A Boat Trip - Part 1

Story by Russ on SoFurry

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#3 of Pi-Rats

My three pirate rats



& Higear

Having lost their pirate ship and fallen from the high life are eeking out a living on a new boat they stole! Doing terrible things to their passengers,

Warning this story is... explicit, nasty, and full of things I rarely write about but they are here.

These are wicked nasty rats after all.

So you have been warned to expect nasty happenings by the pirats.

Story © Russet

Farqueharian leant on the wheel of his ship and stared at the dock; the black rat ran his claws through his salt encrusted fur and growled softly. The ship was a small affair, one small mast, space for two oars when needed and the tiny wheel house at back with the passenger cabin underneath. There where six mediocre cabins with little more then a bed and trunk for gear, a darn sight better then the crew cabin squeezed in the front near the galley and the hatch to the cargo hold.

It was a crime, reduced to sailing this piece of junk, oh it paid but it was nothing compared to the ship they'd lost, the slaves they'd had and the crew! Now only two of his crew remained Orel his first mate and oracle and the slave master Higear. Orel was on shore picking up their new "Passengers" whilst Higear was down on the deck coiling lines and checking over the sail. Looking down at his outfit the rat sneered, he was captain Farqueharian! Now a drudge, but he was stuck in these faded cotton trousers and a salt drenched vest, his gauntlets and tail hook where safely stowed under his bunk they couldn't let the passengers see anything dangerous looking.

Higear was dressed in similar ragged clothing; most of his clothing had been lost with the ship, something he was still very angry over it had taken him years to build up such a collection of real fur clothing. Orel of course barely noticed he had his sash, his charms and was pretty content; he never had cared about how he looked or what he wore. Turning away from the ship Farqueharian looked out across the harbour, watching a large galleon set sail for the Trailbit sea.

It was a large body of salt water connected to the ocean by several rivers to the south. The cities around the coast where thriving ports, with heavy traffic back and forth along the coast between ports, people tended to operate out of one harbour and skip a few cities over then back. However the number of boats sailing directly across the sea through the Trail islands where few and far between. This made it ideal for Far, he could pick any port advertise a fast service through the islands to the far side of the sea and people would pay for it.

Grinning as he reviewed the scheme Far called out to Higear to secure the sail for immediate departure. They advertised a fast service to the far side, picked up a collection of passengers, sailed out into the sea for a day or two, dropped anchor, slaughtered the passengers and set off again. With the number of villages and towns around the coast it was easy to make sure they didn't have to go to the same port twice.

The sound of voices called Farqueharian's attention back to the task at hand, he straightened up the brown rat was on his way back leading a small group of five rodents toward the ship.

There was a rather plump looking mouse in a velvet coat, a lesser merchant of some kind from the way he had his nose in the air. He was being attended by a very scrawny squirrel and a chipmunk. The other two looked to be a married couple, a brawny red squirrel holding the hand of a rather enchanting silver furred female squirrel, quite unique as far as fur colour went.

Far just smiled and nodded to them as they came aboard, Orel was quite good at putting them at their ease, talking to them, seeing them to their cabins and stowing their belongings in their cabins. The merchant was being a pain, demanding everything just so which his assistants where trying to do. The young couple vanished below decks and into their cabin with their bag, Farqueharian decided they where either running from something or just trying to find a new life.

Waving an arm above his head the black rat signalled to the marmot on the docks to let the ropes go and shouted orders down to hig to set the sail as with practiced ease he span the wheel, angling the boat away from the dock toward the harbour mouth. The sail cracked and boomed above, billowing with the wind as they caught the afternoon tide, riding the rollers out of the harbour and into the open expanses of the Trailbit Inland Sea.

Smiling he leant across the wheel, watching Higear climbing about aloft, setting the sail, after awhile Orel came out and helped. He sauntered up to the captain and grinned. "Got ya a nice plump one sir" He fawned slightly in a salute. They're all paid up and the merchant's chest is stuffed with all sorts of interesting things."

Far smiled and winked at the grey rat, "Good job Orel, we'll have fun with this lot, I'm thinking marsh wood isle, we can drop anchor in willow bay."

The other rat grinned and ran a grimy paw through his hair, tugging his bandana off. "Great cap'n I love that place." He grinned and with a rough salute scampered off down the stairs to help Higear with the sails, leaving Far alone with this thoughts at the wheel.

The weather was choppy for the next two days, light drizzle and heavy winds that kept most of the passengers in their cabins. The waves were large enough to top the railings and swamp the main deck; crossing from the meagre shelter of the wheel house to the crew cabin was a dangerous chore the three rats hated. Turning the wheel Higear aimed the ship toward the shelter of Marsh Wood Island, the ragged furred rat clinging grimly to the wheel as he listened to the navigation points being shouted by Orel. The other rat was clinging to the bow-sprit for dear life as they rode the unruly waves towards their destination.

Down below Farqueharian was explaining in his best oily unctuous fawning manner that they had to drop anchor and wait out the storm but they'd not loose more then an hour or two of their journey. The young couple and the chipmunk slipped back into their cabins to wait out the storm, the scrawny grey furred squirrel nodded and squeezed past the rat to go outside, clambering carefully along the deck, clinging to the railing to go stare over the front of the ship alongside Orel.

The large plump mouse however lingered in the corridor, smiling at the black rat, once they where alone he moved close, clove oil on his breath forcing Far to keep his muzzle straight. It was a potent smell and very unpleasant up close, "So captain you said you might have something to interest me?"

The large rat just smiled and inclined his head, not letting the unctuous little twit get under his skin, the way he said captain made it sound like he was giving him a reward by using the title. "Yes, once we drop anchor, meet me in the crew cabin, I have some select items that might fetch a good price in Yelriet when we get there."

The merchant nodded his head and moved with an unsteady gait back into his cabin, the rocking motion of the ship, shaking his head Far ducked back outside, peering up at Higear, the rat waved and indicated they where almost in. Nodding the captain hurried forward, press ganging the lanky squirrel into helping Orel man the oars as they coasted around a headland and into the sheltered bay of the island. It wasn't very big but the rock cliffs to either side kept the wind at bay and the marshy shore provided extra security. Far scrambled up the mast hauling on the ropes to pull the sail up, rain water sluicing through his fur, dripping off whiskers and tail tip he might as well have jumped in the sea for how wet he was. Growling and cursing his ill fortune that had reduced him to this he lashed the ropes securing the sail and peered down at the deck.

Orel was thanking the squirrel for his help, guiding him toward the front of the ship where they had run the prow into the mud, pushing the anchor over the side to hold them in place. Sliding down a guy rope Far nodded to Hig and slipped into the front cabin to get ready, the merchant would be along soon and then, then their fun could start.

Marshall pulled his hood up tighter, adjusting the toggles that held it closed against the wind and rain. It was still raining but the boat was rocking less now that it had moored for the night, which was a blessing. The plump mouse hated travelling by sea but the opportunity to slip certain items across the ocean and into the markets was too good to pass up. He'd made a good call picking this little boat and as he had suspected the captain was a smuggler, which meant he could probably pick up some more choice goods to sell for profit once they reached Yelriet.

Pushing open the door to the crew cabins the mouse peeked inside before squeezing his ample frame around the door and pulling it shut with a thump as the wind caught it. Shaking out his cloak he ducked under a line hung with clothes and wrinkled his muzzle in disgust, these rats where clearly as slovenly as they appeared. The room was a jumbled mess two bunk beds and a hammock strewn with clothing and several boxes jumbled together in a mess.

Shaking his head he moved toward the back of the room where he could see a hatch cover. "Captain? Captain Far you down there?" He paused at the hatch and peered down into what had to be the cargo hold. He could make out boxes and crates in the dim light and with a shrug he clambered down the ladder carefully.

Turning around he saw the black rat moving toward him, "Ah Captain there you..." he gut off as the rat lunged, one of his hands coming up encased in a segmented steel gauntlet which wrapped about his throat and squeezed, choking him. Eyes wide, hands coming up to claw at that arm the mouse choked, watching Far's tail slide up and coil around his legs, the wicked curved blade on the end pressing up between his legs.

"Hello Marshal... you ready to make a good deal?" the rat grinned, leaning forward, whispering, "My full name, is Farqueharian" he paused, chuckling as the merchant stiffened, squeaking, wheezing for breath. "I see you have heard of my name, this pleases me." He all but purred, whiskers brushing the mouse's muzzle as he leant in close. "You belong to me now."

The mouse wheezed, squirming around the rats grip, trying to tug his head free but those cruel metal claws just dug deeper into his neck, the rat's other gauntlet shredding his clothing, ripping and tearing not caring when the needle sharp claws caught fur or skin and sliced. With a negligent flip of his hand Farqueharian tossed the mouse down into the bilge, slop water splattering over his fur as the heavy set black rat moved to crouch over him, forcing him down into the bilge beneath his body.

Breathing heavily the rat pushed the mouse down beneath him, steel encased paws digging into his shoulders as the merchant squeaks and struggled, his cries for help lost in the ear splitting wail of wind and rain above deck. He could feel himself bleeding from several cuts and that cruel tail blade was flicking back and forth carving lines in his legs and ankles as the rat ripped off the last of his clothing. The rat leant forward, his heavily muscled bulk pushing Marshal down as a paw tugged their trousers down, hard, thick rat cock pushing between the merchant's arse cheeks; violating his virgin arse. Far was enjoying himself, claws gripping the merchant's shoulders, hips pushed down hard, forcing himself into the mouse as he squirmed and squealed in pain as the rat took his pleasure.

The mouse's squealing only drove the captain's pleasure to greater heights, gripping the rodent hard he pulled his hips back and pushed in again, taking him hard, fast and firm, growling in lust as he let himself go. It felt so good, the mouse was tight and warm and each time he drove himself all the way in the rodent's rear squeezed down around his dick. Oozing a constant stream of pre he kept fucked the other male with powerful strokes designed to give him the best pleasure and leave the other gasping and squeaking.

Far actually slowed down as he felt his peak getting closer, his huge rat balls snug against his body now, leaning across his preys back, panting deeply, breath hot and warm over the mouse's ears, drawing out the moment, eyes closed riding that wave of pleasure, the tight feeling in his balls. Letting out an animalistic squeak of pleasure he finally let himself go over the edge, riding his orgasm down with a thrust of his hips, pushing himself into the mouse's arse feeling his balls squeezing, twitching emptying themselves into his rear.

Hanging his head, panting the rat watched the mouse lying under him, the fat merchant mouse was groaning, blood oozing up from the cuts in his shoulders where Far's claws had dug into him, dazed and confused after the brutal love making. Bodies stinking of sweat, pheromones and Far's lust the rat was far from finished, pulling out of the other's rear brutally, watching them lie in the filthy bilge water moaning, trying to crawl away.

His loins where spent but his stomach was growling and the mouse smelt perfect, so with a disdainful snort he grabbed those thick plump ankles and tugged Marshal's legs up across his chest, sharp rodent muzzle tilting down, tongue and teeth starting to lick, nibble and caress those feet, savouring his prize. The mouse looked back and whimpered as he felt himself being pulled back, gasping in shock as he felt both feet pushed into the rat's muzzle, those sharp buck teeth grazing over their fur and skin before the warm depths of their throat wrapped about his ankles.

With his throat bulging with the outline of the merchant's feet the rat dropped down, lying on his stomach in the filthy water, sharp claws digging into the mouse's arse and pulling, forcing him deeper. The rat gurgled happily at the taste of salt water, blood and mouse, his bulging throat twitching, squeezing, drooling over those plump legs as they where forced deeper. The mouse wriggled, trying to lift himself but the pain from those steel gauntlets had him squirming and falling back down in pain as the hooked claws dragged his arse closer to far's muzzle.

A swallow, a squeezing gulp and the rodent's arse was pushed into that bulging maw, teeth raking over his fur as he swallowed again, working those squirming pink feet into the cavity of his stomach. Lifting himself to his knees Far leant down, pushing those legs down, gulping across the mouse's plump well used arse, moaning happily as he felt his stomach bulging, bloating out with an outline of the mouse's knees as they started to bend and curl up.

With a herculean effort far gripped the mouse's sagging gut and lifted, moving is body backward so he could sit on the walkway that ran down the middle of the hold. Pinning Marshal's hands at his side he tilted his head and chest back, muzzle opening wider sqeezing that bulbous stomach into his maw and down his throat. The outline of Far's throat rippled, saliva drooling down his chin and neck fur, a constant stream as that hefty stomach was swallowed, each gulp causing it to jiggle and squirm, the outline almost liquid like as it passed down his oesophagus to join his thighs, groin and legs in bloating the rat pirate's stomach.

Marshal's keening cries of panic cut off, panting as he flexed his hands, wriggling, squirming back and forth but he was trapped and sliding deeper, the sensation of those lips and teeth grazing over his filthy wet fur only heightened the sense of panic. He'd been violated, abused and now he was being reduced to a squeaking, squealing meal, thought and words where beyond him at this point as blind terror took over. His struggles however where useless, his body sinking down the rat's throat, aided by the rippling, gulping grip of those tight muscles and gravity, up to his shoulders and dropping deeper.

Those jointed steel gauntlets rose back into his field of vision, stroking cruelly over his muzzle, teasing around his eyes, ears and nose before they clamped down over his muzzle and shoved down. Marshal emitted a squeal of pain as he felt his body being compacted down. His chest was forced out of Far's throat into his gut, bloating him further even as his had sank between those jaws. Moaning Marshal felt the rat's saliva pooling in his hair, drooling across his tightly closed eyes and muzzle, then the hot slick walls closed around him, the rat's throat pulling the last of his mouse snack down and out of sight.

Far lay back panting his paws teasing across his bulging, squirming gut, the outline of the struggling mouse bulging back and forth, his gauntlets teasing across the outline of an arm, leg or their face. With his stomach gurgling and laden down with mouse he was quite content to lie back, eyes closed and relax, it felt good to let himself go and the merchant had been just the sort of fun he enjoyed, burping crudely the rat chuckled and slapped his gut, hearing the mouse squeal in pain. It was going to be fun digesting the little bitch; he just hoped the others where having as much fun as he was. Sighing the captain closed his eyes, blocking out the howl of wind and rain and settled in for a long nap whilst he digested his meal.

Mike leant on the railing at the front of the ship, trying to look as if he was just staring down at the mud, though he couldn't help but cast sly glances at the stocky form of Orel. The talisman wearing rat was just lounging in a pile of coiled rope, idly picking tangles out of his salt encrusted fur. With a sigh the skinny squirrel turned back to staring at the swampy shore of the island they had moored against, it was still drizzling and the wind was howling, he really should go back below and try and get some sleep.

Turning around Mike let out a startled squeak, Orel was standing directly behind him, the rat grinning softly, leaning up on tip-toe to press his nose against the squirrels.

"Thanks for all the help Mike, saw ya lookin at me, thought I'd come o'er 'n say thanks" He winked, paws coming up, those grimy claws pushing Mike's tunic open, teasing his chest fur. "Salt 'n spray 'n hard work bring us males closer together, yer wanna try me out?"

He leant back then, lewdly gripping his crotch, grinning as he saw the wide eyed Squirrels breath catch. "I... I mean I don't want to..." Mike fell silent as Orel leant up and gripped the squirrel's ears, pulling his head low.

"It's ok, you're a male, I'm a male, we wanna fuck...nothing to worry about." He grinned, pulling Mike down by the ears as if to kiss him. As Mike relaxed, eyes half closed Orel shifting his weight and yanked, pulling the squirrel down, the rat's knee came up and slammed into his rib cage causing the squirrel to exhale with a painful squeak.

Mike had no chance to recover; he was down on the deck squirming under Orel as the rat sat on his back, clawed paws slashing out at his pack, shredding his clothing, clawing chunks of fur out of his back, drawing blood as those razor sharp claws tore up his back. The squirrel wriggled back and forth squeaking and squirming trying to do anything to make the other rat stop. A fist to the back of the head drove his muzzle down into the wood, the heavy weight of Orel on his back coupled with the warm breath flowing over his ears made him stop, still wheezing for breath.

"Disgusting, filthy bitch like you, scrawny and good for nothing little clerk expecting to be an equal partner with me. Well guess what Bitch" His teeth sank into an ear and ripped, the rat grinding his hard on against his victim's arse, groaning as he listened to them scream and tasted their blood. "You're mine."

Orel pulled back, hands gripping Mike's trousers and yanked, shredding them, ripping them free. He growled as Mike attempted to roll over and swung a paw around, ramming it into his lower jaw. Mike's jaw snapped with a pleasant sounding pop and the squirrel's screaming was lost in a whimpering gurgle of pain. Panting deeply, the rat dug his claws into his victim's shoulders, drawing more blood as fur and skin parted beneath the razor sharp claws. "Brace yourself bitch." Orel growled before slamming himself home, thick, needy cock pushing up into Mike's arse, splitting him wide headless of any damage he might cause. Orel just pushed himself all the way into that tight, tight rear, holding himself in the slick confines of his victim's rear.

Mike was still whimpering in pain, attempting to scream, but with no breath and a broken jaw all he could manage was a strangled wheeze each time Orel pulled himself out of his arse and slammed back home. The rat was grunting, leaning forward over the skinny bulk of his bitch, fucking him hard, taking him deeply and spreading his arse wider with each thrust.

Orel loved this feeling, the tight warmth of the squirrel's arse twitching and squeezing down around his cock, the slick feeling of his pre-cum mixing with the blood oozing from the torn ring of muscle. Blood oozing against his fur, his paw sliding down the squirrel's side, slicing his skin open until he wrapped his paw about the heavy balls of his prey. Growling deeply he closed his hand and started to squeeze, panting, breath coming in short sharp gasps as he fucked them harder, he was so close to the edge now.

The rat threw back his head and squealed loudly, his own balls squeezing down hard, firing jet after jet of thick sticky rat cum directly into the other rodent's arse. Orel's paw clenched down tightly, all but crushing them as he emptied himself into the rat. It was satisfying to hear the squirrel scream once more and then fall still against the deck.

Sliding himself free from the squirrel's arse Orel smirked; gripping the squirrel's neck he lifted and heaved him up and over the side of the boat. Mike landed with a sickening squelch in the thick mud below, the weight of his body starting to settle into the swampy marshland. Orel leant on the railing, idly stroking his sticky and spent member, watching the squirrel sinking, his body being claimed by the mud.

Aiming his dick at the squirrel's head he started to relieve himself, spraying his rank rat piss over the hapless squirrel's muzzle. Mike stirred, choked on the potent smell and squirmed, eyes opening. Orel laughed wickedly, continuing to piss on the poor squirrel as they started to struggle, crying out weakly as they realised they where sinking into the mud.

Their struggles only made it worse, their form sinking deeper, the thick black ooze slurping up over their grey furred form, pulling them deeper. Soon only their head and tail remained, their frantic squirming ending with a sickening glorp as their head sank, their body consigned to the depths.

Once he was out of sight the rat stretched and smiled, now he was hungry, he wondered who else was still free. With a satisfied grunt he tugged his ragged trousers back up and started toward the aft end of the boat and the passenger cabins.

Mary shivered, pulling the blankets tightly about her shoulders, Richard was standing up, head cocked to one side. The thick set red squirrel had a frown on his muzzle as he slowly pulled on his trousers.

"Richard come back to bed please, I am sure it was nothing." Mary pleaded with her mate; the strange high pitched wailing they had heard could easily have been the wind after all.

Richard shook his head and moved toward the door, "No I want to check, something about this stinks. I'll be right back you stay here." He reached for the door and paused as someone knocked on it. He glanced back at Mary and smiled encouragingly before reaching out to lift the latch. He got no further however; as soon as the latch was lifted the door was kicked in, slamming into his muzzle and sending him staggering back.

Mary screamed as the rat Higear barrelled through the door and slammed into Richard bearing the already dazed squirrel down to the floor. The rat laughed maniacally and raised a knife, it had a wicked hook on the end of it and before Richard could do anything it was plunged into his stomach.

Gasping for breath the red squirrel felt flesh and muscle torn by that blade, pain exploding throughout his body as the rat yanked the blade free, tearing a hole in his stomach, the hook pulling out several yards of intestine. Higear pulled back and grinned down at the squirrel, pushing the barely conscious form back against the wall, letting him sit there and watch. Mary was still screaming when Higear approached the bed though her shrieks cut off with a whimper as he yanked the covers from her nerveless fingers.

The rat meant business and he wasn't about to let anyone interrupt him, chuckling wickedly he clambered up onto the bed, pushing the silver furred squirrel down beneath him.

"Hello pretty girl... such pretty fur" he stroked his blood soaked claws through her fur, grinning over at Richard. "You watch now... I'll show you how a real man uses a woman, and then I think I will do something creative with you both."

Laughing wickedly he started to slice Mary's night gown off, claws tweaking her nipples, teasing over her smooth stomach, grinding his hips and groin down against her crotch. "Gonna enjoy this."

He laughed wickedly as he felt Mary struggle beneath him, crying out for Richard, screaming for help even as Higear drove the dagger into the wall above her head. Laughing again he gripped her arms and pulled them above her head, overpowering her he tied her wrists to the hilt of the dagger with a length of rope from about his waist. Once he had her nicely secured, her whimpering pleading only helping to make him more aroused the rat pulled back and grinned, admiring the naked form of his latest victim.

"Such beautiful fur... so sleek and soft... I will get a pretty price for you my dear." He grinned, "But first" he pulled his trousers down, exposing his slender rat hood. He licked his lips, savouring the moment as her eyes went wide and he oozed pre-cum over her cunt. "Mmm you watching this Richard." He grinned over at the red squirrel, the male had tried to rise only to slump back down, holding onto his intestines as he slowly bled to death, watching the rat prepare to take his wife. He moaned in pain as the rat suddenly sank his hips down, driving himself into her. She squealed in pain and pleasure as the rat drove himself home, starting to ride her with quick, powerful thrusts.

The rat was enjoying himself, holding onto the squirrel's breasts, teasing them as he rode her, cock slick with her juices and his, panting happily as he drove himself back and forth inside her, groaning in pleasure each time he hilted himself. Showing off his sharp buck teeth as he enjoyed the slick warmth around his cock he watched his prey slowly loosing herself in the act of pleasure.

Her body started to move in time with his, responding to each thrust by clenching down around that invading rat cock, panting and moaning as he tweaked her nipples and slid his slick male hood in and out of her warm folds. Leaning forward he kissed her, holding her muzzle to his as he humped himself home, groaning in pleasure before he started to cum, spraying his virulent seed into the female trapped beneath him.

She struggled as he kissed her, knocked out of the stupor of pleasure she had lost herself in. She squirmed moaning around his muzzle and squeaking as she felt that thick wet liquid spraying into her. She whimpered as the rat pulled himself out of her, panting, a happy smirk on his muzzle. "Mmm good bitch, for that you can die before I start skinning."

With wide eyes she stared at the dagger pulled out of the belt on the floor, squirming against her bonds. "No... no.... please.." her pleading was cut off as Higear swiftly laid her throat open, watching the blood ooze forth as she choked to death. Sliding off the bed he looked at Richard, smirked and picked up the skinning knife, the squirrel was glaring hatred at the rat but he didn't have any strength left to move.

"You... you can watch." He laughed and started to get to work on that sleek, beautiful silver fur, he wanted to remove it intact, then he could restock the ships stores with the meat from the squirrels. Chuckling he made sure to keep his body out of the way, so that Richard could watch, the red squirrel was being left to die slowly and in pain, forced to watch the grey furred rat do terrible things to the body of his wife. With his paws trying to lift the slippery ropes of his innards he tried one last time to move. But it was too much and with a final gurgle of despair he slumped down against the wall, finally loosing consciousness.

Orel padded down the hall that housed the various cabins for passenger. He paused to peer into the room that housed the squirrel couple and raised a paw in greeting to Higear. His mate waved back happily engaged in reducing the rodents to so much meat and fur. With a sigh the rat trudged down the corridor, there was no sign of the fat merchant but when he peeked into the room Mike had been staying in he grinned.

The chipmunk was sprawled in the bottom bunk fast asleep. He seemed to have slept through all the noise coming from down the corridor and on deck. Orel padded into the room and knelt down at the end of the bed, reaching out to grip their ankles. The chipmunk squirmed slightly as the covers where pulled off but they didn't wake, they just sighed softly as they felt their feet pressed together, slick and warm in Orel's muzzle, being coated in his saliva.

With a powerful swallow the rat forced the chipmunk's feet down into his throat. Another swallow sent his calves and shins down as well. The grey fur matted with his drool as he gulped again and again, slowly, teasingly eating his slumbering prey. The chipmunk sighed and mumbled something about "Warm" before settling down again. It didn't take the rat long to have the other rodent stomach deep in his maw, his stomach already swelling with the outline of their feet and knees.

Moaning happily the rat pulled the chipmunk toward him, gently cradling his form, stroking up and down his stomach and back before he swallowed, pulling him deeper down his throat, moaning as he slowly slurped up their chest, pushing them deeper, forcing them to curl up neater in his stomach. Another swallow then another and Orel had the sleeping rodent up to his neck, his paws teasing over their head and ears before he sat up, head tilted back so his jaws could slowly open wider, that sleek sharply pointed head sliding down his throat.

With a final groan and a hefty gulp Orel consigned the chipmunk to his throat, lying back and panting as he slid deeper, happily enjoying the sensation of him sliding down his throat, curling up in his bulging gut. With a happy sigh he lay back against the wall of the cabin, running his fingers over the bulge in his gut. The chipmunk shifted in his sleep, never waking up as the rat's stomach started to claim him. This trip had been very profitable and tasty, Orel sighed and closed his eyes, intending to sleep off his meal, tomorrow they'd have to get back to work but for now they could rest.

~ fin

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