Master Splinter

Story by Wolfboy1995 on SoFurry

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Sam Okami is a friend of the Hamato family ever since he met them in a fight against Dogpound, and was badly injured, the turtles brought him to the lair to heal his wound, and that is when he met Master Splinter, who was surprised to meet another mutant, and the two would talk and share stories. Sam started to have feelings for Splinter over time, and when the day he was going to reveal his feelings to Splinter, something bad happened, Miwa, Splinter's daughter got turned into rat eating snake, and Splinter went into depression, everyone tried to get him out of it, but none of it worked. Sam decided to talk to Splinter while the boys are at the farm with Casey and April. Hopefully, it work, but what happens changes him and Splinter's life forever. Sam went to Splinter's room and opened the door, when he looked inside he saw Splinter looking at his family shrine, Sam stepped inside and shut the door behind him. He called out to Splinter, and he received a look." Splinter, I don't what it is like to lose a child of yours, but the pain I can understand"Sam started to tell Splinter about his human days where he would get abused by his parents, and not getting love at all, as he is explaining, Splinter just listens to him not saying a word, and began thinking about everything Sam has done for him. After Sam was finished, he waited for Splinter to say something, but he never did, feeling like his feelings were hurt, he started wimpering as he left, but not with a goodnight though his voice cracked.If he turned around, he would have saw Splinter reaching out for him.Sam stands under the shower, feeling the spray wash away the blood and the knots in his limbs, from going on patrol on his own, he knew it was foolish, but he did not care. Sam sighs as he turns off the shower and steps out. He dries himself and puts on his clothes. He opens the bathroom door and is surprised to see Splinter there, with a somber expression on his face."Sam" said Splinter"Master Splinter?" said Sam"I was hoping that you could have a cup of tea with me" Said SplinterSam nodded confusedlySplinter led the way into his chamber and closed the rice paper door behind his guest while he stepped out of his Japanese sandals to walk into the room on his bare feet. They both kneeled on the mats next to the low table, Splinter placing his walking stick on the floor next to him. Drinks were then poured for both of them.Sam raised his cup and bowed his head before sipping it; Splinter merely downed the whole cup in one go. The warm rice wine tickled his throat on the way down and left his mouth somewhat dry on the inside." Sam, I want a straight answer and no lying, do you have feelings for me? "Sam frozed and lowered his head, and

answered"Yes, but the reason why I did want to say anything is because I was afraid of being rejected, and hurt" Said Sam in a pained voice.Splinter just hummed in response, stood up and walked over to Sam, kneed and made Sam look up, and they looked into each others eyes."Do you really love me?" Splinter whispered while leaning in."Yes" said Sam while leaning in tooTheir muzzles met in a kiss. It was not clear who made the first move, but by the time their tongues intertwined it no longer made any difference. Sam reached up and rubbed Splinter's back as they embraced each other. They broke the kiss."Clothes off" Splinter orderedBoth Sam and Splinter took their kimonos off, and stared at each others bodies, Sam was a average musclar built, while Splinter had the body of a body builder.Splinter took his student with him to the floor,with Sam on his back and Splinter on top, and Splinter pressed his lips on Sam's and begin kissing him deeply. Splinter broke the kiss, and lowered himself to Sam's member he kiss it a few times and slid his lips over it, Sam gasped as he felt the warm flesh of Splinter's mouth enclose his cock, his tongue gently stroking it and wrapping around it. His hand playing with Sam's balls felt like magic as the fur rubbed against Sam's fur stretched tight. He let go of Sam's cock with a wet plop and took his balls into his mouth. Splinter released Sam's balls and watched as they retracted into his body as his orgasm approached. Splinter lowered his head some more and licked Sam's scrotum, sending waves of ecstasy coursing through Sam's body. "I want you in me," Sam said, caught up in the moment of passion and lust."Are you sure?" Splinter asked."Positive," Sam said, slowly grinding his hips against Splinter's"We don't have any lubricant," he said, then groaned as he felt Sam's hand grab his shaft."I can take it, just say yes," Sam breathed in his ear."Yes," Splinter said, slowly thrusting his hips into my hand."Thank you," I said, kissing him once more on the lips.He knew what was coming next and he had never wanted it more, as he sensed Splinter's cock, still surprisingly hard and erect as before even though he just came a few minutes ago, rubbing closely against his tailbase, making him shiver in anticipation. This was it. The moment he was waiting for. The moment that he had countless wet dreams and fantasies about and cost him so many sperm counts. And he was so ready and willing.

 "Brace yourself" Splinter whispered in his deep gruff voice, and then pushed his hips into the wolf's rear."Arrrgh!" Sam cried out sharply, his tailring getting spread and penetrated by that thick juicy cock. He tried his best not to fight back, to make it go in smoothly, as this wasn't the first time he got entered in the ass. But holy heavens, he had never felt something like this; this thick and big, getting shoved inside of him, spreading his insides wide open. He grunted and moaned as Splinter kept pushing in more of his size, inch after inch of hot dick sliding in with great resistance.  "Ough, fuck... fuck, Sam, you're so tight... ungf, so fucking tight... don't fight it, pup... Uhmmrr, yeah, let it in..." Splinter growled in ecstasy, enjoying the sheer tightness of his student's ass, feeling like he's taking a sweet virgin."Ungh! Oh... O-Ow... Oh, M-Mr. Kruger... Unf, Sensai... You're so... unh! P-Please... I... Oh, Sensai! Ahn!" Kyuuhari moaned and whimpered, his eyes tearing up from the burning pain inside his ass as he felt like his cock was tearing him up in half. He was in so much pain, not expecting his teacher to be this big and thick, but at the same time, it felt extremely wonderful and he didn't dare to beg him to stop, feeling his hot hunk of meat digging its way into him and he had never felt something this amazing before in his life.

 "Shhh... it's okay, boy... you're doing well... oh, shit, so well... mmmrr, it'll get better soon, I promise..." Splinter whispered soothingly, nuzzling Sam's chest as he loomed over him while he went all the way inside him, right to the rim, as the young wolf moaned out at the last view inches, feeling Splinter's big balls nudging the edge of his rump from how deep inside of him his teacher was. The overwhelming sensation numbed Sam for a few moment, breathing and panting fast, almost feeling like he was about to pass out at the enormous pressure of that thick cock inside of him, but he didn't complain. In fact, he embraced it, loving every pinch and

twinge coarsening through every fiber of his body, as he gathered enough strength to look at Splinter.  "F...Fuck me... please..." the wolf moanedSplinter smiled back at his needing student and gave his chest fur a tender kiss, before he got a good grip of Sam's hips and began working on his thrusts, pulling his own hips back to pull his cock halfway out of that tight ass, before pushing all the way in again, sending a shock wave of immense pleasure through the wolf's smaller body as he moaned out. The rat kept repeating his motions, pulling in and out of the wolf in slow, satisfying thrusts, the pain magically vanishing and replaced with sensual pleasure to the both of them, as Sam's sharp cries switched to horny moans. The older male was being filled with huge delight himself, taking his student's tight ass and filling it with his hard throbbing cock and and coating his inner walls with his warm and slick pre, lubricating his thrusts and making them harder and faster now.

 "Ouhh.. ouh... uhn, Splinter... oh, Sensai... unff, yes... yes... Oh, God yes... Mmf, oh, God, fuck me, Splinter... oh God..." Sam moaned in utter bliss, completely lost in a lustful ride and feeling nothing but love and adoration for his teacher and his wonderful hard, hot cock drilling his ass. This was nothing like he had imagined. To feel that studly body ram and hump into his rump, harder and faster with each passing second, making his body shake and sweat under him on top of the cold and smooth desk, was a gratification beyond his wildest fantasies.  Nothing was coming out of Splinter except gruff grunts and groans, filled with lust for this beautiful young wolf who was willing to do anything for him. His thrusts got deeper and more forceful, smacking his hips and balls into Sam's sore rump, admiring his squirming and moaning expressions as he laid before him on top of his desk, finding that boyish charm that he always found attractive irresistible as he reached up with a hand and went for one of the young wolf's erect nipples, pinching and tweaking it playfully, sending Sam's wild as he moaned louder. Splinter simply grinned at his horny reaction and made it worse for the poor pup as his other hand went for his pulsing cock that was dangling helplessly over his tummy, begging for attention, and attention it got as Splinter started jerking it off profoundly, the only thing supporting this maddening sex was Splinter sturdy and solid humps, each thrust crashing into Sam's ultra tender prostate and making his whole body shake violently.

 "Ahhhn! Oh, shit! Sensai...! Unf! I... I... can't... ouh, fuck, I'm... so close...!" Sam moaned madly, unable to take much of this hot and sexual treatments, as every sensitive spot in his body was being worked on the same time, his sensual sensors going crazy and he knew he wasn't going to last long. No body could with how wonderfully hot Splinter was sexing him up.

The pleasure was building up inside Sam's body like a thermometer in a boiled water, his body tensing up tightly under Splinter's powerful thrusts, nipple pinching and pawing. It all finally hit him hard, as Sam let all of his emotion burst and howled out, his cock stiffing up like a wood cane and erupting a high geyser of wolf seeds, all shooting up and spattering against Splinter's torso and down his own abs and and balls. The moaning pup kept howling and cumming hard while Splinter grunted at the immense tightness of the wolf's ass, his climax causing him to clench like a vice and giving the larger male's hot shaft the deepest anal massage he had ever experienced. With a few last deep thrusts, Splinter reached his limit and with loud yell, his second climax shoot him up like a shock of electricity and his cock exploded inside of Sam's ass. The young wolf gasped out at that rushing sensation of having his inside being filled by his teacher's hot semen, causing him to cry out desperately and shoot even more of his load, much to Splinter's delight as he kept milking his students balls dry.Splinter pulled out and played on his back next to his student while they both were panting, Sam turned to Splinter and cuddle up to him, in response Splinter kissed Sam on the forehead."I love you" they both saidSplinter picked up Sam and they moved to Splinter's bed, covered up with the sheets, have a good night kiss and went to sleep.The End

Sajin Komamura

Komamura stands under the shower, feeling the spray wash away the blood and the knots in his limbs. The Gotei 13 has won. Aizen and the other two captains were defeated and killed. The arrancar were vanquished. Hueco Mundo was closed and the Soul...

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