A Boat Trip – Part 2

Story by Russ on SoFurry

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#4 of Pi-Rats

Ok so here we have a return of my Pirate Rats.




They are not nice rats so warnings. Snuff, Hard Vore, Rape, NC lots of nasty things in this piece as the rats head off on a revenge kick! So you have been warned do not read this if you do not like any of that stuff.

Everything here is © Me.

Story & Characters © Russet

The shore front in Halsen was an open, windy place, the ancient stone docks jutted out into the great inland sea. The city itself was built in a series of tiers along the Cliffside, tall grey granite buildings rising toward the sky. With black slate roofs and tall spindly towers reaching into the sky it was a miserable grey place clinging to the land. Halsen was famous for its fishing fleet, its merchant's and being the home base of the Jagren Armoury, base of the Regency Navy. Farqueharian hated the place, the taverns where prim, proper places where you couldn't get in a good fight. The black rat hunkered down under his cloak, pulling the hood forward as he watched the ship at the end of the jetty.

It was a small schooner, a personal yacht really called the Atrine. It didn't need a crew of more then two and it had just become Far's number one target. Orel was onboard already; interviewing for the position of second crew-beast; Far was waiting for the signal that all was ready. It would be risky chance to take but his information said Captain Dubois's family had hired the schooner for a transport mission. It was top secret, or meant to be, the black rat hid a smile inside his cowl as he thought about it. If his source was right Dubois's wife and one of his sons would be boarding the ship for a speedy trip back to the Dubois Fortress on the Isla de Queso. It was a risk sending his family on such an undermanned ship but its speed and secrecy was what the good Captain was banking on to get his family home safely.

On board the ship Orel smiled ingratiatingly at the captain, an old grey furred shrew called Lewis. He was slightly shorter then the brown rat wearing a pair of green trousers, a thick navy blue roll-neck jumper and a round woollen cap with his ears poking through. He was heavily built, arm and leg muscles well developed from years climbing, setting rigging and steering ships through the seas of the world.

"Welcome aboard Orel, so what makes you think you got what it takes to fill tha second bunk on board? I dun hire just any beast off the quay looking for a birth you know."

His voice was rough, warm and friendly though stern his thick drooping grey whiskers twitching. "I'll be needing to see your ships ticket, from ya last birth and hearing a bit about yourself."

Orel pulled the ticket, a stiff square of folded parchment that Lewis took off of him. Orel had cleaned up for this, no ragged clothing or messy fur today. He was dressed in black shorts, a roll-neck jumper and had a clean kerchief wrapped about his head the long tails from the knot hanging down his back.

"I served on the Yorkan and the Millbrin, just worked my way over from Jan-Drop on a small merchant man that needed an extra hand 'cause the eldest son was ill. But now I was hoping for something a bit more permanent."

Lewis read the ticket and leant against the railing, lips moving as he slowly read the small neat script on Orel's ticket. "I know the Yorkan fine ship, says here you left for promotion on the Millbrin."

"That's right, fourth officer aboard the Millbrin was my big break but captain Lorn sold er and we where all let go."

Lewis nodded held the parchment up to look at the water-mark under the text then offered it back to Orel. "Well Orel you got a good ticket and that is Lorn's handwriting. I'd recognize his hand most places, I served with him for a bit. How is the old sea-rat doing?"

Orel smiled a warm and friendly grin, Lorn was currently having his corpse eaten by lobsters off of Point Fornath but Lewis was never going to find out about that. "He was good, insisted tha old crew had a sing around the last night we was together. 'E really can't keep down tha brandy was a fun night."

Lewis laughed and shook his head, "Ah tha's Lorn all right, never could 'andle tha drink." He held out his hand, "Welcome aboard, bring yer duffle down front n yer ken bunk up in tha cabin wid me. Pay is thirty roundels a month paid when we are in port every second month or when we finish a charter."

Orel shook the shrews paw and started toward the front of the boat where the small crew cabin was. It was tucked into the small space under the forward deck. Two wooden trunks bolted to the floor on either side. A wash stand and mirror and a large trestle bed with an actual feather mattress piled high with blankets and a string hammock. It looked pretty normal for a yacht like Atrine. Both crew members worked at the same time and bunked at the same time. Stowing his stuff in the empty trunk the rat listened as Lewis chattered on, slowly stuffing his pipe with tobacco.

"We have a private charter leaving tomorrow on the noon tide. I expect you to spend the rest of today getting to know the Atrine and the morning elping me get ready to sail. I'll be in tha galley preparing something fer us." He grinned at Orel around his pipe stem and started back to the central portion of the ship where the galley and guest cabins where.

Still watching from his hiding place Far saw Orel appear on deck, the brown rat hoisted a flag off the rear lantern pole. A red flag, he was on and the birth was his. Smiling Farqueharian slipped back into the alley behind him, padding through the city toward the south gate. Just another rat in a cloak, nothing to connect him with the feared pirate Farqueharian of the Nattilian, he was dead as far as these people and their governor cared. Captain Dubois had seen to his ship and crew, sinking the Nattilian and leaving Far with just two of his crew remaining. He would have his revenge and this day had seen it begun, leaving Halsen behind him he hurried back to where Higear waited with the sorry excuse for a boat he was reduced to sailing.

Orel finished hooking up the flag then lit the rear lantern before moving to exam the wheel house. It was a small sheltered hut at the front of the poop-deck. Literally two walls and a roof open at front and back, the wheel was sturdy oak and the view across the guest cabin superstructure and past the mast was clear. Resting a paw on the wheel he smiled, it was a good ship and he was going to enjoy it here, even if it was for a few days.

An hour later Orel was crawling up from the cargo hold, shaking water from his slick pink naked tail. The hold was full of very nice food, a case of expensive wine and several chests of rich fabrics. Lewis knew how to live it fine with his charters and courier runs it seemed. Orel made his way into the super-structure and along the central corridor, there where four bedrooms all off the central lounge and beyond them was the galley and a small store-room. Lewis stuck his head out of the galley and waved Orel over, "Normally we ave to take our meals on deck or in tha cabin. But as we got no passengers jist yet we ken eat in ere."

The elderly shrew served up a thick stew with crusty rolls of bread then he bit the cork out of a bottle of wine and poured them both tankards. "No booze at sea, so enjoy it whilst yer ken."

Orel thanked his boss and the two tucked into their meal, trading stories about their journeys and sea travel. The brown rat quite liked the elderly shrew he was good company, easy going and trusting yet hard as nails. It would be a shame when it came time to enact the plan but before then... well Orel could make the old timers last few days' good ones. After dinner had been devoured, the wine drank they cleared up, scrubbing the dishes together before stowing them in the lockable cabinets. The rodents made their way forwards and into their cabin again, as the door swung shut and Lewis puffed on his pipe to light a taper Orel started to pull his jumper off.

As he pulled his head clear he noticed Lewis eyes on his muscled chest, it wasn't much of a surprise. Long weeks at sea with no one but your bunk mate and well sailors liked to play. Pulling his belt off he grinned at Lewis. "Yer tha cap'n so" he spread his arms wide showing off his body as he let his trousers slide down his legs. Revealing everything to Lewis and grinned, "Does we bunk together like?"

Lewis licked his lips, blew out a ring of grey smoke then set his pipe to one side. "So its loike tha is it." He stepped close and backed Orel's naked form against the door, the shorter shrew leaning up. He was strong, powerful body holding its own against Orel's muscled bulk. He pressed in to kiss the rat firmly then drew back, "Undress me sailor let's see how well you obey orders."

Orel grinned and reached out toward Lewis, his fingers nimbly walked down his jumper and pulled it free. The old shrew was hard muscle, grey fur with a few scars across his chest. Orel smirked in appreciation, slid to his knees and used his sharp incisors to unpick Lewis' belt and tug his trousers down. He revealed powerful legs, a pair of heavy balls and five inches of rock hard dripping shrew cock.

The rat wasted no time in leaning forward and wrapping his muzzle about that cock, careful of his teeth he started to suck the captain off. Head bobbing up and down slightly as he sucked and slurped over their dick using his tongue to caress the moist tip and tease along the underside. Lewis groaned in appreciation, this was the sort of crew-mate he loved, hard working and willing to get down and suck at the end of the day. Squirming from side to side the elderly shrew groaned in pleasure hips starting to move in time with Orel's muzzle.

The rat had one paw on Lewis' rump, squeezing the firm muscle and teasing around his tail base. His other paw was sliding up between Lewis' thighs teasing over the underside of their heavy balls, stroking back and forth against them. All the while he continued to suck and slurp over the rock hard shaft of his new ship-mate. Moaning in pleasure Lewis bucked his hips up pressing his dick as far into Orel's maw as he could. Balls twitching, cock jerking he started to cum, firing thick sticky strands of rodent cum into the rat. Orel just swallowed it eagerly, moaning pleasantly as he buried his nose in Lewis' musky groin fur, keeping his dick inside his muzzle as he drank it down.

Lewis staggered back as his orgasm tailed off, spraying the end of Orel's nose with a jet of cum. The rat just licked it off and moved forward, he gripped the old sailor's shoulders and kissed him, feeding him the last mouthful of shrew cum. The shrew groaned, clung to Orel and squeaked as the larger rat suddenly turned him over and pushed him face down onto the bed. "My turn old timer," he growled out as his trousers dropped and his thick rat dick pushed in under the shrew's tail.

The old rodent cried out in pleasure as the burly rat took him, sliding his cock inside his rear, spreading him wide and pressing in as far as he could manage. Orel shifted his position to better be able to ride the shrew, groaning and squeaking loudly as he drew in and out of their tight arse moaning in pleasure as his cock squelched in and out of them. Lewis pawed at the sheets and added his own squeaking to the rat's, the pair of sailors riding together bucking against the others body until Orel lost it. Gasping for breath his body stiffened, his hips plunged down and he started to cum flooding the captain with his thick rodent seed. Panting softly Orel nuzzled the old guys ears and slowly drew himself out of his behind; rolling on his side Lewis grinned up at Orel as he moved to snuff the light.

"Mmm that takes me back," he murmured, "Come on lad, climb in tha bed we ken keep each other warm until tha 'morrow."

The rat smirked down at the shrew, blew out the lantern and went to crawl into the bed, curling up against the old timer. It was going to be a shame to snuff him out when Far arrived but he'd make sure his last few days where good ones he owed him that much. He grinned to himself in the dark and settled down; beside the guy was a good fuck.

Four nights passed with the days that went with them being mostly quiet and mundane aboard the small yacht as it plied the waves of the great inland sea. Lewis and Orel spent their time running the ship, tugging rigging and manning the wheel during the day and dropping the anchor each night to prepare meals for their passengers and keep watch. The Lady Margaret was nice enough but quite aloof, holding herself separate from the common beasts as it where. The bodyguard Ran spent most of his time with the young master William though young was a relative turn. He was about nineteen and Ran couldn't have been more then five years older it was pretty obvious to Orel the two where screwing where mother dearest couldn't see.

Still on the fourth night Orel had to do his best to hide the shaking he felt. Tonight was the night all he had to do was follow through on his part of the plan and their revenge against the mouse who led the assault against their crew-mates and sank the Nattilian would be well and truly set in motion. Orel had arranged it so he was cooking that night it was simplicity itself to slip something into Ran and William's meals and something into Lady Margaret's wine whilst he was in the galley alone.

Shortly after Sunset everyone had retired to bed and Orel moved up on deck to help Lewis secure the ship for the night before the brown rat retreated to his cabin to wait. If all was going to plan Farqueharian and Higear would be waiting for them nearby he was to give it an hour then he would move to start things rolling.

After about an hour the lights in the main cabin went dim and a short while after that a scratching at his door had Orel rolling out of his hammock and cautiously peering out into the dark. Pulling the door wider he stepped back as two wet figures slid into the warmth of the crew quarters then the brown rat shut the door quietly.

"Cap'n, Hig," Orel greeted the other two, smiling as his ship-mates grinned at him. "Everything's ready, soon as I dispose of Lewis we're good to go."

"Lewis?" Higear asked with a frown, "Is that tha shrew? Why don't we just gut 'im n 'ave done wid it?"

"No." Orel said perhaps a bit too quickly; he looked at Far and met their dark gaze. "Lewis isn't who we want, he's a sailor, and the salt of this sea is in him. He deserves to be removed with dignity and given to the embrace of the salt."

Farqueharian watched his first officer and sometime oracle then nodded his head. "Do it." Was all he said and held the door as Orel slipped back outside into the night. With exquisite care Orel slipped over the rail. Slowly and surely he crawled along the netting that hung over the side of the yacht, moving aft. His sharp claws bit the wood securely as navigated the outside of the hull.

It took him less then five minutes to crawl to the back of the ship where the captain was standing on watch at the wheel. Feeling almost sad for this the pirate slipped back aboard on silent feet making sure to keep out of the stern lantern's light so as not to cast any shadows. Coming up behind Lewis he took a quick step hooked his arm about their throat strangling them and drove his dagger into the back of his neck. The sharp blade hit home, severing the older shrew's spine, one moment he was struggling then he just went silent, body going limp, collapsing into Orel's arms. Gently almost tenderly Orel closed the old guy's eyes. "I'm sorry Lewis; sleep with the memory of what we did together." Weighing the shrew down with an old deck weight he slid him over-board letting Lewis' still warm form slide into the water. The inland sea welcomed him into the embrace of the mistress he had followed all his days.

"Sleep well old timer," Orel murmured then started back to the front of the boat, he paused part way along to listen at one of the low deck windows and with a grin he moved back to the crew compartment and tapped the wood. Once he was back inside he smiled at his crew-mates blood racing from the kill and the chance to get revenge.

"Cap'n, Hig boats ours now, slight change of plan, the guard and the young mouse are sleeping in the same room."

Far nodded the black rat checked his gauntlets and grinned. "Keep them all alive the guard is for sale, Margaret is mine you two can play with the little one until you get bored, keep his head we'll send it back to dear old captain Dubois."

Hig and Orel nodded and moved down the companionway and into William Duboi's room. Hig kicked the door in and whilst the two mice struggled to wake up Orel walked over, tugged the blankets off exposing the rodent's naked bodies. Orel grabbed Ran about the neck and threw him hard against the opposite bulk-head, the field-mouse bodyguard was struggling to get back up when Orel stepped on his neck and held him down firmly.

"Stay bitch mouse, you cocked up big time, you best be ready to pay the price."

Ran tried to shout something but it came out as a rather pathetic squeak as Orel kicked him in the gut. The door slammed open and Far forced Lady Margaret into the cabin, the lady's chemise was askew and she was trying her best to maintain her poise. It all shattered when she saw what Higear was doing to her son.

"William! No stop it, stop it you brute!" She screamed and tried to pull free from Far but he just back handed her into silence and growled. "Silence whore, watch what we do to those who dare cross my path."

The grey rat had William down on the bed; the long thin chains that dangled from his ears had been used to bind the mouse's arms behind his back whilst Higear pressed his slender rat cock between his victim's rump cheeks and rather violently pushed his way inside. The mouse squeaked in pain as the rat started to rape him crying out for Ran to help him between pained gasps for breath as the rat slammed in and out of his arse.

Margaret was sobbing softly, impotently sagged against Farqueharian as he growled into one of her ears. "I have waited a long time to get hold of you." He gripped Margaret's throat to stop her sobs, turning the lady's head so she had to watch as her son was abused by the filthy grey rat.

"You see Margaret, you and I are going to be spending a lot of time together. Sadly little bitch boy here is now the property of Hig and Orel, say good bye." He chuckled and using his gauntlet covered paws picked the female mouse up, slung her over one shoulder and left the cabin just as William started to emit a high pitched wail as Higear dug his claws into the teenager's skin. Her screams started up again as she cried out for her son, trying to reach out for him. Her last sight of William was Higear's hips pulling back and thrusting back down and Orel kneeling down over Ran whose own squeaking cries joined those of her sons as the big brown ship-rat started to enjoy "his" reward.

Orel growled as he pulled the field mouse's head back by his scruffy hair and laughed as he pierced their tight little tail-hole with his thick girth. "I been listening to you two squeak your hearts out since we left... now... you are mine!" Ran let out a despair squeak that turned into a throaty scream of horror as he saw what Higear was doing to William. The bodyguards claws scrabbled on the decking but Orel held him down, thrusting powerfully into his arse slamming his body against the deck. Orel was nice enough to tug his head back as Higear shifted his weight and ran the razor sharp edge of his skinning knife across William's throat. The brown rat's blissful groan of pleasure mingled with the mouse's shriek as William's blood sprayed over the pair of them. Their fur matted down quickly, turning dark and slick as Orel moaned in pleasure driving raggedly into Ran's arse before emptying the hefty load of his balls into the sobbing guard as he was forced to watch his lover being skinned alive by the skilful paws of the pirate.

Higear had sliced around William's neck then slid the sharp blade under the skin and down his back. Flesh parted from fur as he slit along the length of their spine. William gurgled as he felt his pelt being separated from his body by that sharp knife. The feeling of his blood oozing out of the wounds was barely felt as consciousness left the noble mouse as he bled out. The pirate knew what he was doing; methodically skinning William his soft pelt would be added to the perverted rat's collection and turned into clothing.

The brown rat just held position inside Ran's arse, holding him down with the weight of his body, making him watch as Higear stripped the hide off his charge and lover. William was unconscious for most of it, the wound to his throat was slowing drowning him in his own blood as it filled his lungs. The grey rat was mercilessly stripping off the young mousse fur leaving just his head intact. As if that wasn't bad enough the brown rat was pissing inside of his arse! Flooding his rear with even more foul liquid which had him squirming and panting refusing to beg the rat to stop, "Bad choice mouse, should never 'ave signed on wid tha enemies o Captain Farqueharian. Now little bitch mouse is food." Orel grinned and slammed the hilt of his dagger against Ran's head. "You're slave meat."

Chuckling to himself he pulled himself out of his prey's sticky well used arse and set about tying him up before moving to help Higear desiccate the skinless mouse into something they could cook. He'd had some regrets over killing Lewis but this had perked him right back up and he knew the captain would be enjoying himself with the lady Margaret. Using his dagger he set about helping Higear for about five minutes before the blood and the smell got too much and the two pirates wound up rolling on the floor fighting for dominance over who would get to fuck who.

Margaret lay over her bed sobbing, though it was more like an exhausted pant by now, she couldn't even flinch when Farqueharian ran his claws through her hair and down her back. She was naked, tied down over a pile of cushions and the black pirate still had his dick lodged inside her cunt. The filthy rat chuckled warmly and pulled himself free with a wet slurp he patted her arse and laughed again. "I hope you enjoyed that Margaret, every night from now you are my fuck..." he slipped his gauntlets back on and tied up his trousers moving toward the door.

"Monster... monster! My husband was right to do what he did! Slaughtering your murderous crew was the..." she gasped, he was so fast. The black rat had his clawed paw about her throat and growled. "You...." He raised his other paw as if to strike then stopped and laughed. "Oh no my dear, dear lady Margaret, you will not entice me to kill you. You are so much more fun alive.

Laughing he flung her to the floor, "You have guts for trying to enrage me." He strode back out into the corridor and bellowed for his boys. "Bring her and the mouse then burn this ship..."

Twenty minutes later they where all aboard the scow Farqueharian was using watching the yacht burn and light up the night. With a chuckle the rat ordered a course laid in and headed deeper into the islands. They had what they came for and had done the deed, part of their revenge was now in motion. Revenge was always best served cold and by the time he was done William Dubois would rue the day he burnt the Nattilian.

~ fin -

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