Maylon University's Epidemic Part 3: Cycle Continued

Story by Otherfur on SoFurry

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#3 of Maylon Epidemic

Written by: Otherfur

(Not based on actual places, events, or people)

+18 gay, male story

First taste of action, hope you enjoy!

Light shone through Josh's dorm window. It was now Saturday, nearly noon. Slowly, Josh shuffled underneath his sheets, beginning to wake. He gave an exasperated grunt, knowing he'd have to start the day. He moved his sheets, flinging them to the corner of the bed, when he felt something wet and cold brush across his thigh. Josh paused, a frown crossed his face as he used a hand to double-check the spill. Yep, it happened again, he blew his load while sleeping. He neglected to relieve himself as often as he neglected his sex life for school.

Josh turned his body, hanging his bare feet over the edge of the bed while wiping away the gunk from his eyes, still groggy. He jumped down, grabbed his sheets, and threw them on the floor in frustration. Doing laundry was added to his tasks to do, ruining his plans of not leaving the dorm for the day and committing his efforts for studying for an upcoming accounting exam.

Nature called next and Josh began to head towards the bathroom, not bothering to clothe himself since he knew Shaun's planned meant he's be out until late night. He shuffled to the toilet, opening the hallway door to allow a blast of cold air down his spine and tile floor to cool feet, giving him goosebumps, but drying the sweat from last night's unconscious adventures. The ungraceful steps allowed his package to sway, rubbing the smooth fabric from his underwear, feeling significantly more sensitive this morning.

He lined up to toilet and let his manhood hang free from its containment and immediately released a steady stream. He used his right hand to guide his piss, just hovering underneath his shaft, as the other hang limp. Josh gazed upwards and put his effort towards the dreams from last night while they were still fresh.

What got him so excited, was he just pent up with blue balls, or did he create a scenario his body couldn't handle? He slowly pieced the imagery together. It started out normal, his own model, one he often revisited in his imagination, was leaning over him. Her platinum blonde hair hung down from her sun-kissed skin towards Josh, complementing her green, mascara-lined eyes. He ran his hand across her smooth thigh and wide hips as she leaned forward, biting Joshes lips before engaging in a kiss.

Josh was in heaven, if only he could find a woman even remotely similar, he'd be set for life, or at least until she started to age. Her tempo started to increase, letting Josh's rod be grasped by the woman's hands. Danced her nails around Josh's six inch cock until the nails began to lose their blunted, manicured shape in favor of sharp points. It wasn't pleasant, as Josh's imagined pain felt nearly real. The woman's tongue turned rough and irritable in their locked kiss. The un-comfort was too much for Josh to handle, as he broke the kiss and moved his body back from the woman's grasp.

Staring back at him was the grunting, animistic face that resembled a cross between a tiger and woman. Each passing moment resulted in the face taking on a more masculine appearance with frenzied grunts passing through its lips. The daydream consumed him. Josh are paralyzed in fear. Just then, a clawed hand slammed him neck back down. The crazed, primal stare looked back at Josh as it readjusted itself atop of his prisoner. The last Josh felt was a sudden, stabbing shaft thrust into his rear.

Josh snapped back, alert, and still in his bathroom. The daydream reminded him of what he desperately wanted him keep behind him, and invaded any thought he had towards escaping to his primal pleasures. Something was wrong with him, the trauma had to be resolved, even his straight thoughts were being invaded by the man from the park. But worst, of all, he wasn't too opposed to the thoughts, as his body reminded him.

Josh looked down, only to see he had stopped pissing and instead had one hand pumping his throbbing shaft, while the other was pinching his left nipple. Josh paused in horror, he was getting off to his daydream of being violated. Pulling his hand away was a double-edged sword. He cut himself short of making another mess with his cock on the verge of eruption, but for the first time he got a good look at the changes that started last night, changes that seems to worsen with more attention.

What was once his familiar flesh-toned and cut cock was pinkish, pulsating and slick shaft that retained its mushroom head. Bellow the shaft caused Josh the most confusion. Skin was bunched up, detached from the shaft, yet resembled foreskin he never had. It was covered in dusty, tan bristles which had replaced his public hair and rode up to his navel, forming a treasure trail. The fur was thin enough to disguise itself as well maintained pubic hair, being thin enough to see the flesh underneath. The same fur grew to cover his hanging nut-sack.

Josh stood there for what felt like eternity, allowing his corrupted cock to calm down and slip into his partially developed and detached sheath. Curiosity won over Josh. Cautiously, he lowered a finger towards the sheath and wedged it between his half exposed mushroom head and his thicker than normal foreskin. Josh was rewarded with the warm slickness of ecstasy. His new-found nerve endings sent shock waves up his spine as his legs grew weak.

Josh fell on his ass, impacting the white tiles under him. His mouth was agape, tongue lolling out while his toes curled in, trying to grip the tiles as he continued to explore his sheath. He pulled his finger out, covered in self-lubrication, and wiped out a dollop of pre-cum on way out. Josh brought the finger to his mouth and wrapped his lips around it. The taste was bitter, yet savory. He would have to get used to the taste, but it wasn't unpleasant.

Josh should have stopped there, but the urges were too much. He stuck his index finger back into this sheath, now accompanied by his middle finger. By now, his shaft had resumed its earlier excitement, protruding from the sheath and taking a brighter red color, covered in veins. Josh moved his fingers apart, letting his malleable, flexible skin be exposed to the fresh air. Josh was assaulted by a strong musk, all too unnatural for his usual smell. The musk assaulted his senses. His skin grew flush as blood rushed to his face and groin. The smell sent him into near hypnosis as his body worked in automation towards orgasm.

His shaft's throbbing edged closer to climax. Josh leaned back in preparation. His muscles locked and the first squirt sent his clear cum launching onto his pecs. His second shot was slightly discolored, containing a hint of unnatural yellow coloration. His human spunk was being unloaded, his furry balls swiftly churning to replace it with something inhuman. Six shot were released from his mutating dick, each slightly less intense and landing closer to the source. His last shot was completely discolored, no longer the same cum Josh had grown used to since puberty. The thick waterworks had stopped and were now replaced with dry pumps.

Josh's transforming cock was reshaping between each shot, gradually forming a tapered, pointed head on the lower end with his urethra opening and migrating to its tip. His new canine tool had a gradient, color shifting from bright red to pink the closer the flesh came to the shaft base. A lack of penile bone meant his cock kept its floppy shape when exposed but not hard.

His balls had emptied, with the last of its load emptied above his navel. Josh's cock continued to throb, shooting blanks. With each throb came an ever growing lump within his sheath, pinching the fingers still inside. The lumps forced their way out of the sheath, more than doubling his shaft's circumference, as the sheath folded beneath Josh's newly created canine knot.

Josh sat there in disbelief as he came off his high, filling with regret and questions. Here he was, naked on bathroom tile, covered in his own spunk. He sat in silence. He couldn't take his eyes off his grotesque manhood, still standing at attention. He swore it grew in length, past his typical six inches and pushing the seven inch mark. Josh's tapered tip only reminded him of a red rocket belonging to some breed of dog. Josh's fingers retreated from the warm embrace of his sheath. They were just as slick as his rod and harbored its musk. Josh didn't even dare giving them another taste, turning his face away in disgust.

The realization dawned on Josh what he'd done. He worsened his "condition" and the more he waited to either wake up or his junk to revert to normal, the more he panicked. How would he fit into society? Who could he tell? Was he the only one? What had caused... this?

That's when it hit him, his assault! Why didn't he notice sooner? Josh scrambled get up, nearly tripping on himself as his bare feet struggled to gain traction. He ran to his room, his cock still semi-hard and flopping around, not caring for decency or cleaning off. His phone sat on his nightstand. His phone! He remembered now, Josh was able to take a picture of his assaulter before attempting to dial for help. Josh unlocked his smartphone, only to drop when the picture stared back at him. The same deformities Josh saw in his invasive thoughts were present on the man. The barbed, feline cock, cat-shaped pupils. There was his connection. The frottage, the sensual licking, it made sense.

Josh stood in defeat, he was conflicted. Josh had experienced pleasure beyond imaginable from his new-found scent and cock. It was his, better than before, yet completely foreign. What would be the consequences, however? He was afraid of progressing. Would he keep changing? What about his academic career? But worst of all, would someone come to collect him, sending him off and have God-knows-what happen to him?

It was too much. Josh knew he couldn't get any answers for now, but his worries were justified. He needed to calm down and clean himself off; his chest was still splattered in spunk. Maybe if he refocused himself he'd somehow revert the damage done in time.

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