Otter's Daily Life- Bath

Story by Ragemend on SoFurry

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#3 of Otter's Daily Life

Kyle's having some trouble when it's shower time, if only someone could help!

It was a usual Saturday night at the otter household, with Jean sitting on the couch with her parents, watching lazy TV. Jean's mind was wandering when her mom broke the silence: "Jean, will you go tell your brother not to use all the hot water? He's been in the shower for almost 40 minutes. "

Jean groaned, making sure her parents couldn't see the grin on her face as she left the room and headed upstairs. She knocked on the door, then slipped inside, staring at her brother who was sitting on the toilet, masturbating furiously.

"Having some trouble?" Jean asked with a mock concerned attitude.

"I can't seem to get myself to spurt... I don't know what it is..." Replied the brother, not even caring that his sister was watching him fap, intently.

"Well, try this." Jean said as she pushed his prestained paw away and took his ottercock into her maw, bobbing up and down quickly.

The young otterboy stifled moans as he felt himself thrust into his sister's maw gently, his pent up bits suddenly feel like they could flow more freely. Jean bobbed on her brother's cock faster and faster, expecting a treat when a knock came at the door.

"Kyle." Their mother called "Have you seen your sister?"

Kyle, the young man, was at a loss. His sister wasn't stopping and he had to say something. He blurted out a "N-no." before covering his maw while filling his sister's mouth with cum.

"Well, just don't stay in the shower too long, you'll use all the hot water." Replied their mother before leaving.

Kyle looked at his sister, about to ask why she would do something like that to him when his sister suddenly kissed him, filling his mouth with the load he had just spurted into her. This new taste was delicious to him, and he quickly swallowed. Then, he kissed her sister to try and get and traces of his tasty cum from her lips.

"Looks like you enjoy your taste. Look at that, you're hard again already." Jean tells her brother, grinning.

Kyle looks down at his erect cock with a defeated look. "I thought it would've gone down..."

Jean pats her younger brother on the head, grinning: "I've got this."

And with that she slips off her pants and panties, and slides down, hilting herself on his cock. Kyle hugs his sister as she starts bouncing on his lap.

Kyle is transfixed by the sensations, and barely registers his sister's paw as she pushes his paws down to her slit to rub her clit. As soon as he does Jean has an orgasm and sprays Kyle's lap with her juices. "Well, now you really need a shower, huh?"

Kyle gasps as his orgasm hits and he shoots a load of thick spunk into his sister. He buries his face in her tits to muffle his moans before collapsing back.

Jean pulls off of Kyle, and quickly slides on her panties. Grinning, she says "I'll leave these under your pillow later tonight." before getting dressed and leaving. Kyle looks down at his still erect cock and groans, grabbing and fapping his cock so he can finally take his by now cold shower.

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