have seen certain individuals increase their efforts." He smiled. "A true sign of a good leader is one who inspires those he leads, and you are having that effect already."

"I'm not sure..."

"But the truth is you are." Kassisus interrupted me. "Whether you meant to or not. And that is a good thing, and I hope you do decide to stay. For that reason as well as the fact that I find you a very pleasant, to not only teach but to spend time with."

"Thank you..." I said, unsure what else I could say to the kind words.

"Now if you excuse me I'm going to finish my rounds before I have to return to teach class. Will I be seeing you there today?"

"No... I'll be taking the day off to rest. On Xavier's advice."

"It is wise to take some time for yourself from time to time. I am aware that you keep quite a busy schedule. Good day to you Malakye." He said before turning to leave.******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************




After my talk with Kassius I had a feeling of pride swelling in my chest. In that spar with Cairn I felt I had come on in leaps and bounds. I was far from being a proficient battle capable bender, but at least now I felt I could defend myself against those who were. But right now I think I'll go home to bed for a while, I was beginning to feel tired.

As I made my way through the tunnels, I stopped at a junction which split off into three directions, I paused briefly to confirm the route I was wanting to take when I heard a noise that made my heart beat faster and sent my senses into overdrive. I held my breath and listened, closing my eyes.

There it was again, it was faint, but it was undeniably a cry of pain. Someone was in trouble, more than likely a fight. There were a lot of raised voices, they were far away, the noise was coming from the tunnel entrance to my right. That was not the route I needed to take, it was almost taking me entirely in the wrong direction.

I moved to go in the tunnel that I was sure would take me home, but I stopped after the first step. Part of me wanted to go and make sure no one was in trouble, but it was not my concern. There were obviously a lot of dragons over that way. I took another couple of steps and stopped again, cursing to Asurmen as I knew that I wouldn't be able to let this go.

I turned and went down the tunnel to my right, speeding up into a run. The whole way I told myself that I was an idiot for doing this. That I didn't need to do this, but I knew had to do this. The noises were getting louder now although there seemed to be less commotion, but there was still a considerable amount of fuss over what ever was going on. I slowed to a jog as I approached. I peered round the corner a group of dragons came into view.

I recognised a few of them from the warrior and bending classes I had with Kassisus. There was also a three warriors, fully dressed in leather armour, wearing shoulder guards that all warriors wore to show their rank and status, standing between me and the crowd although their attention was on the crowd..

A quick glance at their should guards told me that these three warriors were all benders, apprentice rank. The main crowd beyond them, most of them younger dragons or around my age, all of them as far as I could tell were naked, or at least their lower half bared and making a fuss about something. And those I could see were obviously aroused, I must have walked in on an orgy of some kind.

I had a bad feeling about the whole thing, I needed to find out what was happening, I could just walk away from this without knowing that no one was in trouble. I let my nen flow out of me, pushing it towards the crowd, enveloping them and using my nen to see what was going on within the mass of moving bodies. I could see everything, every movement, but there was so much movement it was hard to make out and focus.

It took me a few seconds to make out what was happening, I couldn't believe it, trapped in the throng of nearly a dozen dragons, bound and restrained was Kassandra! They were raping her!

The use of my nen hadn't gone unnoticed. The three warriors turned to look at me, obviously not sure what to make of me as they hesitated to say or do anything. But that hesitation only lasted a few moments before two of them stepped towards me, the third staying back to observe.

The two dragons were silent as they approached me, both of them solidly built from years of training. They were both shorter than me, but definitely more muscular, and their similar features lead me to believe that they were related in some way.

"Move on boy!" One of them grunted with an aggressive tone. "This don't concern you."

"I can't do that." I all but growled, angry beyond belief, clenching my fists as I thought about what they were doing to Kassandra. "I don't condone rape."

"This ain't rape!" The other one replied. "We're just teaching this whore her place!" He grinned. "Going around thinking she's better than everyone else!"

"Gotta show her who her betters are!" The other one smirked.

I couldn't suppress the growl rumbling at the back of my throat. These masochistic bastards! They were getting off on this! Raping Kassandra just because they thought it was their right!

"Easy now boy, if you want trouble you've come to the right place, otherwise I'd advise you to turn around and mind you're own business."

"You've got it wrong!" I growled.

"What was that.... boy?!"

"I said, dumb fuck, that you've got it wrong." My insult obvious aggravated both of them as I saw them tense and felt their nen flare. Their nen felt weak, stronger than any of the other dragons in Kassius's class, but still weak compared to my own, weaker than Cairn's had been. "I didn't come looking for trouble." I saw their tension ease slightly. "But I can't let you do this!" I snarled. "And if you don't let her go right now, I'm going to have to stop you!"

"What the fuck are you doing here!?" A new voice yelled.

It was Baroc, Laguna's brother. He was naked and his dick glimmered in the light of the braziers that lit the area; coated in Kassandra's juices. Several of the other dragons turned to face me now that they were finally aware of my presence.

I felt my anger surge, my nen flaring with heat as my fire element made my nen burn with a fury that matched my rage. The nearby brazier that was within my nen bubble flared, and burned hotter, making the two warriors take a step back, but they didn't look intimidated, they looked ready to fight.

I looked from Baroc to the two warriors standing ready to fight. This fight was going to happen, the only question was who was going to make the first move? As the seconds dragged on I became aware of the fact that the dragons still hadn't stopped raping Kassandra, I had no choice, I had to stop them.

I strode forward, the two dragons moving the moment I did. I weaved to the right, trying to keep one of them between me and the other. The nearest dragon threw a punch, but it was a poor attack, he left himself open. I dodged the fist and lashed out with my own straight punch into his snout and then kneed him in the stomach. He staggered back and the other attacked. This one was not as sloppy, but was surprisingly slow.

I caught his arm and then threw him to the ground with a well executed hip toss. I took a small amount of satisfaction from his grunt of pain. I turned to face the first one again. I stepped back as he attacked and blocked another of his punches before stepping in and striking him in the throat. He gasped and wheezed as he clutched his throat, staggering backwards. I didn't show any mercy, I took that moment to land a series of punches and then spun round, my foot-paw striking him dead center of his chest. He went flying to the ground and knew that he wasn't going to be moving any time soon.

The third warrior joined the fight, his nen flaring as he made his approach, I narrowly dodged his punch, I felt it brush past my snout, he was a lot faster than the other two. I blocked his next punch with my fore arm and drove my shoulder into him, forcing him back a couple of steps.

I noticed the dragon I had thrown to the floor begin to get back up behind me. I spun round and slapped him across the muzzle with my tail, knocking him back down to the ground. The other one however grabbed me from behind. I grabbed his paw and twisted it, a move I'd picked up during my last lesson with Aceh, he cried out in pain and I stepped away from him, twisting his arm as I did and then lashed out with a kick to his gut and then struck him across the snout with a punch that left my entire paw numb.

He tumbled to the ground and I turned to face the dragon who was yet again beginning to get up. I took a moment to check on the other one, he was still struggling to catch his breath, so I turned my full attention the one that was standing. He regarded me nervously, but I could see the anger in his eyes, he wasn't going to back down, but he was hesitating.

I felt a shadow, lingering in the shadows of the tunnel I had entered by. I couldn't make out who it was, they were standing at the edge of my nen bubble. They weren't moving, just watching, I got no impression that they were going to attack, not yet anyway. The lingering presence distracted me, the dragon attacked and I was too slow to block the incoming punch. I snarled as a sharp pain shot across my snout, he landed another punch to my muzzle, pain shooting up my muzzle and causing my vision to blur. I quickly shook it off and blocked his next punch, grabbing his wrist and twisting my body away from him.

As I twisted away from him I used my foot-paw to swipe one of his from under him, he somersaulted, head over heels, onto the flat of his back on the hard stone floor. From the dazed expression I knew he wouldn't be getting up quickly, I had suffered that same move at the paws of Aceh and it left you feeling quite disorientated. The other two warriors were starting to get back up, the one I had struck in the throat was still having some difficulty breathing.

I felt the nen of the dragon behind me surge towards the nearby brazier and shoot a burst of flame at me, I turned round, raising my arm and pushed out a wave of nen to block the attack, but as I turned the other dragon moved to attack. I'm not sure how I managed it, but I curled my nen around the weak fire attack and as I spun round to face the attacking dragon, I dragged the fire round and threw it right into him. He yelled in shock as the fire washed over him, clutching at his eyes, he stumbled backwards.

With the other dragon distracted, at least momentarily, I turned to the dragon who had thrown the fire at me and lunged for him. He panicked and could only stand there with his eyes wide as I drove my fist straight into his snout knocking him flat on his back. I couldn't help but grimace at the resulting pain that shot through my fist, but I got a feeling of deep satisfaction from the pain I know I had inflicted on him.

I turned to face the rest of the dragons in the room. They were still holding Kassandra down but they weren't fucking her any more. Their attention was on me. The one remaining warrior had gotten up and was standing ready, but obviously hesitant to continue this fight. I saw some of the other dragons tense up, Baroc looked ready to fight while the others were obviously trying to decide.

There was no way I could take all of them on, if they decided that attacking me was their best option then I was done for. I needed to scare them, I needed to force them to run rather than fight. Baroc grabbed a knife from a pile of discarded clothing and charged at me.

I back stepped away as he attacked, twisting my body to avoid the blade he was swinging at me in wide arcs. His anger fuelled attack made it easy for me to catch his wrist. I drove my knee into his gut and stepped round him, twisting his arm and forcing him to drop the blade. I drove my knee into his side a couple more times and then threw his arm to spin him round to face me and drove my foot-paw into his chest. He crashed to the ground and immediately groaned and clutched at his sides.

The warrior who had been laying on the ground scrambled for the knife and swung it at me as he stood up. I leapt back, avoiding the tip of the blade by mere inches, before lunging forward and drove the palm of my paw into his snout. His head snapped back and I grabbed his arm and like I had to Baroc twisted it until he was forced to drop the knife. As the blade clattered against the hard ground I looked over the crowd of scared dragons, many of the at the brink of attacking.

I needed to shatter their will to fight now. Holding the dragons wrist firmly with one paw I raised my other arm, closing my eyes to focus, pouring as much extra nen as I could muster in the time into my arm before driving the point of my elbow into the bicep of the dragon.

The dragon cried out in agonising pain, and I grinned in satisfaction as I not only felt, but heard an audible crack, of his bone breaking. The sound of the breaking bone echoed through the cave, followed by agonised cry of the dragon. The sound of his bone breaking, and his cry of pain, had an obvious effect on the rest of the dragons there. The sound of the breaking bone may as well have been the sound of their resolve to fight shatter.

I released my grip on his arm and he fell to the ground clutching his arm and continued to cry in pain. I reached out to one of the nearby braziers and drew out a large fire spirit, while maintaining my intense glare at the rest of the dragon, focused my nen making the fire spirit grow considerably in size. The display of power had the effect I had desired. All of the younger dragons cowered and stepped away.

The one warrior who remained standing looked from me to the bodies of the dragons that lay on the ground around me. I returned my gaze to the other dragons, and saw some of them flinch as I did.

"Anyone else?!" I snarled. The fire spirit flaring slightly to emphasise my rage.

After that they scattered. Running off through one of the other two tunnels connecting the area. The last warrior carefully moved round me, keeping as wide a birth as possible as he picked up his two comrades and lead them from the area. Baroc also taking the opportunity to crawl away, still completely naked as some of them had done. The area was still littered with a discarded clothes.

Once I was sure they were gone I went over to Kassandra and began to free her from her restraints. Her arms had been tied behind her back and I quickly cut the rope they had used with my knife. She removed her gag and gasped for air. I reached out and touched Kassandra's shoulder, she was stripped naked and was covered in various bodily juices, the rape had been going on for a while before I had gotten here. When I touched her shoulder she lashed out and smacked me in the snout with the back of her paw before covering her exposed breasts with her arm again. She didn't look at me and I could hardly blame her for her reaction.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

I regretted asking the question the moment it had left my maw. She shot me a look that sent a chill through me. Her tear soaked amber eyes full of anger and rage. I looked round and saw a fur cloak and passed it to her. She snatched it from me and quickly wrapped herself in it and stood up. I stood up and she began to walk away from me; limping slightly as she did.

"Hey! Let me help..."

"I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!!" She screamed. "What do you want!? You want me to thank you?! You want to fuck me as well!?"

"NO!" I yelled back at her. My raised voice made her flinch, she was still shaken from the experience. "I just want to help you."

"Why?" She sniffled, tears still streaming down her muzzle, she adjusted the cloak that was wrapped around her tightly and stared at the ground.

"Because I want to help." I said. "I don't want to fuck you, I don't want you to thank me. I just want to help because..." I sighed. "because I know what it's like to be raped."

That got her attention. She looked at me with surprise and then closed her eyes and nodded. I moved closer to her and carefully wrapped my arm round her waist and she put her arm round my shoulder.

"Lets go see my father, he'll make sure..."

"NO!" She cut me off. "You can't tell anyone about this."

"Why?!" I asked.

"Because I don't want anyone to know!" She replied, her voice almost breaking as she sobbed, a quiver of shame in her voice.

"You can't let them get away with this!"

"They won't!" She sneered and immediately I knew that she had a lot of bad intentions swirling round in her head for those that had wronged her. "If they thought I was hard on them before, they are going to be begging me to kill them when I'm done!"

"I understand." I said, it sounded like I was condoning her intention, I hastily added. "But you can't do that!"

"They deserve it!"

"I'm not arguing that, but if you go around killing these guys then it's you who's going to..."

"I don't care!" She snorted. "Now promise me that you'll tell no one about this!"

"..." I opened my maw but no sound came out.


"Okay! Look if I promise this then you have to promise me you won't retaliate without talking to me first!"

"What!?" She sneered.

"I don't want you getting into trouble. Let me help you! At least that way I can stop you crossing a line that you won't be able to come back from."

She stared at me for a long moment, as if trying to work out if I was trying to pull something. I looked her straight in the eye and gave her a look which I hoped showed that I was serious about helping her.

As I waited for her to answer I took a moment to focus on the shadow that had lingered at the edge of my nen bubble during the fight. It was gone now, part of me wondered who it had been, probably someone late in arriving for the rape.

"Fine..." She said reluctantly. "But if you so much as say a word about this to anyone, and you'll be moving to the top of the list! You got that!?"

"Understood. I won't tell a soul so long as you don't do anything with out talking to me first. Deal?"

"Deal." She scowled.

After that I helped her home, she made sure we took the long way there so we didn't run into anyone. With the long route and her slow pace it took us nearly an hour to get her home. She lived a short distance from the marketplace.

As I helped her in past the heavy curtain marking the entrance I was assaulted by the heavy and nearly overpowering scent of herbs. Before I was able to help her in any further she stopped me and turned to face me. She diverted her eyes and looked at the ground, clutching the cloak wrapped around her.


"It's okay." I assured her. "You're home safe so... if you need anything, anything at all... you just need to ask."

She nodded meekly and I turned to leave, looking back at her before I stepped through the heavy curtain. I never thought I'd see her look so... vulnerable. One thing was sure, one way or another, those bastards were going to pay for what they did to her!

"Thanks." I heard her say as I was stepping through the curtain. I turned my head and gave her a reassuring nod before leaving.

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