Tales in Taboo: Free Time at the Liberary

Story by minatek616 on SoFurry

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Another story in the wonderful land of Taboo. Helping a young doe gets you some action in the backroom.

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"There, and that's the last of them." The beautiful if nerdy young assistant librarian chimes as she carefully climbs down the wooden ladder, giving her access to a high shelf. You appreciate ever rung on that ladder as each gives you a lovely view up the girl's knee length forest green skirt and at her pale sky blue panties. When her hooves reach a level with your head you look away. Long slender legs in lavender stockings follow as the deer anthro makes her way down to ground level.

You (a male anthro wolf) spent the afternoon helping the young doe reshelf a pile of returned books. Of that time, a few precious minutes of holding ladder's steady as she put books in their proper place, really gave you some time to admire her. Under a drab green sweater vest and a plain white blouse, she hides a magnificent body. Larger than average but not massive breasts bounce mesmerizingly as she walks and twice as much whenever she takes a step up or down a ladder. She has a long and slender figure, nearly as tall as you. Her coat is a pale tan with nearly white countershading under her mouth, throat, arms, and inner thighs. A small tapering tail similarly colored pokes out the back of her skirt, just above her lovely butt.

The pretty young woman sports a tight ponytail, keeping her shoulder length black hair from her face and down her back. Though by now a few strands have managed to escape. Two large tear drop ears poke out on either side of her head, both are black tipped, and angle themselves in different directions as she maneuvers down the ladder. She has a pleasant face, tapering into a long slender muzzle ending in a black ring and a cute matching nose. Large almond shaped emerald eyes scan her foot falls and then stop on you. "You peeked up my skirt, didn't you?" she playfully admonishes.

"Of course not my dear, my honor wouldn't allow it." You reply, puffing out your chest and taking a heroic pose. "Liar." She giggles as she joins you on the ground floor. "Nice panties though." you comment as you both head down the aisle together. "Uh, pervert," she complains as she shoves your arm lightly. You smile to yourself and then ask, "So what's next?" "Well," your doe companion begins, "We finished off the returns in record time, so Miss Wink won't be expecting me back up front for a little while." "Sounds like we have a few minutes." You add. "Sounds like." She smiles before finishing, " Follow me."

She leads you to a door near the back of the library with a sign screwed on reading, "Employees Only." "Come on, no ever comes in here." She calls to you as she opens the door and slips in. You follow suit, closing the door behind you. You're standing in pitch blackness. You hear the doe rustling about when a naked bulb lights the small room. "There." she says as you look around to see that she's taken you to some kind of janitor's closet. Cleaning supplies and equipment lay all around you on simple wooden shelves along with a wheeled bucket, broom, and mop. Not the most romantic setting, but it'll do.

With her sweater vest up over her head, she looks to you, "Hurry up, we don't have all day." Immediately you begin unbuttoning your shirt but stop with a few left to go, your attention taken by the beautiful deer woman. She is unbuttoning her own shirt and reveals that she isn't wearing a bra. She notices you looking and slows to a seductive pace, keeping her arms close so the opening of her shirt only reveals a choice bit of cleavage and her pale furred tummy. Your pants tent out noticeably as you swell with pent up hormones. You undo your belt and let them fall to the gray concrete floor.

The doe stops and seems to be considering your length and how best to approach it. Then your eyes meet and she smiles devilishly while expertly rolling her shoulders, letting her blouse fall to the floor. Her breasts are perfect C cup orbs of white tipped with small pink nipples. She closes the gap between you and you embrace each other in your arms, kissing passionately. Her body is warm and inviting against yours, her soft yielding breasts flattening against your wide chest. You move one hand to the small of her back while the other lifts up to her hair, both pressing her closer to you as you explore each other's mouths with your tongues.

The young woman reaches down and grasps the shaft of your penis, jerking it rapidly to full mast with her delicate fingers. With her other hand she fondles your large testicles, all the while never letting her lips fall away from yours. Frantically, the doe lifts and hooks a leg around your butt, hiking up her skirt as she slides her damp blue panties to the side to reveal her woman hood. "I can't wait anymore." She moans while she guides your tapered canine cock into her moist supple nether lips. She is so well lubricated from her own feminine juices that you slide in to your base easily. Her moist warm passage welcomes you with caressing muscles that massaging your length wonderfully and she moans into your mouth as you penetrate her, large green eyes loosing focus for a moment.

You begin to thrust; gently at first, bringing the doe to the tip of her hoof and back down. The soft warm fur around her woman hood nuzzles wonderfully against you as your knot begins to swell. The leg she has wrapped around you pulls you in deeper as if she is trying to merge with your very being. Her hands roam over your back and shoulders through your thick fur as you make love. You begin to caresses her soft wonderfully full ass, feeling the supple flesh move about your fingers as you squeeze and release.

Just as you're building a bit of speed, the door to the closet begins to turn. You both freeze, eyes wide. The doe pulls her tongue out of your mouth and whispers in panic, "Didn't you lock the door?" You shake your head watching the nob make a nearly full turn before the door begins to open. A rather large brown furred bear in janitor's clothes takes a step in before noticing he isn't alone. He looks over your two frozen forms in surprise for a moment before stepping the rest of the way in and closing the door behind him. He is wearing a navy blue shirt and pants along with a matching cap, a name tag reads "Dorn" on his right breast pocket.

He looks at the two of you with black eyes, taking up much of the previously unoccupied space in the now very cramped closet. "Dorn, I..." The doe starts but the bear interrupts in a gruff but pleased voice, "My my my, if it isn't young Ms. Snowtail. I must admit I have been hoping something like this might happen ever since you started workin' here." He reaches for something on a shelf with one large paw, the other reaching down his pants. "Please, don't tell Miss. Wink, I'll do anything, I really need this job." The girl pleads. "Oh, don't you worry about that none. Matter a fact, my silence can easily be bought, right here, right now." He replies as he digs out his cock. His other paw retrieves a tube of lubricant, which he liberally drains onto his still flaccid but growing penis and stroking paw.

The doe looks to you with wide eyes, you shrug, then she looks back at the bear, "Wha... what do you want?" she asks nervously. "For now, I'm thinkin' I want to shove my cock up your pretty little ass. You've been hiding it under those dresses, but I can always tell when a girl has a nice butt." He replies while stroking himself to a full erection. His penis isn't all that wide, but it is surprisingly long, flaring out at the tip just a bit. "My... you want to stick that in my..." Snowtail laughs uneasily watching the bear grow by the second, "No way, tha... that's crazy." "Ah, well, if you insist, I'm sure Ms. Wink will enjoy hearing about what you've been doing back here." The large brown bear replies, turning toward the door.

"No!" The doe shouts reaching one hand to the bear. The talk has been in near whispers so far and the bear puts a finger to his mouth in a "shhh" gesture. "Careful now, you don't want old Wink findin' us out now do ya?" Snowtail puts the hand over her mouth and shakes her head, large ears brushing against your nose. "Now don't you worry about a thing, see, I'll be doing all the work. You just relax." The bear says as he makes the short way to you both.

Snowtail looks desperately to you for some kind of guidance. Liking where this is headed, you shift your bodies around so that the deer's back is to the bear while yours is against some shelves. Still well inside her, you tell her it will be all right and stroke her hair. Dorn smiles widely as he lifts up the back of Snowtail's skirt, and rubs her rump appreciatively before shifting her panties out of his way. Already shaking all over, she jumps and gasps at his every touch and her breathing is fast and panicked, her eyes roaming all over as if trying to find a way out of this situation. "Shh shh shh, it's going to be all right, just focus on me, on us." You say soothingly. The doe's eyes lock onto yours, tears welling in them.

"If you're new to it, try pushing like you're takin' a shit, supposed to help." The bear rumbles, guiding himself to her tail hole. Her eyes close in disgust but fly open again as he finds her pucker. You feel her clench her lower muscles tightly around you and no doubt her vulnerable ass. "Nice and easy now," Dorn rumbles as he rises, forced to stoop down just to get his cock on level with Snowtail's back door. Her eyes somehow go even wider as a breath catches in her throat, and then you feel him, a pressure from inside Snowtail. She screams in agony.

You cut it short by clamping a hand over her mouth, muffling the long cry. "Be surprised if no one heard that. We best be quick then." The bear grumbles, shoving more of his considerable length into the poor deer's anus. You can feel the pressure of his cock climbing up your own through Snowtail's tender warm flesh. She screams again, flailing her arms and legs, but you manage to keep her relatively silent as you grab an arm and Dorn grabs her legs. "Almost there girl, just a bit more." Dorn whispers into her ear as he crams a few more inches into the deer's straining rectum.

You kiss and lick Snowtail's tears away the best you can while still muffling her cries of distress, all the while Dorn's unusually long penis climbs up deeper into her intestines. "Ugh, there it is, you took it all, good girl." The bear sighs, finally reaching as far as he can, "Now we can get started." Snowtail shudder and goes silent, the muscles holding you inside her clenching and relaxing uncertainly. "Just focus on me, he isn't even here, it's still just me and you." You tell her softly as you both begin thrusting. With the added pressure from the rear, she feels much tighter than before.

"I want to kiss you now ok? Remember, it's just us." You tell her soothingly in the hopes of distracting the doe from her impaled tail hole. Her large green eyes focus on you, tears still falling freely, but she nods. You remove your hand just as Dorn shoves himself back in. The impaled doe hisses through tightly clenched teeth, a bit of spittle falling on your muzzle as her eyes clench shut. You put your mouth over hers, but all you can feel with your tongue are her still clenching teeth. You kiss her and whisper encouragement as she takes the rough double penetration.

As you both ware down the doe, she begins to loosen up, gasping and groaning, but able to at least make some effort to return your affection. She grabs the fur on your back and pulls tightly whenever Dorn moves, but she opens her mouth to you and lets you suck her tongue. With the bear holding her up right, you're free to hug her close and stroke her hair as she slowly gets used to the stretching of her anus. She even seems to start to enjoy it. After a while, she is holding you close and mashing her lips to yours as if to transfer some of her tension.

The two of you start to speed up and build a rhythm, one diving in as the other pulls out, insuring Snowtail is always full of someone's cock. Steadily her groans and teeth clenching become moans and wild sloppy kissing as she bounces over your hips. You also notice the going getting easier as the doe gets wetter and slicker from all the attention. She doesn't get a chance to get too comfortable though, since Dorn announces that he is about to cum and you're right behind him.

"Ugh, here it comes, take it all you white tailed slut." The bear groans as he makes one final deep thrust into Snowtail's straining ass. The doe's eyes go wide as her hold on your fur and penis intensifies exponentially. Then you feel a warmth and pressure building on her insides as Dorn fills her intestines with hot bear seed. Snowtail breaks away from your lips, arching her back and stares wide eyed at the ceiling letting out a breathy, "Ugh," with each shot the bear fires into her.

Snowtail's vaginal muscles clamp tight around your penis and you can't manage to knot her before you burst, fresh cum launching deep into the shocked doe's womb. Both cocks make shallow thrusts as they empty load after load into the quickly filling librarian. Suddenly Snowtail starts to buck, her body convulsing as she reaches her own orgasm, her grasp on your cock tightening and relaxing rhythmically. Dorn barks out a laugh, "There you go girl, knew you'd like that."

Dorn manages to reach a nearby mop bucket with his foot and maneuvers it under Snowtail's spread legs. He groans as he pulls what's left of his erection free from the doe's worn anus, thick cum pouring out after. He adjusts the bucket a bit, managing to catch most of it. Snowtail's expression is blanked in bliss as she twitches but she does manage to moan as the pressure in her gut is let off. You follow Dorn's example and carefully pull out of the deer girl's lower lips, letting the warm cum you left in her pour down into the bucket nearly topping it off.

You're a bit uncertain of what to do, still holding onto the barely conscious doe. Until Dorn says, "You can go, I'll finish up here. No since in all of us poppin' up at the same time." Still holding Snowtail by the legs and letting her drain. You get dressed and consider saying something to the girl but judging from her expression, she won't hear you anyway. Instead you quietly open the closet door and sneak out.

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