Chapter 3

Story by Devfina on SoFurry

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It was near dusk when we made our way back to the apartment. I honestly have no idea why I did not drive to the electronics store. climbing uphill with four bags of tech stuff was not how I envisioned I would spend my Saturday afternoon. Rei had conveniently decided that he would not partake in any attempt to help carry said bags. How did we ended up with four  bags when we only went there for one item? Well, when we got there, Rei beelined for the display case and proceed to pick out the one with the biggest price tag. He also conveniently load a bunch of other accessories into our shopping basket not to mention, the salesperson was of no help to my wallet at all, introducing item after item that would enhance the "tablet" experience, guaranteed. This is why I hate shopping on a whole. If I can get something on the UniNet and teleport it to my portal, I would opt for that option without a blink of an eye. Not all planets in the Universe are on the UniNet, for example, Terra, a less advanced planet in the Orion arm of the Milky Way galaxy uses their planet version of the UniNet called the Internet. It operates in about the same way as the UniNet but with slower connection speed, depending on where you are and they are still using the binary digits in computing. Also, teleportation isn't available commercially on that planet and I once had to wait two days to have my items delivered. The longest two days of my life, and all for a headphone set. I am not a patient person.Rei picked up a lot of, in my opinion, unnecessary, items that would "enhance" his tablet experience. I have to stop myself from attempting to roll my eyeballs to the back of my head when the salesperson said that. All these sales jargon every salesperson ever use to persuade those who use the peripheral route of processing makes me want to hurl.How can people ever fall for these nonsense? He even promoted a diamond screen protector, which is utterly useless because the screen was already made of diamond! "You don't need that." massaging my temples."I do!" Rei protested"What the hell ever for?" Irritation gawning at my already tired brain. "It protects my screen, duh" "The screen is already made of diamond!" Doesn't this kid see how illogical he is being?"I know, but having a second one is like wearing two condoms""What!?" I blinked at the kid. Did he just equate having a screen protector on an already scratch proof screen to wearing two condoms? "Don't you ever pay attention to SexEd?""What the hell are they teaching kids these days? I should have a conversation with the Dean!""I quote Professor Edd and he said 'Protect your stump before you hump, it'll be sweeter if you wrap your peter'" "You are 12! There is no humping of anything for you!" Oh my lady of where the hell are they finding their professors nowadays?! "You're 230, you humped everything that ever walked..." Rei mocked in similar tone. "For all we know you might have humped half the galaxy"That was when the salesperson started to look at us with a funny expression. Note to self, tell the kid not to mention my age around ordinary folks. Aristellians may have been around for aeons, but to many lay inhabitants of the vast amount of planets in the Universe, Immortal beings are but a fable, much like the elves of Middle-Earth. "Just get what you need." I ended the conversation there and then before the salesperson can ask any questions or even worst, make any lewd remarks about how immortality is impossible. On many occasions, when people comment on immortality and its ghost like existence, they usually comment on how it is such a magical thing and how it is such a fortunate thing to have. I know many centuries old Aristellians who would snuff at that notion but say nothing. It is not easy to convince others otherwise, especially when you know they cannot even experience the contrary. Many a time, we just keep quiet as those around us list the things they would do if they lived forever. Terra had a saying 'The grass is always greener on the other side' and that is what I always say to those who speak so highly of immortality. Sometimes, I hear comments about how immortality is but a myth and does not exist. This gets my blood boiling because I am doomed to live forever and experience the many pains that come with it. And some people just write it off as a

fable. Thats when I might attempt to launch into a long, atrocious and rigorous lecture about the implications and difficulties associated with being immortal. Why did I have to get the apartment at the end of the street? This walking upwards was taking its toll on my already frustrated and tired brain. "Lev! Don't just stand there, the tech won't walk itself home" The husky yelled from ahead."You can come and carry it then!" I almost snapped at that dog. Honestly, if he wanted his things, he can carry them himself. "But my paws hurt... and my arm is sore" Rei whined."From what!? You did nothing strenuous or taxing!"  "I was sexercising""You were doing WHAT!?" Either I need to clean my ears or he just mashed sex and exercising together as one word. "You need to clean your ears Lev, I said S-E-X-C-E-R-C-I-S-I-N-G. I call it the 'short-ranged hammer curl"Did the kid just tell me that his paws are sore from masturbating? Why in the name of ...oh forget it! I glared at the kid and walked to the door where he was waiting. "See, unlike you, I do have six-pack" Rei pokes idly at Lev's waist "Oh wow...that is quite tough, did you wear one of those insta-abs thingy?""Excuse me?!" I blinked at the insolent canine child. "Sorry, was I blocking the door?" Asking with a face so full of puppylike innocence.I grunted under my breath and place my palm on the lockpad. Pushing the door with my shoulder, with no help from that dog of a son of mine, I walked into the hall and kick off my shoes. "Lev don't you have some class? Tossing your shoes like some dirty bum""Better than you, lack of any form of manners, you street rut." A sense of triumph washed over me as I put the bags down on the floor and headed to the pantry to make dinner. "What do you want for dinner?" I was tempted to add another insult to the end of my sentence but held my tongue. Although it felt nice to retort someone who offers me insults, it did not feel really right to retort a child, let alone my son. "Anything..." As the dog quietly took the bags and ran off to his room upstairs. Dinner took place quietly, both of us sat across from one another at the dining table. Rei did not say much and only response when I asked him if the food was to his liking. Maybe I shouldn't have said what I did earlier. But he was firing insults left right and center all day. I think a little humility is in order for this kid. "How's the tablet?" I poke the piece of chicken meat on my plate. "Good" Replying un-enthusiastically The guilt I pushed away earlier was threatening to rear its ugly head again. I probably shouldn't have called the kid a street rut. It wasn't his fault that he spent most of his life before this, sleeping under bridges and in the basements of old abandoned buildings. But again, he could have behaved and the orphanages would not have kicked him out. He might have a home by now if he wasn't so determined to make enemies of anyone who was only trying to be nice to him. I have heard stories of bad and borderline abusive orphanages but from what I read, he was put into some of the better ones the Universe had to offer. Yes, maybe a little lesson in humility is what this kid needs. I console myself as I put the dishes to wash. The rest of the evening was spent in moderate peace and quiet, I say moderate because even though Rei had his door close, I could hear the music that was streaming out from his room. I had to admit, that kid had some taste in music. I would think that kids his age would be listening to those dance club crap but what came out was classical with the occasional jazz or blues. Before I went to bed that night, I knocked on his door. I used that term too liberally. I literally had to pound to get some form of response from the kid. "Rei! Open the door!" I fist the door. "Rei's busy, go away!""Rei can be un-busy and open the door!" "Or he can be really busy and NOT open the door!""I'm coming in!" I proclaimed. "I'm naked!" Rei shouted"Put on clothes!" I unlocked the door and start to push on it. I enjoy how the whole house is tuned to my preference, giving me access even when the doors are locked by someone else. This was of course put in place for events when a burglar decides to break in and attempts to rob me. To be honest, only idiots would try to rob my house. But you never know, every planet has its fair share of idiots.. "Yea?" Asked Rei, laying on his bed in a pair of shorts and turning down the music for Lev."I'm going to bed. Houx can make beverages for you if you want some in the night or tomorrow morning. Dont sleep too late." I walked over and kissed him on the forehead, the way Bouski would when I was a child. "Goodnight Rei." I honestly am trying to remember what Bouski did as a caregiver. "Night Lev".I left his room. I honestly wouldn't call it a room anymore, What started out as a clean and tidy room with nothing but bean bags on the floor, now looked like a hurricane hit it and toss things around so much that I can hardly see the floor. Looks like tidiness is a problem we have to talk about. -------------------------------------------Written with the help of IllIVIllI 

Chapter 4

I blinked at my email, the coffee mug half way to my lips. This can't be right. The email was from the Dean of the school that Rei was attending. I say was because apparently, my son is no longer attending that school. Of course, this was something I...

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Chapter 2

We left for the café after changing. Rei came down dressed in the same kind of garb I saw him wore when we first met, a pair of jeans and a tee shirt with a slightly oversized hoodie. The hoodie bare my division's emblem on it and was originally mine....

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